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Full text of "The Stiles family in America : genealogies of the Massachusetts family, descendants of Robert Stiles of Rowley, Mass. 1659-1891. And the Dover, N. H., family, descendants of William Stiles of Dover, N. H. 1702-1891"

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$foe  titles  ffamilij  in  Qmzxivx. 



Descendants  of  Robert  Stiles  of  Rowley,  Mass. 


AND  THE  "X~ 


Descendants  of  William  Stiles  of  Dover,  N.  H, 





With  a  Prefatory  Chapter  on  the  Origin  of  the  Family  and  Name;  and 
an  Appendix  on  the  Family  in  England.'^ 


HENRY  R.  STILES,  A.  M„  M.  D. 


N.  Y.: 


munsell's  sons 




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1  J>>>  \\r\ : 






Portrait  —  The  author,  Mrs.  Mary  Stiles  (Paul)  Guild, 

"         Family  of  Cornelius  C.  and  Cornelia  (Phelps)  Stiles 

"         Josiah  Stiles, 

"         Dea.  David  Stiles, 

Hon.  William  H.  Stiles, 
"         William  Stiles  Loomis, 
"         Col.  John  Wesley  Stiles, 
"         Jeremiah  Stiles,  Jr., 

Mrs.  Sarah  B.  (Stiles)  Wood 

Capt.  Kimball  H.  Stiles, 
"         Valentine  L.  Stiles,  . 
"         Jared  Stiles, 
"         Dwight  Stiles, 

and  great-grandchild 


page  64 
"       128 


"   256 

"   348 

"  425 
"   495 



In  1863  there  was  published  a  small  quarto  of  forty-eight 
pages  (including  six  pages  of  prefatory  matter)  entitled  "  Con- 
tributions Towards  a  Genealogy  of  the  (Massachusetts)  Family 
of  Stiles,  Descended  from  Robert  of  Rowley.  1659-1860. 
By  Henry  R.  Stiles,  M.  D.,"  of  which  Dr.  Stiles  said  in  the 
preface  :  "  The  materials  of  the  following  Family  Memoir  were 
accumulated  many  years  ago  while  the  author  was  engaged  in 
compiling  the  genealogy  of  the  Connecticut  Family  of  Stiles 
(between  which  and  the  Massachusetts  Family  no  connection  has 
yet  been  proved — M.  S.  P.  G.),  which  was  published  in  1859." 

This  little  work  came  into  my  hands  in  1882,  soon  after  I 
had  begun  my  investigations  of  Stiles  history,  and,  although 
not  free  from  errors,  has  been  of  great  assistance  to  me  in  many 
ways.  Perhaps  it  may  justly  be  called  the  foundation  on 
which  the  present  volume  was  built. 

On  our  first  acquaintance,  in  1882,  Dr.  Stiles  informed  me 
of  his  intention  of  publishing  at  some  future  time  a  new  his- 
tory of  the  Stiles  Family,  and  kindly  offered  to  include  in  it 
my  collections  relating  to  the  Massachusetts  Family. 

In  1883,  1884  and  1885  Dr.  Stiles  issued  circulars  announc- 
ing his  intention  of  publishing  a  new  History  of  the  Stiles 
Family  in  England  and  America,  complete,  in  an  octavo  vol- 
ume of  not  less  than  300  pages,  and  in  December,  1885,  the 
first  signature  was  printed.  At  this  time  no  adequate  idea  of 
the  size  of  the  Massachusetts  Stiles  Family  had  been  obtained. 

I  was  myself  entirely  ignorant  in  regard  to  preparing  work 
for  the  press.  I  could,  therefore,  form  no  estimate  as  to  the 
space  my  part  of  the  Stiles  history  would  require. 

vi  Prefatory  Note. 

Dr.  Stiles  was  aware  that  I  had  a  manuscript  of  nearly  one 
thousand  pages,  but  it  was  expected  that  on  being  submitted 
to  him  for  examination  it  would  have  to  be  cut  down  greatly 
and  reduced  in  various  ways,  and  doubtless  it  might  have  been 
somewhat  reduced  and  otherwise  improved  could  it  have 
received  his  careful  editing.  This,  however,  has  not  been  pos- 
sible, as  his  time  and  attention  for  the  last  six  years  have  been 
entirely  occupied  by  other  matters. 

When  I  came  fully  to  understand  that  the  original  plan  for 
publication  could  not  be  realized,  the  idea  of  dividing  the  work 
and  publishing  it  in  two  volumes,  separately,  if  necessary,  sug- 
gested itself.  I  was  anxious  that  the  results  of  my  many  years' 
labor  should  be  got  into  print  and  thus  secured  against  destruc- 
tion. This  has  been  accomplished  ;  and,  although  the  book  in 
its  literary  features  clearly  shows  the  lack  of  proper  editing, 
and  in  other  respects  the  hand  of  a  novice,  I  trust  that  it  will 
be  accepted  for  what  it  is  really  worth,  for  I  believe  that  it  will 
be  found  to  possess  the  two  essentials  to  such  a  work — 
thoroughness  and  accuracy. 

In  gathering  the  materials  for  the  work  I  have  spared  neither 
labor  nor  expense.  Over  five  hundred  dollars  have  been  ex- 
pended, thousands  of  letters  have  been  written,  and  large 
numbers  of  town  and  family  histories  have  been  examined. 
No  remuneration  is  expected.  It  has  been  a  labor  of  love ; 
and,  in  the  hope  that  it  may  prove  of  interest  and  value  to  the 
members  of  the  family  traced  in  its  pages,  the  book  is  affec- 
tionately presented  to  the  Massachusetts  Family  of  Stiles 
By  the  author, 

Mart  Stiles  (Paul)  Guild. 

Lynn,  Mass.,  November,  1891. 


The  Remote  Origin  of  the  Name  and  Family  of  Stiles. 

By  HENRY  R.  STILES,  A.  M.,  M.  D. 

The  Stiles  family  is  of  Anglo-Saxon  origin.  If  other  fam- 
ilies claim  that  their  ancestors  "came  into  England  with 
William  the  Conqueror,"  ours  may  rest  assured  that  it  was 
in  Britain  ~before  the  Conquest. 

This  is  evident  from  the  name,  and  from  the  most  ancient 
localities  of  the  families  which  bore  it. 

First,  as  to  the  name.  Lower,  in  his  English  Surnames 
(p.  84),  mentions  "  among  names  which  describe  the  nature  or 
situation  of  the  original  bearer's  residence,  such  as  Hill,  Dale, 
Wood,"  etc.,  that  of  STILE,  STYLES,  given  in  the  old  Sub- 
sidy Roll  of  the  Rape  of  Lewes,  Co.  Sussex,  1*296,  as  "  Will0 
at  Stighele"  and  "Rich0  atte  Stighele."*  ' 

A  writer  in  the  Sussex  Archeological  Collections  (vol.  ii,  p. 
292)  says :  "  The  word  '  atte '  or  '  ater,'  as  it  is  sometimes 
written,  seems,  in  all  cases,  to  denote  the  dwelling-place,  as  in 
the  names  reduced  to  modern  spelling,  in  towns,  at  the  steeple, 
at  the  stair,  '  at  the  style,'  "  etc.  The  same  authority  (p.  292), 
says:  The  Saxon  "Stighele  means  at  the  style,  or  steps,  or 
rising  path."  So  that  "  Will  "  or  "  Rich0"  "  atte  Stighele," 
simply  designates  a  certain  William  and  Richard  who  lived 

Style  (Latin  stylus,  stilus,  for  stiglus,  from  a  root  stig,  to  pique,  which 
is  in  stimulus,  for  stigulus,  needle,  &c.) — Larousee's  Grand  Dictionnaire 
Universal,  p.  1158. 

Style  (Fr.  style.  It.  stile.  Sp.  and  Pg.  estilo.  Lat.  and  Gr.  stylus, 
stilus,  a  pillar,  a  style  or  writing  instrument). —  Webster's  Diet. 

2  Stiles  Genealogy. 

near  a  stile,  a  primitive  and  simple  method  of  distinguishing 
individuals  at  a  period  when  family  surnames  were  not  as 
common  as  they  now  are.  Thus,  by  use  and  in  course  of  time, 
William  at  the  Style  became  William  Stile.* 

"  From  Stile  was  formed  Styleman,"  also  says  Lower  (p.  90), 
and  it  is  not  improbable  that  Still  is  another  form  of  the  namef 
as  also  Styel,  Styell4 

Second,  as  to  locale  of  the  Stiles  family  in  England.  This, 
as  evidenced  by  the  historical  memoranda  which  we  have  ac- 
cumulated in  the  following  pages,  was  principally  —  if  not 
altogether  —  in  the  south-eastern  corner  of  England,  viz.,  in 
the  present  counties  of  Suffolk,  Norfolk,  Kent,  Essex,  Sussex 
and  Northampton.  This  was  the  very  portion  of  the  original 
Britain  which  was  first  conquered  (A.  D.  449-450)  by  the 
hordes  of  Jutes,  Engles  and  Saxons,  who  swarmed  over  from 
the  European  mainland,  and  finally  coalesced  (A.  D.  829)  under 
King  Ecgberght,  and  as  the  English  people,  occupying  what 
since  has  been  known  as  England  —  (i.  e.,  the  land  of  the 
Engles  —  our  Fatherland). 

But,  for  the  real  fatherland  of  the  English  race,  and,  of 
course,  for  that  of  the  Stiles  name  and  family,  we  must  look 
still  further  away,  beyond  England  itself. 

If  the  reader  will  consult  a  map  of  Northern  Europe,  he 

*" Stile"  seems  used  by  Chaucer  in  an  extended  sense,  as  in  some 
measure  representing  the  country,  in  contrast  with  "street,"  which  is  used 
to  represent  the  town: 

"  Is  it  swiche  peril  with  him  for  to  mete, 
I  shal  him  seke  by  stile  and  eke  by  strete." 

—Par  doner  e^s  Tale,  126. 

— Sussex  Arch.  Coll.,  vol.  viii,  p.  188. 

f  In  the  History  of  the  University  of  Cambridge,  by  Edm'd  Carter,  pub. 
1735,  mention  is  made  (p.  444)  of  John  Styll,  B.  D.  1570,  Fellow  of 
Christ's  Coll.,  as  among  the  Preachers  of  Cambridge.  "The  first  design 
of  these  Preachers  was  to  instruct  the  ignorant,  not  only  in  and  about 
Cambridge  but  in  many  other  places;  but  afterwards  learned  Ministers 
being  appointed  in  all  places  to  instruct  the  unlearned,  they  are  now,  by 
their  office,  to  preach  a  Latin  Sermon  called  Goncio  ad  Glerum,  before  the 
University,  the  Day  before  the  Term  begins;  and  others  in  English,  at  ap- 
pointed Times,  before  that  learned  Body,  in  the  Church  of  Great  St.  Marie's 
in  Cambridge."  John  Still  (probably  the  same)  is  also  mentioned  (p.  411) 
as  one  of  the  Vice-Chancellors  of  the  University  of  Cambridge  in  1575. 
He  was  then  of  St.  John's  College.  He  is  also  biographized  in  Thomas 
Fuller's  Worthies  of  England  (vol.  ii,  p.  12,  edition  of  1816). 

\  May  not  Stoyell  also  be  still  another  form  of  the  same  name  ? — M.  S.  P. 

Origin  of  the  Name  and  Family.  3 

will  there  see  this  remoter  fatherland.  In  the  fifth  century, 
A.  D.,  the  northern  portion  of  the  peninsula  now  known  as 
Jutland,  and  which  divides  the  North  sea  or  German  ocean  from 
the  Baltic  sea,  was  occupied  by  a  warrior  tribe  called  Jutes,  who 
were  probably  akin  to  the  race  that  was  fringing  the  opposite 
shores  of  Scandinavia  and  settling  among  the  Danish  isles. 

From  the  south  of  the  same  peninsula  of  Jutland,  the  tribe 
of  Saxons  spread  over  the  sand-flats  of  Holstein,  and  along 
the  marshes  of  Friesland  and  the  Elbe.  And  between  the 
Jutes  and  Saxons,  in  the  very  heart  of  the  peninsula,  was  a  dis- 
trict which  we  now  call  Sleswick,  but  which  was  then  known 
as  Angeln,  or  the  Englesland. 

These  three  tribes  were  so  closely  united  as  to  be  known  by 
neighboring  people  under  the  common  name  of  Englishmen, 
a  name  which  indicates  also  the  Angles  as  being  at  the  time 
when  their  history  opens  to  us,  the  most  powerful  of  the 

It  was  by  successive  invasions  of  these  closely  related  tribes 
that  the  eastern  and  south-eastern  parts  of  Britain  were  first 
permanently  occupied  and  ultimately  made  England.  First, 
about  449-450,  A.  D.,  the  Jutes,  under  their  ealdormen  (earls), 
Hengest  and  Horsa,  invaded  and  held  what  is  now  known  as 
the  county  of  Kent.  Their  success  invited  a  mightier  foe  to 
the  work  of  invasion  —  the  freebooter  Saxons,  from  the  Fries- 
land  and  Holstein  shores  —  pirates,  whose  long  pillaging  and 
ravaging  of  the  eastern  shore  of  Britain  from  the  Wash  to  the 
Solent  gave  it  the  name  of  "  the  Saxon  shore."  In  477,  bands 
of  these  pirates  made  a  landing,  which  became  the  basis  of  a 
permanent  occupation  of  that  district  now  known  as  the  shires  of 
Norfolk  and  Suffolk,  and  gave  to  the  foreigner  the  whole  shore 
of  Britain,  from  the  Wash  to  Southampton  water.  Then 
(500-570,  A.  D.)  the  Engles,  most  powerful  of  all,  slowly  but 
steadily  pressed  forward  and  occupied  Mid-Britain  from  the 
Humber  to  the  Forth.  From  the  desert  state  of  the  district 
from  which  the  Engles  came  on  the  mainland,  as  men  saw 
it  hundreds  of  years  afterwards,  it  would  seem  that,  unlike 
their  Saxon  neighbors,  the  bulk  of  whom  remained  in  their 
own  homesteads,  the  whole  Engle  people  must  have  forsaken 
their  earlier  seats  for  the  soil  of  Britain.  Such  a  transfer  only 
would  sufficiently  account  for  the  wide  area  of  their  conquests 
in  .Britain ;  and  for  the  fact  that  their  name  eventually  ab- 

4  Stiles  Genealogy. 

sorbed  that  of  the  Jutes  and  Saxons,  and  stamped  itself  on  the 
people  which  sprang  from  the  union  of  the  conqueror,  as  in 
the  lands  which  they  won. 

Concerning  this  conquest,  J.  Richard  Green,  thus  speaks  in 
his  History  of  the  English  People  :  "  The  English  Conquest 
was  a  sheer  dispossession  and  slaughter  of  the  people  whom  the 
English  conquered.  It  was,  indeed,  only  partly  wrought  out 
after  two  centuries  of  bitter  warfare.  -But  it  was  just  through 
the  long  and  merciless  nature  of  the  struggle  that  of  all  the 
German  conquests,  this  proved  the  most  thorough  and  com- 
plete. At  its  close  Britain  had  become  England,  a  land  that  is 
not  of  Britons,  but  of  Englishmen.  It  is  possible  that  a  few 
of  the  vanquished  people  may  have  lingered  around  the  home- 
stead of  their  English  conquerors,  and  a  few  of  their  household 
words  (if  these  were  not  brought  in  at  a  later  time)  mingled 
oddly  with  the  English  tongue.  But  doubtful  exceptions  such 
as  these  leave  the  main  facts  untouched.  When  the  steady 
progress  of  English  conquest  was  stayed  for  a  while  by  civil 
wars  of  a  century  and  a  half,  after  Aylesford  the  Briton  had 
disappeared  from  the  greater  part  of  the  land  which  had  been 
his  own,  and  the  tongue,  the  religion,  the  laws  of  his  English 
conqueror,  reigned  without  a  rival  from  Essex  to  the  Severn, 
and  from  the  British  channel  to  the  Firth  of  Forth.  *  *  * 
What  strikes  us  at  once  in  the  new  England  is,  that  it  was  the 
one  purely  German  nation  that  rose  upon  the  wreck  of  Home. 
In  other  lands,  in  Spain  or  Gaul,  or  Italy,  though  they  were 
equally  conquered  by  German  peoples,  religion,  social  life,  ad- 
ministrative order,  still  remained  Roman .  In  Britain  alone, 
Rome  died  into  a  vague  tradition  of  the  past.  The  whole  or- 
ganization of  government  and  society  disappeared  with  the 
people  who  used  it.  The  villas,  the  mosaics,  the  coins  which 
we  dig  up  in  our  fields,  are  no  relics  of  our  English  fathers, 
but  of  a  Roman  world  which  our  fathers'  sword  utterly  swept 
away.  Its  law,  its  literature,  its  manners,  its  faith,  went  with 
it.  The  new  England  was  a  heathen  country.  The  religion  of 
Woden  and  Thunder  triumphed  over  the  religion  of  Christ. 
*  *  *  River  and  homestead  and  boundary,  the  very  days  of 
the  week,  bore  the  names  of  the  new  gods  who  displaced  Christ. 
But  if  England  seemed  for  the  moment  a  waste  from  which  all 
the  civilization  of  the  earth  had  fled  away,  it  contained  within 
itself  the  germs  of  a  nobler  life  than  that  which  had  been  de- 

Origin  of  the  Name  and  Family.  5 

stroyed.  The  base  of  the  new  English  society  was  the  free- 
man, whom  we  have  seen  tilling,  judging  or  sacrificing  for 
himself  by  the  Northern  sea.  However  roughly  he  dealt, 
while  the  struggle  went  on  with  the  material  civilization  of 
Britain,  it  was  impossible  that  such  a  man  could  be  a  mere  de- 
stroyer. War  was  no  sooner  over  than  the  warrior  settled 
down  into  the  farmer,  and  the  home  of  the  peasant  churl  rose 
beside  the  heap  of  goblin-haunted  stones  that  marked  the  site 
of  the  villa  he  had  burned.  The  English  kinsfolk  settled  in 
groups  over  the  conquered  country,  as  the  lot  fell  to  each  ;  no 
longer  kinsfolk  only,  but  dwellers  in  the  same  plot,  knit  to- 
gether by  their  common  holding  within  the  same  bounds. 
Each  little  village  commonwealth  lived  the  same  life  in  Britain 
as  its  farmers  had  lived  at  home.  Each  had  its  '  moot-hill,' 
or  sacred  tree  as  a  center  ;  its  '  mark '  as  a  border ;  each 
judged  by  witness  of  the  kinsfolk,  and  made  its  laws  in  the 
assembly  of  its  wise  men,  and  chose  its  own  leaders  among  the 
*  eorls '  for  peace  or  war.  In  two  ways  only  was  this  primi- 
tive organization  of  English  society  affected  by  its  transfer  to 
the  soil  of  Britain.  War  begat  the  King.  *  *  *  And  as 
it  begat  the  King  and  the  military  noble,  so  it  all  but  begat  the 
slave  —  a  class  of  the  'unfree,'  such  as  captives  of  war, 
debtors,  criminals  — '  not  such  a  slavery  as  that  we  have 
known  in  modern  times,  for  stripes  and  bonds  were  rare.'  " 

But  enough  on  this  point.  If  our  readers  feel  that  interest 
which  seems  natural,  in  the  origin,  character  and  development 
of  the  race  from  which  they  sprang,  we  commend  them  to  the 
fascinating  pages  of  Green's  volume,  The  Making  of  England. 
Our  simple  object  in  the  preceding  pages  has  been  to  enable 
them  as  members  of  the  Stiles  Family,  to  trace  back  their  blood 
origin  through  two  and  a  half  centuries  of  (American)  New 
England  life  (1885-1635,  A.  D.),  and  through  nearly  thirteen 
centuries  (1635-450,  A.  D.),  of  old  England  life ;  and  from 
thence  through  the  "  unfathomable  mists "  of  Time,  which 
envelop  their  ancestry  in  that  still  older  England  of  all —  the 
old,  old  Fatherland,  which  lies  in  and  around  the  Jutland  pe- 
ninsula, the  Weser,  Lower  Hanover  and  Oldenburg  —  the 
cradle  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  race. 

With  the  subsequent  course  of  English  history  (except  as  its 
gradual  and  splendid  development  must  have  insensibly  but 
surely  affected  the  condition,  social  surroundings  and  character 

6  Stiles  Genealogy. 

of  our  ancestry  during  succeeding  centuries)  we  have  little  to 
do  in  these  pages.  On  both  sides  of  the  Atlantic  the  Stiles 
Family  has  held  a  respectable  though  not  exalted  position.  In 
England  it  has  embraced  two  lines  of  baronetcy  (one  now  long 
extinct),  and  presents  a  fair  array  of  names  respectably  eminent 
in  theology  and  literature,  as  well  as  in  the  public  military, 
naval  and  civil  service  of  the  kingdom.  On  this  side  of  the 
water,  its  record  is  merely  that  of  "  simple  folk," —  mostly 
farmers,  with  a  fair  sprinkling  of  clergymen,  physicians,  etc. — 
enterprising,  intelligent,  self-reliant,  patriotic  and  God-fearing. 
Indeed,  making  due  allowance  for  differences  of  surroundings, 
education  and  opportunities  of  development,  we  of  the  Amer- 
ican branches  have  reason  to  feel  that  our  record  will  reflect  no 
discredit  upon  our  English  cousins ;  while  their  record  is  cer- 
tainly as  creditable  to  them  as  it  is  interesting  to  us. 

The  kiformation  presented  in  Appendix  I,  concerning  the 
History  and  Antiquities  of  the  English  Family  of  Stiles, 
Style,  or  Styles,  was  incidentally  collected  during  my  gene- 
alogical researches,  and  is  simply  offered  as  a  matter  of  legiti- 
mate interest  to  the  members  of  the  American  family.  No 
well-defined  proof  of  connection  has  yet  been  discovered  be- 
tween the  English  and  American  families  of  the  name* 

It  has  seemed  to  me  that  the  finding  of  such  proof  was  not 
altogether  impossible ;  but  pleasant  as  it  would  be  to  establish 
the  connection,  I  have  been  unable  to  command  the  time,  the 
eyesight,  and,  especially  the  means,  which  such  a  search  would 
require.  Nor  could  any  thing  be  gained  by  such  proof  of  con- 
nection, except  the  satisfaction  of  a  laudable  curiosity. 

*  Except,  perhaps,  in  the  case  of  the  Bermuda  Branch,  now  represented 
in  the  Georgia,  Virginia  and  Pennsylvania  families  of  the  name. 

Massachusetts  Family. 

The  Massachusetts  Family  of  Stiles. 

Until  quite  recently,  it  has  been  accepted  as  a  fact  that 
KOBEET  STILES  was  of  Kev.  Ezekiel  Kogers'  company  from 
Yorkshire,  England,which  settled  in  Rowley  Mass.,  in  the  spring 
of  1639;  but  Blodgett,  in  his  account  of  the  early  settlers  of  Row- 
ley {Essex  Inst.  Hist.  Colls.,  vols.  18-24)  says :  "  In  the  list 
here  given  no  mention  is  made  of  those  who  first  sat  down  at 
Boxford  (then  a  part  of  Rowley);  they  were  not  of  Rogers' 
company,"  etc.,  etc.  If  this  is  true,  we  may  not  even  have  the 
comfort  of  believing  that  our  ancestor  Robert  Stiles  came  from 
Yorkshire,  England,  although  there  seems  to  be  a  possibility, 
after  all,  that  he  may  have  been  of  the  company,  for  it  is  al- 
together probable  that  he  was  little  more  than  a  child  at  the 
time  the  emigrants  settled  at  Rowley ;  and  we  had  believed 
that  he  must  have  come  from  England  in  the  capacity  of  ward 
or  servant  to  one  of  the  adult  members  of  the  company. 

In  view  of  this  possibility,  for  such  it  must  still  be,  since  no 
complete  list  of  the  members  of  Rogers'  company  has  ever 
been  discovered,  we  will  give  an  interesting  extract  from  Per- 
ley's  History  of  Boxford,  entitled  : 

Early  Settlers  op  Rowley,  Mass. 

"  Early  in  the  winter  of  1638-9,  a  company  of  emigrants, 
numbering  about  twenty  families,  with  Rev.  Ezekiel  Rogers 
as  their  guide,  left  Yorkshire,  Eng.,  and  came  to  Salem,  Mass., 
where  they  spent  the  winter,*  it  being  then  too  late  in  the 
season  to  proceed  further  in  their  investigations.  When  in 
Salem  their  number  increased  to  sixty  families.  When  spring 
opened,  they  removed  to  a  location  they  had  chosen  half  way 
between  the  towns  of  Ipswich  and  Newbury.  They  purchased 
of  these  two  towns,  for  eight  hundred  pounds,  an  extensive  tract 
of  land  now  comprising  the  towns  of  Rowley,  Boxford,  Brad- 
ford, Groveland,  Georgetown,  and  parts  of  two  or  three  others. 

"  The  site  of  their  settlement  is  the  site  of  Rowley  village  at 
the  present  time.  This  place  was  probably  selected  on  account 
of  its  pleasantness,  its  nearness  to  a  river,  and  the  abundance  of 
thatch  that  grew  upon  the  river  banks,  with  which  they  could 

*  The  name  of  the  vessel  in  which  they  sailed  from  England  is  not  known. 

8  :  Stiles  Genealogy. 

cover  the  roofs  of  their  humble  dwellings,  and  apply  it  to  many 
other  purposes  in  their  primitive  arts. 

"  Under  the  name  of  Rowley,  they  obtained  a  town  charter, 
or  an  "Act  of  Incorporation,"  4  Sept.,  1639. 

"  They  held  their  lands,  and  labored  in  common  for  nearly 
five  years,  when  they  laid  out  to  each  family  a  house-lot,  etc. 

"  The  colony  lived  and  throve  in  spite  of  the  many  disadvan- 
tages that  accrue  to  such  conditions,  and  soon  became  a  promi- 
nent colonial  town.  Their  harvests  were  mostly  abundant, 
their  cottages  warm,  and  every  thing  appeared  as  cheerful  and 
pleasant  as  could  be  expected. 

"  The  south-western  portion  of  the  town  (Rowley)  which  is 
now  known  as  the  town  of  Boxford,  remained  unsettled  by  the 
white  man  for  several  years. 

"  From  time  immemorial  the  only  occupants  had  been  a  tribe 
of  North  American  Indians  called  the  Agawams,  a  sub-tribe, 
probably,  of  the  Massachusetts." 

Boxford,  Essex  County,  Mass. 

[From  Perley's  History  of  Boxford.] 

"  The  territory  of  the  present  town  of  Boxford  occupies  a 
central  position  in  the  county  of  Essex,  and  a  north-easterly  one 
in  the  old  Bay  State. 

"  The  most  north-western  point  of  the  town  is  but  three  miles 
distant  from  the  dividing  line  between  the  States  of  Massachu- 
setts and  New  Hampshire. 

"  The  cities  of  Boston,  Salem,  Lynn,  Gloucester,  Lawrence, 
Haverhill  and  Newburyport,  in  Massachusetts,  and  Nashua, 
Exeter  and  other  important  places  in  New  Hampshire,  lie  less 
than  twenty-five  miles  away. 

"  Boxford  occupies  an  area  of  nearly  eighteen  square  miles. 
The  surface  consists  of  hills  and  valleys  with  the  exception  of 
two  or  three  quite  extensive  plains.  There  are  numerous 
eminences  in  town,  though  but  few  are  denominated  by  a 
name.  Stiles'  is  the  only  hill  in  the  West  Parish  to  which  the 
mapmakers  have  thought  fit  to  give  a  name.  Stiles'  pond,  at 
the  base  of  Stiles'  Hill,  is  a  sheet  of  water  covering  an  area  of 
sixty  acres,  entirely  hid  from  the  traveler's  view."  Mr.  Per- 
ley  closes  his  description  with  the  following  words  :  "  Boxford 
is  a  fine  old  farming  town,  pleasant  and  healthy  to  live  in,"  etc. 

Massachusetts  Family.  9 

"  William  Dale,  Surgeon-General  of  the  State  of  Massachu- 
setts, says :  '  Boxford  is  the  most  patriotic  town  in  the  Union, 
according  to  the  number  of  inhabitants.' 

"  By  this  reliable  testimony,  which  is  but  another  witness  to 
the  fact,  it  is  proved  that  the  law  of  hereditaments  is  true,  and 
the  feeling  that  put  life  into  the  acts  of  our  patriot  sires  was 
prominent  in  their  posterity  to  the  third  and  fourth  genera- 
tions."— Hist.  Boxford,  p.  329. 

Let  it  be  remembered  that  the  descendants  of  Robert  Stiles, 
the  settler,  both  of  the  name  and  blood,  have  been  identified 
with  the  history  of  Boxford  ever  since  it  has  had  a  history,  and 
an  examination  of  the  lists  of  its  soldiers  who  have  gone  forth 
to  defend  the  country  in  times  of  peril,  will  show  that  a  fair 
proportion  of  these  soldiers  have  been  of  the  lineage  of  Robert 
Stiles.— M.  S.  P.  G. 

In  speaking  of  the  early  settlers  of  Boxford,  Perley  says : 

"  The  first  settler  of  the  present  town  of  Boxford  was  un- 
doubtedly Abraham  Eedington.     *     *     * 

"  Robert  Stiles,  another  early  settler,  was  an  emigrant  from 
Yorkshire,  England.  In  1659  we  find  him  owning  a  farm 
containing  two  hundred  and  fifty  acres,  with  buildings  thereon, 
in  Rowley  village.  [That  part  of  Rowley  which  afterwards 
became  Boxford,  was  first  called  Rowley  village,  and  what  is 
now  known  as  Rowley  village,  was  then  Rowley  simply].  His 
residence  was  near  the  [present]  East  Parish  village.  Decem- 
ber 16,  that  year  [1659],  he  mortgages  his  farm  to  Thomas 
Wasse  of  Ipswich.  To  write  his  name  was  more  than  he  was 
capable  of  doing."  [In  this  particular  he  certainly  formed  no 
remarkable  exception  to  the  people  of  his  time. —  M.  S.  P.  G.] 
— Perley's  Hist.  Boxford,  p.  278. 

On  an  old  tax  book,  dated  1660  to  1664,  Robert  Stiles  is 
noted  as  paying  tax  to  the  amount  of  £0.6.9. —  New  Eng. 
Hist.  Gen.  Reg.  vol.  xv,  p.  254. 

Also,  in  1660,  October  4,  Robert  Stiles  was  married  (by 
Bradstreet)  to  Elizabeth  (dau.  of  John)  Frye  of  Andover. — 
Records  of  Births,  Marriages  and  Deaths  in  Essex  County, 
Mass.,  from  1654  to  1691,  vol.  i. 

"  Before  the  land  in  the  village  was  laid  out  [which  was  in 
1666-7],  Abraham  Redington,  Robert  Stiles,  Joseph  Bixby, 
John  Cummings,  William  Foster  and  John  Peabody,  six  of 
the  early  settlers  of  whom,  we  have  been  speaking,  bought  of 

10  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Joseph  Jewett  three  thousand  acres  of  the  village  lands.  Soon 
after  the  town  of  Rowley  laid  out  twelve  hundred  acres  of  it 
to  the  different  owners  of  it.     *     *     * 

"  These  twelve  hundred  acres  were  laid  out  so  as  to  enclose 
the  plain  on  which  the  East  Parish  village  is  situated.  Six 
house  lots  of  thirty  acres  each  were  laid  out  on  which  the  pro- 
prietors built  their  houses  and  settled  down  upon  the  plain, 
thus  becoming  the  first  residents  of  Rowley  village." — Hist. 
Boxford,  p.  40. 

"  Until  1666-7,  the  village  lands,  with  the  exception  of  the 
tracts  already  mentioned,  lay  common.  Then  the  town  of 
Rowley  appointed  two  men,  Ezekiel  Northend  and  John 
Pickard,  who  laid  out  to  those  who  owned  shares  in  those  lands 
by  right  of  purchase,  and  to  owners  of  house-lots  in  Rowley." 
— Hist.  Box  ford,  p.  41. 

Among  those  who  had  land  laid  out  to  them  at  this  time  we 
find  the  following : 

"  To  Thomas  Dorman,  John  Cummings  and  Robert  Stiles, 
400  acres,  bounded  east  by  land  of  William  Stickney  and 
others;  west  by  Andover  line;  north  by  a  highway  which 
separates  it  from  Mrs.  Rogers'  land,  in  part,  and  part  by  other 
peoples'  land;  south  with  a  line  running  straight  from  An- 
dover line  to  a  clump  of  trees  on  the  north  side  of  Humphrey's 
Pond.  These  boundaries  include  a  piece  of  meadow  called 
Frye's  meadow,  before  laid  out  to  Mr.  [Philip]  Nelson." — Hist. 
jB oxford,  p.  43. 

In  1673,  a  petition  signed  by  several  inhabitants  of  Rowley 
village,  one  of  whom  was  Robert  Stiles,  was  presented  to  the 
General  Court,  asking  that  the  sixteen  families  who  formed 
the  population  of  Rowley  village  might  be  declared  free  of 
Rowley  and  united  to  Topsfield.  This  was  not  granted. — Histl 
JBoxford,  p.  65. 

In  1680,  the  number  of  families  in  Rowley  village  had  in- 
creased to  twenty ;  one  of  these  families  was  that  of  "  Good- 
man "  Stiles  {Hist.  Boxford,  p.  68),  and  the  same  year  the  town 
of  Rowley  appointed  "  tithing  men  to  see  that  the  Sabbath  was 
well  kept."  Among  the  eleven  families  under  the  supervision 
of  Joseph  Bigsbee,  we  find  that  of  "Goodman"  Stiles. — 
Gage's  Hist.  Rowley,  p.  365. 

In  1684,  the  Rev.  Joseph  Capen  was  settled  at  Topsfield, 
where  a  church  had  existed  since  1663,  and  in  Ms  list  of  mem- 

Massachusetts  Family.  11 

bers  in  full  communion  we  find  the  name  of  Robert  Stiles  as, 
also,  subsequent  to  his  ordination,  those  of  his  [Robert's]  son 
John,  and  Deliverance,  wife  of  the  latter,  and  under  the  date 
of  February  23,  1689,  the  name  of  Elizabeth  Stiles.  During 
the  year  1685,  the  town  of  Boxford  was  formed,  and  the  Stiles 
family  afterwards  appear  on  that  town  and  church  records. 
— Mass.  Fam.  of  Stiles,  by  Dr.  H.  E.  Stiles,  pp.  8  and  9. 

In  1686,  Robert  Stiles  was  chosen  constable  of  Boxford 
[probably  the  first  one]  (formerly  Rowley  village),  which  in 
1685  had  been  incorporated  as  a  town,  its  new  name  having 
been  bestowed  out  of  respect  (perhaps)  to  Rev.  Mr.  Phillips, 
the  minister  at  Rowley  at  this  time,  whose  birth-place  was 
Boxford,  Berkshire  county,  England. — Hist.  Boxford,  pp. 

In  Perley's  History  of  Boxford  we  find  that  Robert  Stiles, 
Sr.,  died  July  30,  1690,  and  the  administration  was  granted 
to  his  widow,  Elizabeth,  a  month  later;  which  proves  very 
conclusively,  that  he  was  not  the  man  of  the  same  name  who 
was  living  at  Dorchester  at  the  time,  and  who  figured  there  as 
a  rather  disreputable  individual  and  died  there  in  1710.  We 
refer  to  this  man  in  this  place  because  Savage,  in  his  Genea- 
logical Dictionary,  and  Dr.  Stiles  in  his  1st  edition  of  "  the 
Massachusetts  Family  of  Stiles,"  were  both  puzzled  to  decide 
whether  Robert  Stiles  of  Rowley,  and  Robert  Stiles  of  Dor- 
chester were  the  same,  or  different  individuals.  Savage  says 
{Geneal.  Diet.,  vol.  ii,  p.  195),  "Robert,  Boxford,  m.  4  Oct., 
1660,  Eliz.  d.  of  John  Frye  of  Andover ;  was  of  Rowley  1661, 
but  perhaps  rem.  to  Dorchester  where  1  find  one  of  this  name, 
1663,  yet  in  my  opin.  this  Dorchester  man  was  older  than  him 
of  B.,possib.  but  not prob.,  was  son  of  John  the  first;  and 
inscript.  on  gr. -stone  is  of  his  d.  2  Nov.  1710,  and  age,  a  91, 
that  may  seem  something  too  highr  Dr.  Stiles  says  {Gene- 
alogy of  the  Massachusetts  Family  of  Stiles  (first  edition),  p. 
10),  "  We  must  confess  ourselves  somewhat  in  the  dark  about 
Robert  Stiles'  history.  "We  cannot  reconcile  the  records  of 
Dorchester  from  1659  to  1680,  which  give  him  the  character 
of  being  a  shiftless,  if  not  a  vicious  man,  with  the  items  of  his 
Rowley  connection  from  1660  to  1681,  or  thereabouts  which 
represent  him  as  a  sober  citizen,  possessed  of  considerable 
property,  which  he  left  to  his  children.  The  very  estimable 
character  which  all  his  descendants,  from  his  sons  down  to  the 

12  Stiles  Genealogy. 

present  day,  have  sustained,  is  certainly  not  in  accordance  with 
the  bad  example,  and  neglect  which  the  children  of  Robert  of 
Dorchester  must  have  had  from  their  father."  After  quoting 
the  opinion  of  Savage,  already  given,  Dr.  Stiles  adds,  ' 4  Our 
own  opinion  is,  that  whatever  the  degree  of  relationship  be- 
tween them,  Robert  of  Dorchester  and  Robert  of  Rowley  were 
entirely  different  individuals,  and  that  some  record  will  yet  be 
brought  to  light  settling  this  point,  and  thereby  relieving  the 
worthy  descendants  of  the  latter  from  the  odium  which  seems 
to  attach  to  him  of  Dorchester." 

[Dr.  Stiles  has  proved  himself  a  true  prophet.  The  record 
of  the  death,  at  Boxford,  of  Robert  of  Rowley,  twenty  years 
hefore  that  of  Robert  of  Dorchester,  certainly  settles  one  point, 
and  it  is  proper  to  add  that  there  is  abundant  reason  for  be- 
lieving that  Robert  Stiles  of  Rowley  and  Boxford,  was  a  con- 
tinuous resident  of  Rowley  village  and  Boxford,  from  1659 
(at  least)  until  his  death,  July  30,  1690.— M.  S.  P.  G.] 

July  10,  1704,  Ebenezer  Stiles  of  Boxford  deeded  "  to  Eph- 
raim  Foster,  blacksmith,  of  Andover,  one  hundred  acres  of  land 
lying  on  the  north  side  of  Humphrey's  pond,"  "  which  was  laid 
out  to  my  father  Robert  Stiles  by  ye  Towne  of  Rowley  in  part- 
nership with  Dorman  and  Cummins,  even  [?]  4  hundred  acres 
laid  out  to  them  three  men  by  ye  town  of  Rowley  and  con- 
signed to  me  in  ye  settlement  of  my  fathers  estate  after  his 
disease  (consideration  30  lbs.  silver  money) " 

Signed  "  Ebenezer  Stiles  " 

"  Dorothy  Stiles." 

(The  above  deed  was  in  the  possession  of  a  descendant  of 
Ebenezer  Stiles,  at  the  time  of  the  preparation  of  the  1st  edi- 
tion of  the  Massachusetts  Family  of  Stiles.) 

[We  feel  quite  sure  that  during  the  lifetime  of  Robert  Stiles, 
and  of  his  sons  after  him,  no  Stiles  excepting  members  of  their 
families  could  have  been  living  at  Boxford,  and  it  is  doubtful 
if  any  others  could  have  been  found  even  in  Essex  county  pre- 
vious to  1800.  A  very  large  proj)ortion  of  the  earlier  genera- 
tions in  the  male  line  have  been  traced,  and  doubtless  most  of 
those  who  have  not  been  traced,  might  be,  if  we  could  but  gain 
access  to  old  family  records  which  must  still  be  in  existence. — 
M.  S.  P.  G.] 


FAMILY,  1. 

1.  Robert  Stiles  was  married  (by  Bradstreet)  Oct.  4, 1660, 
to  Elizabeth  (dau.  of  John  and  Anna)  Frye,  of  Andover,  Mass.,* 
who  was  born  in  England  in  1637  {see foot-note,  pp.  16,  17). 
According  to  Boxford  records  Robert  Stiles^had  a  second  wife 
also  named  Elizabeth,  who  survived  him.  He  died  July  30, 
1690  {Perley' s  History  of  Boxford,  p.  28).  This  date  .  is 
probably  correct,  but  it  does  not  tally  with  a  record  furnished 
us  by  Mr.  Perley  himself,  f 

To  his  widow  Elizabeth  was  granted,  one  month  after  his 
death,  the  administration  of  his  estate  {Hist.  Boxford,  p.  28). 
She  was  admitted  to  the  church  Feb.  21,  1703  {Boxford 
Records).  She  must  have  been  the  person  referred  to  in  the 
following  from  the  town  records :  "  Mch.  2,  1696-7,  a  new 
road  laid  out  to  Widow  Stiles'  new  field '"  {Hist.  Boxford,  p. 
133).  In  1702,  Widow  Stiles  was  admitted  to  full  communion. 
— Boxford  Records. 

Children  hy  First  Marriage  {all  horn  at  Rowley  Village).^ 

2.  I.  John2,  b.  June  (or  Jan.)  30,  1661 :  m.  Deliverance 

Towne,  Family  2.  ^ 

3 .  II.  Elizabeth2,  b.  March  15, 1662 ;  m.  J uly  8, 1$00,  John 

*The  record  of  the  marriage  of  Robert  Stiles  and  Elizabeth  Frye  is 
found  —  together  -with  the  births  of  their  children  —  in  the  1st  vol.  of  the 
Records  of  Births  in  Essex  county,  at  the  clerk  of  courts'  office,  at  Salem, 
which  contains  the  record  of  the  births,  marriages  and  deaths  from  1654 
to  1691,  inclusive. 

f  "Robert  Stiles  m.  Elizabeth He  d.  30  July,  16-  (168-?).     She 

was  ad.  to  1st  ch.  21  Feb.  1702-3.  Ch.— 1  —  (son)  b.  21  May  1—  (1682?)." 
— Exact  copy  of  record  received  from  Mr.  Perley. 

%  We  have  used  the  record  of  Robert  Stiles'  family  which  we  found  in 
the  first  edition  of  the  Genealogy  of  the  Massachusetts  Family  of  Stiles, 
adding  to  it  such  new  facts  as  are  given  in  the  History  of  Boxford  and 
other  authorities. —  M.  S.  P.  G. 

14:  Stiles  Genealogy. 

(b.  Aug.  7, 1657),  son  of  Samuel  and  Sarah  (Keies) 
Buswell  of  Boxford.  John  Buswell  was  a 
surveyor  and  fence-viewer  at  Boxford  in  1689. 
In  1716  he  was  chosen  grave-digger,  the  first  one 
in  Boxford.  In  1703,  he  and  his  wife  were  dis- 
missed from  the  church  in  Topsfield  to  the  one 
just  formed  in  Boxford.  He  probably  died  not 
far  from  1740.  Children  (born  in  Boxford,  from 
Hist,  of  Boxford) : 

4.  i. 3. 

5 .  ii.  John3,  b.  1703-4 ;  d.  Feb.  22, 1751,  in  his  48th 

year ;  m.  Abigail  Whipple,  who  d.  in  Box- 
ford JSTov.  15,  1774,  in  her  58th  year. 
Issue :  (1)  Buth4,  b.  1746  ;  m.  David  But- 
man,  a  cooper,*  in  1778.  She  d.  May, 
1810.  He  d.  1816,  sb.  68  years.  Had: 
Joseph5,  Esther5,  Hitty5,  John5.  (2)  John4, 
b.  Sept.  4,  1748,  rem.  to  Kindge,  N.  H., 
when  about  21  years  of  age.     The  farm 

*  Extract  from  Perley's  "The  Dwellings  of  Boxford:  " 
"  No.  LI. — A  short  distance  north-west  of  the  East  Parish  meeting-house, 
in  a  pasture,  is  a  cellar.  Over  this  once  stood  a  house  in  which  lived  a 
lazy  old  fellow  known  as  'King  David'  Butman.  He  was  by  trade  a 
cooper,  was  short  of  stature,  and  had  curly  hair.  He  had  come  from  Dan- 
vers,  and  married  Ruth  Buswell  of  Boxford  in  1778,  and  settled  in  this 
place.  She  was  the  daughter  of  John  Buswell,  and  had  been  published  in 
order  to  marriage  to  John  Love,  a  transient  person,  some  three  years  before. 
She  was  then  twenty-nine,  but  she  preferred  becoming  an  old  maid  to 
marrying  Love,  and  so  she  forbid  the  giving  out  a  certificate  of  marriage, 
'  lstly,  because  the  said  John  is  a  transient  person  and  not  much  known  in 
this  place;  2ndly,  because  I  never  had  any  conjugal  conversation  with  him, 
the  said  John;  and  3rdly,  because  I  never  gave  my  consent  to  the  said 
John  for  such  publication.'  And  so  poor  John  was  forced  to  become  a  tran- 
sient person  in  some  other  place,  for  we  hear  no  more  of  him  here,  Per- 
haps Ruth  would  have  done  well  to  have  heeded  his  charms,  for  the  hus- 
band she  did  get  was  '  no  'count,'  as  her  old  neighbor,  Phillis,  would  ex- 
press it.  In  short,  he  was  as  lazy  as  she  was  smart.  She  cultivated  the 
farm,  doing  the  ploughing,  hoeing,  haying  and  harvesting  herself.  One 
day,  in  May,  1810,  she  had  been  ploughing  all  day,  having  hired  the  oxen 
of  Richard  Peabody,  who  lived  in  the  old  Spiller  house,  and  just  after 
dark,  drove  them  home.  She  ran  back  to  do  her  chores,  and  was  taken 
sick  that  night,  probably  from  over-exertion.  She  survived  but  a  few 
days.  If  any  woman  was  ever  entitled  to  suffrage  we  have  her  here. 
Her  husband  left  this  mundane  sphere  in  1816,  at  the  age  of  sixty-eight. 
They  had  four  children,  Joseph,  Esther,  Hitty,  and  John.'  *  *  *  The 
writer  thinks,  and  has  considerable  evidence  to  prove  it,  that  this  was  the 
old  Buswell  farm,  and  that  Ruth  settled  on  her  father's  place." 

Massachusetts  Family.  15 

on  which  he  first  settled  at  Rindge  has 
remained  in  possession  of  his  descendants, 
being  now  (1884)  owned  and  occupied  by 
his  grandson,  Thomas  Buswell.  He  m. 
Rebecca  (dau.  of  John  Demary  of  Rindge, 
May  30, 1771.  He  was  a  prosperous  farmer; 
d.  at  R.,  Feb.  26, 1828.  His  wife  d.  April 
11, 1824.*  Children  {See  foot-note,  p.  IT) : 

6.  iii.  Sarah3,   b.  April,  170? ;  m.   Oct.,  1731, 

James  Curtis.  Had  :  Sarah4  (Curtis),  m. 
1765,  Ebenezer  Ingalls  of  Andover  ;  had 
Reuben5  (Ingalls),  who  m.  Rebecca  Worm- 
stead  of  Marblehead ;  had  :  Reuben6  (In- 
galls), who  m.  Elizabeth  M.  Emerson,  of 
Bridgeton,  Me. ;  had  :  Eliza  J.7  (Ingalls), 
who  m.  Josiah  Burleigh ;  had :  Charles8 
(Burleigh),  genealogist  of  the  Burleigh  and 
Guild  families,  etc. 

7.  III.  Sarah2,  b.  Jan.  31,1 (torn  off,  prob.  1664);  d. 

Feb.  7,  1664.     She  was  an  "  umiac  daughter." 

8.  IY.  Abigail2,  b.  Feb.  15,  1666;  prob.  mar.  as  2d  wife 

Zaccheus  Curtis.  See  the  following:  "  Dis- 
missed from  the  church  in  Rowley,  Jan.  15, 
1710-11,  Abigail  Styles,  now  wife  of  Zacchens 
Curtis"  {Essex  Inst.  Hist.  Colls.,  vol.  xiv,  p. 
150).     Zacheus  Curtis  d.  1712. 

9.  V.  Ebenezer2,  b.  Feb.  20,  1669  ;  m.  Dorothy  Dalton. 

Family  2. 

10 .  YI.  Sarah2,  b.  Oct.  20,  1672 ;  admitted  to  the  ch.  in  Box- 

ford,  June  27,  1703. — Boxford  Records. 

11 .  VII.  Robert2,  Jr.,  b.  Nov.  15,  1673  ;  m.  Ruth  Bridges. 

Family  2. 

12.  VIII.  Eunice2.    [The  name  of  Eunice  is  not  found  in  the 

list  of  Robert  Stiles'  children  given  by  Dr.  Stiles 
in  the  first  edition  of  the  Genealogy  of  the  Mas- 
sachusetts Family  of  Stiles ;  but  Perley  has  her 
name  on  the  list  which  he  gives  in  his  Hist, 
of  Boxford]  She  m.  Robert  Willis  Dec.  15, 
1 ;  Issue : 

*  See  Stearns'  Hist.  Kindge,  N.  H. 

16  Stiles  Genealogy. 

13.  i.  Sarah3,  b.  Dec.  13,  1 ;  bapt.  in  Tops- 

field  ch.,  April  30,  1694. 

14.  ii.  Kobert3,  b.  Mch.  27,  16—;  bapt.  May  23, 

1697.  [Eobert  Willis  of  Boxford,  per- 
haps this  one  was  in  service  under  Capt. 
Abiel  Frye,  from  May  1,  1755,  to  Sept. 
20,  of  the  same  year.] — Hist,  of  Boxford. 

15.  IX.  Timothy2,   b.  Oct.  1,  1678;   m.  Hannah  Foster. 

Family  2,  child  by  second  wife. 

16.  X.  Samuel2,   b.  May  21,  1682;    m.    Elizabeth    Cary. 

Family  2. 

Children  of  Robert  and  Elizabeth  (Frye)  Stiles  (from  Hist.  Boxford,  pp.  27-8). 

"I.  John2,  b.  30th  Jan.,  1661;  m.  Deliverance  Towne  of  Topsfield,  24 
Nov.,  1684,  who  d.  16  May,  1700,  and  by  whom  he  had  several 
children,  lived  in  Boxford  south  side  Fish  brook. 
II.  Elizabeth2,  b.  15  March,  1662;  m.  John  Buswell  8  July,  1700. 

III.  Sarah2,  b.  31  Jan.,  1664;  d.  1  Feb.,  1664. 

IV.  Abigail2,  b.  15  Feb.,  1666. 

V.  Ebenezer2,  b.  20  Feb.,  1669;  m.  Dorothy  Dalton,  23  July,  1701;  d.  3 

June,  1746;  lived  in  Andover  and  Middleton. 
VI.  Sarah2,  b.  20  Oct.,  1672. 
VII.  Robert2,  b.  15  Nov.,  1675;  m.  Ruth  Bridges,  10  Nov.,  1699;  resided 

in  Boxford  and  had  issue. 
VIII.  Eunice2. 
IX.  Timothy,  b.  1  Oct.,  1678;  m.  Hannah,  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Hannah 
Foster  of  Andover,  5  March,  1701-2;  d.  7  Dec,  1751;  lived  in  Box- 
ford and  had  issue. 
X.  Samuel2,  b.  21  May,  1682;  m.  Elizabeth  Cary,  2  May,  1703;  lived  in 
Boxford  and  had  children."     [Mr.  Perley  makes  no  allusion  to  the 
fact  that  Samuel  was  a  child  of  Robert  Stiles'  second  marriage,  of 
which  he  (Mr.  P.)  must  have  been  aware. —  M.  S.  P.  G.] 

Foot-note  to  page  13: 

"John  Frye  was  from  Basing,  Hants  Co.,  Eng.  He  arrived  in  the  Har- 
bor of  Boston  in  Aug. ,  1638,  bringing  with  him  his  wife  and  3  children,  viz. : 
(I)  John  (Dea.  John  of  Andover),  b.  1633;  (II)  Benjamin,  b.  1635;  (III)  Eliza- 
beth, b.  1637  (m.  Robert  Stiles).  He  was  one  of  the  original  purchasers  of 
the  Cochichewick  tract;  rem.  from  Newbury  to  Andover  previous  to  1641. 
At  Andover  were  born  3  children,  viz. :  (IV)  Sarah,  b.  1642;  d.  Mch.  5, 1661-2; 
(V)  Samuel,  b.  1644;  (VI)  James,  b.  1652."  The  above  account  is  from  a  let- 
ter of  Theophilus  D.  Frye  of  Montclair,  N.  J.,  Genealogist  of  the  Frye  Family. 
Mr.  F.  states  that  there  is  now  in  the  possession  of  a  family  in  Michigan 
an  ancient  "  Sampler,"  which  was  wrought  by  a  Miss  Ann  Frye,  in  1785, 
and  was  a  copy  of  an  older  one  which,  family  tradition  says,  was  the  work 
of  Elizabeth,  depicting  the  Frye  arms.  Among  the  posterity  of  the  emi- 
grants John  and  Anna  Frye,  these  have  been,  from  the  first,  persons  of 
note.  This  is  shown  by  the  following  epitome  from  Miss  Bailey's  "  His- 
torical Sketches  of  Andover,  Mass. : "  "  Mr.  Fry  was  one  of  the  first  settlers 
in  this  towne,  and  his  offspring  men  of  grate  note;  there  was  Copprils, 
Sergeants,  Clarks,  Ensigns,  Lieuts    Twelve  Captains,  Magrs,  Cornels,  and 

Massachusetts  Family.  17 

Major  Generals,  Two  Judges  of  the  Corts  Superer  and  Court  of  Common 
Pleas,  and  two  that  held  the  titel  of  the  Honorable  Councellors,  and 
severall  justices  of  the  Peace,  and  some  of  the  Rest  excellen  Good  citizens." 
[U.  S.  Senator  Frye,  of  Maine,  is  a  descendent  of  John1  Frye  in  the  line 
of  his  son  Samuel.] 

Foot-note  to  page  15: 

Descendants  of  Elizabeth7  (Stiles)  Buswell,  in  the  line  of  her  grandson 
John4  Buswell,  who  mar.  Rebecca  Demary  and  had  children  {from  History 
of  Bindge,  N.  H.)\ 

I.  Rebecca5,  b.  June  15,  1772;  m.  Asa  Platts  of  Rindge,  N.  H.,  Jan.  29, 
1797;  he  d.  March  18,  1848,  a*,  nearly  92;  she  d.  March  20,  1840,  te. 
nearly 76;  issue: 

i.  Rebecca6,  b.  Sept.  30,  1800;  d.  Dec.  25,  1824,  unm. 
ii.  Asa6,  b.  Feb.  27,  1802;  m.  (1)  Aug.  2,  1832,  Frances  Jones,  who 
d.  April  20,  1836;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Fidelia  (Emerson)  Pratt.  He  d. 
Nov.  28,  1873;  children:  (1)  Maria  P.',  b.  May  13,  1839;  m. 
Feb.  3,  1868,  Wallace  English.  She  d.  March  16,  1871;  (2) 
Asa1  Anson,  b.  Sept.  20, 1841;  d.  Jan.  11,  1843;  (3)  Almon  A.7, 
b.  July  18,  1843;  civil  engineer  in  Stoneham,  Mass.;  (4)  An- 
son A.7,  b.  July  18,  1843;  m.  June  29,  1869,  Cynthia  (dau.  of 
William  and  Lucinda  [Lowell]  Lawrence),  res.  in  Rindge;  (5) 
Martin  W.7,  b.  July  13,  1849;  d.  Aug.  26,  1849;  (6)  Lyman 
W.7,  b.  Sept.,  1852,  res.  Troy,  N.  H. 
iii.  Hosea6,  b.  Feb.  17,  1804;  m.  April  14,  1831,  Nancy  (dau.  of  Eli- 
jah T.  and  Agnes  [Hodge]  Smith);  is  a  farmer,  res.  Fitzwilliam, 
N.  H.     Issue:  (1)  Hosea7,  b.  March  8,  1832;  m.  Emily  Hodge; 

(2)  Nancy7  Ann,  b.  March  11,  1833;  m.  George  E.  Stratton;  d. 
Feb.  11,  1865;  (3)  Elijah7  Smith,  b.  Oct.  18, 1834;  d.  March 27, 
1837;  (4)  Mary  Rebecca7, b.  July  12, 1836;  m.  George  A.  Whit- 
temore,  Esq.  She  d.  Dec.  13, 1872;  (5)  John  Austin7,  b.  Sept. 
16,  1838;  m.  Feb.  13,  1864,  Susie  C.  (dau.  of  Christopher  and 
Anna  [Gibbs]  Crowell)  of  Westminster,  Vt.;  3  chil. ;  (6)  Sarah 
Maria7,  b.  Sept.  28,  1840;  m.  Sylvester  Underwood,  res.  St. 
Johnsbury,  Vt.;  (7)  Elijah  Thayer7,  b.  Aug.  30,  1842;  m.  June 
25,  1868,  Ellen  M.  (dau.  of  Lyman  and  Lucinda  [Wellington] 
Bennett),  res.  in  Rindge;  (8)  Henrietta  Ellen7,  b.  Oct.  13,  1844; 
(9)  Charles  Frederick7,  b.  April  22,  1847;  m.  Nov.  27,  1867, 
Julia  M.  (dau.  of  Col.  George  W.  and  Nancy  [Brooks]  Stearns). 
He  is  a  merchant  in  Rindge;  (10)  Agnes7,  born  July  13,  1849; 
d.  Nov.  5,  1867;  (11)  Frank  Warren7,  b.  Oct.  16,  1851;  m. 
Martha  Emerson;  res.  (1875)  in  Marlboro,  N.  H. 

iv.  Harvey6,  b.  Nov.  1,  1805;  m.  Oct.  13,  1829,  Harriet  Davis,  who  d. 
Oct.  10, 1852.  He  d.  Sept.  20, 1852.  Issue:  (1)  Susannah7;  (2) 
Henry7;  (3)  Asa7;  (4)  Charles7;  (5)  George7;  (6)  Jonathan7;  (7) 
Sally7;  (8)  Silas7;  (9)  Abel7, 
v.  Almon6,  b.  Feb.  22,  1808;  m.  Dec.  29,  1841,  Abby  M.  Howe  of 
Portsmouth,  N.  H.  He  was  a  lumber  dealer  in  Boston;  d.  Oct. 
7,  1862.  Issue:  Maria  Victoria7,  b.  Nov.  14,  1842;  d.  Sept.  13, 
1847;  (2)  Henry  Almon7,  b.  Jan.  20,  1845;  d.  March  11,  1846; 

(3)  Georgiana7,  b.  Dec.  1,  1847;  res.  in  Boston;  (4)  Ella  M.7,  b. 
Sept.  1,  1850;  res.  in  Boston;  (5)  Almon7,  b.  May  12,  1856; 
d.  March  7,  1864. 

18  Stiles  Genealogy. 

vi.  Laura6,  b.   Nov.  13,  1809;  m.  April  12,  1832,  Jonathan   Pierce. 

She  died  Nov.,  1837. 
vii.  John6,  b.  Nov.  8,  1811;  m.  (1)  March  26, 1840,  Nancy  W.  Stearns, 
who  d.  Oct.  17,  1847;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Louisa  (Adams)  Hale.     He 
res.  in  Charlestown ,  Mass.;  is  a  surveyor  of  lumber  for  Suf- 
folk dist.     Issue:  (1)  John  Franklin7,  b.  May  13, 1841;  (2)  Har- 
riet Maria1,  b.  Ju]y  12,  1842;  d.  Oct.  26, 1843;  (3)  Ellen  Eliza7, 
b.  March  8,  1844;  (4)  Edwin  Morton7,  b.  May  29,  1845;  killed 
at  Fredericksburg,  Va.,  Dec.  14,  1863;  (5)  infant  son1,  b.  and 
d.  Oct.  17,  1847;  (6)  Harry  Adams7,  b.  March  14,  1857. 
viii.  Phebe6,  b.  April  24,  1814;  m.  Dec.  10,  1835,  John  Barrett  (now 
dec'd).     She  res.  in  Boston. 
II.  John5,  b.  June  19,  1774  ;  m.   Sept.  1,  1803,  Sarah  (dau.  of  Joseph) 
Horton  of  Jaffrey,  N.  H.     She  died  at  Mt.  Holley,  Vt.,  abt.  1865. 

III.  Abigail5,  b.  March  26,  1776,  d.  March  7,  1805,  unm. 

IV.  Anna5,  b.  Feb.  21,  1778,  d.  June  15,  1847,  unm. 

V.  Sarah5,  b.  Dec.  6,  1779;  m.  William  Rugg  of  Rindge,  N.  H.,  as  1st 
wife,  Jan.  13,  1803;  she  d.  Sept.  29,  1842.     Issue: 
i.  William6,  b.  May  1,  1803;  d.  Apr.  22,  1851. 
ii.  Alpheus6,  b.  May  27,  1805;  m.  Sept.  17,  1835,  Mary  Hartwell  of 
Lunenburg,  Mass.     He  d.  at  Montague,  Mass.,  Dec.  22,  1856. 
Issue:  (1)  MaryE.7,  b.  Nov.  2,  1841;  (2)  Sarah  M.7,  b.  Sept. 
27,  1847;  (3)  Eliza  A.7,  b.  Oct.  22,  1849;  d.  Nov.  11,  1849;  (4) 
Alpheus7,  b.  Apr.  12,  1851;  (5)  Evelyn  R.7,  b.  Jan.  18,  1855. 
iii.  Lurena6,  b.  Jan.  28,  1807;  m.  Abraham  Pierce,  of  Rindge,  N.  H. 
iv.  Caroline6,  b.  May  30, 1808;  m.  Dec.  23,  1834,  Robert  B.  Hopkins, 
of  Antrim,  N.  H.     Issue:    (1)  Caroline  E.7,  b.  Sept.  20, 1835; 

(2)  Henry  B.7,  b.  Nov.  10,  1836. 

t.  Htpsibah6,  b.  Dec.  13,  1809;  m.  Dec.  18,  1845,  Asaph  W.  Good- 
ridge  of  Rindge;  rem.  from  R.  to  Lawrence,  Mass.  She  d. 
Oct.  23,  1873.  Issue:  (1)  Annie  Josephine7,  b.  Feb.  4,  1847;  m. 
Sept.  10,  1867,  James  Henry  Reynolds,  who  was  in  the  Union 
army  during  the  late  war,  and  lost  an  arm  in  the  service;  res. 
(1875)  at  Lawrence,  Mass. 

vi.  Sarah6,  b.  Oct.  22,  1811;  m.  June  8,  1837,  Simon  Smith;  rem.  to 
N.  J.,  where  she  d.  Jan.  29,  1845. 

vii.  Josiah6,  b.  Sept.  18,  1813;  rem.  to  Chester,  Vt. 
viii.  Reuben6,  b.  Dec.  16,  1814 ;  m.  Sarah  Wright  rem.  to  Post  Mills, 

ix.  Amos6,  b.  Sept.  24,  1816;  m.  June  29,  1843,  Julia  Kellogg;  res. 
(1875)  in  Montague,  Mass.  Issue:  (1)  Amelia  M.7;  b.  Nov. 
27,  1846;  (2)  Clarence  A.7,  b.  Feb.  12,  1848;  d.  Sept.  12,  1849; 

(3)  Julia  E.7,  b.  June  30,  1850;  m.  Thomas  Campbell  of  West- 
field,  Mass.;  (4)  Frances  A.7,  b.  Jan.  28,  1856;  (5)  Walter  A.7, 
b.  Dec.  4,  1862. 

x.  Harriet6,  b.  July  9,  1818;  m.  Aug.  23,  1840,  Edward  Root  of 
Montague,  Mass.  Issue:  (1)  George  Wm.7,  b.  Aug.  3,  1840; 
(2)  Arabella7,  b.  May  25,  1842. 

xi.  Grata6,  b.  Mch.  3,  1822;  m.  Oct.  2,  1845,  Hall;  removed  to 

N.  T. 

VI.  Hannah5,  b.  July  25,  1781;  d.  Nov.  18,  1784. 
VII.  Betsey5,  b.  May  7,  1783;  d.  Oct.  4,  1812,  unm. 
VIII.  Daniel5,  b.  Feb.  19,  1785;  d.  Sept.  7,  1817. 

Massachusetts  Family.  19 

IX.  Mehitabel5,  b.  Jan.  25,  1787;  m.  Sardine  Stone  of  Rindge,  N.  H.  (b. 

in  Rindge,  Apr.  29,  1784),  July  14,  1807.  He  was  a  farmer;  rem. 
in  1824  to  Vermont.     Issue: 

i.  Sardine6,  b.  Oct.  7,1809;  m.  Apr.,  1835,  Tabitha  (dau.  of  James 
R.  and  [Esther  Smith]  Goodspeed)  of  Boston,  who  d.  Feb.  13, 
1852;  res.  in  Boston,  Mass. 
ii.  Cyrus6,  b.  July  18, 1811;  d.  in  Uxbridge,  Mass.,  Aug.,  1833,  unm. 
iii.  John6,  b.  Mch.  23,  1813;  m.  Nov.  7,  1844,  Esther  Goodspeed, 
sister  to  his  bro.   Sardine's  wife;  res.  (1875)  in  Cbarlestown, 
,iv.  Jasper6,  b.  Jan.  30,  1815;   m.  Jan.  26,  1854,  Jane  Elms;  res.  in 
Cbarlestown,  Mass. 
v.  Eunice6,  b.  Sept.  7,  1816;  d.  Apr.  1,  1818. 

vi.   Sylvester6,  b.  Sept.  4, 1818;  m.  Nov.  8,  1846,  Harriet  J.  (dau.  of 
Calvin  and  Betsey  [Pierce]  Tarbell),  of  Rindge,  res.  in  Boston, 


vii.  Thomas  Buswell6,  b.  Apr.  29,  1820;  m.  Jan.  25,  1848,  Rebecca 

Ross;  res.  in  Ludlow,  Vt.,  a  farmer, 
viii.  Amos  Burnham6,  b.  Feb.   18,   1822;  m.  Oct.  31,  1852,  Almira 

Whitcomb;  res.  Ludlow,  Vt. 
ix.  William6,  b.  Sept.  28,  1823;  m.  Dec.  25,  1865,  Sarah  Ann  (dau. 

of  Leonard  and  Caroline  [Goodspeed]  Pierce);  res.  in  Boston, 

x.  Susan6,' b.  July  4,  1825;  m.  Sept.  19,  1847,  Zenos  Ross, 
xi.  Salmon6,   b.  Jan.  7,  1827;  m.  (1)  Oct.  13,  1859,  Hannah  Beals, 
who  d.  April  27, 1866;  m.  (2)  May  19, 1868,  her  sister,  Ellen  M. 
Beals;  res.  Charlestown,  Mass. 
xii.  James6,  b.  March  17,  1830;  d.  Aug.  15,  1847. 
xiii.  Ann  M.6,  b.  April  28,  1832;  m.  Oct.  31,  1852,  Windsor  J.  Smith 
of  Ludlow,  Vt. 

X.  Azariah5,  b.  Dec.  4,  1790;  m.  Abigail  (dau.  of  Joseph  and  Susannah 

[Hubbard]  Bancroft)  of  Lunenburg,  Mass.  He  d.  April  11,  1872. 
He  retained  the  old  homestead  now  owned  (1883)  by  his  sons, 
which  has  been  in  the  possession  of  the  family  for  more  than  a 
century.     Issue: 

i.  Jacob  Bancroft6,  b.  Aug.  13,  1820;  d.  Nov.  29,  1851,  unm. 
ii.  Azariah  James6,  b.  Dec.  16, 1821;    m.  March  29,  1871,  Lavinia 

(dau.  of  Joseph)  Titus;  res.  in  Boston, 
iii.  Samuel  Hubbard6,  b.  Sept.  11, 1823;  was  a  soldier  in  the  Mexican 

war;  d.  at  Tampico,  Feb.  8,  1847,  unm. 
iv.  Thomas6,  b.  Sept.  11,  1825;  m.  Dec.  24, 1873,  Harriet  Maria  (dau. 
of  Daniel  and  Susannah  [Bancroft]  Bragg),  of  Temple,  N.  H. 
He  is  a  farmer;  res.  on  the  old  homestead, 
v.  Charles  Gardner6,  b.  Aug.  21,  1827. 
vi.  Leonard6,  b.  Mav  20,  1829;  d.  March  23,  1849. 
vii.  Joseph6,  b.  April  18,  1831;  d.  March  5, 1842. 
viii.  Henry6,  b.  May,  1833;  d.  Sept.  16,  1852,  unm. 
ix.  Amos6     ),    iv^^i,  K  fQQK   jd.  March  31,  1835. 
x.  Abigail6  P  Mardl  5' 1835;  |d.  March  18,1835. 
XI.  Thomas5,  b.  Feb.  9,  1793 ;  d.  1858,  at  Canton,  111.,  unm. 
XII.  Hepzibeth6,  b.  Jan.  31,  1795,  m.  as  3d  wife,  July  18, 1827,  Capt. 
Stephen  Emory  of  Rindge.     (He,  as  well  as  his  wife,  was  a  de- 
scendant of  the  emigrant  Robert  Stiles,  in  the  line  of  his  eldest 

20  Stiles  Genealogy. 

son  John  Stiles.)  He  was  a  farmer,  and  was  also  for  many  years 
engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  hand-made  nest  boxes  and  drums; 
was  captain  of  the  militia,  and  frequently  held  town  offices.  He 
was  universally  respected  and  esteemed.  He  d.  Jan.  13,  1874,  se. 
95  years  and  8  months.  [Capt.  Emory's  children  by  his  first  and 
second  marriages  will  be  found  in  their  proper  place  among  the 
descendants  of  John2  Stiles,   see  p.  .]    Issue  by  third  mar- 

riage, commencing  with  the  8th  child  : 
viii.  Stephen  B.6,  b.  Sept.  1,  1828;  d.  Dec.  17.  1847. 

ix.  Elizabeth6,  b.  April  23,  1833;  d.  May  24,  1836. 

x.  Caroline  M.6,  b.  June  26,  1834,  d.  April  22,  1836. 

xi.  Ellen6,  b.  Jan.  7,  1836;  d.  unm.  Sept.  30,  1864. 

XIII.  Zeruiah5,  b.  Feb.  19,  1797;   m.  Levi  Underwood  of  Goshen,  N.  H., 

she  d.  abt.  1860. 

XIV.  Sylvanus6,  b.  Nov.  19,  1798;  m.  Chloe  Evans;  rem.  to  Hartford,  Vt.; 

d.  abt.  1862. 
XV.  Lois5,  b.  Aug.  28, 1801;  m.  Samuel  Brown  (b.  Jan.  14,  1804)  of  Rindge, 
son  of  Asaph  and  Martha  [Wilder]  Brown  (dau.  of  Hon.  Abel  and 
Anna  [Butler]  Wilder  of  Winchendon,  Mass.).     He  d.  July  29, 
1872.     Issue : 
i.  Lucia6. 
ii.  Lois6, 
iii.  Mary6, 
iv.  George6. 
v.  William6. 

Descendants  of  Robert  Stiles,  the  Emigrant,  in  the  Line 
of  His  Eldest  Son  John. 

Family  2. 

17.  John2  Stiles  [2]  (Robert1)  was  born  at  Rowley  village, 
Essex  county,  Mass.,  June  (or  Jan.)  30,  1661 ;  married  (1)  Nov. 

24,  1684,  Deliverance,  twin  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Catherine 
(Symonds)  Towne,  of  Topsfield,  Mass.,  who  was  born  at  Tops- 
field,  Aug.  5,  1665.*  John  Stiles  and  wife  were  admitted  to 
full  communion  March  18,  1687-8,  and  on  Oct.  4,  1702,  John 

*  Jacob   Towne   was   the   5th  child  of  William  (b.   1600)  and  Joanna 
(Blessing)  Towne,  who  were  m.  in  Yarmouth,  Norfolk  Co.,  England,  March 

25,  1620-1.  They  came  to  America  (probably  in  1635),  and  settled  first  in 
Salem,  Mass.  Dec.  11,  1640,  William  Towne  had  granted  him  "  a  little 
neck  of  land  right  over  against  his  house  on  the  other  side  of  the  river." 
About  1651  he  moved  to  Topsfield,  where  he  d.  1672;  his  wife  d.  about 
1682.  They  had  eight  children,  six  of  whom  were  bapt.  in  Yarmouth,  Eng.; 
of  these,  Rebecca,  wife  of  Francis  Nurse,  and  Mary,  wife  of  Isaac  Esty, 
were  executed  on  a  charge  of  witchcraft  on  Gallows  Hill,  Salem,  Mass., 
the  former  July  19,  1692,  the  latter  Sept.  22  of  the  same  year.  Jacob2, 
bapt.  in  Yarmouth,  Eng.,  1633,  m.  Catherine  Symonds  (dau.  of  John  and 
Elizabeth),  of  Salem,  Mass.,  June  26,  1657;  had  John3,  Jacob3,  Catherine3, 
Deliverance3  (m,  John  Stiles),  Ruth3,  Edmund3. —  Hist.  Windham,  N.  H., 
pp.  802-3. 

Massachusetts  Family.  21 

Stiles,  with  others,  was  dismissed  to  Boxford  "  to  gather 
church,"  and  January  2nd  following,  Deliverance  Stiles  was 
dismissed  to  Boxford  church  (Topsjleld  Becords).  Deliver- 
ance Stiles  died  May  16,  17 — .  [Sidney  Perley,  author  of  the 
History  of  Boxford,  thinks  she  probably  died  about  1705.] 

The  2nd  wife  of  John  Stiles  was  Mary  —  which  is  proved 
by  the  following  from  the  Boxford  Records :  "  Mary  Stiles, 
ad.  to  1st  ch.  24  Dec,  1727,  wife  of  John  Stiles."  John  Stiles' 
place  in  Boxford  was  on  the  south  side  of  Fish  brook  (Perley* s 
Hist.  Boxford,  p.  27).  In  1680,  "John  Stiles"  was  summoned 
to  testify  at  the  trial  of  Elizabeth  Morse  of  Newbury,  Mass., 
who  was  accused  of  witchcraft.  He  was  made  a  freeman  at 
Boxford  in  1690;  was  constable  in  1705,  and  selectman  in 
1725.  There  is  no  record  of  his  death,  but  widow  Mary  Stiles 
died  May  13,  1753  (Boxford  Becords),  which  shows  that  he 
was  not  living  at  that  time. 

Children  (by  first  marriage)  :* 

18.  I.  Deliverance3,  b.  Sept.,  1685  (from  early  returns  of 

births,  marriages  and  deaths  at  the  office  of  the 
clerk  of  courts  at  Salem,  Mass.).  Another  author- 
ity gives  the  month  of  her  birth  as  Oct,,  and 
still  another  has  Oct.  23. 

19 .  II.  Ruth3,  b.  Feb.  17, 1686-7.  (In  the  Boxford  Records 

no  names  are  given  to  the  first  three  children  of 
John  Stiles,  but  in  the  clerk  of  courts'  ofiice  at 
Salem  the  first  two  are  named  as  here  given, 
although  Ruth  is  recorded  as  the  dau.  of  John 
and  Elizabeth,  an  evident  mistake.)  Ruth  Stiles 
m.  Elias  Smith  about  1717  (prob.).—  Boxford 

liS  COT1™*  9 

20 .  III.  John3,  bap't.  Dec.  16, 1688,  "  John  Stiles  his  John  " 

(7'opsfeld  Bee),  m.  Eleanor  Pearl.     Family  3. 

*  The  following  record  of  John  Stiles'  family  ia  from  the  Boxford  Records 
and  was  furnished  by  Mr.  Sidney  Perley  of  Boxford: 

"John  Stiles  m.  Deliverance .     She,  from  Topsfield,  was  ad.  to  1st 

chh.  25  Apr.,  1703;  she  d.  16  May,  1 (about  1705). 


1  (dau.)  b.  Oct.  1, 

2  (son)  b.  Nov.  1, 

3  (dau.)  b.  17  Feb.,  1 

4  Mehitable,  b.  22  Oct.,  1 (1700?);  m.  Samuel  Gould  9  June,  1726. 

5  Eleanor,  b.  17  Feb.,  1702-3;  bapt.  28  Feb.,  1702-3." 

22  Stiles  Genealogy. 

21.  IT.  Elizabeth3,  m.  John  Frame,  1719.     Issue  (Box- 

ford  Records): 

22.  i.  Marcy4,)  .    mo 

23.  ii.  Mary4,    f  b"  17i0' 

24.  iii.  John4,  b.  1723.* 

25.  iv.  Lydia4,  b.  1726. 

In  the  records  of  Windham  county,  Conn., 
we  find  that  John  Frame  bought  land  of 
Moses  Stiles  in  the  town  of  Windham,  Conn., 
previous  to  1730.  See  the  following  clause 
from  a  deed  given  by  Moses  Stiles  of  Wind- 
ham, Conn.,  to  John  Ayers  of  Stonington, 
Conn. :  "  Sold  all  the  above  excepting 
twenty  acres  of  the  West  end  which  I  form- 
erly sold  to  John  Frame  "  signed  "  Moses 
Stiles,  March  13,  1730."  There  is  also  a 
record  of  the  deeding  of  this  lot  of  land,  as 
follows :  "  Deeded  to  John  Frame  and  Eliza- 
beth his  wife  about  twenty  acres  of  land 
lying  in  the  township  of  Windham,  the  west- 
erly end  of  that  one  hundred  acre  Lot  that  I 
bought  of  Caleb  Badcock  deceased,  bounded 
as  follows,  by  land  of  Stephen  Brown,  Na- 
thaniel Wales  and  Lt  Ripley  "  signed,  "  Moses 
Stiles,  January  16,  1732." 

26 .  Y.  Marcy3,  bapt.  Dec.  2, 1694,  "John  Stiles  his  Marcy  " 

{Topsfield  Ch.  Records) ;  ad.  to  the  ch.  in  Box- 
ford,  April  30, 1722 ;  m.  James  Richardson,  May 
24,  mi.—Boxford  Records. 

27.  VI.  Mehitable4,  b.  Oct.  22,  1700  (prob.);    m.  Samuel 

Gouldf,  of  Boxford,  June  9, 1726  (by  Kev.  John 
Barnard).  Samuel  Gould  was  a  descendant  of 
Zaccheus,  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  Topsfield. 

*  A  John  Frame  m.  Lydia  Johnson,  Oct.  9,  1746,  who  d.,  and  he  m.  Aug. 
16,  1751  (or  1757),  Joanna  Cary.  Issue  :  John,  b.  June  21,  1758.— From 
the  Records  of  Windham,  Conn. 

f  Pedigree  of  Samuel  Gould:  Thomas1  Gould  of  Bovington,  in  the  parish 
of  Hemel  Hempstead,  Hertfordshire,  England  (b.  abt.   1455);    m.  Joan 

;  Richard'2  m.  Joan ;  Thomas3  m.  Alice ;  Richard4  m. 

Jane ;  Richard6  m. ;  Zaccheus6  in.  Phebe of 

Topsfield,  Mass. ;  John1  m.  Sarah  Parker ;  Samuels  m.  Margaret  Stone  ; 
Samuel9  m.  Mehitable  Stiles. — Newcomb  OeneaL,  p.  432. 

Massachusetts  Family.  23 

Samuel  and  his  brothers  sold  their  farm  iu  Box- 
ford  and  rem.  to  Worcester  county,  Mass.  His 
posterity  may  now  be  found  in  Berkshire  county, 
Mass.,  in  western  New  York,  Ohio,  Illinois,  Min- 
nesota, Kansas,  etc.  [From  letter  of  John  H. 
Gould,  town  clerk  of  Topsfield,  Mass.]  Issue 
{From  Gould  Gen.) : 

28.  i.  Samuel4,  b.  March  20, 1727;  m.  1746  Sarah 

Gilbert,  who  d.  ae.  nearly  90  years.  He 
d.  1791.    Issue  {See  footnote  1,  p.  24) : 

29 .  ii.  Mehitable4,  b.  Feb.  11, 1729 ;  m.  Peter  Lam- 

son,  1754;  rem.  to  1ST.  H. 

30.  iii.  Jeremiah4,    b.  at  Boxford,  Aug.  5,  1731  ; 

m.  (1)  June  5,  1755,  Hannah  Bartlett  of 
Brookfield,  Mass.;  m.  (2)  Aug.  21,  1760, 
Hannah  Stevens  of  Heath,  Mass.,  who  d. 
Bee.  12, 1812.  He  died  Aug.  6, 1809,  at 
Charlemont,  Mass.  Issue  {See  foot-note  2, 
p.  25): 

31.  iv.  Nathan4,  b.   Jan.  8  (or  18),  1734,  at  Box- 

ford  ;  m.  Oct.  31,  1757,  Martha  Gilbert 
of  Brookfield,  Mass. ;  res.  in  Charlemont, 
Mass.,  finally  rem.  to  Ya.,  d.  there  1816. 
Issue  {See  foot-note  3,  p.  25) : 

32.  v.  Jonathan4,  b.  Nov.  28, 1735,  prob.  d.  young. 

33.  vi.  Eli4,  b.  May  4,  1738;  m.  Lydia  Jennings, 

Dec.  21,'  1767.  Issue:  Samuel5,  b.  in 
Amherst,  Mass.;  m.  Gates. 

34.  vii.  Deliverance4,  b.  Feb.  23,  1742;  m.  Robert 

Nims  of  Shelburne,  Mass. 

35.  YII.  Eleanor3,  b.  Feb.,  1702-3  ;  bapt.  Feb.  28, 1702-3 ; 

rn.  Aaron  Bristol  of  Harwinton,  Conn.     Issue: 

36.  i.  Reuben4,  b.  1737;  m.  (1)  Comfort  (dau.  of 

Samuel)  Barber,  March,  1762 ;  m.  (2)  Mrs. 
Martha  (Butler),  wid.  of  Samuel  Bartholo- 
mew. She  d.  April  13,  1819,  ».  78.  He 
res.  at  Harwinton,  Conn.,  and  died  there 
Aug.  23,  1828,   se.    91 ;    was   a  farmer. 

Children  {See  foot-note  4,  p.  26) : 

37.  ii.  Aaron4. 

24  Stiles  Genealogy. 

38.  iii.  Abel4,  m.  Mary  Norton  of  Goshen  Jan.  24, 

1774 ;  Lad  Lois5,  b.  in  Harwinton  Dec.  4, 

39.  iv.  Eliphalet4,  farmer,  located  at  New  Canaan, 

N.  Y. ;  had  Eliphalet5 ;  probably  some  of 
his  posterity  live  on  the  same  place. 

40.  v.  Marion4,  b.  1742 ;  m.  John  Preston  (b.  1740 

in  Windham  Co.,  Conn.),  "  son  of  John 
who  came  from  Scotland  and  settled  at 
Hampton,  Conn."  [So  says  a  descendant, 
but  it  seems  more  probable  to  us  that 
John,  the  father,  was  the  man  from  Mass.,45" 
who  emigrated  to  Conn.,  and  settled  at 
Windham.— M.  S.  P.  G.]  Issue:  (1) 
Noah5,  m.  Honor  Rosseter.  (See  foot-note 
5,  p.  27.)  (2)  John  Stiles5  (Preston),  b. 
Dec.  5,  1759 ;  m.  Aurelia  Dewey.  (See 
foot-note  6,  p.  27.)  (3)  Garner5  (Pres- 
ton), b.  1773 ;  m.  Bethena  Upson.  (See 
foot-note  7,  p.  28.)  (4)  Lucina5  (Preston), 
m.  Jehiel  Ford.  (See  foot-note  8,  p. 
29.)  (5)  Ursula5  (Preston),  m.  Lemuel 
Humphrey ville.  (See  foot-note  9,  p. 

Foot-note  1  to  page  23: 
Descendants  of  Samuel  and  Mehitable3  (Stiles)  Gould  in  the  lines  of  their 

sons,  Samuel4,  Jeremiah4,  Nathan4  and  Eli.4 — From  Gould  Genealogy. 
Samuel4  Gould  m.  Sarah  Gilbert,  1746. 


I.  Sarah5,  b.  Aug.  13,  1751;  m.  Ebenezer  Field. 
II.  Esther5,  b.  June  30,  1753;  d.  unm.,  se.  55. 

III.  Samuel5,  b.  May  30,  1755;  killed  at  White  Plains  Oct.  28,  1776. 

IV.  Isaac5,  b.  April  14,  1758;  m.  Olive  Thayer;  was  a  capt.  in  the  Rev. 

war;  rem.   1816  from  Heath,  Mass.,  "to  Otsego,  N.  Y.;  d.  1844  at 
Eden,  near  Buffalo,  N.  Y.     Issue: 

i.  Beulah6,  b.  April  7,  1782;  m.  Wm.  Elderkin  of  Otsego,  N.  Y. 
ii.  Betsey6,  b.  Jan.  12,  1784;  m.  1806  Abel  Knight  of  Brookfield, 

iii.  Electa6,'  b.  Jan.  2, 1786;  m.  Harris  Dietrich;  living  (1869)  at  Cold 

Water,  Mich, 
iv.  Lucius6,  b.  Dec.  12,  1787;  m.  Mary  Ann  Dow  Jan.  6,  1820.      He 

d.  Aug.  4,  1832. 

*"Mary  Haynes,  b.  at  Newbury,  Mass.  Oct.  7  (or  2),  1677;  m.  John 
Preston,  Jan.  7,  1706,  settled  at  Windham,  Conn." — From  New  Eng.  Hist. 
Gen.  Reg.  for  1855,  p.  350. 

Massachusetts  Family.  25 

v.  Belinda6,  b.  Feb.  22,  1791;  m.  (1)  Elisba  Tarbox,  had  (1)  Lorenzo 

D.'  Gould  [TarboxJ;  m.  (2)  Wm.  Clark  of  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 
vi.  Olive6,  b.  April  28,  1793;  m.  Barnard  Newell  of  Springfield,  Pa. 
vii.  Harriet6,  b.  July  22,  1795;  m.   David  Wentworth  of  Brimfield, 

N.  Y.     She  d.  Feb.  22,  1862. 
viii.  Amelia6,  b.  July  22,  1795;  d.  1816. 
is.  Isaac6,  b.   Sept.  11,  1797;  m.   Betsey  Chapin  of  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

He  was  drowned  in  the  canal  at  B.  Oct.,  1832;  no  children. 
x.  Ruel6,  b.  Dec.  15,  1802;  m.  (1)  Levira  Peak;  in.  (2)  Almira  Peak. 
He  d.  1855. 
V.  Daniel8,  b.  Jan.  24,  1760;  went  south;  d.  of  yellow  fever  in  New 
York  city,  unm. 
VI.  Beulah6,  b.  July  9,  1761;  d.  young. 

"VII.  Eli5,  b.  May  5,  1766,  at  Amherst,   Mass. ;  m.   Bernice  Johnson  (b.  at 
Westfield,  Mass.,  Aug.  27,  1768)  March  3,  1790;  d.  at  Heath,  Mass., 
June  24,  1848.    He  was,  when  very  young,  a  soldier  of  the  Revolu- 
tion; res.  mostly  at  No.  Adams,  Mass.     Issue: 
i.  Samuel6,   b.  Oct.  5,  1790;  m.  (1)  Patience  Wilbur;    m.   (2)  Mrs. 
Lavinia  (Sanford)  Cheney;  d.    June  13,   1859.     Child   by  1st 
mar.  :     (1)   Arethusa1,  b.    in  No.    Adams,   Mass.,    Sept.    21, 
1824;  m.  in  Hanover,  111.,  Dec.  7,  1850,  John  Bearse  Newcomb, 
Esq.,  of  Elgin,  111.,  author  of  the  Newcomb  Geneal.     Issue: 
(a)  Foneta  Arethusa8  (Newcomb)  b.  Oct.  21,  1851;  d.  April  30, 
1874;  (b)  Andrew8  (Newcomb)  b.  and  d.  March  10,  1859. 
ii.  Willard6,  b.  Aug.  20, 1792;  m.  (1)  Hannah  Pike;  (2)  Louisa  Boyden 
iii.  Arethusa6,  b.  Oct.  11,  1794;  m.  John  Taft,  1822. 
iv.  David6,  b.  Feb.  20,  1797;  m.  Sally  Green, 
v.  Daniel6,  b.  Aug.  18,  1800;  m.  Patience  McKnight. 
vi.  Sally6,  b.  Aug.  29, 1802;  m.  John  Upton,  1829;  she  d.  in  Mich.  1833. 
vii.  Nancy6,  b.  Aug.  29,  1802;  m.  Levi  Gates,  Apr.  28,  1831. 
viii.  Stillman6,  b.  Sept.  1,  1804;  m.  Maria  Smith,  Nov.  6,  1834;  hed. 
Jan.  5,  1845. 
ix.  Eli6,  b.  Nov.  8,  1807;  m.  Tirza  Smith, 
x.  Elizabeth6,    b.  July  8,    1809;    m.  Leander  Legg;   she  died    at 

Heath,  Mass. ;  no  chil. 
xi.  Almira6,  b.  Aug.  11,  1812 ;  d.  May  25,  1838,  unm. 
"VIII.  Mehitable5,  m.  William  Batt,  an  Englishman  of  Burgoyne's  army; 
resided  at  Bennington,  Vt. 

Foot-note  2  to  page  23 : 

Jeremiah4  Gould;  m.  (1) Hannah  Bartlett,  June  5,  1755;  (2)  Hannah  fSte- 
vens,  Aug.  21,  1760. 
Children  (by  first  marriage): 

I.  Aaron5,  b.  Dec.  23,  1757;  m.   Lydia  Gray,  May  29,  1781;  he  d.  Oct. 

16,  1826. 
II.  Nathan5. 
Children  (by  second  marriage): 

III.  John5. 

IV.  Mary5,  b.  Aug.  22,  1769,  d.  Dec.  4,  1789. 

V.  Lydia5,  m.   (1) Ells;  (2)  Ephraim  Eddy;  lived  at Coleraine,  Mass. 

Foot-note  3  to  page  23: 
Nathan  Gould4,  m.  Martha  Gilbert,  Oct.  31,  1757.     Children: 
I.  Jonathan5,  d.  1778.     He  was  in  a  detachment  commanded  by  Gen. 
Lee  at  the  battle  of  Monmouth. 

26  Stiles  Genealogy. 

II.  Mehitable5,  m.  Barnabas  Alden  of  Ashfield,  Mass. 

III.  Benjamin6,  b.  Oct.  3,  1767;  m.  Lydia  Alden;  be  d.  Dec,  1849. 

IV.  Pascbal  Paoli5  (named  for  tbe  Corsican  general) ;  d.  young. 
V.  Lydia6,  b.  July  3,  7721;  m.  Robert  Young. 

VI.  Nathan5,    b.    1776;    m.    (1)  Estber   Alden;  (2)  Cemantba  (Pbillips) 
widow  of  Martin  Burr  of  W.  Virginia. 
VII.  Gilbert6,  b.  Feb.,  1779;  m.  1803;  Mebitable  Taylor;  be  was  living  in 
[A  much  fuller  record  of  tbe  descendants  of  Mebitable  (Stiles)  Gould  is 
given  in  tbe  Gould  Genealogy,  by  J.  A.  Gould,  Esq.,  of  Boston.] 

Foot-note  4  to  page  23: 

Descendants  of  Aaron  and  Eleanor3  (Stiles)  Bristol  in  tbe  line  of  tbeir 
son  Reuben4,  wbo  m.   (1)  Mcb.,  1762,    Comfort  Barber;   (2)  Mrs.  Martba 
(Butler)  Bartbolomew  (widow  of  Samuel).     He  died  at  Harwinton,  Conn., 
Aug.  23,  1828,  age  91;  Mrs.  Martba  Bristol,  d.  Apr.  13,  1819,  se.  78. 
Children  (by  first  marriage): 

I    Isaac5    b.  Oct.  21   1762 
II."  Reuben5,  Jr.,  b.  Apr.  8,  1765;  d.   Nov.   10,   1808;  m.  Anna  Phelps 
(dau.  of  Samuel).     She  was  born  Nov.    8,    1767,   in  Harwinton, 
Conn.     Issue  (all  born  at  Harwinton,  Conn.): 
i.  Lovina6,  b.  Feb.  6,  1793;  d.  May  26,  1827. 
ii.  Anna6,  b.  Mch.  4,  1795;  m.  Horace  Cook;  had  chil. 
iii.  Comfort6,  b.  Sept.  18,  1797. 
iv.  Ursula6,  b.  June  15,  1800. 
v.  Luman6,  b.  Oct.  11,  1802;  had  children: 
Reuben5  Bristol,  Jr.,  d.  in  Harwinton,  Conn.,  Nov.  10, 1808,  and  his  wid. 
m.  Nehemiah  Bradley,  and  they,  with  her  children,  went  west. 

[Harwinton  records  have  the  death  of  Aaron  Bristol,  Mch.  30,  1792,  ae. 
22.     May  he  not  have  been  of  this  family  ?— M.  S.  P.  G.] 

III.  Comfort5,  m.  Abner  Scoville.     Issue:  several  children,  among  them, 

i.  Dau.6,  m.  Dan.  Weed, 
'ii.  Dau.6,  m.  Julius  Jones. 
Mrs.  Comfort  Scoville,  d.  July  15,  1808,  age  36;  (b.  abt.  1772). 

IV.  Abigail5,  m.  Henry  Miller,  of  Torringford,  Conn.     (P.  O.  add.  of  son 

Lewis  M.  at  Torringford.) 
(By  second  marriage) : 

V.  Richard5,  b.  May  8,  1779  ;  m.  (1)  Polly  Birge  (b.  in  Torrington,  Conn., 
Feb.  22,  1781)  in  T.,  Nov.  24,  1803.     She  d.  Oct.  23,  1813.     He  m. 
(2)  Roxy  Bissell,  of  Torriugton,  May  9,  1814.     She  d.  at  Farming- 
ton,  111.,  Dec.  6,  1846.     He  was  dea.  of  the  Cong.  ch.  at  Harwin- 
ton, Conn.,  from  1820  to  1838.     He  d.  at  Farmington,  111.,  Sept.  19, 
1853.     Children  (by  first  marriage),  all  born  at  Harwinton: 
i.  Mary  Ann6,  b.  Nov.  28,  1804  ;  m.  Farrand  Dunbar,  a  worthy 
farmer  of  Plymouth,  Conn.,  Oct.  30, 1832  ;  no  issue  ;  d.  at  P., 
April  25,  1852. 
ii.  Julia6,  b.  Feb.  21,   1806 ;  m.  Ellis  Burwell,  of  Barkhamsted, 

iii.  Albert6,  b.  Aug.  30,  1808  ;  d.  Nov.  23,  1833. 

iv.  (son6),  b.  March  6  :  d.  March  11,  1812. 

v.  (dau.6),  b.  Oct.  3  ;  d.  Oct.  27,  1813. 

(By  second  marriage) : 

vi.  Seth  Bissell6,  b.  Sept.  9,  1815;  m.  in  Farmington,  111., ; 

d.  in  F.,  April,  1877  ;  had  children. 

Massachusetts  Family.  27 

vii.  (Rev.)  Richard  Chester6,  b.  April  19,  1817  ;  m.  and  res.  at  Farm- 

ington,  111. 
viii.  Geo.  Carmi6,  b.  Feb.  15,  1819  ;  grad.  W.  Reserve  Coll.,  1841,  d. 
same  year  at  Farmington,  111. 
ix.  Riley6,  b.  May  18,  1822  ;  m.  at  Farmington,  111.;  res.  there (1884); 
VI.  Silass,  m.  Nancy  Thorpe.     He  d.  June  4,  1835,  se.  66.     Mrs.  Nancy 
Bristol  d.  March  31,  1828,  se.  46.     Issue  : 
l    A_9ii*on       i 
•  -"   Butier6   f  These  sons  went  to  the  Black  river. 

VII.  Chester5,  m. Phelps  ;  no  issue  ;  d.  at  Torringford,  Conn. 

Foot-note  5  to  page  24: 

Noah5,  son  of  John  and  Marion  (Bristol)  Preston,  m.  Honor  Rosseter,  of 
Harwinton,  Conn.,  and  moved  to  Camden,  N.  Y.     Children  : 

I.  Riley6,  who  had  5  sons  and  2  daus. ;  the  latter  died  young  —  Cataline1, 
William7,  Cyprian1,  George7;  the  other  names  not  given. 
II.  Warren6,  had  3  sons  and  1  dau.  Gilbert7,  Julius7,  etc.  Julius7  has 
Lorenzo8,  b.  1830,  at  Farmington,  Warren  Co.,  Pa.,  and  Jerome8, 
a  woollen  manufacturer,  who  has  been  rep.  at  Albany;  res.  James- 
town, N.  Y. 

III.  Lyman6,  res.  last  at  Stillman  Valley,  Ogle  county,  111.     Left  2  sons 

and  3  daus.  Gardner7,  the  oldest,  res.  at  Stillman  Valley,  is  an 
energetic  farmer.  His  bro.  Lyman7  lives  near  ;  is  a  hardware 
dealer  ;  has  4  sons  and  1  dau.  A  sister  of  Gardner  and  Lyman,  Jr., 
lives  in  Rockford,  111.;  m.  Mason  Lewis,  a  prosperous  farmer  ;  had 
a  son  in  coll.  The  youngest  dau.  of  Lyman6,  Sr.,  moved  to  Kansas 
and  died  there. 

IV.  Rosseter6  was  a  farmer  ;  lived  in  Camden,  N.  Y.,  many  years  ;  moved 

to  Rockford,  111.;  died  there  1876,  se.  89;  had  9  chil.;  three  are  now 
(1884)  living  —  a  son  7  miles  from  Stillman  Valley;  a  dau.  at  Rock- 
ford. The  youngest  son  died  in  the  army.  Honor7  Preston  of  this 
family  married  Asahel  Trumbull,  formerly  of  Windsor,  Conn.,  now 
(1884)  a  retired  farmer  and  a  man  worthy  of  the  name  he  bears. 

V.  John  Stiles6,  had  2  sons  and  2  daus.    Noah7  lives  in  the  valley  where 

his  father  died  ;  the  others  live  near;  are  farmers  in  good  circum- 
stances . 
VI.  Chandler6  lives  in  Oswego  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  has  1  son  and  1  dau.;  a  dau. 
named  Olive  d.  young. 
VII.  Honor6,  m.  Calvin  Johnson  ;  had  3  sons  and  1  dau.  Rosseter7  John- 
son has  been  mayor  of  San  Francisco,  Cal.  Spencer7  Johnson  re- 
sides at  Patevia,  Rent  Co.,  111. ;  is  a  farmer  and  an  honorable  and 
able  man. 

Foot-note  6  to  page  24: 

John  Stiles5  Preston  (son  of  John  and  Marion4  [Bristol]   Preston);  b.  in 
Harwinton,  Conn.,  Dec.  5,  1769;  m.  Aurelia  Dewey  of  H.  (b.  Sept.  5,  1774), 
Mch.  6,  1797.     Mr.  P.  was  a  farmer;  res.  at  Harwinton;  represented  the 
town  in  1822  and  1825.     He  d.  Dec.   12,   1842;  Mrs.  Aurelia  (Dewey)  Pres- 
ton, d.  Feb.  15,  1837. 
I.  Mary6,  b.  Jan.  7,  1798;  m.  Nehemiah  Griffin,  a  farmer  of  Plymouth, 
Conn;  she  d.  Sept.  17,  1828;  left  2  daus. 

28  Stiles  Genealogy. 

II.  Noah6,  b.  Feb.  18,  18 —  (the  record  says  1818,  but  this  must  be  a 

mistake);  m.  Lucy  Marsh  of  Northfield,  Conn.  He  was  a  clock- 
maker;  d.  in  111.,  Aug.  20,  1845;  left  son  George  (who  d.  without 
issue),  and  a  dau.  who  m.  Hiram  Miner,  a  farmer,  has  several 
chil. ;  Lucy1  Preston,  dau.  of  Noah6,  m.  Chas.  F.  Smith,  a  mason 
of  Bridgeport;  has  (1)  Alice8,  (2)  Herbert8,  (3)  Frank8. 

III.  Marion*,  b.  Dec.  28,  1801;  d.  Aug.  8,  1820. 

IV.  Eli  D.6,  b.  Mch.  28,  1804;  is  a  first-class  mechanic  and  farmer;  res. 

at  Unionville,  Conn.     Issue: 

i.  Henry1,  a  machinist;  m.  and  has  several  children;  res.   Union- 
ville, Conn, 
ii.  Edward  M.1,  a  farmer;  res.  Minn.;  m.  and  has  several  chil. 
iii.  Albert1,  was  a  lumber  dealer;  served  3  years  in  the  army;  d. 
Nov.  24,  1876. 
V.  Gardner6,  b.  April  14,  1806;  m.  Eunice  (dau.  of  Samuel  and  Eunice) 
Merwin   of   Northfield,    Conn.,   was  a  farmer.     In  1846-7  was  a 
member  of  the  Legislature   for  Harwinton;    d.    June  25,   1869. 

i.   Phebe1.  m.  Sidney  Osborn. 
ii.  Mary1,  m.  George  Guernsey,  a  farmer  of  Northfield,  Conn.,  has  2 

iii.  Frederick1,  is  a  commercial  traveler;  res.  Waterbury,  Conn.,  m. 

Nellie  Osborn  of  Waterbury;  has  2  chil. 
iv.  Minerva1,  m.  George  Purdy,  carpenter;  1  cbild. 
v.  Alice1,  m.  Charles  Bunnell,  foreman  in  Seth  Thomas'  clock  fac- 
vi.  Arthur1,  mechanic  in  Ansonia,  Conn. 

VI.  John  Stiles6  (Preston),  Jr.,  b.  May  3,  1808;  located  a  farmer  in  Har- 

winton,   Conn.;  m.   Hannah  Churchill  of   Northfield,   Conn.     He 

d.  Jan.  14,  1868.     Issue: 

i.  Edwin  Stiles1,  a  farmer;   res.   Colebrook,   Conn.     Issue:  Eva8, 

Frank8,  Stiles.8 
ii.  John1,  a  hotel  keeper  at  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

VII.  Aurelia6,  b.  Feb.  3,  1813;  m.  Henry  Bancroft,   clockmaker,   of  East 

Windsor,  Conn.;  res.  Forestville,  Conn.     Issue:     Several  chil.: 
i.  George1  (Bancroft);  res.  Bristol,  Conn.;  clockmaker,  has  several 

ii.  Henry1  (Bancroft),  lives  at  Forestville. 
VIII.  Pamelia6,  b.  Apr.  3,  1815;  m.  Giles L.  Gaylord  of  Torringford,  Conn.; 
she  d.  May  11,  1846;  left  a  dau.   who  m.  Carlos  Phillips,  a  mer- 
chant in  Iowa;  res.  (1884)  Frankfort,  Marshall  Co.,  Kansas. 
IX.  James  J.6,  b.  in  Harwinton,  May  5,  1817;  m.  Adeline  Camp  of  Win- 
sted,  Conn.,  Nov.  21,  1841;  is  a  farmer;  res.  at   Winsted;  was  an 
abolitionist  in  slavery  days,  is  now  a  strong  Prohibitionist.    Issue: 
i.  James  H.1,  b.  Apr.  15,  1849;  is  a  dealer  in  clothing  and  furnish- 
ing  goods  at  West  Winsted,  Conn.;  m.   Elizabeth  Van  Val- 
kenberg,   June  7,  1870.     Issue:  (1)  Adeline  B.8  (Preston);   b. 
Nov.   18,    1871;    (2)  Blanche  C.8  (Preston);  b.  Apr.  24,  1877; 
(3)  Mary  Eleanor  Stiles8  (Preston),  b.  Mch.  4,  1884. 

Foot-note  7  to  page  24: 

Garner5  Preston  (son  of  John  and  Marion4  [Bristol]  Preston),  b.  1773,  m. 
Bethena  Upson,  Dec.  2,  1795;  he  d.  1805:     Children: 

I.  Deborah6,  b.  Dec.  24,  1796;  m.  Spencer  Johnson,  a  farmer,  May  28, 

Massachusetts  Family.  29 

1817;  res.  in  Farmington,  Warren  Co.,  Pa.,  at  Preston  Corners;  6 
chil.,  one  son  in  Cal.,  one  Wis.,  the  others  in  Farmington. 
II.  Nelson6,  b.  Nov.  7,  1798;  was  a  farmer  in  Virginia.  During  the  late 
war  he  was  a  Union  man,  and  the  Rebels  took  from  him  what  and 
all  they  could  lay  hold  of.  He  d.  in  1863,  and  after  his  death  his 
4  chil.  rem.  to  St.  Joseph,  Mo. 

III.  Riley6,  settled  in  Farmington,  Pa.;  was  a  farmer;  d.  Jan.  24,  1883: 

ae.80  yrs.;  m.  Emily  Northro,  Apr.  6,  1826,  had  son: 
i.  Nelson1,  54  yrs.  old  in  1884;  res.  Farmington;  has  1  son  and  2 

IV.  Maria6,  m.  Lent  Upson,   a  farmer,  of  Camden,  N.  Y.,  Mch.  3,  1819; 

9  children,  of  whom  5  are  living,  some  in  Camden,  N.  Y. 

Foot-note  8  to  page  24: 

Lucina5,  dau.   of  John  and  Marion  (Bristol)  Preston;  m.  Jehiel  Ford; 
farmer  of  Thomaston,  Conn.     They  had  4  children  who  grew  up,  viz. : 
I.  Marvin6,  a  farmer;  m.  Belinda  Bishop;   first  resided  at  Readsboro, 
Vt.,  abt.  1854;  rem.  to  Iowa,  where  he  died.     Issue:  Isaac7,  Elon1, 
Epas7,  Allen7,  Louisa7,  Roxana7,  Marilla8. 
II.  Julia6;  m.  Henry  Wood.     Issue: 
i.  Lucina7  (Wood);  d.  young. 

ii.  John7  (Wood),  foreman  in  Thomas'  clock  shop  (Waterbury). 
iii.  Allen7  (Wood),  works  at  clockmaking. 
iv.  Warren7  (Wood),  works  at  clockmaking. 
v.  Dau.  m.  T.  W.  Etheredge,  lawyer  of  Thomaston,  Conn. 

III.  Theodosea6   "Dotha"m.  Alvin  Mills,  rem.  to  Iowa;  had  Wallace7 

and  Mahlon7;  farmers. 

IV.  Marilla6,  m.  Charles  Lambert  Russell,   farmer,   of  Cheshire,  Conn. 

Issue  : 

i.  Emily7  m.  W.   T.  Spencer  of  Derby,  Conn.     In  1884  Mr.  S.  was 

in  the  Pension  office  at  Washington,  D.  C. 
ii.  Ellen7,  m.  Elton  Dolittle  of  Cheshire,  Conn, 
iii.  Eunice7,  m.   James  Williams;    rem.  west.     Had  Amos8,  Hiram8, 

James8,  Frances8,  Louisa8,  Marilla.8 
iv.  Mary  J.7,  m.  Xenophon  Camp,  a  farmer.     Had  (1)  Emiline8,  m. 

John  Griffin,  mason;  (2)  Emerett8,  m.  Seth  Mills  of  Burlington, 

Conn.;  reside   Masonville,    Iowa.     Had   (a)  Charles9,  m.  Ella 

Hotchkiss  of  Cheshire,  Conn. 

Foot-note  9  to  page  24: 

Ursula5  (dau.  of  John  and  Marion4  [Bristol]  Preston),  born  Feb.  12,  1780, 
m.  Lemuel  Humphreyville,  farmar,  Jan.  1,  1799;  r*s.  at  Northfield,  Conn., 
where  he  d.  Nov.  13,  1828,  se.  51.  She  d.  May  26,  1882,  se.  102  yrs.  3  mos. 
14  days.  "Although  delicate  in  early  life,  she  gained  strength  and  vigor 
with  increasing  years,  when  both  were  most  needed. 

"  She  was  called  to  part  with  her  husband  over  54  years  before  her  own 
death,  and  from  that  time  she  carried  the  burdens  of  the  family  alone. 
The  outdoor  labors  necessitated  by  the  superintending  of  her  farm,  proba- 
bly contributed  much  towards  prolonging  her  life.  To  the  day  of  her  death 
she  showed  no  symptoms  of  disease,  but  died  as  a  clock  runs  down.  It 
should  be  said  that  her  early  faith  and  trust  in  God  seemed  to  grow  strong 
as  nature  grew  weak.  Her  recollection  of  hymns  and  tunes  learned  in 
early  life  remained  to  the  last,  and  even  on  the  morning  of  her  death  she 
sang  a  favorite  verse  sweetly  and  distinctly." 

30  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children  : 
I.  Louisa6  (Humphrey ville),  b.  Nov.  6,  1800;  m.  Smith  Law,  merchant 
of  Litchfield,  Conn.,  Feb.  26,   1821,  d.  in  Philadelphia,  July  9, 
1836.     Issue: 

i.  Sidney  S.7  (Law);  res.  Winchester,  Conn.;  has  daus.  Louisa8  and 
II.  Susan6  (Humphrey ville),  b.  Feb.  26,  1803;  m.  George  Cook,  farmer, 
of  Litchfield,  Conn.,  Dec.  7,  1825.     She  d.  Dec.  14,  1837.     Issue: 
i.  Louisa1  (Cook);  m. Worthington. 

III.  Lemuel  G.6  (Humphrey ville),  b.  March  15,  1805;  d.  Aug.  16,  1836. 

IV.  Mary6  (Humphreyville),  b.  Jan.  3,  1808;  m.  Newton  Perkins,  mer- 

chant; d.  without  issue. 
V.  Albro  M.6  (Humphreyville),  b.  June  12, 1810;  m.  Harriet  Andrews, 
Oct.    26,    1834;  res.    Northfield,  Conn.,  is  a  farmer;  had  Lemuel 
Garner,  who  had  Jennie8,  Etta  L.8,  Bertha  U.8,  Louis  G.8,  Samuel  B.8 
VI.  Harriet6  (Humphreyville),  b.  May  19,  1812;  m.  Geo.  Smith  of  Litch- 
field, Conn.;  rem.  to  Doylestown,  Pa.,   where  he  d. ;  was  in  the 
mercantile  business;  had  2  daus.  in  Philadelphia  and  a  sou  in 
VII.  Deborah,  b.  Feb.  8,  1815;  m.  Stephen  Campbell,  merchant,  of  Doyles- 
town, Pa.;  both  d.  young;  left  a  son  and.  dau. 

Family  3. 

41.  John3  Stiles,  Jr.  [20]  (John2,  Robert1),  was  bapt.  at 
Topsfield,  Mass.,  Dec.  16,  1688  {Topsfield  Oh.  Records);  mar- 
ried Eleanor  Pearl,  Jan.  18,  1715.  They  res.  in  Boxford, 
Mass.,  of  which  place  he  was  selectman  in  1729  {Hist.  Box- 
ford,  p.  376).  Iu  Essex  Deeds  (55:  234-7)  is  the  following 
record  :  "  Mch  9,  1.731.  Jonathan  Stickney  with  wife  Mary, 
for  65£  sells  John  Stiles  Jr  of  Boxford  14|  acres  upland  and 
meadow  in  Boxford."  In  1770  John  Stiles  of  Boxford  owns 
meadow  land  —  perhaps  the  same  John  Stiles  and  the  same 

Children  [From  Boxford  Records) : 

42.  I.  Benjamin,4,  b.  Nov.  4,  1716  ;  bapt.  May  25,  1717  ; 

m.  Elizabeth  Foster.     Family  4. 

43.  II.  John4,  b.  Sept.  23,  1717  (prob.  d.  young). 

44 .  III.  Richard4,  b.   May  15,  1721 ;  bapt'  June  28,  1721 ; 

d.  July  24,  1747. 

45 .  IY.  Deliverance4,  b.  Feb.  21,   1722-3  ;    bapt.  March  3, 

1722-3  ;  m.  Stephen  Emery,  Oct.  20,  1743,  who 
was  probably  from  Newbury.  They  lived  in 
Boxford.  The  place  where  their  house  stood  is 
indicated  by  Perley  in  his  "  Dwellings  in  Box- 

Massachusetts  Family.  31 

ford."  Stephen  Emery  d.  between  1755  and 
1760,  and  his  wid.  m.  as  2d  wife  Elisha  Towne. 
Issue  (by  first  marriage) : 

46.  i.  David5. 

47.  ii.  Stephen5,  d.  in  infancy. 

48 .  iii.  Stephen5  (probably  was  the  one  of  his  name 

who  served  two  or  more  short  terms  in 
the  Revolutionary  War.) 

49.  iv.  John5,  b.   1750;   m.  Elizabeth   Perkins   of 

Topsfield  ;  settled  in  Rindge,  N.  EL,  in 
1771,  where  he  d.  March  26,  1839,  ae.  88. 
"  He  was  unpretending  in  his  manners 
and  upright  in  character"  {Hist,  of 
Rindge,  JSf.  H.).  {For  his  descendants 
see  foot-note,  pp.  32-35.) 

50.  v.  Jesse5. 

51.  vi.  Rebecca5. 

52.  V.  John4,  b.  March  17,  1725:  bapt.  March  27,  1725; 

m.  Hannah  Holt,  Hannah  Deney  and  Phebe 
Marasser.     Familv  5. 

53.  VI.  Abigail*,  b.  Feb.  8, 1727-8  ;  bapt.  Feb.  11, 1727-8  ; 

m.  John  Emery  (prob.  a  brother  of  Stephen,  who 
m.  her  sister  Deliverance)  of  Newbury,  Mass., 
Dec.  18,  1753. 

54.  VII.  Mary4,  b.  Feb.  3, 1729-30 ;  bapt.  Feb.  — ,  1729-30 ; 

m.  Jacob  Curtis,  May  26,  1752.  They  seem  to 
have  lived  for  awhile  after  their  marriage  at 
Boxford,  whence  they  rem.  abt.  1757  to  Souhe- 
gan  West  (now  Amherst,  1ST.  H.).  Jacob  Curtis 
served  in  several  expeditions  in  the  war  for  inde- 
pendence.    Issue : 

55.  i.  Lemuel5  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier;    m. 

Mary  Smith,  Feb.  9,  1799 ;  rem.  to  An- 
trim, ]N".  H.,  1784.  He  was  a  farmer  ; 
lived  to  be  very  aged.  His  son  Lemuel 
was  living  a  few  years  ago  on  the  farm 
originally  owned  by  his  father. 

56.  ii.  Stephen5,  b.   1755;    was   a   soldier  in  the 

Revolution  ;  m.  Abigail  Small,  who  d. 
Jan.  10,  1782.  He  rem.  to  Antrim,  N. 
H.,  in  1784.     He  d.  1832,  se.  77. 













32  Stiles  Genealogy. 

57.  iii.  Isaac  Palmer5,  b.  June  23,  1758;  was  a  sol- 

dier at  The  Cedars  and  at  Bennington. 

58.  iv.  Ebenezer5,  b.  June  9,  1760  ;  was  a  soldier  in 

the  Continental  army  in  1781 ;  m.  Sarah 
Parker,  Dec.  29,  1784. 

59 .  v.  Elizabeth5,  b.  March  8, 1762  ;  m.  Isaac  Car- 
ter, July  10,  1787. 

Marv5,  b.  April  15,  1764. 
John5,  b.  Jan.  29,  1766. 
Asaph5,  b.  May  31,  1768;  d.  Jan.  4,  1769. 
ix.  Asaph5,  b.  Jan!  15,  1770. 
Abel5,  b.  July  8,  1772. 

Foot-note  to  page  31 : 

Descendants  of  Deliverance4  (Stiles)  Emery  in  the  line  of  her  son  John6 
(from  Steams'  Hist.  Rindge,  N.  H.). 

John5  Emery  (or  Emory,  as  the  Rindge  family  spell  the  name),  m.  Eliza- 
beth Perkins  of  Topsfield,  Mass.,  and  rem.  to  Rindge,  N.  H.,  in  1771. 
Children  {From  Steams'  Hist.  Rindge): 
1.  Francis6,  b.  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  Aug.  14,  1770;  m.  Eunice  Philbrick 
(b.  May  18,  1771),  Jan.  18,  1796;  res.  in  Grafton,  Vt.,  and  Winchen- 

QOH     IVXflSH         IsSllfi* 

i.  Grata1,  'b.  in  Grafton,  Vt.,  Oct.  17,  1797;  d.  Oct.  13,  1801. 

ii.  Elizabeth  P.7,  b.  in  G.,  Aug.  23,  1799;  d.  Oct.  21,  1801. 

iii.  John7,  b.  in  Winchendon,  Mass.,  Nov.  20,  1800;  m.  (1)  Sept. 
24,  1823,  Sarah  P.  Barrett,  who  d.  May  9,  1830;  m.  (2)  Almira, 
dau.  of  Daniel  and  Lucy  (Ames)  Jones,  of  Framingham, 
Mass.  Chil.  (by  1st  mar.):  (1)  Jane;  m.  Henry  O.  Blanchard; 
res.  Wisconsin;  (2)  Maria;  m.  David  M.  Barker;  res.  Wis.  ;(3) 
Justin ;  m.  Elizabeth  Barber  of  Winchendon,  Mass. ;  res. 
Rindge,  N.  H. 
ii.  Eunice7,  b.  Apr.  30,  1803;  m.  (1)  abt.  1825,  Milo,  son  of  Capt. 
Ebenezer  and  Sybil  (Howe)  Stone,  of  Townsend,  Mass.,  for  a 
short  time  a  merchant  and  hotel  keeper  at  Rindge.  He  d.  July 
16,  1834;  she  m.  (2d)  George  French,  and  d.  Feb.  25,  1837. 

v.  Lucretia1,  b.  Feb.  24,  1805;  m.  Hubbard,  son  of  Jonathan  and 
Sybil  (Tarbell)  Moors,  of  Shirley,  Mass. ;  he  was  b.  at  Rindge, 
N.  H.,Nov.  11,  1788;  res.  in  Boston  some  years;  ret.  to  Rindge; 
d.  1874,  bequeathing  $2,000  to  the  Cong.  Soc.  of  Rindge,  and 

$1,000  to  the  Meth.  Soc.  ;  Mrs.  Lucretia  Moors  d.  May 

6,  1873.     No  issue. 

vi.  Louisa7,    b.    Oct.   3,   1807;    m.  Hollis  Chaffin,    Apr.  3,    1834; 

res.  in  Rindge  for  a  few  years;  present  residence,  Providence, 

R.  I. 

vii.  Sarah7,  b.  Aug.  26,  1809;  m.  July  3,    1838,   Hosley  Shedd   of 

Tewksbury,  Mass.,  where  they  resided;  she  d.  Dec.  9,  1873;  he 

June  6,  1874.     No  issue. 

II.  Daniel6,  b.  July  5,  1772;  m.  Betsey,  dau.  of  Abner  and  Ruth  (Hale) 

Curtice  (b.  in   Boxford,    Mass.,  July  14,  1772).     Her  parents  re- 

Massachusetts  Family.  33 

moved  when  she  was  a  child,  to  Winchendon.  Daniel  Emery 
manufactured  "  nest,  boxes  "  in  Rindge;  he  rem.  in  1806  to  Jaffrey, 
N.  H. ;  in  1825  to  Pa.,  where  he  was  a  farmer  and  manufacturer, 
also  postmaster  for  several  years;  he  d.  at  Mahoopany,  Wyoming 

Co.,  Pa.,  in  1855;  his  w.  d.  at  Jaffrey,  N.  H.,  1848.     Issue: 

i.  Permelia7,  b.  Nov.  1,  1794;  d.  at  Ware,  Mass.;  unm. 

ii.  Prentice  Burr7,  b.  July  17,  1797;  was  a  physician;  lived  and 
died  in  N.  J. 

ii.  Alvah7,  b.  June  11,  1799;  was  a  hatter;  m.  and  lived  at  Leo- 
minster, Mass.;  d.  Sept.  24,  1851. 

v.  Ambrose7,  b.  Nov.  12,  1802;  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Henry  and  Patty 
(Russell)  Godding,  of  New  Ipswich,  N.  H.  (b.  Mch.  29,  1797); 
res.  at  Rindge  and  Jaffrey.  Children:  (1)  George8;  (2)  Martha 
Ann8,  m.  John  Durant. 

t.  Cynthia7,  m.  Levi  Joslin;  she  d.  Mch.  27,  1848.  Issue:  (1)  Levi8 
(Joslin);  (2)  Judson8  (Joslin). 

i.  Daniel7,  b.  Jan.  16,  1809;  m.  Susan  C.  Pierce,  Sept.  30,  1829; 
she  b.  Jan.  31,  1807.  He  was  an  extensive  dealer  in  hats, 
caps  and  furnishing  goods,  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  where  he  d. 
Mch.  31,  1858;  his  wid.  res.  with  her  dau.  at  Cambridge, 
Mass.  Children:  (1)  Charles  Augustus8,  b.  Apr.  21,  1831;  m. 
Nancy  C.  Pierce  of  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  June  20,  1854.  He 
continued  the  business  of  his  father  for  many  years;  is  now  a 
provision  dealer  in  Fitchburg.  Issue:  (a)  Nellie  Frances9, 
b.  July  24,  1855;  d.  Mch.  27,  1863;  (b)  Minnie  Louisa9,  b.  Mch. 
20,  1859;  d.  Apr.  9,  1863;  (c)  Charles  Lincoln9,  b.  Mch.  15, 
1861;  d.  Mch.  22,  1863;  (d)  Frank  Eugene9,  b.  Jan.  19,  1866; 
(e)  Bertram  Pierce9,  b.  Aug.  26,  1868;  (2)  Sydney  Patterson8, 
b.  Feb.  26,  1835;  m.  (1)  Feb.  24,  1863,  Cynthia  E.  (dau.  of 
Leonard)  Osborne.  She  d.  Apr.  10,  1865;  he  m.  (2)  Nov.  2, 
1867,  Sarah  (Davis)  Newton,  wid.  of  Dexter  Newton,  and  dau. 
of  Winslow  and  Lydia  (Larned)  Davis  of  Templeton,  Mass. 
Mr.  Emery  is  a  successful  proprietor  of  a  restaurant  at  Fitch- 
burg, Mass.  Children  (by  1st  wife):  (a)  Walter  Osborn9,  b. 
Mch.  31,  1865;  d.  June  26,  1865;  (b)  Lonie  Patterson9,  b.  Mch. 
13,  1871;  d.  May  29,  1871;  (3)  William  Childs8,  b.  June  23, 
1836;  m.  June  9,  1859,  Georgiana  Frances,  dau.  of  James  and 
Louisa  (Lord)  Leavitt,  of  Lowell  and  Wilmington,  Mass.;  has 
been  a  successful  provision  dealer  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.  Issue: 
(a)  Willie  Leavitt9,  b.  May  5,  1864;  d.  May  8,  1867;  (b)  Walter 
Leavitt9,  b.  Nov.  10,  1868;  (4)  Caroline  Frances8,  b.  July  5, 
1838;  d.  May  7,  1840;  (5)  Edward  Franklin8,  b.  Apr.  28,  1841; 
m.  Mary  Mildred  (b.  Feb.  12,  1843,  (dau.  of  John  and  Sarah 
C.  (Purington)  Colby,  of  Bath,  Me.  He  served  3  years  in  the 
36th  Regt.  Mass.  Vols. ;  was  prom,  to  lieut. ,  detailed  as  Brig- 
ade, then  as  Div. ,  Commissary  and  Quartermaster.  Is  now  a 
provision  dealer  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.  Issue:  (a)  Cora  Altha9, 
b.  at  F.,  Dec.  19,  1861;  (b)  Gertrude  Susan9,  b.  at  F.,  Jan.  10, 
1865;  (c)  Frederick  Lincoln9,  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Apr.  9,  1867; 
(6)  Frederick  Pierce8,  b.  Apr.  26,  1843;  d.  May  12,  1844;  (7) 
Sarah  Emma8,  b.  Apr.  7,  1845;  m.  June  15,  1869,  Henry  D. 
(son  of  Benjamin  and  Isabella)  Yerxa.  He  is  a  member  of  the 
firm  of  Cobb,  Bates  &  Yerxa,  grocers,  Boston,  Mass.,  res.  at 
Cambridge.     Issue:  (a)  Sadie  E.9  (Yerxa),  b.  Sept.  6,  1871;  (b) 


34  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Henry  D.9  (Yerxa),  b.  Mch.  12,  1874;  (8)  Abbie  Susan8,  b.  Oct. 
16,  1848;  d.  Aug.  24,  1874;  (9)  Herbert,  b.Feb,  3,  1851;  a  sales- 
man in  Boston, 
vii.  Sophia1,  m.  Jonathan  J.  Ayers  of  No.  Brookfield,  Mass. 

III.  John6,  b.  Oct.  14,  1774;  m.  Deborah,  dau.  of  Dea.  Francis  and  Phebe 

(Towne)  Towne,  formerly  of  Topsfield,  Mass.  (b.  Apr.  17,  1777;  d. 
Oct.  14,  1832).     He  was  a  farmer,  d.  June  7,  1838.     Issue: 
i.  Francis  Towne1,  b.  July  24, 1811;  m.  Nov.  5,  1844,  Mary  Smith, 
res.  at  Eindge,  N.  H.,  until  1856,  when  they  rem.  to  Prairie 
City,  111.;  had  3  sons, 
ii.  Elizabeth  P.1,  b.  June  10,  1815;  m.  Walter  Brooks,  Nov.,  1857; 
res.  in  Rindge  until  1866,  when  they  rem.  to  Prairie  City,  111., 
where  she  d.  Aug.,  1878. 
iii.  Charles  Pinckney1,  b.  Oct.  15,  1817;  d.  unm.  Apr.  5,  1883. 
iv.  Deborah1,  b.  Dec,  1820;  m.  Jacob  Newell  of  Jaffrey,  N.  H.     Mr. 
N.  was  a  member  of  Co.  F.,  16th  N.  H.  Vols.;  d.  Apr.  5,  1863. 
Issue:  (1)  George  A.8  (Newell),  b.  June  19,  1850;  m.  Feb.  9, 
1871,  Sarah  M.  (dau.  of  Edward  and  Maria  [Sawin]  Wright  of 
Rindge,  N.  H. ;  (2)  Henry  O.8  (Newell),  b.  Feb.  8, 1856;  d.  young; 
(3)  Francis8  (Newell),  b.  Apr.  8,  1857;  d.  young. 

IV.  Isaac8,  b.  Mch.  25,  1776;  lived  and  died  in  the  State  of  New  York. 
V.  Stephen6,  b.  May  13,  1778;  m.  (1)  Feb.  15,  1804,  Betty,  dau.  of  Isaac 

and   Elizabeth   (Hartwell)  Wood  (b.    Sept.  10,  1785;   d.  Mch.  2, 
1807);  m.  (2)  May  30,  1810;  Polly,  dau.  of  Jonathan  and  Deborah 
(Sherwin)  Ingalls  (b.  Mch.  28,  1785;  d.  May  20,  1826);  m.  (3)Hepsy, 
dau.  of  John  and  Rebecca  (Demary)  Buswell,  of  Rindge.     [John 
Buswell  was  a  great  grandson  of  Robert  Stiles,  from  whom  John 
Emery,  the  ancestor  of  the  line  we  are  tracing,  was  also  descended.] 
Capt.  Stephen  Emery  was  a  farmer,  and  was  also  engaged  for  many 
years  in  the  manufacture  of  "  nest  boxes  "  and  "  drums."     He  was 
capt.   of  the  militia,   and  was  frequently  chosen  to  other  offices. 
He  was  universally  respected  for  integrity  and  honesty.     He  d. 
Jan.  13,  1874,  ae.  95  yrs.  and  8  mos.     Children  (by  first  marriage): 
i.  Derostus  Wood1,  b.  Feb.  22,  1807;  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Benjamin 
and  Judith  (Metcalf)  Pierce;   was  a  farmer;  res.  in  Rindge. 
Issue:  (1)  George  A.8,  b.  Mch.  28,  1828;  m.  (1)  May  20,  1854, 
Martha  J.  (dau.  of  David)  Bass  of  Sharon,  N.  H.     She  d.  June 
21, 1863;  m.  (2)  June  5,  1864,  Maria  E.  Stearns  of  Jaffrey,  N.  H. ; 
res.  Sharon;  (2)  Julia  Augusta8,  b.  Sept.  24,  1830;  m.  Sept.  24, 
1851,  Charles  F.  (son  of  Capt.  Freeborn)  Stearns;  (3)  Derostus 
P.8,  b.   Mch.   27,   1832;  m.  Nov.,   1838,  H.  Augusta  (dau.  of 
Joseph  Davis  (b.  in  Ashburnham,  Mass.,  Aug.  16,  1829);  res. 
in  Sharon,  N.  H.,  where  he  is  extensively  engaged  in  the  manu- 
facture of  coarse  lumber;  (4)  Jane  E.8,  b.  Feb.  13,  1835;  m. 
May  10,  1855,  Rodney  A.  Hubbard  (b.  Nov.  25,  1829),  a  con- 
ductor on  the  Monadnock  R.  R.     Child:  Martha  J.9  (Hubbard), 
b.  Mch.  31, 1857;  (5)  Warren  W.8,  b.  Feb.  12, 1837;  m.  (1)  Nov., 
1860,  Caroline,   dau.  of   Alison  and  Azubah  (Gibbs)  Lake  (b. , 
Mch.  23,  1838);  m.  (2)  May  19,  1868,  Abbie  T.,  dau.  of  John 
E.  and  Mary  Ann  (Sawtell)  Lake  (b.  Sept.  28,  1846);  res.  at 
Rindge;  is  a  partner  in  the  firm  of  Fletcher  &  Emery,  mer- 
chants; has  been  town  clerk  of  R.  since  1868;  has  also  been 
town  treasurer;  (6)  Albert  A.8,  b.  July  7,  1842;  m.  Nov.,  1866, 
Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Frederick  A.  and'  Apphia  (Tyler)  Wilder; 

Massachusetts  JFamily.  35 

is  a  farmer;  res.  on  the  homestead;  (7)  Marianna8,  b.  Sept.  18, 

1847;  m.  Sept.  18,  1872,   William  B.  Bobbins  of  B.  Jaffrey, 

where  they  reside. 
Children  (by  second  marriage): 

ii.  Albert7,  b.  Mch.  5,  1811;  m.  Sarah  Jane  Clapp;  res.  in  Canton, 

111.     Issue:  (1)  Eliza  Jane8;  (2)  Charles  Albert8, 
iii.  Augustus1,  b.  Sept.  27,  1813;  m.  Permelia  Woodworth;  res.  in 

Canton,  111.     Child:  Herbert8, 
iv.  Eliza7,  b.  May  31,  1816;  d.  Sept.  16,  1816. 
v.  Eliza7,  b.  Feb.  21,  1819;  res.  in  Rindge. 

Children  (by  third  marriage): 

viii.  Stephen  B.7,  b.  Sept.  1,  1828;  d.  Dec.  17,  1847. 
ix.  Elizabeth7,  b.  Apr.  23,  1833;  d.  May  24,  1846. 
x.  Caroline  M.7,  b.  June  26,  1834;  d.  Apr.  22,  1836. 
xi.  Ellen7,  b.  Jan.  7,  1836;  d.  Sept.  30,  1864;  unm. 
VI.  Betsey6,  b.  Apr.  25, 1782;  d.  unm.  Sept.  21,  1844. 
VII.  Olive6,  b.  Sept.  26,  1784;  d.  unm.  Aug.  20,  1855. 
VIII.  Enos6,  b.  Oct.  23,  1791;  m.  Apr.  22,  1817,  Zipporah,  dau.  of  David 
Hale  (b.  Dec.  12,  1789);  res.  in  Keene,  N.  H.,  Groton  and  Ash- 
burnham,  Mass.     She  d.  of  small-pox,  Sept.  14,  1848.     He  d.  Feb. 
20,  1867.     Issue: 
i.  Mary7,  b.  Jan.  23,  1818;  m.  June  15,   1839,  George  E.,  son  of 

Elias  and  Anna  (Jones)  Lane;  res.  Fitchburg,  Mass. 
ii.  William  H.7,  b.  Mch.  27,  1821;  m.  June  11,  1856,  Mary  A.,  dau. 

of  John  and  Anna  (Cook)  Lane;  res.  Ashburnham,  Mass. 
iii.  Paschal  P.7,  b.  July  21,  1825;  m.  Nov.  27,  1850,  Marilla  J.,  dau. 
of  Elias  and  Anna  (Jones)  Lane  ;  is  a  merchant  at  Springfield, 

Family   4. 

66.  Benjamin4  Stiles  [42]  (John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was 
born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Nov.  4,  1716,  probably,  although  the 
record  at  Boxford,  reads  as  follows :  "  Benjamin,  born  25 
May,  1717,  bapt.  4  Nov.,  1716."  He  married  Elizabeth  (dau. 
of  John)  Foster,  of  Andover,  Mass.,  Jan.  11,  1737-8.  [John 
Foster  was  a  brother  of  Hannah  Foster,  who  mar.  Timothy2 
Stiles,  the  4th  son  of  Robert  Stiles,  the  emigrant  ancestor  of 
the  Massachusetts  Stiles  family.  John  and  Hannali  Foster 
were  descendants  of  Reginald  Foster,  the  English  emigrant, 
who  settled  at  Ipswich,  Mass.]  Benjamin  Stiles  died  at  Box- 
ford, July  25,  1762. 

Children  (from  Boxford  Records) : 

67.  I.  Phineas5,  b.  Sept.  25,  1738  ;  m.  Hannah ,  and 

Abigail  Fisher.     Family  6. 

68.  II.  Simeon5,  b.  Dec.  15,  1739  ;  d.  Dec,  1739. 

36  Stiles  Genealogy. 

69.  III.  Edmund5,  b.  Nov.  22,  1740 ;  m.  Elizabeth  Preston. 

Family  7. 

70.  IV.  Foster5,  b.  Feb.  21,  1742-3  ;  bapt.  Mch.,  1742-3. 

71.  Y.  Simeon5,   b.    July   24,    1744;    m.    Mary    Gould. 

Family  8. 

72.  YI.  Richard5,    bapt.    Aug.  7,   1748 ;   prob.  m.  Desire 

Roundy.     Family  9. 

73.  VII.  Benjamin5,  b.  May  31,  1750;  m.  Elizabeth  Cutler. 

Family  10. 

74.  VIII.  Cyrus5,  b.  May  13,  1753  ;  m.  Hannah  Curtis  and 

Hannah  Berry.     Family  11. 

75.  IX.  Josiah5,  b.  May  25,  1755  ;  m.  Lydia  Gale.    Family 


76.  X.  Joshua5,  b.  Apr.  6, 1758;  m.  Abigail  Gale.  Family  13. 

Family  5. 

77.  John*  Stiles  [52]  (John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was 
born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Mch.  17,  1725  ;  bapt.  Mch.  27,  1725; 
m.  (1)  Nov.  16,  1752  (pub.  Aug.  9,  1752)  Hannah,  dau.  of 
Oliver  and  Susannah  (Wright)  Holt  (b.  at  Andover,  Mass., 
Aug.  29,  1728) ;  m.  (2)  Hannah  Deney,  Mch.  14, 1757.  They 
owned  the  ch.  covenant  July  2,  1758 ;  m.  (3)  Phebe  Marasser, 
Feb.  9,  1761 ;  received  the  ch.  covenant  Dec.  14,  1766. 

{Boxford  Records).  We  find  in  Perley's  Hist,  of  Boxford, 
that  there  was  a  John  Stiles,  who  was  a  blacksmith,  and  Mr. 
Perl ey  in  "Dwellings  in  Boxford"  designates  the  spot  occu- 
pied by  his  shop,  and  also  mentions  an  old  cellar  over  which 
once  stood  a  house  in  which  John  Stiles,  blacksmith,  is  said  to 
have  lived  for  a  few  years  (between  1766  and  1776). 

The  following  is  from  the  Boxford  Records  —  probably  re- 
fers to  him :  "  Sept.  25,  1775,  order  on  the  town  Records  to 
pay  John  Stiles  one  shilling  for  the  use  of  his  shop  and  one 
bushel  of  coal  for  running  bullets." 

John  Stiles,  the  blacksmith,  m,ay  have  been  John3,  Jr ,  the 
father  of  John4,  but  we  have  no  means  of  deciding.  Mr. 
Perley  makes  several  references  to  John  Stiles,  in  his  History 
of  Boxford,  and  we  shall  give  them  all  in  'connection  with 
John4,  although  we  are  very  sure  that  they  cannot  all  of  them 
refer  to  him,  but  we  can  devise  no  better  plan  of  disposing  of 

Massachusetts  Family.  37 

In  1776,  John  Stiles,  of  Boxford,  enlisted  for  8  months  in 
the  Cambridge  campaign.     (Hist.  Boxford,  p.  228.) 

1776,  John  Stiles  enlisted  in  the  Continental  army.  (Ibid., 
p.  229). 

1777,  Apr.  14.  John  Stiles  enlisted  as  private  under  Capt. 
David  Lane  of  Gen.  Sullivan's  army,  which  was  sent  out 
against  the  Oneidas.     (Ibid.,  p.  232). 

1777,  Mch.  John  Stiles  was  one  of  13  Boxford  men  who 
were  hired  by  the  town  —  receiving  as  bounty  £30  each  —  to 
serve  3  yrs.  or  for  the  war,  in  the  Continental  army.  (Ibid., 
p.  235). 

1778,  Feb.  3,  John  Stiles,  of  Boxford,  died  at  Albany.  (Ibid., 
p.  233. 

Children  by  second  wife  (from  Boxford  Records) : 

78.  I.  Hannah6,  bapt.  "of  ye  old  parish  "  July  9,  1758. 

79.  II.  Huldah5,  bapt.  Apr.  8,  1759  ;  m.  Samuel  Peahody 

of  Andover,  Mass.,  July  11,  1790.    Samuel  Pea- 
body  d.  June  25,  1825. 
Children  by  third  wife  (from  Boxford  Records) : 

80.  III.  Jenny5,  b.  Apr.  10,  1764  ;  bapt.  Dec.  14, 1766  ;  m. 

Dec.  22, 1786,  Elias  Berry  (b.  Aug.  23,  1767),  of 
Middleton,  Mass.  They  appear  to  have  lived  in 
Andover  and  Middleton.  They  were  among 
the  early  settlers  of  Denmark  (then  called  Pleas- 
ant Mountain  Gore),  Oxford  county,  Me.,  remov- 
ing there  between  1792  and  1794.  Mr.  Berry 
was  a  prominent  man  in  Denmark ;  is  referred 
to  in  the  town  records  as  Elias  Berry,  Esq.  In 
1818  he  represented  the  town  at  the  General 
Court .     Issue  : 

81.  i.  Sally6,  b.  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Feb.  11, 1787 ; 

m.  Aaron  Isigalls ;  she  d.  at  the  age  of 
92  yrs. 

82.  ii.  Stephen6,   b.  at  Andover,  Mass.,  June  14, 

1789 ;  m.  Lavinia  Emerson  of  Bridgeton, 
Me.     He  d.  at  the  age  of  82  yrs. 

83.  iii.  Phebe6,   b.   at  Andover,  Mch.  4,  1792 ;  m. 

Asa  Ingalls ;  she  d.  at  the  age  of  60  yrs. 

84.  iv.  Elias6,   b.  at  Pleasant  Mountain  Gore,  Me., 

Sept.  10,  1794 ;  d.  Oct.  8,  1799. 

85.  v.  Samuel  Peabody6,  b.  at  P.  M.  G.,  Dec.  10, 

38  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1798;  m.  Ruth  Jewett  of  Denmark;  is 
living  (May,  1 884)  at  Sweden,  Me.,  and 
has  furnished  mnch  of  the  information 
here  given.  Issue:  (1)  Charles  E.7  (Berry), 
m.  Esther  W.  Abbott  of  Lovell,  Me.  Chil- 
dren :  (a)  James  E.8  (Berry) ;  (b)  William 
E.8  (Berry) ;  (2)  James  P'.7  (Berry),  d.  «. 
18  ;  (3)  Ira  J.7  (Berry),  m.  Lydia  Clay  of 
Limington,  Me. ;  has  (a)  Jennie8  (Berry)  ; 
(b)  James  E.8  (Berry)  ;  (c)  Celia8  (Berry) ; 
(d)  Ira  E.8  (Berrv) ;  (f)  Willard  H.8  (Berry); 

(g) 8  (Berry)  ;  (4)  Samuel  R.7  (Berry), 

m.  Nellie  A.  Morra  of  Lebanon,  N.  H.  ; 
has  (a)  Warren  L.8  (Berry) ;  (5)  Stephen7 
(Berry) ;  d.  se.  2  yrs. 

86.  vi.  Elias6,  b.  at  P.  M.  G.,  Nov.  6, 1801 ;  d.  Jan. 

21,  1802. 

87.  vii.  Huldah6,  b.  in  P.  M.  G.,  Mch.  10,  1803  ;  m. 

James  Patrick  ;  she  is  not  living. 

88.  viii.  Jane6,  b.   at  P.  M.   G.,  Aug.  1,  1805  ;  m. 

Joshna  Ames ;  she  is  not  living. 

89.  IY.  John5,  b.  Feb.  14,  1766  ;  bapt.  Dec  14,  1766  ;  rem. 

to  Maine  with  his  sister  and  her  husband,  and 
always  lived  with  them ;  he  d.  unm.  Nov.  15, 

90.  Y.  Hannah5,  bapt.  Oct.  30,  1768. 

91.  YI.  Judith5,   b.  Aug.  29,  1771 ;  bapt.  Apr.  26,  1772 ; 

m.  John  Boston  of  Denmark,  Me. ;  she  d.  about 
1804  or  5.     Issue : 

92.  i.   Almira6,  b.  Feb.  18,  1803 ;  d.  unm. 

93.  ii.  Judith6,  b.  Nov.  30,  1804 ;  m.  Nahum  Wit- 

ham  ;  had  2  sons,  viz.  :  (1)  Morrill7  (Wit- 
ham),  living  (1884)  at  Burlington,  Yt.  ; 
(2)  George7  (Witham),  living  (1884)  in 

94.  iii.  Anna6,  b.  Nov.  30,  1804;  lived  6  weeks. 

Mrs.  Jenny  (Stiles)  Berry  d.  at  Denmark, 
Me.,  Sept.  7,"  1839. 

Massachusetts  Family.  39 

Family  6. 

95.  Phineas5  Stiles  [67]  (Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Sept.  25,   1738  ;  bapt.  Oct. 

1,   1738  {Boxford  Records):  married  (1)  Hannah ,  who 

died  at  Wendell,  Mass.,  Dec.  15,  1805  ;  m.  (2)  Dec.  25,  1806, 
Abigail  Fisher,  who  d.  at  W.,  Oct.  3,  1828. 

Child  (by  first  marriage  from  Wendell  Records) : 

96.  I.  Fanny6,  b.  July  24, 1797;  m.  (by  Rev.  John  Dunklee, 

May  13,  1829),  Nathan  Johnson  of  Wendell. 
Child  (by  second  marriage)  : 

97.  II.  Hannah6,  b.  Sept.  25,  1807. 

Family  7. 

98.  Edmund5  Stiles  [69]  (Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Nov.  22,  1740  ;  married 
Elizabeth  Preston  Oct.  11,  1763.  (His  b.  and  m.  from  Boxford 
Rec.)  He  d.  at  Wendell,  Mass.,  July  23,  1815.  The  births 
of  his  two  children  are  recorded  at  Shrewsbury,  Mass.,  but  as 
that  of  the  eldest  is  recorded  at  Boxford  also,  it  is  probable 
that  he  was  born  at  B. 

Children  : 
99.         I.  Phineas6.  b.  Mch.  20,  1764 ;  bapt.  June  3,  1764. 

100.  II.  Elizabeth6,  b.  Sept.  4,  1765  ;  m.  Timothy  Blodgett 

Jr.,  of  Montague,  Mass. ,  Apr.  20,  1786  (or  Apr. 
26,  1789,  both  are  given).  They  rem.  to  Fitz- 
william,  N.  H.,  in  the  spring  of  1797,  with  four 
children  ;  lived  at  F.  for  50  vears.  Mrs.  Eliza- 
beth (Stiles)  Blodgett  d.  Apr.  15,  1850.    Issue: 

101.  i.  Parna7,  b.  May  4,    1790;  m.  Rev.  Samuel 

Parker,  Jan.,  1814.  She  d.  Sept.  22, 
1873.  Issue  :  (1)  Samuel  Stillman8  (Par- 
ker);  (2)  Arunah8  (Parker);  (3)  John 
Bunyan8  (Parker),  who  res.  (1884)  at 
Waterbnry,  Yt.  ;  (4)  Abigail8  (Parker) ; 
(5)  Epaphras8  (Parker);  (6)  Jane8  (Par- 
ker); (7)  Betsey8  (Parker);  (8)  Sarah8 
(Parker);  (9)  Julia8  (Parker). 

102.  ii.  Ashley7,  b.  Mch.  24,  1792;  m.   Orill  Has- 

kell, Mch.   30,   1820.     Issue:    (1)  Chas. 

4-0  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Chandler8  (Blodgett) ;  (2)  Warren  Ken- 
dall8 (Blodgett),  res.  at  Boston,  Mass. ;  (3) 
Harriet8  (Blodgett);  (4)  Elijah8  (Blod- 
gett); (5)  Franklin8  (Blodgett);  (6)  Par- 
thenia8  (Blodgett) ;  (7)  Nancy8  (Blodgett). 

103.  iii.  Betsey7,  b.  June  21,  1794  ;  m.  Warren  Ken- 

dall, Feb.  17, 1817;  she  d.  Feb.  22, 1827. 
Issue:  (1)  John  Wilton8  (Kendall),  add. 
(1884)  Buffalo,  N.  Y. ;  (2)  Elizabeth8 

104.  iv.  Joseph7,  b.  Oct.  28, 1796  ;  m.  Hannah  Chase, 

who  d.  June  19,  1882 ;  living  (1884)  with 
his  son,  at  Fitzwilliarn,  N.  H.  Issue : 
(See  foot-note  1,  p.  40.) 

105.  v.  Malta7,  b.  July  14, 1799  ;  d.  Jan.  14,  1828. 

106.  vi.  Koxana7,  b.  Sept.  13,  1801 ;  m.  Wm.  Chase, 

Men.  19,  1822.  She  d.  Feb.  24,  1837. 
Issue:  (1)  Edwin  L8.  (Chase),  add.  Bos- 
ton, Mass.  ;  (2)  Harriet8  (Chase) ;  (3) 
Martha8  (Chase);  (4)  Milton8  (Chase),  add. 
Worcester,  Mass.;  (5)  Joseph8  (Chase); 
(7)  Francis8  (Chase),  add.  Cedar  Falls, 

107.  vii.    Timothy7,  b.    Apr.    17,    1804;    in.    Sarah 

Goodell,  d.  Oct.  15,  1856.  Issue:  (1) 
Milo8  (Blodgett) ;  (2)  Calvin8  (Blodgett) ; 
(3)  Elizabeth8  (Blodgett);  (4)  Lucretia8 
(Blodgett);  (5)  CharJes8  (Blodgett),  res. 
Lynn,  Mass.;  (6)  David8  Blodgett. 

108.  viii.  Nancy7,  b.  Oct.  30, 1806  ;  m.  Ethan  Cutter, 

Jan.  16,  1827.  She  d.  Nov.,  1857.  Issue  : 
(See  foot  note  2,  p.  41). 

109.  ix.  Louisa7,  b.  Oct.  7, 1809 ;  m.  Barrett  Whitte- 

more,  July,  1846. 

Foot-note  1  to  page  40 : 

Descendants  of  Timothy,  Jr.,  and  Elizabeth6  (Stiles) Blodgett,  in  the  line 
of  their  son  Joseph7,  and  dau.  Nancy1  (Blodgett)  Cutler.  Joseph1  and  Han- 
nah (Chase)  Blodgett,  had 

I.  Maria8,  b.  Mch.  29,  1823;  m.  Michael  Cloney. 

II.  Eliza8,  b.  Sept.  7,  1824;  d.  April  11,  1826. 

III.  Eliza8,  b.  July  1,  1826;  m.  Franklin  Kendall. 

Massachusetts  Family.  41 

IV.  Joseph8,  b.  July  13,  1828;  m.  Emily  Potter  and  Henrietta  Hardie. 
V.  Phebe8,  b.  Sept.  3,  1830;  m.  Horace  Coolidge. 

VI.  Ethan8,  b.  Oct.  17,  1832;  m.  Mary  Manchester. 
VII.  Timothy8,  b.  May  31,  1835;  m.  Jane  H.  Coolidge. 
VIII.  Hannah  Jane8,  b.  Aug.  27,  1838;  m.  Jerome  H.  Towsley. 

IX.  Charles  Simeon8,  b.  Dec.  9,  1842 ;  m.  Sarah  L.  Flint. 

Foot-note  2  to  page  40: 

Ethan*  and  Nancy1  (Blodgett)  Cutter,  had  the  following  children: 
I.  Elizabeth  Stiles8  (Cutter),  b.  Dec.  24,  1827;  m.  George  F.  Lawrence, 
who  has  recently  died  (1884);  res.  Boston.  Mass.     Issue: 
i.  George  N.9  (Lawrence);  b.  May  29,  1860. 
ii.  Nancy  B.9  (Lawrence);  b.  Mch.  13,  1864. 
II.  Jonas8  (Cutter),  b.  Dec.  9,  1833;  m.  Lydia  V.  Everleth,  of  Dublin, 
N.  H.     Mr.  C.  is  proprietor  of  the  Cutter  House,  Jaffrey,  N.  H. 

i.  Isabella  Valeria9,  b.  July  13, 1854;  d.  Aug.  31,  1869. 
ii.  Mortimer  Eveleth9,  b.  Jan.  5,  1856. 

Family  8. 

Simeon5  Stiles  [71]  (Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Eobert1), 
was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  July  24,  1744;  bapt.  July  29, 
1744  ;  {Boxford  Records) ;  married  Sept.  8,  1768,  Mary  (dau. 
of  Thomas)  Gould.  [Thomas  Gould  was  son  of  Thomas,  son 
of  Capt.  John,  only  son  of  Zaccheus,  one  of  the  early  settlers 
of  Topsfield,  Mass.]  Mary  Gould  was  b.  Nov.  11,  1739,  d. 
Apr.  19,  1826,  in  her  86th  year.  Simeon  Stiles  was  select- 
man of  Boxford,  1791-2-3  {Perleifs  Hist.  Boxford).  His 
name  is  on  the  muster-roll  of  Capt.  Jacob  Gould's  company, 
Apr.  19,  1775,  and  he  enlisted  in  the  Northern  and  Conti- 
nental Army,  but  it  is  not  known  how  long  he  served.  He  d. 
May  3,  1831.  Perley,  in  Dwellings  in  Boxford,  has  the  fol- 
lowing concerning  the  house  in  Boxford  in  which  Simeon 
Stiles  lived  :  "  No.  CXXVI.  Between  the  road  and  the  house 
where  Dea.  John  K.  Cole  resides,  was  an  old  house  owned  by 
Simeou  Stiles  a  century  ago  [written  in   1884].     He  was  a 

*"  Ethan  Cutter  died  at  the  residence  of  bis  daughter,  Mrs.  E.  S.  Lawrence, 
in  Dorchester,  Oct.  24,  1889,  aged  94  years  and  6  months.  Mr.  Cutler 
was  a  prominent  and  highly  respected  citizen  of  Jaffrey,  N.  H.,  where  he 
was  born  and  lived  most  of  his  long  life .  For  many  years  he  was  town 
treasurer  and  postmaster,  also  secretary  of  Charity  Lodge  of  Masons.  Mr. 
Cutter  was  a  life-long  Universalist.  He  was  a  pensioner  of  the  War  of 
1812,  and  was  a  member  of  the  Jaffrey  riflemen  who  marched  from  Jaffrey 
to  Portsmouth,  N.  H,  when  that  place  was  threatened  by  the  British.  For 
more  than  fifty  years  he  was  proprietor  of  Cutler's  Hotel,  at  Jaffrey." 
{Boston  Transcript,  Nov.  1,  1889.) 


42  Stiles  Genealogy. 

grandson  of  John  and  Eleanor  (Pearl)  Stiles  of  Boxford.  He 
married  and  resided  in  the  house  of  which  we  are  writing, 
which  he  may  have  erected,  or  which  may  have  been  his  father's 
before  him.  We  think  it  was  the  original  Stiles  settlement. 
He  had  five  children  born  here.  Mrs.  Mary  Stiles  died  in 
1826,  at  the  age  of  85  years.  Mr.  Stiles  survived  her  until 
the  spring  of  1831,  when  he  died  at  the  age  of  86.  "  Mr.  Stiles' 
youngest  son,  Asa,  resided  upon  the  place  and  took  care  of  it 
during  his  father's  declining  years.  In  1851,  Asa  sold  to  Mr. 
Cole,  who  was  from  Topsfield,  and  removed  to  the  old  Foster 
house,  No.  CXXV,  subsequently  dying  at  Moses  Gould's,  No. 
CVIII,  where  he  was  boarding,  at  the  age  of  82  years.  He 
was  b.  in  Mch.,  1779,  and  d.  in  Mch.,  1861. 

"  Dea.  Cole  took  the  old  house  down  and  erected  his  present 
residence  in  1856. 

"  The  old  willow  in  the  yard  was  brought  from  Danvers,  as  a 
walking  stick,  by  Simeon  Stiles,  during  the  Revolution.  He 
placed  one  end  in  the  ground  and  it  began  to  take  root,  and  is 
to-day  sixteen  feet  in  circumference.  The  middle  of  the  tree 
has  decayed  and  fallen  out  so  that  the  trunk  is  divided  into 
two  parts,  and  a  fence  passes  through  it.'' 

Children : 

111.  I.  Mary6,  b.  Jan.  8,  1769;  m.  Sept.  18,  1808,  as  2d 

wife,  Dr.  John  Merriam,  of  Topsfield,  Mass.,  b. 
prob.  at  Concord,  Mass.,  1758  ;  d.  at  Topsfield, 
Nov.  21,  1817,  ae.  59  vrs.  3  mos.  She  d.  Dec. 
24,  1835;  no  children." 

112.  II.  Moses6,  b.  Dec.   20,  1770;    ra.   Polly  Averill  of 

Middletown,  Mass.,  Sept.  6,  1805.  It  is  thought 
that  he  lived  either  at  Danvers,  Mass.,  or  So. 
Danvers  (now  Peabody,  Mass.). 

113.  III.  Simeon6,   b.  Aug.  23,    1774;  ra. ,  and 

Hannah  Adams. 

Family  14. 

114.  IV.  Mercy6,  b.  Aug.  28, 1777 ;  d.  Aug.  23,  1825,  unra. 

115.  Y.  Asa6,  b.  Mch.  3,  1779 ;  was  a  farmer ;  lived  until 

within  a  few  years  of  his  death  on  the  home- 
stead which  had  been  in  the  Stiles  family  since 
the  time  of  Robert  Stiles,  the  settler.     He  never 

Massachusetts  Family.  43 

married  ;  died  of  influenza,  Mch.  28, 1 861,  se.  82 
yrs.  25  days. 

Family  9. 

116.  Capt.   Richard5   Stiles  [72]  (Benjamin4,   John3,   Jr., 

John2,  Robert1),  was  bapt.  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Aug.  7,  1748 
{Boxford  Records).  Capt.  Richard  Stiles  was  mar.  (by  Mr. 
Whitwell)  to  Desire  Roundy,  at  Marblehead,  Mass.,  Dec.  3, 
1767,  who  d.  at  M.,  June  26, 1818  {Marblehead  Records).  In 
"Historical  Sketches  of  Marblehead,"  reference  is  made  to 
Capt.  Stiles  of  ship  "  Traveller,"  also  of  schooner  "  Swan." 

Child  : 
117.  I.  Desire6,  m.  at  Marblehead  (by  Mr.  Story),  Apr.  9, 
1797,  to  Daniel  Holden  {Marblehead  Records). 
[The  following  may  also  have  been  of  this  family  : 
"Elizabeth  Stiles,  who  m.  (by  Mr.  Story)  Joseph 
Butman,  Jr.,  Apr.  23,  1793  ;  Samuel  Stiles,  who 
m.  Nov.  14,  1793,  Elizabeth  Paine  "]  {Marblehead 

Family  10. 

118.  Benjamin5  Stiles,  Jr.  [73]  (Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr., 
John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  May  31,  1750 
{Boxford  Records) ;  married  Elizabeth  Cutler  ;  lived  in  Wen- 
dell, Franklin  county,  Mass.,  where  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Stiles  died 
July  8,  1821. 

Children  {From  Wendell  Records)  : 

119.  I.  Catherine6,  b.  Mch.  12,  1775. 

120.  II.  Sullivan6,  b.  June  3,  1777,  at  Salem,  Mass.;  m. 

Jerusha  Cobb,  a  native  of  Yt.  He  d.  July  12, 
1855  ;  was  a  farmer.  The  last  40  years  of  his 
life  were  spent  in  Denmark,  Lewis  county,  N.  Y. 
His  dau.,  Joanna  Benjamin,  b.  June  4,  1821,  at 
Harrisburgh,  N.  Y.,  m.  JSTov.  7,  1841,  Horace 
Humphrey,  b.  Apr.  10,   1822,  in  H. ;  removed 

Note. — There  is  no  positive  evidence  that  Capt.  Kichard  Stiles  of  Marble- 
head, was  the  son  of  Benjamin,  though  we  think  there  is  little  doubt  of 

it.— m.  s.  p.  e. 

44  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1856  to  Milledgeville,  Carroll  county,  111. ;  resides 
(1884)  at  Polo,  Ogle  county,  111. ;  has  4  children. 
{Given  fully  on  pp.  499  and  500  of  Humphrey 

121.  III.  Benjamin  J.6,  b.  June  17,  1780. 

122.  IY.  Elizabeth6,  b.  Mch.  22,  1782. 

123.  V.  Ezekiel6,  b.  July  28,  1784  ;  m.  Folly  King,  Family 


124.  VI.  Hannah6,  b.  Apr.  1, 1786.  (A  Miss  Hannah  D.  Stiles 

d.  at  Wendell,  Mass.,  Nov.  16,  1828  ;  was  this 
the  person  ?) 

125.  VII.  Silas6,  b.  Oct.  31,  1788;  m.  Mary  Wyeth,  Family 


Family  11. 

126.  Cyrus5  Stiles  [  ]  (Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Kob- 
ert1),  was  burn  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  May  13,  1753 ;  bapt.  "  of  ye 
old  parish"  May  27,  1753  (Rozford  Records);  married  (1) 
Feb.  17,  1781,  Hannah  Curtis  of  Middletun,  Mass.,  who  d. 
soon  after ;  m.  (2)  Hannah  Berry  of  Middleton,  Oct.  29,  1789, 
(His  two  marriages  are  recorded  at  Middleton.)  He  lived  for 
a  while  at  Middleton  ;  rem.  to  Amherst,  N.  H.,  some  time  be- 
tween 1792  and  1796,  and  settled,  it  is  supposed,  in  that  portion 
of  the  town  which,  with  a  portion  taken  from  Lyndeborough, 
N.  H.,  was,  in  1803,  incorporated  under  the  name  of  Mount 
Vernon.  The  name  of  Cyrus  Stiles  was  on  the  muster  roll  of 
Capt.  Nathaniel  Lovejoy's  company  in  Col.  Samuel  Johnson's 
regt.,  that  marched,  April  19,  1775,  under  the  command  of 
Lieut.  John  Adams.  "  The  Company  marched  to  Cambridge 
by  ye  way  of  Billerica."  (From  Lexington  Alarm^  vol.  xi, 
p.  188.)     He  d.  at  Amherst,  N.  H.,  Aug.  24,  1831. 

Children  (by  second  marriage;  the  first  two  are  recorded 
at  Middleton;  the  rest  were  furnished  by  a  descendant,  who 
says  there  were  11  children,  several  of  whom  d.  youug  and  are 
not  here  recorded) : 

127.  I.  Cyrus6,  b.  Feb.  25,  1790 ;  d.  young. 

128.  II.  Hannah  Curtis6,  b.  Apr.  1,  1792 ;  m.  Mch.  30, 1813, 

Joseph,  son  of  Joseph,  Jr.,  and  Sarah  (Wyatt) 
Prince,  who  was  born  Oct.  29,  1789,  at  Amherst, 
Hillsborough  county,  N.  H.  (ace.  to  records  fur- 

Massachusetts  Family.  45 

nished  by  his  dau.,  who  gives  the  date  of  their 
m.  at  Amherst,  Dec.  17,  1812,  instead  of  Mch. 
30,  1813,  as  given  in  Hist,  of  Amherst).  They 
rem.  to  Warren,  Bradford  county,  Perm.,  where 
Mrs.  P.  d.  Jan.  13,  1837.  Issue  [this  record 
was  furnished  by  Mrs.  Sarah  (Prince)  Sucese  of 
North  Vernon,  Ind.]  : 

129.  i.  Cynthia  Jane7,  b.  July  22, 1814,  at  Amherst, 

N.  H. ;  m.  Lewis  B.  Corfoin. 

130.  ii.  Nancy  Woodbury7,  b.   Oct.  12,  1816;    m. 

Joseph  Wright ;  P.  O.  add.  (1885)  Owego, 
Tioga  county,  N.  T. 

131.  iii.  Sarah  A.7,  b.  June  18,  1819 ;  m.  John  M. 

Sucese  of  Montreal,  Can.,  June  2,  1842. 
Mr.  Sucese  took  a  course  in  the  Homoeo- 
pathic Med.  Coll.  at  Phila.,  Penn.,  and 
grad.  at  the  Eclectic  Med.  Coll.  at  Cin- 
cinnati,   Ohio.     He  died  ;  Mrs.  S. 

resides  (1885)  at  North  Yernon,  Jennings 
county,  Ind.  Children  :  (1)  John  Prince8 
(Sucese),  b.  Mch.,  1843  ;  m.  Julia  Sellard. 
He  served  in  the  Union  army  during  the 
War  of  the  Kebellion.  P.  O.  add.  (1885) 
Troy,  Bradford  county,  Penn.  (2)  Joseph 
Hahnemann8  (Sucese),  b.  Sept.  21,  1848. 
He  was  a  Union  soldier  during  the  Civil 
War,  and  died  Jan.  26,  1874,  from  disease 
contracted  in  the  service;  (3)  Jay  B.8 
(Sucese),  b.  June  13,  1850;  m.  Ada  Dur- 
ham. He  is  a  railroad  conductor ;  his 
home  is  at  North  Vernon,  Indiana ;  (4) 
Josie  M.8  (Sucese),  b.  Nov.  25,  1854 ;  m. 
A.  J.  Johnson,  a  railroad  conductor;  res. 
at  North  Vernon,  Ind.  ;  (5)  Jasmine8 
(Sucese),  b.  Apr.  18,  1857;  grad.  in  Coll. 
at  Danville,  Ind.,  July  20,  1880;  is  a 
teacher  by  profession  ;  (6)  Jennie8  (Su- 
cese), b.  Jan.  10,  1859  ;  grad.  with  highest 
honors  from  the  public  schools  of  North 
Vernon ;  afterward  taught  music,  and  was 
also  an  instructor  in  the  schools ;  m.  John 

46  Stiles  Genealogy. 

R.  Tague,  a  druggist;  res.  at  Memphis, 

132.  iv.  Abigail  M.7,  b.  Feb.  17,  1821. 

133.  v.  Elmira7,  b.  Jan.  18, 1823;  m.  Henry  Tupper ; 

res.    (1885)    at    Stevensville,    Bradford 
county,  Penn. 

134.  vi.  George  W.7,  b.   Feb.  22,  1825  ;  m.  Phebe 


135.  vii.  Ann  Caroline7,  b.  Feb.  22, 1827 ;  m.  Francis 

Bell ;  P.  O.  add.  (1885)  Thompson,  Carroll 
county,  111. 

136.  viii.  Joseph  Nelson7,    b.  May  21,  1829;  P.  O. 

add.  (1885)  Smithfield,  Bradford  county, 

137.  ix.  Juliet7,  b.  Aug.  8,  1831 ;  d.  in  infancy. 

138.  x.  Isadore7,  b.  Mch.  8,  1833  ;  m.  Lewis  Hines, 

and  d.  in  Mich,  about  1858;  left  a  daughter. 

139.  xi.  Hannah  Stiles7,  b.  Apr.  1 1, 1836 ;  m.  Thomas 

Bostwick;    P.   O.  add.   (1885)  Owego, 
Tioga  county,  Penn. 

140.  III.  Hiram6,  d.  in  infancy. 

141.  IV.  Mary6,  b.  in  Mount  Vernon,  N.  H.,  June  6,  179*6 ; 

m.  Sept.  23,  1818,  Peter,  son  of  Dea.  "William 
and  Rachel  (Patterson)  McNeil  (b.  in  New  Bos- 
ton, N.  H.,  Dec.  5,  1786).  He  d.  in  New  Boston, 
Feb.  15,  1849.  "  He  had  been  a  member  of  the 
Presbyterian  Church  of  that  town  about  forty 
years,  and  a  member  of  its  session  about  twenty- 
five  years.  He  left  behind  good  evidence  of  his 
union  with  Christ"  (Amherst,  N.  H.,  paper). 
"Mrs.  Mary  McNeil  died  Apr.  20,  1882,  se. 
nearly  86  years.  She  was  the  mother  of  a  large 
family  of  children ;  most  of  them  school-teach- 
ers, and  all  of  them  persons  of  high  character 
and  substantial  usefulness  in  life.  Mrs.  McNeil 
was  one  of  the  old  school ;  a  noble  woman  ;  a 
helper  in  sickness,  full  of  good  works,  and  living 
a  life  of  faith  and  prayer  ;  'And  I  heard  a  voice 
saying  unto  me,  Blessed  are  the  dead  that  die  in 
the  Lord  from  henceforth'"  (Amherst,  N.H., 

Massachusetts  Family.  47 

Issue  (records  furnished  by  Miss  Harriet  N. 
McNeil)  : 

142.  i.  Mary  Jane7,  b.  July  14,  1819;  ra.  Nahum 

Farnum  of  Francestown,  N.  H.,  who  d. 
Feb.  5,  1874.  Child:  Nahuni  Hardy8 
(Farnum),  died. 

143.  ii.  Hannah  Elizabeth7,  b.   Dec.  15,  1820 ;  m. 

Fuller  R.  Talbot  of  Francestown,  N.  H. ; 
res.  Humboldt,  Neb.  Children:  (1)  James 
Fuller8  (Talbot) ;  (2)  Mary  Elizabeth8  (Tal- 
bot) ;  (3)  John8  (Talbot) ;  (4^>  Hardy  Far- 
num8 (Talbot);  (5)  George  Shaw8  (Talbot); 
(6)  Abby  Jane8  (Talbot);  (7)  Albert 
Swan8  (Talbot). 

144.  iii.  William7,  b.  Aug.  1,  1822  ;  m.  Sarah  Barnes 

of  Hillsborough,  N.  H.  Children:  (1) 
Scott8  (McNeil) ;  (2)  Kate8  (McNeil) ;  (3) 
Frank8  (McNeil) ;  (4)  Fred.8  (McNeil) ; 
(5)  Dora8  (McNeil) ;  (6)  Dana8  (McNeil). 

145.  iv.   Cyrus   Grenville7,   b.    Apr.  23,    1824;    m. 

Martha  Ann  Holt  of  Andover,  Mass. ; 
res.  in  Stafford,  Kans.  Children:  (1) 
Charlotte  Elizabeth8  (McNeil) ;  (2)  Abby 
Martha8  (McNeil)  ;  (3)  Sarah  Evans8 
(McNeil) ;  (4)  George  Bronson8  (McNeil) ; 
(5)  Elbridge  Gerry8  (McNeil) ;  (6)  Clara 
Jane8  (McNeil);  (7)  Charles8  (McNeil), 
died  ;  (8)  Edward8  (McNeil). 

146.  v.  John  Clinton7,  b.  Nov.  17,  1825  ;  m.  Mary 

Lash  Pratt  of  Chelsea,  Mass.  (now  dead) ; 
he  still  res.  at  Chelsea.  Children  :  (1) 
Annie  Caroline8  (McNeil);  (2)  Mary 
Alice8  (McNeil) ;  (3)  Caleb  Henry8  (Mc- 
Neil) ;  (4)  Hattie  Clinton8  (McNeil) ; 
(5)  Herman  Atkins8  (Mc  Neil) ;  (6)  Willie 
James8  (McNeil). 

147.  vi.  James7,  b.  Sept.  21,  1827;  m.  Jane  Wilson 

of  Factory  ville,  Penn. ;  res.  at  Burdette, 
Mo.  Children:  (1)  Frank8  (McNeil); 
(2)  Abby  Jane8  (McNeil) ;  (3)  John  Wil- 
son8 (McNeil) ;  (4)  Tom  Henry8  (McNeil); 

48  Stiles  Genealogy. 

(5)  Alice8  (McNeil);  (6)  Lillian8  (McNeil), 
dead;  (7)  George  D.8  (McNeil);  (8) 
Fred.8  (McNeil) ;  (9)  Annie  E.8  (McNeil); 
(10)  Merit8  (McNeil);  (11)  Mervin8  (Mc- 

148.  vii.  Rachel  Patterson7,  b.  Sept.  13, 1829;  in.  James 

M.  Tuttle  of  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  their 
present  residence.  Children  :  (1)  James 
Patterson8  (Tuttle) ;  (2)  Josiah  Grenville8 
(Tuttle) ;  (3)  Hattie  Shaw8  (Tuttle). 

149.  viii.  Abby  Stiles7,  b.  Oct.  26,  1831 ;  d.  Nov.  12, 


150.  ix.  Peter   Patterson7,    b.    Sept.  13,    1833;   m. 

Sarah  Elston  of  Elston,  Mo.,  their  present 
residence.  Children :  (1)  Mary  Jane8 
(McNeil),  dead  ;  (2)  Hattie  Newell8 
(McNeil);  (3)  Arthur8  (McNeil);  (4) 
George  E.8  (McNeil) ;  (5)  Jennie  Shaw8 
(McNeil) ;  (b)  Lydia  Stiles8  (McNeil) ; 
(7)  Maggie  Elston8  (McNeil) ;  (8)  Lulie8 
(McNeil);  (9)  Charles8  (McNeil);  (10) 
John8  (McNeil)  ;  (11)  Harlan  Page8 

151.  x.  Harriet  Newell7,  b.  July  25,  1835 ;  res.  at 

New  Boston,  N.  H.  ;  num. 

152.  xi.  Lydia  Shaw7,  b.  Jan.  29,  1830  ;  in.  George 

Langdell,  of  New  Boston,  N.  H.;  res.  at 
N.  B.  Children:  (1)  Henry  Walter8 
(Langdell);  (2)  Samuel  Frank8  (Langdell). 

153.  V.  Abby6,  d.  at  Mount  Vernon,  N.  H.,  aged  14. 

154.  VI.  Cynthia6,  died  at  Mount  Vernon,  aged  14. 

155.  VII.  Elizabeth  Berry6,  d.  at  Waltham,  Mass.,  Mch.  13, 

1874,  se.  71 ;  unm. 

156.  VIII.  Lydia6,  b.  May  10,  1804;  m.  Apr.,  1838,  George 

H.  (son  of  William  and  Asenath)  Shaw  ;  b.  in 
Milford,  N.  H.,  Mch.  20,  1807.  They  resided  at 
Amherst,  N.  H.,  where  Mrs.  Shaw  died  of  heart 
disease,  July  20,  1884,  without  issue.  "  She  was 
an  excellent  woman  whose  life  was  spent  in  her 
home  where  no  one  could  be  without  discovering 
her  many  good  qualities.    Inclined  to  hospitality 

Massachusetts  Family.  49 

she  was  for  years  the  recipient  of  many  calls  at 
her  modest  home  —  so  beautiful  for  situation  — 
whom  she  entertained  with  a  heartiness  that 
made  their  stay  most  enjoyable"  {Amherst 
157.  IX.  Josiah  Berry6,  b.  Oct.  11,  1811;  m.  Lucy  H. 
Breed.     Family  17. 

Family  12. 

158.  Josiah5  Stiles  [75]  (Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  May  26,  1755 ;  m.  (1) 
July  9  (one  account  gives  July  11),  1776,  Lydia  Gale  of  Sut- 
ton (now  Millbury),  Mass.,  who  was  born  Oct.  18,  1758,  and 
died  Sept.  28,  18i0.  He  m.  (2)  Elizabeth  Wadsworth,  Apr. 
23,  1815.  He  lived  for  several  years  at  Sutton,  where  he  had 
much  to  do  with  town  and  church  affairs.  Was  representative 
to  the  General  Court  from  1806  to  1812.  He  rem.  to  Amster- 
dam, N.  Y.,  and  afterward  to  Cold  Water,  Mich.  He  died 
Dec.  15,  1822. 

Children  (all  born  at  Sutton,  Mass.,  from  records  furnished 
by  a  descendant) : 

159.  I.  Jonas6,  b.  Oct.  21,  1777 ;  m. ;  died  at 

Cold  Water,  Mich.,  Aug.  3,  1838.  Left  no 
children.  His  nephew  writes  :  "  I  have  under- 
stood that  he  was  mate  on  a  vessel  of  the  first 
exploring  expedition  that  sailed  up  the  Amazon 

160.  II.  Luther6,    b.   July   9,    1779;    m.    Clarissa    Pierce. 

Family  18. 

161.  III.  Barney6,  b.  Nov.  9,  1781;  m.  Cornelia  Clizbee. 

Family  19. 

162.  IV.  Isaac6,  b.  July  25, 1783 ;  m.  Nancy  Chase.    Family 


163.  Y.  Hannah6,  b.  Oct.  30,  1786 ;  m.  Elias  Foster.     She 

d.  at  Southbridge,  Mass.,  Aug.  14,  1820.    Issue : 

164.  i.  Augustus  J.7,  was  principal  of  a  school  in 

Wickford,  R.  I. 

165.  ii.  Hannah7. 

166.  iii.  Emily7. 

50  Stiles  Genealogy. 

167.  YI.  Lydia6,  b.  Dec.  18,  1792 ;  d.  Aug.  10,  1830,  of  con- 


168.  YII.  Cyrus6,  b.  Apr.  5,  1796 ;  d.  Oct.  7,  1814,  of  fever. 

169.  YIII.  Charles6,    b.  Aug.  26,  1798 ;  m.   Eleanor  Harris. 

Family  21. 

170.  IX.  Yernon6,  b.  Aug.  17,  1801  ;  m.  Lucy  H.  Goddard. 

Family  22. 

Family  13. 

•  171.  Dea.  Joshua5  Stiles  [76]  (Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Apr.  6,  1758  ;  married 
1781  (when  of  Princeton,  Mass.),  Abigail  (dau.  of  Jonathan) 
Gale.  His  marriage  is  recorded  at  Shrewsbury,  Mass.,  where 
he  doubtless  lived  for  a  few  years  succeeding,  but  he  resided 
afterward  at  Boylston,  Mass.,  owning  a  farm  there,  and  there 
dying  May  14,  i828. 

Children  (the  first  two  from  Shrewsbury  Records,  the  re- 
maining six  from  Boylston  Records) : 

172.  I.  Abigail6,  b.  Feb.  14,  1782.     She  is  thought  to  have 

m.  William  Sawyer  of  Shrewsbury.  If  so,  her 
children  were : 

173.  i.  Abigail7,  m.  Joseph  Cary,  as  1st  wife,  and 

had  several  children. 

174.  ii.  Harriet7,  m.  Joseph  Cary,  as  2d  wife.     Had 

several    children,    among    them    Nancy 
Stiles  (Cary),  b.  Sept.  3,  1831. 

175.  II.  Persis6,  b.  Jan.  3,  1784;  m.  Isaac,  son  of  Nehemiah 

and  Ruth  (Marsh)  Gale,  in  1803,  she  being  of 
Boylston.  She  d.  Jan.  26,  1847;  he  d.  Jan.  21, 
1831.  They  lived  for  a  while  at  Sutton  ;  from 
thence  rem.  to  Douglass,  Mass.,  and  in  1818,  to 
Madison,  Ind.     Issue  : 

176.  i.  Harriet7,  b.  July  13,  1804,  at  Sutton. 

177.  ii.  Sophronia7,  b.  Sept.  21,  1806,  at  Sutton ;  d. 

Sept.  5,  1807. 
And  7  others  whose  names  are  not  known. 

178.  III.  John6,  b.  Sept.  18,  1786 ;  m.  Eebecca  Moore  and 

Nancy  White.     Family  23. 

179.  IY.  Tamar6  (probably  was  the  4th  child,  and  also  the 

one  who  m.  a  Mr.  Hartshorn). 

Massachusetts  Family.  51 

180.  V.  Eunice6,  b.  Mch.  8,  1792. 

181.  VI.  Joshua6,  b.  Apr.  3,  1794. 

182.  VII.  Lucy6,  b.  Mch.  27,  1796;  m.  George  Maynard ;  d. 

July  8,  1826,  se.  30. 

183.  VIII.   Harriet6,  b.  Aug.  27,  1779 ;  d.  Aug.  24,  1803,  se. 

4  years. 

Family  14. 

184.  Simeon6  Stiles  [113]  (Simeon5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr., 
John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Aug.  23,  1774; 
married  (I) ;  m.  (2)  Hannah  Adams.  He  res.  in  Ports- 
mouth, N.  H.,  and  died  there  in  1857  or  8,  upward  of  80  yrs. 
of  age.     He  was  a  wheelwright. 

Children  : 

185.  I.  Joseph7,  m.  and  had  a  family  at  Portsmouth,  where 

his  wid.  (1884)  still  res. 

186.  II.  Edward7,  b.  1808;  m.  Olive  M.  Roberts  and  Julia 

Townsend.     Family  24. 

Family  15. 

187.  Ezekiel6  Stiles  [123]  (Benjamin5,  Jr.,  Benjamin4,  John3, 
Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wendell,  Mass.,  July  25, 
1784;  married  June  18,  1811  (by  Elder  Samuel  King)  Polly, 
dau.  of  Samuel  and  Ruth  (Marble)  King,  of  Sutton,  Mass. 
She  was  b.  in  Sutton,  Nov.  28,  1790  ;  was  gr.-dau.  of  William 
and  Silence  (Dwight  of  Dedham)  King  of  Sutton.  Mr.  Stiles 
was  a  farmer;  res.  at  Wendell,  Mass.,  1805-31;  at  Concord, 
Erie  county,  K  Y.,  1831-43,  and  at  Waterloo,  Wis.,  1843-53. 
He  died  at  the  latter  place  Jan.  5,  1853.  Mrs.  Stiles  died  July 
12,  1855. 

Children  (all  excepting  the  youngest  from  Wendell  Records) : 

188.  I.  Samuel  King7,  b.  Feb.  6, 1812;  m.  Mary  Ann  Potter 

Family  25. 

189.  II.  Cynthia  H.7,  b.  Mch.  28,  1815 ;  m.  Reuben  Hol- 

man  in  Concord,  E".  Y.,  Jan.  7,  1836. 

190.  III.  Ruth  Marble7,  b.  Nov.  13,  1818 ;  m.  Benjamin  F. 

Sherman,    July   23,    1854.     She   d.  at  Dayton, 
Wis.,  Apr.  17,  I860. 

52  Stiles  Genealogy. 

191.  IV.  Elizabeth  Cutler7,  b.   Apr.   25,  1821 ;  m.  Jan.  24, 

1850,  Silas  Duncan  (b.  Aug.  10, 1817)  of  Dayton, 
Wis.     He  d.  Apr.  17,  1873;  3  children. 

192.  V.  Catherine  Mary7,  b.  Apr.  8, 1825  ;  m.  IS  ov.  30, 1848, 

Samuel  W.  Hoyt  (b.  June  1,  1819,  at  Lyndon, 
Vt.)  of  Dayton,  Wis. ;  3  children. 

193.  YI.  Benjamin  Dwight7,  b.  Jan.  18,  1828 ;  d.  at  Wen- 

dell, July  9,  1831. 

194.  VII.  William  Dwight7,  b.  Dec.  26,  1830 ;  m.  Martha  B. 

Hawthorne.     Family  26. 

195.  VIII.  Benjamin  Franklin7,  b.  at  Concord,  N.  Y.,  July  16, 

1833,  was  a  Union  soldier  in  the  38th  Wis.  Kegt. 
from  Sept.  5,  1864,  to  June  10,  1865. 

Family  16. 

196.  Silas6  Stiles  [125]  (Benjamin8,  Jr.,  Benjamin4,  John3, 
Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wendell,  Mass.,  Oct.  31, 1788; 
married  Feb.  10,  1825,  Mary  (only  dau.  of  Gad)  Wyeth.  He 
d.  at  Milford,  Wis.,  Feb.  10,  1848 ;  she  d.  Mch.  Il,'l852. 

Children  : 

197.  I.  Hannah  K.7,  b.   May  28,  1826 ;  d.  Feb.  13,  1844, 

at  Milford,  Wis. 

198.  II.  Parker  W.7,  b.  Mch.  21,  1828;  d.  May  10,  1831. 

199.  III.  Mary  H.7,  b.  Sept.  4,  1829. 

200.  IV.  Elijah  H.7,  b.  May  13,  1831 ;  was  living  in  1858  at 

West  Deerfield,  Mass. 

201.  V.  William  P.7,  b.  Mch.  8,  1833. 

202.  YI.  George  F.7,  b.  Mch.  18,  1838  ;  d.  at  Milford,  Wis., 

Apr.  24,  1857.  "  Samuel  Stiles,  a  respectable 
farmer  of  Milford,  Wis.,  stabbed  himself  with  a 
hay-fork  a  few  days  since.  His  nephew,  George 
Stiles,  shot  himself  a  little  while  before  in  the 
same  town.  Spiritualism  is  said  to  have  caused 
these  suicides."  —  N.  T.  Times,  May  26,  1857. 

Family  17. 

203.  Josiah  Berry6  Stiles  [156]  (Cyrus6,  Benjamin4,  John3, 
Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Amherst,  N.  H.,  Oct.  11, 1811 ; 

Massachusetts  Family.  53 

married  May  5,   1842,  Lucy  H.  (dau.  of  Joseph  and  Mary) 
Breed  of  Lynn,  Mass.  (b.  in  Lynn,  Sept.  15,  1815).     He  was 
for  many  years  keeper  of  the  Lynn  Alms-House.    He  died  Oct. 
3,  1868.     Mrs.  Stiles  died  at  Lynn,  July  18,  1891. 
Children  (all  born  at  Lynn,  Mass.)  : 

204.  I.  Charles  Alfred7,  b.  July  1, 1843  ;  m.  Sarah  M.  Os- 

good.    Family  27. 

205.  II.  Josiah  Granville7,  b.  Apr.  7,  1845;  m.   Nellie  M. 

Hunt.     Family  28. 

206.  III.  Lucy  H.7,  b.  Dec.  26,  1846  ;  m.  Sept.  8,  1868,  Eli 

B.  Gloyd  of  Abington,  Mass.,  of  the  firm  of 
Harwood  &  Gloyd,  leather  dealers,  Union  St., 
Lynn,  Mass.     Issue : 

207.  i.  Arthur  E.,  b.  May  22,  1871. 

208.  IY.  Mary  J.7,   b.  Apr.  28,  1849;  m.   Sept.    9,   1886, 

Jacob  I).  Mudgett,  of  Lynn,  Mass. 

209.  Y.  George' W.7,  b.  Oct.  25,  1853 ;  m.  S.  Elma  Grover. 

Family  29. 

210.  YI.  Abbie  A.7,  b.  Sept.  1,  1856;  m.    Oct.  25,   1876, 

Daniel  H.  Perkins,  of  the  firm  of  Hannaford  & 
Perkins,  plumbers,  Western  Ave.,  Lynn,  Mass. 
Issue : 

211.  i.  Etta8,  b.  Nov.  3,  1878. 

212.  ii.  Fred.  H.8,  b.  Apr.  3,  1881. 
iii.  Dau.,  b.  Mch.,  18S6. 

Family  18. 

213.  Luther6  Stiles  [159]  (Josiah5,  Benjamin*,  John3,  Jr., 
John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Sutton,  Maes.,  July  9,  1779. 
When  he  was  quite  a  child  his  parents  removed  to  Amster- 
dam, N.  Y.,  and  from  thence  to  Cold  Water,  Mich.  He  mar- 
ried, 1808,  Clarissa  Pierce  of  Mass.  (b.  Nov.  6,  1787).  He 
was  a  wheelwright  by  trade.  He  resided  many  years  in  Am- 
sterdam, N.  Y.,  and  while  there  was  one  of  the  proprietors  of 
a  scythe  manufactory.  In  1838  he  rem.  to  Cold  Water,  Mich., 
where  he  managed  a  sawmill.  Ten  years  later  he  again  re- 
moved, to  Elgin,  111.,  where  he,remained  until  his  death,  which 
took  place  June  6,  1857  (one  authority  says  1856).  His  wid. 
d.  at  Kankakee,  111.,  Mch.  8,  1865.     He  served  as  lieut.  in 

54  Stiles  Genealogy. 

the  War  of  1812.  It  is  not  known  that  he  ever  received  a 
captain's  commission,  although  he  bore  the  title.  Crosby's 
"Annual  Ohituaries"  for  1857,  contains  one  of  Luther 
Stiles,  as  follows :  "  The  death  of  this  good  man  is  widely 
felt  and  deeply  lamented.  In  this  community  his  memory  is 
cherished  with  a  more  than  ordinary  degree  of  affection.  For 
many  years  he  exemplified  the  truth  and  importance  of  the 
Christian  religion  in  the  midst  of  this  people,  living  to  do  good 
and  honor  his  Divine  Master.  He  was  an  esteemed  member 
of,  and  an  honored  and  useful  officer  in  the  Presbyterian 
church  in  this  village,  in  which  capacity  he  did  much  to  pro- 
mote the  interests  of  vital  piety ;  more  than  twenty  years  since 
he  removed  to  the  West,  first  to  Michigan,  and  then  to  Illinois, 
where  he  aided  essentially  in  building  up  two  or  three  churches. 
He  lived  to  witness  and  enjoy  during  the  past  winter,  an  ex- 
tensive revival  of  religion  in  Elgin,  and  from  such  delightful 
scenes  was  called  to  his  heavenly  rest." 
Children : 

214.  I.  Lydia  S.7,  b.  at  Amsterdam,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  9,  1811; 

m.  Nathan  Austin.     She  d.  in  Mich.,   Nov.  5, 
1831.     Issue : 

215.  i.  Mary8,  b.  abt.  1829  ;  m.  John  Rowe ;  res. 

(1884)  at  Ottawa,  111.;  has  3  daus.  (one  of 
whom  is  m.)  and  1  son. 

216.  II.  Eliza  Jane7,  b.  at   A.,   Feb.  24,   1814;  m.  Ralph 

Grow,  of  Cold  Water,  Mich.     She  d.  at  Elgin, 
111.,  Feb.  2,  1852.     Issue  :    ' 

217.  i.  Edward3,    lives  at   Benton  Harbor,   Mich. 

He  served  in  the  late  war  ;  was  held  pris- 
oner nearly  a  year  at  Andersonville,  from 
the  effects  of  which  he  has  never  fully  re- 

218.  ii.  Ralph8,  abt.  30  yrs.  old  (1884). 

219.  III.  Mary  S.7,  b.  at  A.,  Mch.  6, 1816  ;  d.  Feb.  22,  1830. 

220.  IY.  Luther  Charles7,  b.  Mch.  7,  1819  ;  m.  Sarah  Jenne. 

Family  30. 

221.  Y.  Martha  W.7,  b.  at  A.,  Apr.  25, 1821;  d.  Oct.  21, 1833. 

222.  YI.  Cornelius  Cuyler7,  b.  at  Aurora,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  12, 

1824  ;  m.  Cornelia  S.  Phelps.     Family  31. 

223.  YII.  Harriet  W.7,  b.  at  Amsterdam,  June  8,  1826 ;  m. 

Joseph  Edwin  Phelps  (brother  to  Cornelia,  wife 

Massachusetts  Family.  55 

of  Cornelius  C.  Stiles).  Sept,  24,  1848.  Mrs. 
Harriet  W.  Phelps  d.  at  Sandwich,  111.,  Jan.  24, 
1861.     Children  (all  b.  at  Elgin,  111.) : 

224.  i.  Joseph  Edwin8,  b.  Oct.   5,    1850  ;  m.  1876, 

at  Sandwich,  111.,  Ella  Gillet.  Issue  :  (1) 
Harold9  (Phelps),  age  8  (1884) ;  (2)  Fred. 
Stiles9  (Phelps),  age  6  (1884) ;  (3)  Jennie 
Mary9  (Phelps) ;  (4)  ■ 9. 

225.  ii.  Clara8,  b.  June,  1852,  d.  ae.  16. 

226.  iii.  Jennie8,  b.  Nov.  20,  1853;    m.  Mch.    20, 

1878,  Dr.  C.  R.  Taylor  of  Streator,  111. 
Child  :  (1)  Vera9  (Taylor),  b.  1884. 

227.  Till.  Sarah7,  b.  June  6,  1828 ;  d.  Dec.  22,  1833. 

228.  IX.  Mary  Pierce7,  b.  at  Amsterdam,  Sept.  15,   1830; 

m.  May  10,  1S53,  at  Elgin,  111.,  Stoten  A.  Rob- 
inson, a  des.  of  John  Robinson  "  of  Pilgrim 
Memory; "  res.  first  at  Sandwich,  afterward  at 
Kankakee,  111.;  rem.  1873  to  Helena,  Ark.; 
from  thence,  1883,  to  Denison,  Texas,  their  pres- 
ent address.     Issne : 

229.  i.  Frank   Milton8,   b.    July   7,    1856;    m.   at 

North  Brookfield,  Mass.,  May  10,  1883, 
Nellie  G.9  Watson  (then  of  Putnam, 
Conn.),  who  was  born  at  Beloit,  Wis.,  and 
spent  the  first  20  years  of  her  life  there. 
Child :  (1)  Nellie  Watson9  Robinson,  b. 
at  Denison,  Texas,  Mch.  30,  1886. 

230.  ii.  Hattie  Stiles8,  b.  May,  1860,  at  Sandwich, 

111.;  m.  Apr.  21,  1881,  at  Helena,  Ark., 
Louis  C.  Stephenson  of  Normal,  111. 

231.  iii.  William  Holton8,  b.  Aug.  18,  1864,  in  Kan- 

kakee, 111. 

232.  iv.  May8,  b.  Feb.  27,  1867,  in  Otto,  Kanka- 

kee Co.,  111.;  d.  Mch.  13,  same  yr. 

233.  v.  Mary  Nellie8,  b.  Jan.  27, 1869,  in  Chebouse, 

Iroquois  Co.,  111.;  d.  Feb.  9,  same  yr. 

234.  vi.  Katie  L.8,  b.  Oct.  12,  1870,  m  Chebouse. 

56  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  19. 

235.  Barney6  Stiles  [161]  (Josiah5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr., 

John3,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Sutton,  Mass.  (now  Millbury), 
Nov.  9,  1781;  married  Nov.,  1806,  Cornelia  Clisbee  (b.  at 
Newark,  N.  J.,  Feb.  20, 1781),  of  Amsterdam,  N.  Y.  He  was 
a  manufacturer  of  scythes.  He  died  at  Fredonia,  N.  Y., 
June  14,  1868,  in  his  88th  year. 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  his  son)  : 

236.  I.  Divan7,  b.  May  23,  1807 ;  drowned  when  3  years 

of  age. 

237.  II.  Anson    Gale7,   b.   June  7,   1809 ;    m.   Ann   Jane 

Waters.     Family  32. 

238.  III.  Clarissa  Clisbee7,  b.  July  28,  1811;   m.  B.  V.  S. 

Vedder  of   Schenectady,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  4,  1837. 
She  d.  in  Schenectady,  July  12,  1852. 

239.  IV.  Orson7,  b.  Jan.  24,  1813 ;  m.  Frances  L.  Guernsey. 

Family  33. 

Family  20. 

240.  Isaac6  Stiles  [162]  (Josiah5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr., 
John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Sutton,  Mass.  (now  Millbury), 
July  25,  1783  ;  married  Nancy  Chase  of  Grafton.  He  was 
killed  at  Sutton,  Mch.  25,  1808,  by  the  bursting  of  a  grind- 
stone in  a  scythe  factory  where  he  was  employed.  His  widow 
m.  (2)  Dea.  David  Blood  of  Pepperell,  Mass.;  had  dau.  Mary 
C.  (Blood),  b.  1820,  who  m.  Charles  Crosby  of  Nashua,  N.  H. 

Children  : 

241.  I.  Isaac7,  b.  Feb.  8, 1807 ;  m.  Mary  Pearson.     Family 


242.  II.  Nancy7,  b.  Sept.  28, 1808  (several  months  after  the 

death  of  her  father) ;  m.  as  2nd  wife  in  Pepper- 
ell, Mass.,  Oct.  17,  1839,  Rev.  Eli  W.  Harring- 
ton (b.  at  New  Braintree,  Mass.,  1804),  son  of 
Nathaniel  and  Nancy  (Townsend)  Harrington. 
He  grad.  at  Amherst  Coll.,  1833  ;  m.  (1)  Maria 
Dickinson  of  Amherst.  His  present  add.  (1884) 
is  No.  Beverly,  Mass.  Mrs.  Nancy  (Stiles) 
Harrington,  d.  Mch.  19,  1882.     No  issue. 

Massachusetts  Family.  57 

Family  21. 

243.  Charles6  Stiles  [169]  (Josiah5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr., 
John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Sutton,  Mass.  (now  Millbury), 
Aug.  26,  1798 ;  married  Eleanor  Harris  of  Amsterdam,  N.  Y., 
Jan.  16,  1822.  At  the  age  of  18,  Charles  Stiles  went  with  his 
elder  brother  Barney  to  Amsterdam,  N.  Y.,  where  they  en- 
gaged in  the  manufacture  of  scythes  and  axes.  While  quite  a 
young  man  he  was  chosen  deacon  of  the  Presbyterian  church 
at  Amsterdam,  which  office  he  held  as  long  as  he  remained  in 
the  place  (20  years).  A  few  years  before  his  death  he  removed 
to  Troy,  N.  Y.,  where  he  d.  Dec.  19,  1867.  "  He  was  an 
earnest  devoted  Christian,  ever  ready  for  every  good  word  and 
work,  and  greatly  beloved  by  all."  [The  above  sketch  as  well 
as  the  following  records  were  furnished  by  his  dau.  Mrs. 
Martha  P.  Ireson.] 

Children : 

244.  I.  Lavinia  H.7,  b.  Nov.  1,  1823  ;  m.  Oct.   24,  1844, 

Jerome  F.  Crosby,  merchant,  of  Thompson, 
Conn.,  who  d.  in  1883  or  4.  Mrs.  C.  res.  (1884) 
in  Troy,  N.  Y. ;  is  an  invalid.     No  children. 

245.  II.  Martha  P.7,  b.  Apr.  13,  1827 ;  m.  Oct.  5,  1847, 

Wesley  Ireson,  of  Norwich,  Conn.  Mr.  I.  is  at 
present  (1884)  a  boot  and  shoe  dealer,  at  No.  75 
Pearl  St.,  Boston,  Mass.;  res.  at  Roxbury,  Mass. 
Issue : 

246.  i.  Lavinia  M-.8,  b.  in  Norwich,  Conn.,  July  28, 

1848  ;  m.  Oct.  18,  1871,  in  Roxbury, 
Mass.,  Joseph  E.  Brown,  of  R.  Mr.  B. 
is  a  member  of  the  banking  firm  of  Blake 
Bros.,  Wall  St.,  New  York  city ;  res.  in 
Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  Issue :  (1)  Florence 
L.9  (Brown) ;  b.  in  Boston,  May  11, 1873  ; 
(2)  Mattie  E.9  (Brown),  b.  in  B.,  Mch.  7, 
1875;  (3)  Nathan  H.9  (Brown),  b.  at 
Brooklyn,  Aug.  23,  1878 ;  (4)  Sarah  L.9 
(Brown),  b.  in  Brooklyn,  Feb.  1,  1884. 

247.  ii.  Mattie  E.8,  b.  in  Norwich,  Conn.,  May  16, 

1851 ;  m.  May  6,  1875,  at  Roxbury, 
Thomas  E.  Br  ay  ton,  cotton  manufacturer, 

58  Stiles  Genealogy. 

of  Fall  River,  Mass.  Issue  :  (1)  Alice9, 
(Brayton),  b.  Feb.  28,  1878;  (2)  Mary 
R.9  (Brayton),  b.  May  20,  1880  ;  (3) 
Helen  I.9  (Brayton),  b.  July  14,  1882, 
at  F.  R. 

248.  III.  Irving  O.7,  b.  Feb.  18,   1829  ;  m. .     He 

was  engaged  in  the  foundry  business  before  the 
breaking  out  of  the  late  war  with  the  South, 
when  he  joined  a  cavalry  regiment  and  went 
south.  He  was  wounded  in  battle  and  died  from 
the  effects,  in  the  hospital  at  Paducah,  Ky.,  leav- 
ing 2  children,  one  of  whom  was  a  son,  who  bore 
his  name. 

249.  IY.  Elizabeth  H.  Holbrook7,    b.    Feb.   28,   1831  ;  m. 

May  21,  1850,  Ephraim  Wood  of  Troy,  N.  T. 
He  was  engaged  in  mercantile  pursuits  before 
the  breaking  out  of  the  late  Civil  War.  At  this 
time  he  formed  a  company  of  young  men,  and 
was  placed  in  command  as  captain.  Fearless  of 
danger,  and  full  of  patriotic  feeling,  he  went 
forth  to  defend  his  country.  He  was  wounded 
at  the  battle  of  Gettysburg,  July  4,  1863,  and 
died  on  the  5th.  His  last  words  to  his  company 
were  :  "  On  with  the  colors  !  "  He  was  buried 
on  the  field,  but  his  remains  were  afterward 
secured  and  removed  to  Troy,  N.  T.,  for  final 
interment.  He  was  quite  a  prominent  member 
of  the  Masonic  order.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Wood  d. 
July  12,  1882.     Issue  : 

250.  i.  Ada  F.8,  b.  at  Troy,  K  Y.,  Aug.  25,  1851. 

251.  ii.  Annie  T.8,  b.  July  12,  1856. 

252.  iii.  George  C.8,  b.  Dec.  25,  1857. 

Family  22. 

253.  Capt.  Yernon6  Stiles  [170]  (Josiah5,  Benjamim4, 
John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Millbury,  Mass.  (for- 
merly Sutton),  Aug.  17,  1801;  married,  Sept.  22,  1824,  Lucy 
H.,  dau.  of  Perley  and  Lucy  (Harrington)  Goddard,  of 
Grafton,  Mass.     While  in  M.  he  kept  a  hotel.     He  removed, 

Massachusetts  Family.  59 

in  1831,  to  Thompson,  Conn.,  where,  besides  keeping  a  hotel 
he  was  a  justice  of  the  peace,  also  rep.  to  the  State  Legislature, 
1837  and'  1843.  In  1849  he  rem.  to  Racine,  Wis.,  and  died 
there  Sept.  1,  1863. 

In  Miss  Larned's  History  of  Windham  County,  Conn.  (pp. 
535,  538),  we  find  the  following  interesting  and  amusing  ac- 
count of  Capt.  Yernon  Stiles  :  "  One  of  the  Thompson  nota- 
bilities of  this  date  was  Capt.  Yernon  Stiles  [he  removed  from 
Sutton  to  Thompson  about  1833,  as  has  been  stated]  [Miss 
Larned's  dates  do  not  exactly  tally  with  those  given  by  the 
family],  now  in  charge  of  the  Central  Tavern,  who  claimed 
that  more  stage  passengers  dined  there  every  day  than  at  any 
other  house  in  New  England.  Capt.  Stiles  was  the  beau  ideal 
of  a  landlord,  distinguished  in  person  and  manners,  a  genial 
host,  a  graceful  speaker,  an  adroit  politician.  His  bar  room 
was  the  headquarters  of  the  Democratic  party,  now  very 
powerful  in  town  ;  and  his  spacious  hall  the  scene  of  many  a 
festive  entertainment.  Stiles'  tavern  was  especially  noted  for 
its  matrimonial  facilities.  Thompson's  local  position,  cornering 
upon  two  States,  afforded  some  peculiar  advantages. 

"Its  'Line'  tavern  enabled  legal  fugitives  and  liquor-sellers 
to  dodge,  buck  and  forth,  into  Rhode  Island  and  Massachusetts, 
and  its  convenient  access  tempted  youthful  lovers  to  evade  the 
prolonged  publishment  required  in  the  above  States.  A  single 
notice,  read  before  or  after  church  service,  satisfied  the  legal 
requirement  in  Connecticut,  and  so  it  became  very  much  the 
fashion  for  affianced  pairs  to  drive  to  Thompson  Hill  on  a  Sun- 
day, and  there  celebrate  their  wedding. 

"  At  first  Mr.  Dow  and  other  ministers  performed  the  cere- 
mony, but  the  occasions  became  so  frequent,  and  the  consequent 
Sabbath  breaking  so  alarming,  that  they  resigned  the  office  to 
Capt.  Stiles  as  justice,  who  administered  the  vows  with  a  grace 
and  dignity  that  charmed  all  the  participants.  Scarce  a  Sab- 
bath passed  without  bringing  its  wedding  party  to  partake  of 
the  wedding  cake  that  was  always  made  ready  for  them.  '  Run- 
aways '  were  united  on  more  than  one  occasion,  and  Thompson 
Hill  and  its  hymenial  landlord  were  as  celebrated  for  a  time  as 
Gretna  Green  and  its  famous  blacksniith  in  Great  Britain. 

"  When,  through  the  labors  of  John  Hawkins,  the  temper- 
ance reform  received  a  new  impulse,  Capt.  Stiles  closed  his  bar 
and  made  his  popular  tavern  a  temperance  house." 

60  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children  (born  in  Millbury,  Mass.) : 

254.  I.  Josiah7,   born   Jan.    2,    1828;   m.    Lucy   Nichols. 

Family  35. 

255.  II.  Perley  G.7,  b.  Jan.  9, 1830 ;  m.  Lucy  Maria  Beeson. 

Family  36. 

256.  III.  Lucy7,  d.  young. 

257.  IV.  Dau.7,  d.  in  infancy. 

Family  23. 

258.  Dea.  John6  Stiles  [178]  (Joshua6,  Benjamin4,  John3, 
Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Boylston,  Mass.,  Sept.  18, 
1786;  married  (1)  Nov.  1,  1809,  Rebecca  Moore  (b.  Dec.  29, 
1792)  of  Boylston,  who  died  May  19,  1827  ;  m.  (2)  May  11, 
1828,  Nancy  White  (b.  Oct.  15,  1789)  of  West  Boylston,"who 
d.  Oct.  3,  1854.  He  was  a  blacksmith  ;  res.  at  Boylston.  He 
was  killed  by  a  railroad  train  at  Newton,  Mass.,  Apr.  11, 1859. 

Children : 

259.  I.  Charles7,  b.  Nov.  10,  1810  ;  d.   Apr.   25,  1839,  of 


260.  II.  Oliver7,  b.  Apr.  12,  1812;  d.  Aug.  9,  1854,  of  con- 

sumption ;  was  a  machinist. 

261.  III.  John  Cyrus7,  b.  J  uly  16,  1814 ;  m.  Sarah  W.  Smith 

and  Emilv  Richardson.     Family  37. 

262.  IT.  Mary  Moore7,  b.  June  18, 1820 ;  m.  June  24, 1844, 

David  Whitney  Brown  of  Concord,  Mass. ;  res. 
at  Worcester,  Mass.     Issue : 



Infant8,  dec'd. 



Infant8,  dec'd. 



Infant8,  dec'd. 



John  E.8,  b.  Jan.  22,  1852  ; 

m.  Apr.  9, 1881, 

Nellie  Whitcomb  of  Worcester ;  occupa- 
tion stationary  engineer. 

267.  v.  Josiah8,  b.  May  28,  1854  ;  m.  July  3,  1876, 

Alma  Richardson  of  Lowell,  Mass. ;  is  a 

268.  vi.  Charles  J.8,  b.   Dec.   16,  1857 ;  a  grad.  of 
,  Harvard  Coll. ;  is  at  present  (1883)  teach- 
ing in  Ohio. 

269.  vii.  Mary  E.8,  b.  July  9,  1859  ;  is  a  teacher  of 

music  at  Worcester,  Mass. 

Massachusetts  Family.  61 

270.  V.  Henry7,  b.  Dec.  5,  1821  ;  m.  Hannah  M.  White, 
M.  Lizzie  Richardson  and  Sarah  A.  Oman. 
Family  38. 

Family  24. 

271.  Edward7  Stiles  [186]  (Simeon6,  Simeon5,  Benjamin4, 
John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  in 
1808  ;  married  (1)  at  Dover,  1ST.  H.,  in  1830,  Olive  M.  Roberts 
{Dover  Records) ;  m.  (2)  Julia  M.  Townsend.  About  1830  he 
rem.  from  Portsmouth  to  Dover,  N.  H.,  where  he  was  employed 
as  a  reed  maker  for  the  Cocheco  Cotton  Factory.  His  wife 
Olive  d.  while  his  sou  (Edward  A.)  was  in  infancy.  He  then 
rem.  to  Saco,  Me.,  where  he  resided  until  his  death,  May  16, 
1860.  [All  that  we  know  of  the  line  of  Simeon  Stiles  of 
Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  was  kindly  furnished  by  Dr.  John  R.  Ham 
of  Dover,  K  H.] 

Child  : 
272.         I.  Edward  A.8,  b.  Jan.,  1833  ;  m.  Sarah  M.  Sawyer. 
Family  39. 

Family  25. 

273.  Samuel  KingT  Stiles  [188]  (Ezekiel6,  Benjamin5,  Jr., 
Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wendell, 
Mass.,  Feb.  6, 1812  (  Wendell  Records);  married  Mch.  29, 3849, 
Mary  Ann  Potter  of  Milford,  Wis.  (1st  ed.  Mass.  Stiles'  Fam- 
ily Genealogy,  p.  41),  who  was  b.  July  6,  1825.  He  d.  at  Mil- 
ford,  Wis.,  May  6, 1857.  [The  Dwight  Genealogy,  p.  955,  gives 
Mch.  24,  1812,  as  the  date -of  Samuel  King  Stiles1  birth  — 
Apr.  13,  1849,  as  date  of  his  mar.;  June  7,  1850,  birth  of  his 
eldest  son;  death,  Apr.  7,  1851  —  and  birth  of  3rd  child  Mav 
20,  1856.] 

Children  (from  1st  ed.  Mass.  Stiles'  Fam.  Geneal.) : 

274.  I.  Elihu  Burritt8,  b.  June  8,  1850 ;  d.  at  Lake  Mills, 

Wis.,  Apr.  8,  1851. 

275.  II.  Milo  Judson8,  b.  Apr.  10,  1852. 

276.  III.  Henry  Marble8,  b.  May  24,  1856. 

62  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  26. 

277.  William  Dwight7  Stiles  [194]  (Ezeldel6,  Benjamin5, 
Jr.,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wendell, 
Mass.,  Dec.  26,  1830 ;  married  Nov.  7,  1855,  Martha  B.  Haw- 
thorne of  Waterloo,  Wis.  (b.  in  Antrim  Co.,  Ireland,  July  9, 
1832).  In  1856  they  were  res.  at  Waterloo,  Wis.,  at  which 
time  Mr.  S.  was  a  farmer,  and  school  superintendent. 

Children  (from  Dwight  Geneal.,  p.  956) : 

278.  I.  Eva  Delila8,  b.  Nov.  30,  1856. 

279.  II.  Clara  Amanda8,  b.  May  30,  1859  ;  d.  June  4, 1873. 

280.  III.  Cyrus  Dwight8,  b.  Aug.  4,  1864. 

281.  IY.  Wilbour8,  b.  Jan.  31,  1866. 

Family  27. 

282.  Charles  Alfred'  Stiles  [204]  (Josiah  Berry9,  Cyrus8, 
Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lynn, 
Mass.,  July  1, 1842;  married  Sept.  20,  1866,  Sarah  M.  Osgood 
of  Lynn  (b.  in  Surry,  Me).  Mr.  Stiles  is  supt.  (1885)  of  the 
Hillsborough  County,  N.  H.,  Aims-House  at  Wilton,  N.  H. 

Children  (all  born  in  Maiden,  Mass.) : 

283.  I.  Eva  Mary8,  b.  Mch.  28,  1869. 

284.  II.  Charles8,  b.  Sept.  2, 1871. 

285.  III.  Edwin  Byron8,  b.  Aug.  27,  1873. 

Family  28. 

286.  Josiah  Granville7  Stiles  [205]  (Josiah  Berry6,  Cyrus6, 
Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John3,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lynn, 
Mass.,  Apr.  7,  1845  ;  married  Feb.  22,  1869,  Nellie  M.  Hunt 
of  Concord,  N.  H.  He  holds  the  position  of  supt.  of  the  Lynn 
Aims-House,  for  many  years  satisfactorily  filled  by  his  father. 
[March,  1888,  Mr.  Stiles  removed  to  N.  H.,  to  take  charge  of 
the  Strafford  Co.  Aims-House,  at  a  remunerative  salary.  1 

Children : 
287.        L  Willie  W.8,  b.  Aug.,  1877. 
288.'      II.  Frank8,  b.  Dec,  1880. 

Massachusetts  Family.  63 

Family  29. 

289.  George  W.T  Stiles  [209]  (Josiah  Berry9,  Cyrus6,  Ben- 
jamin4, John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lynn,  Mass., 
Oct.  25,  1853  ;  married  Oct.  13,  1875,  S.  Elma  Grover  of 
Lynn.     He  is  supt.  of  the  alms-house  at  Maiden,  Mass. 

Children  (first  three  born  at  Lynn,  Mass.): 

290.  I.  Millie  G-.8,  b.  Apr.  11,  1877. 

291.  II.  George  W.8,  b.  July  11,  1879. 

292.  III.  James  G.8,  b.  Oct.  24,  1881. 

293.  IY.  Annie  Belle8,  b.  Dec.  19, 1884,  at  Maiden,  Mass. 

Family  30. 

294.  Luther  Charles7  Stiles  [220]  (Luther8,  Josiah6,  Ben- 
jamin4, John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Amsterdam, 
JN".  Y.,  Mch.  7,  1819  ;  married  Apr.  14,  1843,  Sarah  (dau.  of 
Dea.  John)  Jenne  of  Elgin,  111.,  formerly  of  Amsterdam,  N. 
Y.  Mr.  Stiles  res.  in  Elgin  for  40  years  in  the  same  house  ; 
all  his  children  being  born  there.  Mrs.  Sarah  (Jenne)  Stiles 
died  at  Elgin,  Sept.,  1890. 

Children : 

295.  I.  Charles  Bartlett8,  b.  Feb.  25,  1844  ;  in.  about  1876  ; 

res.  (1883)  at  Springfield,  111.  —has  2  ch.  Mr. 
Stiles  served  all  through  the  late  war,  enlisted 
at  the  age  of  16  as  drummer  boy.  He  is  a  skilled 
workmen  on  watch-factory  machinery. 

296.  II.  Ellen  Frances8,  b.  Mch.  21,  1847;  m.  Charles  Cole 

of  Elgin,  111.,  about  1867 .     Issue  : 

297.  i.  Henry9. 

298.  ii.  Fred9. 

299.  iii.  Edna9. 

300.  iv.  Julia9. 

301.  III.  Albert  J.8,  b.  Nov.  9,  1849 ;  m. ;  res.  at  Kir- 

win,  Kansas;  is  proprietor  of  furniture  store; 
no  children. 

302.  IY.  Clarence  Luther8,  b.  Jan.  14,  1852;  m.  Ella  Irwin. 

Family  40. 

303.  Y.  Lizzie  W.8,  b.  May  28,  1856 ;  m.  1880,  James  Pal- 

mer of  Elgin,  111 . ;  no  children. 

64  Stiles  Genealogy. 

304.  VI.  Harry  Otis8,  b.  Apr.  23,  1859  ;  d.  at  the  age  of  4 


305.  VII.  Jennie  B.8,  b.  Dec,  1861;  d.  at  the  age  of  10  years. 

Family  31. 

306.  Cornelius  Cuyler'  Stiles  [222]  (Luther8,  Josiah6,  Ben- 
jamin4, John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Aurora,  N.  Y., 
Jan.  12,  1824.  His  parents  rem.  when  lie  was  quite  young  to 
Amsterdam,  N.  Y.;  when  he  was  12  years  of  age  they  again  rem. 
to  Cold  Water,  Mich.,  where  he  spent  the  remaining  years  of 
his  minority.  On  becoming  of  age  he  went  to  Elgin,  111.,  and 
there  married  Cornelia  Susannah,  dau.  of  J.  C.  (b.  at  Hebron, 
Conn.),  and  Susannah  (Treat)  Phelps.  She  was  born  at  Lan- 
sing, Tompkins  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  24,  1827;  and  is  a  descend- 
ant of  Elder  John  Strong  of  Northampton,  Mass. 

In  personal  appearance  Mr.  Stiles  is  described  as  being  "  6 
feet  in  height,  with  features  pale  and  thin,"  while  Mrs. 
Stiles  is  "  stout  and  of  a  florid  complexion  —  a  fine  looking 
couple."  Some  of  their  children  are  blondes.  The  remainder 

Mr.  Stiles  is  a  carpenter  and  farmer.  He  owned  a  farm  near 
Elgin,  on  which  he  lived  for  many  years.  In  1864  he  removed 
to  Kankakee,  111.,  where  his  children  were  educated  in  the 
public  schools  of  that  place.  In  1874  he  removed  to  Sand- 
wich, 111.,  where  he  has  since  resided. 

He  has  been  a  deacon  of  the  Congregational  church  at  S.  for 
several  years. 

Children  (record  furnished  by  the  eldest  daughter) : 

307.  I.  Emily  Gertrude8,  b.  at  Elgin  111.,  June  28,  1849, 
was  formerly  a  teacher  in  the  public  schools ;  is 
also  an  artist;  m.  May  23,  1889,  John  Cross- 
grove  Taylor.  Mr.  T.  was  born  in  Westfield,  N. 
Y.,  Aug.  16,  1836;  went  to  111.  when  21;  en- 
listed in  the  36th  Regt.  111.  Vols.;  was  in  the  army 
over  3  years.  His  first  wound  was  in  the  right 
hand  just  as  he  was  in  the  act  of  shooting ;  after 
that  healed  he  went  into  service  again,  and  after 
several  months  received  a  wound  in  the  right 
shoulder  joint.     The  surgeon  being  a  personal 

Massachusetts  Family.  65 

friend,  instead  of  removing  the  arm,  performed 
a  very  difficult  operation,  and  succeeded  in  sav- 
ing it.  After  leaving  the  service  Mr.  T.  was 
elected  county  treasurer  of  Kendall  Co.,  111. 
—  serving  2  years,  having  previous  to  his  elec- 
tion attended  a  business  college  and  learned  to 
write  with  his  left  hand.  In  1872  he  removed 
to  Sandwich  where  for  many  years  his  devotion 
to  an  invalid  wife  won  for  him  the  respect  and 
sympathy  of  the  community  —  present  address, 
Sandwich,  111.     Issue  : 

308.  i.  Susan  Eachel9,  b.  June  7,  1890  ;  d.  at  Sand- 

wich, 111.,  Oct.  21,  1890. 
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Taylor  have  also  an  adopted 
daughter,  10  years  of  age,  named  Mattie 

309.  II.  Luther  Harvey8,  b.  July  4,  1851 ;  m.  Fleta  Law- 

rence.    Family  41. 

310.  III.  William  Heman8,  b.  Mch.  31,  1853;  m.  Fanny  J. 

Okeson.     Family  42. 

311.  IV.  Fred.   Phelps8,   b.   Mch.   22,  1855  ;  m.  Nellie  B. 

Root.     Family  43. 

312.  V.  Susan  Clara8,  b.  Aug.  23,  1856  ;  grad.  at  Kankakee 

Preparatory  School ;  taught  for  a  while  in  the 
public  schools  of  Sandwich,  111.;  about  1883  took 
a  position  as  bookkeeper  and  cashier  in  a  Chicago 
book  store,  where  she  remained  for  7  years,  at  a 
salary  of  $100  a  month  ;  m.  Sept.  24,  1890, 
Erasmus  Waite  Hills,  son  of  one  of  Chicago's 
early  business  men. 
318.  YI.  Henry  Adams8,  b.  Nov.  25,  1857 ;  at  the  age  of 
17  entered  a  drug  store.  At  20  received  papers 
as  registered  druggist  ;  managed  for  2  years  a 
drug  store  owned  by  his  brothers,  L.  H.  &  F. 
P.  Stiles.  In  1880  he  went  to  Colorado  and 
spent  nearly  4  years  in  mining,  at  Leadville.  In 
the  spring  of  1884,  he  took  a  government  con- 
tract at  Darlington,  Indian  Ter.,  but  was  obliged 
to  return  home  the  same  year,  having  remained 
long  enough  to  contract  that  terrible  disease, 
malaria,  which  rendered  him  an  almost  helpless 

66  Stiles  Genealogy. 

invalid  for  nearly  2  years.  In  Nov.,  1886,  he 
entered  the  employ  of  his  brother,  Luther  H., 
at  Wichita,  Kans.,  where  he  is  doing  well.  He 
was  married  at  Muscatine,  Iowa,  Mch.  11,  1890, 
to  Marguerite  James. 

314.  VII.  Vernon8,  b.  1861,  at  Elgin,  111.     In  1881  he  went 

to  Sparta,  as  druggist's  clerk ;  in  1883  to  Dar- 
lington, Indian  Ter. ,  as  clerk  at  an  Indian  post ; 
remained  there  over  a  year.  On  his  return  en- 
tered Hahnemann  Coll.  at  Chicago  ;  graduated  in 
1888,  served  one  year  in  Hahnemann  Hospital ; 
removed  Mch.,  1889,  to  Riverside,  Cal.,  where 
he  is  permanently  located,  making  the  3rd  son 
of  Cornelius  Stiles  who  has  chosen  the  medical 

315.  VIII.  Katie8,   b.  Jan.  9,  1866,  at  Kankakee,  111.,  d.  Aug. 

17,  1867. 

Family  32. 

316.  Anson  Gale7  Stiles  [237]  (Barney6,  Josiah5,  Benja- 
min4, John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Amsterdam,  N. 
Y.,  June  7, 1809 ;  married  Ann  Jane  Waters,  June  8, 1836,  re- 
moved to  California  many  years  ago.  In  1876,  he  and  his  family 
came  to  Milford,  Mass.  (formerly  Sutton,  Mass.,  the  ancestral 
home  of  this  branch  of  the  Stiles  family),  to  celebrate  the  40th 
anniversary  of  their  marriage.  They  afterward  went  to  New 
Haven,  Conn.,  where  Mr.  Stiles  left  his  wife,  and  himself  pro- 
ceeded to  New  York,  having  business  to  transact  there.  While 
in  New  York  he  was  prostrated  by  sunstroke.  He  was  taken 
back  to  New  Haven  and  died  there  July  17,  1876.  Mrs.  Stiles 
res.  (1884)  with  her  dau.  in  San  Francisco,  Cal. 


317.         I.  Dau.8 ;  m.  Charles  Blake ;  res.  in  San  Francisco, 
Cal.     [There  may  be  others.] 

Family  33. 

318.  Orson7  Stiles  [239]  (Barney6,  Josiah5,  Benjamin4,  John3, 
Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Amsterdam,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  21, 

Massachusetts  Family.  67 

1813;  grad.  at  Union  Coll.  1833;  afterward  read  law  with 
Judge  D.  Wright  of  Amsterdam.  In  1837  commenced  prac- 
tice in  Chautauqua  county,  N.  Y.  ;  was  for  6  years  supt.  of 
schools,  and  supervisor  for  4  years.  In  1849  was  ejected  county 
clerk;  rem.  in  1854  to  Fredonia,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  for  20 
years  engaged  in  banking  ;  was  member  of  the  State  Assembly 
in  1866-7.  He  is  at  present  (1884)  living  on  a  dairy  farm  at 
Topeka,  Kans.,  "  seeking  health,  which  refuses  to  come  to  me," 
he  writes. 

He  married  Oct.  21,  1846,  Frances  L.  Guernsey,  who  was 
born  July  21,  1826. 

Children  : 

319.  I.  George  Guernsey8,  b.  Jan.  2,  1849 ;  m.  Belle  E. 

Boot.     Family  44. 

320.  II.   Sara  Guernsey8,'  b.  Mch.  18,  1854;  m.  E.  B.  Pres- 

cott,  Jan.,  1874;  res.  at  Topeka,  Kans.     Issue: 

321.  i.  Child9,  d.  young. 

322.  ii.  Child9,  d.  young. 

323.  iii.  Guernsey9,  b.  abt.  1881. 

324.  III.  Frank  Guernsey8,  b.  Aug.  17,  1857;  in.  . 

Family  45. 

Family  34. 

325.  Isaac7  Stiles  [241]  (Isaac6,  Josiah5,  Benjamin4,  John3, 
Jr.,  John2,  Eobert1),  was  born  at  Millbury,  Mass.,' Feb.  8, 1807 ; 
married  Mary  Pearson  (b.  at  Chelmsford,  Mass.,  Feb.  11,  1814) 
Sept.  15,  1833,  who  d.  at  Worcester,  Mass.,  Aug.  18,  1880. 
He  d.  suddenly  at  Hudson,  N.  H.,  May  26,  1875. 

Children  (born  at  Nashua,  N.  H.) : 

326.  I.  Jennie  C.8,  b.  May  20,  1835;  res.  at  Worcester, 

Mass. ;  unm. 

327.  II.  Mary  Katherine8,  b.  Apr.  26,  1844  ;  was  an  invalid 

for  many  years;  after  much  suffering  d.  at  Worces- 
ter, Mass.,  June  26,  1881. 

328.  III.  Isabella  E.8,   b.  May  30,  1846  ;  res.  at  Worcester ; 


329.  IV.  Alice  J.8,  b.  Dec.  23,  1857 ;  d.  at  Nashua,  K  H., 

Dec.  24,  1862. 

68  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  35. 

330.  Josiah7  Stiles  [254]  (Yernon6,  Josiah5,  Benjamin4, 
John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  Jan.  2, 1828,  in  Millbury, 
Mass. ;  married  1851,  Lucy  Nichols  (b.  Apr.  29,  1829),  of 
Thompson,  Conn.  Mr.  Stiles  has  been  a  resident  of  Chicago, 
111.,  for  nearly  a  quarter  of  a  century  (1884)  ;  is  a  pork  packer 
and  provision  dealer  ;  writes :  "  I  have  experienced  all  the 
ups  and  downs  incident  to  the  business."  He  is  a  member  of 
the  Board  of  Trade.  Business  add.  2325  Mich,  ave.,  Chicago, 

Children : 

331.  I.  George  Nichols8,  b.  Nov.  3,  1851. 

332.  II.  Lucy  Goddard8,  b.  June  6,  1861. 

Family  36. 

333.  Perley  Goddard7  Stiles  [255]  (Yernon6,  Josiah5,  Ben- 
jamin4, John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Millbury,  Mass., 
Jan.  29,  1830.  The  year  following  his  birth  his  parents  rem. 
to  Thompson,  Conn.  From  this  place,  in  1845,  Perley  G.  went 
away  to  sea,  and  for  the  next  ten  years  he  followed  a  sailor's 
life.  In  1855  he  settled  at  Racine,  Wis.,  to  which  place  his 
parents  and  brother  had  rem.  in  1849.  He  married  Sept.  1, 
1857.  Lucy  M.  Beeson  of  Ponton,  Lincolnshire,  Eng.  ;  rem. 
in  Sept.,  1859,  to  Sabula,  Iowa;  from  thence,  Aug.,  1884,  to 
Sioux  Falls,  Dak.  Ter. 

Child : 
334.         I.  Mary  A.8,  b.  at  Racine,  Wis.,  June  12,  1858 ;  m. 
Charles  A.  Cosgrove  at  Sabula,  Iowa,  May  8, 

Family  37. 

335.  John  Cyrus7  Stiles  [261]  (Dea.  John6,  Joshua6,  Ben- 
jamin4, John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Boylston, 
Mass.,  July  16,  1814;  married  at  Worcester,  Mass.,  Apr.  16, 
1835,  Sarah  W.  Smith  (b.  June  19,  1811),  of  Rutland,  Mass. 
John  C.  Stiles  was  m.  at  Boston  Highlands,  July  16,  1885,  to 
Emily  Richardson ;  res.  at  Cambridge,  Mass.     Mr.  Stiles  was 

•^**~    ^yy^^^^^Z^ 


Massachusetts  Family.  69 

(1883)  supt.  of  one  of  the  lines  of  street  cars  leading  into 
Boston.  John  C.  Stiles  died  at  Boston  Highlands,  Mass., 
July  21,  1889,  aged  75  yrs.  Mrs.  Emily,  wid.  of  John  C. 
Stiles,  d.  at  Koxbury,  Mass.,  Dec.  14,  1889,  se.  58  yrs.  8  mos. 
Children : 

336.  I.  Mary  Rebecca8,  b.  Feb.  17,   1836,  at  Worcester, 

Mass.;  m.  Dec.  19,  1855,  Levi  P.  Thompson  of 
Cambridge,  Maes.     Issue : 

337.  i.  Louise9,  b.  May  27,  1859 ;  m.  Jan.  1,  1883, 

Charles  E.  Boyd  of  Cambridge. 

338.  II.  Sarah  Frances8,  b.  Oct.  6,  1838,  at  West  Boylston, 

Mass.;  d.  at  W.  B.,  Sept.  12,  1840. 

339.  III.  John  Edwin8,  b.  Jan.  7,  1841,  at  W.  B.;  m.  Lizzie 

Bent.     Family  46. 

340.  IV.  Sarah  Frances8,  b.  Aug.  28,  1844,  at  W.  B.;  d.  at 

Cambridge,  Aug.,  1873. 

341.  V.  Frank8,  b.  at  Lancaster.  Mass.,  Dec.  12,  1846 ;  d. 

at  L.,  Feb.  15,  1848. 

342.  VI.  Ella  Maria8,  b.  at  Clinton,  Mass.,   Dec.  20,  18—  ; 

d.  at  Worcester,  Aug.  15,  18 — . 

343.  VII.  Charles  Henry8,  b.  at  Worcester,  Jan.  4, 1851. 

344.  VIII.  Kate   Emma8,  b.  at   Boston,  Aug.  18,  1853  ;   m. 

Charles  Gardner  of  Cambridge,  Oct.  4,  1871. 

345.  i.  Mabelle  Frances9,  b.  Sept.,  1872. 

Family  38. 

346.  Henry7  Stiles  [270]  (Dea.  John8,  Joshua",  Benjamin4, 
John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Boylston,  Mass.,  Dec 
5,  1821;  married  (1)  Jan.  27,  1851,  Hannah  M.  White  (b. 
Jan.  21,  1832),  of  West  Boylston,  Mass.,  who  died  Apr.  12, 
1865 ;  m.  (2)  May  15,  1867,  M.  Lizzie  Richardson  (b.  Dec.  17, 
1832),  of  Northboro,  Mass.,  who  d.  May  18,  1868  ;  m.  (3)  May 
18,  1869,  Sarah  A.  Oman  (b.  1835),  of  Stowe,  Mass.  (prob.). 
He  was  a  farmer;  res.  at  Boylston;  d.  of  consumption  Apr. 
17,  1870.  Widow  Sarah  A.  Stiles  m.  Edward  H.  Green  at 
West  Boylston,  Mch.  28,  1871. 

Children  (all  by  first  marriage  ;  first  three  at  Boylston,  Mass.): 
347.  I.  Thomas  Henry8,  b.  Nov.  25,  1851  ;  res.  in  Boston  ; 
is  a  street  car  driver. 

70  Stiles  Genealogy. 

348.  II.  Delia  Maria8,  b.  July  30,  1854 ;  d.  Mch.  20,  1859. 

349.  III.  Joseph  White8,  b.  Mch.  1, 1861  ;  ra.  June  30, 1885, 

at  Lowell,  Mass.  (by  Rev.  Mr.  Chambre,  rector 
of  St.  Anne's  Epis.  Ch.),  Sarah  Anna  Cora  (b. 
at  Lowell,  Feb.  25,  1854),  dau.  of  John  Parson 
and  Elizabeth  (Burnett)  Searle,  of  Lowell ; 
res.  in  L.  where  Mr.  Stiles  is  employed  as  a 

350.  IY.  Agnes  Maria8,   b.  Jan.  14,  1865;  school  teacher; 

res.  Lowell,  Mass. 

Family  39. 

351.  Edward  A.8  Stiles  [292]  (Edward7,  Simeon6,  Simeon5, 
Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Dover,  N. 
H.,  in  1833.  His  father  removed  from  D.  to  Saco,  Me.,  when 
Edward  was  an  infant.  He  married  Sarah  M.  Sawyer.  In 
1876  he  rem.  from  Saco  to  Epping,  N.  H.,  where  he  now  owns 
a  farm  on  which  his  family  resides.  He  was  in  trade  while  in 
Saco,  and  is  at  present  (1884)  temporarily  keeping  a  variety 
store  at  Dover,  K  H.     Mr.  Stiles  died  Mch.  24,  1887. 

Children : 

352.  I.  Lucy9,  b.  1857  ;  d.  1858. 

353.  II.  Horace9,  b.  Oct.  25,  1858;  m. ,     Family  47. 

354.  III.  Clara  E.9,  b.  Oct.  9,  1860.     Book-keeper  (1888)  at 

Neponset,  Mass. 

355.  IY.  Edward  E.9 )  ,     T       1    1  eftu 

356.  Y.  Nellie  M.9    f  D'  dan-  1'  18by' 

Family  40. 

357.  Clarence  Luther8  Stiles  [302]  (Luther  C.T,  Luther6, 
Josiah6,  Benjamin4,  John8,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Elgin,  111.,  Jan.  14,  1852;  at  the  age  of  18  went  to  Chicago, 
where  he  was  employed  six  years  as  a  draughtsman  in  three  of 
the  principal  architects'  offices  in  the  city.  After  spending  the 
next  year  and  a  half  traveling  through  the  East,  returned  to 
Chicago  where  he  engaged  in  business  as  an  architect.  His 
present  address  is  115  Dearborn  St.,  Chicago,  111.  Mr.  Stiles 
mentions  that  his  father,  Luther  C.  Stiles,  sold  to  the  school 

Massachusetts  Family.  71 

board  of  Elgin,  about  1884.  the  old  home  where  his  brothers 
and  sisters  and  himself  (0.  L.  S.)  were  raised,  and  that  he  had 
the  pleasure  of  erecting  a  high  school  building  on  the  very 
ground  on  which  he  spent  his  boyhood  days.  He  married 
Aug.  19,  1873,  Ella  Irwin  of  Evanston,  111. 
Children  : 

358.  I.  Marion9,  b.  Aug.  3, 1874. 

359.  II.  Luther  Clarence9,  b.  Nov.  6,  1877. 

360.  III.  Winnifred9,  b.  Mch.  6,  1880. 

361.  IV.  Mildred9,  b.  Nov.  24,  1883. 

362.  V.  Baby9,  b.  Apr.  9,  1886. 

Family  41. 

363.  Luther  Harvey8  Stiles  [309]  (Cornelius  C.7,  Luther6, 
Josiah5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  in 
Elgin,  111.,  July  4,  1851  ;  learned  telegraphy  at  the  age  of  16; 
was  employed  as  railroad  agent  until  1880,  when  he  entered 
the  employ  of  the  Sandwich,  111.,  Mfg.  Co.,  holding  successively 
the  positions  of  ass't  and  head  book-keeper  and  cashier.  In 
1883  he  was  sent  to  Kansas  City  to  represent  the  company  in  a 
branch  office.  In  the  summer  of  1886  he  located  at  Wichita, 
Kans.,  going  into  the  real  estate  business  there  in  company 
with  Mr.  Frank  E.  A.  Smith.  The  firm  of  Stiles  &  Smith 
represents  one  of  the  most  successful  firms  in  the  city,  and 
does  its  business  in  such  a  reliable  way  as  to  gain  the  confidence 
of  the  best  people.  When  a  boy  of  16,  Luther  H.  Stiles  be- 
came a  member  of  and  an  earnest  worker  in  the  Congrega- 
tional church.  He  and  his  partner  are  members  of  the  Y.  M. 
C.  A.,  and  he  is  himself  supt.  of  the  Sabbath  School  of  the 
1st  Cong.  Ch.  at  Wichita.  He  was  married  July  7,  1887,  to 
Fleta  Lawrence  of  Wichita. 

364.         I.  Cornelia  Helen9,  b.  Jan.  19,  1889. 

Family  42. 

365.  Dr.  William  Heman8  Stiles  [310]  (Cornelius  C.7, 
Luther6,  Josiah5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was 
born  at  Hanover,  Cook  Co.,  111.,  Mch.  31,  1853.     At  the  age 

72  Stiles  Genealogy. 

of  16,  having  received  a  good  common-school  education,  he 
entered  the  mfg.  shops  at  Marseilles,  111.  ;  after  spending  sev- 
eral years  at  hard  work  and  study  he  was  admitted  to  Hahne- 
mann Coll.,  and  in  1878  received  his  degree  of  M.  D.  At  the 
age  of  23  he  became  a  member  of  the  Cong,  church.  He 
married  Sept.  20,  1880,  Fannie  J.,  eldest  daughter  of  Hon. 
Geo.  B.  Okeson  of  Lexington,  111.  [Hon.  Geo.  B.  Okeson 
is  a  son  of  ¥m.  Okeson  of  Juniata  Co.,  Pa.,  gr.  son  of 
Nicholas  Albertson  Okeson;  g.  gr.  son  of  Daniel  Okeson,  who 
m.  Anglechea,  eldest  dau.  of  Nicholas  Albertson,  who  came  to 
America  in  1731.  Nicholas  A.  was  the  son  of  Cornelius  Al- 
bertson, a  wealthy  ship-owner  of  Amsterdam.]  Dr.  Stiles 
commenced  the  practice  of  his  profession  at  Lexington,  111., 
where  he  remained  until  Sept.,  1886,  when  he  sold  out  his 
practice  and  moved  to  San  Bernardino,  Cal.,  the  change  being 
made  necessary  by  a  severe  throat  trouble.  He  fortunately 
found  an  immediate  opportunity  to  associate  himself  with  Dr. 
Ammi  K.  Johnson  (an  old  college  chum),  of  San  Bernardino, 
and  with  every  prospect  of  success. 

Child : 
366.         I.*  Pauline9,  b.  Mch.  18,  1885. 

Family  43. 

367.  Dr.  Fred,  Phelps8  Stiles  [311]  (Cornelius  C.7,  Luther6, 
Josiah5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Elgin,  111.,  Mch.  22,  1855.  After  passing  through  a  prepara- 
tory course  for  college  he  entered  the  mfg.  shops  at  Sandwich, 
where  his  parents  were  then  residing.  Having  a  special  apti- 
tude for  mechanics  he  was  engaged  at  the  age  of  18  as  fore- 
man in  the  wood  department,  drafting  and  laying  out  the 
lumber  for  a  large  manufactory  of  corn-shellers  and  harvesters. 
While  still  employed  at  the  manufactory  he  studied  medicine 
with  a  resident  physician,  and  in  1878  entered  Hahnemann 
Med.  Coll.,  receiving  his  degree  of  M.  D.  in  1880.  He  then 
became  partner  with  Dr.  A.  B.  Nichols  of  Sparta,  Wis.,  who 
died  the  following  year,  leaving  a  lucrative  practice  to  Dr. 
Stiles,  who,  however,  was  obliged  on  account  of  ill-health  to 
relinquish  it  and  go  farther  south.  He  accordingly  disposed  of 
his  practice  to  Dr.  G.  Long,  and  associated  himself  in  Jan., 
1884,  with  Dr.  David  Blood  of  Sandwich,  111.     After  a  year's 

Massachusetts  Family.  73 

residence  at  Sandwich  lie  concluded  to  return  to  Sparta,  having 
received  the  appointment  of  physician  in  charge  of  the  State 
Asylum  located  at  Sparta.  He  is  also  proprietor  of  the  Turkish 
Bath  Institute  at  that  place.  He  married  Sept.  30,  1884, 
Nellie  B.  (dau.  of  G.  W.)  Boot  of  Sparta. 

368.  I.  Bennet  Phelps9,  b.  Nov.  14,  1887. 

Family  44. 

369.  George  Guernsey8  Stiles  [319]  (Orson7,  Barney6,  Jo- 
siah5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  La 
Grange,  Chautauqua  county,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  2,  1849 ;  married  at 
Lyons,  Iowa,  Oct.  20,  1874,  Belle  Eliza  (dau.  of  Aurelius  C. 
and  Eliza)  Boot.  Mr.  Stiles  is  cashier  of  the  Socorro  County 
Bank,  at  Socorro,  New  Mexico. 

Children  : 

370.  I.  Earl  Root9,  b.  at  Millerstown,  Butler  county,  Penn., 

Sept.  10,  1875. 

371.  II.  Orson9,  b.  at  M.  Sept.  23,  1877. 

Family  45. 

372.  Frank  Guernsey8  Stiles  [324]  (Orson7,  Barney6,  Jo- 

siah5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Fre- 

donia,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  17,  1857 ;  married ;  resides  at 

Topeka,  Kans. 
Children : 

373.  I.  Ray9,  b.  abt.  1879. 

374.  II.  Cathe9  b.  abt.  1881. 

Family  46. 

375.  John  Edwin8  Stiles  [339]  (John  Cyrus7,  Dea.  John6, 
Joshua5,  Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
West  Boylston,  Mass.,  Jan.  7,  1841 ;  married  Lizzie  Bent;  res. 
at  Watertown,  Mass. 

Children : 

376.  I.  Mabelle9,  b.  June  26,  1867. 

377.  II.  Florence9,  b.  June  24;  d.  Sept.  1,  1869. 


74  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  47. 

^  378.  Horace  A.9  Stiles  [353]  (Edward  A.8,  Edward7,  Simeon6, 
Simeon5,   Benjamin4,  John3,  Jr.,  John2,  Robert1),  was  born  in 

Saco,  Me.,  Oct.  25,  1858;  married . 

Children  : 

379.  I.  Herbert  L.10 

380.  II.  Ethel10. 

381.  III.  Irwin10. 


Family  2. 

17.  Ebenezer2  Stiles*  [9]  (Robert1),  was  born  in  Rowley, 
Mass.,  Feb.  20, 1669-70  {Records  of  Essex  Co.,  Salem,  Mass.); 
married  at  Bradford,  Mass.,  July  23,  1701,  Dorothy  Dalton 
(Hist.  Bradford).  He  was  a  man  of  considerable  wealth  for 
those  days.  A  few  years  previous  to  his  death  he  paid  the 
highest  tax  but  one  in  Middleton,  where  he  resided.  He  was 
selectman  for  several  years,  and  was  honored  with  the  prefix  of 
"  Mr."  He  purchased  land  in  Middleton  about  1700.  In  1704 
he  sold  one  hundred  acres  of  land  "  lying  on  the  north  side  of 
Humphrey's  Pond  "  (in  Rowley  village),  (the  said  one  hundred 
acres  being  a  part  of  the  400  which  were  granted  in  1666-7  to 
ThomasDorman,  John  Cummins  and  Robert  Stiles)  to  Ephraim 
Foster,  blacksmith,  of  Andover,  for  £30  silver,  f 

"  Feb.  21,  1702-3,  he  was  dismissed  from  the  ch'h  in  Tops- 
field  to  ch'h  in  Boxford,  to  which  he  was  admitted  to  full  com- 
munion. Oct.  1,  1729,  Ebenezer  Stiles,  Ebenezer,  Jr.,  Heze- 
kiah  (aged  18)  and  Dorothy  Stiles  were  all  admitted  to  mem- 
bership in  the  1st  Cong.  Church  in  Middleton." 

*  The  authorities  consulted  in  making  up  the  history  of  Ebenezer  Stiles 
are:  Eecords  of  Essex  county  at  Salem,  Mass.  (birth);  History  of  Bradford, 
Mass.  (marriage);  Topsfield  Eecords,  Boxford  Kecords  and  Middleton  Rec- 

f  See  on  page  12,  ante,  extract  from  a  deed  given  by  Ebenezer  Stiles  to 
Ephraim  Foster. 

Massachusetts  Family.  75 

He  died  June  3,  1746,  ae.  77,  and  his  wife  d.  at  the  age  of  93. 
Children  (recorded  at  Boxford,  excepting  Ebenezer,  Jr. ,  and 

18.  I.  Mehitable3,  b.  1702;  bapt.  Nov.  21,  1703;  adm. 

to  ch.  Dec.  31,  1727 ;  mar.  John  Barnard,  Dec. 
17,  1733  {Middleton  Records). 

19.  II.  Dorothy3,    b.  Feb.,    1706;   bapt.  Apr.   14,   1706; 

adm.  to  the  ch.  Dec.  31,  1727. 

20.  III.  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  b.  July  3,  1707  ;  m.  Sarah  How . 

Family  3. 

21.  IV.  Hezekiah3,  "bapt.  1st  Sab.,  May,  1711 ;"  m.  Han- 

nah Barnard  and  Harriet  Lovejoy.     Family  4. 

22.  Y.  Daniel3,  b.   July  15,  1715  ;  bapt,'  Sept.,   1715 ;  m. 

Elizabeth  Booth.     Family  5. 

23.  VI.  Caleb3,   Jr.;*   m.  Sarah  and    Polly   Dalton. 

Family  6. 

Family   3. 

24.  Ebenezer3  Stiles,  Jr.  [20]  (Ebenezer2,  Eobert1),  was 
doubtless  born  at  Andover,  Mass.,  but  not  (we  think)  on  July 
31,  1707,  as  given  in  the  1st  edition  of  the  Mass.  Stiles  Family, 
for  we  have  the  record  of  his  death  at  Middleton,  in  1787, 
at  the  age  of  85,  which  shows  that  he  was  born  about  1702. 
He  married  Sarah  How  April  23,  1733.  He  inherited  much 
of  his  father's  spirit,  wrote  a  good  hand,  and  was,  with  his 
father  and  other  members  of  his  family,  one  of  the  original 
founders  of  the  Middleton  Church,  in  1729.  It  is  said  that 
his  father  divided  a  large  farm  between  his  sons,  Ebenezer,  Jr., 
and  Daniel, 

Children  (from  Middleton  Records) : 
25.  I.  Ebenezer4,  b.  Feb.  10,  1733  ;  d.  1756 ;  unm. 

*  It  is  proper  to  state  that  some  of  Caleb  Stiles'  descendants  believe  that 
Ms  father's  name  was  Samuel  instead  of  Ebenezer,  and  the  case  has 
been  so  strongly  represented  that  we  were  nearly  convinced  that  the  pres- 
ent arrangement  had  better  be  changed;  but,  on  consulting  with  Dea.  David 
Stiles  of  Middleton,  who  collected  much  valuable  information  for  the  first 
edition  of  the  "Mass.  Stiles  Family,"  and  who  probably  possesses  more 
actual  knowledge  of  the  matter  than  any  one  now  living,  we  find  that  he 
is  of  the  opinion  that  there  should  be  no  change,  as  he  believes  that  the 
persons  (Dea.  David  Stiles,  Sen.,  of  Middleton,  and  Esq.  David  Stiles  of 
Temple)  who  were  principally  responsible  for  placing  Caleb  among  Eben- 
ezer's  children  had  good  reasons  for  so  doing. —  M.  S.  P.  Gt. 

76  Stiles  Genealogy. 

26.  II.  Ezekiel4,  b.  Oct.  5,  1735 ;  m.  Miriam  Eichardson. 

Family  7. 

27.  III.  Joseph4,  b.  July  15,  1737;  m.  Eunice  Wilkins. 

Family  8. 

28.  IV.  Abner4,  b.   Aug.   2,    1739;    m.    Ruth   Bickford. 

Family  9. 

29.  V.   Asa4,  b.  Nov.  3, 1741 ;  m.  Huldah  Bixby.  Family  10. 

30.  VI.  John4,  b.  Apr.  4,  1741 ;  m.  Mary  How.    Family  11. 

Family  4. 

31.  Hezekiah3  Stiles  [21]  (Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  bapt. 
1st  Sabbath  in  May,  1711  (Boxford  Records).  Hezekiah  Stiles 
(age  18)  was  one  of  the  original  30  members  of  the  church 
formed  at  Middleton,  Oct.,  1729.  Married  (1)  Nov.  21,  1736 
(by  Rev.  Samuel  Phillips),  in  Andover,  Hannah  Barnard,  who 
died  May  24,  1752,  ae.  37 ;  m.  (2)  Harriet  Lovejoy,  Dec.  27, 
1752 ;  resided  at  Andover,  Mass. 

Children  (by  first  wife  from  Andover  Records)  : 

32.  I.  Hannah4,  b.  Jan.  10,  1739  ;  d.  May  18,  1752. 

33.  II.   Stephen4,    b.    Mch.    11,    1741;    m.    wid.    Huldah 

Wardwell.     Family  12. 

34.  III.  Barnard4,   b.   June  28,   1744;  m.    Sarah . 

Family  13. 

35.  IV.  Dorothy4,  b.  Jan.  29,  1752 ;  d.  July  12, 1753. 
Children  (by  second  wife)  : 

36.  V.  Hannah4,  b.  Nov.  9,  1753. 

37.  VI.  Dorothy4,  b.  Jan.  14,  1755. 

38.  VII.  Mehitable4,  b.  Feb.  15,  1757. 

39.  VIII.  Hezekiah4,  b.  Aug.  5,   1759;  m.   Phebe  Austin. 

Family  14. 

Family   5. 

40.  Daniel3  Stiles  [22]  (Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born 
July  15,  1715  ;  bapt.  Sept.,  1715  (Boxford  Records) ;  married 
Elizabeth  Booth,  May  23,  1742.  Resided  at  Middleton,  Mass. 
Daniel  and  Elizabeth  Stiles  members  of  Cong.  Ch.  at  Middle- 
ton,  1744.  It  is  said  that  the  father  of  Daniel  Stiles  divided  a 
large  farm  between  his  sons,  Ebenezer,  Jr.,  and  Daniel. 

Massachusetts  Family.  77 

Children  (all  excepting  the  first  from  Middleton  Records)  : 

41.  I.  Rebecca4,  published  to  Samuel  Stevens,  Feb.  22, 

1761  (Boxford  Records).  [Although  we  have 
found  no  record  of  the  birth  of  this  child  we 
think  from  the  date  of  her  publishment  that  she 
must  have  been  the  eldest.  After  their  marriage 
it  is  supposed  they  lived  for  a  while  in  N.  JEL, 
perhaps  at  Lyndeborough,  afterward  removed 
with  their  2  children  to  Chester,  Yt.  Mr.  Ste- 
vens died  in  the  War  of  1812.]     Issue : 

42.  i.  Samuel6,    was   living  about   40   years   ago 

(1888)  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  and  his 
descendants  are  probably  living  there  at 
the  present  time. 

43.  ii.  The  2nd  child  may  have  been  a  daughter 

who  married  Nathaniel5  ti  les  (Caleb4, 
Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  and  lived 
at  Chester,  Yt.  (See  Family  37  of  this 

44.  iii.  William5,  b.      ;  m. Rice.     He  died  at 

the  age  of  33  or  near  it.  Issue :  (1) 
Roxanna  Styles6  (Stevens)  (was  named  for 
her  Aunt  Styles),  born  at  Chester,  Yt., 
Aug.  8,  1804;  d.  at  Bellows  Falls,  Yt., 
Nov.  5,  1886 ;  m.  at  Westminster,  Yt., 
Oct.  27,  1829,  Samuel  Guild,  a  paper- 
maker  ;  res.  Bellows  Falls,  Yt.,  where 
Mr.  G.  died  June  26,  1872.  Children : 
(a)  Samuel  Harvey7  (Guild),  b.  Sept.  2, 
1831;  m.  June  9,  1857,  Caroline  S. 
Arms,  who  d.  Nov.  1,  1876.  He  was  a 
tailor  at  Bellows  Falls,  now  dead;  (b) 
■  William  Stevens7  (Guild),  b.  Sept.  18, 
1832;  m.  Eliza  M.  Scales;  res.  Brattle- 
boro,Yt.,  8  children  (see  Guild  Genealogy, 
p.  194,  for  their  names);  (c)  George  Otis7 
(Guild),  b.  Feb.  21,  1836;  m.  liartha 
Jane  Aldrich.  He  is  P.  M.  at  Bellows 
Falls ;  4  chil.  (see  Guild  Genealogy);  (d) 
Ellen  Roxanna7  (Guild),  b.  Mch.  1,  1839  ; 
d.  at  B.  F.,  Nov.  13,  1886 ;  m.  Mch.  1, 

78  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1858,  Lyman  C.  Gale,  tailor,  afc  Chicago, 
111.,  and  B.  F.  He  d.  at  C,  Feb.  17, 
1869.  3  children  (see  Guild  Genealogy 
for  fuller  particulars)  ;  (e)  Caroline  Fran- 
ces7 (Guild),  b.  Feb.  14,  1844;  res.  Bel- 
lows Falls,  Vt. ;  unm. 

45.  IT.  Daniel4,  Jr.,  b.  July  22,  1744;  d.  May  29,  1812; 

m.  Sarah  Averill.     Family  15. 

46.  III.  John4,  b.  Sept.  5,  1746  [Did  he  m.  Kebecca  Pea- 

body  !]. 

47.  IV.  Elizabeth4,  b.  Sept.  11,   1748;  prob.  m.   Samuel 

Lacy  at  Middleton,  Oct.  5,  1771. 

48.  V.  Mehitable4,  b.  Nov.  8,  1750  ;  d.  Apr.  15,  1751. 

49.  VI.  Mary4,  b.  Apr.  24,  1752  ;  prob.  m.  Samuel  Berry 

at  Middleton,  Apr.  22,  1779. 

50.  VII.  Samuel4,   b.   Mch.    21,   1756;   m.   Edney   Gould. 

Family  16. 

Family  6. 

51.  Caleb8  Stiles  [23]  (Ebenezer3,  Robert1),  was  probably 
born  at  Andover,  Mass.  [It  has  already  been  stated  that  some 
of  the  descendants  of  Caleb  Stiles  consider  that  he  was  a  son 
of  Ebenezer's  half  brother  Samuel,  but  the  evidence  in  favor  of 
his  being  a  son  of  Ebenezer  is  much  stronger,  and  if  he  really 
was  his  son  he  was  undoubtedly  born  at  Andover. — M.  S.  P.  G.] 
He  married  (1)  Sarah ,  (2)  Polly  Dalton.  He  resided  in  Mid- 
dleton, Mass.,  previous  to  1741  ;  .at  this  date  he  was  one  of  the 
inhabitants  of  Souhegan  West  —  as  a  part  of  the  township  of 
Amherst,  N.  H.,  was  then  called.  His  name  is  among  the 
founders  of  the  church  at  Amherst,  Sept.  22,  1741  {Hist.  Am- 
herst). In  1747  his  name  is  signed  to  a  petition  of  the  inhabit- 
ants of  Souhegan  West,  for  soldiers  for  defense  against  the 
Indians  (N.  H.  Hist.  Coll.,  vol.  v,  p.  254).  Up  to  about  1763, 
he  appears  to  have  been  a  resident  of  Amherst,  his  name  ap- 
pearing on  various  town  lists  until  that  time,  when  he  probably 
removed  to  Hollis,  where  his  son  Caleb,  Jr.,  was  then  living. 

Jan.  1,  1775,  Caleb  Stiles,  an  inhabitant  of  Hollis  (east  side), 
was  taxed  £0  2s.  3d.  (Hist.  Hollis,  p.  137).  The  amount  of 
his  tax  shows  him  to  have  been  not  very  wealthy  at  that  time, 
as  few  of  the  inhabitants  paid  a  smaller  tax,  while  many  paid 
much  more.     In  1779  Caleb  Stiles  and  Caleb  Stiles,  Jr.,  each 

Massachusetts  Family.  79 

received  from  the  town  of  Hollis,  as  bounty,  for  one  year's 
service  in  the  Continental  army  £300  ;  also  10  bushels  of  rye 
and  10  bushels  of  Indian  corn  {Hist.  Hollis).  June  9,  1781, 
Caleb  Stiles  of  Hollis,  signs  a  petition  of  soldiers,  "  for  an 
allowance  for  the  depreciation  of  their  pay."  June  2,  1784, 
Caleb  Stiles  and  others  of  Hollis,  petition  for  the  appointment 
of  Dea.  Daniel  Emerson  as  magistrate.  July  5,  1784,  Caleb 
Stiles,  Caleb,  Jr.,  and  other  Hollis  soldiers,  sign  an  order  to 
the  State  Treas.  to  pay  all  that  was  due  them  for  service  in  the 
Continental  army  to  Dea.  Dan'l  Emerson,  Jr.  [The  last  three 
items  are  from  JST.  H.  Town  Papers,  vol.  12,  pp.  244—5,  252.] 
Children  (by  first  wife  from  Middleton  Records) : 

52.  I.  Kebecca4,  b.  Sept.  26,  1734;  adm.  to  Cong,  ch'h  at 

Middleton,  1755. 

53.  II.  Sarah4,  b.  Feb.  11,  1736. 

54.  III.  Caleb4,  b.  June  19,  1737;  m.  Mary  (or  Elizabeth) 

Townsend.     Family  17. 

55.  IY.  Mehitable4,  b.  June  10,  1739. 

56.  V.  Dorothy4,  b.  Sept.  2,  1740 ;  m.  Dea.  Ephraim  Ab- 

bott (b.  in  Amherst,  JS.  H.,  Dec.  16,  1742;  d. 
at  Goffstown,  N.  H.,  1827).  Settled  in  Goffs- 
town.     Issue : 

57.  i.  Ephraim6,  d.  young. 

58.  ii.  Samuel5,  d.  young. 

59.  iii.  Sarah6,  b.  1767 ;  m.  Sept.  27,  1793,  Jonathan 

Rand  in  Amherst ;    res.  in  Manchester, 
N.  H.;  had  3  sons  and  4  daus. 

60.  iv.  Dorothy6,  b.   1772;    m.   as   2nd  wife,  her 

cousin,  Rev.  David  Abbott  of  Windham, 
JST.  H.;  she  died  without  issue  in  1822. 

61.  v.  Samuel6,  b.  Feb.  21,  1777. 

62.  vi.  Ephraim6. 

63.  VI.  Hannah4,  b.  May  26,  174:6. 

64.  VII.  Joshua4,  b.  June  16,  1749  ;  m.  Mehitable  Leeman, 

Hannah  Leeman  and  Widow  Sally  (Dustin- 
Slader)  Cooper.     Family  18. 

Family  7. 

65.  Ezekiel4  Stiles  [26]  (Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Eobert1), 
was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass.,  Oct.   5,  1735 ;  married  Miriam 

80  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Richardson,  a  descendant  of  Francis  Richardson  of  Marble- 
head.  She  was  born  at  Marblehead  ;  d.  at  Middleton,  1819, 
se.  73.  Her  husband  d.  in  1788  or  9,  ae.  46.  Mrs. '  Stiles  was 
naturally  a  tender-hearted  woman,  and  ready  to  give  a  helping 
hand  to  the  needy.  She  also  possessed  much  wit,  and  keenly 
enjoyed  a  good  joke.*  She  moved  after  her  marriage  to  the 
place  built  by  Ebenezer2  for  his  son  Ebenezer,  Jr.,  which  was 

*  Extract  from  Letter  of  Dea.  David  Stiles,  Jr. ,  of  Middleton,  Mass.  — 
My  grandmother,  Miriam  Stiles,  lost  her  husband  Ezekiel  when  her  family, 
composed  mostly  of  boys,  was  quite  young;  and,  being  of  a  courageous  dis- 
position, she  took  the  reins  without  hesitation,  and  soon  cleared  up  all  the 
incumbrances  on  the  farm,  while  her  five  boys  (from  the  age  of  a  few  months 
to  16  or  17  yrs.)  were  taught  to  obey  and  respect  her;  and  having  once  put 
her  hand  to  the  work  she  was  not  one  to  look  back . 

It  is  said  that  on  one  occasion,  at  least,  she  felt  it  her  duty  to  flog  one  of 
her  oldest  boys,  which  she  did  in  the  old  Puritan  style.  In  fact,  her  cour- 
age and  perseverance  became  known  throughout  the  vicinity.  On  one  occa- 
sion, four  men  returning  from  a  hunting  excursion  on  horseback,  and  prob- 
ably unwilling  to  return  home  without  accomplishing  something,  took  it 
into  their  heads  to  make  a  little  "  game"  of  the  old  widow,  and  see  how 
she  would  behave.  They,  therefore,  rode  past  the  house  around  a  little 
hill  out  of  sight,  and  hid  their  horses.  The  stars  dimly  shone  as  they 
silently  advanced  in  single  file  toward  the  house  with  their  guns  upon  their 
shoulders.  Taking  their  position  under  a  large  tree  which  stood  in  front  of 
the  widow's  dwelling,  they  commenced  in  the  most  deliberate  manner  load- 
ing their  guns  with  powder  and  shot,  and  then  rapidly  poured  their  whole 
broadside  into  the  front  of  the  house.  It  was  well  riddled;  several  windows 
were  broken,  and  the  next  day  some  of  the  shot  were  picked  out  of  the 
dog's  neck,  although  he  had  remained  in  the  rear  of  the  house.  As  the  old 
lady  passed,  through  the  front  entry  into  the  west  end  of  the  house  to  take 
counsel  of  Mr.  Wright  (an  infirm  old  man  who  was  living  there,  helped  by 
the  town),  a  shot  shattered  the  front  door.  The  house  was  far  from  any 
neighbors;  a  fact  on  which  this  lawless  party  had  doubtless  calculated  as 
rendering  their  detection  less  liable.  Before  they  had  time,  however,  to 
unhitch  their  horses,  the  old  lady  was  in  their  midst,  and  calling  them  by 
name,  demanded  restitution  forthwith,  threatening  prosecution  immediately 
if  it  was  not  made.  They  honorably  settled  all  the  damages  the  next  day, 
well  satisfied  to  escape  so  easily  from  the  consequences  of  their  frolic. 

Another  anecdote  is  as  follows:  The  widow's  flock  of  geese,  which  was 
large,  had  been  annoyed  and  decimated  by  foxes.  One  night,  hearing  an 
unusual  clatter  among  the  geese,  she  got  up  and  went  out  to  the  goose- 
house  ready  for  service.  In  her  hurry  she  took  neither  candle  nor  lantern, 
but,  nothing  daunted,  she  boldly  thrust  her  hand  into  the  goose-house  to 
find  out  was  going  on.  Her  hand  fell  on  something  which  did  not  feel  like 
goose-feathers,  so  she  grappled  with  it,  pulled  it  out  and  carried  it  into  the 
house,  when,  on  getting  a  light,  she  found  she  had  captured  a  large  fox, 
which  feigned  dead.  Thinking  this  might  be  so,  as  the  goose  had  probably 
beaten  him  violently  with  its  wings,  the  old  lady  threw  him  down  at  the 
door  of  the  boys'  bed-room,  telling  them  to  get  up  and  skin  him  while  he 
was  yet  warm.  Suddenly,  however,  the  widow's  sharp  eyes  discovered  that 
the  fox  was  far  from  dead,  and  he  was  forthwith  killed. 

Massachusetts  Family.  81 

afterward  owned  by  her  son  Dea.  David  Stiles;  she  was  buried 
in  the  Symonds  burial-ground. 

Children  (from  Middleton  Records) : 

66.  I.  Sarah5,  b.  Sept.  23,  1764  ;  "lived  to  grow  up,  but 

died  in  early  life." 

67.  II.  Ebenezer5.     [This  son  is  not  in  the  list  of  Ezekiel's 

children  furnished  by  the  town  clerk  of  Middle- 
ton  ;  but,  according  to  Dea.  David  Stiles,  Jr.,  it 
should  be  there,  although,  perhaps,  not  in  this 

Simeon5,  b.  Sept.  7,  1777 ;  d.  Jan.  10,  1849 ;  m. 
Sarah  Elliott.     Family  19. 

Andrew5,  b.  Oct.  1,  1778;  m.  Hannah  Kimball . 
Family  20. 

Aaron5,  b.  Nov.  1,  1780 ;  d.  Aug.,  1836,  se.  56. 

David5,  b.  Nov.  1,  1784;  d.  Aug.  7,  1863;  m. 
Nancy  Farnham.     Family  21. 

Phineas5,  b.  Nov.  11,  1789  ;  d.  Oct.  14,  1821,  se. 
nearly  33  years. 

Hannah5,  b.  1789 ;  m.  a  Hardy  of  North  Andover, 

Family  8. 

74.  Joseph4  Stiles  [27]  (Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer3,  Robert1), 
was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass.,  July  15,  1737 ;  married  Eunice 
Wilkins,  Oct.  29, 1761.  Note.  —  Eunice  Wilkins  was  probably 
either  a  daughter  or  granddaughter  of  one  of  the  three  Wilk- 
inses  (Thomas,  Henry  and  Bray),  who  were  among  the  early 
residents  of  Boxford;  but  were  all  "set  off"  to  Middleton 
when  that  town  was  incorporated  in  1728.  The  great  grand- 
father of  Thomas,  Henry  and  Bray  Wilkins,  was  Lord  John 
Wilkins  of  Wales  (see  Perley's  Hist.  Boxford,  p.  102). 
Joseph  Stiles  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Wilton,  N.  H. 
In  Sept.,  1761,  being  then  of  Middleton,  Mass.,  he  sold  land  in 
a  new  township  (No.  2)  in  N.  H.  He  is  styled  "  husbandman," 
in  this  transaction.  (Information  obtained  from  Probate  Office, 
Exeter,  N.  H.,  by  Dr.  John  R.  Ham  of  Dover,  N.  H.)  He 
settled  in  Wilton,  on  the  farm  now  (1885)  owned  by  Dea. 
George  Buss.  His  name  appears  on  the  Wilton  Records  in 












82  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1773,  but  he  probably  sold  as  early  as  1776,  and  removed  to 
Nelson,  N.  H.  He  served  7  years  in  the  Revolutionary 
War;  was  present  at  the  battle  of  Bennington.  He  d.  at  Nel- 
son, N.  H.,  in  1812.  His  widow  d.  at  same  place,  at  the  age 
of  88. 

Children  (said  to  have  been  all  born  at  Wilton,  N.  H.) : 

75.  I.  Joseph6,  Jr.,  b.  June  5,  1762;  m.  Ruth  Greely. 

Family  22. 

76.  II.  Ebenezer5,  b.  June  14,  1765  ;  m.   Sarah  Killam. 

Family  23. 

77.  III.  Lucy6,  b.  March  24,  1768;  m.  Samuel  Putnam; 

res.  at  Hunneford,  Me.;  d.  many  years  ago ;  had 
children  who  are  all  dead. 

78.  IY.  Andrew5,  b.  June  10,  1770 ;  in.  Lydia  Holt  and 

Dorcas  Beard.     Family  24. 

79.  V.  Eunice6,  b.  July  2, 1773 ;  m.  (1)  William  Shannon; 

(2)  David  White;  res.  at  Nelson;  N.  H. 

80.  VI.  Abram6,  b.  Mch.  13,  1777;  m.  Hannah  Stoddard. 

Family  25. 

81.  VII.  Aaron6,  b.  Mch.  13,  1782;  was  drowned  at  sea  in 

Boston  Harbor  1806 ;  unm. 

Family  9. 

82.  Abner*  Stiles  [28]  (Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert'/), 
was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass.,  Aug.  2,  1739  ;  married  Ruth 
Bickford.  He  settled  in  Wilton,  N.  H.,  on  lot  No.  15  in  the 
6th  range.  He  served  3  years  as  selectman,  and  was  chosen 
many  times  on  important  committees  and  to  other  offices.  He 
died  March  4,  1791,  se.  51  years.  Mrs.  Ruth  (Bickford) 
Stiles  d.  June  20,  1824,  se.  88  years. 

Children  : 
83.  I.  Betty6,  b.  Oct.  9,  1763 ;  m.  her  cousin  Asa  Stiles 

(see  Family  25),  May  22, 1792.  They  resided  in 
Wilton,  N.  H.,  where  he  was  a  blacksmith, 
farmer  and  store-keeper.  She  d.  Aug.  27,  1800; 
and  he  m.  twice  again ;  he  d.  at  Wilton,  Feb.  10, 
1832,  se.  67  years.  Children  of  Asa  and  Betty 
Stiles : 

Massachusetts  Family.  83 

84.  i.  Asa6,  b.   Apr.  27,  1794  ;  m.  Polly  Tapley, 

Mrs.  Lucinda  B.  Holt  and  Mrs.  Betsey 
Farwell  (see  Family  52,  of  this  line). 

85.  ii.  Betsey6,  b.  Apr.  17, 1798  ;  in.  David  Blood; 

res.  in  Mason,  IS".  H.  In  1857  she  was  a 
"  widow  and  childless  ; "  she  d.  at  Mason, 
1ST.  H.,  Apr.  IS,  1883. 

86.  iii.  Polly6,  b.  June  7,  1800;  m.  Koyal  Blood; 

was  living  1857  in  Ind.  (see  1st  ed.  Mass. 
Stiles'  Family  Genealogy,  p.  21). 

87.  II.  John6,  b.  Mch.  13,  1767;    m.  Miss  Sally  Sheldon, 

Sept.  18,  1794.  They  settled  on  the  homestead 
with  his  father;  he  died  Feb.  6,  1824,  from  an 
injury  received  while  endeavoring  to  stop  a  run- 
away colt  which  was  attached  to  a  sleigh.  The 
shaft  of  the  sleigh  striking  him  in  the  side,  broke 
several  ribs,  causing  his  death  in  a  few  days. 
"  He  was  a  good  townsman,  an  honest,  kind  and 
obliging  neighbor." 

88.  III.  Euth5,  b.    Oct,  7,  1772;  m.  James  Hutchinson, 

Jr.,  July  9,  1797.  He  was  born  in  Amherst, 
N.  H.,  Apr.  28,  1772.  Ruth  Stiles  was  his  1st 
wife,  and  must  have  died  previous  to  1824,  as  he 
mar.  again  23d  Sept.  of  that  year  Anna  Spald- 
ing ;  had  4  children  by  his  2d  marriage,  one  au- 
thority says  ;  but  this  is,  perhaps,  a  mistake,  as 
another  says  Ruth  (Stiles)  Hutchinson  left  4 

Family  10. 

89.  Asa4  Stiles  [29]  (Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1), 
was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Nov.  3,  1741.  He  married  Dec. 
28,  1764,  Huldah  Bixby  of  Boxford,  who  was  without  doubt  a 
descendant  of  "  Sergeant ''  Joseph  Bixby,  who  in  1661  was 
"  one  of  the  leading  men  in  Rowley  village "  {Perley's  Hist. 
Boxford,  p.  28).  Asa  Stiles  evidently  lived  at  Boxford  at  the 
time  of  his  marriage,  and  for  a  short  time  afterward,  as  the 
birth  of  his  eldest  child  is  recorded  there.  Perley,  in  his 
"  Dwellings  of  Boxford,"  mentions  a  ham  raised  Nov.  25, 1766, 
in  Boxford,  saying  "  the  work  upon  the  barn  was  mostly  done 

84  Stiles  Genealogy. 

by  Asa  Stiles."  This  shows  him  to  have  been  by  trade  a  car- 
penter as  well  as  a  blacksmith.  Mrs.  Huldah  (Bixby)  Stiles 
was  dismissed  from  the  church  in  Boxford  to  the  church  in 
Middleton  Aug.  29,  1773.  It  is  said  that  Asa  Stiles  was  at  one 
time  town  clerk  of  Middleton. 

"  Asa  Stiles  resided  on  lot  No.  20  in  the  10th  range,  said 
lot  being  originally  the  north-west  corner  lot  of  Wilton  ;  said 
10th  range,  when  Temple  was  incorporated,  being  disannexed 
from  Wilton  and  annexed  to  Temple.  He  purchased  of  the 
original  proprietor,  George  Jaffrey  of  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  lot 
No.  18,  in  the  8th  range  (Wilton,  N.  H.) ;  consideration  of 
the  deed  300  Spanish  dollars;  date  of  the  deed  Apr.  2,  1791. 
The  same  was  conveyed  to  Asa  Stiles,  Jr.,  Oct.  15,  1791 ;  con. 
£37.  It  is  the  same  now  owned  by  his  (Asa4)  great-grandson, 
Joseph  W.  Stiles  of  Wilton,  and  one  of  the  very  few  owned 
by  descendants  of  original  proprietors.  He  died  Apr.  19, 1808. 
His  widow  d.  Jan.  13,  1823  "  (see  Hist.  Temple,  pp.  164-5). 

Children  (all  of  whom,  with  exception  of  Asa,  are  recorded 
at  Middleton) : 

90.  I.  Asa5,  b.  at  Boxford,  Nov.  17,  1765  [records  fur- 

nished by  descendants  give  the  date  of  Asa's 
birth  as  Nov.  10,  1765,  which  very  likely  is  the 
correct  one,  the  Boxford  record  probably  refer- 
ring to  the  date  of  baptism] ;  m.  Betty  Stiles, 
Mrs.  Abigail  (Harwood)  Carson  and  Polly  Das- 
comb.     Family  26. 

91.  II.  Ebenezer5,  b.    Aug.  28,   1769;  m.  Sarah  Killam. 

Family  27. 

92.  III.  Huldah5,  b.  Dec.  28,  1772  ;  m.  Mch.  5,  1795,  Joseph 

Kidder  of  Temple,  N.  H.     Issue : 

93.  i.  Child6,  d.  in  infancy. 

94.  ii.  Child6,  d.  in  infancy. 

95.  iii.  Fanny6,  b.  Oct.  7,  1799;   d.  Jan.  22,  1881 ; 


96.  iv.  Edna6,  b.  Oct.  25, 1801 ;  d.  June  17, 1877  ; 


97.  v.  Asa6,  b.  Sept.  27,  1803  ;  m.  Maria  Burbank 

at  Gaines,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  25,  1833  ;  he  d. 
Sept.  26,  1880,  se.  77  yrs.  lacking  one  day. 
Issue:  (1)  Geo.  F. N."7  (Kidder),  b.  Aug. 
15,  1834 ;  d.  at  Jeddo,  N.  Y.,  Mch.  3, 

Massachusetts  Family.  85 

1850;  (2)  Stella  J.7  (Kidder),  b.  Sept. 
13,  1836  ;  m.  at  Jeddo,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  16, 
1862,  James  M.  Servoss  ;  res.  Marshall, 
Mich.  Issue  :  (a)  Geo.  L.8  (Servoss),  b. 
Feb.  2,  1867  ;  (b)  Bessie  L.8  (Servoss),  b. 
Feb.  2,  1867 ;  (3)  Edna  C.7  (Kidder),  b. 
Oct.  27, 1839;  res.  with  her  mother  at  Paw 
Paw,  Mich. 

98.  vi.  Washington6,  b.  July  14,  1806  ;  d.  Sept.  21, 


99.  vii.  Jefferson6,    b.    July   14,    1806 ;    m.    Maria 

Knight  of  Westminster,  Vt.,  Dec.  13, 
1840.  She  d.  in  Landgrove,  Vt.,  May  8, 
1869.  Issue:  (1)  Hattie  E.7  (Kidder), 
b.  May  21,  1843;  m.  Yernon  O.  Streeter 
of  Surry,  K  H.,  June  9,  1869  ;  (2)  George 
O.7  (Kidder),  b.  Sept.  20,  1845  ;  d.  in 
Landgrove,  Vt.,  Oct.  23,  1863. 

100.  viii.  Nelson6,  b.  May  14,  1809  ;  m.  1838,  Lucy 

B.  Barnes;  res.  (1884)  in  Lvndeboro,  N. 
H.  Issue:  (1)  Albert  J.7 "(Kidder),  b. 
July  18,  1840;  d.  Sept.  21,  1872;  (2) 
Emogene7  (Kidder),  b.  Aug.  10, 1842;  d. 
May  19,  1864. 

101.  ix.  Olive6,  b.  Feb.  16,  1814  ;  m.  Apr.  19, 1832, 

Dr.  David  Wiley,  who  d.  Jan.  30,  1871. 
Issue  (1)  Warren  W.7  (Wiley),  b.  Oct. 
17,  1833;  m.  Mch.  20,  1859,  Alsina 
Meads ;  (2)  George  N.7  (Wiley),  b.  July 
31,  1837;  drowned  Aug.  7,  1858;  (3) 
Salina  C.7  (Wilev),  b.  Sept.  11,  1842 ;  m. 
Oct.  17,  1862,  Edwin  Weeden,  who  d. 
Oct.  29,  1879  ;  (4)  Nellie  L.7,  b.  Jan.  1, 
1850  ;  m.  Mch.  13,  1882,  Jasper  J.  Hath- 
away ;  (5)  Nettie  M.7  (Wiley),  b.  Feb.  2, 

102.  IV.  Olive5,  b.  Aug.  6,  1776;  d.  1851;  unm. 

103.  V.  Fanny5,  b.  Mch.  30,  1778  ;  m.  June  17,  1800,  Oli- 

ver Whiting  (b.  in  Temple,  N.  H.,  Jan.  5, 
1778),  the  seventh  in  descent  from  Kev.  Samuel 
Whiting,  the  1st  minister  of  Lynn,  Mass.,  and 

86  Stiles  Genealogy. 

his  2nd  wife  Elizabeth  (sister  of  Oliver)  St.  John 
of  Bedfordshire,  Eng.  This  lady,  who  was 
distinguished  for  her  virtues  and  accomplish- 
ments, had  a  most  remarkable  pedigree.  It  is 
traced  in  two  distinct  lines  to  William,  the  Nor- 
man, and  in  her  were  united  the  lineage  of  ten  of 
the  sovereigns  of  Europe  —  a  confluence  of 
noble  blood  not  often  witnessed  (History  of 
Lynn,  Mass.,  p.  274).  Oliver  and  Fanny 
(Stiles)  Whiting  settled  in  Wilton,  N.  H.,  where 
he  d.  Aug.  2,  1849  ;  shed. May  24,  1866.    Issue  : 

104.  i.  Oliver6,  b.  Feb.  21,  1801 ;  d.  June  29, 1803. 

105.  ii.  Fanny6,  b.  March  17, 1807;  m.  June  5,  1828, 

Ephraim  Whiting  Blood  of  Temple,  N. 
H.  (b.  July  26,  1799),  who  d.  Dec.  29, 
1837,  8B.  38.  She  d.  July  17,  1830,  se. 
23.  Child  :  Oliver  Whiting7  (Blood),  b. 
July  10,  1830 ;  m.  Eliza  Blanchard,  of 
Wilton  ;  res.  Concord,  1ST.  H. 

106.  iii.  David6,  b.  Aug.  26,  1810;  m.  Emma  Spauld- 

ing  (b.  in  Wilton,  July  12,  1813);  res. 
in  W. ;  he  d.  1882. 

107.  iv.  Martha6,  b.  Aug.  7,  1812;  d.  May  1,  1813. 

108.  v.  Hannah6,  b.  June  12,  1814;  m.  John  Bragg 

(b.  in  Milford,  IS".  H.,  Nov.  20, 1815);  res. 
(1883)  in  Wilton.  Issue:  (1)  Ella  J.7,  b. 
Jan.  22,  1849. 

109.  vi.  Sarah6,  b.  Apr.  3,  1816;  m.  Aug.  2,  1841, 

Jonathan  Parkhurst  (b.  in  Wilton,  Feb. 
15,  1815),  whod.  Dec.  25,  1868. 

110.  YI.  David5,  b.  Dec.  22,  1779;  m.  Betsey  (Elizabeth?) 

Mack.     Family  28. 

Family  11. 

111.  John4  Stiles  [30]  (Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1), 
was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  April  4,  1744 ;  married  Mary 
How,  Jan.  20,  1768.  He  spent  his  life  at  Middleton,  lived  at 
the  north  part  of  the  town,  where  he  kept  a  store  and  tavern. 
He  d.  1803. 

Massachusetts  Family.  87 

Children  {Middleton  Records) : 

112.  I.  John5,  Jr.,  b.  Jan.  20,  1770;  d.  Nov.  12,  1822;  m. 

Rebecca  Kenney.     Familv  29. 

113.  II.  Samuel5,  b.  Feb.  12,  1772. 

114.  III.  Azor5*  b.  Sept.  3,  1774. 

115.  IV.  May5,  b.  Oct.  29,  1776. 

116.  Y.  Esther5,  b.  Aug.  30,  1778. 

117.  VI.  Sarah5,  b.  Feb.  20.  1784  (perhaps  m.  Ezra  Gowing 

at  Middleton,  Oct.  29,  1809). 

Family  12. 

118.  Stephen4  Stiles  [33]  (Hezekiah3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1), 
was  born  at  Andover,  Mass.,  Mcli.  11, 1741  ;  married  at  Andover 
(by  Rev.  Wm.  Symmes),  Jan.  7,  1772,  widow  Hulah  (Chand- 
ler) Wardwell,  dau.  of  l)avid  and  Abial  (Hardin)  Chandler,  of 
Andover.  She  was  born  at  Snncook,  N.  H.,  Aug.  16,  1740. 
They  removed  with  their  3  children  (no  date  given)  to  Hills- 
borough, N.  H.,  where  both  parents  died,  but  at  what  date  is 
not  known.  Stephen  Stiles  at  the  time  of  his  death  was  still  a 
member  of  the  church  at  So.  Andover. 

Children  {A  ndover  Records) : 

119.  I.  Huldah6,  b.  in  Andover,  Mch.  21,  1773 ;  m.  An- 

drew Cressy  of  Bradford,  N.  H.  (b.  Feb.  11, 
1766;  d.  Apr.  3,  1860);  shed.  Feb.  24,  1859. 
Issue : 

120.  i.  Stephen8,  b.   Sept.   23,  1793;   m.   Martha 

Smith ;  had  one  son  who  d.  in  infancy. 
He  followed  farming  summers  and  taught 
school  winters;  d.  Oct.,  1872. 

121.  ii.  Hannah6,  b.  June,  1796  ;  m.  John  Smith, 

a  farmer,  and  a  bro .  of  her  bro.  Stephen's 
wife ;  had  2  sons  and  3  daus.;  she  died 
Apr.  12,  1830. 

122.  iii.  Allen6,  b.  June  15,    1798;  m.   (1)  Judith 

Sargent,  by  whom  he  had  3  sons  and  1 
dau.;  all  living  (1884) ;  m.  (2)  Aug.,  1859, 
Weltha  Sawyer,  now  (1884)  in  her  73d 

*  It  is  said  by  one  of  the  family,  that  the  name  Asa  used  to  be  pro- 
nounced as  if  spelled  Asaw,  and  it  may  be  that  Azor  was  considered  the 
same  as  Asa,  so  frequently  met  with  in  this  line. 

88  Stiles  Genealogy. 

year.  He  has  always  followed  farming. 
Although  in  his  86th  year,  Mr.  C.  him- 
self furnished  this  record  of  his  mother's 
family.  He  writes  "  our  children  number 
75."  ' 

123.  iv.  Phebe6,  b.  Mch.  11,  1802;  m.  John  How- 

lett,  a  farmer ;  had  3  sons  (all  of  whom 
are  dec'd)  and  1  dau. ,  who  is  m.  and  lives 
with  her  father,  who  is  in  his  89th  year 
(1884).     The  mother  d.  abt.  1850. 

124.  v.  Olive6,  b.  Feb.  28,  1805  ;  m.  (1)  True  Sar- 

gent, cousin  to  her  bro.  Allen's  1st  wife; 
had  son  and  dau. ;  Mr.  S.  was  killed  by  a 
falling  tree.  She  m.  (2)  Rev.  Charles 
Barton  (Methodist),  of  Hopkinton,  N.  H.; 
rem.  to  Merrill ville,  Ind.;  had  2  sons, 
•  one  of  whom  was  killed  at  the  battle  of 
Bull  Run,  and  3  daus.  She  d.  Dec.  10, 

125.  vi.  Matilda6,  b.  Feb.  15, 1808  ;  m.  A.  Presley, 

speculator;  had  6  sons  and  1  dau.;  the 
dau.  and  1  son  d.  young.  Mrs.  P.,  is  liv- 
ing (1884)  at  Cambridgeport,  Mass. 

126.  vii.  Anna6,  b.  Sept.  7,  1810 ;  d.  Mch.  4,  1814. 

127.  II.  Stephen6,  Jr.,  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  July  18, 1777; 

was  a  shoemaker ;  lived  with  his  brother  Moses ; 
d.  about  1852,  se.  75 ;  unm. 

128.  III.  Moses6,  b.  in  Andover,  Mass.,  Nov.  19,  1781 ;  d. 

Jan.    5,    1868;    m.    Mary   Chandler   Kennedy. 
Family  30. 

Family  13. 

129.  Barnard4  Stiles  [34]  (Hezekiah",  Ebenezer8,  Robert1), 

was  born  at  Andover,  Mass.,  June  28, 1744;  m.  Sarah . 

He  appears  to  have  been  living  in  Canterbury,  N.  H.,  in  1776, 
for  he  had  a  child  born  there  that  year,  but  probably  removed 
soon  after  to  Loudon,  JS .  H.,  where,  in  1785  he  signs  a  petition 
for  the  appointment  of  Benjamin  Sias  as  justice  of  the  peace 
{AT.  H.  State  Papers,  vol.  12,  p.  487). 

Massachusetts  Family.  89 

Children  (last  three  from  Loudon,  N.  H.,  Records) : 

130.  I.  Barnard6,  b.   Feb.  11,   1776,  at  Canterbury,  K  H. 

{Canterbury  Records). 

131.  II.  Samuel8,  b.  July  15,  1778. 

132.  III.  Sarah5,  b.  Sept,  13,  1780. 

133.  IY.  Hannah5,  b.  Apr.  30,  1783. 

Family  14. 

134.  Hezekiah4  Stiles,  Jr.  [39]  (Hezekiah3,  Ebenezer2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Andover,  Mass.,  Aug.  5,  1759  ;  married 
at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Sept.  17,  1782  (publishment  dated  June 
8,  1782),  Phebe,  dau.  of  Daniel,  Jr.,  and  Phebe  (Lovejoy)  Aus- 
tin, b.  Apr.  15,  1758.  They  removed  to  Rindge,  N  .  H.,  in 
1788.  He  d.  at  K.  in  1791  or  1792  (Hist.  Rindge),  at  the  age 
of  30  years,  says  another  authority.  She  m.  (2)  Oct.  4,  1803, 
Joshua  Holden,  who  d.  Dec.  1,  1817.  She  d.  Oct.  30,  1835 
(Hist.  Rindge,  N.  H). 

The  name  of  Hezekiah  Stiles  is  found  on  "  a  list  of  3  years' 
men  —  who  enlisted  in  Essex  and  Middlesex  counties  —  be- 
longing to  Andover  "  (Mass.  Rev.  Rolls,  vol.  xxvii,  pp.  102, 
103).  He  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Ben].  Farnum's  company 
"  which  marched  from  Andover  in  order  for  Bennington,"  Mch. 
28,  1777  (Mass.  Rev.  Rolls,  vol.  ii,  p.  35),  and  his  name  is 
found  on  the  "  return  list "  of  the  same  company,  Jan.  24, 
1778  (Mass.  Rev.  Rolls,  vol.  xi,  p.  76). 

Children  (from  Hist.  Rindge,  N.  H.) : 

135.  I.  Samuel5,  b.  Nov.  2,  1784,  at  Lunenburg ;  d.  young. 

136.  II.  Phebe5,  b.  at  Eindge,  N.  H.,   Apr.   9,  1786,  d. 


137.  III.  Samuel5,  b.  Mch.   17,  1778;  m.  Polly  Washburn. 

Family  31. 

138.  IV.  Hannah5,  b.  Dec.  31, 1790 ;  m.  June  15, 1813,  John 

Fenno,  who  wasb.  Mch.  22,  1793 ;  res.  in  Rindge, 
N.  H.  He  was  in  the  U.  S.  service  at  Ports- 
mouth, N.  H.,  in  1814.  She  d.  Aug.  15,  1822. 
Issue : 

139.  i.  John  Stiles6,  b.  Nov.  22, 1814 ;  m.  (1)  June 

4,  1837,  Susan  R.  Fenno  (dau.  of  Amos), 
who  d.  Apr.  28,  1843 ;  m.  (2)  his  cousin 
Evelyn,  dan.  of  Samuel  and  Polly  (Wash- 

90  Stiles  Genealogy. 

burn)    Stiles,  of  Kindge,  N.  H.     They 
were  residing  (1875)  at  Waltham,  Mass.* 
140.  ii.  Stephen6,  b.   Apr.    13,  1816;   m.  Oct.   19, 

1841,  Elizabeth  Cram  ;  res.  in  Somerville, 
Mass.  Issue:  (1)  Edward  H.7  (Fenno), 
b.  May  10, 1843  ;  is  a  farmer  in  Warwick, 
Mass. ;   (2)  Lizzie7  (Fenno),    b.  Nov.  4, 

1845;   m.   ■ Jaques  of   Somerville, 

Mass.  ;  (3)  Martin7  (Fenno),  b.  Mch.  5, 
1851 ;  res.  Somerville. 

Family  15. 

141.  Daniel4  Stiles,  Jr.  [45]  (Daniel3,  Ebenezer2,  Eobert1), 
was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass.,  July  22,  1744;  married  Sarah 
Averill,  Sept.  23,  1771 ;  resided  in  Middleton.  He  died  May 
29,  1812.  She  d.  Sept.  20,  1805.  Daniel  Stiles,  Jr.,  and  his 
wife  adm.  to  the  Cong.  Ch.,  Middleton,  1772. 

Children  {Middleton  Records) : 

142.  I.  Zeruiah5,  b.  May  9, 1772  (was  probably  the  one  mar- 

ried to  Eichard  Crispen  at  Middleton,  Dec.  9, 

143.  II.  Daniel5,    b.    June   5,   1775;    m.   Betty   Peabody. 

Family  32. 

144.  III.  Elijah5,    b.    Mch.    4,    1784;    m.   Tabitha   Gray. 

Family  33. 

Family  16. 

145.  Samuel4  Stiles  [50]  (Daniel3,  Ebenezer2,  Eobert1),  was 
born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Mch.  21,  1756  ;  married  Edney 
Gould  of  Boxford,  Mass.,  Dec.  13,  1781 ;  resided  at  Middle- 

*  John  Stiles6  Fenno  and  his  1st  wife  Susan  had: 
I.  William  Orville7  (Fenno),  b.  Aug.  25,  1839 ;  d.  May  6,  1848. 
II.  Susan  Helen'1  (Fenno),  b.  Apr.  28, 1841;  m.  Edward  R.  Hastings  of    IMrss 

III.  Eliza  Stearns7  (Fenno),  b.  Apr.  24,  1843;  in.  Geo.  W.  Wood  of  Wal- 

tham, Mass. 
By  his  2d  wife,  Evelyn  (Stiles)  Fenno: 

IV.  Isabel7  (Fenno),  b.  1844;  m.  M.  H.  Hughes,  a  tailor  of  Fitchburg, 

V.  Infant7' (Fenno).  d.  Mch.  9,  1847. 
VI.  Infant7  (Fenno),  d.  Mch.  31, 1848. 

Massachusetts  Family.  91 

ton.  Samuel  Stiles  was  on  the  "  roll  of  Capt.  Benj.  Farnum's 
company,  a  reinforcement  to  the  army  near  Boston,  Feb.,  1776." 
Time  of  service  66  days  (Historical  Sketches  of  Andover,  p. 
341).  "He  was  also  on  the  pay-roll  for  Capt.  Johnson's  com- 
pany in  Col.  Titcomb's  regt.  of  militia  from  the  State  of  Massa- 
chusetts Bay  to  State  of  Rhode  Island  for  two  months'  service, 
from  their  arrival  at  Providence  in  sd  State,  with  addition  of 
days'  travel,  from  the  several  towns  to  the  place  of  destination 
and  the  return  home  to  the  several  towns  whence  they  come, 
of  the  State  bounty  due  to  sd  company.  Bristol,  June  27, 1777  " 
(Mass.  Rev.  Rolls,  vol.  ii,  p.  139). 
Children  (Middleton  Records): 

146.  I.  Edney5,  b.  Feb.  24,  1782. 

147.  II.  Samuel5,  b.  Apr.  14,  1783. 

148.  III.  Betty5,  bl  Dec.  22,  1784. 

Family  17. 

149.  Caleb4  Stiles,  Jr.  [54]  (Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Eobert1), 
was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  June  19,  1737  ;  married  Feb.  7, 
1760;  Mary  (or  Elizabeth)  Townsend  at  Hollis,  UST.  H. ;  res.  in 
Hollis  for  a  number  of  years ;  probably  went  there  from  Am- 
herst, N.  H.,  before  his  marriage  ;  was  of  Hollis  in  1779,  when 
he  and  his  father  Caleb  Stiles,  Sen.,  received  as  bounty  from 
the  town  of  Hollis,  for  service  one  year  in  the  Continental 
army,  £300  each  ;  also  10  bushels  of  rye  and  10  bushels  of 
Indian  corn  (see  Hist.  Hollis,  N.  H.,  p.  183).  He  died  Oct., 
1824,  in  Danville,  Vt.,  to  which  place  a  number  of  Hollis 
families  are  said  to  have  removed  after  the  close  of  the  Revo- 
lutionary War.  Most  of  his  children,  with  their  families,  seem 
to  have  been  among  the  Hollis  people  who  removed  either  to 
Danville  or  to  towns  in  the  vicinity.  He  applied  for  a  pension 
Nov.,  1819,  and  was  living  June,  1820,  with  his  son  Samuel, 
at  Danville,  Vt;  had  no  family  with  him,  by  which  it  may  be 
understood  that  his  wife  was  not  at  that  tim  eving  (Pension 

Children  (from  Hollis  Records)  : 
150.        I.  Lucy5,  b.  Dec.  21,  1762;  m.  Mch.  21,  1786,  John 
Goddard,  Jr.,  of  Hollis,  IS".  H.  (A  relative  gives 
Alpheus  Goddard  as  the  name  of  Lucy  Stiles'  hus- 
band, and  says  they  rem.  to  Albany,  N.  Y.) 

92  Stiles  Genealogy. 

151.  II.  Caleb5,  Jr.,  b.   Feb.  17,  1765 ;  m.  Betsey  Peirce. 

Family  34. 

152.  III.  George5,  b.  Jan.  20,  1767 ;  m.  Mary  Peirce.   Family 


153.  IY.  Samuel5,  b.  July  17, 1769 ;  m.  Susan  Peirce.    Fam- 

ily 36. 

154.  Y.  Nathaniel5,  b.  Dec.  14, 1770  ;  m. .    Fam- 

ily 37. 

155.  YI.  Jonathan5,    b.   May  30,  1773;  m.  Lucy  Bunnell. 

Family  38. 

156.  YII.  Benjamin5,  b.  Oct.  12, 1775 ;  went  to  Canada,  where, 

it  is  said,  he  m.  a  French  lady. 

Sampson  D.  Stiles  of  Brooklyn,  ~N.  T.  (grand- 
son of  Benjamin's  brother  Jonathan),  says:  "I 
have  heard  my  father  tell  of  '  Uncle  Benjamin,' 
who  went  to  Three  Rivers  on  the  St.  Lawrence 
river  in  Can.  He  went  into  the  lumber  business, 
and  became  so  fully  identified  with  the  French 
people  of  that  region  that  he  almost  forgot  his 
mother  tongue." 

Family  18. 

157.  Joshua4  Stiles  [64]  (Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1  was 
born  June  16,  1749,  at  Amherst,  N.  H.,  probably,  although 
his  birth  is  recorded  both  at  Middleton  and  Amherst.  He 
married  (1)  at  Hollis,  K.  H.,  Oct.  7,  1773,*  Mehitable,  dau. 
of  Samuel  and  Love  (Wheeler)  Leeman,  of  Hollis,  she  born 
Sept.  26,  1747;  m.  (2)  Hannah  Leeman  (b.  July  2,  1757), 
sister  of  his  1st  wife ;  m.  (3)  widow  Sally  (Dustin)  (Slader) 
(Cooper),f  a  granddaughter  of  Hannah  Dustin  of  "  Indian 
captivity  "  celebrity.  Mrs.  Sally  Stiles  died  at  Greenfield,  1ST. 
H.,  Dec.  11,  1825.     He  d.  July  11,  1824. 

Children  (by  1st  and  2d  marriages) :  These  children  are 
arranged  in  the  order  in  which  they  were  received,  but  it  is 

*  Hist.  Hollis,  p.  346. 

f  Sally  Dustin  mar.  (1)  Mr.  Slader.  They  had  Abiah,  who  m.  Aaron 
Stiles  of  Greenfield,  N.  H. ;  m.  (2)  Moses  Cooper;  had  one  or  more  children 
by  him;  m.  (3)  Joshua  Stiles,  as  3d  wife,  he  having  children  by  both  his 
previous  marriages.  These  four  sets  of  children  were  brought  together  in 
one  family;  and  to  this  mixture  was  added  another  batch  of  3  children. 














II.  Joshu 

Massachusetts  Family.  93 

almost  certain  that  it  is  incorrect.     It  is  probable  that  there 
was  one  child,  at  least,  born  before  Mehitable. 
158.         I.  Mehitable5,  b.  Oct.,  1776;  m.  William  Holt ;  res. 
in  Greenfield,  N.  H.     Issue  : 
William6,  b.  Oct.  14,  1796. 
Mehitable6,  b.  May  24,  1799. 
Amos6,  b.  Nov.,  1802. 
Nathan6,  b.  Oct.,  1804. 
Eliza  L.6,  b.  Aug.  19,   1808;  res.  (1883)  at 

Greenfield,  N.  H.;  unm. 
Horace  E.6,  b.  Jan.  17,  1818,  res.  at  G. 
i5,  Jr.,  b.  Oct.  8,  1779  ;  m.  Elizabeth  Tuck. 
Family  39. 

166.  III.   Azubah5,  b.   Oct.   12,   1781;  m.    Sept.    20,  1806, 

Ebenezer  (son  of  Timothy  and  Rebekah)  Walton 
of  Reading,  Mass. ;  he  was  b.  May  2,  1782  ;  d. 
July  27,  1812,  "an  earnest,  honest,  industrious 
man  "  {Hist,  of  Beading).  His  wife  d.  July 
29,1842.     Issue: 

167.  i.  Mary6,  b.  Aug.  19,  1807;  m.  Apr.  7,  1832, 

Rev.  Ira  D.  Blanch  ard,  D.  D. ;  both  dead ; 
5  children. 

168.  ii.  Amos  Leeman6,  b.  Mch.   19,  1809 ;  m.  (1) 

Susan  Melendy,  who  d.  May  22, 1856  ;  m. 
(2)  Eliza  Hall,  Aug.  5,  1857* 

169.  iii.  Joshua6,  b.  Jan.  8,  1811 ;  ra.  May  29,  1832, 

Harriet  Melendy.f 

*  Children  of  Amos  Leeman*  Walton  and  wife  Susan  Melendy: 
I.  Mary1  (Walton),  b.  June  7,  1835. 
II.  Eliza1  (Walton). 

III.  Ruth7  (Walton),   b.  May  12,    1887;   m.  N.  Martin  Eaton;   res.  in 

"WjikcfiGlcl    TYTelss 

IV.  Abby  Jane1  (Walton),  b.  June  10, 1839;  m.  Geo.  W.  Oliver,  of  Wake- 

field, Mass. 

V.  Samuel  Leeman7  (Walton),  b.  Mch.  30,   1842;  m. Eaton,  sister 

to  N.  Martin  Eaton.     He  served  in  the  late  war  with  the  South. 
VI.     Emeline7  (Walton),  b.  Sept.  27,  1845;  d.  when  about  18  yrs.  of  age. 
f  Children  of  Joshua6  and  Harriet  (Melendy)  Walton: 
I.  Joshua  Brainerd7  (Walton),  b.  Apr.  7,  1833;  dec'd. 
II.  George  Kendall7  (Walton),  b.  Oct.  30,  1834;  d.  Mch.  27, 1843. 

III.  Harriet  Ocelia7  (Walton),  b.  Apr.  14,  1839. 

IV.  George  Kendall7   (Walton),   b.  Mch.  14,  1843  (he  was  two  weeks 

old  when  No.  II  died,  and  rec'd  his  name);  m.  and  living  at  the 
West.     Was  in  the  late  war. 

94  Stiles  Genealogy. 

170.  iv.  Timothy  Mansfield6,  b.  Oct.   23,   1812;  m. 

July,  1835,  Martha  Melendy,  who  (1883) 
res.  with  her  dau.  at  Goffstown  Centre, 
N.  H.    Issue:* 

171.  v.  Elmira6,  b.  Mch.  7,  1815  ;  m.  Jonas  Gerry, 

Dec.  19,  1849.  Issue:  (1)  Abner7,  b. 
1850 ;  (2)  Willie7,  b.  1852 ;  dec'd. 

172.  vi.  Ruth  Ann6,  b.  May  12,  1817;  m.   Haswell 

G.  Stowell,  Jan.,  1836.  Issue  :  (1)  Fran- 
cis Smith7,  b.  1842 ;  d.  July  26,  1882 ;  (2) 
Eliza  Azubah7,  b.  Feb.  6,  1846;  m.  D. 
Webster  Berry  of  Reading,  Mass. 

173.  vii.  Abigail8,  b.  June  9,  1819.     "  An  old  maid 

from  choice." 

174.  viii.  Joseph    Andrew8,  b.   Aug.    17,    1823;   m. 

Mch.  7,  1845,  Maria  Hazeltine ;  he  served 
in  Co.  E,  48th  Regt.  Mass.  Yols.f 

175.  ix.  Eben  Nelson8,  b.  Sept.  13,  1825 ;  m.  Eme- 

line  Kimball,  Nov.  8, 1846 ;  res.  in  Salem, 
Mass.  In  response  to  a  request  for  an 
account  of  himself,  Mr.  Walton  sent  the 
following  brief  sketch  [which  we  think 

*  Family  of  Timothy6  Mansfield  and  Martha  (Melendy)  Walton: 
I.  Son1  (Walton),  b.  and  d.  Mch.  14,  1840. 
II.  Son7  (Walton),  b.  Mch.  30;  d.  Mch.  31,  1841. 

III.  Helen  Augusta1  (Walton),  b.  Apr.  10,  1846;  d.  Oct.  1,  1859. 

IV.  Abby  Ann1  (Walton),  b.  Feb.  29,  1848;  m.  June  17,  1869,  Harrison  G. 

Sweetser,  of  Wakefield;  res.  Charleston,  Mass.     Issue: 
i.  Fred.  W.8  (Sweetser),  b.  June  21,  1870. 
ii.  Frank  L.8  (Sweetser),  b.  June  2,  1873. 
iii.  Edith  P.8  (Sweetser),  b.  Feb.  25,  1883. 
;     V.  Caroline  Holt1  (Walton)  b.  Nov.  17,  1852;  m.  Dec.  30,1874,  Geo.  W. 
Hunkins  of  Goffstown  Centre,  N.  H. ;  no  ch.     Her  mother  resides 
with  her. 
VI.  Eben  Amos1  (Walton),  b.   1856;  m.  Oct.  12,  1876,  Annie  Grey,  of 

Peterboro,  N.  H. ;  resides  in  Manchester,  N.  H. ;  no  chil. 
f  Children  of  Joseph  Andrew6  and  Maria  (Hazeltine)  Walton: 

I.  Joseph  Henry1  (Walton),  b.  Nov.  9,  1845;  m.  Mary . 

II.  Mary  Abby1  (Walton),  b.  Apr.  5, 1848;  m.  Joseph  Perkins  of  Salem, 
Mass.;  engineer  on  E.  R.  R. 
[HI.  Maria1  (Walton),  b.  Aug.  13,  1850;  d.  Sept.  22,  1850. 
IV.  Sarah  Green1  (Walton),  b.  Sept.  14,  1851;  m.  Joseph  Ball. 

V.  Ann  Maria1  (Walton),  b.  May  30,  1853;  m.  Henry  A.  Campbell. 

VI.  Horace  M.1  (Walton),  m.  Lydia  Dench;  he  is  an  engineer  on  Boston 
and  Providence  R.  R. 

Massachusetts  Family.  95 

too  modest  by  half.  —  M.  S.  P.  G.]  : 
"At  the  age  of  23  I  was  appointed  a  justice 
of  the  peace,  and  successive  commissions 
have  confirmed  me  in  that  office.  I  was 
appointed  coroner  in  1855  and  held  the 
office  until  the  office  itself  was  abolished 
throughout  the  State.  I  was  a  member 
of  the  common  council  of  Salem  in  1859 
and  1860,  and  clerk  of  the  board  from 
1861  to  1884.  In  1847  I  was  editor  of 
the  Salem  Advertiser  for  a  short  time. 
Since  1855  I  have  been  at  the  office  of 
the  Salem  Register ;  and  since  1873,  one 
of  its  editors  and  publishers.  I  have  al- 
ways taken  an  interest  in  the  temperance 
and  charitable  organizations,  and  have 
been  somewhat  prominent  in  several  of 
the  benevolent  societies."  Children  :  (1) 
Charles  Nelson7  (Walton),  b.  May  1, 1852; 
m.  Susan  Alice  Upton,  Apr.  29,  1875; 
(2)  Miriam  Azubah7  (Walton),  b.  Aug. 
19,  1861 ;  (3)  Carrie  Emma7  (Walton),  b. 
July  19,  1864;  a  pupil  (1883)  in  the 
State  Normal  School  at  Salem,  Mass. 

176.  IV.  Eebecca5,  d.  Jan.  4, 1880,  at  Danvers,  Mass. ;  unm. 

177.  V.  Samuel5,  went  west;  was  a  land  surveyor. 

178.  VI.  Jonathan6,  went  to  the  State   of   New  York  — 

when  last  heard  from  (1830),  was  living  in  Steu- 
ben Co.,  N.  Y. 

179.  VII.  David6,  was  killed   at  the  battle  of  Bridge  water 

otherwise  called  battle  of  "  Niagara ; "  also, 
"Lundy's  Lane,"  which  took  place  July  25, 

180.  VIII.  Peter6,  was  aid  to  Gen.  Miller  in  the  War  of  1812  ; 

was  present  at  Hull's  surrender,  Aug.  14,  1812. 
He  d.  at  Bakersfield,  Vt.,  leaving  a  widow,  but 
no  children,  his  only  son  having  been  drowned 
before  his  own  death. 
Children  (by  3rd  wife) : 

181.  IX.  Caleb  Dalton6,  b.  May  26,  1792;  m.  Clarissa  Beck- 

with.     Family  40. 

96  Stiles  Genealogy. 

182.       X.  Leonard6,  b.  May  26,  1792;  d.  young. 

Note. —  Mr.  Caleb  Oscar  Stiles  (son  of  Caleb  Dalton)  says 
that  either  David  or  Jonathan  was  own  brother  to  his  father, 
but  which  one,  or  whether  older  or  younger  than  his  father,  he 
is  unable  to  say. 

Family  19. 

183.  Simeon5  Stiles  [68]  (Ezekiel4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Sept.  7,  1775 ; 
married  Sarah  Elliott,  Nov.  21,  1811.  They  res.  in  Middle- 
ton,  where  he  died  Jan.  10,  1849,  se.  73  yrs.  4  mos.  3  days. 
Mrs.  Sarah  (Elliott)  Stiles  d.  Jan.  30,  1850,  se.  75  yrs.  7  mos. 
13  days. 

Children  (from  Middleton  Records) : 

184.  I.  Simeon6,  b.  Aug.  21,  1814;  d.  Apr.  4, 1879,  *e.  64; 


185.  II.  Sarah  C.6,  b.   Dec.  22,   1819;  m.  James  Conlin, 

Aug.  5,  1852.     Mr.  C.  d.  June  4,  1882.     Issue  : 

186.  i.  Rose7,  b.  Nov.  18,  1853. 

187.  ii.  Mary  Ellen7,  b.  1856  ;  d.  Oct.  24,  1857. 

188.  iii.  James  H.7,   b.  1858 ;  d.  Apr.  30,  1875,  se. 

17  yrs. 

189.  iv.  Mary  Ann7,  b.  May  5,  1860. 

Family  20. 

190.  Andrew5  Stiles  [69]  (Ezekie  \  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezer2, Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Oct.  1,  1778  ; 
m.  Hannah  Kimball.     He  died  1847. 

Children  {Middleton  Records) : 

191.  I.  Hannah  Kimball6,  b.  May  19,  1814  ;  m.  Andrew  E. 

Gould,  Sept.  2, 1841 ;  d.  Aug.  18,  1891,  in  Mid- 
dleton, Mass.;  living  (1884)  in  Middleton,  Mass. 

192.  II.  Andrew6,  Jr.,   b.  Feb.   25,  1816 ;  m.  Martha  Ste- 

vens and  Sarah  H.  Kelley.     Family  41. 

193.  III.  John  Potter6,  b.  Oct.  6,  1819  ;  m.  Lucy  J.  Buxton. 

Family  42. 

194.  IV.  Joseph6,  b.  Apr.  21,  1822  ;  d.  insane. 

Massachusetts  Family.  97 

Family  21. 

195.  Dea.  DaYid5  Stiles  [71]  (Ezekiel4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr., 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Nov.  1, 
1784 ;  m.  Nancy  Farnham,  at  Andover,  Mass.,  Mch.  12,  1812, 
who  died  Sept.  30,  1874,  se.  83  yrs.  6  mos.  He  was  deacon  of 
First  Cong.  Church  at  Middleton,  selectman,  overseer  of  the 
poor,  etc.,  etc.     He  d.  Aug.  7,  1863,  se.  78  yrs.  9  mos.  7  days. 

Children  (Middleton  Records) : 

196.  I.     David6,  Jr.,  b.  June  19,  1813  ;  m.  Rebecca  Perry. 

Family  43. 

197.  II.  Farnham6,  b.  Nov.  19,  1814;  m.  Elizabeth  P.  Rus- 

sell.    Family  44. 

198.  III.  Lydia  Richardson6,  b.  Nov.  28,    1819 ;  d.  Oct.  26, 


199.  IV.  Hiram  Abbott6,  b.  May  10,  1822  ;  m.  Emeline  Rus- 

sell and  Mrs.  Ruth  Berry.     Family  45. 

200.  V.  Franklin  Osgood6,  b.  Jan.  14,  1825  ;  d.  Jan.  26, 


201.  VI.  Levi  Bridgeman6,  b.  Sept.  14,  1827 ;  d.  Oct.  12, 


202.  VII.  Nancy  Emeline6,  b.  Aug.  14,  1828  ;  m.  June  2, 

1846,  Gustavus  H.  Tufts.     Issue: 

*Died  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Jan.  26,  1857,  of  consumption,  Franklin  Os- 
good Stiles,  se.  32. 

Mr.  Stiles  was  born  in  M.,  and  his  father  is  at  present  a  deacon  in  the 
Orthodox  Cong.  Church  in  that  place.  When  but  14  years  of  age  he  was 
sufficiently  decided  in  his  religious  views  to  admit  of  his  union  with  the 
church.  The  influence  of  the  Christian  principles  he  at  that  time  professed 
was  to  increase  the  attractiveness  that  Nature  herself  had  rendered  win- 
ning. At  the  age  of  17  yrs.  he  became  a  pupil  at  Phillips  Academy,  And- 
over, Mass.,  where  he  remained  until  his  18th  year.  At  this  time  he  mani- 
fested a  great  taste  for  mechanics,  and  under  the  instructions  of  his  brother, 
David  Stiles,  in  his  native  town,  he  applied  himself  to  learn  the  trade  of 
a  blacksmith.  But  after  six  years  spent  at  the  forge,  desiring  better  facili- 
ties for  improving  his  mind  than  his  situation  afforded,  he  left  his  native 
place  to  become  a  student  at  Leicester  Academy .  He  there  studied  assidu- 
ously for  four  years,  and  then  entered  Amherst  College  with  the  design  of 
educating  himself  for  the  ministry.  He  grad  uated  at  Amherst  with  high 
honors  in  the  fall  of  1856.  Very  soon  after  the  close  of  his  collegiate  course 
he  went  to  test  his  strength  by  teaching  in  an  academy  at  Adrian,  Mich. 
Here  his  disease  made  rapid  progress,  and  in  a  few  months  he  returned 
home  to  die  *  *  *  With  a  calm  and  unwavering  trust  in  Christ,  whose 
presence  he  recognized  continually,  he  set  out  cheerfully  to  be  led  by  Him 
through  the  "Valley  of  the  shadow  of  death"  unto  the  presence  of  his 
Heavenly  Father. — Newspa/per  Obituary. 


98  Stiles  Genealogy. 

i.  Landon  Osgood7,  b.  Mch.  3,  1847 ;  d.  Jan. 

6,  1849. 
ii.  Annie  Warren7,  b.  Dec.  31,  1848 ;  m.  Oct. 
10,  1866,  Edmund  B.  Jarvis  of  Lynn, 
Mass. ;  had  10  children,  of  whom  4  are 
(1890)  living, 
iii.  Evelyn  Augusta7,  b.  July  18,  1850 ;  m.  June 
2,  1871,  Jacob  Kent  of  Eowley,  Mass. ; 
d.  May  15,  1876 ;  2  children, 
iv.  Alice  Loring7,  b.  June  23,  1852;  d.  Sept. 

16,  1854. 
v.  Myra  Lydia7,  b.  July  3,  1854 ;  m.  Apr.  12, 
1876,  Daniel  Fuller  of  Middleton,  Mass. 
vi.  Ardelia  Loring7,  b.  Aug.  28,  1856  ;  m.  Jan. 
1,  1887,  James  Q.  Gallagher  of  Danvers, 
vii.  Alice  May7,  b.  May  15,  1858 ;  m.  Sept.  11, 
1888,  Hiram  K  Towne  of  Boxford,  Mass. 
viii.  Miriam  Bichardson7,  b.  Apr.  16,  1860 ;  m. 
Aug.  14,  1879,  George  E.  Danforth ;  3 
ix.  Wilbur  Haven7,  b.  Aug.  10,  1862 ;  unm. 
x.  Cora  Wilson7,  b.  Sept.  7,  1867 ;  m.  Sept.  6, 
1885,  Frank  Leach  of  Gilmanton,  N.  H.; 
2  children. 
xL  Lewis  Preston7,  b.  Jan .  4,  1870. 
xii.  Leighton  Landon7,  b.  Mch.  24,  1874. 
203.  YIII.  Warren6,  b.  Apr.  21, 1830  ;  d.  Dec.  4,  1848. 

Family  22. 

204.  Joseph5  Stiles,  Jr.  [75]  (Joseph4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezer2, Bobert1),  was  born  at  Wilton,  N.  H.(?),  June  5,  1762  ; 
married  Buth  Greeley,  and  settled  in  Landgrove,  Yt. ;  after- 
ward removed  to  Hebron,  N.  Y. ;  d.  1842. 

Children  : 

205.  I.  Amity6,  m. Rich  ;  res.  in  Troy,  N.  Y.,  at  last 

accounts   had  of  her   by  her  brother,  AJanson 
Stiles  of  Mexico,  N.  Y. 

206.  II.  Silas6,  b.   Mch.    6,  1799;  m.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Shay. 

Family  46. 

Massachusetts  Family.  99 

207.  III.  Patty6,  m. Hough ;  lived  in  Oswego  city,  IS". 

Y. ;  ck  there  about  1880 ;  a  daughter  of  hers, 
Mrs.  Betsey  Wood,  is  res.  at  that  place  (1884)  at 
the  present  time. 

208.  IV.  Kuth6,  m.  Daniel  Wells ;  d.  in  Onondaga  county, 

N".  Y.,  about  30  years  ago  (about  1854). 

209.  Y.  Alvin6,  b. ;  m.  and  died. 

210.  VI.  Alanson6,   b.  in  Landgrove,  Vt.,  Jan.  16,  1857;  m. 

Salome  Benedict.     Family  47. 

Family  23. 

211.  Ebenezer6  Stiles  [76]  (Joseph4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezera,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wilton,  IS".  H.,  June  14,  1765  ; 
married  Sarah  (dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Sarah)  Killam*  of 
Temple,  IS".  H.  She  was  b.  at  Wilmington,  Mass.,  Apr.,  1766 ; 
died  at  Peru,  Vt.,  Sept.  30,  1868  [being  as  will  be  seen,  102 
years  5  mos.  16  days  old].  After  their  marriage  they  res.  for 
9  years  at  Wilton,  then  after  spending  over  a  year  at  Temple, 
they  removed,  about  1800,  to  Landgrove,  where  they  lived 
for  12  years.  In  1813  they  rem.  to  a  farm  which  they  had 
purchased  in  Peru,  Vt.  Here  he  died,  Sept.  21,  1857,  "where 
he  had  lived,  loved,  labored  and  worshiped,  while  years  rolled 
away  and  generations  changed,  until  at  the  call  of  his  God  he 
slept  to  waken  not,  in  the  92d  year  of  his  age."  He  was  a 
volunteer  for  the  War  of  1812,  serving  for  a  short  time.  Eben- 
ezer Stiles  and  his  wife  were  both  members  of  the  Cong, 
church  until  their  deaths.  They  lived  together  65  years.  His 
death  was  the  first  in  the  family. 

*  Sarah  Killam  was  the  third  of  the  9  children  of  Benjamin  and  Sarah  Kil- 
lam,  all  of  whom  she  outlived.  Her  father,  a  farmer,  living  in  Wilmington, 
Mass.,  took  a  lively  interest  in  the  affairs  of  the  young  colonies.  In  1770 
he  removed  with  his  family  (by  ox  team)  to  Temple,  N.  H.,  during  the  first 
tide  of  special  emigration  to  what  was  then  known  as  the  ' '  Hampshire 
grants."  Mrs.  Stiles  (then  a  child  of  7  years)  remembered  going  on  horse- 
back all  the  way  from  Wilmington  to  Temple,  a  distance  of  50  miles. 
Her  descendants  have  heard  her  tell  of  seeing  the  Bed  Coats  pass  her 
father's  house  in  Wilmington,  on  their  way  from  Boston  to  Haverhill.  It 
is  mentioned  as  a  notable  fact  that  the  color  of  her  wedding  dress  was  red. 
She  was  a  wonderfully  cheerful  Christian;  was  always  ready  to  talk  on  the 
subject  of  religion,  and  could  repeat  a  great  deal  of  scripture.  On  her 
100th  birthday  a  religious  meeting  was  held  at  the  house  of  the  son  with 
whom  she  was  living,  and  she  repeated  passages  of  scripture,  her  mind  be- 
ing very  clear,  etc. ,  etc. 

100  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children : 

212.  I.  Sarah6,  b.  July  IT,  1794 ;  m.  Samuel  Parker,  Feb. 

10,  1820 ;  lived  and  d.  at  Norwood,  formerly 
Potsdam  Junction,  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y. 
She  d.  Jan.  25,  1867.     Issue  : 

213.  i.  Hannah  Cutter7,  b.  May  31,  1821 ;  dec'd. 

214.  ii.  Samuel  Horatio7,  b.  Sept.  15,  1822;  grad. 

at  Yerniont  University,  Burlington,  Vt. ; 
is  at  present  practicing  law  in  Texas. 

215.  iii.  Sarah  Ann7,  b.  Aug.  26,  1824;  res.  at  the 

home  place,  Potsdam,  N.  Y. 

216.  iv.  Lucy  C.7,  b.  Jan.  25, 1826  ;  also  res.  at  home. 

217.  v.  Harriet  M.7,  b.  July  25, 1828 ;  was  for  many 

years  a  teacher  at  Jacksonville,  111.;  res. 
with  her  sister  at  the  home  place. 

218.  vi.  Addison    Aaron7,  b.  Mch.    12,   1830;    res. 

Ogdensburg,  N.  Y. 

219.  vii.  Mary  E.7,  b.  July  12,  1832. 

220.  viii.  Celestia  M.7,  b.  Aug.  13,  1835;  not  living. 

221.  II.  Polly6,  b.  May  7,  1796 ;  m.  Sept.  3,  1828,  Joseph 

Stone  (b.  June  8,  1781),  of  Peru,  Yt.  He  was 
the  third  child  of  Samuel  and  Martha  (Wilder) 
Stone  of  Gardner,  Mass.  "  A  very  substantial 
man  and  of  great  help  in  building  up  the  town" 
{Hist.  Gardner,  Mass.).  Joseph  Stone  and  his 
family  res.  at  Peru,  their  children  remaining  on 
the  home  farm,  none  having  married.  He  d. 
Mch.  15,  1856.  Mrs.  Polly  (Stiles)  Stone  d. 
Oct.,  1879.     Issue : 

222.  i.  Harvey7,  b.  June  3,  1830. 

223.  ii.  Leonora7,  b.  Jan.  2,  1837. 

224.  iii.  Hezekiah7,  b.  Dec.  19,  1838. 

225.  III.  Ebenezer6,  Jr.,  b.  May  8,  1798  ;  m.  Clarissa  Edson. 

Family  48. 

226.  IY.  Alice6,  b.  May  9,  1800  ;  never  married.     She  lived 

for  many  years  in  the  family  of  Rev.  Jeremiah 
Searle  of  Coxsackie-on-the-Hudson.  Her  last 
years  were  spent  in  the  same  family  at  Troy,  N. 
Y.  She  died  Aug.  9,  1876,  of  heart  disease,  in 
E.  Dorset,  Yt.,  while  on  her  way  to  visit  her 
brother,  in  Peru,  Yt. 

Massachusetts  Family.  101 

227.  V.  Francis  K.6,  b.  Sept.  9,  1802  ;  m.   Martha  Stone. 

Family  49. 

228.  VI.  Aaron6,  b.  June  10, 1 804;  m.  Laura  Irish.  Family  50. 

229.  VII.  Benjamin6,  b.  Aug.  5, 1806  ;  m.  Lydia  Cotton  ;  res. 

in  Tioga,  N.  Y. ;  both  dead  ;  he  d.  April  7, 1868; 
no  children. 

Family  24. 

230.  Andrew5  Stiles  [78]  (Joseph4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Eobert1),  was  born  in  Wilton,  N.  H.,  Jan.  10,  1770;  m. 
(1)  Lydia,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Lydia  (Adams)  Holt,  of  Tem- 
ple, N.  H.  (b.  at  Temple,  Nov.  12,  1771),  Nov.  17,  1791. 
She  d.  Feb.  5  (or  6),  1813,  se.  31.  They  lived  at  Nelson,  N.  H. 
He  m.  (2)  Dorcas  Beard,  at  Nelson,  where  he  d.  Oct  16,  1828. 
She  d.  in  Hockford,  111.,  Dec.  23,  1838,  whither  she  had  with 
her  children  removed  not  long  before. 

Children  (by  1st  wife) : 

231.  I.  Andrew6,  Jr.,  b.  Oct.  9,  1792  ;  m.  Lydia  Jewett. 

Family  51. 

232.  II.  Lydia6,  b.  Aug.  3,  1794 ;  m.  Ezekiel  Jewett  (bro. 

to  Lydia),  of  Temple,  N.  H.  He  was  a  son  of 
Isaac  and  Mary  (Chandler)  Jewett  of  Nelson  (b. 
Apr.  9,  1790;  d.  at  Hanover,  Me.).  She  died  at 
Dummer,  N.  H.,  Dec.  23,  1886,  aged  92  yrs.  8 
mos.  14  days.     Issue  : 

233.  i.  Lydia  Josephine7,  b.  at  Nelson,  N.  H.,  Aug. 

15,  1815;  m.  Milton  Roberts,  in  Han- 
over, Me.,  Feb.  6,  1840.  She  d.  at  Han- 
over, Mch.  31,  1885.    Issue  :*    - 

*  Children  of  Milton  and  Lydia  J.7  (Jewett)  Roberts: 
I.  Mary  Elizabeth8  (Roberts),  b.  in  Bethel,  Me.,  Mch.  4, 1842;  d.  in  Han- 
over, Me.,  Nov.  4,  1867. 
II.  Laurantha8  (Roberts),  b.  in  Hanover,  Me.,  May  6,  1844;  d.  Nov.  18, 

III.  Almeran8  (Roberts);  b.  Apr.  29,  1846;  m.  Melinda  S.  Paine,  Oct.  19, 
1872;  res.  Hanover.     Issue: 
i.  Son9,  b.  Oct.  13,  and  d.  Oct.  14,  1873. 
ii.  Geneva  Maud9  (Roberts),  b.  Feb.  22,  1875. 
iii.  Cyrene  Pearl9  (Roberts),  b.  Feb.  26,  1877. 
iv.  Waldo9  (Roberts),  b.  June  7,  1878;  d.  Oct.  14,  1879. 
v.  Ethel  Madge9  (Roberts),  b.  Sept.  20,  1882. 
IV.  Modestus8  (Roberts);  b.  in  Hanover,   Me.,  May  28,  1851;  d.  Oct  29, 

102  Stiles  Genealogy. 

234.  ii.  Lorenzo  Niles7,  b.  May  14,  1817;  d.  Mch. 

28,  1818. 

235.  iii.  Mary  Chandler7,  b.  Jan.  19,  1819 ;  d.  Jan. 

1,  1838. 

236.  iv.  Caspar7,  b.  June  26,  1821 ;  m.  — . 

Issue  :* 

237.  v.  Lois  Malvina7,  b.  June  13,  1823. 
238-                   vi.  Lorenzo7,  b.  Sept.  13,  1825. 

239.  vii.  Willard7,b.  Feb.  17,  1828,  d.  Jan.  18,  1864. 

240.  viii.  Edna  Bennett7,  b.  Nov.  13,  1830 ;  d.  Jan. 

25,  1838. 

241.  ix.  Andrew  Stiles7,  b.  Apr.  20,  1833. 

242.  x.  Luthera  Izette,  b.  Jan.  2,  1836. 

243.  III.  Lois6,  b.  July  13,  1796,  in  Nelson,  N.  H. ;  m.  in 

N.,  Nov.  7,  1816,  Samuel  Jewett  (cousin  to 
Ezekiel  Jewett,  husband  of  her  sister,  Lydia), 
who  was  b.  in  Temple,  N.  H.,  Mch.  18,  1792. 
They  removed  from  Temple  to  Hanover,  Me., 
Jan.,  1821,  making  the  journey,  which  took  7 
days,  with  a  team.  In  1833  they  rem.  to  Ripley, 
Me.,  where  Mr.  Jewett  d.  Nov.  2,  1858.  Mrs. 
Lois  Jewett  was  living  Dec,  1884  (being  in  her 
89th  year),  with  her  grandson,  George  H.  Jewett, 
of  Ripley,  Me.  Mrs.  Lois  Jewett  d.  at  Ripley, 
Me.,  Aug.  23,  1888.     Issue  : 

244.  i.  Samuel  R.7,  b.  at  Temple,  N.  H.,  Jan.  24, 

1819;  m.  Melvina  Phelps  (b.   Aug.   19, 

*  Children  of  Caspar1  and Jewett: 

I.  Sarah8  (Jewett),  b.  Pec.  2,  1846,  in  Hanover,  Me.;  m.  Sumner  Ord- 
way,  1862.    Issue: 
i.  May  E.9  (Ordway),  b.  in  Milan,  N.  H.,  Jan.  12,  1865. 

iv.  Frank  B.9  (Ordway),  b.  1872. 
v.  Charles9  (Ordway),  b.  Dec.  11,  1873. 
vi.  Elizabeth  E.9  (Ordway),  b.  June  30,  1881. 
II.  George  H.8  (Jewett),  b.  Dec.  17,  1850;  m.  Oct.  30,  1872,  Ella  Peters. 
i.  Lingan9  (Jewett),  b.  Nov.  12,  1873,  in  Dummer,  N.  H. 
ii.  Eva  A.9,  (Jewett),  b.  in  Dummer,  Feb.  6,  1875. 
III.  Edna8  (Jewett),  b.  Feb.  12,  1854,  in  Hanover,  Me. ;  m.  Orlando  Con- 
don, Mch.,  1872.     Issue: 
i.  John  W.9  (Condon),  b.  in  Berlin,  N.  H.,  Apr.  12,  1873. 
ii.  LeunaE.9  (Condon),  b.  Mch.  16,  1876. 
iii.  Linwood  J.9  (Condon),  b.  Aug.  22,  1883. 

Massachusetts  Family.  103 

1837),   July   3,   1857,   at  Milan,  N.  H. 

245.  ii.  Norman*  Stiles7,  b.  Mch.  19,  1821 ;  m.  (1) 

Martha  Kittredge  of  Nelson,  N.  H.,  Apr. 
6, 1845  ;  shed.  Mch.,  1863,  of  diphtheria; 
six  of  her  children  also  dying  of  the  same 
disease  within  one  month  of  each  other  ; 
m.  (2)  Caroline  Sturtevant ;  m.  (3)  Delilah 
Brown.     Issue  :f 

246.  iii.  Lois  H.7,  b.  at  Hanover,  Me.,  July  6,  1823  ; 

m.  Fernando  Wheeler,  at  Milan,  N.  H., 

*  Children  of  Samuel1  and  Melvina  (Phelps)  Jewett: 

I.  Lydia  J.8  (Jewett),  b.  at  Milan,  N.  H.,  Apr.  23,  1858;  m.  Joseph 
Smith  (b.  Nov.,  1850);  d.  Oct.  10,  1884.     Issue: 
i.  Esther9  (Smith),  b.  at  St.  Albans,  Me.,  Feb.  8, 1878;  d.  May  10, 1880. 
ii.  Lulu  A.9  (Smith),  b.  May  9,  1879. 

iii.  Maude  E.9  (Smith),  b.  May  28,  1880;  d.  Sept.  17,  1880. 
iv.  Helen  M.9  (Smith),  b.  at  Norridgewock,  Me.,  May  16,  1884. 
II.  Lois  A.8  (Jewett),  b.  June  14,  1859;  d.  at  Ripley,  Me.,  Mch.  3,  1864. 

III.  Vesta  A.8  (Jewett),b.  Sept.  7,  1861 ;  m.  Henry  Butler  (b.  at  Ripley, 

Me.,  Nov.  30,  1844).     Issue: 

i.  Bessie  M.9  (Butler),  b.  at  Ripley,  June  16,  1881. 
ii.  Callie  E.9  (Butler),  b.  Aug.  26,  1883. 

IV.  Ellen  N.8  (Jewett),  b.  May  9,  1865,  m.  Roscoe  W.  Felker  (b.  at  R., 

Apr.  1,  1884). 
V.  Amanda  M.8  (Jewett),  b.  Feb.  28,  1868;  d.  May  2,  1874. 
VI.  Charles  E.8  (Jewett),  b.  Sept.  17,  1870. 
VII.  Ardel  R.8,  b.  June  26,  1873. 
VIII.  Irwin  H.8,  b.  Oct.  15,  1875. 
IX.  Nora8,  b.  Mch.  19,  1883. 

f  Children  of  Norman  S.7  and  Martha  (Kittredge)  and  Caroline  (Sturtevant) 

By  Martha : 
I.  Lois  E.8  (Jewett),  b.  at  Ripley,  Me.,  1846;  d.  1863. 
II.  Martha  H.8  (Jewett),  d.  1863. 

III.  Charles  H.8  (Jewett),  b.  at  Readfield,  Me.,  July  12,  1850. 

IV.  George  W.8  (Jewett),  died  Mch.  13,  1863. 

V.  Julius  E.8  (Jewett), )  .    .        jm.  Eva  Strout. 
VI.  Julia  E.8  (Jewett),    \  twm& ;  ]  d.  Mch.,  1863. 
VII.  Albert  E.8  (Jewett),  d.  Mch.,  1863. 
VIII.  Samuel8  (Jewett),  died  Mch.,  1863. 
IX.  Caroline  E.8  (Jewett),  b.  Mch.  6,  1862. 

By  Caroline  : 
X.  Willie  M.8  (Jewett),  b.  at  Ripley;  m.  Mina  Downs. 
XI.  Lois  E.8  (Jewett). 
XII.  Rosabell8  (Jewett). 

XIII.  Sydney8  (Jewett),  d. 

XIV.  Infant8,  d. 
XV.  Infant8,  d. 

104  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Aug.  22,  1859;  d.  at  Ripley,  Me.,  Feb. 
1,  1868. 

247.  iv.  George  W.7,  b.  at  H.,  July  3,  1825 ;  d.  at 

Ripley,  Sept.  19,  1850. 

248.  v.  James  E.7,   b.   at  Hanover,   Me.,  May  23, 

1827;   m.  Mary  S.   Goodale,   at  Ripley, 
Jan.  1,  1854 ;  d.  June  17,  1873.     Issue  :* 

249.  vi.  Orange7,  b.  at  H.,  Dec.  15,  1829  ;  m.  Sarah 

Magoon  of  Harmony,  Me.,  Dec.  16, 1865. 
Issue  :f 

250.  vii.  Lydia  L.7,  b.  at  Hanover,  Mch.  11, 1832  ;  d. 

at  Taunton,  Mass.,  Jan.  28,  1852. 

251.  viii.  Mary  J.7,  b.  at  Ripley,  June  23,  1842;  m. 

Horace  Frost,  of  St.  Albans,  Me.,  Sept. 
6,  1858.     Issue::}: 

*  Children  of  James  E.1  and  Mary  S.  (Goodale)  Jewett: 

I.  James  G.8  (Jewett),  b.  at  Ripley,  Me.,  May  29,  1855;  d.  Feb.  10, 1864. 
II.  George  H.8  (Jewett),  b.  Apr.  14, 1857. 

III.  Mary  E.8  (Jewett),  b.  May  20,  1860;  m.  Oct.  26,  1881,  George  M. 

Nutter  (b.  at  Ripley,  May  1,  1860).     Child:  Maurice  E.9  (Nutter), 
b.  June  26,  1883. 

IV.  MyraE.8 (Jewett),  b.  Mch.  5,  1862;  m.  Sept.  30, 1883,  Albert  Parker 

(b.  at  St.  Albans,  Me.,  Nov.  25,  1862). 
V.  John  S.8  (Jewett),  b.  May  1,  1866. 
VI.  James  S.8  (Jewett),  b.  Aug.  9.  1871. 

f  Children  of  Orange1  and  Sarah  (Magoon)  Jewett: 

I.  Dora  A.8  (Jewett),  b.  at  St.  Albans,  Me.,  Sept.  18,  1856;  m.  Hiram  B. 

Nutter  (b.  at  Ripley,  June  13,  1858).     Issue: 
i.  Guy9  (Nutter),  b.  Apr.  6,  1880. 
ii.  Ralph9  (Nutter),  b.  Oct.  29,  1883. 

II.  Alice  J.8  (Jewett),  b.  Mch.  9,  1859;  d.  Sept.  26,  1877. 

III.  Ephraim8  (Jewett),  b.  Dec.  21,  1862;  d.  Aug.  18,  1864. 

IV.  Sarah  M.8  (Jewett),  b.  July  10,  1866;  d.  Apr.  11,  1871. 
V.  Frank  E.8  (Jewett),  b.  May  17,  1869;  d.  Apr.  11,  1871. 

VI.  Fred.  M.9  (Jewett),  b.  June  17,  1872. 

^Children  of  Horace  and  Mary  J.1  (Jewett)  Frost: 

I.  Elmina8  (Frost),  b.  at  St.  Albans,  Me.,   Sept.  21,  1862;  d.   Aug.  31, 

II.  Elvena8  (Frost),  b.  Sept.  21,  1862;  m.  Hamlin  Stuart,  Apr.  24,  1883. 

i.  Edith9  (Stuart),  b.  Feb.  19,  1884. 

III.  Adelbert8  (Frost),  b.  Nov.  29,  1864. 

IV.  Isaiah  B.8  (Frost),  b.  Dec.  29,  1867. 

V.  Lora8  (Frost),  b.  Dec.  29,  1867;  d.  Jan.  16,  1873. 
VI.  Lamond8  (Frost),  b.  Jan.  16, 1875. 
VII.  Charles  A.8  (Frost),  b.  Mch.  17,  1879. 
VIII.  Herbert  H.8  (Frost),  b.  Jan.  15,  1883. 

Massachusetts  Family.  105 

252.  IV.  Henry  Holt6,  b.  Nov.  11,  1798;  d.  Dec.  9,  1806. 

253.  V.  Abner6,  b.  Aug.  12,  1800;  d.  Oct.  10,  1801. 
Children  (by  2d  wife)  : 

254.  VI.  Henry6,   b.   Oct.   15,    1815;  m.   Emeline   Taylor. 

Family  52. 

255.  VII.  Hannah  Hay  ward6,  b.  July  22,   1817;  m.  Dudley 

Hubbard  (b.  at  Great  Falls,  N.  H.),  Jan.  25, 1839, 
in  Rockford,  111.  They  have  resided  for  many 
years  past  in  Roxbury,  Mass.     Issue : 

256.  i.  Amanda  Malvina7,  b.  at  Great  Falls,  N.  H., 

Sept.  22,  1843;  m.  Marshall  J.  Smith, 
June  16,  1871.  Reside  (1884)  Boston, 
jV/j  qcc      T^mip  * 

(1)  Edith  Edna8  (Smith),  b.  in  B.,  Dec. 

2  1872 

(2)  Waldo   Hubbard8   (Smith),    b.    in 

Greenwood,  Mass.,  Apr.  5,  1874. 

(3)  Marion  Beck8  (Smith),  b.  in  Den- 

ver, Col.,  Sept.  23,  1877. 

257.  ii.  Lewella  Almeda7,  b.  in  Roxbury,  July  19, 

1846  ;  res.  with  her  parents  ;  unm. 

258.  iii.  Fanny  Marcia7,    b.  in  R.,  Sept.   8,  1854; 


259.  VIII.  David  B.6,  b.  Feb.  5,  1819 ;  m.  (1)  Emeline  Mason ; 

m.  (2)  Sarah  A.  Stryker ;  m.  (3)  Mrs.  Frances 
A.  Martin.     Family  53. 

Family  25. 

260.  Abram5  Stiles  [80]  (Joseph4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Wilton.  E".  H.,  Mch.  3,  1777 ;  m. 
Hannah  Stoddard  of  Nelson,  K  H.,  Mch.  11,  1801 ;  was  a 
farmer  ;  lived  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  after  1865,  removing  to 
Keene,  from  Gilsum,  N.   H.  {Raywardh  Hist.   Gilsum,  p. 

Children : 

261.  I.  Abram6,  Jr.,  b.  Oct.  27  (or  21),  1802  ;  m.  Mary  G. 

Towns.     Family  54. 

262.  II.  Lucy6,  b.  Oct.  16,  1804;  m.  Amasa  Brown;  was 

living  in  Keene,  1884;  had  dau.  who  d.  young. 

106  Stiles  Genealogy. 

263.     III.  Miranda6,  b.  Nov.  14,  1806 ;  d.  Feb.  8,  1831  (one 

says  d.  Nov.,  1830). 
264     IY.  Aaron6,  b.  Feb.  22,  1809;  d.  Nov.  25,  1828. 

265.  V.  Bichard  Stoddard6,  b.  Aug.   15,   1811;  m.  Sarah 

Stilston.     Family  55. 

266.  VI.  Henry6,  b.  Oct.  4,  1815 ;  d.  Mch.  14,  1831  (one 

authority  says  d.  Dec,  1830). 

267.  VII.  Laura6,  b.  Apr.  14,  1817;  m.  as  2d  wife,  Willis 

Stanford,  of  Chesterfield,  N.  H.,  who  d.  Mch. 
17,  1884 ;  she  resides  (1885)  at  Chesterfield. 

268.  VIII.  Gardner6,  b.  Aug.  31,  1819;  m.  Mary  A.  Wood- 

cock and  Elsina  Bowley.     Family  56. 

Family  26. 

269.  Asa5  Stiles  [90]  (Asa4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2, 
Kobert1),  was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass.,  Nov.  10,  1765.  He 
married  (1)  May  22,  1792,  his  cousin,  Betsey  Stiles,  dau.  of 
Abner  Stiles ;  she  d.  Aug.  27,  1800,  se.  37  ;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Abi- 
gail (Harwood)  Carson,  who  d.  May  4,  1821,  se.  53 ;  m.  (3) 
Polly  Dascomb,  18  Nov.,  1822.  He  lived  in  Wilton,  N.  H. 
was  a  farmer  and  blacksmith,  and  for  several  years  kept  a  store 
He  was  selectman  in  1823.  He  d.  Feb.  10,  1832,  se.  67 
widow  Polly  (Dascomb)  Stiles  d.  Feb.  26,  1849,  se.  72. 

Children  (by  1st  wife) : 

270.  I.  Asa6,    b.  Apr.  27,   1794;  m.  Polly  Tapley,  Mrs. 

Lucinda    B.    Holt,   and    Mrs.   Betsey  Far  well. 
Familv  57. 

271.  II.  Betsey6,'  b.  Apr.  17,  1798 ;  m.  David  Blood;  res. 

in  Mason,  N.  H.     She  d.  in  M.,  Apr.  13,1883 ; 
had  been  a  widow  for  many  years.    No  children. 

272.  III.  Polly6,  b.  June  7,  1800  ;  m.  Koyal  Blood,  was  liv- 

ing, 1857,  in  Ind.  (see  Early  Stiles  Genealogy, 
p.  21). 
Children  (by  2d  wife) : 

273.  IV.  Nancy6,  b.  Nov.  5, 1803  ;  m.  Gilbert  Tapley;  lived 

years  ago  at  Milford,  Ind. 

274.  V.  Abigail8  (born  with  one  hand) ;  m.  Ebenezer  David- 

son; lived  years  ago  in  Mich. 

275.  VI.  Sarah8 ;  m.   Keuben  Daniels,  a  machinist ;   lived 

years  ago  at  Woodstock,  Vt.;  had  children.     It 

Massachusetts  Family.  107 

is  said  that  two  other  children  belonged  to  this 

Family  27. 

276.  Ebenezer6  Stiles  [91]  (Asa4,  Ebeuezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Aug.  26,  1769;  in. 
(1)  Prudence  (b.  Aug.  30,  1769),  dau.  of  Moses  and  Sarah 
(Stiles)  Child  of  Temple,  1ST.  H.  [Note.— The  mother  of  Pru- 
dence Child  was  a  dau.  of  Jacob3  Stiles  of  the  line  of  Timothy2. 
See  Family  8,  line  of  Timothy.3]  Prudence  (Child)  Stiles  d. 
Sept.  5,  1805.  Ebenezer  Stiles  m.  (2)  Sarah  Putnam ;  (3) 
;  lived  at  Temple,  N.  H.,  where  he  d.,  1835. 

Children  (by  1st  wife)  : 

277.  I.  Timothy8,  b.  1797;  m.  Nancy  Parkman.  Family  58. 

278.  II.  Susannah6 ;  m.  Ira  Hadley;  left  a  dau.  who  mar. 

Sylvester  Fitch;  had  2  children. 
Children  (by  2d  wife)  : 

279.  III.  Willard8,  b.  1806  ;  m.  Eliza  Gould.     Family  59. 

280.  1Y.  Sarah8,  b.  June  10,  1809;  m. Abbott;  living 

(1883)  in  Milford,  N.  H. 

Family  28. 

281.  Esq.  David6  Stiles  [110]  (Asa4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezer2, Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Dec.  22,  1779 ; 
removed  with  his  parents  to  Temple,  N.  H.,  ISTov.  17,  1782, 
where  he  remained  until  1800 ;  he  then  went  to  Lyndeborough 
and  spent  two  years  there  as  a  trader,  then  returning  to  Temple 
he  settled  on  his  father'  farm.  He  married  Elizabeth  Mack  of 
Londonderry,  1ST.  H.,  Sept.,  1808.  He  resided  for  a  time  in 
Milford,  N.  H. ;  also,  in  Wilton,  N.  H. ;  he  died  at  last-named 
place,  June,  1870.  His  widow  d.  Feb.,  1872,  se.  about  95. 
He  was  much  engaged  in  land  surveying,  settling  estates  and 
justice  business;  also,  taught  school. 

"Temple,  Jan.  1,  1803. 
"Rec'd  of  Maj'r  Francis  Blood  $18.00  in  full  for  teaching 
school  in  sd  town  six  weeks. 

David  Stiles." 
{Hist.  Temple,  N.  R.,  p.  35.) 

108  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children  : 

282.  I.  Eliza  Jane8,  b.  1808,  in  Temple,  N.  H. ;  ra.  James 

S.  Mace  of  Amherst.     Mrs.  Mace  d.  Oct.,  1868, 
leaving  a  dau., 

283.  i.  Letitia7,  who  d.  at  the  age  of  15  years. 

284.  II.  David6,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  11,  181]  ;  m.  Maria  M.  Good- 

rich.    Family  60. 

285.  III.  Frances6,  b.  July,   1813;  res.    at  Wilton,  N.  H.; 


Family  29. 

286.  John6  Stiles,  Jr.  [112]  (John4,  Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Jan.  20,  1770  ; 
m.  Rebecca  Kenney,  Nov.  26,  1795;  was  sexton  at  Middleton. 
He  died  very  suddenly  Nov.  12,  1822.  Mrs.  "Becca"  Stiles 
d.  June  14,  1829,  83.  57  yrs.  1  mo.  27  days. 

Children  (Middleton  Records) : 

287.  I.  Israel6,  b.  Apr.  22,  1796  ;  d.  Dec.  22,  1797. 

288.  II.  Mary6,  b.  Aug.  29,  1798 ;  d.  Sept.  19,  1809. 

289.  III.  Phebe6,  b.  May  17,  1S00;  prob.  m.  Tyler. 

Mrs.  Phebe  (Styles)  Tyler  d.  Feb.  19,  1872,  ge. 
72  (Middleton  Records). 

290.  IY.  Elbridge6,  b.  May  16,  1802 ;  d.  Feb.  3,  1804. 

291.  V.  Jefferson6,  b.  Sept.  2,  1803. 

292.  YI.  Eunice6,  b.  Aug.  6,  1805. 

293.  YII.  Elbridge6,   b.  Nov.    25,  1806;   m.   Harriet   . 

Family  61. 

294.  VIII.  Lvdia6,  b.  Oct.  27,  1808. 

295.  IX.  Rebecca6,  b.  Feb.  23,  1812  ;  d.  Feb.  26,  1812. 

Family  30. 

296.  Moses6  Stiles  [128]  (Stephen4,  Hezekiah3,  Ebenezer2, 
Robert1),  was  born  in  Andover,  Mass.,  Nov.  19,  1781.  His 
parents  removed  from  Andover  to  Hillsborough,  N.  H.,  after  the 
births  of  their  3  children,  but  the  exact  date  of  their  removal  has 
not  been  learned.  Moses  Stiles  married  Mary  (Chandler)  Kenney 
of  Pembroke,  1ST.  H.,  Oct.,  1803  ;  res.  in  Hillsborough  until 
1807  or  8,  when  they  rem.  toLangdon,  N.  H.,  remaining  there 

Massachusetts  Family.  109 

for  about  20  yrs.  In  1828  they  rem.  to  Bradford,  N.  H.,  where 
they  spent  the  remainder  of  their  days. 

He  was  a  farmer  and  shoemaker ;  he  d.  Jan.  5,  1868,  se.  86. 
Mrs.  Mary  (Kenney)  Stiles  d.  Oct.  24,  1882,  se.  98.  They  left 
a  large  number  of  descendants,  not  one  of  whom  bears  the 
name  of  Stiles.  Moses  Stiles'  only  brother,  Stephen,  died  a 
bachelor,  and  so  the  name  of  Stiles  in  this  line  has  become 

Children  : 

297.  I.  Matilda6,  b.  Aug.  4,  1805 ;  m.  Elias  Smith  (son  of 

Joseph)  (b.  in  Beverly,  Mass.,  Nov.  8,  1796), 
June,  1824  ;  both  are  living  (1884)  at  Enfield, 
K  H.     Issue : 

298.  i.  Moses7,  b.  June  18,  1825  ;  m.  (1)  Adeline 

Adams  in  1850  ;  had  1  child  ;  m.  (2)  Sarah 
A.  Collins  ;  have  5  children  ;  res.  Weare, 
N.  H. 

299.  ii.  Fidelia  Henry7,  b.  July  29,  1827 ;  m.  S.  W. 

Carter,  Feb.  1,  1849;  res.  W.  Henniker, 
N.  H.  ;  child  :  Ella  M.8  (Carter),  b.  Aug. 
2,  1856. 

300.  iii.  Betsey  Jane7,   b.   June  4,  1829 ;  m.  James 

Dowlin,  a  farmer,  Mch.  19, 1850  ;  res.  W. 
Henniker ;  6  children. 

301.  iv.  Alonzo  Allen7,  b.  May  29,  1831  ;  m.  Julia 

A.  Heath ;  served  three  yrs.  in  the  7th 
Kegt.  K".  H.  Yols.  While  in  service  re- 
ceived a  shell  wound  in  the  back;  res.  in 
Hanover,  N.  H.  ;  10  children. 

302.  v.  Stephen  D.7,  b.  May  29,  1833  ;  m.  Mary  A. 

Kenny,  Oct.,  1856.  He  was  in  service  in 
the  same  regt.  with  his  brother  Alonzo  A.; 
lost  his  left  leg,  which  was  twice  ampu- 
tated ;  res.  in  Canaan,  N.  H. ;  3  children. 

303.  vi.  James    M.7,    b.   July    13,  1836;    d.  Mch., 


304.  vii.  Esther  Jane7,  b.  Apr.  5,  1838  ;  d.  Mch.  19, 


305.  viii.  Harriet  Currier7,  b.  May  9, 1840  ;  m.  Micah 

Howe,  Sept.  1,  1859  ;  res.  in  Hanover, 
K  H.  ;  3  children. 

110  Stiles  Genealogy. 

306.  ix.  James  Miinroe7,  b.  June  17,  1843;  d.  1845. 

307.  x.  James  Madison7,  b.  June  17, 1843;  after  serv- 

ing 3  years  in  7th  Regt.  N.  H.  Vols.,  was 
taken  prisoner  and  died  in  Salisbury  prison. 

308.  xi.  Susan  Matilda7,  b.  Aug.  28,  1845;  in.  Dec., 

1871,  Sylvanus  Gross,  a  farmer;  res.  in 
W.  Springfield,  N.  H. ;  3  children. 

309.  xii.  Sarah  Ellen,  b.  Aug.  30,  1849  ;  m.  Newton 

Clough  ;  res.  in  Grantham,  N.  H. 

310.  II.  Almon6,  b.  Apr.  30, 1807 ;  m.  (1)  Sally  Hale,  who  d. 

Nov.,  1867;  m.  (2)  Sophia  Barnes;  he  was  a  farmer; 
res.  at  Bradford,  N.  H.,  all  his  life  with  the  excep- 
tion of  the  last  2  yrs.,  which  he  spent  at  Hen- 
niker,  where  his  widow  still  resides  ;  no  children. 

311.  III.  Nathaniel6,  b.  June  6, 1809;  m.  Elizabeth  Colby;  res. 

in  several  different  towns ;  d.  in  Canaan,  N.  H., 
without  issue. 

312.  IY.  Mary6,  b.  June  18.  1810  ;  d.  June,  1837;  unm. 

313.  Y.  Joseph  P.6,  b.  Sept.  17,  1811 ;  m.  (1)  Betsey  Well- 

ington; m.  (2)  Sally  McKean,  now  dec'd.  Spent 
most  of  his  life  in  Bradford,  N.  H. ;  was  a  la- 
borer ;  d.  June,  1883  ;  no  children. 

314.  YI.  Clarissa6,  b.  Apr.  8,  1813  ;  m.  (1)  Tristram  Stevens, 

a  shoemaker;  had  6  children ;  in.  (2)  Capt.  James 
Ward,  a  farmer  of  Bradford,  now  dec'd ;  no  chil- 
dren by  last  marriage ;  she  d.  Jan.  19,  1884. 

315.  VII.  Amelia6,  b.    Apr.   1,  1815  ;    in.    Col.  Thomas  M. 

Colby;  farmer;  res.  at  Hanover,  N.  H.;  3  children. 

316.  VIII.  Belinda6,  b.  June  II,  1817 ;  m.  May  26, 1846,  Jack- 

son Dowlin,  a  farmer;  res.  Bradford,  N.  H. 
Issue : 

317.  i.  Harriet  B.7,  b.  Feb.  28,  1847;  m.  July  23, 

1871  (by  Rev.  Asahel  Bigelow),  Hartwell 
Tuttle,  a  farmer,  of  Hancock,  N.  H. ;  res. 
(1884)  at  Bradford,  K  H.  Issue:  (1) 
Homer  R.8  (Tuttle),  b.  Mch.  1,  1874; 
(2)  Ralph  S.8  (Tuttle),  b.  Aug.  6,  1879. 

318.  ii.  Thomas  J.7,  b.  May  31,  1848  ;  m.  Jan.  8, 

1872,  Julia  A.  Heron  of  Winterset,  Iowa. 
He  is  a  farmer,  herder  and  poultry  dealer. 

319.  iii.  Hannah  J.7,  b.  Jan.  16,  1851 ;  in.  Howard  V. 

Massachusetts  Family.  Ill 

Ward,  farmer,  of  Henniker,  N.  H.,  July 
7,  1874. 

320.  iv.  Caroline  H.7,  b.  Apr.  13,  1853. 

321.  v.  Presson  C.7,  b.  Jan.  8,  1857. 

322.  vi.  Almon  S.  S.7,  b.  Apr.  1,  1859  ;  d.  Feb.  22, 


323.  IX.  Susan  H.6,  b.   June  9,  1820;  m.  John  Howlett, 

June  6,  1843.  He  was  b.  Jan.  29,  1819  ;  a  far- 
mer ;  d.  July  30,  1882.  She  d.  Sept.  17,  1872 ; 
always  res.  in  Bradford,  N.  EL     Issue : 

324.  i.  Mary   Matilda7,   b.  May  7,   1844;    m.    (1) 

Moses  D.  Proctor,  who  enlisted,  Sept.  4, 
1862,  in  Co.  H.,  11th  Kegt.  N.  H.  Vols., 
was  in  the  battle  of  Spotsylvania.  Soon 
afterward  (May  12,  1864),  he  was  shot  by 
a  sharpshooter  while  going  to  a  spring  for 
water;  died  2  days  afterward.  Child  : 
Samuel  D.8  (Proctor),  b.  Nov.  11,  1861 ; 
d.  May  6,  1862.  She  m.  (2)  Sullivan  G-. 
Spaulding,  farmer,  Sept.  6, 1865.  Issue  : 
(1)  Emma  A.8  (Spaulding),  b.  June  16, 
1868  ;  (2)  Susie  E.8  (Spaulding),  b.  April 
19,  1874;  (3)  Oria8  (Spaulding),  b.  Sept. 
12,  1880.  The}'  res.  in  Washington, 
N.  H. 

325.  ii.  John  Franklin7,  b.  Feb.   14,   1846;  m    (1) 

H.  Ella  Powell,  Oct.  24,  1866,  who  d . 
June,  1871 .  Issue :  (1)  Irving  Elmore8 
(Howlett),  b.  Apr.  23,  1868  ;  (2)  Harland 
Isaac8  (Howlett),  b.  May  26,  1870 ;  m.  (2) 
Tamson -Eastman,  Nov.  25,  1874;  res. 
Washington,  N.  H.  ;  is  a  mechanic. 

326.  iii.  Eunice  Marrilla7,  b.  Mch.  6,  1848;  unm.  ; 

keeps    a  boarding-house   in  Manchester, 

327.  iv.  Thomas  Henry7,  b.  Oct.  20,  1849;  m.  Lizzie 

J.  Knott,  Jan.  1,  1873  ;  res.  in  Manches- 
ter, N.  H. ;  is  a  carpenter  and  joiner;  no 

328.  v.  Moses  Stiles7,  b.  June  3,   1851  ;  m.  Carrie 

,E.   Harriman,   June   24,  1873.     Child: 

112  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Olive  M.8  (Howlett),  b.  Feb.  24,  1876; 
res.  in  Warner,  N.  H. 

329.  vi.  Alfred  Wallace7,  b.  July  20,  1853  ;  m.  Ella 

M.  Carter,  Oct.  19,  1876;  farmer  and 
mechanic;  res.  Henniker,  N.  H.  ;  no 
children . 

330.  X.  Lucius6,  b.  Nov.  10,  1823  ;  d.  Apr.,  1825. 

331.  XL  Harriet  C.6,   b.  July  20,   1828 ;  m.  Hiram  (son  of 

Alvah)  Green,  Jan.  9,  1849.     She  d.  Sept.  29, 
1873,  and  Mr.  G.  has  since  died.     Issue  : 

332.  i.  Harriet  C.7,  b.  in  Bradford,  K  H.,  Jan.  25, 

1851 ;  m.  Keuben  0.  Foss,Mch.  10,  1870, 
She  d.  Feb.  12,  1874,  leaving  a  dau., 
Mary8  (Foss),  b.  in  Henniker,  Jan.  29, 1872. 

333.  ii.  Hiram  F.7,  b.   in  Manchester,  N.  H.,  Jan. 

21,   1858. 

334.  iii.  Ida  A.7,  b.  in  M.,  Sept.  9,  1859. 

Family  31. 

335.  Samuel5  Stiles  [137]  (Hezekiah4,  Hezekiah3,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert1),  was  bora  "at  Eindge,  K  H.,  Mch.  17,  1788  ; 
married  Polly  Washburn,  of  Attleborough,  Mass.,  Oct.  26, 
1812.  He  was  a  farmer  and  wheelwright.  He  rem.  toDum- 
merstown,  Vt.,  in  1854,  and  died  there  the  same  year. 

Children  (from  History  JRindge,  A7".  H.) : 

336.  I.  Evelyn  W.6,  b.  at  Rindge,  Apr.  15,  1814 ;  m.  (2d 

wife)  her   cousin,   John   Stiles   Fenno,   res.  in 
Waltham,  Mass.     Issue  : 

337.  i.  Isabel7,  b.  1844  ;  m.  M.  H.  Hughes,  a  tailor, 

of  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

338.  ii.  Infant7,  d.  Mch.  9,  1847. 

339.  iii.  Infant7,  d.  Mch.  31,  1848. 

340.  II.  Orville  C.6,  b.  Jan.  12,  1817;  m.  Martha  E.  Priest. 

Family  62. 

341.  III.  John  Austin6,  b.  at  Stafford,  Ct.,  Sept.  4,   1819 ; 

grad.  1858,  at  the  Homoeopathic  Med.  Coll.  of  Pa. 

342.  IV.  Mary  W.6,  b.  Mch.   8,   1822;  m.  June   3,   1841, 

Ebenezer  E.  Ellis;    res.  at  Rindge;  rem.  later 
to  Dummerstown,  Vt. 

Massachusetts  Family.  113 

343.  V.  Lyman6,  b.  July  8,  1824 ;  d.  Feb.  17,  1825. 

344.  VI.  Julia  Ann6,  ra.  Apr.  1,  1845,  Lyman   H.  Bassett, 

of  Phillipston,  Mass. 

Family  32. 

345.  Daniel6  Stiles  [143J  (Daniel4,  Jr.,  Daniel3,  Ebenezer2, 
Eobert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  June  5,  1775 ;  m.  Betty 
Peabody,  Oct.  2, 1800.  He  died  in  M.,  Feb.  6, 1821,  se.  45  yrs. 
8  ms.    Mrs.  Betsey  (Peabody)  Stiles  d.  June  27, 1834,  ae.  53  yrs. 

Children  (Middleton  Records) : 

346.  I.  Joseph  Peabody6,   b.  Jan.    1,  1801 ;   m.   Clarissa 

Stickney.     Family  63. 

347.  II.  Jesse6,  b.  June  12,'  1804 ;  m.  Arethusa  Perkins. 

Family  64. 

348.  III.  Catherine  Symonds6,  b.  Apr.  22,  1806, 

349.  IV.  Mary  Symonds  Peabody6,  b.  May  17,  1808. 

350.  V.  Dean6,  b.  July  3,  1811;  m.  Eebeeca  Dennett  and 

Mary  Ann  Gray.     Family  65. 

351.  YI.  Frederick6,  b.  Dec.  30,  1814;    m.  Sophia  C.  Per- 

kins (b.  Mch.  15, 1825),  July,  1840  ;  living  (1883) 
at  Topsfield,  Mass.;  is  a  shoe  manuf  r.  His  only 
child  died  young.  Mrs.  Sophia  (Perkins)  Stiles 
d.  Oct.  27,  1885,  at  Topsfield. 

Family  33. 

352.  Elijah6  Stiles  [144]  (Daniel4,  Jr.,  Daniel3,  Ebeuezer2, 
Eobert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Mch.  4,  1784;  m. 
Tabitha  Gray  of  North  Andover,  Mass.  He  died  Aug.  11, 
1850.     She  d.  at  the  age  of  79. 

Children  (first  three  from  Middleton  Records) : 

353.  I.  Phebe6,  b.  May  9,  1807  ;  m.  William  Lovejoy  of 

Andover,  Mass. 

354.  II.  Elijah6,  Jr.,  b.  Nov.  14,  1808;  m.  Mary  Runnels. 

Family  66. 

355.  III.  William  Allen6,  b.  Mav  15,  1810  ;  m.  Eliza  Town. 

Family  67. 

356.  IV.  Lydia6,  b.  July  5,  1812  ;  m.  Jesse  Runnels  (brother 

of  the  wives  of  her  bros.  Elijah  and  Israel),  Nov. 

114  Stiles  Genealogy. 

8,  1832.  He  was  b.  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Aug.  31, 
1808.     Issue : 

35 7.  i.  Lydia  Emeline7,  b.  Dec.  29, 1836;  m.  Alfred 

Adams   of   Andover,    Aug.    23,    1864; 
child:  Charles  Franklin8,  b.  Jan.  20, 1866. 

358.  ii.  Joseph  Franklin7,  b.  Mch.  20,   1839;  shoe- 


359.  V.  Israel6,  b.   July  4,  1815 ;    m.  Catherine  Runnels. 

Family  68. 

360.  YI.  Mary6,  m.  Augustus  Lovejoy  of  Andover. 

361.  VII.  Daniel6,  b.    Nov.   15.  1821 ;  m.   Margaret  J.   Gil- 

christ.    Family  69. 

362.  VIII.  Martha  G.6,  b.  Aug.  21,  1825  ;  m.  in  Boxford,  Feb. 

17,  1844  (by  Dr.  Peter  Eaton),  Samuel  B.  Carl- 
ton, son  of  Leonard  and  Sarah  Carlton  (b.  in 
Boxford,  Feb.  29,  1820);  res.  (1885)  at  West 
Boxford,  Mass.     Issue: 

363.  i.  Elizabeth  R.7,  b.  Dec.  IT,  1845 ;  m.  Aug.  11, 

1867,  John  R.  Whitcoml);  child,  Susan 
B.8  (Whitcomb),  b.  Aug.  20,  1870. 

364.  ii.  John   C.7,   b.    Apr.    12,    1847;   m.    Agnes 

Doughty ;  res.  in  Ayer,  Mass. ;  have  two 

365.  iii.  Mary  R.7,  b.  Dec.  10,  1849;  m.  George  B. 

Ellingwood  of  Lowell,  Mass. 

366.  iv.  Charles  B.7,  b.  May  31,  1852;  d.  Nov.  20, 


367.  v.  Martha  J.7,  b.  Mch.  18,  1854;  d.  Feb.  8, 


368.  vi.  Sarah  M.7,  b.  Dec.  20,  1855 ;  d.  July  28, 


369.  vii.  Susan  J.7,  b.  May  28,  1858 ;  d.  Dec.  26, 


370.  viii.  Annie  E.7,  b.  Jan.  20,  1863  ;  res.  in  Lowell, 


371.  ix.  Charles  B  7  b.  Feb.  28.  1865. 

Family  34. 

372.  Caleb6  Stiles,  Jr.  [151]  (Caleb4,  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebeuezei2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Hollis,  N.  H.,   Feb.    17,  1765  ;    m.  at 

Massachusetts  Family.  115 

Hollis,  Feb.  7,  1787,  Betty  [also  called  Betsey  and  Elizabeth], 
eldest  child  of  Ephraim  and  Esther  (Stone)  Pierce,  b.  at  Hol- 
lis, Sept.  26,  1766.  Caleb  Stiles,  Jr.  (then  in  his  17th  year), 
was  one  of  eight  soldiers  to  whom  the  town  of  Hollis,  in  1779, 
paid  a  bounty  of  £300  for  service  for  one  year  in  the  Con- 
tinental army.  His  lather  and  Ephraim  Pierce  (his  future 
father-in-law),  were  also  of  the  number  ;  they  were  gone 
nearly  a  year,  and  all  returned  together.  He  died  Feb.  26, 
1807.  His  widow  in  July,  1839  (then  living  at  Barnet,  Yt.),  ap- 
plied for  (and  probably  secured)  a  pension  on  account  of  his 
military  services.  Caleb  Stiles  and  his  wife  Betsey  were  ad- 
mitted to  church  membership  in  Barnet,  Vt.,  July  1,  1801, 
and  their  dau.  Catharine  was  baptized  there,  as  were  nearly  all 
their  children.  They  had  a  large  family  {Pension  Office  Records, 
Washington,  D.  C). 
Children  (the  names  of  three  only  have  been  ascertained) : 

373.  I.  Jennette6,  m.  Dec.  30,  1819,  Rev.  Josiah,  son  of 

Oliver  and  Sally  (Haynes)  Morse,  b.  Sept.  7, 
1798.  Mr.  Morse  died  somewhere  in  N.  H.(?), 
June  10,  1875,  in  his  77th  year  ;  his  wife  prob- 
ably survived  him. 

374.  II.  Joseph6,  m.  1824,  Rachel   Morse,  sister   of   Rev. 

Josiah,  husband  of  Joseph's  sister  Jennette. 

375.  ITI.  Catherine6,  bapt.  at  Barnet,  Yt. 

Family  35. 

376.  George5  Stiles  [152]  (Caleb4,  Jr..  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2, 
Robert1),  was  born  in  Hollis,  1ST.  H.,  Jan.  20,  1767;  married 
Mary  (b.  Jan.  26,  1768),  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Esther  (Stone) 
Peirce  of  Hollis.  He  probably  removed  from  Hollis  to  Dan- 
ville, Yt.,  at  the  same  time  with  his  parents  and  brothers,  which 
is  supposed  to  have  been  not  many  years  after  the  close  of  the 
Revolutionary  War.  It  is  understood  that  he  spent  his  last 
years  at  Barnet,  Yt.,  and  that  he  died  there. 

Children  (the  order  as  given  here  may  not  be  entirely  correct): 

377.  I.  Mary6,  m. Hamlet.     Issue : 

378.  i.  Elvira7. 

379.  ii.  Horace7. 

380.  II.  Charlotte6. 

116  Stiles  Genealogy. 

381.  III.  James6,  b.  1793;  ra.  (1) ;  (2)  AnnaBuz- 

zell ;  (3)  Mrs.  Polly  (Daggett)  Kinnicut.  Family 

382.  IV.  Ephraim6,  b.  Aug.  3,   1794;  ra.  Mary  Woodman 

and  Jerusba  French.     Family  71. 

383.  V.  Moses6,   b.  Sept.,   1796;  m.    Almir-a  Starbird  and 

Sarah  Cloudman.     Family  72. 

384.  VI.  Willard6,  d.  many  years  ago. 

385.  VII.  Nathaniel  Townsend6,   b.  Aug.  5,  1798;  m.  Sally 

Wright.     Family  73. 

386.  VIII.  Lois6,   b.  Jan.    1,  1802,  at  Barnet,  Vt.;  m.  David 

Richmond  in  Leroy,  Genesee  county,  N.  T., 
Aug.  26,  1818.  He  was  born  in  Herkimer 
county,  N.  Y.,  May  14,  1795.  He  served 
in  the  War  of  1812,  and  drew  a  pension. 
He  d.  July  11,  1883.  Mrs.  Lois  (Stiles)  Rich- 
raond  died  May  28,  1890,  at  the  age  of  93, 
in  Whitesville,  N.  V.  She  and  her  husband 
founded  the  Universalist  church  at  Whitesville. 
Her  funeral  was  held  in  the  church  June  1st,  a 
large  concourse  of  people  .being  present.  She 
was  the  mother  of  ten  children,  all  of  whom  grew 
up  to  maturity,  and  all  Universalists.  She  was 
reared  in  the  Presbyterian  faith,  and  when  con- 
verted to  Universalism  she  shouted  for  joy.  Five 
of  her  children,  who  live  in  Whitesville,  are, 
with  their  families,  members  of  our  church 
(from  the  Christian  Leader).  Issue  (all  born  at 
Leroy,  N.  Y.) : 

387.  i.  Lucinda  S.7,  b.  Aug.   25,   1819;   m.    Rev. 

Robert  Newton  'McClure  (b.  Jan.  17, 
1820,  in  South  Carolina),  Aug.  4,  1848, 
in  Springfield,  Greene  county,  Mo.  Mr. 
McC.  was  an  Epis.  Methodist  minister  and 
school-teacher.  He  d.  in  Greene  county, 
Mo.,  July  3,  1857.  Children  (all  b.  in 
Mo.) :  (1)  Mav  Marie8  (McClure),  b.  May 
22,  1849;  d.  Oct.  1,  1862;  (2)  Emma 
Frances8  (McClure),  b.  Apr.  2,  1851 ;  m. 
Nov.  S,  1866,  at  Greenbush,  Mich.,  John 
C.  Levy  (b.  Mch.    31,  1847).     Issue  (a) 

Massachusetts  Family.  117 

Cora  R.9  {Levy),  b.  Feb.  12,  1868;  (b) 
Cassius  A.9  (Levy),  b.  Sept.  18,  1869  ;  (c) 
Leone  D.9  (Levy),  b.  Aug.  23,  1873 ;  d. 
Sept.  13,  1873  ;  (d)  "Rosa  Blanche9  (Levy), 
b.  Sept.  20,  1874;  d.  Oct.  6,  1876;  (e) 
Lyman  Glen9  (Levy),  b.  Mch.  15,  1879  ; 

(3)  L.  Marshall8  (McClure),  b.  Sept.  8, 
1853.  Losing  his  father  very  young, 
Marshall  McClure  was  obliged  to  make 
his  own  way  by  the  help  and  advice  of  his 
mother.  Commencing  as  a  train  boy,  he 
has  risen  to  the  position  of  editor  and  sole 
proprietor  of  the  Jamestown  (Dakota) 
Daily  and  Weekly  Alert.  He  m.  July 
2,  1880,  at  Jamestown,  Dak.,  Ella  Powers. 
Children:  (a)  Gwendoline  Vera9  (McClure), 
b.  Sept.  8,  1881;  d.  May  17,  1883;  (b) 
Marshall  Gun9  (McClure),  b.  Jan.  24, 1884; 

(4)  Lois  Ann8  (McClure),  b.  Sept.  16,  1855; 
m.  Alamando  Stillwell  at  Sparta,  Mich., 
May  30,  1875.  Issue :  (a)  Yerne9  (Still- 
well),  b.  Aug.  17,  1883. 

388.  ii.  Lyman  M.7,  b.  July  22, 1821 ;  m.  Nancy  M. 

McKendrick.  (For  his  family,  see  foot-note 
on  pp.  119, 120.) 

389.  iii.  Alonzo  H.7,  b.  Nov.  5,  1823 ;  m.  his  cousin, 

Lurinda  Kichmond  (b.  July,  1825),  May 
5,  1846.  Issue  (all  b.  in  Greenbush, 
Clinton  county,  Mich.):  (1)  Melvin8  (Rich- 
mond); (2)  Ella8  (Richmond);  (3)  Ada8 
(Richmond) ;  (4)  Clara8  (Richmond)  ;  (5) 
Jay8(Richmond);  (6)Leonard8(Eichmond). 
His  family  res.  in  and  near  Rice,  Tex. 

390.  iv.  Amelia  F.7,  b.  Feb.  9,  1826  ;  m.  J.  B.  Stan- 

sell  (b.  at  Green  Oak.  Mich.,  1825),  at 
White  Lake,  Mich.,  Feb.  22,  1847.  Mr. 
S.  was  one  of  a  large  number  who  went 
at  an  early  day  from  Chicago  to  Pike's 
Peak.  He  there  prospected  for  gold,  and 
obtained  mines  which  paid  him  richly. 
He  was,  at  one  time,  rep.  from  Denver, 

118  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Col.  Issue:  (1)  Frank8  (Stansell),  b.  at 
Greenbush,  Mich.,  Dec.  8,  1847;  edu- 
cated at  the  Univer.  of  Notre  Dame,  Ind., 
where  he  developed  a  talent  and  decided 
preference  for  the  stage  as  a  profession, 
and  acquired  some  fame  as  an  actor  at 
Chicago,  St.  Louis  and  other  cities  ;  (2) 
Edward  B.8  (Stansell),  b.  Apr.  16,  1851, 
at  Chicago;  (3)  Charles  J.8  (Stansell),  b. 
Mch.  5,  1854. 

391.  v.  Orlin  D.7,  b.  Nov.  24, 1829  ;  d.  Oct.  9, 1831. 

392.  vi.  Hannah  M.7,  b.  Oct.  18,  1831 ;  m.  (1 )  Je- 

rome Curtiss,  Oct.  5,  1848.  Mr.  C.  was 
killed  in  battle  daring  the  war  of  the  Re- 
bellion. Mrs.  C.  was  thus  left  with  4 
little  boys  "  to  brave  the  world  alone." 
These  sons  are  now  all  upright  business 
men  —  three  being  druggists.  Their 
names  are:  (1)  (>.  S.8  (Curtiss),  b.  Oct. 
15,  1850  ;  (2)  D.  S.8  (Curtiss),  b.  May  21, 
1855;  (3)  W.  J.8  (Curtiss),  b.  May  21, 
1856;  (4)  Ray  D.8  (Curtiss),  b.  Mch., 
1858;  Mrs.  C.  m.  (2)  S.  M.  Kinney.  Issue  : 
(5)  Mary  A.8  (Kinney),  b.  Sept.  12, 1867. 

393.  vii.  Mary  S.7,  b.  Mch.  11,   1834;  m.    Aug.  5, 

1855,  her  cousin,  L.  W.  Stiles.  [Her 
record  will  be  found  in  Family  105  of  this 
line].  We  are  greatly  indebted  to  Mrs. 
Stiles  for  information  relating  to  this 
branch  of  the  Stiles  family  as  well  as  for 
her  sympathizing  interest  in  our  work. 
Of  her  near  connections,  she  says :  "  When 
I  look  over  the  names  I  have  written  of 
the  descendants  of  George  Stiles,  and  find 
but  one  intemperate  person  among  them 
all,  not  a  single  felon,  lawbreaker  or 
pauper  in  the  whole  list,  nearly  all  per- 
sons of  exceptionally  high  moral  tone, 
God-fearing  men  and  women,  many  of 
them  of  more  than  ordinary  mental  abil- 
ity, I  feel  that   simple  justice  demands 

Massachusetts  Family.  119 

something  beyond  a  record  of  their  births, 
marriages  and  deaths." 

394.  IX.  Lucinda6,  b.  Dec.,  1803,  at  Danville,  Vt.;  m.  Pre- 

served Richmond  (bro.  to  David  Richmond, 
husband  of  her  sister  Lois),  in  1820  (he  b.  1789). 
Issue :  Eight  children,  of  whom  only  4  are  liv- 
ing (1885),  as  follows: 

395.  i.  Ephraim  Stiles7,  b.  Dec.  2,  1820  ;  m.  Susan 

Redfield,  Oct.  19,  1843;  formerly  lived 
at  Leroy,  N.  Y.  He  is  a  stone-cutter  and 
farmer;  res.  (1885)  at  Nunica,  Mich. 
Issue  (from  Redfield  Genealogy,  p.  201) : 
(1)  Casius  M.8  (Richmond),  b.  Sept.  26, 
1844;  d.  Sept.  21,  1845;  (2)  Mervin 
W.8  (Richmond),  b.  Aug.  26,  1846;  (3) 
Wesley  H.8  (Richmond),  b.  Aug.  24, 
1848;  (4)  Emory  W.8  (Richmond),  b. 
Nov.  22, 1852 ;  (5)  Yiola  G.8  (Richmond), 
b.  Feb.  8,  1855.  [These  children 
are  all  married  and  living  near  their 

396.  ii.  Chauncy7;  res.  at  Greenbush,  Mich. 

397.  iii.  Jane7;  in.  JSTorton  Redfield;  res.  at  Nunica, 

Ottawa  Co.,  Mich . 

398.  iv. 


399.  X.  Benjamin6,  b.  Jan.  1,  1806;  m.  Betsey  Hackett. 

Family  74. 

400.  XI.  Hannah6,  b.  1808;  m.  1830,  Joseph  Farley,  who 

d.  in  1850,  of  consumption.   Shed.  Sept.,  1877, 
of  paralysis  ;  no  children . 

Foot-note  to  page  117: 

Descendants  of  Lyman  M.7,  son  of  David  and  Lois6  (Stiles)  Eichmond  and 
Nancy  M.  McKendrick: 

Lyman  M.7  Richmond  was  born  in  Leroy,  Genesee  Co.,  N.  T.,  July  22, 
1821;  mar.  at  Green  Oak,  Mich.,  Jan.  29,  1842,  Nancy  M.  (only  child  of 
Daniel  and  Maria)  McKendrick  (b.  in  Canandaigua,  N.  Y.,  Mch.  26,  1822). 
They  settled  in  Greenbush,  Clinton  Co.,  Mich.,  where  Mr.  Richmond 
served  as  postmaster,  town  clerk,  and  in  various  other  capacities.  They 
rem.  to  Oakland  Co.,  Mich.,  thence  to  Detroit,  where  he  enlisted  as  clerk 
and  musician  in  Co.  G.,  1st  Regt.  Mich.  Vols.,  in  the  war  with  Mexico,  in 
the  spring  of  1848;  was  discharged  at  the  close  of  the  war,  and  died  in 
Greenbush,  Sept.  27,  1848,  from  the  effects  of  disease  contracted  in  the 

120  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children : 
I.  Olney  H.8,  b.  in  Greenbush,  Mich.,  Feb.  22;  1844.     At  the  age  of  18 
enlisted  in  Co.  G.,  14th  Regt.  Mich.  Vols.,  in  the  war  of  the  Re- 
bellion; served  his  time,    and  at  the  close  of  the  war  returned 
home  and  was  discharged.     Mar.  Nellie  (only  dau.  of  Hon.  N.  R.) 
Hills,  of  Kent  Co.,  Mich.;  located  at  Pierson,  Montcalm  Co.,  where 
he   held  various   offices;    was   village  president  for  many  years, 
justice  of  the  peace,  etc.,  etc.;  is  by  calling  a  chemist  and  drug- 
gist; is  proprietor  of  "  Richmond's  Family  Medicines;  "  res.  (1885) 
at  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. ,  has  some  repute  as  a  newspaper  writer — 
more  as  a  mathematician  and  amateur  checker-player.     Issue: 
i.  Flora9,  m.  Louis  Skafer  of  Grand  Rapids,  Mich, 
ii.  Merta9. 

II.  Fannie  E.8  (Richmond),   b.    Mch.   24,   1846;  m.    Edwin  Smith,  of 
Youngstown,  N.  Y.     They  own  a  fine  farm  and  home  near  St. 
Johns,  Mich.     Issue: 
i.  Fred.  E.9 
ii.  Nellie  L.9 

Family  36. 

401.  Samuel5  Stiles  [153]  (Calebs  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2, 
Robert1),  was  born  in  Hollis,  N.  JEL,  July  17,  1769;  m.  Susan 
(b.  at  Hollis,  Apr.  23,  1772),  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Esther 
(Stone)  Pierce  ;  removed  from  Hollis  to  Vermont  (probably  to 
Barnet),  after  the  close  of  the  Revolutionary  War.  From  Bar- 
net  he  went  to  Danville,  Vt,  about  1823,  it  is  said.  He  was  a 
farmer  ;  died  about  1854;  se.  85  years. 

Children : 

402.  I.  Sally6,  b.  in   St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  Aug.  24,  1790; 

m.  James  Wilson  (b.  in  Old  Chester,  N".  H., 
Oct.  3,  1784).  They  settled  in  Sutton,  Vt.,  in 
1812;  he  d.  Sept.  15,  1864;  she  d.  Oct.  8, 
1864.     Issue : 

403.  i.  Eliza  D.7,  b.  Aug.  11,  1813;  d.  Mch.  30, 


404.  ii.  Calvin   J.7,    b.     Mch.    6,     1815;    res.    in 

Burke,  Vt.;  is  a  farmer. 

405.  iii.  Emeline7,  b.  Apr.  13, 1817 ;  m. Smith; 

res .  Spring  Valley,  Minn . 

406.  iv.  Rufus7,  b.   May  16,  1819;  res.  in  Sutton, 

Vt . ;  is  a  farmer . 

407.  v.  Jane7,  b.  Mch.  1,  1821 ;  m. Roundy; 

d.  Apr.  24,  1858. 

Massachusetts  Family.  121 

408.  vi.  Euphemia  R.7,    b.    Nov.    12,    1823;    m. 

Willey;  d.  Mch.  4,  1869. 

409.  vii.  Melinda  H.7,  b.  Jan.    13,   1826;   m.  

Dodge;  res.  Rondell,  D.  T. 

410.  viii.  Amanda  M.7,  b.  May  27,   1827;  m.    

Rogers;  res.  in  Mass. 

411.  ix.  Maria  S.7,  b.  May  25,  1831 ;  m. Hodg- 

don;  res.  Staceyville,  Iowa. 

412.  x.  Frances  R.7,   b.    May  12,    1833;   m.   Mr. 

Gillis;  res.  Staceyville,  Iowa. 

413.  II.  John6,  b.  1792  ;  m.  Hannah  Freeman.  Family  75. 

414.  III.  Rebecca6,  m.  Daniel  Wells  of  Danville,  Yt.  Issue  : 

415.  i.  Susan7. 

416.  ii.  Ruel7. 

417.  iii.  Samuel7. 

.418.  iv.  Oliver7;  died . 

419.  v.  Lydia7;  died . 

420.  vi.  John7 ;  died . 

421.  vii.  Adeline7. 

422.  viii.  Julia7. 

423.  IV.  Mary6,  m.  Apr.  27,  1824,  John  Bean,  now  dec'd. 

She  is  living  (1883)  at  a  very  advanced  age  at 
Victory,  Yt.,  and  has  furnished  a  large  portion  of 
the  record  of   her  grandfather's  family.     Issue  : 

424.  i.  Almira7,  b.  Sept.  9, 1825  ;  m.  Charles  Frost, 

Sept.  19,  1846,  of  Sutton,  Yt.;  had  3 
sons,  two  of  whom  died  in  the  late  war. 

425.  ii.  Alfred7,  b.  May  6,  1827;  m.  (1)  Adeline 

Miner  of  Victory,  Yt.,  who  d.  leaving  5 
children ;  (2)  Dec.  24,  185-  Esther  M. 
Quimby  of  Lyndon,  Vt.,  who  has  had  2 
children,  both  d. 

426.  iii.  Oliver7,  b.  May  16,  1829;  m.   Maria  Aid- 

rich  of  Canada;  he  d.  1856;  3  children. 

427.  iv.  Maria7,  b.  Feb.  28,  1831 ;  d.  1832. 

428.  v.  Eliza  W.7,  b.   Jan.  19,  1835;  m.  Freeman 

Folsom,  Mch.,  1860;  both  are  dead;  no 

429.  vi.  Mary  Jane7,  b.  Jan.  16,  1837 ;  m.   Henry 

Downing  of  Barton,  Vt.,   1853  ;  7  chil- 
dren, 1  dec'd. 

122  Stiles  Genealogy. 

430.  vii.  Susan   M.7,   b.   Oct.   14,    1839;    m.   Aaron 

Drown  of  Littleton,  Yt.,  Jan.  10,  1866; 
res.  in  Barton,  Yt.;  2  sons;  1  dec'd. 



Samuel6,  Jr.,  m.  Clarissa  Cheney.     Family  76. 



Lucy6,  m.  Ezra  Copp  ;  both  dec'd.     Issue : 


i.  Josiah7  )   ■,    , -, 
ii.  Ezra7     \  dec  d' 


iii.  Sarah7. 


iv.  Mary  Jane7. 


v.  Betsey7;  dec'd. 


vi.  Lucy7. 


vii.  Cordelia7;  dec'd. 



Nathaniel6,  m.  Abigail  Tice.     Family  77. 


Betsey6,  m.  Royal  Bean  ;  now  dec'd.     Issue  : 


i.  Harriet7. 


ii.  Alphronius. 


iii.  Esther7. 


iv.  Adeline7;  dec'd. 


v.  Rosa7. 


vi.  Luther7. 


vii.  Rufus7 ;  dec'd. 



Calvin6,  m.  Roxy  Cheney  and  Lucy  Hays.    Family 

Harriet6,  m.  Silas  Bean,  of  Canada ;  lived  in  Hyde 



Park,  Yt. ;  both  dead.     Issue  : 


i.  Curtis7. 


ii.  Ira7;  dec'd. 


iii.  Flora7, 
iv.  Lucy7. 


v.  Miranda7. 


vi.  Anna7. 



William  Riley6,  m.  Emily  Tice.     Family  79. 



James  W.6,  m.  Hannah  Howe.     Family  80. 

Family  37. 

459.  Nathaniel5  Stiles  [154]  (Caleb4,  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Hollis,  N.  H.,  Dec.  14,  1770 
{Hollis  Records). 

[We  have  no  record  of  the  marriage  of  Nathaniel  Stiles,  nor 
do  we  know  the  name  of  his  wife ;  but  certain  facts  in  the 

Massachusetts  Family.  123 

history  of  one  Samuel  Stephens  Stiles,  whose  father's  name  is 
now  known  to  have  been  Nathaniel,  warrant  us,  as  we  think, 
in  assigning  the  appended  family  to  the  son  of  Caleb,  Jr.  M. 
S.  P.  G.] 

The  father  of  Samuel  Stephens  Stiles  [whom  we  consider 
to  have  been  the  son  of  Caleb,  Jr.]  died  at  Chester,  Yermont, 
in  1792  or  1T93.  Samuel  S.,  his  3d  child,  was  born  about 
1793,  after  his  father's  death.  (So  says  Hon.  Wm.  H.  Stiles  of 
Montgomery  Centre,  Vt.) 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Hon.  Wm.  H.  Stiles) : 

460.  I.  Nathaniel6,  m. .     Family  81. 

461.  II.  Elsie6,  d.  while  a  young  woman ;  unm. 

462.  III.  Samuel  Stephens6,   b.  abt.  1793  ;  m.  Hannah  Hen- 

drick.     Family  82. 

Family  38. 

463.  Jonathan5  Stiles  [155]  (Caleb4,  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Hollis,  N.  H.,  May  30,  1773  {Hoi- 
lis  Records) ;  m.  Lucy  Bunnell. 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Mr.  Sampson  D.  Stiles)  : 

464.  I.  Albert6,  b.  abt.  1799;  m.  Sophia  Stevens.    Family 


465.  II.  Stephen6,  was  a  Methodist  clergyman.     [Query. — 

Was  he  the  same  Rev.  Stephen  Stiles  who  d.  at 

Whitehall,  N.  Y.,  abt.  1859  ?] 
Erastus6 ;  prob.  dec'd. 
Anna6  (living  1884). 

Family  39. 

472.  Joshua5  Stiles  [165]  (Joshua4,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  in  Lyndeborough,  N.  H.  (in  that  part  of  the 
town  now  called  Greenfield),  Oct.  8,  1779 ;  married  Elizabeth 
Tuck  of  Manchester,  Mass.  (b.  Oct.  29,  1784),  Jan.  8,  1807. 
"  Joshua  Stiles  was  a  successful  school-teacher  for  over  twenty- 


T  III. 











124  Stiles  Genealogy. 

five  years,  having  taught  in  several  different  places  in  New 
Hampshire  and  Massachusetts.  In  the  branch  of  mathematics 
he  was  exceptionally  proficient,  and  while  Nathaniel  Bowditch 
was  preparing  the  copy  for  his  famous  'Navigator,' a  book 
known  to  the  mercantile  marine  of  the  entire  civilized  world,  Mr. 
Stiles  was  employed  to  write  out  the  separate  calculations  from 
which  the  valuable  tables  of  that  book  were  constructed. 

"  Mr.  Stiles  gave  private  instruction  in  fitting  young  men  for 
college,  and  several  of  his  pupils  subsequently  became  eminent 
in  social,  scientific,  business  and  judicial  standing  in  their  re- 
spective communities."  [The  above  biographical  sketch  was 
furnished  by  E.  N.  Walton,  Esq.,  junior  editor  of  the  Salem 
Gazette,  Salem,  Mass.,  who  is  a  nephew  of  Mr.  Stiles.]  Mr. 
Stiles  died  at  the  home  of  his  son,  Ammi  B.  Stiles,  of  Wal- 
tham,  Mass.,  Dec.  19,  1860. 

Children  (from  the  Family  Records) : 

473.  I.  Joshua  H.6,  b.  in  Greenfield,  N.  H.,  June  6,  1808. 

Joshua  Stiles  went  from  home  many  years  ago ; 
was  at  New  Orleans  when  last  heard  from  (be- 
fore the  late  war).  He  was  a  painter  by  occu- 

474.  II.  Mary  E.6,  b.    at  G.,  June  14,  1809  ;   m.  Joseph 

Perkins  (b.  in  York,  Me.,  Aug.  12, 1813),  Nov. 
26,  1840.  He  d.  in  Waltham,  Mass.,  Apr.  25, 
1 859.   She  d.  at  same  place,  Oct.  26, 1848.    Issue : 

475.  i.  Joseph  Stiles7,  b.  Sept.  11,  1841 ;  m.  Mary 

S.  Fay,  June  24,  1864.  Mr.  P.  is  a  painter 
by  trade ;  res.  at  Worcester,  Mass.  Issue : 
(1)  Mary  Angie8  (Perkins),  b.  Dec.  5, 
1865  ;  (2)  Alice  Isabel8  (Perkins),  b.  Dec. 
23,  1866  ;  (3)  Emma  Grace8  (Perkins),  b. 
Sept.  20,  1868. 

476.  ii.  Charles  Ammi7,  b.  Sept.  30,  1842 ;  d.  Aug. 

1,  1848. 

477.  iii.  Mary  E.7,  b.  Dec.  27, 1843  ;  d.  Nov.  6,  1860. 

478.  iv.  Martha  Ann7,  b.  Feb.  14,  1848  ;  d.  Oct.  14, 


479.  III.  Sarah  E.6,  b.  in  G.,  Oct.  1,  1811 ;  d.  in  Waltham, 

May  31,  1838. 

480.  IY.  Mehitable6,  b.  in   Amerst,  N.  H.,  June  15,  1814; 

d.  July  20,  1814. 

Massachusetts  Family.  125 

481.  V.  Ammi  Burnhara6,  b.  in  Milford,  N.  H.,  July  13, 
1815;  m.atWaltham,Mass.,  Jan.  1,  1839,  Han- 
nah Annis  of  Saugus,  Mass.  (b.  in  Saugns,  May 
25,  1817) ;  res.  at  Waltham,  where  he  d.  Feb.  17, 
1877,  and  where  his  widow  still  lives.  "  Ammi 
Burnham  Stiles  was  born  in  Milford,  New  Hamp- 
shire, July  13,  1815.  His  parents  removed  to 
Waltham,  Mass.,  when  he  was  ten  years  old. 

"  The  rudiments  of  his  education  were  ob- 
tained in  a  little  factory  school-house,  now  stand- 
ing on  Elm  street.  Gen.  N.  P.  Banks  was  a 
member  of  the  school  at  the  same  time.  The 
yonng  Ammi  learned  the  painter's  trade  of  his 
brother  Joshua,  and  was  a  very  skillful  work- 
man. Mr.  Stiles  was  the  only  sign  painter  in 
town  for  many  years.  He  was,  besides,  a  very 
ingenious  man,  and  a  perfect  master  of  tools. 
He  conducted  his  business  systematically  and 
accumulated  property. 

"  He  was  very  fond  of  music  ;  understood  the 
theory  perfectly,  and  played  well  on  the  organ, 
piano  and  violin. 

"He  was  an  earnest  Episcopalian,  and  a 
constant  attendant  upon  the  services  of  the 

"A  zealous  friend  of  temperance,  an  ardent 
anti-slavery  man,  he  let  his  principles  be  known 
on  every  suitable  occasion.  He  was  very  fond  of 
the  study  of  astronomy,  and  owned  a  large  tele- 
scope with  which  he  took  frequent  observations. 
Mr.  Alvin  Clarke  of  Cambridge,  now  a  maker 
of  telescopes,  was  a  valued  friend  of  Mr.  Stiles, 
and  a  number  of  years  ago  painted  his  portrait. 

"  Mr.  Stiles  died  on  the  17th  of  March,  1877, 
greatly  regretted  by  all  who  knew  him." — Local 
paper.     They  had  no  children. 

Family  40. 

482.  Caleb  Dalton5  Stiles  [181]  (Joshua4,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Lyndeborough,  N.  H.,  May  26,  1792 ; 

126  Stiles  Genealogy. 

married  at  Gilsum,  N.  H.,  Jan.  6,  1812,  Clarissa  Beckwith  of 
Lempster,  N.  H.     He  died  June  25,  1830. 
Children : 

483.  I.  Sarah  Louisa6,  b.  Sept.   22,   1812;  m.   Nathaniel 

George  of  Greenfield,  N.  H.  ;  had  a  dan.,  who 
m.  John  Hartwell  of  Jaffrey,  N.  H.,  and  res. 
(1886)  at  Townsend  Centre,  Mass. 

484.  II.  Koxana  Jane6,  b.  Jan.  1,  1815  ;  m.  Joseph  Shaw  of 

Knoxville,  111. 

485.  III.  Clara  Ann6,  b.  Mch.  17, 1818 ;  m.  Nathaniel  Eaton 

of  Nashua,  N.  H. 

486.  IY.  Caleb  Oscar6,  b.  May  6,  1821 ;  m.  Mary  George. 

Family  84. 

487.  Y.  William  Warren6,  b.  Jan.  18,   1828  ;  lived  (1857) 

at  Salem,  Mass. 

Family  41. 

488.  Andrew6  Stiles,  Jr.,  [191]  (Andrew5,  Ezekiel1,  Eben- 
ezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass., 
Feb.  25, 1816  ;  married  (1)  Martha  Stevens,  June  10, 1838,  who 
d.  Oct.  28,  1847;  m.  (2)  Sarah  Kelley,  Mch.  2, 1848 ;  res.  (1884) 
at  Methuen,  Mass.  Administration  on  the  estate  of  Andrew 
Stiles  of  Haverhill,  Mass.,  "  allowed  "  at  Salem,  Feb.,  1889.— 
Boston  paper. 

Children  (by  1st  wife) : 

489.  I.  Martha  J.7,  b.  Apr.  26,  1840. 

490.  II.  Andrew  J.7,  b.  Sept.  30,  1841. 
Children  (by  2d  wife) : 

491.  III.  Sarah  E.7,  b.  Jan.  5,  1850. 

492.  IY.  Frank  P.7,  b.  Feb.  1,  1853  ;  printer ;  res.  (1884)  in 

Haverhill,  Mass. 

493.  Y.  Laura  A.7,  b.  Apr.  13,  1854. 

494.  YI.  Clara  E.7,  b.  Nov.  11,  1855 ;  d.  Nov.  26,  1857. 

495.  VII.  Henry7,  b.  May  23,  1857  ;  d.  June  15,  same  year. 

Family  42. 

496.  John  Potter6  Stiles  [193]  (Andrew5,  Ezekiel4,  Eben- 
ezer3, Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass., 













Massachusetts  Family.  127 

Oct.  6,  1819;  m.  Lucy  J.  Baxton,  Sept.  30,  1841 ;  resided  at 
Methuen,  Mass.     He  died  at  war. 
Children  : 

Lucy  J.7,  b.  Jan.  5,  1843. 

Abby  M. ,  b.  Feb.  4,  1845 ;  d.  Oct.  11,  1S48. 

Emma  F.7,  b.  Nov.  4,  1848. 

Ella  F.7,  b.  Jan.  20,  1851. 

John  Henry7,  b.  Feb.  10,  1854. 

Lizzie  A7  b.  Feb.  16,  1857. 

Family  43. 

503.  Dea.  David6  Stiles,  Jr.  [196]  (Dea.  David5,  Ezekiel4, 
Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton, 
Mass.,  June  19,  1813;  married  Rebecca  Perrv  of  Danvers, 
Mass.,  Apr.  21,  1836  ;  she  b.  Jan.  17,  1815;  d.'Feb.  2,  1887; 
resided  in  Middleton.  Their  golden  wedding  was  celebrated 
Apr.  21,  1886.     He  died  Aug.  7,  1889. 

Mr.  Stiles  was  a  direct  descendant  of  Mary  Estey  who, 
with  her  sister  Rebecca  Morse,  was  executed  for  witchcraft  in 
1692.  Mr.  Stiles'  great  grandmother  was  Susannah  Estey, 
whose  great  grandmother  was  Mary  Estey  above  mentioned. 

Mr.  Stiles  received  the  rudiments  of  an  education  at  the 
old  brick  school-house  in  the  northern  district  of  Middleton. 
After  he  was  nine  years  of  age,  as  was  the  usual  custom  in 
those  days,  he  remained  at  home  during  the  summer  terms  to 
help  on  the  farm,  and  attended  school  only  in  the  winter  sea- 
son after  that  time. 

He  early  evinced  a  mechanical  ingenuity  and  skill  which 
was  remarkable,  and  his  father  erected  a  workshop  for  him  in 
which  he  accomplished  considerable  in  the  line  of  iron-work 
and  repairing  for  his  father  and  the  neighboring  farmers. 

At  the  age  of  16  years  he  was  apprenticed  to  Dea.  Frederick 
Howe  of  Danvers,  to  learn  the  trade  of  a  blacksmith. 

In  March,  1835,  he  purchased  a  blacksmith  shop  standing 
on  the  site  of  the  present  residence  of  Capt.  Thomas  Hoyt,  in 
Middleton,  where  he  worked  most  successfully  at  his  chosen 
vocation  till  1859,  when  he  sold  the  land,  took  down  the  old 
shop,  but  continued  working  at  his  trade  in  a  shop,  which  he 
fitted  up  with  modern  conveniences  and  appliances,  nearer  his 

128  Stiles  Genealogy. 

July  16,  1850,  Mr.  Stiles  obtained  letters-patent  on  a 
hay  and  stalk  cutter,  and  for  several  years  afterward  he  was 
busily  engaged  in  the  manufacture  aud  sale  of  that  machine. 

He  was  an  earnest  supporter  of  the  Cong,  church  in  Mid- 
dleton,  of  which  he  became  a  member  in  1832,  and  was  a 
teacher  in  the  Sabbath  school  in  connection  with  it  —  when 
not  its  superintendent  —  for  about  60  years.  He  held  offices 
of  trust  in  the  gift  of  his  fellow  townsmen;  holding  the  office 
of  town  treasurer  eight  years ;  also  serving  on  the  board  of 
selectmen,  assessors  and  overseers  of  the  poor. 

Mr.  Stiles  was  appointed  a  justice  of  the  peace  in  Dec, 
1887,  by  his  excellency  Gov.  Oliver  Ames. 

He  was  much  interested  in  the  history  of  old  families, 
especially  of  his  native  place,  and  he  wrote  the  history  of 
Middleton,  which  was  printed  in  the  "  History  of  Essex 
County,"  which  was  published  in  1888. 

He  gave  much  time  to  the  investigation  of  family  records, 
traditions  and  ancient  documents  relating  to  local  history.  He 
wrote  an  essay  on  "  The  Horse,"  which  was  printed  in  the 
"  Transactions  of  Essex  Co.  Agricultural  Society  ; "  and  he 
was  invited  by  several  farmers'  clubs  to  deliver  before  them 
his  lecture  on  that  subject.  He  was  a  regular  correspondent 
of  the  Salem  Mercury  for  many  years,  and  an  occasional  con- 
tributor to  other  publications. 

He  was  a  self-made  man,  enterprising  and  prompt  in  execu- 
tion. He  was  a  public-spirited  citizen,  and  it  has  been  said  of 
him  that  "  he  was  always  ready  to  spend  time  and  money  for 
the  furtherance  of  any  good  work." 

He  worked  zealously  in  the  anti-slavery  cause,  when  it  cost 
something  to  be  anti-slavery  man. 

The  Dan  vers  Mirror,  at  the  time  of  his  death,  said:  "Mr. 
Stiles  was  in  many  ways  a  remarkable  and  notable  man,  and 
he  was  known  generally  in  this  section,  and  well  throughout 
the  State.  He  was  of  robust  form,  and  pleasing  manners,  a 
good  talker  on  almost  any  occasion,  well  informed,  and  a 
painstaking  and  accurate  writer  on  local  history,  genealogy, 
agricultural  matters  and  the  horse." 

We  quote  the  following  from  a  long  article  in  the  Salem 
Mercury,  after  his  death  :  "  He  was  a  good  and  faithful  work- 
man, prudent,  thrifty  and  saving,  and  soon  became  forehanded. 
He  was  a  good  type  of  the  old-fashioned  New  England  life  and 



Massachusetts  Family.  129 

character.  Like  most  men  of  marked  individuality  of  char- 
acter, he  had  his  peculiar  traits,  but  behind  all  this  was  honesty 
of  conviction,  a  good  order  of  intelligence,  and  a  controlling 
desire  to  lead  a  life  of  usefulness  among  men.  If  upon  politi- 
cal or  religious  questions  he  was  ever  earnest  and  positive  in 
the  interchange  of  views  with  any  of  his  townsmen  or  friends, 
no  warmth  of  controversy  ever  left  in  him  a  feeling  of  bitter- 
ness toward  any  man.  He  was  by  nature  kind  of  heart  and 
genial  in  temperament." 

Mr.  Stiles  died  while  visiting  in  Sodus,  N.  Y.  He  left 
home  Aug.  1,  apparently  in  the  best  of  health  and  spirits, 
took  a  sudden  cold,  and  had  an  attack  of  congestion  of  the 
bowels  (the  same  disease  of  which  his  father,  bearing  the  same 
name,  died  just  26  years  before),  and  in  one  short  week 
his  body  was  returned  in  a  casket  to  his  sorrowing  family. 
The  funeral  services  were  conducted  by  Rev.  H.  J.  Richard- 
son of  Lincoln,  but  a  native  of  Middleton,  who  had  known 
the  deceased  from  early  life.  Mr.  Richardson  spoke  first  of 
Mr.  Stiles  as  a  valued  neighbor  and  kind  friend,  who  always 
had  sympathy  for  those  who  were  in  sickness  or  trouble,  and 
was  ever  ready  with  kindly  offices.  He  said  :  "  This  large  as- 
sembly of  the  people  of  the  town  testifies  to  the  general  feeling 
that  the  community  has  sustained  a  great  loss  in  the  death  of 
a  citizen  who  for  more  than  50  years  had  the  best  interests  of 
his  fellow-citizens  and  the  town  at  heart.  *  *  *  From  the 
time  of  his  uniting  with  the  church  to  the  day  of  his  death  he 
was  always  deeply  interested  in  its  welfare,  and  was  active  in 
church  work  and  parish  matters.  *  *  *  It  is  but  seem- 
ingly a  short  time  since  this  house  was  filled  to  pay  the  last 
tribute  of  respect  to  the  faithful,  gentle,  self-distrustful  woman 
who  for  more  than  half  a  century  was  the  companion  of  our 
brother,  who  now  has  joined  her,  we  trust,  in  the  heavenly 

Children  (all  born  at  Middleton) : 

504.  I.  Caroline  Augusta7,  b.  Nov.  26,  1837 ;  grad.  Salem 

Normal  School ;  m.  Samuel  A.  Fletcher  (b.  July 
13,  1836),  Jan.  1, 1865  ;  res.  in  Middleton.  Issue : 

505.  i.  Lillian  Perry8,  b.  Nov.  19,  1866. 

506.  ii.  Edith  Louise8,  b.  Oct.  4,  1880. 

507.  II.  Emily  Rebecca7,  b.  Mch.  17, 1840  ;  m.  Mark  Mana- 

han   (b.  Aug.  27,  1835),  of  Deering,  N.  H., 

130  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Apr.  26,  1865  ;  res.  Lawrence,  Mass.;  a  grocer  ; 
in  1869-70,  member  of  the  common  council ; 
1880,  member  board  of  overseers  of  the  poor. 
Issue : 

508.  i.  Herbert   Wellington8,    b.    Feb.   11,    1868; 

student  in  Harvard  Med.  School,  1890. 

509.  ii.  Elmer  Gove8,  b.  Aug.  31,  1870 ;  student  at 

the  Inst.  Technologv,  Boston. 

510.  iii.  Alice  Stiles8,  b.  Mav  8,  1877. 

511.  III.  Mary  Eliza7,  b.  Apr.  26,  1842  ;  unm.;  res.  Middle- 


512.  IV.  Clinton  Ferry7,  b.  Aug.  25,  1851 ;  m.  Louisa  E. 

Norris.     Family  84  —  2. 

513.  V.  Abbie  Delia7,  b.  Aug.  18,  1853;  d.  Aug.  26,  1873. 

Family  44. 

514.  Farnham6  Stiles  [197]  (David5,  Ezekial4,  Ebenezer3 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Nov. 
19,  1814 ;  m.  Apr.  27,  1836,  Elizabeth  P.  Russell,  b.  May  13, 
1815  ;  res.  Middleton,  Mass. 

Children : 

515.  I.  Levi7,  b.  Feb.  19,  1839  ;  d.  Feb.  22,  same  year. 

516.  II.  Edward  Murray7,  b.  June  28,  1843 ;  d.  June  28, 


517.  III.  Mary  Lizzie7,  b.  June  28,  1843 ;  m.  Milton  J.  Em- 

erson, June  29,  1879 ;  she  d.  Dec.  16,  1882. 

518.  IY.   Wallace  F.7,  b.  May  20,  1846 ;  d.  June  1,  same 


519.  Y.  Warren  Franklin7,  b.  June  17,  1850;  d.  Nov.  12, 


Family  45. 

520.  Hiram  Abbott6  Stiles  [199]  (David6,  Ezekiel4,  Eben- 
ezer3 Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass., 
May  10,  1822  ;  m.  (1)  Emeline  Russell  of  M.,  Aug.  1,  1841 ; 
she  d.  Mar.  4,  1858,  se.  32  yrs.  9  mos.  22  days;  m.  (2)  Mrs. 
Ruth  Berry,  Dec.  2,  1858.  Mr.  Stiles  is  a  dealer  in  wood  and 
coal  at  Lynn,  Mass.;  resides  at  Middleton,  Mass. 

Massachusetts  Family.  131 

Children  (by  1st  marriage) : 

521.  I.  Sumner  B.7,  b.  Jan.  13,  1851 ;  m.  Hattie  Goodwin. 

Family  84—3. 

522.  II.  Nelson  K.7,  b.  May  23,  1853;   m.  May  4,  1886, 

Lucia  G.  Mclntire.     Family  84—4. 

524.  III.  Ellen  Maria7,  b.  Oct.  11,  1853  ;  unm. 

525.  TV.  Osgood  F.7,  b.  May  8,   1857 ;  unm. ;  is  in  business 

with  his  father  and  brother ;  is  a  spiritual  me- 

Family  46. 

526.  Silas6  Stiles  [207]  (Joseph5  Jr.,  Joseph4,  Ebenezer3 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Vermont  (probably  in 
the  town  of  Landgrove) ;  m.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Shay  (b.  1798)  of 
New  Jersey,  in  1838  ;  res.  in  Oswego,  N.  T. ;  was  by  trade  a 
carpenter;  in  religious  belief  a  Baptist;  he  d.  Meh.  10,  1879  ; 
his  widow  d.  Sept,  4,  1883. 

Children : 

527.  I.  Charles   Floyd7,   b.  June   15,    1825;   m.   Hannah 

Wilks.     Family  85. 

528.  II.  Philip  Griffin7,  b.  Dec.  24,  1826  ;  m.  Mary  Burzee. 

Family  47. 

529.  Alanson6  Stiles  [210]  (Joseph5,  Jr.,  Joseph4,  Eben- 
ezer3 Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Landgrove,  Yt., 
Jan.  16,  1807 ;  married  Salome,  dau.  of  Silas  and  Sally  (Caul- 
kins)  Benedict;  she  b.  in  N".  T.  State,  July  22,  1813.  They 
res.  for  many  years  at  or  near  Mexico,  N.  Y.,  where  he  still 
lives  with  his  son.     His  wife  died  July  26,  1884. 

Children  : 

530.  I.  Martha  Ann7,  b.  Apr.  7,  1833 ;  m.  Sept.  20,  1854; 
Levi  Alonzo  (b.  Aug.  13,  1835),  son  of  Hiram 
and  2d  wife,  Anna  (Hungerford)  Benedict,  of 

Note.  —  In  the  1st  edition  of  the  "  Massachusetts  Family  of  Stiles  "  3 
children  are  credited  to  Silas  and  Elizabeth  (Shay)  Stiles  —  this  is  an  error, 
Eliza  Ann,  who  is  mentioned  as  the  1st  child,  being  Mrs.  Stiles'  dau.  by 
her  former  marriage. 

132  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Mexico,    N.  Y.;  res.    (1884)   at   Baldwiusville, 
Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.     Issue  : 

531.  i.  Eva  Amelia8,  b.  Aug.  6,  1860. 

532.  ii.  Delbert  Ellsworth8,  b.  Aug.  24,  1862. 

533.  iii.  George  Herbert8,  b.  June  1,  1865. 

534.  iv.  Edward  Eugene8,  b.  May  18,  1866. 

535.  II.  Silas  A.7,  b.  Apr.  7,  1835  ;  m.  Emma  Lee.     Fam- 

ily 86. 

536.  III.  Alida7,  b.  July  29,  1848  ;  d.  Jan.  6,  1857. 

537.  IV.  Amelia7,  b.  Nov.  19,  1855;  d.  Julv  22,  1876. 

Family  48. 

538.  Ebenezer6  Stiles  [225]  (Ebenezer5,  Joseph4,  Eben- 
ezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Wilton,  N.  H., 
May  8,  1798,  married  Clarissa  Edson,  Dec.  11,  1826  ;  removed 
many  years  ago  to  Iowa,  lived  at  White  Breast,  Iowa. 

Children : 

539.  I.   Olive  L.7,  b.  Nov.  2,  1827. 

540.  II.  Clarissa  L.7,  b.  Mch.  7,  1829. 

541.  III.  Ebenezer  C.7,  b.  June  16,  1831. 

542.  1Y.  Harriet  M.7,  b.  Nov.  24,  1836. 

543.  Y.  Sarah  L.7,  b.  Feb.  11,  1844. 

544.  YI.  Elbridge  W.7,  b.  Feb.  14,  1848. 

Family  49. 

545.  Francis  K.6  Stiles  [227]  (Ebenezer5,  Joseph4,  Eben- 
ezer3 Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wilton,  N.  H., 
Sept.  19,  1802 ;  married  Martha  Stone,  Feb.  25,  1829.  He 
was  a  farmer  ;  resided  in  Peru,  Yt. ;  was  capt.  of  the  militia  ; 
was  a  member  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  church,  and  served 
several  terms  as  steward  of  the  society  in  Peru.  He  was  a 
devoted  husband  and  a  kind  and  affectionate  father.  He  died 
Apr.  8,  1881 .  His  widow  is  still  living  with  her  son  Samuel 
on  the  home  farm  at  Peru . 

Children  : 
546.         I.  Ellen7,    b.   Nov.    7,    1830;  m.    1869,  Stephen  D. 
Simonds,  a  prosperous   farmer ;   res.  in  Gran- 
ville, Putnam  county,  111.;  nochildren. 

Massachusetts  Family.  133 

547.  II.  Rosette7,  b.  Jan.  9,  1834 ;  m.  Apr.  25,  1861,  Mer- 

rill Gr.  Walker,  a  farmer;  res.  in  Peru,  Yt. 
He  has  filled  numerous  positions  of  trust ;  is 
now  constable.     Issue  : 

548.  i.  Frank8,  b.  June  9,  1862. 

549.  ii.  Nellie  Rose8,  b.  Jan.  31,  1866. 

550.  iii.  Martha  Alta8,  b.  Apr.  17,  1868. 

551.  iv.  Milton  Albert8,  b.  Apr.  17,  1868. 

552.  v.  Ernest  Goodell8,  b.  Jan.  9,  1876. 

553.  III.  Henry7,  b.   Jan.    2,   1836;  m.  Helen  M.  Ryder. 

Family  87. 

554.  IV.  Sarah7,  b.  Nov.  21, 1837;  m.  1865,  Alonzo  Nourse, 

a  lawyer  ;  res.  at  Grafton,  Yt.     Issue : 

555.  i.  Henry  Joel8. 

556.  ii.  Addie  Sarah8. 

557.  Y.  Samuel7,  b.  Feb.  9,  1840;  m.  (1)  Sarah  D.  Conna- 

ble;  (2)  Hattie  Connable.     Family  88. 

Family  50. 

558.  Aaron6  Stiles  [228]  (Ebenezer5,  Joseph4,  Ebenezer3 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Landgrove,  Yt.,  June  10, 
1804  ;  married  Laura  Irish  ;  res.  at  present  (1884)  at  Norwood 
(formerly  Potsdam  Junction),  N.  Y. 

Children  (one  is  not  living)  : 

559.  I.  Dorothy  E.7 

560.  II.  Laura  Jane7, 

Family  51. 

561.  Andrew6 Stiles  Jr.  [2311  (Andrew5,  Joseph4,  Ebenezer3 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1)/  was  born  at  Nelson,  N.  H.,  Oct.  9, 
1792  ;  m.  Lydia  Jewett  (b.  in  Temple,  N.  H.,  Oct.  29,  1800), 
who  died  Jan.  1,  1873.  They  rem.  from  N.  H.  to  Bethel,  Me., 
where  they  lived  for  many  years.  He  is  living  (Oct.,  1884)  at 
the  age  of  92  years,  with  his  dau.,  Mrs.  Semantha  Douglass, 
at  Lynn,  Mass.  Although  his  memory  and  hearing  are  some- 
what impaired,  his  health  is  excellent,  never  having  been  sick 
a  day  in  his  long  life.  His  sisters,  Mrs.  Lydia  Jewett  and  Mrs. 
Lois  Jewett,  are  also  living  —  one  at  the  age  of  90,  the  other 

134  Stiles  Genealogy . 

88.   _  [Mr.  Stiles  died  in  Lynn,  Mass.,  Oct.  21, 1888,  at  the  home 
of  his  dau.,  Mrs.  Douglass,  aged  96  years  and  12  days.] 
Children : 

562.  I.  Alanson7,    b.   Sept.    20,    1819;   m.    Snsan   Heath. 

Family  89. 

563.  II.  Melvina7,  b.  Nov.  14,  1821 ;  d.  Nov.  24,  1822. 

564.  III.  Lydia  Melvina7,  b.  July  24,  1823 ;  m.  Clement  S. 

Heath,  bro.  of  Susan,  wife  of  Alanson  Stiles. 
She  d.  Jan.  7,  1873.  Mr.  H.  is  also  dead  ;  no 

565.  IV  Amanda  A.7,  b.  Dec.  8,  1825;  m.  Samuel  B.  Rob- 

ertson of  Bethel,  Me.  She  d.  Nov.  14,  1S67, 
se.  42.     Issue : 

Lydia  A.8 




Andrew  Channing8. 




liel7,  b.  Apr.  9,  1830 ;  m .  Mary  Ann  Heath. 
Family  90. 
575.  VI.  Semantha  A.7,  b.  Mch.  29,  1832;  m.  Franklin  J. 
Douglass  of  Lynn,  Mass.,  about  1850  ;  have  res. 
in  Lynn  ever  since,  with  the  exception  of  a  short 
time  spent  in  Vermont.     He  d.  1880.     Issue  : 

Charles  Henry8,  b.  Dec.  8,  1851. 

Franklin  Pierce8,  b.  Feb.  7,  1853. 

Manly8,  b.  Sept.  24,  1855. 

Hattie  E.8,  b.  Jan.  23,  1858;  d.  Jan.  30, 

Eddie  S.8,  b.  Oct.  17,  1868. 
l.\  b.  Sept.  19,  1835  ;  m.  Jonah  Heath  (bro. 
to  the  wife  of  Nathaniel  Stiles) ;  live  in  Gilead, 
Issue : 

Jerome8 ;  res.  Michigan. 


Alma  A.8 

Nathaniel8;  dec'd. 

Archie  B.8 


















v. : 












581.   VII.  Ruth 

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Massachusetts  Family.  135 

587.  VIII.  Edna  J.7,  b.  Oct.  5,  1837 ;  res.  with  her  sister,  Mrs. 

Douglass,  at  Lynn,  Mass.  ;  unm. 

588.  IX.  Mary  F.7,  b.  Mch.  23,  1843  ;  m.  Lyman  Merrill ; 

she  died  Jan.  14,  1863.     Child : 

589.  i.  Fred.  L.8,  b.  Dec.,  1860;  res.  Portland,  Me. 

Family  52. 

590.  Henry6  Stiles  [254]  (Andrew5,  Joseph4,  Ebenezer3  Jr., 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Nelson,  N.  EL,  Oct.  15,1815; 
m.  Emeline  P.  Taylor,  Dec.  17,  1840 ;  live  at  Rochelle,  111. 

Children  : 

591.  I.  George  H.7,  b.  Jan.  26,  1842;  d.  at  war. 

592.  II.  Albin7,  b.  May  24,   1845 ;  m. ;  has  5 


593.  III.  La  Forrest7,  b.  June  7,  1849  ;  m. : ;  has  5 

children . 

594.  IV.  Emma7,  b.  May  8,  1852;  d.  1875. 

595.  V.  Abbie7,  b.  Apr.  6,  1859. 

Family  53. 

596.  DaYid  B.6  Stiles  [259]  (Andrew5,  Joseph4,  Ebenezer3 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Nelson,  N.  H.,  Feb.  5, 
1819  ;  m.  (1)  Emily  (dau.  of  Jeremiah  Mason  of  Dublin  [one 
account  says  Sullivan],  N.  H.),  Sept.  22, 1841.  He  resided  in 
Illinois  for  a  long  period,  going  there  with  his  mother  and  sis- 
ter in  1837.  He  married  (2)  Mrs.  Sarah  Stryker;  (3)  Mrs. 
Frances  A.  Martin.  They  res.  (1884)  near  Rochelle,  111.  Mr. 
Stiles  d.  at  Rochelle,  Feb.  7,  1886,  of  typhoid  pneumonia. 

Children  : 

597.  I.  Adra  A.7,   b.  Feb.   22,  1844;  m.  May  18,  1867, 

Justin  Levi,  son  of  Cyrus  Crary  and  Chastina 
Blynn  (Thornton)  Spalding,  a  lawyer  of  Bloom- 
ington,  111.  They  res.  (1884)  at  Huron,  Dakota 
Ter.     Issue : 

598.  i.  Dau.8 

599.  II.  Mason7.,  d. 

600.  III.  Ella7,  b. ;  d. 

136  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  54. 

601.  Abram6  Stiles,  Jr.  [261]  (Abram5,  Joseph4,  Ebenezer3 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  Oct.  27,  1802,  at  Nelson, 
JS\  H.  ;  perhaps  or  possibly  at  Gilsum,  N.  H. ;  married  Mary 
G.  Towns,  Mch.  28,  1832;  was  living  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  some 
years  ago ;  now  dec'd. 

Child  : 
602.         I.  Mary  Miranda7,  b.  July  28, 1833  ;  m.  Sept.  3, 1856, 
O.  H.  Uillett,  formerly  of  Chicopee,  Mass.,  after- 
ward of  Keene. 

Family  55. 

603.  Richard  Stoddard6  Stiles  [265]  (Abram5,  Joseph4, 
Ebenezer3,  Jr.,  Ebenezer2  Robert1),  was  born  at  Keene,  !N\  H., 
Aug.  15,  1811;  married  Sarah  Stilson,  Dec.  10,  1846.  Mr. 
Stiles  rem.  from  Keene  in  the  spring  of  1837  to  Rockford,  111., 
and  settled  on  the  farm  which  he  has  occupied  ever  since. 

Children  (all  living  near  Rockford,  111.)  : 

604.  I.  John  Abram7,  b.  Aug.  10,  1851 ;  m.  Ella  J.  Hall. 

Family  91. 

605.  II.  Lucy  Amelia7,  b.  Aug.  19,  1853. 

606.  III.  Richard  Lawson7,  b.  Apr.  10,  1856  ;  farmer. 

607.  I Y.  Luther  Amasa7,  b.  Aug.  17, 1858  ;  m.  Clara  L.  Cole. 

Family  92. 

608.  Y.  Amos  Dervill7,  b.  June  17,  1861 ;  farmer. 

Family  56. 

609.  Gardner6  Stiles  [268]  (Abram5,  Joseph4,  Ebenezer3 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  EL,  Aug.  31, 
1819;  married  (1)  Mary  A.  Woodcock,  May,  1844;  m.  (2) 
Elsina  Rowley,  Feb.  11,  1859 ;  resided  at  Rockford,  111.  He 
d.  Dec.  22,  1865. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage) : 

610.  I.  Richard   Addison7,   b.   June,  1845  ;  m.    Mandana 

Douglass.     Family  93. 

611.  II.   William    Gardner7,   b.    Dec.   30,    1847;    m.  Mary 

Harbaugh.     Family  94. 

Massachusetts  Family.  137 

612.  III.  Flora  Elizabeth7,  b.  Jan.  31,  1850;  ra.  (1)  James 

Thompson  ;  (2)  Mayo  Crookson ;  res.  (1885)  at 
Knox  Corners,  Waldo  county,  Me.  Issue  (by 
1st  marriage) : 

613.  i.  Gardner  Forest8  (Thompson),  b.  Nov.,  1877. 

614.  IV.  Sarah  Maria7,   b.  Feb.  19,  1852 ;  m.  Noah  Slife ; 

res.  in  Martello,  Iowa;  no  children. 

615.  Y.  Frederick7,  b.  Dec.  15,  1857. 
Children  (by  2d  marriage) : 

616.  VI.  Mary  Celestia7,  b.  Jan.  3,  1860. 

617.  VII.  Benjamin    Franklin7,   b.   Nov.,    1861  ;    m.  Emma 

South  wick.     Family  95. 

618.  VIII.  Lewis  Almond7,  b.  June  20,  1864. 

Family  57. 

619.  Asa6  Stiles  [270]  (Asa5,  Jr.,  Asa4,  Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Wilton,  N .  H.,  Apr.  27,  1794 ; 
married  (1)  Folly  Tapley  (b.  Aug.  12,  1792)  Dec.  2,  1819, 
who  d.  at  Wilton,  Nov.  15,  1857,  se.  65  ;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Lucinda 
B.  Holt,  who  d.  Feb.  28,  1868,  83.  68;  m.  (3)  Mrs.  Betsey 
Farwell.     He  res.  at  Wilton,  and  died  Oct.  2,  1874,  se.  80. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage) : 

620.  I.  Joseph  Warren7,  b.  Dec.  9,  1821 ;  m.  Nancy  Gray, 

Nov.  27,  1860.  He  is  a  merchant  at  Wilton,  and 
owns  and  occupies  the  place  which  was  purchased 
by  his  great-grandfather,  Asa  Stiles,  of  the  origi- 
nal proprietor,  George  Jaffrey,  of  Portsmouth, 
N.  H.     He  has  no  children. 

621.  II.  Henry7,  b.  May  31,  1823;  m.  Rachel  A.  Giddings. 

Family  96. 

622.  III.  Mary  Ann7,   b.  Feb.  12,  1826  ;  m.  Herman  Hop- 

kins, a  miller ;  res.  at  Wilton ;  no  children . 

623.  IV.  David  Tapley7,  b.  Dec.  8,  1827 ;  m.  Laura  Capron. 

Family  97. 

624.  V.  Rebecca  Jane7,  b.  June  19, 1831  ;  d.  Oct.  25, 1834. 

625.  VI.  Harriet  Elizabeth7,  b.  Nov.  13,  1834 ;  m.  Nov.  20, 

1856,  Moses  M.  Balch,  a  miller,  of  Weare,  N. 
H.     Issue : 

626.  i.  Anna  J.8,  b.  in  Weare,  Oct.  11,  1858. 

138  Stiles  Genealogy. 

627.  ii.  Ella  M.8,  b.  in  Temple,  N.  H.,  July  3, 1862 ; 

m.  Jan.  24, 1883,  Albert  Walker  of  New 
Ipswich ;  res.  at  N.  I. 

628.  iii.  Abbie  L.8,  b.  in  Temple,   N.  H.,  Feb.  1, 


Family  58. 

629.  Timothy6  Stiles  [277]  (Ebenezer8,  Asa4,  Ebenezer8 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Temple,  N.  H.,  1797;  m. 
Nancy  Parkman  of  New  Bedford,  Mass.  He  served  in  the 
War  of  1812. 

630.         I.  James  P.7 ;  was  living  (in  1857)  near  New  Bedford ; 
was  over  30  yrs.  of  age  at  that  time. 

Family  59. 

631.  Willard6  Stiles  [279]  (Ebenezer5,  Asa4,  Ebenezer3  Jr., 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Temple,  N.  H.,  1806 ;  m. 
Eliza  Gould  ;  was  living  (1881)  at  Milford,  N.  H. 

Children : 

632.  I.  Adeline7. 

633.  II.  Mary7. 

634.  III.  Frank7. 

Family  60. 

635.  David6  Stiles,  Jr.  [284]  (Esq.  David5,  Asa4,  Ebenezer3 
Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Temple,  N.  H.,  Feb.  11, 
1811  ;  m.  Maria  Goodrich  in  1839  ;  settled  at  Mount  Yernon, 
N.  H.  He  was  killed  by  a  railroad  train  at  Lyndeboro,  N.  H., 
Jan.  1,  1881.  His  widow  resided  at  Mount  Yernon,  where  she 
d.  Dec.  31,  1884. 

Children  : 

636.  I.  David  A.7,  b.  June  24,  1849  ;  m.  Eugelia  Brooks. 

Family  98. 

637.  II.  Maria  E.7,  b.  May  11,  1851 ;  d.  Apr.  5,  1868. 

638.  III.  Lucie  S.7,  b.  Mc'h.  28,  1854 ;  res.  with  her  mother 

at  Mount  Yernon,  most  of  the  time,  for  the  last 
15  years. 

Massachusetts  Family.  139 

Family  61. 

639.  Elbridge6  Stiles  [293]  (John5,  John4,  Ebenezer3  Jr., 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Nov.  25, 

1806 ;  m.  Harriet ;  res.  at  Middleton,  and  died  there  Apr. 

25,  1872. 

Children  (from  Middleton  Records) : 

640.  I.  Harriet  Amanda7,  b.  Mch.  15,  1834;  m.  Oct.  11, 

1849  (at  the  age  of  15  yrs.),  Perley  W.  Richard- 
'     son  (b.  Feb.  26. 1826).  of  Middleton  ;  both  dec'd. 

641.  II.  Elbridge  Alden7,  b.  Dec.' 13, 1835  ;  d.  Apr.  17, 1837. 

642.  III.  Elbridge  Alden7,  b.  Feb.  15, 1837;  d.  Aug.  24, 1875  * 

643.  IY.  Mary  Ellen7,  b.  Sept.  5, 1840 ;  m.  Solomon  Richard- 

son, July  2,  1856. 

644.  V.  John7,  b.  Oct.  4,  1846  ;  d.  July  4,  1857. 

645.  YI.  George  Stevens7,  b.  Jan.  7,  1850  ;  d. . 

Family  62. 

646.  Orville  C.9  Stiles  [340]  (Samuel6,  Hezekiah4,  Heze- 
kiahs,  Ebenezer3,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Stafford,  Conn.,  Jan. 
12,  1817;  m.  May  1,  1842,  or  Jan.  1,  1844,  Martha  E.  (b.  Jan. 
12,  1822),  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Patty  (Clark)  Priest,  of  Gardner, 
Mass. ;  res.  for  a  short  time  at  Fitzwilliam,  N.  H.,  from  which 
place  they   removed  to  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  where  he  d.  July 

30,    1862;    his   widow    m.   (2d)   David    Barker,   (3d)    

Holt;  res.  at  present  at  Sioux  City,  la.  [For  pedigree  of  Mrs. 
Holt  see  Family  of  Levi*  (Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  of  this 
work,  p. .] 

Children  : 

647.  I.  Charles  J.7,  b.  July  7,  1846;  d.  June  7,  1856. 

648.  II.  Mary7,  b.  June  28,  1852;  d.  Feb.  12,  1853. 

Family  63. 

649.  Joseph  Peabody"  Stiles  [346]  (Daniel5,  Daniel4,  Dan- 
iel3, Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Jan.  1, 

*  Elbridge  A.  Stiles,  se.  23,  Middleton,  Mass.,  enlisted  in  Co.  C,  17th 
Regt.  Mass.  Infy.  (3  yrs.);  mustered  July  22, 1861;  discharged  for  disability 
Sept.  12,  1862  {Record  of  Mass.  Vols.  1861-1865,  vol.  2,  p.  258). 

140  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1801;  m.  March  23,  1830,  Clarissa  (b.  Jan.  30,  1794),  dau.  of 
Asa  and  Ruth  (Mclntire)  Stickney,  of  Danvers,  Mass.  He  is 
a  stone  mason  by  occupation;  is  living  (1884)  at  Topsiield, 
Mass.  Mrs.  Clarissa  (Sticknev)  Stiles  d.  in  Salem,  Mass.,  June 
13,  1865.  Mr.  Stiles  d.  at  Lowell,  Mass.,  June  19, 1885,  se.  84 

Children : 

650.  I.  Clarissa  Ann7,  b.  May  10.  1832;  d.  June  7,  1837. 

651.  II.   Charles  Hubbard7,  b.  Nov.  26,  1834;  d.  Aug.  25, 


652.  III.  Nancy  Jane7,  b.  March  25,  1837;  d.  Sept.  7,  1837. 

Family  64. 

653.  Jesse6  Stiles  [347]  (Daniel6,  Daniel4,  Daniel3,  Ebene- 
zer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  June  12, 1804;  m.  Aug.  9, 
1825,  Arethusa  Perkins,  of  Middleton,  who  died  Feb.  15, 1861. 
He  was  for  many  years  (25  to  30)  overseer  in  one  of  the  large 
factories  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  where  he  sustained  an  excellent  rep- 
utation. Sometime  during  the  month  of  Jane,  1S62,  at  the 
time  the  mills  of  the  Tremont  Corporation,  Lowell,  were  being 
rebuilt,  he  was  struck  by  a  falling  beam  and  instantly  killed. 

An  account  of  the  4:0th  Anniversary  of  the  John  St.  Cong. 
Ch.,  Lowell,  Mass.  (May,  1879),  mentions  (p.  12),  "Je&se 
Stiles  ever  faithful,  ever  active,  conscientious,  true,"  as  among 
the  names  which  were  "  a  factor"  in  the  history  of  the  church; 
also  (p.  35),  he  is  mentioned  as  one  of  the  teachers  present  at 
the  first  session  (first  Sunday  in  April,  1839)  of  the  Sabbath- 
school  of  that  church. 

Children  : 

654.  I.  Jane  Arethusa7,  b.  Reading,  Mass.,  Nov.  6,  1826; 

m.  Nov.  10,  1848,  William  T.  McNeill  (b.  in 
Antrim,  N.  H.);  res.  in  Lowell,  Mass.,  until 
1863,  when  they  rem.  to  Worcester,  Mass., 
where  Mr.  McN.  held  a  responsible  position 
with  the  Washburn  &  Moen  Wire  Works  Com- 
pany until  his  death,  March  25,  1881.  Mrs.  Mc- 
Neill died  Oct.  30, 1881.     Issue: 

655.  i.  Fannie  A.8,  b.  March  30,  1852;  d.  Sept.  8, 


Massachusetts  Family.  141 

656.  ii.  Jennie  M.8,  ree.  with  her  father's  relatives 

in  Michigan. 

657.  II.  Mary  Elizabeth7,  b.  Boxford,  Mass.,  May  11,  1828; 

m.  July  26,  1856,  Samuel  Taylor,  of  Brent- 
wood N.  H. —  formerly  a  school  teacher,  at  pres- 
ent a  farmer. 

658.  III.  Harriet  Maria7,  b.  at  Lowell,  Mass.,  Jan.  9,  1831; 

d.  Aug.  28,  same  year. 

659.  IY.  Harriet  Maria7,  b.  at  Lowell,  Mass.,  Aug.  15,  1833; 

m.  Chas.  P.  Palmer,  of  Brownfield,  Me.  Mr. 
Palmer  entered  the  Union  army  at  the  breaking 
out  of  the  Rebellion,  remaining  until  the  close 
of  the  war.  He  afterward  joined  the  regular 
TJ.  S.  service,  and  is  supposed  to  have  been 
killed  on  the  western  frontier,  as  he  has  not  been 
heard  from  for  many  years.     Issue : 

660.  i.  Charles    J.    S.'8,    b.   Nov.    26,   1857;    was 

drowned  June  15,  1875,  while  bathing  in 
.    the  Merrimac  river,  "  a  lovely  boy  of  sunny 
disposition   and    noble,    manly   qualities,  a 
general  favorite." 

661.  V.  Catharine  Amanda7,  b.  at  L.  Apr.  20,  1835;  d.  at 

L.  May  16,  1835. 

662.  VI.  Caroline  Augusta7,  b.  at  L.  Apr.  20, 1835;  m.  Sept. 

29,  1855,  Charles  F.  Kenison,  of  Effingham, 
N.  H.  Mr.  K.  was  for  a  number  of  years  con- 
nected with  the  mills  in  Lowell,  but  afterward 
learned  the  carpenter's  trade,  which  he  still  fol- 
lows; has  resided  in  "Worcester,  Mass.,  since 
1876 ;  no  children. 

Family  65. 

663.  Dean6  Stiles  [350]  (Daniel5,  Daniel4,  Daniel3,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  July  3,  1811; 
m.  (1)  May  15, 1835,  Rebecca  H.  Dennett,  who  died  May  16, 
1838,  se.  23;  (2)  Mary  Ann  Gray,  Apr.  3,  1840,  who  died  at 
Salem,  Mass.,  Jan.  22,  1874,  of  paralysis.  Mrs.  Stiles  was 
highly  esteemed  for  her  many  virtues  and  kindness  of  heart, 
not  alone  by  her  immediate  circle  of  friends  but  by  those  even 
who  knew  her  but  slightly.     "  Mr.  Stiles  in  1884  was  still  ac- 

142  Stiles  Genealogy. 

tive,  working  at  his  trade  (carpenter)  every  day."  [Letter  of 
his  son,  G.  P.  Stiles,  of  Salem,  Mass.)  March,  1839,  D. 
Stiles  was  one  of  the  two  trustees  of  Salem  Singing  Society . 
Dean  Stiles  was  one  of  committee  of  Mozart  Association, 
1840-2  (from  Essex  Inst.  Hist.  Colls.,  vol.  23,  pp.  113-5). 
Mr.  Dean  Stiles  died  Mch.  30,  1890. 
Children  (by  1st  wife) : 

664.  I.  Charles  Dean7,  b.  Apr.  10,  1836;  m.  Sarah  Libby. 

Family  99. 

665.  II.  Rebecca  Ann7,  b.  Dec.  15, 1837;  d.  June  11, 1838. 
Children  (by  2d  wife)  : 

666.  III.  Henrv  A.7,  b.  July  13,  1841 ;  d.  same  month. 

667.  IY.  Mary  L.7,  b.  May  23,  1842 ;  d.  same  month. 

668.  V.  Edward  A.7,  b.  May  11,  1844;  d.  June  21,  1849. 

669.  VI.  George   Peabody7,  b.   Sept.    21,   1846;    m.    Sarah 

Frances  Moul ton.     Family  100. 

670.  VII.  Mary  Helen7,  b.  July  11,  1849 ;  resided  with  her 

father;  unm. 

671.  VIII.  Adelaide  C.7,  b.  June  18,  1852;  d.  Apr.  3,  1855. 

Family  66. 

672.  Elijah6  Stiles  [354]  (Elijah5,  Daniel4,  Daniel3,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Nov.  14,  1808 ; 
m.  (when  of  Andover,  Mass.)  Mary  Emeline  Runnels  (b.  in 
Boxford),  Nov.  1 1,  1829.  He  was  a  shoemaker  ;  res.  in  Box- 
ford  ;  he  died  in  West  Boxford  "  of  old  age,"  Sept.  24,  1883. 
Mrs.  Stiles  still  survives. 

Children  (all  b.  in  Boxford) : 

673.  I.  Charles  Franklin7,  b.  July  14,  1832 ;  m.  Oct.  31, 

1854,  Susan  Towne  (his  2d  cousin),  of  Andover, 
Mass.  He  is  a  shoe  manufacturer  of  S.  Grove- 
land,  Mass. ;  lives  on  the  old  homestead  at  W- 
Boxf  ord . 

674.  II.  Henry  Leverett7,  b.    Dec.  2,    1833;   d.  Sept.    27, 


675.  III.  Julia  Jennette7,  b.   May   14,   1845 ;  m.   Aug.  28, 

1869  (one  account  says,  but  another  gives  1862), 
George  Stan  wood  Dodge  of  Boxford,  son  of 
Robert   and   Betsey    Dodge   of    Newburyport, 

Massachusetts  Family.  143 

Mass.,  where  he  was  born  in  1837.  He  was  the 
first  man  who  went  from  Boxford  to  the  late 
Civil  War;  he  enlisted  in  1861,  as  a  3  months' 
man,  afterward  for  3  years  or  the  war,  in  35th 
Kegt.  Mass.  Yols. ;  res.  at  Bradford,  Mass. 
676.      IY.  Henry  Everett  Merrill7,  b.  Aug.  20,  1852. 

Family  67. 

677.  William  Allen6  Stiles  [355]  (Elijah5,  Daniel4,  Daniel3, 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  May  15, 
1810;  m.  Eliza  Town  of  N.  Andover,  Mass.,  Feb.  28,  i837; 
res.  in  Andover  (1884). 

Children  : 
678.         I.  Martha  Ann7,  b.  June  8,  1838. 

««n      m    garolil^Elizab7ef7'  i  b.  May  23,  1841. 

680.  III.  Henry  Warren7,*      \  J       ' 

681.  IY.  Daniel  Perley7,  b.  Mch.  4,  1850. 

Family  68. 

682.  Israel6  Stiles  [359]  (Elijah5,  Daniel4,  Daniel3,  Eben- 
ezer2, Robert1),  was  born  in  Middleton,  Mass.,  July  14,  1815; 
m.  Apr.  24,  1838,  Catherine  Runnels  of  Boxford  (b.  Mch.  27, 
1814),  sister  of  the  wife  of  his  brother  Elijah.  (Reynolds  Ge- 
nealogy gives  the  date  of  this  marriage  as  Apr.  23,  1837.) 
He  died  at  Woburn,  Mass.,  July  2,  1852. 

Children  (from  Reynolds  Genealogy) : 

683.  I.  Everett7,  b.  Feb.  23, 1845 ;  d.  in  Woburn,  Sept.  23, 


684.  II.  Caroline  Thompson7,  b.  July  1,  1852. 

Family  69. 

685.  Daniel6  Stiles  [361]  (Elijah5,  Daniel4,  Daniel3,  Ebenezer2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Nov.  5,  1821 ;  m.  Mar- 
garet Jane  Gilchrist,  Nov.  28,  1852;  res.  at  Andover,  Mass. 

*  Henry  W.  Stiles  served  from  Sept.  9,  1861,  to  Oct.  1,  1862,  in  2d  Co. 
Sharpshooters  {Record  of  Mass.  Vols.,  vol.  2,  p.  976). 

144  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children : 

686.  I.  Frank  Louis7,  b.  Aug.  7,  1854. 

687.  II.  William7,  b.  May  8,  1856. 

Family  70. 

688.  James6  Stiles  [381}  (George6,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb8, 
Ebenezer8,  Robert1),  stated  (on  applying  for  a  pension  for  ser- 
vice in  the  war,  1812)  April,  1871,  that  he  was  then  78  years 
of  age,  showing  that  he  was  born  about  1793.  He  was  thrice 
married,  (1) ;  (2)  Anna  Buzzell ;  (3)  Mrs.  Polly  (Dag- 
gett) Kinnicut  at  Eagle,  Alleghany  Co.,  N.  T.,  Feb.  19,  1836. 
[This  is  the  date  we  find  in  the  copy  of  Mr.  Stiles'  affidavit 
(given  at  the  time  of  applying  for  a  pension)  received  from  the 
pension  office  at  Washington,  D.  C]  [Mrs.  Polly  (Kinnicut) 
Stiles  had  by  her  previous  marriage  two  sons,  named  Horace 
and  Orson  Kinnicut;  the  latter  died].  Mr.  Stiles  removed  from 
Danville,  Vt.  (where  he  was  probably  born),  to  the  State  of 
New  York,  where  he  lived  for  several  years  previous  to  1841, 
when  he  removed  to  Michigan,  residing  for  the  most  part  until 
the  time  of  his  death  in  Greenbush,  Clinton  county.  He  died 
October  10, 1871.  He  received  a  pension,  which  was  continued 
to  his  widow,  who  died  November  17,  1879,  aged  67  years. 

Children  (by  2d  marriage;  none  by  1st  marriage): 

689.  I.  Ora7,  res.  at  Muir,  Ionia  Co.,  Mich.;  now  (1885), 

dec'd,  left  children,  one  of  whom,  Mrs.  Anna 
Haynes,  res.  at  Sheridan,  Mich. 

690.  II.  Eben7,  dec'd,  left  children,   one  of  whom,  Yelma 

Bishop,  res.  at  Banister,  Gratiot  Co.,  Mich. 

691.  III.  James  Monroe7,  b.  Oct.  20,  1824;  m.  Mrs.  Harriet 

Kinnicut.     Family  101. 

692.  IV.  Lucy  Ann7,  not  living. 
Children  (by  3d  marriage) : 

693r  V.  Harriet  M.7,  b.  Dec.  22,  1834  (this  date  is  given  by 
herself);  m.  (1)  John  Evered,  a  farmer,  abt.  1851; 
(2)  Joseph  Shaw,  a  farmer  (b.  Mch.  10,  1824), 
Sept.  13,  1863.  They  res.  (1885)  at  Greenbush, 
Clinton  Co.;  P.  C.  add.,  Eureka,  same  county. 
Issue  (by  1st  marriage) : 

694.  i.  Zoa8  (Evered),  b.  July  15,   1851 ;  d.  May, 


Massachusetts  Family.  145 

695.  ii.  Delia8  (Evered)  b.  Mcli.  1,  1859 ;  m.  John 

Shaw,   a  farmer  of    Greenbush,    Mich. 
Issue  (by  2d  marriage)  : 

696.  iii.  Amanda8  (Shaw),  b.  Apr.,   1865 ;  m.  Zenas 

Estes,  a  carpenter  of  St.  John,  Mich. 

697.  iv.  Harriet8  (Shaw),  b.  Aug.,  1867 ;  m.  George 

Wagner,  a  mason  of  Greenbush,  Mich. 

698.  v.  Carrie8  (Shaw),  b.  Mch.,  1869. 

699.  vi.  Edith8  (Shaw),  b.  Mch.,  1871. 

700.  vii.  Mertie8  (Shaw),  b.  May,  1873. 

701.  viii.  Mary8  (Shaw),  b.  May,  1876. 

702.  VI.  George  W.v,  b.  Nov.  17,  1836;  m.   Cornelia  Fox. 

Family  102. 

703.  VII.  LoisT,  dec'd. 

704.  VIII.  Warren  Moses',  b.   Nov.  3,  1845 ;  d.  on  his  19th 

birthday  (Nov.  3,  1864)  at  the  Asylum  Hospital, 
Chattanooga,  Tenn.,  after  serving  one  year  in 
in  the  10th  Eegt.  Mich.  Cavalry. 

Family  71. 

705.  Ephraim6  Stiles  [382]  (George5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3, 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Danville,  Vt.,  Aug.  3, 1794; 
m.  (1)  Mary  Woodman,  of  Barton,  Vt.;  (2)  at  Jericho,  Vt., 
Oct.  22,  1828,  Jerusha,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Thankful  (Meigs) 
French,  of  Jericho.  Mr.  Stiles  was  in  the  War  of  1812,  for 
which  service  Mrs.  Stiles  received  a  land  warrant.  They  re- 
sided at  Jericho,  and  there  he  died  June  14,  1841,  leaving  an 
estate  valued  (according  to  the  Probate  Records,  vol.  24,  Bur- 
lington, Vt.;,  at  $569.91.  Mrs.  Jerusha  Stiles  died  at  Jericho, 
July  5,  1880. 

Children  (by  1  st  marriage) : 

706.  I.  Mary  Ann7,  b.  June  23,  1819;  m.  at  Jericho,  Vt., 

Apr.  4,  1844,  Henry  J.  Benliam.  of  Jericho, 
Vt.  (b.  Aug.  22,  1819) ;  they  rem.  to  Fort  At- 
kinson, Wis.,  where  she  died  Nov.  12,  1881,  and 
where  Mr.  B.  still  (1885)  remains.     Issue  : 

707.  i.  Melissa  C.8,  b.  Jan.  17,  1845;    m.   Oct.  15, 

1857,  W.  O.  D.  Reilly,  at  Wantona,  Wis.; 
child:  Edmund  B.9  (Reilly),  b.  Aug.  26, 

146  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1870.     Mrs.  Melissa  C.  (Benham)  Reilly, 
d.  Aug.  31,    1870,  at  Koshkonong,  Wis. 

708.  ii.  Allen  B.8,  b.  Apr.  2, 1847;  m.  Mary  E.  Tru- 

fant,  Aug.  19,  1869,  at  Wantona,  Wis. 

709.  II.  Sarah7,  m.  1841,  Allen  Balch;  both  dec'd.     Issue: 

710.  i.  Mary  W.8,  b.   Apr.  16,  1845;  d.  se.  5  yrs. 

5  mos. 

711.  ii.  John  W.8,  b.  Nov.  28,  1851. 

Children  (by  2d  marriage,  all  born  at  Jericho,  Yt.) : 

712.  III.  George  Meigs7,  b.  Apr.  22,  1830;  m.  Olive  Field 

and  Myra  8.  Terrill.     Family  103. 

713.  IY.  Adin  French7,  b.   Aug.    30,  1832;   res.  (1885)  at 

Jacksonville,  Fla. 

714.  Y.  Adoniram  Judson7,  b.  Mch.  18,  1836;  d.  at  Middle- 

bury,  Yt.,  May  10,  1879. 

715.  YI.  Osman  Castle7,  b.  Feb.  4,  1839;  d.  Jan.  21,  1853, 

ee.  14  yrs. 

Family  72. 

716.  Moses6  Stiles  [383]  (George5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Eben- 
ezer2,  Eobert1),  was  born  in  Danville,  Yt.,  probably  about  1796; 
m.  (1)  Almira  Starbird,  who  died  Apr.  6,  1826;  m.  (2)  Sarah 
Cloudman,  of  Gorham,  Me.,  who  died  Mch.  10,  1859,  se.  59. 
He  went  from  Yermont  to  Saccarappa,  Me.,  when  quite  young. 
He  learned  the  trade  of  carpenter,  and  worked  at  all  kinds  of 
woodwork.  In  1838  he  was  chosen  Representative  to  the  Leg- 
islature of  Maine;  was  re-elected  the  following  year.  He  died 
of  consumption,  Nov.  14,  1861,  se.  61  yrs.  (Records  furnished 
by  his  daughter,  Mrs.  Colesworthy.) 

Children  (by  1st  wile) : 

717.  I.  Moses7,  b.  Jan.  24,  1824;   m.  (1)  Ellen  Bracket, 

who  d.  Mch.,  1880;  m.  (2)  Emma  Ward,  Oct. 
1882;  he  served  3  years  in  the  17th  Regt.  Maine 
Yols.  in  the  late  war;  no  children. 
Children  (by  2d  wife) : 

718.  II.  Moses7,  Jr.,  b.  Oct,  8, 1827;  m.  Eliza  A.  Eastman. 

Family  104. 

719.  III.  Almira  H.7,  b.  Nov.  11,  1828. 

720.  IY.  Sarah  F.7,  b.  1831;  d.  young. 

Massachusetts  Family.  147 

721.  V  Eliza  A.7,  b.  1833;  d.  young. 

722.  VI.  Frances   A.7,   b.  Feb.    24,  1835;  res.  in  Deering, 

Me.;  unm. 

723.  VII.  Alfreda  Lucinda7,  b.  Jan.  15,  1839;  m.  Dec.  25, 

1866,  Joseph  C.  Colesworthy,  a  retail  grocer  of 
Portland,  Me. ;  (1884)  res.  at  Deering,  Me.;  no 

Family  73. 

724.  Nathaniel  Towusend6  Stiles  [385]  (George5,  Caleb4 
Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  Aug.  5,  1798,  at 
Danville,  Vt.,  probably ;  m.  Sally  Wright  (b.  June  3,  1800), 
Mch.  22,  1821. 

Children : 

725.  I.  Lovella7,  b.  1824 ;   m.  1843,  Frank  Woodworth ; 

res.  (1885)  at  Burlington,  Vt.,  where  Mr.  W.  is 
a  merchant.     Issue : 

726.  i.  Hattie8. 

727.  II.  George  Quincy7 ;  ra.  Ellen  Cameron  at  Lawrence, 

Mass.,  May  1,  1857. 

728.  III.  Dennis  Wright7,  dec'd. 

729.  IV.  Henry  Waldo7;  m. . 

Family  74. 

730.  Benjamin6  Stiles  [399J  (George5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3, 

Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  Jan.  1,  1806,  in ,  Vt.;  m. 

Betsey  Hacket  (b.  June  13,  1804),  Sept.  3,  1827. 

Mr.  Stiles  had  rare  musical  talent  and  a  tenor  voice  unsur- 
passed for  depth  and  clearness.  These  gifts  have  been  trans- 
mitted to  his  descendants,  his  children  and  most  of  his  grand- 
children being  endowed  with  musical  powers  of  a  high  order, 
which  furnish  an  elevating  pastime  and  lend  an  unspeakable 
charm  to  domestic  life. 

He  lived  at ,  Mich.,  and  there  died  of  paralysis,  Nov. 

27,  1875. 

Children : 
731.  I.  L.  Wright7,  b.  June  13,  1828 ;  m.  Mary  S.  Rich- 

mond.    Family  105. 

148  IStiles  Genealogy. 

732.  II.  Leroy  R.7,  b.  Apr.  10,  1830;  m.  Harriet  Borden. 

Family  106. 

733.  III.  Charles  ().',   b.   Sept.   18,  1833;   m.  Elvira  A. 

Johnson  at  Lansing,  Mich.,  Oct.  24,  1875;  no 

734.  IY.  Henrietta7,  b.  Nov.  16,  1837 ;  m.  L.  D.  Kinch, 

Jan.  28,  1857.     Issue: 

735.  i.  Louie8,  b.  Jan.  3,  1858. 

736.  ii.  Leda8,  b.  Apr.  25,  1859. 

737.  Y.  Nancy  M.7  b.  Mch.  30,  1841 ;  m.  E.  R.  Curran, 

Mch.  17,  1861.     Issue  : 

738.  i.  Ernest  B.8,  b.  Nov.  7,  1863.     "  Earnest  by 

nature  as  well  as  by  name,  being  deter- 
mined to  possess  an  education,  he  walked 
three  miles  daily  to  the  Cedar  Springs 
(Mich.)  High  School,  where  he  grad.  at 
the  age  of  17.  By  teaching  winters  and 
studying  summers,  he  became  a  practical 
druggist  and  pharmacist  before  reaching 
his  majority ;  filling  a  responsible  position 
in  the  establishment  of  Peck  Bros.,  drug- 
gists, at  Grand  Rapids,  Mich." 

739.  ii.  Clifford  S.8,  b.  Eeb.  18,  1868. 

740.  iii.  Nettie  P.8,  b.  Nov.  9,  1877. 

Family  75. 

741.  John6  Stiles  [413]  (Samuel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  _  Caleb3, 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  1792,  probably  in  Danville,  Yt. 
He  went  to  Saccarappa,  Me.  about  1812;  married  July,  1824, 
Hannah  Freeman  of  Saccarappa,  who  was  born  at  that  place  in 
1808.     She  died  Apr.,  1864.     He  died  Mch.,  1866. 

Children : 

742.  I.  May  Annie7,  d.  in  infancy. 

743.  II.  John  Pierce7,  d.  in  infancy. 

744.  III.   Edwin  Charles7,  m.  Martha  Leavitt  of  Windham, 

Me.     He    d.    1865.     His  wid.  ra.  (2)   Melville 
Cyphers ;  res.  at  Battle  Creek,  Mich. 

745.  IY.  Merritt  W.7,  b.  1836 ;  m;  Annie  M.  Quincy.    Fam- 

ily 107. 

Massachusetts  Family.  149 

746        V.  Eliza  Foster7,  ra.  Andrew   Smith   of  Windham, 
Me.;  res.  (1884)  in  Cumberland,  Me. 

747.  VI.  Ljdia  Freeman7,  m.  "William  E.  Brown  of  Conn. 

She  d.  at  Lawrence,  Mass.,  Aug.,  1883. 

748.  VII.  Susan  P.7,  m.  J.   Mills  Parker  of   Scarborough, 

Me.;  res.  in  Portland,  Me. 

749.  VIII.  Mary  Ellen7,  d.  in  Saccarappa,  Me.,  June,   1882; 


Family  76. 

750.  Samuel6  Stiles,  Jr.  [431]  (Samuel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3, 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Vermont,  probably  at  Dan- 
ville; married  Clarissa  Cheney  of  Danville,  where  they  after- 
ward resided  ;  he  was  a  farmer. 

Children : 

751.  I.  Horace7. 

752.  II.  Silas  WV,  b.  Sept.  26,  1827;  m.  Laura  Shattuck. 

Family  108. 

753.  III.  Franklin7. 

754.  IV.  Benjamin7. 

Franklin  and  Benjamin  Stiles  enlisted  for 
three  years  in  the  6th  Regt.  Vermont  Vols., 
during  the  war  of  the  Rebellion,  and  both 
died  soon  after  reaching  the  seat  of  war. 

755.  V.  Miranda7,  m.  (1)  Ichabod  E.  Hunt ;  (2)  as  2d  wife 

Jan.   1,   1855,  Benjamin  (b.  Aug.  4,  1816)   son 
of  Daniel  and  Mercy  (Huntoon)  Chandler  of 
Hard  wick,  Vt. 
Child  (by  1st  marriage) : 

756.  i.  Rosella  M.8  (Hunt),  b.  Dec.  9,  1847,  at  Al- 

bany, Vt. 

757.  VI.  Jennie7. 

758.  VII.  Emily  F.7,  b.  in  Danville,  Vt.,  Dec.  26,  1832;  m. 

Sumner  (son  of  Daniel)  Chandler.     Issue  : 

759.  i.  George  Henry8,  b.  at  Hardwick,  Vt.,  June 

23,  1854. 

760.  ii.  Frank  Sumner8,  b.  Feb.  3,  1856. 

761.  iii.  Inez  Edwinia8,  b.  July  28, 1860. 

762.  VIII.  Clarissa7. 

150  Stiles  Genealogy. 

763.  IX.  Florinda7,  m.  Mch.  15,  1851,  Alonzo  (b.   July  2, 

1818),  son  of  John  and  Submit  (Chandler)  Heath 
of  Wheelock,  Vt. 

764.  X.  Mary  Ann7. 

Family  77. 

765.  Nathaniel6  Stiles  [440]  (Samuel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3, 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Yermont,  probably  at  Dan- 
ville; m.  Abigail  Tice,  of  Danville. 

Children  (they  had  5  daughters,  of  whom  only  one,  Mrs. 
I.  H.  P.  Rowell,  of  Montpelier,  Yt.,  is  now  [1887]  living) : 

766.  I.  Abby  Jane7,  m.  and  settled  in  Albany,  Yt. 

767.  II.  Harvey  N.7,  m.  C.  E. .     Familyl09. 

768.  III.  Freeman7,  was  a  sea  captain;  settled  in  Irasburgh, 

Yt.;  not  living. 

769.  IY.  Amelia7. 

770.  Y.  Myron  F.7;  served  3  years  or  more  in  the  late  war; 

grad.  Boston  Univers.  Phys.,  Northfield,  Yt., 
1878;  Boston,  Mass.,  1888;  is  married;  has  dau. 
named  Jessie. 

771.  YI.  William  B.7;  served  3  years  in  the  late  war;  farmer. 

772.  YII.  James  L.7 ;  mechanic ;  served  3  years  in  the  late 

war ;  res.  Stowe,  Yt. 

773.  VIII.  Elmer  L.7,  b.  May  13,  1847;  m.  Julia  Braley  and 

Lydia  A.  Smith.     Family  110. 

774.  IX.  Charles  W.7,  b.  May  18, 1850;  m.  Mary  E.  Bacon. 

Family  111. 

775.  X.  Pliny  M".7;  mechanic. 

Family  78. 

776.  Calvin6  Stiles  [449]  (Samuel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Eben- 
ezer2, Robert1),  was  born  in  Vermont  (doubtless  in  Danville); 
m.  (1)  Roxy  Cheney,  of  Danville,  who  died  at  Plattsburgh, 
X.  Y.,  Feb.  2,  1852,  se.  42  yrs;  m.  (2)  Lucy  Hays.  One  ac- 
count says  he  was  a  clergyman  at  Beekmantown,  1ST.  Y.;  an- 
other says  that  he  lived  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  and  died  there 
in  1871,  se.  62  years. 

Massachusetts  Family.  151 

Children  (by  1st  marriage  [partly  from  a  record  obtained 
by  Mr.  Hiram  A.  Clark,  of  West  Chazy,  N.  Y.,  and  partly 
from  a  relative  in  Vermont]) : 

777.  I.  Stedman  T.7,  m.  Fanny  Matoon.     Family  112. 

778.  II.  William  Riley7;  dec'd. 

779.  III.  Esther7. 

780.  IV.  Margaretta7,  m.  Lewis  Beach;  res.  (1886)  Ravens- 

wood,  111.;  7  children. 

781.  V.  Alfred7,  res.  Brnshton,  N.  Y. 

782.  YI.  Delia7,  m.  James  Everton;  res.  (1886)  Plainfield, 


783.  VII.  George7. 

784.  VIII.  Rose7,  m.  Mr.  Buckman,  of  Chazy,  N.  Y.;  res. 

(1886)  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

785.  IX.  Hannah7. 

Children  (by  2d  marriage) : 

786.  X.  Julia7,  res.  (1886)  in  Ellwood,  111.;  unm. 

787.  XI.  Louisa7,  m.  Mr.  Ingle;  res.  (1886)  at  Ellwood,  111. 

788.  XII.  Mattie7. 

Family  79. 

789.  William  Riley6  Stiles  [457]  (Samuel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3, 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Danville,  Vt.  (as  is  supposed); 
m.  Emily  Tice;  resided,  for  a  time  at  least,  in  Hardwick,  Vt., 
also  at  Wolcott,  Vt.,  and  Albany,  Vt.     > 


790.  I.  Milo  B.7,  b.  Nov.  24,  1835;  m.  L.  Emeline  Smal- 

ley.     Family  113. 

791.  II.  Flora  A.7,  born  in  Hardwick,  Apr.   7,  1837;  m. 

Mch.  25, 1860,  H.  P.  Coroin;  res.  at  P>arton,  Vt. 
Issue : 

792.  i.  Clarence  E.8 

793.  ii.  Sydney  R.8 

794.  iii.  Roy  W.8 

795.  III.  Oliver  T.7,  b.  June  20,  1838;  served  4  years  in  the 

6th  Regt.  Vt.  Vols.,  first  as  sergt.,  then  as  lieut. 
While  in  service  he  received  a  wound  in  the 
shoulder,  which  ultimately  caused  his  death.   He 

152  Stiles  Genealogy. 

married  Mary  Corey  at  Topeka,  Kan.  He  died 
at  Newton,  Kan.,  Oct.  10,  1875.  His  only  child 
survived  him  but  a  short  time. 

796.  IV.  Wilbur  A.7,  b.  Nov.  24,  184f  ;  m.  Laura  E.  Burns. 

Family  114. 

797.  V.  Eben  G.7,  b.  in  Albany,  Yt.,  Mch.  21,  1843;  d. 

Jan.  5,  1863. 

798.  YI.  Laura  E.7,  b.  in  Wolcott,  Yt.,  Dec.  17,  1844;  m. 

Sept.  5,  1867,  Alex.  H.  Damon ;  res.  in  Lowell, 
Mass.     Issue : 

799.  i.  Hudson  B.8 

800.  ii.  Lovell8. 

801.  iii.  Alex.  M8. 

802.  VII.  Ellen  E.7,  b.  in  Wolcott,  Vt.,  Dec.  9,  1849 ;  m. 

George  H.  Annis,  Mch.  7,  1864;  res.  in  Albany, 
Vt.     Issue. 

803.  i.  Alex.  D.8 

804.  ii.  Elida  F.8 

805.  VIII.  Jennie  V.7,  b.  in  Albany,  Vt.,  Oct.  16,  1857;  m. 

•William  K.  Kimball  in  1877 ;  res.  in  Lowell, 
Mass.     Issue. 

806.  i.  Martin8. 

807.  ii.  Arthur  S.8 

Family  80. 

808.  James  W.6  Stiles  [458]  (Samuel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3, 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Vermont  (probably  in  Dan- 
ville) ;  married  Hannah  Howe ;  res.  (1883)  at  Stowe,Vt.  "  James 
W.  Stiles,  1st.  Lieut.  5th  Regt.  Vermont  Vol.  Infy.,  from  Sep- 
tember 16, 1861,  to  November  5,  1861,  honorably  discharged." 
(From  a  list  of  officers,  bearing  the  name  of  Stiles,  who  held 
commissions  during  the  war  of  the  Rebellion.)  [We  hope  we 
shall  be  pardoned  if  we  have  assigned  to  Mr.  Stiles  an  honor  to 
which  he  is  not  entitled.  We  have  endeavored  to  obtain  his 
full  record,  but  can  get  no  response  to  letters  addressed  to  him. 
M.  S.  P.  G.] 

Children  : 
809.         I.   Ransom7,    physician   and    apothecary    in    various 
towns  in  Vt. 

Massachusetts  Family.  153 

810.  II.  Frances7. 

811.  III.  Maud7. 

Family  81. 

812.  Nathaniel6  Stiles  [460]  (Nathaniel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1).  It  is  thought  that  he  may  have  been 
born  at  Chester,  Vt.,  a  little  previous  to  1790,  as  he  had  a  sis- 
ter younger  than  himself,  but  older  than  their  brother  Samuel 
Stephens,  who  is  supposed  to  have  been  born  about  1793. 
Nathaniel  Stiles  went  to  St.  Albans,  Vt.,  when  a  young  man  ; 
was  a  blacksmith  by  trade.  "  The  name  of  Nathaniel  Stiles  is 
found  on  the  '  Grand  List'  of  St.  Albans  for  1823  and  other 
years "  {Town  Clerk's  Letter,  1885).  We  have  heard  from 
one  source  that  he  lived  at  some  period  of  his  life  at  Georgia, 
Vt.,  and  we  are  also  informed  that  he  is  believed  to  have  died 
at  St.  Albans  about  1838. 

Children  (this  list  was  furnished  by  Sampson  D.  Stiles,  Esq., 
of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.) : 

813.  I.  Charles',  d.  at  St.  Albans. 

814.  II.  William7,  d.  at  St.  Albans. 

815.  III.  Mary7,  d.  at  St.  Albans. 

816.  IV.  George7,  formerly  lived  at  Waterford,  N.  Y.     He 

died  at  Lansingburgh,  N.  Y.,  April  29,  1885,  se. 
59  yrs.  and  6  days  (showing  him  to  have  been 
born  April  23,  1826).  In  1873  or  '74,  he  had  2 
sons  in  New  York  city  engaged  in  the  printing 

817.  V.  Melvin7,  d.  at  St.  Albans. 

818.  VI.  Lucius7,  living  1865  at  St.  Albans,  prob.  died  there. 

Family  82. 

819.  Samuel  Stephens6  Stiles  [462]  (Nathaniel5,  Caleb4 
Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  about  1793,  at  Ches- 
ter, Vt.  (after  the  death  of  his  father).  While  a  boy  he  lived 
in  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  with  a  Mr.  Harris.  With  the  exception 
of  the  time  he  lived  in  F.,  his  boyhood  was  mostly  spent  in 
Chester,  Clarendon  and  Vergennes  (all  in  Vt.).  His  son  thinks 
he  must  have  gone  to  St.  Albans  as  early  as  1812,  from  the 

154  Stiles  Genealogy. 

fact  of  his  having  heard  the  cannonading  at  the  battle  of  Pitts- 
burgh, although  it  is  possible  that  it  could  be  heard  at  Vergen- 
nes.  He  lived  several  years  at  St.  A.;  while  a  young  man  he 
went  to  Enosburgh,  Yt.,  where  he  had  relatives  living.  At  E., 
about  1822,  he  married  Hannah,  dau.  of  Talma  Hendrick. 
They  lived  at  E.  and  the  adjoining  towns  of  Berkshire  and 
Montgomery  for  over  thirty  years.  About  1848,  they  removed 
to  Chemung,  Walworth  county,  Wis.,  some  of  their  children 
having  preceded  them.  They  afterward  rem.  to  Harvard,  Mc- 
Henry  Co.,  111.,  where  Mr.  Stiles  died  about  1859,  and  his  wife 
a  few  years  later.  (The  foregoing  account  was  furnished  by 
the  eldest  son,  Hon.  W.  H.  Stiles  of  Montgomery  Centre,  Yt.). 
Children : 

820.  I.  William  Howard7,   b.  June  21,  1823 ;  m.  Betsey 

Miller.     Family  115. 

821.  II.  Hendrick7,  b.  abt.  1825 ;  res.  Modesto,  Cal.;  unm. 

822.  III.  Paschal  Pulaski7,  b.  abt.  1827 ;  m.  Caroline  Brown 

at  Harvard,  111.,  has  several  children,  2  of  whom 
are  married  (1883).  Mr.  Stiles  with  his  family 
and  brother  Hendrick,  emigrated  from  Illinois 
to  California,  making  the  journey  overland  with 
their  own  team.  They  res.  (1883)  at  Modesto, 
Stanislaus  Co.,  Cal. 

823.  IY.  Benjamin  Franklin7,  b.  1829 ;  m.  Sarah  Ann  Jenne. 

Family  116. 

824.  Y.  Harriet7,  m.  George  Cotmrn;  res.  (1883)  at  Wrights- 

ville,  Wis.;  several  children. 

825.  YI.  Rhoda7,  m.  David  Carpenter ;  Mr.  C.  has  recently 

died;  res.  (1883)  in  Wis.,  prob.  at  Black  River 

826.  YII.  Elsie7,  m.  Charles  Jenne  of  Berkshire,  Yt.     Mrs. 

Elsie  Jenne  is  not  living.     Child  : 

827.  i.  Flora8,  d.  at  the  age  of  12  yrs. 

828.  VIII.  Lydia7,  d.  unm. 

829.  IX.  Mary  Ann7,  d.  unm. 

830.  X.  Lorana7,  d.  unm. 

Family  83. 

831.  Albert6  Stiles    [464]    (Jonathan5,   Caleb4  Jr.,   Caleb3, 
Ebenezer'i,  Robert1),  was  born  about  1799 ;  married  Sophia 

Massachusetts  Family.  155 

Stevens  at  Swanton,  Yt.,  Sept.  11,  1841.  In  May,  1876,  was 
living  at  Georgia  Plain,  Franklin  Co.,  Yt.,  at  the  age  of  77 
years.  He  served  in  the  War  of  1812,  for  which  he  obtained 
a  pension.  (Most  of  the  above  was  learned  from  the  Pension 
Records  at  Washington,  D.  C.)  He  was  living  at  Georgia, 
Yt.,  in  1885. 

Children : 

832.  I.  Alinon7. 

833.  II.  Sampson  D.7,  m.  Miss  Connors.     Family  117. 

834.  III.  George7,  d.  1884,  *e.  44  yrs. 

Family  84. 

835.  Caleb  Oscar6  Stiles  [486]  (Caleb  Dalton5,  Joshua4' 
Caleb',  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Greenfield,  1ST.  H.» 
May  6,  1821 ;  married  Mary  George  of  Greenfield,  Oct.  9, 1842; 
was  a  farmer  at  Greenfield .  Has  res.  for  some  years  at  Nashua, 
N.  H. 

Children : 

836.  I.  George  Dearborn7,  b.  June  8,  1844 ;  m.  Eliza  F. 

Thomas.     Family  118. 

837.  II.  Kirk  Dalton7,  b.  Sept.  3,  1846. 

838.  III.  Clara  Alma7,  b.  Apr.  22,  1848. 

839.  IY.  Joseph  S.7,  b.  July  10,  1852. 

840.  Y.  Mary  Eliza7,  b.   June  13,  1857;  m.  Sept.  9,  1890, 

by  Rev. I  J.  W.  Higgins,  Harley  S.   Eaton   of 

Family  84—2. 

841.  Clinton  Perry7  Stiles  [512]  (Dea.  David6  Jr.,  Dea. 
David5,  Ezekiel4,  Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born 
in  Middleton,  Mass.,  Aug.  25,  1851 ;  married  Mav  8,  1878, 
Louisa  E.  Norris  (b.  Feb.  29,  1856)  of  Sodus,  N.  Y." 

Children : 

842.  I.  Walter8,  b.  June  12,  1884. 

843.  II.  Agnes  Louisa8,  b.  Sept.  14,  1885. 

156  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  84—3. 

844.  Sumner  Burritt7  Stiles  [521]  (Hiram  Abbott6, 
David5,  Ezekiel4,  Ebenezer3  Jr. ,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born 
at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Jan.  13,  1851;  grad.  Phillips'  Academy, 
Harvard  Univer.,  1876,  Harvard  Law  School,  1881;  adm.  to 
K  Y.  Bar,  May,  1883;  m.  Hattie  Goodwin,  Sept.  10,  1884; 
res.  New  York  city. 

845.        I.  Eussell8,  b.  Dec.  26,  1887. 

Family  85. 

849.  Charles  Floyd7  Stiles  [527]  (Silas6,  Joseph5  Jr.,  Jo- 
seph4, Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Oswego, 
N.  Y.,  June  15,  1825;  m.  Hannah  J.  Wilks,  Oct.  14,  1847; 
formerly  resided  at  Oswego;  living  1884  in  Port  Byron,  1ST.  Y. 
Mr.  Stiles  is  a  carpenter  by  occupation. 

Children  (record  furnished  by  Mrs.  Hannah  J.  W.  Stiles) : 

850.  I.  Edwin  Floyd8,  b.  July  23,  1849. 

851.  II.  Alice  Medora8,  b.  July  4,  1851. 

852.  III.  Emma  Eliza8,  b.  July  29,  1853. 

853.  IV.  James  Anson8,  b.  Nov.  14, 1854;  res.  Newark,  N.  J. 

854.  Y.  Charles  Henry8,  b.  Oct.  26,  1857. 

855.  YI.  Frank  Griffin8,  b.  Oct.  27,  1861. 

856.  TIL  Minnie  Jane8,  b.  Jan.  9,  1863. 

Family  86. 

857.  Silas  A.7  Stiles  [535]  (Alanson8,  Joseph6  Jr.,  Joseph4, 
Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Mexico,  N.  Y., 
Apr.  7,  1835;  m.  Emma  Lee,  Sept.  6,  1866.  He  is  a  farmer; 
res.  near  Mexico,  which  is  his  P.  O.  address. 

858.         I.  Son8,  b.  Jan.  4,  1868. 

Family  87. 

859.  Henry7  Stiles  [553]  (Francis  K.6,  Ebenezer6,  Joseph4 
Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Peru,   vt., 

Massachusetts  Family.  157 

Jan.  2,  1836;  m.  Helen  M.  Ryder,  in  1866.  He  owns  a  large 
farm  in  Mason ville,  Delaware  Co.,  Iowa;  deals  extensively  in 
cattle,  buying  and  selling  large  numbers  every  year;  is  a  very 
prosperous  farmer.  He  served  3  years  in  the  War  of  the  Re- 
bellion; enlisted  in  Co.  A,  2d  Regt.  Vt.  Vols.,  and  took  part  in 
47  battles  and  skirmishes  of  the  Army  of  the  Potomac. 
Children : 

860.  I.  Jimmie8. 

861.  II.  Frank  J.8 

862.  HI.  Harry8. 

Family  88. 

863.  Samuel8  Stiles  [557]  (Francis  K6,  Ebenezer5,  Joseph4, 
Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1)  was  born  in  Peru,  Vt., 
Feb.  9,  1840;  m.  (1)  in  1865  Sarah  D.  Connable,  who  died  in 
1878;  m.  (2)  in  1879  Hattie  Connable,  of  Bernardtown,  Mass. 
He  owns  and  occupies  the  farm  in  Peru  which  was  originally 
owned  by  his  father.  He  is  quite  extensively  engaged  in  the 
lumber  business ;  keeps  a  large  dairy,  and  is  a  thorough  busi- 
ness man ;  has  served  3  years  as  selectman,  and  is  at  present 
(1884)  steward  of  the  M.*E.  church. 

Children : 

864.  I.  Dwight  Lewis8,  b.  Aug.  6,  1867. 

865.  II.   Wavey  Hattie8,  b.  Mch.  18,  1871  (?). 

Family  89. 

866.  Alanson7  Stiles  [562]  (Andrew6,  Andrew6,  Joseph4, 
Ebenezer8  Jr.,  Ebenezer8,  Robert1),  was  born  Sept.  20,  1819, 
either  at  Nelson,  or  Temple,  1ST.  H.,  probably,  although  it  is 
possible  that  his  parents  removed  to  Bethel,  Me.,  before  his 
birth.  He  married  Susan  Heath,  of  Albany,  Me. ;  res.  (1884) 
in  Norway,  Me. 

Children : 

867.  I.  John  C.8 

868.  II.  Orange  T." 

869.  III.  Andrew8. 

870.  IV.  Albert8. 

158  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  90. 

871.  Nathaniel7  Stiles  [574]  (Andrew6,  Andrew5,  Joseph4, 
Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  Apr.  9,  1830 
(probably  in  Bethel,  J\fe.) ;  ra.  Mary  Ann  Heath.  He  and  all 
his  children  reside  (1884)  in  Dumraer,  N.  H. 

Children : 

872.  I.  Jesse8. 

873.  II.  Dellia8. 

874.  III.  Cuvier8. 

875.  IY.  Lydia8. 

876.  Y.  Nathaniel8. 

Family  91. 

877.  John  Abram7  Stiles  [604]  (Richard  Stoddard6,  Abram5, 
Joseph4,  Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Rockford,  111.,  Aug.  10,  1851  ;  married  Ella  J.  Hall  June  5, 
1884;  res.  at  Rockford  ;  is  a  farmer. 

Child : 
878.         I.  Clinton  John8,  b.  Apr.  24,  1885. 

Family  92. 

879.  Lnther  Amasa7  Stiles  [607]  (Richard  Stoddard6, 
Abram5,  Joseph^,  Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer8,  Robert1),  was  born 
at  Rockford,  111.,  Aug.  17,  1858  ;  married  Clara  J.  Cole,  Feb. 
2,  1884;  res.  at  Rockford;  is  a  farmer. 

Child  i 
880.         I.  Charles  Richard8,  b.  Feb.  21,  1885. 

Family  93. 

881.  Richard  Addison7  Stiles  [610]  (Gardner6,  Abram5, 
Joseph4,  Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Rock- 
ford, 111.,  June,  1845  ;  married  Mandana  Douglass ;  is  a 
farmer;  res.  at  Olin,  Jones  Co.,  Iowa. 

Children : 

882.  I.  Caroline  Effie8. 

883.  II.  Fred  Arthur8. 

884.  III.  Samuel  Addison8. 

Massachusetts  Family.  159 

Family  94. 

885.  William  Gardner7  Stiles  [611]  (Gardner6,  Abram5, 
Joseph4,  Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Rock- 
ford,  111.,  Dec.  30,  1847 ;  married  Mary  Harbaugh ;  res.  at 
Olin,  Jones  Co.,  Iowa. 

Children  : 

886.  I.  Harvey  Jacob8. 

887.  II.  Benjamin8. 

888.  III.  Daisy8. 

Family  95. 

889.  Benjamin  Franklin7  Stiles  [617]  (Gardner6,  Abram6, 
Joseph4,  Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Rock- 
lord,  111.,  Nov.,  1861 ;   married  Emma  Southwick,  Feb.  15, 


Child : 
890.         I.  Son8,  b.  1884. 

Family  96. 

891.  Henry7  Stiles  [621]  (Asa6,  Asa5  Jr.,  Asa4,  Ebenezer3  Jr., 
Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wilton,  N.  H.,  May  31, 1823  ; 
married  Rachel  A.  Giddings.  He  was  a  blacksmith ;  res.  at 
Lyndeborongh  and  New  Ipswich,  N.  H.  He  died  Oct.  31, 1872. 
His  widow  res.  at  New  Ipswich. 

Children. : 

892.  I.  Dau.8 

893.  II.  Dau.8 

894.  III.  Dau.8 

895.  IY.  Dau.8 

896.  Y.  Ernest8,  about  17  yrs.  old  in  1883. 

Family  97. 

897.  David  Tapley7  Stiles  [623]  (Asa6,  Asa5  Jr.,  Asa4, 
Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wilton,  N.  H., 
Dec.  8,  1827 ;  married  in  Bridgewater,  Yt,  Sept.  10,  1855, 
Laura  Capron,  b.  July  4,  1837. 

160  Stiles  Genealogy. 

They  res.  for  several  years  at  "Wilton,  but  have  lately  lived 
at  Bridgewater  Corners,  Yt.,  until  1884,  when  they  removed 
to  South  Keene,  IS".  H. 

Children  : 

898.  I.  Eddie8,  b.  at  Wilton,  N.  H.,  Nov.  21,  185 7  ;  was 

drowned  June  16,  1860. 

899.  II.  Ida  M.8,  b.  Aug.  13,  1859,  at  W.;  m.  July  5,  1877, 

Edwin  T.  Frye.     Issue : 

900.  i.  Fred  J.9,  b.  July  24,  1882. 

901.  III.  Jona  A.8,  b.  Mch.  8,  1861,  at  W. 

902.  IY.  Frank  A.8,  b.  June  6,  1863,  at  Bridgewater,  Yt. 

903.  Y.  Willie  H.8,  b.  May  2, 1865,  at  B. 

904.  YI.  Charley  A.8,  b.  June  13,  1868,  at  Wilton,  N.  H. 

905.  YII.  Hattie  A.8,  b.  Apr.  19,  1870,  at  W. 

Family  98. 

906.  David  A.7  Stiles  [636]  (David8  Jr.,  Esq.  David5,  Asa4, 
Ebenezer3  Jr.,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Mont  Yernon, 
1ST.  EL,  Jnne  24,  1849  ;  married  Eugelia  J.  Brooks,  of  Green- 
field, Nov.  27,  1873  ;  res.  for  five  years  after  his  marriage  at 
Francestown,  N.  H.,  removing  in  1881  to  Antrim,  N.  H., 
where  he  still  resides  (1884).  He  divides  his  time  between 
farming  and  school- teaching.  At  present  (1885)  has  charge  of 
a  grammar  school  in  Bennington,  N.  H. 

Children  : 

907.  I.  Infant8,  d.  very  soon. 

908.  II.  Lillian  Florence8,  b.  May  16,  1877. 

909.  III.  Edith  M.8,  b.  Jan.  23,  1880. 

910.  IY.  Annabel8,  b.  June  13,  1883. 

Family  99. 

911.  Charles  D,7  Stiles  [664]  (Dean6,  Daniel6,  Daniel4,  Dan- 
iel3, Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  April  10,  1836;  m.  Sarah, 
dau.  of  John  S.  Sibley,  of  Salem,  Mass.,  Sept.  18,  1861.  He 
entered  the  army  at  the  first  call  for  3  months'  men  in  1861, 
being  at  that  time  sergt.  of  Co.  A,  5th  Regt.  Mass.  Yols.;  was 
promoted  to  2d  Lieut,  in  the  field;  returned  home  at  the  expi- 
ration of  3  months,  but  soon  re-entered  the  service  as  1st 

Massachusetts  Family.  161 

Lieut,  of  a  company  of  sharpshooters  belonging  to  the  22d 
Mass.  Regt.,  under  Col.  Henry  Wilson;  was  promoted  to  Capt. 
in  1862.  He  participated  in  21  battles  of  the  Army  of  the 
Potomac ;  prominent  among  these  were  Bull  Run,  Yorktown 
(Mr.  S.  was  the  first  to  enter  the  town  after  its  capture), 
Gaines'  Mill,  Mechanics ville,  Cold  Harbor,  Malvern  Hill, 
White  Oak  Swamp,  etc.  He  has  been  for  more  than  25  years 
a  member  of  Fraternity  Lodge  of  Odd  Fellows,  and  has  filled 
its  highest  offices.  He  is  also  a  member  of  the  Royal  Arcanum, 
and  of  the  Grand  Army  of  the  Republic  (Commander  in  1886). 
He  is  an  organ  builder  by  occupation,  and  is  in  the  employ  of 
Hook  &  Hastings,  Boston,  Mass.;  res.  in  Boston. 
Children  (first  4  born  at  Salem,  Mass.) : 

912.  I.  Charles  Windsor8,  b.  July  2, 1863;  employed  (1888) 

■by  N.  T.  &  1ST.  E.  R.  R.,  Boston;  Com.  Sons  of 
Veterans,  Co. . 

913.  II.  Albert  Lincoln8,  b.  Feb.  3,  1866;  express  manager, 

Boston  (1888). 

914.  III.  Frank  Dennett8,  b.  Dec.  6,  1867;  clerk  Am.  Exp., 

Boston  (1888). 

915.  IV.  Emma  Alligan8,  b.  Apr.  10,  1872. 

916.  Y.  Edna  Hamson8,  b.  Dec.  12,  1877,  at  Boston,  Mass. 

Family  100. 

917.  George  Peaoody7  Stiles  [669]  (Dean6,  Daniel5,  Dan- 
iel4, Daniel3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  Sept.  21,  1846;  m. 
Sarah  Frances  Moulton,  of  Beverly,  Mass.,  Feb.  4,  1884.  He 
was  employed  as  station-agent  for  the  Boston  &  Maine  R.  R., 
at  Salem,  Mass.,  and  afterward  as  ticket-agent  in  the  same 
company's  office  in  Boston.    Mr.  Stiles  died  Apr.  25,  1890. 

Children  (born  at  Salem,  Mass.) : 

918.  I.  Agnes  Gray8,  b.  Mch.  28,  1886. 

919.  II.  Arthur  Dean8,  b.  Jan.  4,  1888. 

Family  101. 

920.  James  Monroe7  Stiles  [691]  (James6,  George5,  Caleb4 

Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  the  State  of  New 

York,  Oct.  20,  1824;  m.  at  Detroit,  Mich.,  Nov.  16,  1853, 

Mrs.  Harriet,  dau.  of  Francis  (Evered)  Kinicut,  and  went  to 


162  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Windsor  Co.,  Canada;  after  2  years  removed  to  Houghton, 
Houghton  Co.,  Mich.,  where  he  d.  Oct.  27,  1860,  se.  36  years. 
He  was  a  carpenter  and  contractor;  was  employed  as  master 
workman  on  the  Franklin,  Maynard,  Shelden  and  Pewaubeck 
mines.  His  widow  m.  (2)  Aug.  16,  1863,  in  Miami  Co.,  Ind., 
Nathaniel  Bryant,  and  now  res.  in  Fulton  Co.,  Ind. 

Children  (all,  excepting  the  eldest,  born  at  Houghton,  Mich.): 

921.  I.  Evelina  M.8,  b.  Mch.  7,  1854,  at  Windsor,  Canada; 

m.  Albert  A.  Smith,  ab  Five  Corners,  Miami 
Co.,  Ind.,  Sept.  25,  1873;  went  to  live  at  Pales- 
tine, Kosciusko  Co.,  Ind.;  rem.  to  Fulton  Co.  in 
1876;  from  thence  (about  1883)  to  Antigo,  Lang- 
lade Co.,  Wis.,  where  they  now  (1886)  reside; 
they  are  farmers.     Issue: 

922.  i.  Edna   A.9,  b.  at  Palestine,  Ind.,  Jan.  24, 

1874;  d.  Aug.  20,  1876. 

923.  ii.  Clarissa  M.9,  b.  July  4,  1876,  at  P. 

924.  iii.  Ernest  M.9,  b.  Sept.  28, 1878,  in  Fulton  Co., 


925.  iv.  Ina  M.9,  b.  Nov.  24,  1880,  in  F.  Co. 

926.  v.  Adrian  L.9,  b.  Nov.  1,  1882,  in  F.  Co.;  d.  in 

Antigo,  Wis.,  Sept.  30,  1884. 
vi.  Yelma  P.9,  b.  Apr.  16,  1885,  at  Antigo. 

927.  II.  Lucretia8,  b.  Sept.  16,  1857  ,  m.  Kichard  H.  Buck, 

Jan.  31,  1874 ;  rem.  to  Oshkosh,  Wis.,  in  1878, 
and  in  1884  to  Antigo,  Langdale  Co.,  Wis., 
where  they  have  a  small  farm  devoted  to  the  cul- 
tivation of  small  fruits — strawberries,  raspberries, 
blackberries,  etc.,  which  do  remarkably  well  in 
that  locality.     Issue : 

928.  i.  Rosella  Leana9,  b.  Mch.  23,  1876  ;  d.  Sept. 
10,  1877,  in  Cass  Co.,  Ind. 

Edith  Pearl9,  b.  Sept.  27,  1877,  in  Ind. 

Edwin9,  b.  Sept.  24,  1879,  at  Oshkosh,  Wis. 

Elmer9,  b.  July  20,  1881,  at  Oshkosh,  Wis. 

James9,  b.  Mch.  1,  1884,  at  Antigo,  Wis. 

3  M.8,  b.  Oct.  17,  1859;  remained  with  his 
mother  in  Indiana  until  1879,  when  he  went  to 
Oshkosh,  Wis.,  and  there  married,  Aug.  28, 1881, 
Sarah  Dougherty,  of  O.;  rem.  in  1883  to  Antigo, 
Langlade  Co.,  where  he  now  (1885)  owns  a  farm. 










III.  ( 


Massachusetts  family.  1C3 

934.  IV.  James  M.8  Jr.,  b.  June  23,  1861 ;  lived  with  his 
mother  until  1882,  when  he  went  to  Oshkosh, 
Wis.,  and  there  married,  April  2,  1885,  Miss 
Lusina  Whiteinarsh  ;  res.  at  O.;  is  a  farmer. 

Family  102. 

935.  George  W.7  Stiles  [702]  (James6,  George6,  Caleb4  Jr., 
Caleb3,  Ebenezer*,  Robert1),  was  born  in  N.  Y.,Nov.  17, 1836 ; 
married  Cornelia  Fox  (b.  Feb.  11,  1817),  Apr.  16,  1865;  has 
resided  the  greater  part  of  his  life  in  Clinton  Co.,  Mich.  His 
present  address  (1885)  is  St.  Johns,  Clinton  Co.,  Mich.;  is  a 

Mr.  Stiles  enlisted,  1863,  in  Co.  I,  27th  Regt.  Mich.  Yol. 
Infantry;  was  wounded  in  the  left  arm  in  the  battle  of  Spot- 
sylvania (May  12,  1864)  ;  lay  12  days  before  the  arm  was  am- 
putated below  the  elbow  joint,  and  with  a  piece  of  shell  in  the 
left  hip  ;  was  discharged  Nov.  13,  1864;  receives  a  pension  of 
$24  per  month. 

Children  : 

936.  I.  Orr  G.8,  b.  Mch.  20,  1866  ;  d.  June  20,  1884. 

937.  II.  Truman  E.8,  b.  July  11,  1868. 

938.  III.  John  L.8,  b.  Mch.  20, 1870. 

939.  IY.  Lillie  M.8,  b.  Mch.  5,  1872. 

Family  103. 

940.  George  Meigs7  Stiles  [712]  (Ephraim6,  George5,  Caleb 
Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer3,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Jericho,  Vt.,  April 
22,  1830  ;  married  (1)  April  4,  1852,  Olive  L.  Field,  of  Jeri- 
cho, who  d.  Aug.  3,  1868;  m.  (2)  May  6,  1869,  Myra  L.  Ter- 
rill,  of  Hyde  Park,  Yt.     They  res.  (1885)  at  Jericho  Centre,  Yt. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage,  born  at  Jericho) : 

941.  I.  Frank  Adelbert8,  b.  May  30,  1854. 

942.  II.  Lucia  Fidelia8,  b.  Nov.  7,  1855. 

943.  III.  Henry  George8,  b.  Dec.  11,  1862. 
By  2d  marriage  (b.  at  Jericho) : 

944.  IY.  Judd8,  b.  Oct.  12,  1870. 

945.  Y.  Infant  son8,  b.  May  7 ;  d.  May  8,  18—. 

946.  VI.  John  Ephraim8,  b.  June  12,  1881. 

164  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  104. 

947.  Moses7  Stiles,  Jr.  [718]  (Moses6,  George6,  Caleb4  Jr., 
Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Saccarappa,  Me.,  Oct. 
8,  1827 ;  married  Eliza  Eastman,  of  Buxton,  Me.;  res.  in  Bos- 
ton, Mass.;  is  a  carpenter. 

Children : 

948.  I.  Abbie  L.8,  b.  1854.     (Did  she  marry  Geo.  Draper 

1890  ?) 

949.  II.  Fred  F.8,  b.  1856  ;  m.  Mary  A.  McGarth.    Family 


Family  105. 

950.  L.  W.7  Stiles  [731]  (Benjamin6,  George5,  Caleb4  Jr., 
Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  June  13, 1828,  in  Mich.; 
m.  Aug.  5,  1855,  his  cousin,  Mary  S.  (dan.  of  David  and  Lois 
[Stiles])  Richmond.  Mr.  Stiles  and  his  two  brothers  were  for 
many  years  engaged  in  mercantile  business  in  Mich.  They  now 
(1885)  have  a  store  and  grist-mill  at  Springvale,  Kans.  P.  O. 
add.  Pratt,  Kans. 

Children : 

951.  I.  Cora  G.8,  b.  May  16, 1856;  she  as  well  as  her  sister, 

younger,  have  fine  musical  ability,  vocal  and  in- 
strumental. Cora  was  a  teacher  of  music,  in 
1880,  at  Battle  Creek  (Mich.)  College;  she  m. 
1875,  B.  F.  Richards  (b.  Oct.  16,  1851).  Mr. 
R.  is  of  Welsh  descent ;  a  gentleman  of  great 
moral  worth,  energetic  in  business  and  possessed 
of  abundant  resources  for  the  emergencies  of  life; 
res.  in  Pratt,  Kans.,  where  Mr.  R.  is  proprietor 
of  a  general  and  music  store.     Issue: 

952.  i.  Vera  Stiles9,  b.  July  18,  1882. 

953.  II.  Lizzie  L.8,  b.  May  28, 1868;  grad.  at  Cedar  Springs, 

Mich.,  High  School,  at  the  age  of  15,  and  is  now 
(1885),  at  the  age  of  17,  a  line  vocalist  and 
teacher  of  vocal  and  instrumental  music. 

Massachusetts  Family.  165 

Family  106. 

954.  Leroy  R.7  Stiles  [732]  (Benjamin6,  George5,  Caleb4  Jr., 
Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Kobert1),  was  born  in  Michigan,  Apr.  10, 
1830;  m.  Harriet  Borden  (b.  1S33),  Nov.  23,  1853.  Mr.  S. 
was  associated  for  many  years  with  his  two  brothers  in  mer- 
cantile business  in ,  Mich;  they  all  rem.  in  18 — ,  to  Kans., 

and  now  (1885)  have  a  store  and  grist-mill  at  Springvale,  Kans. 

Children  : 

955.  I.  Charles  O.8,  b.  1859. 

956.  II.  Lillie8,  b.  1862. 

957.  III.  Daisy8,  b.  1875. 

Family  107. 

958.  Merritt  W.7  Stiles  [745]  (John6,  Samuel5,  Caleb4  Jr., 
Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Kobert1),  was  born  at  Saccarappa,  Me.,  in 
1836;  m.  Annie  M.  Quincy,  of  Denmark,  Me.,  at  Portland, 
Me.,  Nov.  4,  1861.  He  served  in  the  Union  army  during 
the  late  war;  was  a  member  of  Co.  K,  10th  Regt.  Me.  Yols. 
In  1875  he  was  elected  a  Member  of  the  House  of  Represent- 
atives; was  formerly  in  the  express  business,  but  since  1880 
has  been  in  the  livery  business. 

Children  (born  at  Saccarappa,  Me.) : 

959.  I.  Fred  Merritt?,  b.  Jan.  10,  1864. 

960.  II.  Elmer  Eugene8,  b.  June  6, 1866;  d.  Aug.  28, 1867. 

Family  108. 

961.  Rev.  Silas  W.7  Stiles  [752]  (Samuel6,  Samuel5,  Caleb4 
Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Danville,  Vt.,  Sept. 
26,  1827;  m.  at  Derby,  Yt.,  Nov.  10,  1853,  Laura  A.  Shat- 
tuck  (b.  at  Wheelock,  Yt.,  Oct.,  16, 1834)  He  was  a  Freewill 
Baptist  minister ;  began  to  preach  at  the  age  of  31.  He  died 
at  Newport  Centre,  Yt.,  Aug.  26,  1877.  His  widow  resides  at 
N.  C.  at  the  present  time  (1883). 

Children  : 

962.         I.  Hirarm]P.8,  b.  Oct.  8,  1854,  at  Albany,  Yt. ;  d.  at 
A.  Nov.  21,  1854. 

166  Stiles  Genealogy. 

963.  II.  Justin  E.8,  b.  May  15,  1856,  at  A. ;  he  m.  Jennie 

E.  Quimby,  of  Newport,  Vt.,  Oct.  22,  1877. 

964.  III.  John  S.8,  b.  Jan.  24,  1858,  at  A. ;  m.  Eunice  Row- 

ley, of  Newport,  Vt.,  at  Barton,  Vt.,  Nov.  30, 

965.  IV.  Silas  D.8,  b.  June  23,  1859,  at  Newark,  Vt.;  d.  at 

Barton,  Vt.,  July  26,  1862. 

Family  109. 

966.  Harvey  Nathaniel7  Stiles  [767]  (Nathaniel6,  Samuel5, 

Caleb4  Jr.,    Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,   Robert1),  was   born ;   m. 

C.  E. ;  is  a  mechanic  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

Child : 
967.         I.  Susie  A.8,  b.  May  9, 1882 ;  d.  at  E.  St.  Johnsbury, 
Vt.,    Sept.   23,    18S5,    aged   3   yrs.   4   mos.    14 

Family   110. 

968.  Dr,  Elmer  Lucius7  Stiles  [773]  (Nathaniel6,  Samuel5, 
Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wolcott, 
Vt.,  May  13,  1847;  m.  (1)  Feb.,  1871.  Julia  Braley,  of 
Brookfield,  Vt.,  who  d.  at  B.  Sept.  19,  1871  ;  m.  (2)  Nov. 
12,  1872,  at  Hartford,  Vt.,  Lydia  A.  (dan.  of  Schuyler) 

Dr.  Stiles  served  3  yrs.  (or  longer)  during  the  war  of  the 
Rebellion  in  the  3d  Regt.  Vermont  Vols.  He  is  now  (1886)  a 
practicing  physician  at  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Children  (all  by  2d  marriage) : 

969.  I.  Lucius  Schuyler8,  b.   in  Hartford,  Vt.,  Aug.  10, 


970.  II.  Cecil  Rov8,  b.  in  Putnam,  Conn.,  Sept.  19,  1876; 

d.  at  P.  Apr.  2,  1878. 

m.  s &rwi«»».«r'S 2o' 

973.       V.  Marion  Gertrude8,  b.  at  Rockville,  Conn.,  Mch.  12, 


Massachusetts  Family.  167 

Family  111. 

974.  Dr.  Charles  W.7  Stiles  [774]  (Nathaniel6,  Samuel6, 
Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Albany, 
Vt.,  May  18,  1850.  He  tells  his  story  in  the  following  words  : 
"  Early  in  life  1  came  to  Mass.,  being  left  to  the  world  at  the  age 
of  10.  In  Charlestown,  Mass.,  I  learned  the  trade  of  machin- 
ist and  moulder,  attending  night-school  during  the  time.  After 
completing  my  apprenticeship  I  graduated  from  the  normal 
school  and  was  promoted  to  master  mechanic  in  the  same  shop 
where  I  learned  my  trade,  occupying  the  position  until  I  began 
the  study  of  medicine  in  187^  at  the  Boston  University,  gradu- 
ating in  1875.  I  began  the  practice  of  medicine  in  Westboro, 
Mass.,  and  did  a  large  country  business,  but,  wishing  for  a 
larger  field,  removed  to  Manchester,  N.  H.,  in  the  fall  of  1878  ; 
married,  Oct.  21,  1879,  Miss  Mary  E.  Bacon,  of  N.  Y.  (born 
July  28,  1852),  '  the  best  woman  in  the  world.'  We  sold  out 
business  in  N.  H.  on  account  of  my  wife's  poor  health,  spent 
one  summer  and  winter  in  N.  Y.  attending  a  course  of  lectures 
at  the  College  of  Physicians;  came  to  Newburyport  in  the 
autumn  of  1885,  my  dear  wife  in  apparently  perfect  health." 

975.         I.  Charles  W.8,  Jr.,  b.        1882,  at  Manchester,  N.  H. 

Family  112. 

976.  Stedman  TV  Stiles  [777]  (Calvin6,  Samuel5,  Caleb4, 
Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  married  Fanny  Matoon  April  19, 
1852;  resides  (1886)  at  JBeekmantown,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

977.  I.  Agnez8,  b.  June  7,  1853 ;  d.  June  24,  1864. 

978.  II.  Herbert8,  b.  Jan.  2,  1855 ;  m.  Sarah  J.  Holmes. 

979.  III.  John8,  b.  July  17, 1860. 

980.  IV.  Jennie8,  res.  (1886)  at  home ;  is  a  school-teacher. 

Family  113. 

981.  Milo  B.7  Stiles  [790]  (William  R.6,  Samuel5,  Caleb4  Jr., 
Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Hardwick,  Yt.,  Nov. 
24,  1835 ;  m.  1855,  L.  Emeline  Smalley.      Mr.    S.   served   3 

168  Stiles  Genealogy. 

years  or  more  in  the  11th  Regt.   Yt.   Yols.  during  the  late 
war;  resides  (1888)  at  Lowell,  Mass. 
Children  (born  at  Albany,  Yt.): 

982.  I.  Edwin  B.8,  b.  Jan.  16,  1860;  grad.  with  honor  from 

Bates  Coll.  in  1885 ;  in  June,  1888,  from  Andover 
Theol.  Sem.;  ordained  at  Brockton,  Mass.,  Jan. 
25,  1888 ;  m.  June  25,  1888,  at  Lowell,  Mass., 
Ada  H.  Tucker  of  Norway,  Me.;  is  under  orders 
from  the  Free  Baptist  Board  to  go  as  missionary 
to  Midnapore,  India.  (Mr.  and  Mrs.  Stiles 
sailed  on  the  Pavonia,  'Nov.  3,  1888.) 

983.  II.  Willis  S.8,  b.  July  10,  1861;  m. ;  res.  54 

Cottage  street,  Lynn,  Mass.;  is  employed  as  a 
machinist  by  the  Thompson  &  Houston  Electric 
Light  Co.  of  Lynn. 

Family  114. 

981.  Wilbur  A.7  Stiles' [796]  (William  E.6,  Samuel5,  Caleb4 
Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Wolcott,  Yt., 
Nov.  24,  184f.  He  served  3  years  in  the  6th  Regt.  Yt.  Yols. 
daring  the  late  war ;  was  wounded  (not  severely)  in  the  right 
hand  and  left  shoulder  in  the  battle  of  the  Wilderness,  May  4, 
1864.  Mr.  Stiles  was  one  of  nine  young  men  (cousins)  named 
Stiles,  who  went  from  three  families,  showing  that  there  was 
no  lack  of  patriotism  in  the  Stiles  family  when  the  country 
was  in  danger.  He  married  Aug.  23,  1867,  Laura  E.  Burns  of 
Lowell,  Mass.;  was  residing  1885  at  Newburyport,  Mass., 
where  he  occupied  the  position  of  agent  of  the  Yictoria  Cotton 
Mills  of  that  place ;  is  now  (1890)  connected  with  the  Thomp- 
son &  Houston  Electric  Co.,  at  their  principal  office,  620 
Atlantic  avenue,  Boston,  Mass. 

Children : 



Bertha  May8. 



Ethel  Maud9, 



Harold  W.8 



Herbert  Holland8, 

b.  Mch.  22,  1884;  d.   Apr.  30, 



Massachusetts  Family.  169 

Family  115. 

989.  William  HowardT  Stiles  [820]  (Samuel  Stephens6, 
Nathaniel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born 
at  Enosburgh,  Vt.,  June  21, 1823.  [Mr.  Stiles  has  given  us  the 
romantic  origin  of  his  name,  as  follows :  His  aunt  Elcy  Stiles, 
who  died  when  a  young  woman,  unm.,  was  engaged  to  one 
"William  Howard,  and  at  her  request,  the  parents  of  the  writer 
named  him  in  honor  of  her  affianced  ;  and  her  letters  to  his 
parents  afterward  were  full  of  affection  for  her  baby  nephew. 
From  these  letters,  which  he  remembers  seeing  when  a  child, 
a  very  favorable  impression  was  created  in  his  mind  as  to  her 
worthiness  as  a  friend  and  relative.  {Letter  of  Hon.  Wm„  H. 

Mr.  Stiles  married  in  Enosburgh,  Yt.,  Sept.  25, 1849,  Betsey 
Miller  of  E.,  and  now  (1883)  res.  at  Montgomery  Centre,  Yt. 

He  has  furnished  an  interesting  biographical  sketch.  He 
says :  "  My  parents  being  poor,  I  began  to  work  out  when 
8  years  old,  working  the  first  summer  for  my  board  and 
clothes,  and  after  that  receiving  wages  by  the  month  or  year, 
reserving  three  months  in  the  winter  of  each  year  till  20  years 
of  age  for  attending  the  district  school,  working  out  of  school 
hours  to  pay  my  board.  A  large  share  of  my  wages  during 
my  minority  went  for  the  support  of  our  large  family.  I  com- 
menced life  for  myself  by  buying  fifty  acres  of  wild  mountain 
land  which  I  cleared,  hiring  my  board  meanwhile  of  the  near- 
est neighbor,  and  selling  the  products  received  from  the  land. 
In  the  course  of  three  years  I  had  the  land  mostly  cleared  of 
timber,  at  which  time  I  sold  it  and  began  the  manufacture  of 
butter  tubs  and  lumber,  in  which  business  I  have  been  inter- 
ested more  or  less  ever  since.  My  occupation  at  present  (1883) 
is  that  of  farmer  and  merchant.  I  have  a  dairy  of  fifty  cows, 
and  am  senior  partner  in  the  mercantile  firm  of  Stiles  &  Co. 
The  greater  part  of  the  time  for  the  last  35  years,  I  have  been 
engaged  in  the  manufacture  of  butter  packages  in  this  town 
(Montgomery,  Yt.).  With  regard  to  public  offices,  I  will  merely 
say  that  I  have  held  most  of  the  town  offices  ;  have  been  justice 
of  the  peace  for  nearly  30  years ;  I  have  represented  the 
town  in  the  General  Assembly  in  1859  and  1860;  was  State 
Senator  in  1872  and  '73,  and  have  been  postmaster  in  this 
place  for  the  last  ten  years." 

170  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children : 

990.  I.  Annette  L.8,  b.  Oct.  28,  1850;  grad.  from  the  Ver- 

mont State  Normal  School  in  both  courses  in 
1870.  She  subsequently  taught  six  terms  in  the 
same  Normal  School.  She  m.  Oct.  28,  1875, 
Samuel  N.  Dix  of  Montgomery  Center,  a  part- 
ner of  the  mercantile  firm  of  Stiles  &  Co.  Mr. 
Dix  was  a  member  of  the  15th  Regt.  Yt.  Yols. 
during  the  late  Civil  War.  He  has  been  twice 
elected  Representative  to  the  General  Assembly. 

991.  II.  William  Miller8,  b.  Oct.  26,  1859;  m.  May  Inez 

Ranney.     Family  120. 

Family  146. 

992.  Benjamin  Franklin7  Stiles  [823]  (Samuel  Stephens6, 
Nathaniel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born 
about  1829 ;  m.  Sarah  Ann  Jenne;  is  a  farmer,  and  resides  in 
Berkshire,  Yt. 

Child : 
993.         I.  Mary    Amelia8,   m.  about    1879,  John    M.  Rofob. 
They  reside  at  Montgomery  Center,  Yt. 

Family  117. 

994.  Sampson  D.7  Stiles  [833]  (Albert6,  Jonathan5,  Caleb4 
Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Yermont;  m. 
Miss  Connor,  of  Burlington,  Yt.;  resides  (1885)  at  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y. 

Mr.  Stiles  served  as  1st  Lieut  in  the  9th  Regt.  N.  Y.  Yol. 
Cavalry,  from  Sept.,  1861,  to  Oct.  14,  1864,  when  he  was  hon- 
orably mustered  out  of  service;  was  afterward  1st  Lieut,  in 
a  regiment  belonging  to  the  Hancock  Corps,  serving  from 
Sept.  12,  1865,  to  Jan.  31,  1866 ;  was  then  mustered  out 
(  War  Dept.  Record). 








Henry  L.8S 
Albert  D> 
Carrie  S.8 ; 




Stiles  Genealogy.  171 

Family  118. 

998.  George  Dearborn7  Stiles  [836]  (Caleb  Oscar6,  Caleb 
Dalton5,  Joshua4,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Lowell,  Mass.,  June  8,  1844;  m.  at  Middleton,  Mass.,  Mch. 
12,  1871,  Eliza  Frances  Thomas  (b.  at  M.,  Mch.  17,  1853) ; 
res.  (1886)  at  Lynn,  Mass. ;  d.  Apr.  1,  1891. 

In  the  Lynn  Saturday  Union,  Jan.  19, 1884,  was  published 
a  sketch  of  George  D.  Stiles,  which  we  give  almost  entire. 

"  When  he  was  very  young  his  parents  removed  with  him 
to  Greenfield,  N.  H.,  in  which  place  he  passed  his  infancy  and 
boyhood.  At  the  time  the  war  broke  out  in  1861  he  was  at- 
tending the  academy  in  the  neigboring  town  of  Hancock, 
and  though  then  but  17  years  of  age,  he  at  once  left  his 
school  and  enlisted  (Sept.  18,  1861)  in  Company  C,  Fourth 
New  Hampshire  Regt.,  Col.  Thomas  J.  Whipple.  Mr.  Stiles 
was  in  active  service  all  through  the  war,  participating  in  many 
hotly  contested  engagements,  and  suffering  all  the  privations 
and  hardships  incident  to  the  life  of  a  soldier.  He  was  pro- 
moted through  the  regular  gradations  of  rank  from  a  private 
to  corporal  and  sergeant,  and  in  Oct.  (14),  1864,  he  was  trans- 
ferred and  promoted  to  the  2nd  Lieutenancy  of  the  22d  U.  S. 
C.  Infantry,  and  was  soon  after  (Jan.  10,  1865)  promoted  to  the 
1st  Lieutenancy  of  the  same  regiment.  Sometime  after  this  he 
was  assigned  to  duty  as  Regimental  Quartermaster,  which  posi- 
tion he  held  at  the  close  of  the  war.  Mr.  Stiles  was  in  the 
engagements  at  Port  Royal,  and  accompanied  the  expedition 
under  T.  W.  Sherman,  that  occupied  the  southern  coast  from 
Port  Royal,  S.  C,  to  St.  Augustine,  Fla.  He  was  in  the  en- 
gagement at  Pocataglio,  S.  C,  and  was  engaged  in  the  siege  of 
Morris  Island.  Soon  after  the  capture  of  Morris  Island,  his 
first  period  of  enlistment  having  nearly  expired,  Mr.  Stiles  re- 
enlisted.  After  a  short  furlough  home  he  was  transferred  to 
the  Army  of  the  James,  and  served  under  Gen.  Butler.  He 
was  in  the  battle  at  Drury's  Bluff,  and  in  the  engagement  at 
Weir  Bottom  Church.  He  was  present  also  at  the  battle  of 
Cold  Harbor,  and  all  the  principal  engagements  in  front  of 
Petersburg,  and  also  at  Deep  Bottom  and  Fort  Harrison.  At 
the  close  of  the  war  Mr.  Stiles  had  the  honor  of  being  in  com- 
mand of  a  company  that  marched  into  the  rebel  capital.  After 
the  war  closed   Mr.  Stiles  went  to  the  Texas  frontier  with  a 

172  Stiles  Genealogy. 

body  of  troops  sent  there  by  our  government  to  guard  against 
the  apprehended  encroachments  of  France  in  defiance  of  our 
Monroe  doctrine  in  the  time  of  the  Maximilian  revolution.  At 
this  time  Mr.  Stiles  occupied  the  position  of  Quartermaster. 
After  remaining  in  Texas  for  a  few  months,  Mr.  Stiles  re- 
signed (Aug.  23,  1868),  and  returned  to  his  home  in  New 


"  Mr.  Stiles  remained  in  service  over  four  years,  being  but 
17  when  he  enlisted  and  over  21  when  he  resigned. 

"Although  he  was  present  at  many  serious  engagements,  and 
had  many  narrow  escapes,  he  was  never  wounded." 

About  a  year  after  the  close  of  the  war  Mr.  Stiles  went  to 
Middleton,  Mass.,  and  learned  the  trade  of  shoemaker.  At 
Middleton  he  married,  and  worked  at  his  trade  for  six  years 
and  removed  to  this  city  [Lynn]  in  1873. 

He  at  once  became  an  active  and  prominent  member  of  the 
order  of  Knights  of  St.  Crispin,  being  for  some  time  its  secre- 
tary. He  was  among  the  early  founders  of  the  Workingmen's 
party,  and  has  always  sustained  a  prominent  position  in  their 
ranks.  He  was  elected  as  assistant  assessor  in  Ward  4,  in  1879, 
and  on  Jan.  1,  assumed  the  position  which  he  now  holds  in  the 
board  of  assessors. 

In  1882  he  was  again  elected  by  the  large  majority  of 

In  1883  he  was  a  prominent  candidate  for  the  mayoralty  by 
the  Workingmen's  party. 

Mr.  Stiles  has  been  connected  with  the  G.  A.  R.  post  in  this 
city  for  several  years.  In  Dec,  1883,  he  was  elected  post 

During  his  residence  in  Lynn,  Mr.  Stiles  has  become  widely 
and  well  known  to  her  citizens.  His  ability  as  a  public  official 
is  known  and  respected,  while  his  genial  qualities  as  a  man, 
and  his  sterling  public  spirit  as  a  citizen,  are  recognized  by  all 
who  come  in  contact  with  him." 

In  the  fall  of  1885,  Mr.  Stiles  was  appointed  to  a  clerkship 
in  the  Pension  office,  Boston,  Mass.,  which  position  he  retained 
until  his  death. 

Mrs.  Stiles  has  long  been  identified  in  various  capacities  with 
the  Woman's  Relief  Corps  of  this  district. 

Massachusetts  Family.  173 

Children : 

999.  I.  Winnifred  Mabel8,  b.  at  Middletou,  Mass.,  Mcb.  15, 

1872;  m.   Jan.   21,  1891,  Wm.   H.  Marsh,   of 
Lynn,  Mass. 

1000.  II.  Helen  Isabella8,  b.  at  Lynn,  Mass.,  July  6,  1877. 

Family  119. 

1001.  Fred.  F.8  Stiles  [949]  (Moses7,  Moses6,  George5,  Caleb4 
Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2,  Robert1),  was  born  in  1856  ;  m.  Mary  A. 
McGarth  (b.  1856).  He  is  a  moulder  by  occupation ;  res. 
(1883)  in  Boston,  Mass. 

Children  : 

1002.  I.  Fred.9,  b.  Jan.,  1879. 

1003.  II.  Belle9,  b.  Apr.,  1880. 

Family  120. 

1004.  William  Miller8  Stiles  [991]  (Hon.  William  H.7, 
Samuel  Stephens6,  Nathaniel5,  Caleb4  Jr.,  Caleb3,  Ebenezer2, 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Montgomery,  Yt.,  Oct.  26,  1859  ; 
graduated,  1879,  from  St.  Johnsbary,  Yt.,  Academy  ;  in  1884, 
from  the  University  of  Yermont,  receiving  the  degree  of  Ph. 
B.  He  has  since  been  employed  as  a  chemist  for  the  firm  of 
Wm.  Johnson  &  Co.,  paint  and  color  manufacturers,  572 
Williams  st.,  Montreal,  Can.,  with  a  percentage  interest  in  the 
business.  He  m.  June  30,  1886,  May  Inez  (b.  at  Pitts- 
field,  Yt.,  Nov.  1,  1864)  dau.  of  Darius  and  Agnes  L.  (Holt) 
(dau.  of  Rufus)  Ranney  of  Pittsfield,  Yt.  Address  (1887) 
354  St.  Antoine  st.,  Montreal,  Can. 

Child : 
1005.      I.  Howard  Rufus9,  b.  Sept.  13,  1887. 

174  Stiles  Genealogy. 


Family  2. 

17.  Robert2  Stiles  Jr.  [11]  (Robert1),  was  born  at  Row- 
ley Tillage  (which  was  incorporated  as  a  town  in  1686,  under 
'the  name  of  Boxford),  Mass.,  Nov.  15,  1675.  According  to 
Boxford  Records,  he  was  married  to  Ruth  Bridges,  Nov.  10, 
1699.  [Ruth  Bridges,  who  m.  Robert  Stiles,  Jr.,  was  doubt- 
less dau.  of  Josiah  (son  of  Edmund,  the  emigrant)  and  Ruth 
(Greenslip)  Bridges,  of  Boxford.  She  was  probably  born  at 
Ipswich,  Mass.,  before  the  removal  of  her  parents  to  Boxford. 
Perley's  History  of  B.  gives  some  account  of  Josiah  Bridges, 
but  does  not  mention  Ruth  in  his  list  of  Josiah's  children, 
which  may  be  explained  as  above. — M.  S.  P.  G\]  Ruth,  wife 
of  Robert  Stiles,  was  admitted  to  full  communion,  Mch.  4, 
1704-5  {Boxford  Oh.  Records). 

The  land  records  of  Lebanon,  Conn.,  show  that  "  Robert 
Stiles  of  Boxford,  Essex  county,  Massachusetts  Bay,"  purchased 
200  acres  of  land  for  the  sum  of  £100,  in  the  year  1718.  The 
town  clerk  of  Lebanon  who  examined  the  records  for  informa- 
tion relating  to  Stileses,  remarks,  concerning  the  lands  purchased 
by  Robert  Stiles  :  "  I  do  not  find  that  he  disposed  of  it  by 
conveyance,  and  conclude  that  he  must  have  died  while  still  in 
possession  of  the  land,  and  it  must  have  descended  to  his  heirs 
by  will  or  distribution."  From  the  town  records  of  Hebron, 
Conn.,  we  find  that  "  Robert  Stiles  died  on  ye  25th  day  of 
February,  1720." 

Children  (the  births  of  all  the  children  of  Robert  Stiles 
Jr.,  are  recorded  at  Boxford,  and  all,  excepting  the  eldest,  were 
baptized  there) : 

18.  I.  Jemima3,  b.  Oct.  27,  —17,  (1700  ?)     "  Bapt.  Mar. 

9,  1701,  RJobard  Stiles,  his  Jemima"    {Tops- 
field  Records). 

19.  II.  Nathan3,  b.  May  7,  1703  ;  bapt.  July  19,  1703  ;  m. 

Ruth  Carlings.     Family  3. 

20.  III.  Amos3,  b.  Apr.  20,  1705  ;  bapt.  Apr.  22, 1705 ;  m. 

Martha  Skinner.     Family  4. 

Massachusetts  Family.  175 

21.  IY.  Hepzibah3,  b.  Nov.  7,  17—;  bapt.  Nov.  6,  1709  ;* 

m.  Charles  Phelps,  of  Hebron,  Conn.,  Feb.  26, 
1726.     Issue : 

22.  i.  AmeyVb.  Nov.  11,  1726.f 

23.  ii.  Zuruiah4,  b.  Apr.  3,  1729. 

24.  iii.   Charles4,  b.  Sept.  22,  1732. 

25.  iv.  Ashbel4,  b.  Apr.  28,  1743. 

26.  v.  Timothy4,  b.  May  29,  1745. 

27.  vi.  Bethuel4,  b.  Apr.  25,  1748  (for  his  des.  see 

foot-note  %). 

28.  Y.  Job3,  b.  July  12,  171-;  bapt.  July  17,  1715;  m. 

Anna  Bliss.     Family  5. 

*Note. — In  both,  instances  where  the  date  of  birth  of  children  of  Robert 
Stiles  Jr.,  is  given  in  full,  the  child's  baptism  took  place  within  a  few 
days  of  its  birth.  From  this  we  suspect  that  there  may  be  a  mistake  in  the 
records  as  to  the  day  of  the  month  of  Hepzibah's  baptism,  which,  perhaps, 
should  be  Nov.  16,  instead  of  Nov.  6,  1709.—  M.  S.  P.  G. 

f  Rev.  C.  E.  Phelps,  who  furnished  the  Genealogy  of  Hepzibah  (Stiles) 
Phelps'  family,  thinks  some  of  the  dates  of  births  of  her  children  may  be 

{Bethuel4  Phelps  (b.  Apr.  25,  1748)  m.  Caroline  Lord.     Issue  : 
I.  Lydia5  (Phelps),  b.  Apr.  22,  1779,  m.  Horace  Barber.     Issue: 

i.  Caroline6  (Barber),  m.  Burdett.     Issue:  (1)  Charles  Phelps7 

(Burdett),  b.  abt.  1820;  m.  (1)  in  1849,  Harriet  Flavia  Phelps 
(dau.  of  Chas.  Stiles  Phelps),  and  Flavia  (Burt)  Phelps,  who 
d.  May,  1853;  m.  (2)  in  1862,  Mary  Roe.  Issue  (by  1st  mar- 
riage): (a)  Charles  Morgan8  (Burdett),  b.  July  20,  1850;  (b)  Henrv 
Morgan8  (Burdett),  b.  Feb.  26,  1853.  (2)  Horace  B.7  (Burdett), 
b.  Sept.  8,  1822;  m.  (1)  Hannah  Maria  N.  Seymour,  June  7, 
1849.  She  d.  in  Brooklyn,  N.  T.,  Apr.  15,  1878,  in  the  52d 
year  of  her  age;  m.  (2)  Sarah  C.  Carman,  Jan.  3,  1882.  Issue 
(bv  1st  marriage)  :  (a)  Wm.    Seymour8  (Burdett).  b.  Jan.  13, 

1855;  (b)  Carrie  Halsey8  (Burdett),  b.  Oct.  3,  1857; m. ;  res. 

in  Florida;  (c)  Grace  Seymour8  (Burdett),  b.  Aug.   24,  1862; 
dec'd;  (3)  John7  (Burdett),  b.  abt.  1824;  (4)  Caroline7  (Burdett), 
b.  abt.  1827;  (5)  Lydia1  (Burdett),  b.  abt.  1829. 
ii.  Horace6  (Barber),  killed  in  a  duel  abt.  1840. 
iii.  Buckley6  (Barber). 
II.  Epaphras  Lord6  CPhelps),  b.  May  16,  1783;  m.  (1)  Elizabeth  Holkins 
(b.  Feb.  12,  1791;  d.  Oct.  27,  1827);  m.  (2)  Clarissa  Porter  (b.  June 

21,  1791;  d.  Mch.  22, ).     Children  (by  1st  marriage): 

i.  Epaphras6  (Phelps),  b.  July  21,  1811;  d.  Feb.  13,  1816. 
ii.  Elizabeth6  (Phelps),  b.  May  22, 1813;  m.  Bezaleel  Sexton,  Apr.  28, 
1836;  res.(1885)  at  Merrick,  L.  I.  Issue:  (1)  Epaphras  Lord  Phelps7 
(Sexton),  b.  Jan.  23,  1837;  d.  Apr.  8,  1842;  (2)  Thomas  Bezaleel7 
(Sexton),  b.  Nov.  28,  1839;  (3)  Mary  Elizabeth7  (Sexton),  b.  Jan. 
19,  1844;  d.  Mch.  21,  1845;  (4)  Elizabeth  Holkins7  (Sexton),  b. 
July  17,  1847;  (5)  Fanny7  (Sexton),  b.  Oct.  23,  1849;  d.  Apr.  24, 

176  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1851;  (6)  George  Hobart7  (Sexton),  b.  Oct.  20,  1851;  m. ; 

res.  at  Garden  City,  L.  I.     2  children, 
iii.  Caroline  Lord6  (Phelps),  b.  Mch.  12,  1816;  m.  Rev.  John   Lord 
Taylor  of  Warren,  Conn.,  July  3,  1839,  who  was  b.  May  20, 
1811,  and  d.  at  Andover,  Mass. ,  Sept.  23,  1834.     Mrs.  Taylor 
died  April  3,  1868.     Issue:    (1)  John  Phelps7  (Taylor),  b.  Apr. 
6,  1841;  m.  Oct.    14,    1868,   Antoinette   Hall   of  New  Haven, 
Conn.;  no  children.     Rev.  John  Phelps  Taylor  has  been  set- 
tled over  parishes  at  Middletown,  Conn.,  Newport,  R.  I.,  and 
_  New  London,  Conn.     He  now  (1884)  holds  the  chair  of  Biblical 
~  History  and  Oriental  Archaeology,  the  latter  including  Egyp- 
tology and   Assyriology  at  the  Theological  Seminary  at  An- 
dover, Mass.;  (2)  Henry  Bethuel7  (Taylor),  b.  Feb.  16,  1843;  d. 
Dec.  3,  1846;   (3)   Maria  Phelps7  (Taylor),  b.  Nov.  1,  1845;  d. 
Dec.  14, 1846;  (4)  Edward  Johnson7  (Taylor),  b.  Dec.  30,  1847; 
d.  Apr.  12,    1850;  (5)  Frederick  Holkins7  (Taylor),  b.  July  31, 
1851;  d.  Nov.  29,  1872. 
iv.  Frederick6  (Phelps),  b.  June  5,  1818;  d.  Oct.  1,  1819. 
v.  Bethuel6  (Phelps),  b.  Oct.  4,  1820;  res.  (1884)  Chicago,  111.;  unm. 
vi.  Maria   H.6   (Phelps),   b.    July   6,    1823;   m.  Col.  Dexter  Russell 
Wright  Feb.  3, 1848.     Issue  (1)  Dexter  R.7  (Wright),  Jr.,  b. 
Mch.  13, 1849;  d.  Sept.  2,  1850;  (2)  Maria  Antoinette7  (Wright), 
b.  May  17,  1852;  m.  Henry  L.  Hinton,  Apr.  30,  1873.     Issue  : 
(a)  Dexter   Russell    Wright8   (Hinton),  b.   May   21,   1875:   (b) 
Athol  Paul8  (Hinton),  b.  Sept.  25.^1879;  (c)  Harold8  (Hinton)  b. 
Feb.  25,  1883;  d.  May  26,  1882;  (3)  Charles  Parker7  (Wright), 
b.    Apr.   18,  1854;    d.    Aug.  16,   1855;    (4)  Harriette  Phelps7 
(Wright),  b.  Jan.  31,   1857;  (5)  Paul7  (Wright),  b.  Apr.  13, 
1860;  (6)  Arthur  Bethuel7  (Wright),  b.  Feb.  23,  1862. 
Children  (by  2d  marriage): 
vii.  Charles  Epaphras6  (Phelps),  b.  Oct.  23,  1834;  married  and  has 
2  daus;  res.  (1885)  in  Mexico. 
III.  Charles  Stiles5  (Phelps),  b.  Mch.  12, 1789;  m.  (1)  Flavia  Burt,  in  1820; 
she  d.  1820;  (2)  Harriet  Morgan,  1822,  who  died  1827;  (3)  Catha- 
rine Warner,  1832;  (4)  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Newcomb.  He  died  Feb.  10, 
1870.     Children  (by  2d  marriage): 

i.  Charles  Edward6  (Phelps),  b.  July  2,  1823;  m.  May  27,  1847, 
Sarah  Earyes  Davis.  Issue:  (1)  Charles  Edward  Davis7 
(Phelps),  b.  Mch.  28,  1851;  (2)  Arthur  Santford7  (Phelps),  b. 
June  12,  1853.  Rev.  Charles  Edward  Phelps  has  been  in  the 
ministry  over  40  years;  at  present  (1885)  is  settled  over  a  Cong. 
Society  at  New  Brunswick,  N.  J. 

Married. —  At  Washington,  D.  C,  at  the  Church  of  the 
Epiphany,  30th  (Oct.,  1889)  ult.,  by  Rev.  Charles  E.  Phelps, 
of  New  Brunswick,  N.  J.,  assisted  by  Rev.  R.  H.  McKim, 
D.D.,  Rev.  Arthur  Santford  Phelps,  of  Shelburne  Falls,  Mass., 
and  Gertrude  Lindall,  dau.  of  Winthrop  Tappan,  Esq.,  of 
Washington,  D.  C.  {Boston  Transcript,  Nov.  8,  1889). 
ii.  Harriet  Flavia6  (Phelps),  b.  Mch.  13,  1827;  m.  1849,  as  first  wife, 
Charles  Phelps  Burdett,  a  son  of  her  cousin  Mrs.  Caroline 
(Barber)  Burdett.  Mrs.  Harriet  F.  Burdett  died  May,  1853. 
Issue  (see  family  of  Charles  P.  Burdett,  on  preceding  page). 

Massachusetts  Family.  177 

Family  3. 

29.  Nathan3  Stiles  [19]  (Kobert2  Jr.,  Kobert1),  was  born  at 
Boxford,  Mass.,  May  7,  1703;  bapt.  July  19,  1703  (Boxford 
Records);  m.  Rutb  Carlings,  Mch.  3,  1726.  He  died  Mch. 
19,  1760.  His  marriage  and  death  are  recorded  at  Hebron, 
Conn.,  where  he  undoubtedly  spent  most  of  his  life.  The 
Probate  Records  at  Colchester,  Conn.,  show  that  the  estate  of 
Nathan  Stiles  was  settled  at  C. 

Children  (from  Hebron,  Conn.,  Records} : 

30.  I.  Nathan4  Jr.,  was  undoubtedly  the  eldest  child,  al- 

though the  date  of  his  birth  does  not  accompany 
the  record  of  the  event  on  the  Hebron  Books. 
We  think  he  could  hardly  have  been  born  later 
than  1728,  probably  was  born  earlier.  He  mar- 
ried Keziah  Kilbron  (so  says  the  record;  this 
name  is  doubtless  the  same  as  Kilburn  or  Kil- 
bourne).     Family  6. 

31.  II.  Robert*,  b.    Jan.  25,  1730-31;    m.  Patience . 

Family  7. 

32.  III.  Stephen4,  b.  May  22,  1733;  m.  Rebecca  Brown. 

Family  8. 

33.  IV.  Mary4,  b.  Apr.  28, 1735. 

34.  Y.  Abigail4,  b.  Aug.  23,  1738. 

Family  4. 

35.  Lt.  Amos3  Stiles  [20]  (Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born 
Boxford,  Mass.,  Apr.  20,  1705 ;  bapt.  Apr.  22,  1705  (Boxford 
Records);  m.  Martha  Skinner,  "June  ye  24  1736."  "Lt 
Amos  Stiles,  died  Oct.  3,  1758,  in  ye  54  year  of  his  age."  His 
marriage  and  death  are  recorded  at  Hebron,  Conn.  From  the 
Land  Records  of  Lebanon,  Conn.,  we  learn  that  "Amos  Stiles 
of  Hebron,  Conn.,  purchased  estate  at  L.,  Sept.,  1745."  The 
following  was  found  at  Colchester,  Dec.  17,  1886,  by  Dr.  D. 
W.  Patterson  :  "  Est.  of  Amos  Stiles,  of  Hebron,  dec'd,  Amos 
Stiles,  administrator,  presented  ace.  2  Ap.  1759,  and  asked  for 
a  distribution,  and  was  'allowed  '  to  be  guardian  to  Benjamin, 
Aaron,  and  Edmund  Stiles,  minors."  The  word  "  allowed  "in- 
dicates that  they  were  over  14  years  old,  and  chose  him.  Samuel 

178  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Tiler  and  Asa  Phelps  were  app.  to  divide  the  estate.  The  in- 
ventory of  the  estate,  £170,  was  made  18  Nov.,  1758.  The 
Probate  Records  of  Colchester  show  that  the  estate  of  Amos 
Stiles  was  settled  there.  (Information  obtained  by  P.  R. 
Strong,  Esq.,  of  Colchester,  Conn.) 

Children  (from  Hebron  Records) : 

36.  I.  Amos4,   b.  July  9,  1737;  d.  Mch.  15,  1760   "in  ye 

23d  year  of  his  age  "  {Hebron  Records). 

37.  II.  Benjamin4,     b.    Feb.    8,     1739-40;    m.    Damaris 

Brown.     Family  9 . 

38.  III.  Aaron4,    b.    May  '  19,    1742;    m.   Rebecca   Clark. 

Family  10. 

39.  IV.  Edmund4,    b.   June   15,   1744;  m.   Lydia   Porter. 

Family  11. 

Family  5. 

40.  Job3  Stiles  [28]  (Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Boxford,  Mass.,  July  12,  17 — ;  bapt.  July  17,  1715  {Box- 
ford  Records). 

[Our  supposition  that  1715  was  the  year  of  Job  Stiles'  birth 
is  fortunately  confirmed  by  the  church  records  of  Granville, 
Mass.,  which  give  the  date  of  his  death  and  age  at  that 

According  to  the  Hebron,  Conn.,  Records,  Job  Stiles  and 
Anna  Bliss  [who  was  a  dau.  of  John  Bliss]  were  married  Sept. 
22,  1736.  Judging  from  the  records  of  the  births  of  their 
children,  they  must  have  removed  from  Hebron  to  Colchester, 
Conn.,  sometime  between  March,  1742-3,  and  Jan.,  1744-5, 
for  the  birth  of  their  3d  child,  Mch.  5,  1742-3,  is  recorded  at 
Hebron,  while  that  of  the  4th,  Jan.  10,  1744-5,  is  on 
the  Colchester  Records,  as  are  also  7  others  born  subse- 

Found  by  Dr.  D.  W.  Patterson,  at  Colchester,  Conn.,  Dec. 
17,  '86(?) :  "  Job  Stiles,  and  Anne  Stiles,  his  wife,  both  of 
Colchester,  ack.  rec't,  3  July,  1750,  of  the  portion  which  be- 
longed to  her  as  one  of  the  daughters  of  Mr.  John  Bliss  of 
Hebron,  [Conn.],  dec'd." 

April  19,  1764,  Job  Stiles  sold  his  farm  of  47  acres  to  John 
Blesh  [Bliss  ?]  for   £220  {Colchester  Zand  Records).     P.  R. 

Massachusetts  Family.  179 

Strong,  Esq.,  who  examined  the  records,  says :  "  This  farm 
lay  about  8  miles  from  what  is  now  Marlborough*  {incorpo- 
rated as  a  town  in  1821)." 

Job  Stiles  removed  to  Granville,  Mass.,  about  1764.  This 
we  learn  from  the  deposition  of  his  son,  John,  on  applying  for 
a  pension  for  services  in  the  Revolutionary  War  {Pension 
Records,  Washington,  D.  C). 

It  is  said  that  the  land  now  occupied  by  the  meeting-house, 
at  East  Granville,  Mass.,  was  formerly  a  part  of  the  farm  of 
Job  Stiles. 

In  a  "  Eecord  of  Families,"  made  by  Rev.  T.  M.  Cooley 
(while  pastor  of  the  Congregational  Church  at  E.  Granville) 
occurs  the  following :  "  1796,  Job  Stiles  81  yrs.  of  age." 
Without  question,  this  was  Job  Stiles  Senior.  In  another 
part  of  the  church  records  kept  by  Rev.  Mr.  Cooley,  occurs  this 
entry  :     "Joel  Stiles  died,  March,  1797,  at  the  age  of  82  years." 

It  is  clear  that  this  is  the  record  of  the  death  of  the  Job 
Stiles,  who  was  81  in  1796,  and  it  is  also  easy  to  see  that  the 
mistake  in  spelling  was  a  natural  one. 

In  the  same  record  the  death  of  Anna  Stiles,  in  1782,  aged 
60,  is  given,  which  is  undoubtedly  that  of  Job's  wife,  Anna 
(Bliss)  Stiles. 

Job  Stiles  m.  (2),  Mrs.  Dorcas  (widow  of  Israel)  Stiles  of 
Westfield,  Mass.     (See  p.  229,  Conn.  Earn,  of  Stiles.) 

Childrenf  (by  1st  marriage) : 

41.  I.  Job4  Jr. ;    m.   Lydia  Phelps  and   Dorcas   Stiles. 

Family  12. 

42.  II.  Elijah4,   b.    May    12,    1740;    m.   Dorothy . 

Family  13. 

*  We  have  seen  a  statement  made  by  a  descendant  of  Mrs.  Grace  (Stiles) 
Bancroft,  claiming  that  she  (Grace)  was  born  at  "  Mulbery,"  Conn.  This 
we  found  hard  to  reconcile  with  the  Colchester  record,  but  when  we  learned 
that  a  town  named  Marlborough  had  been  formed  from  a  portion  of  Col- 
chester, we  saw  the  whole  thing  very  clearly,  for  we  remember  hearing  in 
our  childhood  certain  old  people  mention  Marlborough,  If.  H.,  which  they 
pronounced  as  if  it  were  spelt  Maulbry. — M.  S.  P.  G. 

fA  copy  of  the  record  of  births  of  the  last  8  children  of  Job  Stiles,  fur- 
nished by  P.  E.  Strong,  Esq.,  of  Colchester,  Conn.: 

"Jan  10,  1746,  Jemima,  Dau  to  Job  Stiles;  John  his  Sone  was  born  Oct 
6,  1745;  Livinne  his  Dau  was  born  Apr  8,  1749;  Eunice  his  Dau  was  born 
Jan  28,  1751;  Grace  his  Dau  was  born  Nov.  3,  1755;  Eunice  his  Dau  was 
born  Jan  31,  1756;  Samuel  his  Son  was  born  Aug.  25,  1751;  Samuel  his  Son 
was  born  Jan.  1,  1758.  Eunice  died  Jan.  31,  1756;  the  first  Samuel  died 
Oct  26,  1757." 

180  Stiles  Genealogy. 

43.  III.  Lydia4,  b.  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  Mch.  5,  1742-3. 

Probably  the  remaining  8  children  of  Job  and 
Anna  were  born  at  Colchester,  as  they  are  there 
recorded.  On  the  next  page  will  be  found  a  copy 
of  the  said  record,  by  Mr.  P.  It.  Strong  of  C,  who 
vouches  for  it  as  a  "  true  copy,"  which,  however, 
turns  out  to  be  any  thing  but  a  true  record,  and 
proves  that  the  early  town  clerk  was  not  infallible. 

44.  IV.  Jemima4,  b.  Jan.  10, 1744-5;  bapt.  Jan.  22, 1744-5. 

(It  will  be  seen  by  comparing  the  dates  here 
given,  with  the  record  in  the  foot-note  on  this 
page,  that  the  latter  gives  1746  as  the  year  of 
Jemima's  birth,  and  1745  as  that  of  her  next 
younger  brother,  John.  For  a  long  time  we 
were  sorely  puzzled  over  the  discrepancies  of  the 
"  true  copy,"  and  finally  gave  up  all  expectation 
of  reconciling  them.  Fortunately,  however, 
after  a  time,  we  received  from  Dr.  H.  R.  Stiles 
the  following  item :  "  Jemima,  Dau.  of  Job 
Stiles,  bap.  22d  Jan.,  1744,"  which  his  friend 
Dr.  D.  W.  Patterson,  of  Hartford,  Conn., 
had  found  in  the  Colchester  Record.  This 
solved  the  difficulty  in  Jemima's  case,  for  it  was 
clear  that  1744  must  be  the  true  date  of  her 
birth,  and  we  have  accordingly  substituted  this 
date  in  our  "  revised  version."  In  the  case  of 
John,  who  comes  next  to  Jemima  in  the  Colches- 
ter Record,  we  have  his  own  testimony  at  the 
time  of  applying  for  a  pension,  and  on  the  strength 
of  that  shall  take  the  responsibility  of  placing 
him  below  his  sister  Lavinne. — M.  S.  P.  G.) 

45.  V.  Lavinne4,  b.  Apr.  3,  1749;  m.  Benjamin  Stow,  at 

Granville,  Mass.,  Mch.  30, 1767  {Granville  Rec- 
ords). "  They  emigrated  to  the  Western  Reserve, 
and  settled  at  Nelson,  Portage  Co.,  Ohio,  where 
they  were  living  in  1830,"  says  an  aged  relative 
of  theirs  (Mr.  James  G.  Tinker,  of  Abilene, 
Kans.),  who  visited  them  there  that  year.     Issue: 

46.  i.  Charity5,  m.    Nathaniel  Bancroft,  at   Gran- 

ville, Mass.,  and  moved  to  Randolph,  Port- 
age Co.,  Ohio. 

Massachusetts  Family.  181 

47.  VI.  John4,  b.  Oct.  23,  1750  (see  note  following  his  sis- 

ter Jemima's  record) ;  married  Ruth  Roberts. 
Family  14. 

(According  to  Mr.  Strong's  transcript,  Eunice 
was  born  Jan.  28,  1751,  and  would,  therefore,  be 
the  7th  child,  but  Dr.  Patterson  finds  that  this 
Eunice  was  born  Jan.  28,  1754,  which  makes 
her  the  8th  in  order.) 

48.  VII.  Samuel4,  b.  Aug.  25,  1751  (this  child  is  the  10th 

in  order  in  the  Colchester  Record,  but,  unless 
the  date  of  his  birth,  therein  given,  is  wrong,  he 
should  be  the  7th);  he  d.  Oct.  26,  1757. 

49.  VIII.  Eunice4,  b.  Jan.  28,  1754. 

50.  IX.  Grace4,  b.  Nov.  3,  1755,  according  to  the  Colches- 

ter Record.  (A  descendant  gives  it  as  1758,  which 
we  think  must  be  an  error,  for  it  is  a  well-au- 
thenticated fact  that  Samuel,  whom  the  Colches- 
ter Records  give  as  the  youngest  child,  was 
born  Jan.  1,  1758.  It  is  quite  probable  that 
the  births  of  Job  Stiles'  children  are  given  in 
Old  Style  reckoning.  This  would  account  for 
the  apparent  nearness  in  age  of  Grace  to 
her  next  younger  sister,  Eunice,  who,  accord- 
ing to  Old  Style,  would  be  a  little  less  than  a 
year  and  three  months  younger  than  Grace. — 
M.  S.  P.  G.)  Grace  Stiles  m.  April  26,  1781, 
John  Bancroft  (b.  at  Granville,  Mass.,  Aug.  4, 
1750).  They  removed,  in  1809,  to  Nelson,  Port- 
age Co.,  Ohio.  They  had  7  children,  all  b.  at 
Granville,  Mass.  The  names  of  none  are  given, 
but  the  eldest  was 

51.  i.  a  son5,  b.  Apr.  6,  1782  (from  J.  M.  Bancroft, 

a  descendant  of  John  and  Grace  [Stiles] 
Bancroft,  to  Dr.  H.  R.  Stiles,  in  1871). 

52.  X.  Eunice4,  b.  Jan.  31,  1756 ;  d.  Jan.  31,   1756  (see 

note  above). 

53.  XI.  Samuel4,  b.  Jan.  1, 1758;  m.  Sarah  Rose.  Family  15. 
Child  (by  2d  marriage) : 

54.  XII.  Cynthia4,  b.  17 — ;  m.  Launcelot  Granger.     They 

lived  at  Granville,  Mass.,  where  Mr.  G.  died, 
and  where  Mrs.   G.  continued   to  reside  until 

182  [  Stiles  Genealogy.         i 

after  her  mother's  death,  when  she  removed  to 
Hartford,  Conn.,  her  two  daughters   and  son, 

Lester,  accompanying  her.     She  died , , 

at  the  home  of  her  daughter,  Cynthia  Dewey, 
in  Indiana.     Issue : 

55.  i.  Elsamana5;  m.  in  111.;  d.  many  years  ago. 

56.  ii.  Cynthia5;  m.  Ezra  Dewey;  rem.  to  Wis., 

near  Milwaukee;  many  years  afterward 
went  to  Indiana;  finally  returned  to 
Westfield,  where  she  d.  about  1888.  Mr. 
D.  is  now  (1889)  living  in  Milwaukee, 
Wis.  They  had  3  sons,  of  whom  one  d. 
in  childhood.     One  son  is  named  Fred. 

57.  iii.  Lester5;  m.  and  settled  in  111.;  d.  years  ago, 

leaving  a  widow  and  one  son. 

58.  iv.  Orrin5;  went  west  in  early  youth;  married. 

59.  v.  Olin5  (or  Owen);  went  west  with  his  brother; 


Family  6. 

60.  Nathan4  Stiles  Jr.  [30]  (Nathan3,  Eobert2  Jr.,  Robert1), 
was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn,  (probably  about  1728);  m.  (1) 
Keziah  Kilbron  [this  surname  is  presumably  the  same  as  Kil- 
bourne,  Kilbourn  and  Kilburn]  Mch.  1,  1749-50  {Hebron 
Records).  As  nearly  as  we  can  learn,  the  last  mention  of 
Nathan  Stiles  Jr.  on  the  Hebron  Records  is  in  1755. 

"  In  the  year  1760  two  hundred  emigrants  from  Connecticut 
were  invited  to  remove  to  Horton,  Kings  Co.,  Nova  Scotia,  and 
take  possession  of  it,  the  Acadians  having  removed  from  the 
place  5  years  before  "  {Halliburton }s  Hist.  Nova  Scotia,  p.  115). 

"  Cornwallis,  N.  S.  [Kings  Co.],  was  settled  at  the  same  time 
with  Horton  and  by  persons  who  emigrated  from  the  same 
colony  —  Connecticut.  They  sailed  together  in  a  fleet  of  22 
vessels,  convoyed  by  a  brig  of  war  mounting  16  guns,  com- 
manded by  Capt.  Pigot.  They  arrived  on  the  4th  of  June, 
1760,,  and  took  possession  of  the  lands  formerly  occupied  by 
the  Acadians"  [ibid.,  p.  120]. 

We  have  a  list  of  60  persons  who  were  grantees  of  Cornwal- 
lis, N.  S.,  in  1761.  Among  them  was  one  named  Nathan 
Styles,  undoubtedly  Nathan  Stiles  Jr.,  of  Hebron,  Conn. 

Massachusetts  Family.  183 

A  descendant  of  Nathan  Styles  (or  Stiles),  of  Cornwallis 
(Capt.  D.  F.  Stiles,  of  Fort  Uucompahgre,  Col.),  has  sent  us 
all  that  he  has  been  able  to  learn  concerning  his  ancestor.  Lieut. 
Stiles  sajs :  "  Nathan  Stiles  was  born  in  the  New  England  States 
about  1730  or  1741*,  probably  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  or  Hebron, 
Conn.f  He  married  Sarah  Rockwell.;}:  He  served  in  the  British 
army  at  the  capture  of  Louisburg  in  1758,  and  at  Quebec  in 
1 759.  He  was  one  of  the  New  England  colonists  who  moved  to 
Nova  Scotia  in  1760  or  1701  and  settled  at  the  St.  John's  River 
in  New  Brunswick;  then  called  Nova  Scotia.  After  the  expul- 
sion of  the  Acadians  from  Nova  Scotia,  60  of  the  colonists, 
Nathan  Styles  being  of  the  number,§  were  each  granted  a 
bounty  of  500  acres  in  what  is  now  Kings  county,  N.  S.,  to 
which  place  Nathan  moved  with  his  family.  He  died  at  Corn- 
wallis in  1808.  They  had  children  as  follows : "  (The  names 
will  be  found  under  "  children  by  2nd  marriage.") 

Children  by  1st  marriage  (first  three  from  Hebron,  Conn., 
Records) : 

61.  I.  Israel5,  b.  June  15,  1751  (prob.  d.  young,  as  another 

child  rec'd  the  same  name). 

62.  II.  Lois5,  b.  Sept.  6,  1853. 

63.  III.  Phebe5,  b.  July  5,  1755. 

64.  IY.  Oliver5,  b.  before  1760,  prob.  as  early  as  1757,  as  he 

m.  Rebecca  Peck  in  1776.     Family  16. 

Children  by  2nd  marriage  (furnished  by  Lt.  D.  F.  Stiles): 
65."        Y.  John5. 

66.  YI.  David6. 

67.  VII.  Nathan5. 

68.  VIII.  Josiah6. 

69.  IX.  Reuben5.     Family  17. 

70.  X.  Sarah6. 

71.  XI.  Keziah5. 

72.  XII.  Ruth5. 

73.  XIII.  Israel5,  b.  Nov.  14,  1784;  m.  Elizabeth  McKenzie. 

Family  18. 

*  Nathan  Stiles  Jr.  must  have  been  born  previous  to  1730. 

f  Nathan  Stiles  Jr.  was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn. 

j  Sarah  Bockwell  must  have  been  a  2d  wife,  and  doubtless  belonged  to 
one  of  the  Rockwell  families  that  emigrated  to  Nova  Scotia  at  the  same 
time  with  Nathan  Stiles  Jr. 

§  The  original  grant  is  on  file  at  Kentville,  Cornwallis,  Kings  Co.,  N.  S. 

184  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  7. 

74.  Robert4  Stiles  [31]  (Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was 

born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  Jan.  25, 1730-31 ;  m.  Patience 

(Hebron  Records). 

Children  (from  Hebron  Records): 

75.  I.  Eobert5,  b.  Mch.  15,  1757.     All  that  we  know  of 

this  Robert  Stiles  is  comprised  in  the  "  allega- 
tion "  made  by  him  on  applying  for  a  pension, 
and  which  we  discovered  among  material  sent  us 
by  the  commissioner  of  pensions  at  Washington, 
D.  C,  and  is  as  follows : 

"  Robert  Stiles,  in  April,  1818,  of  Schoharie, 
N.  T.,  and  states  he  enlisted  in  March  or  April, 
1777,  for  3  years,  with  Capt.  Fitch,  in  Col.  Dur- 
kee's  Conn.  Regt.,  serving  as  corporal  and  ser- 
geant. He  was  in  the  battle  at  Fort  Miller  [cap- 
tured Nov.  10,  1777,  and  situated  on  the  Dela- 
ware river,  just  below  Philadelphia].  His 
brother,  Beriah,  of  Schoharie,  N.  T.,  served  with 
him  in  the  same  company.  In  Oct.,  1820,  he 
states  he  was  in  his  64th  year  of  his  age,  a  cripple 
for  many  years — that  previous  to  his  service,  in 
1777,  he  was  out  between  one  and  two  years, 
first  at  Roxbury,  during  the  siege  of  Boston,  4 
or  5  months  ;  next  he  went  into  Col.  Wylly's 
regt.  at  N.  Y.  city,  remaining  9  months  or  a  year. 
His  family  in  1820  consisted  of  himself  and 
wife,  the  latter  67  years  old.  His  name  was 
placed  on  pension-roll  July  29,  1819." 

76.  II.  Patience5,  b.  Aug.  6,  1758. 

77.  III.  Beriah5,  b.  Sept.  19,  1760.     [His  own  statement- 

see  below — gives  Mch.,  1761,  as  the  date  of  his 
birth.]  As  in  the  case  of  his  brother,  Robert, 
we  have  obtained  all  we  know  of  his  history  from 
the  pension  office  records.  It  is  as  follows : 
Beriah  Stiles,  in  April,  1818,  was  living  in  Scho- 
harie, N.  Y.  He  was  born  March,  1761  (?).  He 
enlisted  at  Chatham,  Conn.,  in  Oct.,  1775,  with 
Capt.  Blake,  in  Col.  Sage?s  regt.,  for  6  months, 
going  to  the  siege  of  Boston.     In  April,  1776, 

Massachusetts  Family.  185 

he  volunteered  for  6  months  with  Capt.  Wet- 
more,  in  Col.  Sage's  Regt.,  to  go  to  N.  Y.  city. 
[During  this  service  he  was  stationed  at  Gover- 
nor's Island  to  oppose  the  landing  of  the  British.] 
In  Nov.,  1776,  he  joined,  for  4  months,  Capt. 
Hyde's  Co.,  which  was  stationed  at  Stamford, 
Conn.,  and  at  White  Plains,  where  he  immedi- 
ately engaged  to  serve  3  months  longer.  At 
Chatham,  in  the  spring  of  1777,  he  volunteered 
for  3  years  with  Capt.  Fitch  in  Col.  Durkee's 
Regt.,  and  was  in  the  battle  at  White  Plains 
(Oct.  28,  1776),  and  at  Germantown  (Oct.  4, 
1777).  His  brother  Robert  was  a  witness.  Be- 
fore 1830  he  removed  to  Monroe  Co.  (probably 
to  Mendon).  In  1830,  he  had  a  wife  living,  near 
60  years  old,  and  also  stated  he  had  no  children, 
which  may  mean  none  living  with  him,  or  none 
at  all  living." 

78.  IY.  Martin5,   b.   Nov.    20,    1762 ;  m.    Candace   Cone. 

Family  19. 

79.  Y.  Lotan5,  was  living,  Nov.,  1844,  in  Mendon,  Monroe 

Co.,  N".  Y.,  aged  75  years.  (From  the  deposi- 
tion of  his  brother,  Martin,  in  the  Pension  Rec- 
ords, Washington,  D.  C.) 

Family  8. 

80.  Stephen4  Stiles  [32]  (Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1), 
was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  May  22,  1733.  "  Stephen  Stiles, 
of  Hebron,  and  Rebecca  Brown,  of  Middletown,  were  joined 
in  marriage  Dec.  2,  1756"  (Hebron  Records).  In  1762, 
Stephen  Stiles,  of  Hebron,  was  appointed  to  settle  the  estate  of 
some  party  in  Ashford  [Conn.]  (Hoadley's  Colonial  Hist., 
vols,  xii,  xiii).  From  Lebanon,  Conn.,  Land  Records,  we 
learn  that  Stephen  Stiles  purchased  estate  in  Lebanon,  Mch.  23, 
1784,  and,  also,  that  he  was  still  living  in  Hebron  in  1791, 
when  he  sold  land  in  Lebanon  (G.  W.  Kingsley,  Town  Clerk 
of  Lebanon,  1885). 

Children  (only  the  first  2  are  recorded  at  Hebron,  Conn.)  : 
81.  I.  Stephen5,  b.  Nov.  5, 1757;  in.  Irena  Bliss.    Family 


186  Stiles  Genealogy. 

82.  II.  Eebecca5,  b.  Sept.  23,  1759. 

83.  III.  Reuben5.     According  to  a  printed  U.  S.  pension 

list,  published  in  1840,  Reuben  Stiles,  aged  85, 
was  living  at  Beek  man  town,  Clinton  Co.,  North- 
ern N".  Y.  Now,  if  it  be  true  that  Reuben  Stiles 
was  85  years  old  in  1840,  he  was  born  about 
1755,  before  the  marriage  of  his  parents.  We 
have,  after  a  good  deal  of  perplexing  study  of 
the  situation,  decided  to  place  him  as  the  3d 
child  in  order,  not  because  we  are  satisfied  that 
he  was  the  3d  child,  but  because  there  seems  to  be 
no  better  place  for  him,  unless  he  was  a  twin 
with  Stephen  or  Rebecca,  which  hardly  seems 
likely,  as,  if  he  had  been,  we  think  the  Hebron 
Records  would  have  so  stated.     He  married  (1) 

;  (2)  Mrs.  Irena  Bliss  (Stiles),  widow 

of  his  brother  Stephen. 

Reuben  Stiles  enlisted  in  the  "War  of  1812,  and 
served  in  the  6th  N.  Y.  Infantry,  under  Capt. 
Clark,  of  Col.  Atkinson's  Regt.  In  the  battle  of 
Lundy's  Lane,  at  Bridgewater,  Canada  (July  25, 
1814),  he  was  shot  through  the  neck  and  shoulder, 
for  which  he  drew  a  pension .  He  died  at  West 
Chazy,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  27, 1840.  He  left  no  children. 

(For  most  of  the  facts  concerning  Reuben 
Stiles  we  are  indebted  to  Geo.  L.  Clark,  Esq., 
of  Washington,  D.  C,  and  Reuben  Stiles,  of 
Troy,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa.) 
S4.  IY.  Elizabeth5  or  Betty,  b.  in  Hebron,  Conn.;  m.  a 
Mr.  Warner,  of  Cornwall,  Yt.,  who  d.  at  C. 
many  years  before  his  wife.  She  d.  without 
issue,  Oct.  9,  1860,  at  the  home  of  her  niece, 
Mrs.  Orpha  Risley,  of  DeKalb,  N.  Y.  Mrs. 
Betty  Warner's  gravestone  says  she  was  103  yrs. 
4  months  and  17  days  old  at  the  time  of  her 
death,  which  shows  that  she  was  born  the  22d 
May,  1757,  some  6  months  before  her  brother, 
Stephen.  We  must  confess  our  utter  inability 
to  make  straight  work  of  such  crooked  materials. 
Apparently  there  is  some  mistake  somewhere. 
It  seems  to  us  that  she  must  have  been  younger 

Massachusetts  Family.  187 

than  Reuben,  and  so  we  have  given  her  the  place 
of  the  4th  child.  Her  relatives  say  that  they 
have_heard  that  she  was  so  frail  and  delicate  in 
her  infancy  that  no  one  believed  she  could  ever 
be  raised.  A  nephew  of  hers  writes  us  that  when 
she  was  101  years  old  she  would  spin  a  "day's 
work"  of  linen  on  a  little  wheel. 

85.  V.  Ellice5,  born  at  Hebron;  m.  John  Buckland.     She 

d.  at  Brighton,  N.  Y.  (near  Rochester).     Issue: 

86.  i.  Abner6. 

87.  ii.  Warren  L.6;  res.  (1885)  at  Rochester,  N".  Y.; 

add.  290  Monroe  ave.,  and  3  other  chil- 

88.  VI.  Asa5,  b.  Mch.  6,  1768;  m.  Olive  Rood.  Family  21. 

89.  VII.  Ebenezei^b.  Oct.  13,  1773;  m.  Roxy  Buckland. 

Family  22. 

90.  VIII.  Samuel5,  b.  May  8,  1777;  m.  Talitha  Pierce.    Fam- 

ily 23. 

91.  IX.  Warren5  (possibly  was  the  7th  child,  we  cannot 

tell),  is  said  to  have  been  with  the  Indians  west 
of  the  Mississippi,  more  than  half  a  century  ago. 
(A  nephew,  living  [1885]  at  Hermon,  ]ST.  Y.,  is 
the  authority  for  this  statement.) 

92.  X.  Annis5,  b.  at  Hebrou,  1789;  d.  1839,  at  Fort  Cov- 

ington, N.  Y.,  at  the  home  of  her  nephew,  Col. 
Ezra  W.  Stiles,  according  to  one  account;  an- 
other says  she  d.  at  Cornwall,  Vt. 

Family  9. 

93.  Benjamin4  Stiles  [37]  (Lt.  Amos3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  in  Hebron,  Conn.,  Feb.  8,  1739-40;  m. 
Damaris  Brown,  June  6,  1765  (Hebron  Records) .  He  proba- 
bly died  in  the  early  part  of  1791,  as  the  inventory  of  his  es- 
tate, amounting  to  £137-6-3,  was  admitted  to  probate,  Apr. 

Children  (the  eldest  from  Hebron  Records^  the  rest  from 
Lebanon,  Pa.) : 
94.  I.  Martha5,  b.  May  10,  1763  (prob.  should  be  1765). 

This  child  must  have  died,  as  there  was  another 

of  the  same  name. 

188  Stiles  Genealogy. 

95.  II.  Benjamin5  Jr.;    in.  Margery  Brewster,  of  Wood- 

stock, Vt.,  Feb.  25,  1802.  In  1825  Amos  and 
Nabby  Stiles  were  living  in  Stillwater,  Mich., 
presumably  bis  children,  from  the  connection  in 
which  they  are  alluded  to  by  a  relative.  Mr.  S. 
was  District  Clerk  at  Woodstock,  Vt.,  for  a 
number  of  years. 

96.  III.  Jonathan5,  b. ;  m.  at  Lebanon,  1ST.  H.,  Jan. 

22,  1804,  Olive  Willson;  he  was  then  of 
Woodstock,  Yt.  In  1819  his  nephew,  Amos 
Pelton,  visited  him.  It  is  thought  he  was  then 
living  in  the  Mohawk  Yalley. 

97.  IV.  Eachel5,  b.  1773  ;  d.  July  19, 1836,  se.  63;  m.  Paul 

Brewster,  son  of  Ephraim  and  Margery,  of 
Woodstock,  Vt.,  and  brother  of  Margery,  wife 
of  Benjamin  Stiles  Jr.  Elder  Brewster,  who 
came  over  in  the  Mayflower,  was  an  ancestor  of 
this  family.  Paul  Brewster  served  2  years  in  the 
War  of  1812.     Issue: 

98.  i.  Seth6,  m.  Rosamond  Densmore  ;  both  dead  ; 

left  (1)  John  D.7  (Dr.) ;  (2)  J.  R.7,  living 

1890,  at  Windsor,  Vt. 
Russell6,  m.  Joan  Crooker ;  2  daus. ;  all  dead. 
Ephraim6,  m.  Almira  Dodge  ;  both  dead. 
George6,  m.  Frances  Richmond  ;  d. ;  Mrs. 

Brewster  was  living,  1890,  at  Woodstock, 


102.  v.  Lucy6,  m.  Aaron  Barlow.      She  survived 

him  many  years  ;  lived  with  her  brother, 
Russell,  who  owned  and  occupied  for  many 
years  the  farm  which  belonged  to  his  father 
and  on  which  he,  the  father,  always  lived. 

103.  V.  Hannah6,  born ;  m.  Hatsel  Pelton,  of  Chat- 

ham, Conn.  In  1802,  Mr.  P.  bought  of  Eben- 
ezer  Dike,  of  Woodstock,  Vt. ,  a  large  portion  of 
his  farm  of  137  acres  of  land,  in  W.,  and  settled 
upon  it  the  same  year.  Some  of  his  descendants 
still  remain  in  the  same  neighborhood  (1890). 
Issue : 

104.  i.  Charlotte6,  b.  1796 ;  m.  Stephen  P.  Kings- 

ley,  1814. 







Massachusetts  Family.  189 

105.  ii.  Sarah6,  b.  1798  ;  m.  Josiah  Clark. 

106.  iii.  Amos6,  b.  Feb.  19,  1799,  in  Chatham,  Conn.; 

m.  (1)  Betsey,  dau.  of  Rev.  Seth  Sterling, 
who  d.  1836;  m.  (2)  Betsey,  dau.  of  James 
Call,  a  Rev.  soldier ;  is  living  (1890)  in 
Woodstock,  Yt.,  ae.  85.  Children  (by  1st 
mar.):  (1)  Fred.  A.7  (JPelton),  b.  1821  ;  m. 
Jane  English,  of  Hartland,  Vt. ;  d.  1873; 
she  d.  1880.  Issue  :  Lewis8  and  Leroy8, 
b.  at  Westford,  Mass.  ;  (2)  Melvina7  Pel- 
ton),  b.  1823  ;  d.  1849  ;  unm.;  (3)  Huldah 
Elizabeth7  (Pel ton),  b.  1829  ;  m.  Henry 
Clark  of  Weymouth,  Mass,;  res.  at  W.  ; 
(4)  George  S.7  (Pelton),  b.  1832;  m. 
Charlotte  Fillmore  (relative  of  ex-Pres. 
F.);  res.  Turner,  HI.  (By  2d  mar.) :  (5) 
Erastus  Call7  (Pelton),  b.  1839 ;  res.  Wood- 
stock, yt. ;  unm. ;  (6)  Melinda  C.7  (Pel- 
ton),  b.  1841;  res.  Claremont,  1ST.  H. 
unm.;  (7)  Betsey  C.7  (Pelton),  b.  1844 
m.  1867,  Samuel  W.  Soule,  an  inventor 
Mr.  S.  perfected  the  Remington  type- 
writing machine  invented  by ,  insur- 
ing its  present  success.  Mr.  S.  d.  1875. 
Children :  (a)  Samuel  W.8  (Soule),  b. 
1869;  (b)  dau.8,  b.  May  18,  1873;  (8) 
Lucy  Ellen7  (Pelton),  b.  1847 ;  m.  Fred. 
A.  Holt ;  res.  Woodstock ;  8  children. 

107.  iv.  Rachel6,  b.  1801;  d.  unm. 

108.  v.  Hannah6,  b.  in   Woodstock,  yt.,  Apr.   30, 

1805  ;  d.  in  Flushing,  Mich.,  Apr.  13, 
1868;  m.  Seth  Samuel  Churchill  Cald- 
well, son  of  Samuel  and  Soviah  (Church- 
ill) Caldwell,  who  was  b.  in  Pomfret,  yt., 
July  17,  1802;  d.  in  Flushing,  Mich., 
Mch.  3,  1878.  Children:  (1)  Wallace 
Ruthven7  (Caldwell),  b.  in  Woodstock,  yt., 
Dec.  22,  1828  ;  (2)  Sarah  J.7  (Caldwell), 

b.  in  W.,  Feb.  5,  1832  ;  m. Allen  ; 

removed  to  Minn.  ;  d.  at  Willmar,  Minn., 
Apr.  22,  1882  ;  (3)  Henry  O.7  (Caldwell), 

190  Stiles  Genealogy. 

b.  in  W.,  Jan.  8,  1834 ;  (4)  John  M.7 
(Caldwell),  b.  in  Barre,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  22, 
1836;  (5)  Jasper  H.7  (Caldwell),  b.  in 
Gaines,  N.  Y.,  Mch.  14,  1842;  d.  June 
2,  1848,  in  Flushing  ;  (6)  Mary  M.7  (Cald- 
well), b.  in  Flushing,  Mich.,  May  3,  1845. 

109.  YI.  George5,  b.  1 777  ;  m.  Betsey  Lincoln.   Famiiy  24. 

110.  YII.  Edmund5,  m.  Wealthy  Loom'is.     Family  25. 

111.  YIII.  Patty6,  b.  1782  ;  m.  abt.  1803  or  1804  Simeon  Jr., 

son  of  Simeon  and  Lydia  (Shaw)  Dunham,  who 
was  b.  in  Carver,  Mass.,  May  27,  1775  ;  removed 
with  his  parents  to  Yermont  in  1888;  d.  at 
Woodstock,  Yt.,  Sept.  28,  1839.  Mrs.  Patty 
(Stiles)  Dunham  d.  at  W.  Feb.  20,  1813,  ».  31 
Children  : 

112.  i.  Lucy6,  b.  Aug.  28,  1805  ;  m.,  1832,  Cyrenus 

(b.  in  Woodstock,  Yt.,  June  20, 1807),  son 
of  Israel  T.  and  Sally  (Richmond)  Hough- 
ton. She  d.  at  W.  June  22,  1878.  Mr. 
H.  &  at  W.  July  7,  1885.  Issue  (all  b.  in 
Woodstock,  Yt.,  and  all  d.  there  except 
No.  2) :  (1)  George  Washington7  (Hough- 
ton), b.  May  26, 1833  ;  d.  Mch.  27, 1859  ; 
m.  Emily  Densmore,  of  Sharon,  Yt. 
Issue:  (a)  Melvin  J.8  (Houghton),  b.  in 
Woodstock,  Yt.,  Nov.  2,  1858 ;  m.  Nov. 
4,  1879,  Nellie  A.  Hutchinson,  of  Pom- 
fret,  Yt.  Issue:  (i)  Clyde  A.9  (Hough- 
ton), b.  in  Rutland,  Yt.,  Dec.  22,  1880; 
(ii)  Bernice.E.9  (Houghton),  b.  in  Wood- 
stock, July  2,  1883 ;  d.  Mch.  20,  1890 ; 
(iii)  Ethel  L.9  (Houghton),  b.  in  W.  Nov. 
23,  1890;  (2)  Hatsel  Dunham7  (Hough- 
ton), b.  Sept.  2,  1834 ;  d.  at  Luna,  Iowa, 
Nov.  16, 1868 ;  (3)  Sarah  Jerusha7  (Hough- 
-  ton),  b.  Apr.  23,  1836  ;  unm.;  (4)  Lucy 
Ellen7  (Houghton),  b.  Oct.  22,  1838 ;  d. 
July  19,  1846 ;  (5)  Sarepta  Rebecca7 
(Houghton),  b.  Nov.  2,  1840 ;  d.  Apr.  10, 
1843 ;  (6)  Henry  Horace7  (Houghton),  b. 

Massachusetts  Family.  191 

June  6,  1843;  m.  Feb.  8,  1866,  Clarinda 
M.  Washburn,  of  Woodstock,  Yt.  Issue: 
(a)  Elwin  K.8  (Houghton),  b.  Feb.  11, 
1867;  m.  May  3,  1890,  Ellen  M.  Bennett, 
of  Bridgewater,  Yt.;  (7)  Simeon  Dun- 
ham7 (Houghton),  b.  June  1,  1845. 

113.  ii.  Hatsel    Pelton6,    b.    Feb.    9,   1808  ;    d.   at 

Woodstock,  Yt.,  Mch.  26,  1835. 

114.  iii.  Patty6,  b.  Nov.  17,  1812 ;  d.  Aug.  12,  1813. 

[Horace  Dunham,  of  Woodstock,  Yt.,  a 
son  of  Simeon  Dunham  Jr.,  by  his  2d  m.,  is 
engaged  in  tracing  the  genealogy  of  the  D. 
Family.  To  him  and  to  Mrs.  Betsey  (Pel- 
ton)  Soule  the  author  is  indebted  for  records 
of  the  Peltons  and  Dunhams  here  given.] 

115.  IX.  Jemima6,  m.  Solomon  Root. 

116.  X.  Amos6. 

[It  seems  almost  certain  that  the  children  of  the 
above  family  are  not  given  in  their  proper  order, 
but  the  author  has  done  the  best  she  could  in  the 
absence  of  dates.~\ 

Family  10. 

117.  Dr.  Aaron4  Stiles  [38]  (Lfr,  Amos3,Eobert2  Jr.,  Eobert1), 
was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  May  19,  1742 ;  m.  Rebecca  Clark, 
of  Lyme  [Conn.],  Dec.  24,  1767  {Hebron  Records). 

Children  (from  Hebron  -Records) : 

118.  I.  Aaron5,  b.  Dec.  25,  1768;  d.  Dec.  28,  1768. 

119.  II.   Aaron5,  b.  Feb.  3,  1769  [this is  prob.  given  in  "  Old 

Style  "]. 

120.  III.  Rebecca5,  b.  May  26,  1771. 

121.  IY.  Anna6,  b.  Mch.  10,  1785. 

Family  11. 

122.  Edmond4  Stiles  [39]  (Lt.  Amos3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1), 
was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  June  5,  1744;  m.  Lydia  (dau.  of 
John)  Porter,  July  19,  1762  {Hebron  Records).  Edmond 
Stiles  and  his  wife  Lydia  are  mentioned  in  the  Land  Records 

192  Stiles  Genealogy . 

of  Lebanon,  Conn.,  as  jointly  selling  land  there,  Nov.  25, 1766. 
He  died  at  Hebron,  Men.  6, 1768.  Administration  was  granted 
to  Lydia  Stiles  11  Oct.,  1768,  on  estate  of  Edmond  Stiles,  late 
of  Hebron,  dee'd.  Inventory  of  his  estate  £149:  13:  7  was 
dated  10  Oct.,  1768  (from  Colchester  Records,  by  Dr.  D.  Wil- 
liam Patterson). 

Child  (from  Hebron  Records) : 
123.         I.  Amos6,  b.  Jan.  3,  1765. 

Family  12. 

124.  Job4  Stiles*  Jr.  [41]  (Job3,  Eobert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was 
born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  without  doubt.  As  he  must  have  been 
the  eldest  child  of  Job  and  Anna  (Bliss)  Stiles,  he  was  probably 
born  previous  to  1740,  perhaps  as  early  as  1737.  He  married 
(1)  at  Colchester,   Conn.,    Mch.   30,  1758,  Lydia  Phelps,  of 

*The  work  of  tracing  the  family  of  Job  Stiles  Jr.  has  been  par- 
ticularly difficult  on  account  of  blunders  in  the  old  records  of  Granville, 
Mass. ;  for  instance:  Sarah,  as  "  wife  of  Job  Stiles,"  is  found  in  no  less  than 
four  places,  when  it  should  have  been  Lydia;  and,  to  prove  these  mistakes  to 
be  such,  has  required  a  great  deal  of  time  and  patience  and  considerable 
money.  We  are  satisfied  that,  with  only  the  town  records  to  assist  us,  we 
could  never  have  solved  the  mystery;  but,  fortunately,  we  were  able  to 
obtain  a  transcript  from  the  church  records,  also  inscriptions  from  tomb- 
stones, and  by  comparing  the  town  records  with  these  we  have  reached 
comparatively  satisfactory  conclusions.  We  give  below  the  items  referred 
to  from  the  town  records  of  Granville  and  also  the  inscriptions  from  tomb- 
stones at  East  Granville  : 

1.  "Eunice  Stiles,  daughter  of  Job  Stiles  and  Ledy  his  wife  was  born 

March  21  Day  1761  (Granville  Records).     [It  will  be  noticed  that 
this  child  is  accredited  to  Job  and  Ledy  (or  Lydia).] 

2.  "  Birth.     Job  Stiles  sone  of  Job  Stiles  and  Sarah  his  wife  was  born 

February  21,  1764  (ibid.). 

3.  "  Death.     Job  Stiles  son  of  Job  Stiles  Junr  and  Sarah  his  wife,  died 

January  27  Day.  A.  D.  1766  (ibid.). 

4.  "  Birth.     Lydia  Stiles,  Daughter  of  Job    Stiles  Junr  and  Sarah  his 

wife  was  born  November  4th  day  1765  (ibid.). 

5.  "  Birth.     Job  Stiles,  son  of  Job  and  Sarah  Stiles.    Born  November  4th 

day  1769  "(ibid.). 

An  inscription  still  to  be  seen  in  the  old  graveyard  at  East  Granville, 
Mass. ,  reads  as  follows  : 

"  Job  son  of  Mr  Job  and  Mrs  Lydia  Stiles,  died  January  27,  1766  in  the 
2nd  year  of  his  age,  who  lies  the  third  on  the  right  hand."  This  inscrip- 
tion is  certainly  most  conclusive  proof  that  the  name  Sarah  in  items  No.  2 
and  3,  Granville  town  records,  ought  to  have  been  Lydia,  and  we  shall  have 
no  hesitation  in  substituting  Lydia  for  Sarah  in  Nos.  4  and  5  also. — M.  S.  P. 
G.,  1885. 

Massachusetts  Family.  193 

Hebron,  Conn.  (Colchester  Records).  From  the  fact  that  his 
first  child  was  born  at  Colchester  in  1759,  and  his  second  in 
Granville,  Mass.,  in  1761,  we  infer  that  he  removed  from  Col- 
chester between  1759  and  1761.  Mrs.  Lydia  (Phelps)  Stiles  died 
June  18,  1779.  Her  tombstone  is  still  standing  (1885)  in  the  old 
graveyard  at  East  Granville,  Mass.,  and  bears  this  inscription  : 

"  In  memory  of  Mrs.  Lydia,  wife  of  Mr.  Job  Stiles  Jun. 
who  died  June  18,  A.  D.  i779  in  the  41st  year  of  her  age  " 
(copied  and  sent  by  Rev.  N.  S.  Moore,  of  East  Granville,  Mass.). 

Job  Stiles,  of  Granville,  Mass.,  m.  (as  2d  wife),  July  1,  1781, 
Dorcas  (dau.  of  Martin  and  Dorcas  [Adams])  Stiles,  of  West- 
field,  Mass.  {Stiles'  Ancient  Windsor,  p.  789).  The  ancestry  of 
Mrs.  Dorcas  (Stiles)  Stiles  will  be  found  in  the  line  of  John2 
Stiles — Conn.  Family;  her  des.,  of  course,  belong  to  the  Mass. 
Family,  and  will  be  found  in  their  proper  place. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage): 

125.  I.  Hepsibah5,  b.  at  Colchester,  Conn.,  June  17,  1759 

(Colchester  Records);  m.  (1)  Daniel  Cooley  Jr., 
of  East  Granville,  Mass.,  who  d.  at  E.  G.,  Apr. 
5,  1821,  aged  67.  Note. — Daniel  Cooley  Sen. 
was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Granville,  Mass. 
Rev.  Timothy  Mather  Cooley,  D.  D.,  for  more 
than  50  years  pastor  of  the  Cong.  Church  at  East 
Granville,  was  an  own  cousin  to  Daniel  Cooley  Jr. 
Mrs.  Hepzibah  (Stiles)  Cooley  m.  (2)  Cyrus 
Grates  of  Castleton,  Yt.,  Feb.  5,  1832,  she  being 
at  the  time  78  years  old,  Mr.  Gates  75,  and  the 
Rev.  Dan.  Kent,  the  minister  who  officiated,  72. 
After  the  ceremony,  the  first  greetings  were  offered 
by  the  bride's  grandson,  Orison  Cooley,  aged 
4,  and  Ellen  Walker,  aged  3  [a  great  granddaugh- 
ter of  the  bride],  who  walked  up  hand  in  hand, 
and  kissed  the  bridal  couple.  (From  a  letter  of 
Mrs.  Jane  Walker,  a  gr.  dau.  of  Mrs.  Hepzibah 
[Stiles-Cool ey]  Gates.)  Mrs.  Hepzibah  (Stiles- 
Cooley)  Gates  d.  in  1841,  at  the  home  of  her 
dau.,  Mrs.  Mana  Flower,  Rochester,  N".  Y. 
Issue  (by  1st  marriage) : 

126.  i.  Charles8  (Cooley),  m.  and  lived  in  Canandai- 

gua,  N.  Y.  Issue :  (1)  Lovina7  (Cooley) ;  (2) 
Esther7  (Cooley);  (3)  Sylvester7  (Cooley). 

194  Stiles  Genealogy. 

127.  ii.  Mclntyre6     (Cooley),    m.    Lovina    Cheese- 

brough  ;  res.  in  Hartford,  Conn.  Issue  : 
Marilla7  (Cooley). 

128.  iii.  Sylvester6  (Cooley),  twin  ;  lost  at  sea. 

129.  iv.  Luman6   (Cooley),  twin  ;  m. .     Issne  : 

(1)  Eraeline7  (Cooley );  (2)  Alfred7  (Coo- 
ley) ;  (3)  Sylvester7  (Cooley).  The  family 
were  living  in  Philadelphia  the  last  known 
of  them. 

130.  v.  Man  a6  (Cooley),  m.  Elisha  Flower  ;   lived 

in  Chili  and  Rochester,  N.  Y.  Mrs.  F. 
is  buried  at  R.  Issue :  (1)  Edwin7 
(Flower)  ;  (2)  a  son7. 

131.  vi.  ^Rowland  Phelps6  (Cooley),  (M.  D.),  b.  at 

Granville,  Mass.,  July  5,  1784;  m.  Mila 

*  Descendants  of  Mrs.  Hepzibah  Stiles  Cooley  in  the  line  of  her  son,  Dr. 
Rowland  Phelps  Cooley. 

Dr.  Rowland  Phelps6  Cooley  moved  to  Benson,  Vt.,  in  1810;  practiced 
medicine  there  for  over  40  years.  He  was  a  member  of  the  General  Assem- 
bly, 1834-5,  and  delegate  from  B.  to  the  State  Constitutional  Convention  in 
1836.  He  married,  June  12,  1806,  Mila,  only  dau.  of  Elihu  Stow,  Esq.,  of 
East  Granville,  Mass.  (b.  at.  E.  G.,  July  23,  1787,  and  d.  at  Benson,  Vt., 
May  4,  1854,  ae.  67).  Dr.  Cooley  d.  at  Saratoga  Springs,  N.  T.,  April  2, 
1865,  aged  nearly  81  years.     Issue  : 

I.  Maryett7  (Cooley),  b.  at  Granville,  Mass.,  July  16,  1807;  m.  John  Alsop 
Stiles,  M.  D.  (a  2d  cousin  of  her  father's),  of  Springfield,  Mass., 
Feb.  18,  1836.  She  d.  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.  (where  Dr.  Stiles  had 
located  soon  after  their  mar.),  Mch.  1,  1839.  (For  her  des.  see 
Fam.  64  of  this  line.) 
U.  Jane  Stow7  (Cooley)  (Mrs.  Jane  S.  Walker,  although  quite  aged,  is 
greatly  interested  in  the  history  of  her  family,  and  has  herself  fur- 
nished most  of  the  information  that  has  been  received  concerning 
them),  b.  at  G.,  Apr.  8,  1809;  m.  Dec.  16,  1827,  as  2d  wife, 
Chauncey  Rockwell  Walker,  of  Benson,  Vt.,  merchant  and  post- 
master; he  was  b.  Feb.  3,  1799;  d.  Feb.  15,  1850.  [His  1st  wife 
was  Sarah  Woodward,  whom  he  m.  June  12,  1823.  She  d.  Aug. 
30,  1824.]  Issue  (all  b.  at  Benson,  Vt.): 
i.  Son8,  b.  Sept.  23,  1828;  d.  soon. 

ii.  Ellen  Cooley8  (Walker),  b.  Oct.  13,  1829;  m.  Uriah  N.  Benedict 
of  Galway,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  3,  1852;  d.  at  Gansevoort,  N.  T.,  Oct. 
20,  1861,  of  congestion  of  the  lungs.  Child:  Isabella9  (Bene- 
dict), b.  1857;  became  a  teacher  of  music;  m.  Oct.  4,  1882,  Dr. 
John  W.  Keyes  of  Bellow's  Falls,  Vt.;  Sept.,  1885,  they  re- 
moved to  Kearney,  Neb . ,  hoping  the  change  of  climate  would 
prove  beneficial  to  Dr.  K.'s  health, 
iii.  Emaretta  Maryett8  (Walker),  b.  Mch.  11,  1832;  d.  of  consump- 
tion, July  14,  1860. 

Massachusetts  Family.  195 

132.  vii.  Talitba  Cuxni6  (Oooley),   m.  Samuel  Gould, 

of  Kochester,  N.  Y.  She  d.  at  R.  No 

133.  viii.  Philemon  Stiles6   (Cooley) ;  m.  Eliza  Dean 

Morse,  of  Benson,  Vt.,  Apr.  22,  1824;  he 
d.  at  Rochester,  IS".  Y.,  Nov.  6,  1855. 
Issue :  (1)  Daniel  Sylvester7  (Cooley),  b. 
Jan.  17,  1825;  d.  Aug.  8,  1825;  (2)  Ta- 
litha  E.7  (Cooley),  b.  Sept.  21,  1826;  m. 
Robert  Alexander,  May  13,  1849  ;  res. 
(1885)  at  Rochester,  N.  Y. ;  (3)  Orison 
Stiles7   (Cooley),  b.  JSTov.  25,  1828;   m. 

iv.  Mila  Stow8  (Walker),  b.  June  7,  1834;  grad.  with  honor  in  rnusic 
and  other  branches,  at  Castleton  (Vt.)  Seminary;  went  as  teacher 
to  Georgetown,  Pettis  Co.,  Mo.,  where,  after  teaching  2  years, 
shem.,  Feb.  15,  1856,  Dr.  Benj.  F.  Hughes,  of  G.  Shed. 
Oct.  30,  1857.  Dr.  Hughes  was  b.  in  Cooper  Co.,  Mo.,  Nov. 
20,  1830;  grad.  with  high  honors  at  McDowell's  Coll.,  St. 
Louis,  Md.;  d.  at  Sedalia,  Mo.,  Oct.  27,  1879.  Issue:  Infant9 
son,  who  d.  July,  1857. 

v.  Rockwell  Kendall8  (Walker);  b.  June  2,  1837;  d.  Sept.  6,  1838. 

vi.  Eockwell  Phelps8  (Walker),  b.  Dec.  23,1839;  m.  (1)  Mary  Jane 
Ladd,  Mch.  31,  1863,  who  d.  Oct.  29,  1870;  no  children  living; 
m.  (2)  J.  Adelia  Ladd  (cousin  to  his  1st  wife),  Nov.  13,  1882. 
Child :  Clayton  Rockwell9  (Walker),  b.  1884.  Mr.  R.  P.  Walker 
is  a  merchant  and  farmer,  has  held  town  offices,  and  repre- 
sented his  town  (Benson)  at  the  State  Legislature,  in  1882-3. 

vii.  Ethelinda  Aura  Ann8  (Walker),  b.  Oct.  11,  1844;  m.  Oct.  25, 
1871,  David  E.  Potter,  a  farmer;  she  died  of  nervous  prostra- 
tion, July  22,  1884;  no  children. 
viii.  Lauretta  Alida8,  b.  May  30,  1848;  m.  Samuel  Egbert  Scott,  of 
Sandy  Hill,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  25,  1870.  Issue:  (1)  Charles  Rockwell9 
(Scott),  b.  1872;  (2)  Jennie  Cooley9  (Scott),  b.  1875;  this  family 
res.  at  Sandy  Hill. 

III.  Darwin  J.  A.7  (Cooley),  b.  Jan.  27,  1811;  m.  Julia  A.  Fillmore,  of 

Middlebury,  Vt.     He  d.  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.,  Jan.  4,  1841.     Mrs. 
Julia  Cooley  d.  at  the  home  of  her  dau.,  Mrs.  J.  D.  Hibbard,  of 
Goshen,  Ind.     Issue: 
i.  Rowland  Phelps8  (Cooley),  farmer  and  mechanic;  res.  Watkins, 

N.  T. ;  no  issue. 
ii.  Mana  Cleora8  (Cooley);  m.  J.  D.  Hibbard;  res.  Goshen,  Ind. 
iii.  Mary  Jane8  (Cooley),  b.  July  15,  1865;  m.  Chas.  W.  Walker. 

Mr.  Walker  was,  for  some  years,  a  druggist  at  Middlebury, 

Ind.     He  d.  at  his  home  in  Goshen,  Ind.,  May  6,  1884,  from 

an  overdose  of  morphine. 

IV.  Infant  son1;  d.  Oct.  22,  1814,  se.  6  days. 

V      ( 

yj'    -j  Twin  daus.1;  d.  1820,  se.  3  weeks. 

VII.  Infant  dau.1;  d.  Mch.  16,  1827. 

196  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Elizabeth  Richmond,  June  5, 1852;  he  d. 
Apr.  17,  1856;  (4)  Julia7  (Cooley),  b. 
Aug.  7,  1834;  m.  Mark  D.  Wilson;  res. 
(1885)  at  Rochester,  N.  T.;  (5)  Elijah 
Morse7  (Cooley),  b.  Mch.  15,  1839;  dec'd; 
(6)  George  L.T  (Cooley),  b.  Jan.  27, 1843; 
res.  (1885)  at  Rochester,  N.  T. 

[A  child  named  Luman  Cooley,  aged  9 
years,  was  buried  in  1786,  at  E.  Granville, 
Mass.,  by  the  side  of  Daniel  Cooley.  Pos- 
sibly this  may  have  been  the  oldest  child 
of  Daniel  and  Hepsibah.] 

134.  II.  Eunice6,  b.  Mch.  21,  1761. 

135.  III.  Job6,  b.  Feb.  21,  1764.     "  Job.  son  of  Mr  Job  and 

Mrs  Lydia  Stiles  died  January  27,  1766  in  the 
2nd  year  of  his  age  who  lies  the  third  on  the 
right  hand." 

(Inscription  on  a  tombstone  yet  standing  in 
the  old  graveyard  at  East  Granville,  Mass.) 

136.  IV.  Lydia6,  b.  Nov.  4,  1765. 

137.  V.  Job  Phelps6,   b.  Nov.  4,  1769;  m.  Talitha  Cumi 

Elderkin.     Family  26. 

138.  VI.  Alcimene6,  bapt.   1777.     "  Alcimene  daughter  of 

Job  Stiles  Jr  and  Mrs  Lydia  Stiles,  died  Feb  28, 
1791  in  the  14th  year  of  her  age."  (Inscription 
on  a  tombstone  in  East  Granville,  copied,  1885, 
by  Rev.  N.  S.  Moore,  of  E.  G.) 

[Ruth  Stiles  died  at  E.  Granville,  Mass.,  1792; 
but  who  she  was  we  have  no  means  of  ascertain- 

Children  (by  2d  marriage) : 

139.  VII.  Lucretia6 ;  m.  Hezekiah  Gorham ;  *  they  were  liv- 

ing in  Castleton,  Vt.,  in  1832;  afterward  rem. 
to  Middlebury,  Vt.     Issue : 

140.  i.  George9;  d.  at  Troy,  K  Y. 

141 .  ii.  Mary8 ;  m.  and  lived  at  Pittsford,  Vt.;  sup- 

posed to  be  dead. 

*In  a  letter  found  among  the  effects  of  Charles  P.  Stiles  (son  of  Job  P. 
Stiles),  and  signed  by  Hezekiah  and  Lucretia  Gorham,  mention  is  made  of 
Rufus  and  Auchman  Stiles,  but  the  letter  contains  no  clue  to  their 

Massachusetts  Family.  197 

142.  VIII.  Bliss6,  b.  Mch.  17, 1788;  m.  Polly  Mills  and  Fanny 
Mills.     Family  27. 

Family  13. 

143.  Elijah4  Stiles  [42]  (Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was 
born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  Mav  19,  1742  (Heh*on  Records) ;  m. 
porothy  -2—;  lived  in  Granville,  Mass.  "Dec  3,  1776, 
widow  Dorothy  Stiles  admin,  to  Elijah  Stiles  of  Granville  " 
(Prob.  Bee,  vol.  6,  Northampton,  Mass.). 

Children  (from  Granville  Records) : 

144.  I.  Almena*,  b.  Nov.  22,  1769. 

145.  II.  Abial6,  b.  Mch.  17,  1772. 

Family  14. 

146.  John4  Stiles  [47]  (Job3,  Robert3  Jr.,  Robert1),  was 
born  at  Colchester,  Conn.,  Oct.  23,  1750,  from  whence,  about 
1764,  his  father  removed  to  Granville,  Mass.  (From  John 
Stiles'  own  statement  at  the  time  of  his  application  for  a  pen- 
sion.) He  was  married  at  Pynchon's  Hotel,  West  Granville, 
Mass.,  Apr.  2,  1776,  to  Ruth  Roberts,  of  Middletown,  Conn. 
They  resided  at  East  Granville,  Mass.  He  received  a  certifi- 
cate of  church  membership,  at  E.  G.,  Nov.  19,  1816.  In  per- 
sonal appearance  Mr.  Stiles  is  said  to  have  been  tall  and  well- 
proportioned.  He  was  very  strong  and  weighed  over  200  lbs. 
(From  a  letter  of  a  descendant.)  Concerning  his  service  in  the 
War  of  the  Revolution,  he  gave  the  following  account  on  ap- 
plying for  a  peusion  : 

"In  the  fall  of  1774,  enlisted  as  a  minute  man  for  one  year 
with  Capt.  Ball,  equipping  himself  with  a  musket,  bullet-pouch, 
powder-horn,  knapsack,  hatchet  and  blanket ;  being  thus  ready 
to  march  forthwith  on  an  alarm,  and  attended  constantly  in 
drilling  and  exercise  which  were  taught  by  British  deserters. 
In  March  of  1775,  there  was  an  alarm  causing  the  company  to 
start  for  Boston,  but  ascertaining  they  were  not  wanted,  re- 
turned home.  He  was  elected  sergeant,  and  on  the  alarm  of 
the  fight  at  Lexington,  he  with  the  company  immediately 
marched  for  Boston,  and  were  stationed  at  the  Gore  House  at 
Roxbury,    where  remaining  3   or  4  months  before  their  dis- 

198  Stiles  Genealogy. 

charge.  In  the  following  Sept.  he  was  called  out  to  go  under 
the  command  of  Lt.  Bancroft  to  Ticonderoga,  and  was  stationed 
on  Mt.  Independence  under  Col.  Robinson,  and  was  soon  or- 
dered to  Bennington  on  horseback  and  the  horses  were  sent  back. 
They  were  after  2  or  3  months  discharged.  He  died  Oct.  26, 
1835"  {Pension  Records,  Washington,  D.  C).  [The  Church 
Records  at  East  Granville,  Mass.,  give  Oct.  19,  1835,  as  the 
date  of  death  of  John  Stiles,  which  is  doubtless  the  true  date.] 
Mrs.  Ruth  (Roberts)  Stiles  received  a  pension  for  her  husband's 
services  in  the  war.  During  her  later  years  she  was  known  as 
"Granny  Stiles."  She  died  Apr.  14,  1850,  aged  94  years 
(according  to  the  Granville  Records,  although  another  author- 
ity says  95  years). 

Children ; 

147.  I.  Electa5,  b.  Sept.  1, 1776  (one  authority  gives  1777); 

m.  John  Crocker  of  Granville,*  as  3rd  wife, 
Sept.  20,  1826  (by  Rev.  Timothv  M.  Cooley). 
Mrs.  Electa  (Stiles)  Crocker  d.  at  G.  Dec.  16, 
1837,  aged  81  {Granville  Records).  They  had 
no  children. 

148.  II.  Anna9,  b.  Aug.  5,  1778 ;  m.  at  Granville  abt.  1796, 

Sylvester  Tinker.  They  rem.  abt.  1810,  to  the 
Western  Reserve  and  located  at  Randolph, 
Portage  Co.,  Ohio,  where  they  resided  until  the 
death  of  Mr.  Tinker,  which  occurred  Oct.  6, 
1818.  About  this  time  their  eldest  son,  James 
G.,  married,  and  Mrs.  Tinker  made  her  home 
with  him  during  the  remainder  of  her  life.  [For 
52  years  she  was  a  member  of  his  family.]  She 
died  at  the  age  of  94  years,  and  is  buried  at 
Mendola,  La  Salle  Co.,  111.,  which  was  for  many 
years  the  home  of  her  son,  J.  G.  Tinker.  Issue 
(this  record  was  furnished  by  Mr.  J.  G.  Tinker  of 
Abilene,  Kans.): 

149.  i.  James  Green6,  b.  Nov.  26,  1797;  m.  Rhoda 

Van  Gooden  abt.  1818  ;  res.  at  Mendola, 
111.,  for  abt.  20  yrs.  Both  were  living 
April,  1885,  with  their  eldest  daughter  at 

*  East  Granville  may  be  meant  here  as  we  think  it  must  be  in  several 
other  instances  where  Granville  is  given. —  M.  S.  P.  G. 

Massachusetts  Family.  199 

Abilene,  Kans.  Children  living  (1885) : 
(1)  Olive  M.7  (Tinker),  m.  Dr.  J.  M. 
Hodge;  res.  (1885)  Abilene,  Kans.;  (2) 
Cynthia  E.7  (Tinker),  m.  Dr.  W.  P.  Pres- 
ton; res.  (1885)  Alliance,  Ohio;  (3)  James 
M.7  (Tinker),  res.  Washington,  D.  C;  (4) 
Anna7  (Tinker),  m.  Jacob  Augustine; 
res.  Abilene,  Kans. 

150.  ii.  Ruth  Maria6 ;  2  yrs.  younger  than  J.  G.,  not 

living ;  left  2  daus. 

151.  iii.  Sylvester6,  4  yrs.  younger  than  Ruth;  m. 

and  d.  leaving  a  widow  and  3  chil- 

152.  iv.  Jerusha6,  2  yrs.  younger  than  Sylvester ;  m. 

and  d.  leaving  3  chil. 

153.  v.  Martin  Spencer6,  b.  1811  at  Randolph,  O.; 

m. ;  had  8  or  more  children,  all  of 

whom  lived  to  maturity,  and  then  died ; 
res.  (1885)  at  Mendola,  111. 

154.  III.  Jerusha5,  b.  Aug.  5.  1778  [twin  sister  to  Anua];  m. 

Peter  Hull  [brother  of  Lt.-Gov.  Hull]  of  Farm- 
ington,  Conn.;  pub.  at  Granville,  Mass.,  May  28, 
1804  (Granville  Mee.) ;  they  lived  at  Whites- 
town,  N.  Y.     Issue : 

155.  i.  Patrick6,  living  (1886),  aged  80,  at  Oneida 

Mills,  Carroll  Co.,  Ohio. 

156.  ii.  Maria6,  aged  77  (1886) ;  m.  D.  G.  Thomas; 

res.  atljtica,  N.  Y.  (21  Hobart  st.) ;  had 
2  daus.  and  1  son.  The  latter,  Patrick 
Henry  Hull7  (Thomas),  grad.  1872,  at 
Bellevue  Med.  Coll.;  is  now  (1886),  49 
yrs.  of  age ;  has  resided  in  New  York 
city  since  1880 ;  add.  1734  Lexington 

Andrew6  (Rev.),  res.  Elmira,  1ST.  Y. 

George6,  res.  Oneida  Mills,  Ohio. 

Emily  H.6,  m.  Mr.  (lardiner,  res.  Oneida 

160.  IY.  Roger6,    b.   Aug.  5,  1783 ;    m.  Lucina   Spelman. 

Family  28. 

161.  Y.  Lorren5,  'b.  Nov.  3,  1795  ;  d.  Jan.  14,  1798. 







200  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  15. 

162.  Samuel4  Stiles  [53]  (Job3,  Robert8  Jr.,  Robert1),  was 
born  Jan.  1,  1758,  at  Colchester,  Conn.,  in  that  part  of  the 
town  which  is  now  included  in  Marlborough  ;  married  Sarah 
Rose,  who  was  born  Dec.  20,  1763.  In  May,  1795,  they  re- 
moved from  Granville,  Mass.,  to  Canandaigua,  ~N.  T. 

"  Samuel  Stiles  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Canandaigua, 
in  what  was  then  an  unbroken  wilderness.  He  set  out  the 
first  apple  orchard  in  that  section.  He  served  four  years  and 
nine  months  in  the  Revolutionary  Army;  was  a  major,  it  is 
said.  He  had  a  commission  as  privateersman  to  prey  on  the 
enemy  during  the  War  of  1812.  In  middle  life  he  somehow 
lost  a  leg.  He  was  a  man  of  unflinching  courage  and  fidelity; 
among  the  many  anecdotes  handed  down  in  the  family  as  il- 
lustrative of  his  fearlessness,  decision,  etc.,  are  the  following  : 

His  farm  was  on  the  western  shore  of  Canandaigua  lake  (4 
miles  from  the  village  of  Canandaigua),  the  country  newly  and 
sparsely  settled,  and  wild  animals  numerous.  One  morning 
Mr.  Stiles  found  one  of  his  animals  missing,  and  suspecting 
that  it  had  been  killed  by  a  bear,  he  set  out  in  pursuit  mounted 
(for  he  had  but  one  leg)  upon  a  spirited  young  horse,  and  in 
company  with  a  neighbor.  Following  the  trail  in  the  snow  to 
the  timber,  it  led  them  to  a  large  hollow  tree  where  bruin  was 
found,  ready  for  battle.  Shouting  to  his  friend,  who  was  ap- 
proaching, "  Shall  I  kill  the  devil,  or  not  % "  Mr.  Stiles,  with- 
out waiting  for  an  answer,  with  the  muzzle  of  his  rifle  almost 
in  the  bear's  face,  and  with  his  horse  frantic  with  fear,  fired 
and  killed  the  brute. 

"  Going  one  morning  at  daylight,  for  his  suckers,  which  came 
up  the  creek  (about  half  a  mile  from  his  house)  from  the  lake, 
he  found  a  party  of  Indians  already  there.  Seeing  a  string  of 
fish  which  they  had  caught,  lying  on  the  edge  of  the  water,  he 
snatched  them  up.  On  seeing  this  the  Indians  picked  up  their 
rifles  (they  were  so  near  he  could  distinctly  hear  the  click  of 
the  locks  as  they  were  cocked)  and  pointed  them  at  him.  Un- 
daunted by  this,  Mr.  Stiles,  still  holding  the  fish,  bade  his  little 
boy,  who  was  with  him,  bring  his  rifle  from  the  house,  and 
kept  his  position,  his  eyes  steadily  bent  on  the  Indians.  As 
soon  as  the  boy  appeared  again  upon  the  scene  with  the  ';  old 
flint-lock"  the  Indians  took  to  their  heels. 

Massachusetts  Family.  201 

"  It  is  related  of  him  that  frequently  on  cold  stormy  nights  he 
was  accustomed  to  admit  these  wandering  redskins  to  his  cabin 
after  the  family  had  retired.  On  these  occasions  the  Indians 
laid  down  in  a  semi-circle  around  the  large  open  fire-place,  fre- 
quently quarreling  for  the  best  places,  and  to  quiet  them,  Mr. 
Stiles  would  get  out  of  bed,  and  with  his  trusty  crutcli  would 
rap  the  noisy  ones  on  the  head  until  quiet  was  restored,  while 
his  wife,  in  mortal  fear  of  awakening  the  ill-will  of  their 
troublesome  guests,  was  vainly  endeavoring  to  dissuade  him 
from  interfering  with  them  ;  but  fear  of  man,  beast  or  devil, 
was  not  an  element  of  his  composition."  Samuel  Stiles  died 
about  the  year  1813  it  is  supposed.  [Mrs.  Laura  (Stiles)  Isham, 
of  Pittsford,  Mich.,  says  her  grandfather  (Samuel  Stiles)  died 
when  her  father  (Anson  B.  Stiles)  was  but  16  years  of  age. 
This  would  be  in  1813,  as  has  been  stated  by  others.] 

Children  (the  first  7  were  undoubtedly  born  at  East  Gran- 
ville, Mass.): 

163.  I.  Oratha5,  b.  Aug.  20,  1780;  m.  Elizabeth  Billings. 

Family  29. 

164.  II.  Epaphroditus6,  b.  Sept.  21,  1782;  m.  Eoxana  Lin- 

coln.    Family  30. 

165.  III.  Ahiman5,  b.  Feb.  15,  1785  ;  m. .     Family  31. 

166.  IY.  Sally6,  b.  Sept.  6,  1787  ;  m.  Ephraim  (or  Henry  — 

both  names  are  given)  Lincoln ;  had  7  children; 
among  whom  were : 

167.  i.  Otis6  was  a  merchant  at  Jackson,  Mich.,  in 


168.  ii.  Ephraim",  merchant  at  Canandaigua,  N.  T. 

169.  iii.  A.  S.6 

170.  V.  Faircha5,  b.  Apr.  19, 1790;  m.  Lebbeus  Ross;  resided 

at  Penn  Yan,  N.  Y.  She  d.  abt.  1823  ;  left  4  chil. 

171.  YI.  Philemon5,  b.  July  6,  1792;    m.    Jane  Florence. 

Family  32. 

172.  VII.  Elijah5,  b.  May  27,   1795;    m.   Levinia   Lincoln. 

Family  33. 

173.  VIII.  Anson  Bose5,  b.  Sept.  9,  1798 ;  m.  Laura  Eowley 

and  Ann  Taylor.     Family  34. 

174.  IX.  Dau.5,  b.  Sept.  4,  1799 ;  d.  in  infancy. 

175.  X.  Poland5,  b.  Apr.    19,   1800;    m.  Eliza  Chesebro. 

Family  35. 

176.  XL  Catherine5,    b.    July    5,    1802;    m.    Jonathan   B. 


202  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Walker.  Mrs.  ~W.  was  living  at  last  accounts 
somewhere  in  Mich.  She  had  8  children,  but  we 
have  the  names  of  2  only  : 

177.  i.  Lafayette6. 

178.  ii.  Avis  Catherine";  m.  (1)  Mr.  Nichols;  (2) 

-,  from  whom  she  separated.  It  is  said 

that  she  and  her  son  Wesley  are  proprietors 

of  a  photograph  gallery  in  New  York  city. 

179.  XII.  Minerva5,  b.  June  2,  1806;   m.  Hiram  Anson,  of 

Jackson,    Mich.     She   died   without  issue,  and 

Mr.  Anson  is  living  in  Mich,  with  a  2d  wife. 

Family  16. 

180.  Oliver6  Stiles  [64]  (Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  probably  born  in  Hebron,  Conn.,  and  not  later 
than  1757,  for  he  married  Rebecca  (b.  at  Attleborough,  Mass., 
Aug.  7,  1758),  dau.  of  Abie!  (son  of  John)  Peck  and  wife  Ruth 
Skinner,  of  Attleborough,  in  1776.  [Capt.  David  Stiles,  of 
Hopewell,  N.  B.,  a  grandson  of  Oliver  Stiles,  informs  us  that 
his  grandfather  came  from  Cumberland,  Nova  Scotia,  to  what 
is  now  Hopewell,  Albert  Co.,  New  Brunswick,  about  the  year 
1750,  but  we  are  convinced  that  this  date  is  several  years  too 
early,  because,  in  the  first  place  we  have  pretty  clear  evidence 
that  Nathan  Stiles  Jr.  (the  father  of  Oliver  Stiles),  was  living 
in  Hebron,  Conn.,  several  years  after  1750,  having  had  a  child 
born  there  as  late  as  1755,  according  to  the  Hebron  Records, 
and,  in  the  second  place,  we  have  reliable  evidence  that  the 
Connecticut  colonists  —  Nathan  Styles  being  of  the  number  — 
emigrated  to  Nova  Scotia  in  1760,  and  finally,  Oliver  Stiles, 
if  he  was  a  son  of  Nathan  Jr.  —  and  we  have  satisfied  our- 
selves after  much  patient  investigation*  that  such  was  the  fact 

*  Almost  immediately  after  commencing  our  investigation  of  the  matter, 
we  came  to  the  conclusion  that  Oliver  Stiles  was  a  son  of  Nathan  Jr.,  but 
for  a  long  time  we  could  obtain  no  corroborative  evidence  of  the  fact.  At 
last,  however,  we  received  a  letter,  which  we  take  the  liberty  of  copying: 

"Harvey  (N.  B.),  Dee.  30,  1885. 
"Mrs.  M.  S.  P.  Guild: 

"Dear  Madam  —  I  received  a  letter  to-day  from  a  lady  (Mrs.  Rebecca 
Milton,  of  Middle  Coverdale,  Albert  Co.,  N.  B.),  who  says  that  the  name  of 
my  great  grandfather  was  Nathan.  She  says  she  was  talking  with  an  old 
gentleman  who  knew  him.     *    *    * 

"  Yours  respectfully,  Lucy  E.  (Steles)  Turner." 
— M.  S.  P.  Guild,  Lynn,  Mass.,  Jan.  2,  1886. 

Massachusetts  Family.  203 

—  could  not  have  been  born  until  several  years  after  1750,  un- 
less he  was  the  eldest  child,  which  seems  altogether  improbable ; 
and,  if  he  was  not  the  eldest  child,  neither  could  he  have  been 
the  2d,  nor  even  the  3d,  as  will  be  seen  by  referring  to  the 
record  in  Family  6  of  this  line.  We  feel  very  confident  that 
he  was  the  4th  child,  but  have  no  means  of  determining  whether 
he  was  a  child  of  the  1st  or  2d  marriage  of  Nathan  Stiles  Jr.] 
Although,  from  the  fact  that  the  list  of  children  of  Nathan 
Stiles  and  Sarah  Rockwell  (given  by  Lt.  D.  F.  Stiles)  does  not 
include  the  name  of  Oliver,  we  think  he  must  have  been  a  son 
of  Keziah  Kilbron. 

Oliver  Stiles  died  at  Hopewell,  N.  B.,  Feb.  23,  1833. 

Mrs.  Kebecca  (Peek)  Stiles  died  at  H.  in  1850. 

[The  record  of  Mrs.  Stiles'  birth,  marriage  (excepting  year) 
and  death  were  copied  from  the  Peck  Genealogy,  p.  143.] 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Capt.  David  Stiles,  of 
Hopewell,  N.  B.) : 

181.  I.  Fanny6,  b.  May  6,  1777;  m.  Roswell  Hunt ;  she 

d.  Mch.  25, 1825;  had  1  son  (Amos*)  and  5  daus. 

182.  II.  Ezra9,  b.  Nov.  27,  1779;  m.  Sarah  Hoar.     Family 


183.  III.  Lois6,  b.  Jan.  15,  1782;  m.  Leonard  Hoar;  she  d. 

Jan.  1,  1845;  she  had  sons  and  daughters. 

184.  IV.  Ruth6,  b.  Mch.  14, 1785;  m.  Thomas  Pearson;  had 

3  sons. 

185.  V.  Elisha6,  b.  Aug.  11,1789;  m.  Mary  Hoar.     Family 

37.     . 

186.  VI.  Thomas6,   b.  July   6,   1790;    m.  Eunice  Pearson. 

Family  38. 

187.  VII.  Oliver6  Jr.,  b.  Jan.   6,  1793;   m.   Sarah  Rogers. 

Familv  39.  ' 

188.  VIII.  Stephen6,  b.  Apr.  8,  1796 ;  m.  Elizabeth  Rogers. 

Family  40. 
[It  is  stated,  in  the  Peck  Genealogy,  that  Oliver 
and   Rebecca   (Peck)  Stiles  had    5  sons  and    5 
daughters,  but  we  have  received  the  names  of  but 
3  daughters.] 

*  Amos  Hunt,  shoemaker,  formerly  of  Lynn,  Mass.,  died  of  consumption 
at  the  hospital  at  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  June  22,  1889.  His  age  was  52  years. 
His  home  was  in  Anoka,  Minn.,  where  his  widow  resides  (1889).  He  went 
to  California  on  account  of  his  health. 

204  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family   17. 

189.  Reuben5  Stiles  [69]  (Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2 
Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Cornwallis,  Kings  Co.,  N.  B.  (it  is 
supposed);  m. -. 

Children : 

190.  I.  Robert6,  b.  July  29,  1790;  m.  Charlotte  Babcock. 

Family  41. 

191.  II.  Enoch6,  b. .     Family  42. 

192.  III.  Rebecca6 ;  *  m.  George  Wilson  ;  had  4  sons  and  2 


193.  IV.  Ruth6;   m.   Charles   Steeyes;   had    5  sons  and   5 


194.  V.  Rosanna6;  m.  Nathaniel  Smith;  had  2  sons  and  3 


Family  18. 

195.  Israel5  Stiles  [73]  (Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  born  at  St.  Johns,  N.  B.,  Nov.  14,  1784;  m.  1812, 
Elizabeth  McKenzie,  who  was  born  at  Picton,  N.  S.,  Aug.  15, 
1791;  she  died  at  the  homestead,  Pictou,  Aug.  25,  1874. 

When  Israel  Stiles  was  6  months  old  his  parents  removed 
to  Cornwallis,  Kings  Co.,  N.  S.  (From  this  it  will  be  seen 
that  Nathan  Stiles  Jr.,  did  not  at  first  occupy  the  land  granted 
him  in  1761,  at  Cornwallis.)  Here  he  lived  until  1811,  when 
he  went  to  Pictou,  and  there  engaged  in  farming  and,  also, 
built  a  sawmill,  one  of  the  first  in  the  country.  Israel  Stiles, 
like  his  father,  Nathan,  was  a  strict  Baptist,  and  died  in  that 
faith,  May  25,  1869.  "  Israel  Stiles  while  living  in  the  prov- 
inces was  called  by  many  of  his  neighbors  i  Yankee  Stiles.' 
We  find  that  nearlv  all  his  children  soon  made  their  way  to 
the  '  Hub  of  the  Universe,'  and  settled  in  the  States,  as  did 
many  other  descendants  of  the  Colonists  from  New  England 
to  the  Provinces"  (Lt.  Daniel  F.  Stiles). 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Lt.  D.  F.  Stiles,  all 
born  at  Pictou,  N.  S.) : 
196.        I.  John6,  b.  May  24, 1 813;  m.  Sarah  Frazer.  Family  43. 

*  Enoch  Stiles,  of  Salisbury,  N.  B.,  gives  Anna  instead  of  Rebecca  as  the 
name  of  his  father's  (Robert)  sister.  Robert  Stiles,  of  Elgin,  N.  B.,  also 
gives  Anna  instead  of  Rebecca. 

Massachusetts  Family.  205 

197.  II.  Daniel6,  b.    Aug.    10,  1815;  m.  Margaret   Hogg. 

Family  44. 

198.  III.  Nathan6,  b.    Jan.   14,  1817;  m.   Jane  Matherson. 

Family  45. 

199.  IV.  William6,  d.  in  infancy. 

200.  Y.  Sarah6,  b.   Feb.   3,   1820;  m.  Isaac  Archibald  of 

Truro,  N.  S. 

201.  VI.  Charles  William6,  b.  Feb.  22,  1822;  m.  Margaret 

Sutia  Robinson.     Family  46. 

202.  VII.  George  Johnston6,  b.  Mch.  23,  1824;  m.  Josephine 

Montcrief  Street.     Family  47. 

203.  VIII.  Reuben6,  b.  May  14, 1826  ;  m.  Catharine  J.  S.  (dan. 

of  Donald  and  Nancy)  Frazer  of  Pictou,  N.  S.  He 
was  a  member  of  the  firm  of  Stiles  &  Gunn, 
electrotypers,  of  Boston,  Mass.,  until  1850,  when 
he  went  to  California,  where  he  died  in  1856. 
His  widow  died  in  1862  in  Washington,  D.  C. 
Thev  bad  no  children. 

204.  IX.  Mary  Elizabeth6,  b.  Dec.  9,  1828 ;  m.  N".  K.  Dick- 

son at  Pictou,  N".  S.,  Sept.  25,  1853.  Mr.  D. 
was  a  prosperous  farmer  at  Truro,  N.  S.     Issue : 


i.  Charles  W.7 


ii.  Jerden7. 


iii.  Bessie  M.7 


iv.  Henry  Havelock7, 


v.  Minar  Stiles7. 


vi.  Sadie7. 


X.  David6,  b.  Mch.  12,  1831 

Family  19, 

d.  1853. 

212.  Martin5  Stiles  [78]  (Robert4,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  Nov.  20,  1762  {Hebron 
Records) ;  married  at  East  Haddam,  Conn.,  Sept.,  1782,  Can- 
dace  Cone,  who  was  born  Apr.  23,  1761.  This  we  learned 
from  his  affidavit  on  applying  for  a  pension,  in  the" Pension 
Records  at  Washington,  D.  C,  and  also  the  following: 

"In  Aug.,  1833,  Martin  Stiles  of  East  Gillenburg  (or  'bury), 
York  Co.,  Canada,  Home  District  of  Upper  Canada,  aged  over 
70  yrs.,  states  that  he  enlisted  at  Chatham,  Conn.,  for  3  years 
with  Capt.  Fitch  in  Col.  Webb's  Regt.  in  March,  1777,  and  was 

206  Stiles  Genealogy. 

in  the  battle  of  Germantown,  Penn.  (Oct.  4,  1777),  and  in  the 
assault  and  capture  of  Stony  Point  (July  16,  1779).  In  May, 
1781,  lie  enlisted  in  Col.  Sheldon's  Conn.  Regt.  of  Light  Dra- 
goons for  3  years  (it  is  probable  he  was  residing  then  in  Col- 
chester, Conn.,  or  may  be  he  was  one  of  the  quota  assigned  to 
Colchester,  so  reported  when  enlisting)  at  Middlefield  (origi- 
nally a  part  of  Middletown,  Conn.)  under  Capt.  Edgar,  but  not 
mounted,  and  was  discharged  in  the  early  part  of  the  summer 
of  1783,  at  Dan  bury,  Conn.  He  performed  duty  along  the 
coast  of  Conn,  and  Long  Island,  and  the  shore  of  the  Hudson 
river.  After  the  war  he  moved  to  N.  H.,  thence  to  Yt.,  then 
to  the  western  part  of  New  York,  and  about  30  years  prior  to 
1833  he  settled  in  Canada.  [Next  follows  the  account  of  his 
marriage  and  record  of  his  children's  births,  which  will  be 
found  elsewhere.]  His  house  was  burned,  it  is  stated,  about 
20  years  prior  to  1845.  Lotan  Stiles,  a  brother  of  Martin  was 
living,  it  was  stated,  in  Mendon,  Monroe  Co.,  N.  Y.,  aged  75 
years."  [Martin  Stiles  gave  the  date  of  his  birth  as  Nov.  20, 
1761,  but  it  was  evidently  a  slip,  as  he,  himself,  says  he  was 
over  70  in  1833,  while  if  his  birth  had  occurred  on  the  date  he 
gave,  he  would  have  been  over  71  at  that  time. — M.  S.  P.  G.J 
His  name  was  placed  on  the  Pension  Roll  Apr.  2,  1834. 

Children  (from  Pension   Office  Records,  given  in  1833  by 
Martin  Stiles) : 

213.         I.  Elizabeth  Cone6,  b.  Dec.  29,  1784 ;  m. Milne, 

living  in  Gillenbury,  Can. 

Polly6,  b.  Dec.  30,  1785. 

Lydia6,  b.  Feb.  12,  1789. 

Edgar6,  b.  Dec.  31,  1793. 

Martin6,  b.  Apr.  15,  1793  (this  must  be  intended 
for  1795). 

Clary6,  b.  May  15,  1798. 

Henry6,  b.  Oct.  27  (year  torn  off). 

Joel6,'b.  July  3,  1804. 

Family  20. 

221.  Stephen5  Stiles  [81]  (Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  Nov.  5,  1757  {Hebron 
Records);  m.  Irena  Bliss,  who,  after  his  death,  became  the  2d 
wife  of  his  brother  Reuben,  whom  she  also  survived.     We 















Massachusetts  Family.  207 

cannot  learn  where  he  died,  one  account  stating  that  he  died 
and  was  buried  at  Shorehara,  Yt,  while  another  says  his  death 
took  place  at  Orwell,  Yt.  He  was,  doubtless,  comparatively  a 
young  man  at  the  time  of  his  death.  Mrs.  Irena  (Bliss)  Stiles 
died  at  Chazy,  Clinton  Co.,  N.  T.,  and  is  there  buried. 
Children : 

222.  I.  Mary6;  d.  at  the  age  of  15  (from  record  furnished 

by  G.  L.  Clark,  Esq.). 

223.  II.  Dan.6,  b.  Feb.  23,  1779;  m.  Lucinda  Hikok.  Fam- 

ily 48. 

Family  21. 

224.  Asa5  Stiles  [88]  (Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Eobert2  Jr.,  Eob- 
ert1),  was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  Mch.  21,  1768;  m.  at  Leba- 
non, Conn.,  Sept.  15,  1785,  at  the  house  of  her  father,  Olive 
(dau.  of  Jeremiah)  Rood.  About  1794,  Mr.  Stiles  emigrated 
from  Hebron  to  Shoreham,  Yt.;  thence,  between  1802-5,  the 
family  all  removed  to  Chazy,  Clinton  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Asa  Stiles  volunteered  in  the  Revolutionary  army,  at  Leba- 
non, Conn,  in  June,  1780,  in  Capt.  Day's  Co.,  Col.  Wyllys' 
Regt.,  for  3  months;  again  enlisted  in  June,  1782,  in  Capt. 
John  Gilbert's  Co.,  Col.  G.  Gilbert's  Regt.,  for  the  war.  In 
Feb.  1813,  he  enlisted  in  the  War  of  1812,  in  Capt.  Follett's 
Co.,  llth  Infantry,  and  was  injured,  for  which  he  drew  a  pen- 
sion.    He  was  discharged  at  Burlington,  Yt.,  Oct.,  1813. 

He  died  at  West  Chazy,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  14,  1836.  His  wife 
survived  him  and  died  at  W.  C.  July  2,  1843,  se.  75  years. 
[The  above  account  was  furnished  by  Geo.  L.  Clark,  Esq.,  of 
Washington,  D.  C,  a  grandson  of  Asa  Stiles,  to  whom  we  are 
also  indebted  for  the  accompanying  records.] 

Children : 

225.  I.  Olive6,  b.  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  in  1789  ;  m.  (I)  abt. 

1808,  Joseph  Goodspeed  (b.  at  Chazy,  JST.  Y. ; 

d. ) ;  m.  (2)  Charles  H.  Baker.     They  res. 

at  Chazy.  Mrs.  Olive  (Stiles)  Baker  d.  at  'West 
Chazy,  N.  Y.,  May  31,  1820.  Issue  (by  1st 
marriage) : 

226.  i.  Joseph  L.7,  b.  Apr.  19, 1809;  m.  (1)  Florilla 

Barnutn,  1830,  who  d.  Nov.  20,  1831;  m. 
(2)  Charlotte  Barnum,  1832;  he  res.  at 

208  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Burke,  N.  Y.,  of  which  place  he  was  one 
of  the  prominent  men;  was  postmaster, 
County  Commissioner  of  Loans,  for 
Franklin   Co.,  N.    Y.,  Paymaster  of  the 

Regt.,  1ST.  Y.  State   Militia ;  was  a 

farmer  and  merchant,  a  friend  to  the  poor, 
and  died,  widely  lamented,  at  Burke, 
Aug.  1,  1871.  His  widow  still  survives 
him  (1886)  in  the  74th  year  of  her  age. 
Issue  (by  1st  marriage) :  (1)  Florilla8 
(Goodspeed),  b.  Nov.  15,  1831;  (by  2d 
marriage) :  (2)  Leonard  J.8  (Goodspeed), 
b.  Sept.  26,  1833;  m.  Ann  E.  Denning; 
he  d.  May  2,  1867.  Issue:  (a)  Watson 
L.9  (Goodspeed);  res.  Elgin,  111.;  (b)  Olive 
T.9  (Goodspeed);  res.  Burke,  N.  Y.;  (c) 
Leonard9  (Goodspeed);  res.  Burke,  ~N.  Y.; 
(3)  Lucius  J.8  (Goodspeed),  b.  Mch.  26, 
1835;  d.  July  14,  1854;  (4)  Flora8  (Good- 
speed),  b.  Apr.  3,  1837;  d.  Nov.  3,  1879; 

(5)  Ezra  Stiles8  (Goodspeed),  b.  Oct.  30, 
1838;  m.  Elvira  Main,  Dec.  27,  1860;  res! 
(1886)  at  Chateaugay,  N.  Y.  Issue:  (a) 
Carrie  E.9  (Goodspeed),  b.  Sept.  23,  1861; 

.  m.  Charles  Aubrey;  res.  Constable,  N.  Y.; 

(b)  Herbert  Ezra9  (Goodspeed),  b.  July 
28,  1864;  (c)  Ernest  M.9  (Goodspeed),  b. 
Apr.  22,  1878;  d.  Jan.  1,  1886;  (d)  An- 
gie  Maud9  (Goodspeed),  b.  Apr.  15,  1880; 

(6)  Asa  J.8  (Goodspeed),  b.  Feb.  4,  1845; 
d.  Feb.  2,  1864;  (7)  Charlotte  H.8  (Good- 
speed),  b.  Oct.  28, 1847;  m.  George  Win- 
ters; res.  on  the  "Goodspeed  Home- 
stead," Burke,  N.  Y.  Issue :  (a)  Asa  Jo- 
seph9 (Winters);  (b)  Lottie  E.9  (Winters); 

(c)  Cora  N.9  (Winters). 

227.  II.  Asa6,  b.  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  Aug.  14,  1791;  m.  Jan. 
3,  1816,  at  West  Chazy,  N.  Y.,  Laura  Hedding 
(sister  to  Bishop  Elijah  Hedding).  He  enlisted 
in  Capt.  At  wood's  Co.,  Col.  Miller's  Regt.  of 
1ST.  Y.  Militia,  and  was  in  the  battle  of  Platts- 

Massachusetts  Family.  209 

burgh,  Sept.  11,  1814.  He  was  a  prosperous 
merchant  at  West  Chazy,  and  held  the  office  of 
postmaster  there  for  many  years.  He  was  prom- 
inent in  every  public  enterprise,  and  died,  uni- 
versally respected,  Aug.  10,  1863.  Mrs.  Laura 
(Hedding)  Stiles  still  (1886)  survives.  They 
had  no  children. 

228.  III.  Stephen6,  b.  in  Hebron,  1793;    m.  Electa   Fields 

and  Elizabeth  Barnes.     Family  49. 

229.  IY.  Leonard6,  b.  at  Shoreham,  Yt.;  was  killed  by  the 

fall  of  a  tree  at  the  age  of  16. 

230.  V.  Ezra6  (Col.),  b.  at  S.,  Sept.  28,  1799;  m.  Harriet 

Rublee.     Family  50. 

231.  YI.  Warren8,    b.    at   West   Chazy,    N.   Y.,  1800;    m. 

Clarissa  Dutcher.     Family  51. 

232.  VII.  Mary6,  b.  at  West  Chazy,  Sept.  2,  1806  ;  m.  at  that 

place,  Feb.,  J  822,  Nathaniel  Clark.  She  died  at 
West  Chazy,  Aug.  15,  1840.  She  was  a  woman 
of  great  energy  of  character  and  died  beloved 
and  lamented  by  a  large  circle  of  friends  and 
relatives.  Her  husband  survived  her  and  died 
Dec.  24,  1872,  aged  76  years.  Issue  (all  b.  at 
Chazv,  N.  Y.) : 

233.  i.  George  Lafayette7,  b.    Sept.  14,  1825;  m. 

Nov.  9, 1848,  Miss  Ja-Ann  Walling  Clark, 
3d  dau.  of  Zenas  and  Sarah  Clark,  of 
Odletown,  Canada.  She  was  b.  at  Henry- 
ville,  Can.,  Feb.  23,  1826.*  (For  bio- 
graphical sketch  of  Mr.  Clark,  see  foot- 
notef.  Issue  (eldest  child  b.  at  W.  Chazy, 

*The  grandfather  of  Mrs.  Clark  (Samuel  Clark,  of  Weathersfield,  Conn.) 
was  a  Revolutionary  soldier  of  the  Continental  Army,  and  served  under 
Washington  at  Valley  Forge,  etc. 

\  Mr.  Geo.  L.  Clark  was  educated  in  the  common  schools  of  his  town 
—  Champlain  and  Plattsburgh  academies  —  and  the  National  Law  School  at 
Ballston,  N.  Y.;  read  law  with  Judge  Geo.  B.  Scott  of  that  place,  and  in  the 
office  of  Peckham  &  Colt  at  Albany,  N.  Y.  He  was  admitted  to  the  bar 
of  the  courts  of  New  York,  Feb.,  1852,  and  to  the  United  States  Supreme 
Court,  Feb.,  1868;  settled  and  practiced  law  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  up  to 
Dec.  1,  1884,  when  he  removed  to  Washington,  where  he  still  resides. 

While  resident  of  Plattsburgh,  Mr.  Clark  held  many  important  posi- 
tions; was  member  of  the  Board  of  Education  from  1858  until  his  resigna- 
tion upon  his  removal  to  Washington.  He  was  appointed  in  1869  by  Pres. 
Grant  U.  S.  Assessor  of  Internal  Revenue  for  the  16th  revenue  dist.  of  N. 

210  Stiles  Genealogy. 

KI,  the  rest  at  Plattsburgh,  1ST.  Y.) : 

(1)  Sarah  Imogen8  (Clark),  b.  Nov.  21, 
1849  ;  ra.,  Sept.  28, 1869,  at  Plattsburgh, 
Franklin  Flint  Hathaway  (b.  at  Fall 
Eiver,  Mass.,  May  2,  1845),  a  lawyer, 
and  in  1886,  recorder  of  Plattsburgh. 
Issue  (all  b.  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.) : 
(a)  Fannie  Belle9  (Hathaway),  b.  Feb. 
24,  1872;  d.  July  29,  1873;  (b)  Lu- 
ella  Walling9  (Hathaway),  b.  Nov.  16, 
1873 ;  (c)  Helen  Imogen9  (Hathaway),  b. 
Nov.  19,  1875;  (d)  Mabel  Antoinette9 
(Hathaway),  b.  Jan.  12,  1879;  (e)  Anne 
Frances9  (Hathaway),  b.  Nov.  11,  1884; 

(2)  Mary  Isabella8  (Clark),  b.  Feb.  8, 1854 ; 
d.  Jan.  8,  1862  ;  (3)  Kev.  Nathaniel  Wal- 
ling8 (Clark),  M.  A.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1859; 
grad.  at  Wesleyan  Univer.,  class  of  1879, 
and  at  Drew  Theological  Seminary,  May, 
1883 ;  m.  Felicia  Hemans  (dau.  of  Rev. 
H.  A.)  Buttz,  Aug.  20,  1883.  He  was  a 
member  of  the  Newark  Conference  M.  E. 
church;  was  stationed  (1886)  at  Engle- 
wood,  N.  J.  In  1889  Rev.  N.  W.  Clark 
was  appointed  American  Professor  at  the 
Martin  Theological  Inst,  at  Frankfort-on- 
the-Main,  Germany,  a  school  for  the  edu- 
cation of  young  men  for  the  ministry  for 
Germany  and  Switzerland.  Mr.  C.  ex- 
pects to  remain  in  the  position  for  five 
years.  Issue :  (a)  Henry  Buttz9  (Clark), 
b.  Dec.  14,  1884 ;  d.  Sept.  18,  1885 ;  (b) 
Isabel9  (Clark),  b.  at  Englewood,  N.  J., 

Y.,  embracing  the  counties  of  Essex,  Clinton  and  Warren,  in  the  State  of 
New  York,  which  office  he  held  until  it  was  abolished  by  act  of  Congress  in 
1873.  In  1874  he  was  elected  Pres.  of  the  Clinton  Co.  Bible  Society,  which 
position  he  held  for  the  next  5  years.  For  many  years  Mr.  Clark  has  been 
an  active  member  of  the  M.  E.  church  at  Plattsburgh,  holding  various  offi- 
cial positions.  In  1876  he  was  elected  by  the  Troy  Conference  lay  delegate, 
and  represented  that  body  in  the  General  Conference  of  the  M.  E.  church 
at  Baltimore  in  May,  1876.  In  1879  Mr.  Clark  visited  Europe  professionally. 
He  is  now  a  prominent  and  respected  member  of  the  Washington  bar,  and 
an  official  member  of  the  Metropolitan  M.  E.  Church  of  that  city. 

Massachusetts  Family.  211 

Sept.  3,  1888 ;  (4)  John  C.8  (Clark),  A. 
B.,  b.  Mch.  24,  1863;  grad.,  1886,  at 
Wesleyan  Univer. ;  studied  law  at  Wash- 
ington, D.  C;  grad.  from  the  law  school 
of  Columbia  Col.;  was  admitted  to  the  bar 
in  1889 ;  is  now  (1890)  practicing  law  at  32 
Nassau  street,  N.  Y.;  (5)  Maud  C.8  (Clark), 
b.  Aug.  8,  1865 ;  m.  June  10,  1890,  Evert 
Lansing  Harvey,  a  lawyer  of  Washing- 
ton, D.  C;  res.  W. 

234.  ii.  Mary   M.\   b.   Jan.    6,    1830;   d.  Apr.    1, 


235.  iii.  Martha  M.7,   b.  ,   1832;   d.  Dec.    15, 


236.  iv.  Martha  J.7,  b.  Apr.  5,  1833;  m.  Dexter  S. 

Kinsley,  Sept.  14,  1865.  Mr.  K.  was  a 
merchant  and  prominent  citizen  of  Ellen- 
burgh,  N.  T.,  where  he  d.  June  22, 1877. 
Child  :  Marion8  (Kinsley),  b.  at  Chazy,  N. 
Y.,  Mch.  3,  1867 ;  m.  Cheney  I.  Cole,  at 
Hinesburgh,  Vt.,  Mch.  3,  1886. 

237.  v.  John  P.  L.  G.7,  b.  Oct.  20,  1834;  d.  Dec.  2, 


238.  vi.  Lucy  Ann7,  b.  Sept.  16, 1836  ;  m.  Henry  M. 

Hull,  Oct.  7,  1873.  Mr.  H.  is  a  promi- 
nent merchant  at  Hinesburgh,  Yt.,  where 
they  reside. 

239.  vii.  Lura  A.7,  b.    Nov.   20,  1838;  m.    George 

H.  Barber,  June  23,  1870.  They  res.  on 
the  Clark  homestead  in  Chazy,  N.  Y. 
Issue :  (1)  Wallace  C.8  (Barber),  b.  Sept. 
16,  1871;  d.  Aug.  27,  1873;  (2)  Lucy 
C.8  (Barber),  b.  Oct  25,  1873 ;  (3)  George 
L.8  (Barber),  b.  July  27,  1880. 

240.  viii.  Olive  T.7,  d.  in  infancy. 

Family  22. 

241.  Ebenezer5  Stiles  [89]  (Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  born  Oct.  13,  1773,  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  without 
doubt,    though  his    birth  is  not  recorded  there ;    m.   Roxy 

212  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Bnckland ;  resided  many  years  at  Brandon,  Vt.,  and  there 
died  Sept.  25,  1828.  Mrs.  Boxy  (Buckland)  Stiles,  d.  Aug.  16, 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  the  town  clerk  of  Bran- 
don, Yt.) : 

242.  I.  James6,  b.  July  3,  1801  ;  d.  young. 

243.  II.  George6,  b.  Oct.  7,  1803  ;  d.  young. 

244.  III.  Mary6,  b.  Jan.  21,   1805;  m.  Elijah  June;  lived 

and  died  in  Brandon,  Yt.     Issue  : 

245.  i.  Lucius7,  m.  Mary  Keeler  of  Brandon,  both 

now  (1885)  dec'd.  They  had  3  children, 
who  are  all  living  (1885)  at  B.,  viz. :  (1) 
Frank8  (June) ;  m.  Abby  Thomas  of  B. ; 
have  3  chil. ;  (2)  George8  (June) ;  m. 
Addie  Thomas  of  B. ;  (3)  Marion8 (June); 
m.  David  Ho  Dart  of  B. 

246.  ii.  Diana7,  d.  voung. 

247.  IY.  Seymour  B.6,  b.  Mch.   25,   1807 ;  m.  Miss  Jones. 

Family  52. 

248.  Y.  Joseph  us6,  b.  Feb.  14,  1810  ;  d.  young. 

249.  VI.  Philander6,    b.  July  5,   1812;  m.    Phebe   Cutter. 

Familv  53. 

250.  VII.  Almira6/b.  Mch.   6,  1815;  m.  Mr.  Crane;  lives 

(1885)  at  Brookfield,  N.  Y.     No  children. 

Family  23. 

251.  Samuel5  Stiles  [90]  (Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Eobert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  May  8,  1777 ;  married 
(1)  Talitha  Pierce  (b.  Mch.  1,  1782),  who  died  at  Canton,  N. 
Y.,  Dec.  3,  1811 ;  m.  (2)  Susannah  Litchfield,  who  d.  abt. 
1850.  About  the  year  1806,  Samuel  Stiles  removed  from 
Shoreham,  Vt.,  to  Canton,  N.  Y.  He  was  in  the  War  of  1812, 
and  stationed  at  Ogdensburg,  N".  Y.  His  grandson  says:  "I 
have  heard  him  tell  many  times  the  names  of  the  landlords  of 
the  three  taverns  he  passed  in  going  from  Canton  to  Ogdens- 
burg, the  seat  of  war.     They  were  Foot,  Stocking  and  Leg.,J 

He  was  a  most  exemplary  man,  and  was  often  heard  to  say 
that  he  was  never  angry  enough  at  any  man  to  call  him  a  liar. 
He  was  renowned  far  and  near  for  his  wonderful  memory.  He 
could  tell  of  all  the  remarkable  events,  big  storms,  etc.,  giving 

Massachusetts  Family.  213 

the  exact  dates  of  each.  In  his  later  years  he  became  some- 
what deaf,  but  his  mind  retained  its  even  balance  to  the  last. 

His  last  words,  "lam  dying,"  were  calmly  spoken  to  a 
member  of  the  family,  he  being  just  outside  the  door,  and  be- 
fore he  could  be  lifted  to  the  bed,  he  was,  indeed,  gone.  There 
were  present  at  his  funeral  his  three  children,  eight  grand- 
children, nine  great-grandchildren,  and  one  great-great-grand- 
child. "None  knew  him  but  to  respect  him,  and  none  named 
him  but  to  praise."  [The  above  sketch  of  Samuel  Stiles  was 
furnished  by  his  grandson,  Mr.  Levi  Stiles,  of  DeKalb,  N.  Y.] 

Children  (all  by  1st  marriage) : 

252.  I.  Orpha6,  b.  July  28, 1804  ;  m.  1821,  Nelson  Risley  ; 

resided  at  DeKalb,   N.  Y. ;  Mrs.  Orpha  (Stiles) 
Risley  died  Dec.  15,  1883.     Issue : 

253.  i.  William7,  b.  Dec.  25,  1822 ;  m.  Esther  Mer- 

rihew,  1851,  who  d.  May  18,  1881.  He 
d.  Oct.  28,  1856.  Issue:  (1)  Harriet8 
(Risley),  b.  Nov.  2,  1852;  m.  Amos 
Walroth,  1869 ;  res.  at  Sylvester,  Me- 
costa Co.,  Mich.  Issue :  (a)  Andrew9 
(Walroth),  b.  1870  ;  (b)  Lilv9  (Walroth), 
b.  1873  ;  (c)  Clarence9  (Walroth),  b.  1878  ; 
(d)  Amos9  (Walroth) ;  b.  1882;  (2)  Henry8 
(Risley),  b.  Feb.  4,  1854 ;  res.  (1885)  at 
DeKalb,  N.  Y.;  (3)  Orpha8  (Risley),  b. 
Sept.  30,  1856 ;  m.  1876,  Truman  Stacy, 
res.  (1885)  at  De  Kalb. 

254.  ii.  Obed  S.7,  b.  Jan.  26,  1825,  a  farmer,  at  De- 

Kalb Junction,  N.  Y.;  m.  (1)  Anne  Case; 
in.  (2)  Maryette  Merrihew.  Issue  (by  1st 
marriage) :  (1)  Charles  E.8  (Risley),  b.  Oct. 
7,  1849  ;  m.  Hannah  Bass,  of  Herrnon,  N. 
Y.,  July  2,  1870.  Issue:  (a)  Frank  L.9 
(Risley),  b.  Oct.  28,  1871;  (b)  Julia  A.9 
(Risley),  b.  Sept.  12,  1873  ;  (c)  F.  or  T.9 
(Risley),  b.  Jan.  20,  1881;  (2)  Jay  E.8 
(Risley),  b.  Apr.  12,  1854;  m.  Ida  Shep- 
ard,  June  16,  1878;  is  a  farmer.  Issue:  (a) 
Obed  E.9  (Risley),  b.  Aug.  6,  1879  ;  (b) 
May  S.9  (Risley),  b.  Oct.  1,  1880;  (c) 
Ethel9   (Risley),    b.    July   28,    1883;  by 

214  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Obed  S.  Kisley's  2d  marriage :  (3)  Elbert 
E.8  (Risley),  b.  May  28.  1861  ;  m.  Sarah 
Baxter,  1884 ;  is  a  merchant  at  De  Kalb 
Junction,  N.  H.;  (4)  Nelson  A.8  (Risley), 
b.  Oct.  18,  1866,  a  farmer. 

255.  iii.  Horatio  Nelson7,  b.  Oct.  14,  1826 ;  m.  Pa- 

melia  Mayhew,  Dec.  22,  1852.  He  d. 
Feb.  21,  1876. 

256.  II.  Pierce6,  b.  1807 ;  d.  1826. 

257.  III.  Sylvanus6,  b.    Aug.   2,  1809 ;  m.   Susanna  Green. 

Familv  54. 

258.  IY.  Samuel  "Seneca6,  b.  June  26,  1811  :  m.  Charlotte 

Sternberg.     Family  55. 

Family  24. 

259.  George5  Stiles  [109]  (Benjamin*,  Lt.  Amos3,  Kobert2 
Jr.,  Kobert1),  was  born  at  Lebanon,  Conn.,  1777 ;  married 
Betsey  Lincoln,  who  was  born  at  Columbia,  Conn.,  Jul}7,  1786. 
He  followed  the  trade  of  tanner  and  cnrrier.  According  to  the 
Land  Records  of  Coventry,  Conn.,  "  George  Stiles  bought  a 
farm  there  in  1807.  He  bought  and  sold  land  in  C.  until  1816, 
after  which  the  name  Stiles  ceases  to  be  found  on  the  rec- 
ords." It  is  said  that  he  was  residing  at  Coventry  in  1818, 
but  afterward  removed  to  Gibson,  Susquehanna  Co.,  Pa., 
where  he  died  Oct.,  1854.  Mrs.  Betsey  (Lincoln)  Stiles  d.  at 
Gibson,  Pa.,  in  1852. 

Children  (first  four  born  at  Coventry,  Conn.,  the  rest  at 
Gibson,  Pa.) : 

260.  I.  George6,  b.  1808  ;  m.  Caroline  Price.    Family  56. 

261.  II.  Phebe6,  b.  1810;  m.  Shepard  Carpenter.     She  is 

still  living  (1885).     Issue : 

262.  i.  George7. 

263.  ii.  Ezra7. 

264.  iii.  Betsey7. 

265.  iv.  Cyrus7. 

266.  v.  Sylvester7. 

267.  vi.  John  S.7,  res.  (1385)  at  Chicago,  111. 

268.  III.  Jasper6,  b.  1815  ;  m.  Sophronia  Walworth.   Family 


Massachusetts  Family.  215 

269.  IY.  Ezra6,  b.  Mch.  4,  1817;  m.   Cynthia  Ann  Stiles. 

Family  58. 

270.  Y.  Erastus6,  b.  1819  ;  m.  Miranda  Capron  ;  res.  (1885) 

at  Rocton,  Winnebago  Co.,  Illinois ;  has  several 

271.  YI.  Maria6,  b.  1822  ;  m.  Elliott  Aldrich.    She  d.  Aug. 

1883.     Mr.   A.   res.    (1885)   at   New   Milford, 
Pa.     Issue : 

272.  i.  Mary  Elizabeth7. 

273.  ii.  Frances7. 

274.  iii.  Jessie7. 

275.  iv.  Kitty7. 

276.  YII.  Edmund6,  b.   1824;  m.  (1)  Baker;   (2) 

;  res.  (1885)  Factoryville,  Pa. 

Family  25. 

277.  Edmund5  Stiles  [110]  (Benjamin4,  Lt.  Amos3,  Robert2 
Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lebanon,  Conn.,  Aug.  11,  1780;  m. 
at  Lebanon,  1806,  Wealthy  (dau.  of  Col.  Isaiah)  Loomis,  of  L. 
Edmund  Stiles  was  a  farmer.  He  died  at  Lebanon,  Conn., 
Nov.  15,  1832.  Mrs.  Wealthy  (Loomis)  Stiles  d.  at  Lebanon, 
Oct.  30,  1866. 

Children : 

278.  I.  John  Murray  Loomis6,  b.  at  Herkimer,  Herkimer 

Co.,  N.  Y.,  1808;  m.  1837,  Caroline  E.  Wells; 
res.  (1885)  at  Lebanon,  Conn. 

279.  II.  Clarissa  Maria6,  b.  at  H,  Sept.  2,  1809  ;  m.  Dec. 

29,  1831,  Dea.  John  Avery,  of  Lebanon,  Conn. 
She  d.  at  L.,  Nov.  4,  1866.  Dea.  Avery  was 
living  (1885)- at  L.     Issue: 

280.  i.  Anna  M.7,  b.  Aug.  27, 1835 ;  d.  May  14, 1854. 

281 .  ii.  John  H.\  b.  Feb.   8,  1841;  m.  Harriet  F. 

Peckham,  June  22,  1862. 

282.  iii.  William  B.7,  b.   Sept.   30,   1845;  m.  Eliza- 

beth  Peckham,    Mch.  29,  1866.     Issue: 
Clarissa  M.8  (Avery),  b.  June  5,  1869. 

283.  III.  Cynthia  Ann6,   b.  at   Herkimer,  N.   Y.,  Jan.   22, 

'1812;  m.  Mch.  24,  1839,  her  cousin,  Dr.  Ezra 
Stiles.  Issue  (see  Family  of  Dr.  Ezra  Stiles 

216  Stiles  Genealogy. 

284.  IV.  Phylurra  Orilla6,  b.  at  Guilford,   Conn.,  Jan.  4, 

1814;  m.  (1)  Jan.  22,  1833,  Edmund  Mason;  (2) 
Gideon  Hoxie,  June,  1855.  Issue  (by  1st  mar- 
riage, all  born  in  Franklin,  Conn.) : 

285.  i.  James   Fitch7,    b.    Dec,    1834;   m.    Fannie 

.  Hoxie,  1861.     Issue:   (1)  William8  (Ma- 
son); (2)  Fannie8  (Mason). 

286.  ii.  Nancy  Fitch7,  b.  Aug.,  1836. 

287.  iii.  Edward7 ;  d.  young. 

288.  iv.  Jeremiah7 ;  d.  young. 

289.  v.   William  Alfred7,  b.  Sept.,  1843 ;  d.  in  the 

late  war,  1863. 
(By  2d  marriage) : 

290.  vi.  George  Henry7,    b.  Dec,  1858;   m.  Dec, 

1884,  Miss  Williams. 
Mrs.  Phylurra   (Stiles)    Hoxie  d.  at  Leba- 
non, Conn.,  Oct.  13,  1860. 

291.  V.  Mary  Adelaide6,  b.  at  Guilford,  Conn.,  Mch.  29, 

1816;  m.  Josiah  M.  Graves,  May  9,  1837.  Issue : 

292.  i.  George   S.7,  b.  July  15,    1840;    m.   1859, 

Eliza  Jane  Loom  is.  Issue:  (1)  Nellie 
Georgiana8  (Graves);  (2)  Charles  S.8 
(Graves) ;  (3)  Minnie  E.8  (Graves) ;  (4) 
George  M.8  (Graves). 

Mrs.  Mary  Adelaide  (Stiles)  Graves  d. 
at  Willi  mantic,  Conn.,  Feb.  16, 1876. 

293.  .VI.  Edmund  Alonzo6,  b.  at  G.,  Jan.  12,  1818;  m.  So- 

phia Sweet.     Family  59. 

294.  VII.  Edward  Lorenzo6,  b.  at  G.,  Feb.  1,  1820;  m.  Ame- 

lia Maynard.     Family  60. 

295.  VIII.  George  Jerome6,  b.  at  Lebanon,   Conn.,  Jan.  25, 

1823,  d.  Oct.,  1830. 

Family  26. 

296.  Job  Plielps5  Stiles  [137]  (Job4  Jr.,  Job3,  Eobert2  Jr., 

Robert1),  was  born  at  Granville,  Mass.,  Nov.  4,  1769   {Gran- 
ville Records). 

[Note. —  After  much  investigation  we  are  satisfied  that  Job 
Phelps  Stiles  was  the  son  born  to  Job  Stiles  Jr.  and  Mrs. 
Lydia  (Phelps)  Stiles,  Nov.  4,  1769,  and   whose  birth  is  re- 

Massachusetts  Family.  217 

corded  at  Granville,  Mass.,  but  without  the  middle  name.  A 
granddaughter  of  Job  Phelps  Stiles,  Mrs.  Lydia  H.  Hunt,  of 
Montpelier,  Yt.,  informed  us  that  he  was  born  in  1770,  but 
she  could  not  give  the  month  and  day  ;  doubtless  "  about  1770  " 
would  answer  the  purpose,  as  we  presume  the  year  of  his  birth 
must  have  been  calculated  from  his  age,  in  round  numbers,  at 
the  time  of  his  death,  at  all  events  we  have  no  doubt  what- 
ever, that  he  is  here  properly  placed.] 

Job  P.  Stiles  married  Talitha  Cumi  Elderkin  (b.  1779,  in 
Conn.,  perhaps  Hartford),  Nov.  3,  1795.  He  and  his  wife  ac- 
companied the  first  surveying  party  sent  to  the  Western 
Reserve  in  1796  b}^  the  Connecticut  Land  Company.  It  is 
recorded  in  Barber's  Historical  Collections  of  Ohio  (p.  120) 
that  Job  P.  Stiles  and  wife,  with  a  Mr.  Edward  Paine,  were 
the  only  persons  who  passed  the  winter  of  1796-7  within  the 
limits  of  the  town  of  Cuyahoga  (the  early  name  of  Cleveland), 
Ohio.  Another  authority  (Turner's  Pioneer  History  Western 
New  York,  p.  388)  says  :  "  Stiles  was  the  first  white  settler  at 
Cleveland.  During  the  first  winter  Mrs.  Stiles  was  confined, 
her  only  female  attendants  being  Indian  squaws.  The  child 
was  the  first  born  on  the  Reserve,  and  had  a  present  of  land 
from  the  proprietors." 

In  Whittlesey's  History  of  Cleveland  (p.  233)  we  find  that 
at  the  apportionment  of  the  land  to  the  first  proprietors  of 
Cleveland,  two  lots  were  drawn  by  Job  P.  Stiles ;  also,  p.  317, 
"  Talitha  Cumi,  wife  of  Job  P.  Stiles,  received  from  the  directors 
of  the  company  one  city  lot,  one  ten-acre  lot  and  one  one  hun- 
dred-acre lot."  "  Stiles  left  Cleveland  in  1800  "  (ibid.).  "  Dur- 
ing the  War  of  1812  the  family  removed  to  Canada  and  finally 
brought  up  at  Leicester,  Addison  Co.,  Yt.  During  their  resi- 
dence in  L.  an  agent  visited  them  and  purchased  their  rights 
in  Cleveland  for  some  $500,  paid  in  sheep  and  cattle. 

Mr.  Stiles  and  his  wife  were  both  well  educated  for  the 
times,  and  both  taught  school  some." 

Job  P.  Stiles  died  at  "Brandon,  Yt.,  Oct.  11,  1846,  and  Mrs. 
Talitha  Cumi  (Elderkin)  Stiles  died  at  the  same  place  in  1859. 

[Many  of  the  above  facts  were  given  by  the  town  clerk  of 
Leicester,  Yt.] 

Children : 
297.         I.  Charles  Phelps6,  b.  Jan.,  1797  (according  to  some 
accounts,  but  his  dau.  gives  the  date  July  12, 

218  Stiles  Genealogy. 

which  discredits  the  claim  of  the  historians  that 
he   was   born   in   the   winter)',   m.  Mrs.  Laura 
(Irish)  Wetmore.     Family  61. 
298.       II.  Milton6,  b.  July  1 ;  d.  Oct.  29,  1801. 

Family  27. 

299.  Bliss5  Stiles  [139J  (Job4  Jr.,  Job3,  Kobert2  Jr.,  Rob- 
ert1)  was  b.  Mch.,  1788  (prob.  at  Granville,  Mass.) ;  m.  (1) 
Polly  Mills  (b.  Nov.  6,  178-),  who  d.  Feb.  15, 1819.  She  was 
a  woman  of  fine  taste  and  considerable  culture.  Mr.  Stiles  m. 
(2)  Fanny  Mills,  a  sister  of  his  1st  wife.  She  was  b.  Apr.  21, 
1793 ;  d.  May  23,  1829.  Bliss  Stiles  was  a  blacksmith  by 
trade  and  worked  at  it  most  of  the  time ;  but  he  had  a  good 
knowledge  of  law,  and  at  times  would  plead  law  and  conduct 
lawsuits.     He  died  May,  1824. 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Miss  A.  L.  Pomeroy,  of 
Fair  Haven,  Yt.) : 

300.  I.  Kalzmond8,  b.  Aug.  11,  1806  ;   m.  and  lived  in 

Chester,  Warren  Co.,  N.  Y.;  d.  there  in  a  few 
years,  leaving  a  widow  and  1  dau. 

301.  II.  Rachel  M.6,  b.  Aug.  5,  1809  ;  m.  David  Gorham 

at  Castleton,  Yt.,  Sept.  20,  1829.  She  d.  at 
Orwell,  Yt.,  Mch.  17,  1844.  Mr.  G.  rem.  to 
Neb.,  where  he  d.  abt.  1883.     Issue: 

302.  i.  "William7,  )      One  of  these  sons  is  supposed 

303.  ii.  Albert7,     V  to  be  living  (1885)  at  Aldrich, 

304.  iii.  Alonzo.7    )  Nebraska ;  is  m.  and  has  3  sons. 

305.  III.  Almeran    C.6,  b.    Sept.  28,   1811;   date  of   death 


306.  IY.  Alonzo6,  b.  Oct.  2,  1813. 

307.  Y.  William  Melvin6,  b.  July  4,  1815 ;  m.  Hannah  M. 

Staumer.     Family  62. 
Children  (by  2d  marriage) : 

308.  YI.  Mary  M.6,  b.  July  4,  1820  ;  d.  May  15,  1841. 

309.  VII.  Frederick  W.6,  b.  Mch.  20,  1822 ;  m.  (1)  Rebecca 

Stevens ;  (2)  Hattie,  dau.  of  Rev.  S.  Washburn. 
Mr.  Stiles  was  a  master  mechanic  of  the  railroad 
machine-shop  at  Troy,  N.  Y.,  and  Keene,  N.  H. 
He  d.  at  the  latter  place  Dec.  19,  1867. 

Massachusetts  Family.  219 

310.  Till.  Lueretia  A.6,  b.  July  1, 1824;  m.  Daniel  0.  Pome- 

roy,  Nov.  8,  1842.     She  d.  Apr.  2, 1853.  Issue : 

311.  i.  Adelaide  L.\  b.  Nov.  9,  1843. 

312.  ii.  Agnes  F.7,  b.  Sept.  24,  1846 ;  is  a  school- 

teacher  (1885)  at  Fair  Haven,  Vt.,  where 
she  and  her  sister  reside. 

Family  28. 

313.  Roger5  Stiles  [161 J  (John4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Eobert1), 
was  born  Aug.  5,  1783  (prob.  at  East  Granville,  Mass.);  m. 
June  20  or  30  (both  are  given),  1800,  Lucina  (b.  Sept.  20, 1785), 
dau.  of  Charles  (son  of  Tom)  Spelman,  of  East  Granville. 
They  res.  at  E.  Granville  until  1832,  when  they  removed  to 
Chicopee  Falls,  Mass.  He  joined  the  church  Nov.  19,  1816, 
and  afterward  held  office  in  the  church  (Gh.  Rec.  JE.  Gran- 
ville, Mass.). 

Roger  Stiles  served  in  the  War  of  1812,  and  his  widow  re- 
ceived a  pension  therefor.  His  son,  Charles  Spelman  Stiles, 
has  heard  him  say  that  he  was  leader  of  the  band  belonging 
to  his  regt.,  an  office  to  which  the  title  of  "  Drum  Major  "  is 
now  attached.  He  died  Aug.  8,  1849,  aged  6Q  (Granville 
Records).  Mrs.  Lucina  (Spelman)  Stiles  d.  Mch.  25,  1862,  at 
Holyoke,  Mass. 

Children*  (from  a  record  furnished  by  ¥m.  Stiles  Loomis 
Esq.) : 

314.  I.  Almira6,  b.  Jan.  1,  1803 ;  d.  May  14,  1804. 

315.  II.  Anna6,  b.  Aug.  10,  1805  ;  d.  Mch.  14,  1813. 

316.  III.  Jeremiah6,    b.  June  5,  1807;   m.  Mary   Crocker. 

Family  63. 

317.  IV.  John  Alsop6,  b.  May  3,  1809 ;  m.  Maryett  Cooley 

and  Mary  Ann  Keys.     Family  64. 

*  la  1825  Rev.  Dr.  Timothy  Mather  Cooley,  pastor  of  the  Cong,  church 
at  East  Granville,  Mass.,  made  an  entry  on  the  church  records  of  the  names, 
dates  of  birth,  and  age  (at  that  time)  of  the  following  children  of  Eoger 
and  Lucina  (Spelman)  Stiles:  Jeremiah,  Alsop,  Mary,  Jerusha,  Laura, 
Janette,  Emeline,  Rath  Sarepta.  The  dates  correspond  with  those  given  by 
Wm.  Stiles  Loomis  Esq.,  except  in  case  of  the  births  of  Laura  and  Emeline. 
Mr.  L.  gives  May  20,  1815,  as  the  date  of  Laura's  birth  against  May  25, 1815, 
as  recorded  by  Dr.  Cooley,  and  May  21,  1819,  as  the  date  of  Emeline's  birth 
against  May  2,  1819,  as  given  by  Dr.  Cooley. 

220  Stiles  Genealogy. 

318.  V.  Mary6,  b.  May  6,  1811 ;  m.  James  Blair,  of  Bland- 

ford,  Mass.     She  d.  July  22,  1833.     Issue: 

319.  i.   Chauncy  ;  res.  (1888)  in  California. 

320.  VI.  Jerusha6,  b.  Feb.  14,  1813  ;  d.  Sept.  5,  1842. 

321.  VII.  Lanra6,  b.  May  20  (Dr.  Cooley's  record  says  May 

25),  1815 ;  m.  Barton  B.  Dunning ;  res.  (1885)  at 
Mt.  Ayr,  Iowa.     Issue: 

322.  i.  Walter7,  m.  and  living  (1888)  at  Denver,  Col. 

323.  ii.  Frank7,  m.  and   living   (1885)  at  Bedford, 

Iowa ;  has  children. 

324.  iii.  Day7,   m.  and   living   (1888)  at  Mt.  Ayr, 

Iowa  ;  has  11  children. 

325.  iv.  Charles7,  m. ;  d. . 

326.  VIII.  Janette6,  b.  Apr.  16,  1817;  m.  at  Chicopee  Falls, 

Mass.,  Dec.  11,  1838,  Elijah  W.  Loomis,  of 
Somers,  Conn.,  who  d.  at  Holyoke,  Mass.,  Jan.  6, 
1870.  Mrs.  L.  d.  at  EL,  Mch.  21,  1888.  Chil- 
dren : 

327.  i.  William  Stiles7,  b.  at  Monson,  Mass.,  Oct.  7, 

1840 ;  m.  Augusta  R.  Weston  at  Cohoes, 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  9,  1866.  Mr.  L.  was  Lt.  of 
Co.  B.,  4th  Kegt.  Mass.  Vols.,  in  the  War 
of  the  Rebellion;  is  now  (1891)  Post 
Com.  of  Kilpatrick  Post  of  G.  A.  R., 
of  Holyoke,  Mass.  From  1873  to  1887 
Mr.  L.  was  publisher  and  editor  of  the 
Holyoke  Transcript,  and  founded,  Oct.  9, 
1882,  the  H.  Daily  Transcript.  In  1888 
he  was  made  treas.  and  manager  of  the 
Holyoke  Street  Railway  Com.  In  1888 
was  app'd  park  commissioner  of  the  city 
of  Holyoke  for  5  years ;  he  has  been  for 
many  years  trustee  and  supt.  of  Forest- 
dale  Cemetery ;  was  the  founder  of  the 
Holyoke  Pub.  Library,  and  is  (1890)  a 
director  of  the  Board  of  Trade,  notary 
public,  and  auditor  of  Holyoke  Savings 
Bank ;  resides  at  Holyoke,  Mass.  Child  : 
Clara  A.8,  d.  Dec.  18J  1877. 

328.  ii.  Emma  Janette7,  b.  at  Newburyport,  Mass., 

July   5,  1847;    m.   Edgar   J.  Pomeroy 

'/Hyt^o       i^h-^JUs 









Massachusetts  Family.  221 

at  Holyoke,  Mass.,  June  3,  1868,  who  d. 
Jan.  2,  1891,  of  consumption,  at  Marietta, 
Ga.;  resided  at  Holyoke.     Children  :  (1) 
Anna  Emma8  (Pomeroy),  b.  July  14, 1871 ; 
(2)  William  Loomis8  (Pomeroy),  b.  June 
3,  1873  ;  (3)  Edgar  Erastus8  (Pomeroy),  b. 
Jan.  17,  1878  ;  (4)  Philip  Loomis8  (Pome- 
roy), b.  Oct.  31,  1879. 
329.     IX.  Emeline6,  b.  May  2,  1819  ;  m.  Eoderiek  Emmons, 
who  d.  1884.     Mrs.  E.  resides  at  New  Haven, 
Mo.     Children : 


Emma7;  m.  Allen  Clark,  Sept.  28,  1881. 


There  was   also   a   son  named    Herbert 

Prentiss7,  who  d.  young. 

333.  X.  Ruth  Sarepta6   [We  give  the  two  names  as  found 

in  Dr.  Cooley's  record],  b.  Mch.  22, 
1821 ;  m.  Heman  Cooley.  She  d.  Mch. 
7,  1846.     Issue : 

334.  i.  Infant7,  d.  the  day  of  its  birth. 

335.  XL  Charles  Spelman6,  b.  Mch.  22, 1823;  m.  Henrietta  O. 

Holton,  Ann  Dewey  and  Sarah  Clark.  Family  65. 

336.  XII.  Maria  H.6,  b.  June  17,  1826  ;  d.  July  17,  1831. 

337.  XIII.  Fidelia6,  b.  at   Granville   (E.    Granville?),  Mass., 

Nov.  17,  1827  ;  m.  Jobn  Herrick  (b.  in  Canada 
East,  July  27,  1815),  Jan.  5,  1843  ;  they  res.  at 
Chicopee  Falls,  Mass.,  where  she  d.  May  8, 1882. 
Mr.  Herrick  was  for  20  yrs.  deacon  of  the  Bap- 
tist church  at  Chicopee  Falls.  He  d.  Mch.  22, 
1884.     Issue  (all  b.  at  C.  F.) : 

338.  i.  John  Elliot7,  b.  Nov.  22,  1843 ;  m.  (1)  Cora 

Coughlan,  of  Cleveland,  Ohio,  Oct.  6, 
1870.  She  d.  June  19, 1872  ;  m.  (2)  Helen 
E.  Chubb,  of  Cleveland,  Apr.  8,  1874. 
Issue  :  (1 )  Elizabeth  Bijou8  (Herrick) ;  (2) 
Chubb  Elliot8  (Herrick).  Add.  of  J.  E. 
Herrick  (1885),  Cleveland  Co-operative 
Store,  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

339.  ii.  Dwight  Stiles7,  b.  Dec.  12,  1845  ;  obtained 

a   collegiate  education  through  his  own 

222  Stiles  Genealogy. 

energy  and  perseverance;  grad.  at  Am- 
herst Coll.,  class  of  1867 ;  is  a  lawyer  at 
Peekskill,  N.  Y.;  m.  S.  Frances  Simp- 
son, of  P.,  Dec.  6,  1871.  Issue:  (1) 
Bertha  Frances8  (Herrick),  b.  Oct.  15, 
1873  ;  (2)  John  Rutherford8  (Herrick),  b. 
Nov.  3,  1878. 

340.  iii.  William  Taylor7,  b.  Aug.  27,  1854  ;  m.  Ida 

C.  Hadley,  Aug.  20,  1874.  Mr.  H.  is  a 
member  of  the  orchestra  of  the  Park 
Theater,  Boston,  Mass.  Issue :  (1)  Lester 
Elliot8  (Herrick),  b.  Dec.  13,  1874;  (2) 
Edith  Mary8  (Herrick),  b.  Mch.  27,  1876  ; 
(3)  Grace  Fidelia8  (Herrick),  b.  May  24, 
1878  ;  d.  Sept.,  1878. 

341.  iv.  Harriet  Fidelia7,  b.  Feb.  28,  1861  ;  m.  Eev. 

Charles  F.  Carter,  of  Chicopee  Falls, 
May  28,  1884 ;  res.  (1884)  at  Manchester, 
1ST.  H. ;  1888,  Burlington,  Yt. 

342.  v.  Cora  Mary7,  b.  Aug.  29, 1869. 

343.  XIV.  Harriet6,  b.  May  12,  1829  ;  d.  July  12,  1831. 

Family  29. 

344.  Oratha5  Stiles  [163]  (Samuel4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Rob- 
ert1),  was  born  Aug.  20,  1780,  at  Granville,  Mass.,  without 
doubt.  When  of  age  went  with  his  brother  Ahiman  to  Ohio. 
[The  account  given  of  Oratha  Stiles  does  not  mention  the 
name  of  the  place  from  which  he  went  to  Ohio,  but  his  fath- 
er's home  was  in  Canandaigua,  N.  Y.,  and  it  is  probable  that 
Oratha  remained  at  home  during  his  minority.]  They  settled 
in  the  wilderness,  where  they  built  a  sort  of  block-house  with  an 
entrance  on  top.  Oratha  finally  returned  and  settled  in  New 
York  city.  He  married  Elizabeth  Billings  (b.  in  Oxfordshire, 
England)  about  1809,  and  died  in  New  York  city  about  1815. 
His  widow  m.  Andrew  H.  Bennett  and  had  one  son  named 
Edwin  Ruther  (Bennett). 

Children  : 
345.         I.  John  Wesley6,  b.  Jan.  31,  1811 ;  m.  Elizabeth  W. 
Taylor.     Family  66. 

Massachusetts  Family.  223 

346.  II.  Elizabeth  W.6,  b.  Sept.,  1812;  m.  when  abt.   19 

Thomas  Woodbridge  Phelps,  a  nephew  of  the 
late  Anson  G.  Phelps,  of  New  York  city,  who 
came  there  from  Conn.;  resided  New  York. 
Child : 

347.  i.  Elizabeth  Woodbridge7,  b.  May  20,  1834; 

m.  (1)  Oct.,  1849,  James  Owen,  an  Eng- 
lishman, from  whom  she  was  divorced  ; 
m.  (2)  July  2,  1861,  Eobert  W.  Pearsall, 
a  member  of  a  well-known  Quaker  family 
of  New  York.  Mr.  P.  d.  abt.  1870.  Mrs. 
P.  m.  (3)  1875,  Count  Besse  and  resides 
in  Italy,  where  her  mother,  Mrs.  Phelps, 
has  joined  her,  intending  to  spend  the  re- 
mainder of  her  days  in  Italy.  Children 
(by  1st  mar.):  (1)  Son8,  d.  1857  in  his  5th 
year ;  (by  2d  m.) :  (2)  May8  (Pearsall),  b. 
Apr.,  1862 ;  d.  in  Florence,  Italy  (prob.), 
Oct.,  1872  ;  (3)  Harold8  (Pearsall),  b.  Jan. 
10,  1863 ;  m.  an  Italian  lady,  dau.  of  a 
marquis;  res.  Italy. 

Family  30. 

348.  Epaphroditus5  Stiles  [164]  (Samuel4,  Job3,  Eobert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  born  at  Granville,  Mass.  (undoubtedly),  Sept.  21 
(one  account  gives  June  18),  1782 ;  married  Roxana  Lincoln 
in  1811.  He  was  for  a  time  a  merchant  at  Naples,  N.  Y.  He 
was  accustomed  to  write  his  name  "  Editus "  for  short.  His 
daughter  describes  her  first  recollection  of  her  father's  dress 
as  follows  :  ' '  He  wore  a  ruffled  shirt,  white  satin  vest,  a  gold  ring 
on  his  little  finger,  white  silk  stockings  and  pumps."  An  old 
gentleman  now  (1885)  in  his  81st  year  who  knew  Mr.  Stiles, 
furnished  materials  for  a  sketch  of  him  which  has  been  sent  us 
by  Mr.  J.  JB.  Sherrett,  a  grandson  of  Mr.  Stiles  —  it  is  entitled  : 

"Early  Days." 

"If  a  person  had  chanced  to  stroll  along  the  eastern  shore 
of  the  lake  (Canandaigua)  in  the  summer  of  1815,  near  where 
is  now   Gage's  Landing,  he  would  have  beheld  a  sight  very 

224  Stiles  Genealogy. 

strange  even  for  those  days.  There  in  the  forest  all  alone,  without 
even  a  dog  to  keep  him  company,  is  a  tall  muscular  man  in  the 
prime  of  life.  He  is  hard  at  work,  now  felling  trees,  now 
hewing  them  into  timbers,  often  making  the  woods  ring  with 
the  sound  of  his  blows.  He  is  so  absorbed  in  his  work  that 
he  would  hardly  notice  you  approach.  This  man  is  Epaphro- 
ditus  Stiles,  and  he  is  building  a  sailing  vessel,  but  under  al- 
most insuperable  difficulties,  for  he  is  obliged  to  do  it  all  with 
his  own  hands.  The  design  even  is  his  own.  He  obtains  timber 
from  the  forest,  and  planks  from  a  neighboring  sawmill.  As 
no  tar  can  be  bought  west  of  Albany,  he  makes  what  he  needs 
by  burning  pine  knots  in  a  kiln  of  his  own  construction.  Thus 
he  works  day  after  day  and  week  after  week,  until  at  last 
a  craft  of  15  tons  burden  is  completed  to  his  satisfaction,  and 
on  the  appointed  day  she  is  launched,  amid  the  cheers  of  those 
who  have  come  to  witness  the  novel  spectacle,  and  glides  out 
into  the  lake.  At  the  time  that  Mr.  Stiles  built  his  boat  Can- 
andaigua  was  a  small  village,  and  the  country  bordering  on  the 
lake  thinly  inhabited,  affording  but  little  business  for  Stiles 
and  his  boat ;  he,  therefore,  finally  resolved  to  take  it  to  Lake 
Ontario,  believing  he  could  do  better  there.  Accordingly  it 
was  hauled  out  of  the  water  and  placed  on  trucks  and  drawn 
by  15  yokes  of  oxen  to  Geneva,  1ST.  Y.,  where  it  was  launched 
into  the  Seneca  river.  After  many  days  of  tedious  sailing  he 
finally  reached  the  dark  waters  of  the  great  lake.  For  six 
months  he  was  engaged  in  carrying  salt  from  the  United  States 
to  Canada.  His  business  proved  quite  profitable  and  he  soon 
found  himself  in  possession  of  quite  a  little  fortune.  He  pur- 
chased a  cargo  of  apples  and  started  down  the  St.  Lawrence 
river ;  reaching  the  ocean  he  steered  his  vessel  toward  the  south, 
and  after  a  voyage  of  several  weeks,  reached  Charleston,  S.  C. 
In  those  days  apples  were  in  great  demand  at  the  south,  and  Stiles, 
upon  his  arrival,  sold  his  boatload  at  a  very  large  profit.  The 
money  he  received  he  invested  in  oranges  and  lemons.  With  his 
vessel  freighted  with  them  he  returned  to  New  York  city. 
Selling  boat  and  cargo  he  bought  large  quantities  of  dry  goods. 
These  were  brought  up  the  river  to  Albany,  and  thence  in  a 
wagon  to  Naples,  Ontario  Co.,  N.  Y.  Upon  reaching  here  he 
began  business  as  a  dry  goods  merchant.  His  store  was  the 
first  of  the  kind  in  the  place,  and  he  was  5  years  selling  the 
stock  he  purchased  in  New  York.  During  this  time  he  studied 

Massachusetts  Family.  225 

law,  and  was  soon  busy  "pettifogging"  under  Judge  Parish. 
An  instance  is  given  of  his  manner  of  settling  difficulties. 
Some  boys  had  stolen  some  honey  and  were  expecting  to  be 
6ent  to  jail,  but  Mr.  Stiles  told  them  he  would  clear  them  if 
they  would  take  some  honey  and  find  him  a  "  bee  tree,"  which 
they  did.  Mr.  Stiles  cut  down  the  tree  and  drew  it  home,  and 
was  doubtless  well  satisfied  with  his  share  of  the  bargain.  He 
died  in  1834,  aged  52  years." 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Mrs.  Harriet  Cole  and 
J.  B.  Sherrett)  : 

349.  I.  Harriet6,  b.  July  16,   1813;  m.  Washington  Cole 

(b.  at  Whitehall,  Washington  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Aug, 
27,  1810),  at  Naples,  N.  Y.,  April  22,  1834; 
rem.  in  1835,  to  Illinois,  residing  successively, 
at  Livingston,  Marshall  and  Kingston  in  that 
State ;  their  present  home  is  at  Kingston. 
Issue : 

350.  i.  Marcus  Wesley7,  b.  at  Lockport,  N.  Y.,  Feb. 

8,  1836;  m.  Sept.  12,  1858,  Ann  Eliza 
Little ;  res.  at  Kingston,  111.,  where  he  is 
a  hardware  merchant ;  is  also  engaged  in 
the  banking  business.  Issue:  (1)  Alice 
Emma8  (Cole),  b.  April  12,  1861 ;  grad. 
at  the  High  School  at  Geneva,  111. ;  is 
now  (1884)  teaching  in  the  High  School 
at  Kingston. 

351.  ii.  Alma  Bloomer7 ;  b.  in  Livingston,  111.,  July 

25,  1839  ;  res.  with  her  parents  ; 

352.  iii.  Maria  Roxana7,  b.  in  L.  Dec.  25,  1842 ;  m. 

Julian  P.  Marsh  of  Terre  Haute,  Ind., 
Sept.  30,  1860.  Issue:  (1)  Ida  E.8 
(Marsh),  b.  July  23,  1861 ;  m.  May  27, 
1884,  Prank  Stratton ;  res.  at  Sherman, 
Texas.  Issue :  (a)  Daniel9  (Stratton),  b. 
March  14,  1885  ;  (2)  Walter  M.8  (Marsh) 
b.  at  Tuscola,  111.,  1865 ;  (3)  Minnie  M.8 
(Marsh),  b.  at  T.,  Aug.  22,  1868 ;  (4) 
Zana8  (Marsh),  b.  at  Sherman,  Texas,  Dec. 
24,  1878 ;  (5)  Edith  Estella8  (Marsh),  b. 
Aug.  11,  1880. 

226  Stiles  Genealogy. 

353.  iv.  John  Albert7,  b.  at  Marshall,  111.,  Sept.  1, 

1847;  m. ,  at  Ulysses,  Pa.,  Jan.  1, 1882. 

354.  v.  Walter  Lyman7,  b.  at  M.,  Oct.  3,  1850;  m. 

in  Kingston,  111.,  Ella  J.  Crosby,  of  K., 
Mch.  8,  1877;  res.  in  K.  Issue:  (1)  Charlie 
W.8  (Cole),  b.  Sept.  14,  1883. 

355.  II.  John  W.6,  b.  Oct.   3,  1815;  m.   (by  Eev.  Henry 

Esten)  Aug.  3,  1854,  his  cousin,  Julia  (dau.  of 
Henry)  Lincoln,  of  Gorham,  N.  Y.  He  was  a 
traveling  dentist;  generally  spent  his  winters  at 
the  south.  It  is  said  that  he  became  wealthy. 
He  was  killed  in.  Illinois,  Oct.  5,  1856,  by  being 
thrown  from  a  carriage  while  riding  with  his 
wife.  No  children.  His  widow  m.  (2d)  Dr.  J. 
A.  Hawley;  res.  (1885)  at  Canandaigua,  N.  Y. 

356.  III.  Maria  J.6,  b.'  June  27,  1816;  m.  Wm.  E.  Sherrett 

(b.  Nov.  20,  1821),  Aug.  9,  1844,  at  Naples,  N. 
Y.  (by  John  Dunton,  Esq.). 

They  resided  at  Naples  for  a  number  of  years; 
rem.  abt.  1854  to  Scio,  N.  Y.,  where  they  re- 
mained 12  years,  then  returned  to  Naples,  where 
they  lived  for  10  years.  At  the  end  of  this 
time  they  moved  back  to  Scio,  where  they  now 
(1885)  reside.  Issue  (first  3  b.  at  Naples,  N.  Y.): 

357.  i.  Marcena7,  b.  1845;  d.  1850. 

358.  ii.  Clara  E.7,  b.   1849;  m.  Aug.    22,  1883,  at 

Scio,  by  Rev.  Jesse  Warrick,  Chas.  H. 
Leutz.  She  was  previous  to  her  mar- 
riage engaged  in  teaching ;  was  also  a  re- 
porter for  newspapers,  magazines,  etc. 
Mr.  Leutz  runs  a  creamery  at  Hornells- 
ville,  N.  Y.,  where  they  reside. 

359.  iii.  J.  Byron7,  b.  Mch.  4,  1851;  has  been  since 

1877,  a  retail  druggist  at  Scio,  N.  Y.; 

360.  iv.  Cora  E.7,  b.  1854;  m.  1878,  at  Naples,  N. 

Y.,  by  Rev. Letts,  John  Dunlop, 

cooper,  of  Fayetteville,  N.  Y.  Issue  (1) 
DeForest8  (Dunlop),  b.  Apr.  10, 1879;  (2) 
Robert8  (Dunlop),  b.  1881;  (3)  Charles 
Byron8  (Dunlop),  b.  Aug.  22,  1883. 

Massachusetts  Family.  227 

361.  IY.  Eliza6;  m. Wood;  res.  (1885)  at  Lowell,  Mich.; 

has  children. 

362.  Y.  Mary6. 

363.  YI.  Emeline  H.6,  b.  May  6,  1824,  at  Naples,  N.  Y.;  m. 

Aug.  14,  1856,  George  D.  Henderson;  P.  O. 
add.  (1885)  Ulysses,  Potter  Co.,  Pa.     Issue: 

364.  i.  Frank  S.7,'b.  May  25,  1857. 

365.  ii.  Wesley  J.T,  b.  Feb.  23,  1860. 

366.  YII.  Samuel6,  b.  Jan.  5,  1827;  m.  Charlotte  Sherrott, 

Nov.  19,  1849.     They  reside  (1885)  at  Genoa, 
DeKalb  Co.,  111.;  no  children. 

Family  31. 

367.  Ahiman5  Stiles  [163]  (Samuel4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Rob- 
ert1),  was  born   Feb.   15,  1785,  without  doubt,  at  Granville, 

Mass. ;  m. .     It  is  said  that  he  went  to  Pittsburg,  Pa., 

and  afterward  died  in  New  Orleans. 

Children : 

368.  I.  John  Wesley6. 

369.  II.  Son6. 

Family  32. 

370.  Philemon5  Stiles  [171]  (Samuel4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  born  July  6,  1792,  in  Granville,  Mass.,  undoubt- 
edly; m.  Jane  Florence,  and  settled  on  the  family  homestead 
at  Canandaigua,  N.  Y.  He  died  at  Port  Gibson,  N.  Y.,  Dec. 
20,  1852.  It  is  said  that  his  estate,  at  the  time  of  his  death, 
was  valued  at  over  $100,000. 

Children : 

371.  I.  Philander6 ;  m. ;  had  a  son  named  Myron;  res.  at 

Rochester,  N.  Y. 

372.  II.  Stephen6;  m.,  and  had  son,  Philemon,  and  2  daus. 

373.  III.  Arthur6;  res.  (1856)  at  Clifton  Springs,  N.  Y. 

374.  IY.  Philemon6  Jr.;  d.  1841,  ae.  about  16. 

375.  Y.  Peter6 ;  d.  in  infancy. 

376.  YI.  Myron6;  d.  in  infancy. 

377.  YII.  Jane6. 

228  Stiles  Genealogy. 

378.  VIII.  Josephine.6 

379.  IX.  Dau.6 

380.  X.  Dau.6 

Family  33. 

381.  Elijah5  Stiles  [172]  (Samuel4,  Job3,  Eobert2  Jr.,  Rob- 
ert1),  was  born  May  27,  1795  ;  ni.  Levinia  Lincoln ;  was  liv- 
ing in  1856  at  Blood's  Corner,  Steuben  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  d. 
,  at  Cohocton  (?),  K.  Y. 

Children : 

382.  I.  Augustus6;  in  1856,  was  living  with  his  parents ; 

was  about  35  years  of  age  at  that  time.     In  1885 
said  to  be  living  at  Jackson  City,  Mich. 

383.  II.  Artemas  L.6;  res.  (1885)  at  Jackson  City,  Mich. ; 

said  to  be  wealthy. 

384.  III.  Mary6;  deceased. 

Family  34. 

385.  Anson  Rose5  Stiles  [173]  (Samuel4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr., 
Robert1),  was  born  Sept.  9,  1797,  at  Canandaigua,  N.  Y.,  prob- 
ably ;  m.  (1)  Jan.  1,  1823,  Laura  Rowley  of  Canandaigua, 
who  d.  June  22,  1838,  se.  31 ;  m.  (2)  Ann  Taylor.  He  resided 
at  Cheshire,  JN.  Y.  (4  miles  south  of  Canandaigua),  and  there 
died  Mch.  4,  1860.  Mrs.  Ann  (Taylor)  Stiles  also  died  at  Che- 

Children  (all  by  1st  marriage) : 

386.  I.  Fidelia6,  b.  Aug.  30,  1823 ;  m.  Ozias  S.  Benham, 

Dec.  5,  1850;  d.  July  2,  1853  ;  no  issue. 

387.  II.  Hiram  Anson6,  b.  Jan.    1,    1826;  m.  Mary  Ann 

Hovey.     Family  67. 

388.  III.  Laura  M.6,  b.  Sept.  29,   1829;  m.  (1)  Elisha  P. 

Beefoe  of  Fitchburg,  Dane  Co.,  Wis.,  at  F.,  June 
15,  1850.  Mr.  B.  d.  Jan.  3,  1858 ;  she  m.  (2) 
Apr.,  1862,  Hiram  Isham;  res.  (1885)  at  Pitts- 
ford,  Hillsdale  Co.,  Mich.  Issue  (by  1st  mar- 
riage) : 

389.  i.  Alice  L.7,  m.  L.  M.  Shaw ;  res.  (1885)  at 

Dry  Creek,  Saline  Co.,  Kans. 

Massachusetts  Family.  229 

390.  IV.  George  W.6,  b.  Mch.  6, 1831 ;  m.  Martha  A.  Davis. 

Family  68. 

391.  Y.  John  E.6,  b.  Aug.  30,  1834.     He  served  several 

years  in  the  Union  Army,  where  he  lost  his  right 
arm  ;  is  married,  but  has  no  children  ;  res.  (1885) 
at  Rochester,  1ST.  Y. 

392.  YI.  Francis  M.6,  b.  May  18,  1838;  res.  (1885)  at  Che- 

shire, Ontario  Co.,  N.  Y.  ;  is  a  carpenter  and 
joiner  by  trade;  m.  Josie  Parshall,  Sept.  13 
(1884) ;  no  children. 

Family  35. 

393.  Roland5  Stiles  [175]  (Samuel4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  at  Canandaigua,  N.  Y.,  April  19,  1800  ;  m. 
Jan.  30, 1825,  Eliza  Cheesebro,  who  was  b.  Jan.  9,  1809.  Her 
ancestors  —  of  Scotch  origin  —  were  from  Massachusetts.  She 
died  about  1882.  Roland  Stiles  labored  on  the  E.  ~N.  Y.  and 
Erie  canal  in  its  incipiency  ;  also  on  the  Old  Aqueduct  at  Roch- 
ester, N.  Y.  He  has  often  been  heard  to  say  that  he  was  at 
Rochester  when  the  settlement  consisted  of  a  dozen  log-houses, 
and  he  could  have  purchased  land  adjacent  at  $1.50  to  $3  per 

He  was  a  farmer  and  lumberman  ;  owned  a  farm  of  several 
hundred  acres,  with  a  saw-mill  at  Spring  vale,  Livingston  Co., 
N.  Y.     His  death  took  place  Nov.  4,  1874. 

Children : 

394.  I.  Dau.6;  d.  in  infancy. 

395.  II.  Dau.6;  d.  in  infancy. 

396.  III.  Sylvester   R.6,   b.   JSTov.    21,  1828;   d.   Aug.  25, 


397.  IY.  Henry  Lincoln  Roland6,  b.    Aug.   11,   1830;  m. 

Margaret   Harrah   and  Clara  Gertrude  Perley. 
Family  69. 

398.  Y.  Loren  Clark6,  b.  Apr.  24,  1832;  m.  LeliaW.  Sum- 

mers.    Family  70. 

399.  YI.  Warren  P.6,  b.  June  9,  1834  ;  died  1863. 

400.  VII.  William  W.6,  b.  Aug.  25,  1836  ;  served  in  the  late 

war  for  the  Union  ;  was  A.  A.  Gen.  of  9th  Mich. 
Cavalry ;  d.  Nov.  4,  1861. 

230  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  36. 

401.  Ezra  Stiles6  [182]  (Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Coverdale,  now  Hopewell, 
Albert  Co.,  N.  B.,  Nov.  27,  1779  ;  m.  Sarah  Hoar ;  resided 
at  Hopewell,  where  he  owned  a  comfortable  farm.  He  died 
May  16,  1855. 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Capt.  David  Stiles  of 
Hopewell,  N.  B.) : 

402.  I.  Miriam7,  b.  Aug.  8, 1803  ;  m.  Daniel  Woodworth  ; 

lived  at  Hopewell,  N.  B.  "  Their  children  are 
all  living  (1885),  and  are  all,  by  industry  and 
frugality,  in  comfortable  circumstances.'"  Issue 
(the  names  of  Mrs.  Woodworth's  children  were 
supplied  by  Mrs.  Tingley,  a  relative  on  the  Hoar 
side  of  the  family) : 

403.  i.  David8;  m. Yergay. 

404.  ii.  Solomon8;  m.  Sarah  Woodworth. 

405.  iii.  Ezra  Stiles8;  m.  Susan  Hunt. 

406.  iv.  Levi8;  m.  Jane  Golds  worthy. 

407.  v.  Daniel8;  m.  Jessie  Brown. 

408.  vi.  Sarah  Jane8;  m.  Richard  (xoldsworthy,  bro. 

to  Jane,  the  wife  of  Levi  Woodworth. 

409.  vii.  Reuben8;  m.   Annie  Hunt,  sister  to  Susan, 

wife  of  his  brother,  Ezra  S . 

410.  viii.  Abigail8;  m.  John  (?)  Cambridge. 

411.  ix.  George8;  m.  Lettie  Kyle,  and  Miss  Smith. 

412.  x.  Mary8;  m.  John  Kyle,  cousin  to  Lettie. 

413.  II.  Reuben7,  b.  Mch.  9,   1805;  m.  Mary  Ann  Peck. 

Family  71. 

414.  III.  Mary7,  b.  Apr.  3,  1807;  m.  John  Ritchie.     She 

d.  1876.     Issue : 

415.  i.  Enoch8. 

416.  ii.  Ezra8. 

417.  iii.  Freeman8. 

418.  iv.  Lorenzo8. 

419.  v.  Son8. 

420.  vi.  Martella8. 

421.  vii.  Louise8. 

422.  IV.  Solomon7,  b.  Mch.  5, 1809;  m.  Ann  Bishop.     Fam- 

ily 72. 

Massachusetts  Family.  231 

423.  V.  Euth7,  b.  Feb.  2,  1811;  m.  John  Barbour,  a  suc- 

cessful farmer.     Issue : 

424.  i.  George8. 

425.  ii.  Ezra8;  m.  Miss  Smith. 

426.  iii.  Priscilla8;  m. Smith. 

427.  iv.  Sarah8;  m. Anderson. 

428.  VI.  Newton7,  b.  Oct.  26,  1815 ;  d.  Dec.  9, 1815. 

429.  VII.  George7,  b.  Feb.  13,  1817 ;  m.  Mary  Steeves,  and 

Mary  J.  Stiles.     Family  73. 

430.  VIII.  Sarah  Jane7,  b.  Apr.  22,  1821;  m.  Elisha  Rogers. 

They  moved  to  Rockland,  Me.     Issue : 

431.  i.  Gertrude8. 

432.  ii.  Emily8  (?). 

Family  37. 

433.  Elisha6  Stiles  [185]  (Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Hopewell,  Albert  Co.,  N. 
B.,  Aug.  11,  1787;  m.  Mary  Hoar.  He  owned  a  good  farm 
in  Albert  Co.,  N.  B.     He  died  Apr.  17,  1817. 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  his  son,  Capt.  David 

434.  I.  David7,  b.  Jan.  13,  1812;  m.  Mary   Ann  Wright. 

Family  74. 

435.  II.  John  Newton7,  b.  Jan.  30,  1814;  m.  Clarissa  Mc- 

Almon,  and  Margaret  Lee.     Family  75. 

436.  III.  Lucy7,  b.  Mch.  22,  1816 ;  m.  John  Towse.     They 

reside  (1885)  in  Sackville,  N.  Y.  Issue:  2  sons 
and  3  daughters.  Capt.  Elisha  Towse,  of  Sack- 
ville, is  their  son. 

Family  38. 

437.  Thomas6  Stiles  [186]  (Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3, 
Robert2  Jr„  Robert1),  was  born  in  Hopewell,  Albert  Co.,  N.  B., 
July  6,  1790;  m.  Eunice  Pierson.  He  was  a  prosperous 
farmer  in  Albert  Co.,  N.  B. 

232  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children   (from   records   furnished   by   his  nephew,  Capt. 
David  Stiles) : 

438.  I.  Thomas7, 

439.  II.  Milledge7, 

440.  III.  William7, 

441.  1Y.  Sabina7, 

all  died  young. 

Family  39. 

442.  Oliver6  Stiles  Jr.  [187]  (Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Hopewell,  Albert  Co.,  N.  B., 
Jan.  6,  1793;  m.  Sarah  Rogers,  who  was  born  Sept.  7,  1795. 
Oliver  Stiles,  as  well  as  his  brother,  was  a  prosperous  farmer 
in  Albert  Co.,  N.  B.     He  d.  June  22,  1883. 

Children : 

443.  I.  Isaac7,  b.  Aug.  30,  1816;  m.  Ellen  Sophia  Irving, 

of  Hillsborough,  N.  B.  He  now  (1885)  resides 
at  Grand  Forks,  Dakota  Ter.,  IT.  S.  A. ;  has  no 

Isaac  Stiles  writes,  "  I  am  6  ft.  3  inches  tall  — 
2  inches  taller  than  my  father.  I  was  the 
tallest  of  the  name  except  Uncle  Ezra.  I  had 
two  sisters,  the  handsomest  women  in  the  coun- 


444.  II.  Margaret',  b.  June  4,  1820  (one  authority  gives 

1818);  m.  Solomon  Pierson.  Issue:  2  daughters. 

445.  III.  Elisha7,  b.  Dec.  21,  1822 ;  m.  Miss  Seeley.     Fam- 

ily 76. 

446.  IV.  Almira7,  b.  Oct,    11,  1829;  m.   (1)  Capt.  Charles 

Mitchell,  of  Nova  Scotia;  (2)  Edward  Bishop, 
Albert  Co.,  N.  B.  She  d.  Aug.,  1881;  left  no 

447.  V.  Susannah7,  b.  Feb.  18,  1833  (1834  is  given  by  one 

authority) ;  m.  Allan  Rohinson,  of  Hopewell, 
N.  B.;  a  farmer.     Issue: 

448.  i.  Paul  C.8,  b.  Nov.  17,  1867. 

449.  ii.  Herman8,  b.  June  1,  1870. 

450.  iii.  Sarah  Elmira8,  b.  June  3,  1872. 

451.  VI.  Fletcher7,  b.  Jan.   2,  1835  (1836  is  given  by  one 

authority);  m.  Margaret  Stiles.     Family  77. 

Massachusetts  Family.  233 

Family  40. 

452.  Stephen6  Stiles  [188]  (Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Hopewell,  Albert  Co.,  New 
Brunswick,  April  8,  1796 ;  married  Elizabeth  Rogers.  He 
was  a  master  mariner  for  a  number  of  years.  He  died  Dec, 

Children : 

453.  I.  Silas7,  b.  March  30, 1820;  m.  Sarah  Rogers.  Family 


454.  II.  Isabella7,  b.  Feb.   16,  1822 ;   m.  George  Hoar,  a 

farmer  of  Hopewell,  N.  B.    She  d.  1867.    Issue  : 

455.  i.  Alonzo8;  d.  young. 

456.  ii.  Stephen  Stiles8;  m.  Susan  Wright  and  Ma- 

nila Strong;  1  child. 

457.  iii.  Frank8;  lost  at  sea. 

458.  iv.  Frances  Isabella8;  d.  young. 

459.  v.  Ezra  Peck8;  m.  Olive  Colpitts. 

460.  vi.  William  C.8;  m.  Carrie  Newcomb. 

461.  vii.  Albert8;  d.  young. 

462.  III.  Martha  R.7,  b.  March  15,  1827 ;  m.  William  Clark 

Wright,  a  farmer  of  Hopewell,  IS".  B.  (b.  June 
10,  1818),  June  24,  1850.     Issue: 

463.  i.  John  Alden8,  b.  Sept.  7,  1852;  d.  March  7, 


464.  ii.  James  Clark8,  b.  July  19,  1854;  m.  Annie 

Z.  Smith,  Feb.  21, 1884.  Issue  :  Harvey 
Starrett9  (Clark),  b.  Jan.  7,  1885. 

465.  iii.  William  Temple8,  b.  March  31,  1858. 

466.  iv.  Sarah  Alberts8,  b.  July  22, 1861 ;  m.  Charles 

Spurgeon  Starrett,  March  27, 18 — .  Is- 
sue :  (1)  Charles  Gordon9  (Starrett),  b. 
July  14,  1885. 

467.  v.  Lizzie  Bell8,  b.  Sept.  8,  1865. 

468.  .        vi.  Albert  Eaton8,  b.  Feb.  8,  1867 ;  employed 

in  Boston,  Mass. 

469.  vii.  Silas  Stiles8,  b.  March  25,  1869. 

470.  IY.  Stephen7,  b.   Oct.  16,  1829.     "At  an  early  age  he 

went  to  the  Western  States  of  America.     It  is 
supposed  that  he  died  in  Texas."     (The  above 

234:  Stiles  Genealogy. 

is  what  the  author  received  from  Stephen 
Stiles'  family.  Later  she  had  sent  her  a  slip 
from  a  Louisiana  paper  containing  the  advertise- 
ment of  a  firm  of  land  agents  in  Austin, 
Texas,  for  the  heirs  of  Stephen  A.  Stiles,  who  was 
murdered  in  1864  in  San  Antonio,  Texas,  the 
parties  advertising  having  charge  of  his  estate. 
Thinking  that  the  murdered  man  and  Stephen 
Stiles  of  Hopewell,  N.  B.,  might  be  the  same 
person,  she  wrote  to  the  advertising  parties,  the 
beginning  of  a  long  correspondence,  the  result  of 
which  was  the  establishment,  to  the  satisfaction 
of  all  concerned,  of  the  identity  of  the  murdered 
man,  and  yet,  the  real  heirs  of  the  man  have  not 
been  able  to  obtain  the  property  to  which  they 
are  clearly  entitled,  owing  to  fraudulent  claims 
from  other  parties.— M.  S.  P.  Gr.,  1887). 

471.  Y.  Elizabeth7,  b.  Dec.  13, 1832,  lives  (1886)  in  Boston, 

Mass. ;  add.  7  Buckingham  st. — not  married. 

472.  YI.  John  K.7,  b.  April  7, 1835 ;  m.  Eliza  Hoar.     Family 


473.  YII.  KateT,  b.  Aug.  27,  1838 ;  m.  (1)  Tinson  Reed  of 

Sackville,  N.  B.;  (2)  Donald  Carmichel  of  St. 
Johns,  N.  B.;  res.  (1886)  at  St.  Johns.  Issue  (by 
1st  mar.) : 

474.  i.  Fred.8;  clerk  in  Boston,  Mass.  (1886). 

475.  ii.  Harry8. 

476.  iii.  Sarah8. 

Family  41. 

477.  Robert6  Stiles  [190]  (Reuben6,  Nathan*  Jr.,  Nathan8, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  the  Parish  of  Coverdale 
(now  Albert  Co.),  New  Brunswick,  July  29,  1790 ;  married 
Charlotte,  dau.  of  Frederick  and  Sarah  ( Woodworth)  Babcock 
of  Cornwallis,  Nova  Scotia,  Oct.  11,  1811.  He  died  1852. 
His  wife  survived  him. 

Children  (this  record  was  copied  from  the  family  Bible  and 
sent  by  William  Bamford  Stiles) : 

478.        I.  Elizabeth6,  b.  Sept.  3,  1812;  m.  William  Colpitts, 
a  farmer;  she  is  not  living. 

Massachusetts  Family.  235 

479.  II.  Reuben6,  b.  Dec.  29,  1813 ;  ra.  Rebecca  Stevens ; 

he  was  a  farmer,  lived  in  Elgin,  N.  B.;  now 
dead  ;  he  had  a  dau.  who  ra.  Oliver  Colpitis. 

[Robert,  born  about  1812,  was  adopted  by 
Robert  Stiles  when  a  young  child,  and  took  the 
family  name  ;  he  m.  and  had  10  children,  5  sons 
and  5  daughters,  8  of  whom  are  still  living ;  are 
all  married  and  settled.  The  father  lived  at  Elgin, 
N.  B.] 

480.  III.  Frederick7,   b.    Dec.   7,  1815  ;  m.   Sarah  Stevens. 

Family  80. 

481.  IV.  Enoch7,  b.  Mch.  19,  1818  ;  m.  Judy  Kay. 

482.  V.  Sarah  Edna7,  b.  Feb.  18, 1820 ;  m.  Solomon  Gildert, 

a  machinist ;  she  is  not  living  (1886). 

483.  YI.  Eunice  Ann7,  b.  Feb.  6,  1823 ;  m.  Lewis  Stevens, 

a  farmer  ;  she  is  not  living. 

484.  VII.  Mary  Charlotte7,   b.   Feb.   6,   1823 ;   m.  Harding 

485.  VIII.  William   Bamford7,  b.   Dec.  13,  1825 ;  m.  Susan 

Friars  and  Adeline  V.  McKeen.     Family  81. 

486.  IX.  George   Chandler7,   b.    Sept.   7,    1828;  m.  Annie 

Peck.     Family  82. 

487.  X.  Ruth  Alice7,  b.  Dec.  25,  1833  ;  m.  John  A.  Bleak- 

ney,  a  machinist ;  she  is  not  living. 

488.  XI.  Levina  Jane7,  b.  Apr.  11,  1835  ;  d. ;  unm. 

489.  XII.  Stephen   Milledge7,   b.   May  21,   1838 ;  m.   Kate 

Bourne.     Family  83. 

Family  42. 

490.  Enoch6  Stiles  [191]  (Reuben6,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Coverdale,  now  Albert  Co., 
N.  B.  ;  it  is  to  be  presumed ;  m. ,  and  died  since  1852. 

He  had  6  children;  some  of  them  are  still  (1886)  living. 
[We  had  reason  to  expect  that  the  names  and  ages  of  Enoch 
Stiles'  children,  as  well  as  other  facts,  would  be  furnished.] 

236  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  43. 

491.  John6  Stiles  [196]  (Israel5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Pictou,  N.  S.,  May  24, 
1813 ;  m.  June  22,  1810,  Sarah  (dau.  of  Donald  and  Nancy) 
Fraser,  born  at  West  River,  Pictou  Co.,  N.  S.,  June  15,  1815. 

Young  John  Stiles  was  an  earnest  scholar.  When  a  boy  he 
had  to  walk  four  miles  to  attend  school.  At  the  age  of  14  he 
left  his  father's  farm  to  learn  the  printer's  trade  in  the  office 
of  the  Colonial  Patriot,  the  first  newspaper  published  in  Pic- 
tou. The  name  was  afterward  changed  to  the  Bee.  Young 
Stiles  was  continued  in  the  office,  and  he  also  continued  his 
studies.  Upon  attaining  his  majority  he  bought  out  the  paper, 
and  on  becoming  editor  and  proprietor  of  the  establishment  he 
changed  the  name  of  his  paper  to  the  Mechanic  and  Farmer. 
This  he  published  for  four  years,  when  he  sold  out  and  moved 
to  Boston,  Mass.,  June  1, 1844.  Here  he  was  engaged  in  print- 
ing and  commercial  pursuits  until  1852,  when  he  started  the 
International  Journal,  which  paper  he  edited  and  published 
for  several  years  mainly  in  the  interest  of  reciprocity,  and  had 
much  to  do  with  the  passage  of  the  "  Reciprocity  Treaty." 

He  went  to  Washington,  D.  C,  in  1861,  and  was  the  first 
editor  of  the  Washington  Chronicle,  John  W.  Forney,  Secre- 
tary of  .the  United  States  Senate,  being  proprietor  of  the  paper. 
In  addition  to  his  writings  he  took  an  active  part  in  the  trying 
times  of  the  Civil  War  as  a  member  of  the  sanitary  commis- 
sion, and  on  many  occasions  rendered  valuable  service  in  the 
field  with  Gen.  Grant's  army,  and  at  other  points.  At  City 
Point,  Ya.,  he  narrowly  escaped  with  his  life  on  one  occasion, 
and  at  the  battle  of  Winchester.  Ya.,  uuder  Gen.  Milroy,  in 
1864,  he  was  captured  by  the  Confederates  and  taken  to  Rich- 
mond, where  he  was  confined  in  Libby  Prison.  He  had  the 
good  fortune,  however,  to  be  released  in  a  month,  and  returned 
to  his  family  in  Washington.  He  was  an  ardent  Republican, 
and  for  several  years  edited  the  Republic  of  Washington,  pub- 
lished in  the  interests  of  the  Republican  party.  He  was  an 
intimate  friend  of  Senator  Zachariah  Chandler,  afterward  Sec- 
retary of  the  Interior,  under  whom  he  was  chief  of  the  Appoint- 
ment Division. 

He  was  an  able  and  earnest  writer  on  political  economy,  the 
tariff,  and  many  of  the  important  topics  of  the  day,  and  con- 

Massachusetts  Family.  237 

tributed  largely  with  his  pen  to  several  of  the  principal  papers 
of  the  country,  and  had  a  large  and  commanding  acquaintance 
with  many  of  the  prominent  men  of  his  day.  He  died  March 
1,  1880,  at  Washington,  D.  C,  an  honored  member  of  the  4th 
Presbyterian  C  hurch  of  that  city.  [The  foregoing  sketch  of 
John  Stiles  was  furnished  by  his  son,  Lt.  D.  F.  Stiles,  who 
also  collected  the  records  of  the  descendants  of  Israel  Stiles 
that  are  given  in  this  work .  ] 
Children  : 

492.  I.  Daniel  Frazer7,  b.  June  5, 1841 ;  m.  Maggie  Webb. 

Family  84. 

493.  II.  Valentine  Nelson7,   b.  Sept.    25,   1843 ;  m.  Maria 

V.  Wrae.     Family  85. 

494.  III.  Charles  Callender7,  b.  June  9,  1845;    m.  Emma 

Wiggins.     Family  86. 

495.  IV.  Elizabeth  Jane7,  b.  at  Chelsea,  Mass.,  Feb.  1, 1848  ; 

m.  April  16,  1874,  at  Washington,  D.  C,  Allen 
Wall,  who  was  born  at  Monongahela  City,  Pa., 
Feb.  6,  1837.     Issue  (b.  at  Washington,  D.  C.)  : 

496.  i.  Arabella8,  b.  Jan.  23,  1875. 

497.  ii.  Joseph  Stiles8,  b.  Oct.  3,  1876. 

498.  Y.  Isaac  Langworthy7,  b.  at  Chelsea,  Mass.,  Sept.   5, 

1850 ;  d.  at  C,  Oct.  11,  1851. 

Family  44. 

499.  Daniel6  Stiles  [197]  (Israel5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3, 
Robert8  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Pictou,  Nova  Scotia,  Aug.  10, 
1815  ;  married  Margaret  Hogg  of  Pictou,  April  7,  1842.  She 
was  born  at  Dumfrieshire,  Scotland,  Feb.  23,  1823. 

During  his  boyhood,  Daniel  Stiles  lived  at  home,  and  when 
not  attending  school  worked  on  his  father's  farm  and  in  his 
sawmill.  He  learned  the  carpenter's  trade,  and  after  removing 
to  Boston,  Mass.,  engaged  in  business  there  as  a  carpenter  and 

Children : 

500.  I.  Elizabeth  Ann7,  b.  Jan.  10,  1844  ;  m.  George  W. 

Johnston,  Dec.  19,  1865.     Issue  : 

501.  i.  William8. 

502.  ii.  Charles8. 

238  Stiles  Genealogy. 

503.  II.  Eobert7,  b.  Oct.  13,  1845  ;  d.  Nov.  1,  1858. 

504.  III.  Sarah  Jane7,  b.  June  25,  1847. 

505.  IY.  Charles  Melville7,  b.  Sept.  13,1849;  d.  April  18,1851. 

506.  V.  John  Howard7,  b.  Dec.  25,  1851;  hi.  Barbara  Lil- 

lian Roddick.     Family  87 . 

507.  YI.  Albert  H.7,  b.  March  29, 1856  ;  d.  Feb.  21, 1870. 

508.  VII.  Reuben  Dickson7,  b.  Oct.  5,  1860. 

509.  VIII.  William  H.7,  b.  May  29,  1864. 

510.  IX.  George  Johnston7,  b.  June  6,  1866. 

Family  45. 

511.  Nathan6  Stiles  [198]  (Israel5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan', 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lyons  Brook,  Pictou,  Nova 
Scotia,  Jan.  14,  1817;  married  Jane  Matherson  of  Rogers  Hill, 
Oct.  17,  1855.  He  was  always  farming  and  milling ;  resides 
on  the  old  family  homestead. 

Children : 
512.         I.  John  William7,  b.  Dec.  25,  1856 ;  m.  Addie  Mc- 
Donald.    Family  88. 
Elizabeth  Catharine7,  b.  July  11,  1859. 
Clara  Bell7,  b.  Aug.  19,  1861. 
James  Isaac7,  b.  Nov.  24,  1865. 
Charles  Watson7,  b.  April  27,  1875. 

Family  46. 

517.  Charles  William6  Stiles  [201]  (Israel5,  Nathan4  Jr., 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Pictou,  Nova  Sco- 
tia, February  22,  1822 ;  married  Margaret  Sutia  Robinson  of 
Providence,  R.  I.,  Oct.  4, 1849.  Mr.  Stiles  removed  to  Boston, 
Oct.  1,  1843 ;  went  to  Charleston,  S.  C,  in  1844 ;  in  1848  was 
living  at  New  Orleans  ;  settled  permanently  at  Charleston  in 
1859.  He  was  always  identified  with  the  military,  and  during 
the  Civil  War  took  sides  with  the  Confederates  where  he  lived, 
and  with  whom  he  served  as  Senior  Captain  in  the  15th  South 
Carolina  Militia.  At  this  time  (1885)  he  is  an  officer  of  the  La- 
fayette Artillery  Light  Battery,  So.  Car.  Militia,  and  is  engaged 
in  business  as  a  dealer  in  artists'  materials,  paints,  glass,  etc. 

Child : 
518.        I.  Jane7,  d.  in  infancy. 









Massachusetts  Family.  239 

Family  47. 

519.  George  Johnston6  Stiles  [202]  (Israel5,  Nathan4  Jr., 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Pictou,  Nova  Sco- 
tia, Mch.  23,  1824 ;  m.  Josephine  Montcrief  (dau.  of  Thomas) 
Street,  of  Salern,  Mass.  He  learned  the  printing  and  publish- 
ing business  in  all  its  details  at  Boston,  Mass.,  and  became  a 
partner  in  the  well-known  firm  of  Rand,  Avery  &  Co.,  of 
Cornhill,  Boston  ;  is  now  (1890)  in  business  for  himself  at  24 
Franklin  st.,  Boston. 

Children : 

520.  I.  Josephine  Montcrief,  b.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Mch. 

29,  1850;  ra.  Nov.  4,  1868,  Rev.  George  Wash- 
burn Fuller.  Mr.  Fuller  was  born  at  Need- 
ham,  Mass.,  July  11,  1846 ;  was  ordained  to  gos- 
pel ministry  at  West  Sumner,  Me.,  June  15, 
1870 — denomination  Baptist;  res.  (1885)  at 
Hyannis,  Mass.     Issue : 

521.  i.  Walter  Sargent8,  b.  at  Paris,  Me.,  Sept.  15, 


522.  ii.  Margaret  M.8,  b.  at  Jay,  Me.,  July  31,  1873. 

523.  iii.  Mary8. 

524.  iv.  Clarence  Doane8,  b.  at  Hyannis,  Mass.,  Apr. 

12,  1882. 

525.  II.  Charles  Somerville7,  b.  at  Somerville,  Mass.;  m. 

Sadie  A.  White.     Family  89. 

526.  III.  Harriet  Hyde7,   b.   at    Boston,  Mass.;    m.  S.   J. 

Pearsal,  of  New  York,  where  they  now  (1885) 
reside.     Issue : 

527.  i.  Grace  Leigh8. 

528.  ii.  Edith  J.8;  d.  in  infancy. 

529.  iii.  Annie  Sykes8. 

530.  IV.  George  Andover7,  b.  at  Andover,  Mass.;  m.  Maria 

Victoria  Murray.     Family  90. 

531.  V.  Benjamin  Augustus  Bulson7,  b.  atRoxbury,  Mass.; 

m.  1885  or  1886. 

Family  48. 

532.  Dan6  Stiles  [223]  (Stephen5,  Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Rob- 
ert2 Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Shoreham,  Rutland  Co.,  Vt., 

240  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Feb.  23,  1779.  [It  seems  hardly  probable  that  the  parents  of 
Dan  Stiles  could  have  removed  to  Yermont  as  early  as  1779, 
though  the  record  of  his  birth  is  furnished  by  a  descendant  of 
his.]  He  married  Lucinda  Hickok  (b.  Sept.  12, 1786)  at  Shore- 
ham,  Yt.,  Feb.  5,  1803.  He  died  at  West  Chazy,  N.  Y.,  Jan. 
6,  1826,  and  is  there  buried.  Mrs.  Lucinda  (Hickok)  Stiles  d. 
Aug.  14,  1865. 
Children : 

533.  I.  Stephen  Bliss7,  b.  Jan.  31,  1804;  d.  Jan.  13,  1826, 

at  West  Chazy,  N.  Y. 

534.  II.  Mary7,  b.  Mch.  30,  1805. 

535.  III.  Sylvanus    H.7,  b.    May    23,   1806  ;    m.  Esther   J. 

Brown.     Family  91. 

536.  IY.  Leonard  M.7,  b.  Mch.  21,   1808  ;  m.  Mary  Sher- 

man.    Family  92. 

537.  Y.  Angeline7,  b.  Oct.  29,  1809  ;  dec'd. 

538.  YI.  Lucinda7,  b.  Oct.  3,  1813 ;  dec'd. 

539.  YII.  Lucius7,  )  (  m.  Permelia  Parks. 

}  b.  Mch.  26,  1816  ;  \      Family  93. 

540.  VIII.  Lucia7,    j  (  dec'd. 

541.  IX.  Keuben7,  b.  Aug.  26,  1818;  m.  Phebe  A.  Hickok. 

Family  94. 

542.  X.  Rachel7,  b.  May  8,  1821,  in  Chazy,  N.  Y.;  m.  L. 

O.  Johnson,  Oct.  4,  1843 ;  res.  (1885)  at  Mans- 
field, Tioga  Co.,  Pa.  Issue  (all  b.  in  Troy, 
Bradford  Co.,  Pa.) : 

Richard  Morell8,  b.  Aug.  15,  1845. 

Mary  Emeline8,  b.  Sept.  28,  1847. 

Henry  Stiles8,  b.  Jan.  15,  1849. 

Harriet  Delphine8,  b.  Dec.  29,  1850. 

Julius  Reuben8,  b.  Sept.  28,  1853. 

Julia  Olivia8,  b.  Nov.  17,  1855. 

Lucy  Adelaide8,  b.  Oct.  8,  1857. 

Laura  Elvira8,  b.  Feb.  22,  1860. 

Bliss7,  b.  Apr.  11,  1826. 

Family  49. 

552.  Stephen6  Stiles  [228]  (Asa5,  Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Rob- 
ert2 Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Hebron,  Conn.,  in  1793 ;  m.  (1) 
Electa  Fields,  who  died  at  West  Chazy,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  15,  1833; 


















XL  Irena 

Massachusetts  Family.  241 

(2)  Elizabeth  Barnes,  who  d.  Oct.  22,  1837.     Mr.  Stiles  died 
at  West  Chazy,  Aug.  16,  1836. 
Children  (by  1st  marriage) : 

553.  I.  M.  Milenda7,  b.  Dec.  5,  1818;  m.  Pike  Watson, 

Feb.  3,  1836.  She  died  at  West  Chazy,  K  Y., 
May  7,  1845.     Mr.  W.  still  survives  her  (1886). 

554.  i.  Electa8,  b.  Feb.  25,  1838;  d.  Oct.  22,  1845. 

555.  ii.  Dexter  L.8,  b.   Oct.  28,  1839;  enlisted  in 

Co.  H,  13th  Eegt.  111.  Vols.,  in  the  late 
war;  d.  from  wounds  received  in  the  bat- 
tle of  Vicksburg,  Miss.,  Dec.  29,  1862. 

556.  iii.  Angeline  A.8,  b.  May  12,  1842;  m.  Louis  S. 

Ellithorpe,  Mch.  28,  1865.  They  res. 
at  East  Burlington,  111.  Issue:  (1)  Lettie 
Leola9  (Ellithorpe),  b.  Sept.  7,  1868. 

557.  II.  Olive7,  b.  Feb.  4,  1821;  m.  Horace  Merrihew;  res. 

(1886)  at  West  Chazy,  N.  Y.  She  d.  at  W.  C, 
Sept.  28,  1887.     Issue : 

558.  i.  Adeline  E.8,  b.  Aug.  13,  1844 ;  d.  Feb.  1, 


559.  ii.  Lucy8,  b.   Dec.  25,  1851;   m.  Arthur  Mc- 

Biinney.  Issue:  (1)  Olive  L.9  (McKin- 
ney),  b.  Dec.  1, 1876;  (2)  Bertha9  (McKin- 
ney),  b.  May  29,  1879. 

560.  III.  Thomas  W.7;  d.  Feb.  10,  1830. 

561.  IV.  Stephen  J.7,  b.  Nov.  14,  1826  ;  m.  S.  Jane  Hay. 

Family  95. 

562.  Y.  Livona  E.7,  b.  at  West  Chazy,  K  Y.,  Aug.  3, 1830; 

m.  Hiram  Clark  (b.  at  West  Chazy,  N.  Y.,  Apr. 
24,  1827),  Nov.  3,  1852.  They  res.  (1886)  at 
West  Chazy,  where  Mr.  C.  is  a  prominent  citizen 
and  a  prosperous  and  successful  merchant.  Mrs. 
Livona  E.  (Stiles)  Clark  d.  Jan.  5,  1889.  She 
was  a  fine,  valuable  woman,  and  is  greatly  la- 
mented.    Issue : 

563.  i.  Eva  L.8,  b.  Mch.  7, 1855;  m.  John  W.  Har- 

ris, Dec.  26,  1874;  res.  Louisville,  Ky. 
Issue:  (1)  Charles  L.9  (Harris);  (2)  Bessie 
J.  L.9  (Harris) ;  (3)  Clark9  (Harris) ;  (4) 
Edward9  (Harris). 

242  Stiles  Genealogy.' : 

564.  ii.  Adelaide  O.8,  b.  July  16,  1857. 

565.  iii.  Wm.  Henry8,  b.  Mch.   16,  1860;  m.  Nov. 

10, 1889,  Mary  Jenette  Norcross;  res.  W. 
Chazy,  N.  Y. 

566.  iv.  Carrie  E.8,  b.   Oct.  19,  1862 ;  m.  Wm.  E. 

Clough,  M.  D.,  Jan.  7,  1885;  res.  (1886) 
West  Chazy,  N.  T. 

567.  v.  Hiram8  Jr.,  b.  Oct.  9,  1870. 

Family  50. 

568.  Col.  Ezra6  Stiles  [230]  (Asa5,  Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Eob- 
ert2  Jr.,  .Robert1),  was  born  at  Shoreham,  Addison  Co.,  Yt., 
Sept.  28,  1798;  m.  at  West  Chazy,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  24, 1821,  Miss 
Harriet  Rublee,  who  was  born  Aug.  12, 1804,  and  is  still  (1886) 
living  at  Fort  Covington,  N.  Y. 

In  February,  1813,  Ezra  Stiles  volunteered  in  the  War  of 
1812;  was  wounded  in  an  engagement  at  Chateangay  River, 
N.  Y.,  Oct.  26,  1813.  He  was  in  the  battles  of  the  taking  of 
Fort  Erie,  July  3,  1814;  at  Chippewa,  July  5,  1814,  and  at 
the  sortie  from  Fort  Erie,  Sept.  17,  1814,  when  the  British 
forces  were  compelled  to  raise  the  siege.  He  was  discharged 
June,  1815. 

Col.  Stiles  was  a  prominent  man  during  all  his  active  life ; 
was  merchant,  postmaster  and  justice  of  the  peace  for  many 
years;  was  Inspector  of  Customs,  also,  Col.  of  the  N.  Y.  Mili- 
tia for  a  long  period.     He  died  at  Fort  Covington,  Aug.,  1880. 

Children : 

569.  I.  Mariam7,  b.  May  5,  1822;  m.  Ransom  B.  Crippen, 

Sept.  15,  1838.  She  died  at  Fort  Covington, 
N.  Y.,  Nov.  13,  1884.  Mr.  C.  died  Dec.  21, 
1884.     Issue: 

570.  i.  Harriet  S.8;  m.  Thomas  C.  Scarcliff;  res. 

(1886)  at  Independence,  Iowa.  Issue:  (1) 
Miriam  Lillian8  (Scarcliff),  age  20  years; 
m.  Robert  F.  Clark,  of  Parsons,  Me.,  June 
17,  1890;  (2)  Thomas  C.9  (Scarcliff),  age 
9  years. 

571.  II.  Ezra  W.7,  b.  at  Chateaugay,  N.  Y.,  May  27,  1827; 

m.  Mary  Amina  McLaughlin.     Family  96. 

Massachusetts  Family.  243 

572.  III.  Lucy  A.7,  b.  Apr.  1,  1838 ;   m.  (1)  Joseph  But- 

tolph,  Oct.  1,  1860.  Mr.  B.  d.  Mcli.  26,  1881 ; 
in.  (2)  Samuel  S.  Clark  Aug.  23,  1882;  res. 
(1886)  at  Ohateaugay,  N.  Y.  She  d.  at  C.  Nov. 
20,  1887.     Issue  (by  1st  marriage) : 

573.  i.  Hattie  S.8  (Buttolph),  b.  Feb.  11,  1864 ;  d. 

Feb.  14,  1880. 

574.  ii.  George  H.8  (Buttolph),  b.  Jan.  8, 1868. 

575.  IV.  Ann  Hale7,  b.  July  16,  1840 ;  m.  at  Fort  Coving- 

ton, N.  Y.,  Nov.  26,  1857,  George  W.  Paddock, 
who  was  b.  June  6,  1834;  res.  (1886)  at  Fort 
Covington.     Issue : 

576.  i.  Orra  F.8,  b.  June  19,  1858  ;   m.  Feb.  22, 

1878,  Miss  Carrie  Briggs ;  res.  (1890)  at 
Jamaica  Plain,  Mass.  Issue :  (1)  Edith9 
(Paddock) ;  (2)  Mildred9  (Paddock) ;  (3) 
Henry  T.9  (Paddock),  b.  Sept.  13,  1887. 

577.  ii.  Ezra  Stiles6,  b.  Aug.  22,  1861. 

578.  iii.  Miriam8,  b.  July  11, 1870 ;  m.  Oct.  24, 1889, 

"William  Q.  Donovan,  of  Ft.  Covington, 

579.  iv.  John  B.8,  b.  Sept.  12,  1874. 

Family  51. 

580.  Warren6  Stiles  [231]  (Asa5,  Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Kob- 
erta  Jr.,  Kobert1),  was  born  1800  at  West  Chazy,  Clinton  Co., 
N.  Y.;  m.  Clarissa  Dutcher,  who  was  born  in  Washington  Co., 
N.  Y.,  Mch.  12,  1800.  Mr.  Stiles  was  a  merchant  at  Platts- 
burgh,  N.  Y.,  during  the  years  immediately  preceding  1835, 
when  he  removed  from  P.  [to  what  place  has  not  been  stated 
with  certainty,  though  it  is  thought  he  went  to  the  "  Black 
Kiver  Country,"  N.  Y.].  In  1837  he  removed  to  Iowa,  and 
in  1838  bought  a  large  tract  of  land  10  miles  from  Iowa  City 
and  2  miles  from  Solon  and  followed  farming  until  the  break- 
ing out  of  the  gold  fever,  when  he  went  to  California.  He  had 
started  for  home  when  it  was  discovered  that  there  was  a  case 
of  cholera  on  board  the  vessel  [it  was  in  the  cholera  season  of 
1849]  in  which  he  had  taken  passage.  The  report  caused  a 
panic.  The  vessel  was  run  into  a  bog  in  San  Francisco,  and  it 
is  generally  supposed  that  all  on  board  died  of  cholera,  although 

244  Stiles  Genealogy. 

it  is  thought  by  some  that  Mr.  Stiles  was  murdered  for  bis 
money,  as  he  was  known  to  have  had  considerable  with  him 
when  he  started  for  home.  [The  above  facts  were  reported  to 
the  family  of  Mr.  Stiles  by  a  friend  who  saw  him  just  before 
his  departure  for  home.] 

After  her  husband's  death  Mrs.  Stiles  managed  the  farm  and 
cared  for  her  six  children,  gave  them  all  a  good  common 
school  education,  and  saw  them  all  comfortably  settled  in 
homes  of  their  own.  She  lived  to  the  advanced  age  of  80  years, 
which  is,  perhaps,  remarkable,  considering  her  life  of  hardship 
and  severe  toil,  for  it  was  a  new  country  to  which  she  and  her 
husband  brought  their  young  family,  and  the  Indians  were  for 
years  their  near  neighbors  ;  but  Mrs.  Stiles  belonged  to  a  long- 
lived  family,  her  mother  haviug  reached  nearly  100  years  at  the 
time  of  her  death.  Mrs.  Clarissa  (Dutcher)  Stiles  died  at 
Solon,  Iowa,  Dec.  23,  1880. 

Children  (the  first  4  were  born  in  N.  T.) : 

581.  I.  Sabinus7,  b.  July  17,  1825 ;  m.  Mary  Ann  Hoff- 

man.    Family  97. 

582.  II.  Caroline   Hannah7,  b.  Mch.  18,  1828  (prob.) ;  m. 

Straudard  De  Yault,  a  wealthy  farmer ;  resided 
(1885)  near  Solon,  Iowa.  Mrs.  Hannah  (Stiles) 
De  Yault  d.  June  12,  1881,  se.  53  years.     Issue : 

583.  i.  Son8;  d.  se.  2  yrs. 

584.  ii.  Newton8;   is   well    educated;    has  been   a 

teacher ;  m.  a  lady  who  was  a  teacher ;  has 
3  children. 

585.  iii.  Helen8. 

586.  iv.  Stephen8;  is  a  farmer. 

587.  v.  Lafayette8. 

588.  vi.  Lena8. 

589.  vii.  David8. 

590.  III.  Mary7,  b.  Mch.  19,  1832 ;   m.  Wm.  K.  Chandler, 

who  was  b.  in  Ohio.  He  was  a  person  of  good 
education  and  held  several  important  offices  at 
different  times.  The  greater  portion  of  his  life 
was  spent  in  farming,  although  in  early  life  he 
was  for  a  time  a  clothing  merchant. ,  He  died  in 
Iowa  City,  Iowa,  aged  38. 

Since  the  death  of  her  husband  Mrs.  Chand- 
ler and  her  daughter  have  carried  on  their  farm 

Massachusetts  Family.  245 

of  145  acres,  situated  three  and  one-half  miles 
from  Iowa  City,  themselves  —  quite  successfully, 
too,  it  would  appear.     Issue  : 

591.  i.  Lizzie  M.8,  b.   May  18,  1856;  grad.  High 

School ;  also  took  a  special  course  at  the 
Iowa  State  University,  and  was  afterward 
engaged  in  teaching ;  m.  Apr.  9,  1890, 
Stephen  A.  Sunier,  a  native  of  France. 
Child :  Eugene  Chandler9  (Sunier),  b.  Jan. 
25,  1891. 

592.  ii.  Milo  W.8 ;  deceased. 

593.  IY.  Franklin7,  b.  Dec.  27,183-;  m.  Delila  Elseandra. 

Family  98. 

594.  Y.  Frederick7,  b.  May  12,  1839  ;  m .  Susan  A.  Dotey. 

Family  99. 

595.  YI.  Clarissa7,  b.  July  23,  1846 ;  m.  Henyon,  who 

was  engaged  in  several  occupations,  principally 
farming.  Mrs.  Henyon,  as  well  as  her  brothers 
and  sisters,  was  possessed  of  wonderful  executive 
ability,  and  lived  an  eventful  life.  She  d.  Jan., 
1880.     Issue : 

596.  i.  Warren8 ;  conductor  on  a  railroad. 

597.  ii.  George8 ;  employed  on  a  railroad. 

598.  iii.  Alice8. 

599.  iv.  Lewis8. 

600.  v.  Mary8. 

601.  vi.  Charles8. 

Family  52. 

602.  Seymour  B.9  Stiles  [247]  (Ebenezer5,  Stephen4,  Na- 
than3, Eobert2  Jr.,  Eobert1),  was  born  at  Brandon,  Yt.  (prob.), 
Mch.  25,  1807 ;  m.  Miss  Jones  of  Salisbury,  Yt. ;  moved  to 
Delaware,  Ohio,  where  he  was  living  in  1885. 

Children  : 

603.  I. 7. 

604.  II.  7. 

246  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  53. 

605.  Philander8  Stiles  [249]  (Ebenezer5,  Stephen4,  Nathan3, 
.Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Brandon,  Vt.,  July  5, 1812 ; 
in.  Phebe  Cutler  of  Brandon,  where  both  are  still  living  (1885). 

Children : 

606.  I.  Diana  E.7.  b.  July  10,  1844;  d.  Aug.  30,  1875. 

607.  II.  Charlotte7,  b.  Jan.  25,  1853 ;  d.  Feb.  26,  1883. 

Family  54. 

608.  SylYanus"  Stiles  [257]  (Samuel5,  Stephen4,  Nathan3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Canton,  St.  Lawrence  Co., 
N.  Y.,  Aug.  2,  1809  ;  moved  to  DeKalb,  in  the  same  county, 
in  1823  ;  m.  1832,  Susanna  Greene.  He  owned  a  large  farm, 
which  he  sold  in  1882,  finding  himself  getting  too  old  to  man 
age  it.  He  now  (1886)  res.  with  his  son  Levi  at  De  K.  Mrs. 
Susanna  (Greene)  Stiles  died  Jan.  12,  1883. 

Children  : 

609.  I.  Levi7,  b.  July  1,  1833;  m.   Emma  L.  Eastman. 

Family  100. 

610.  II.  Laura7,  b.  Feb.  19,  1835  ;  m.  Feb.,  1872,  Hamilton 

Stuart ;  resides  at  De  Kalb,  N.  Y. ;  P.  O.  add. 
Hermon,  IS .  Y.     Issue : 

611.  i.  Anna8,  b.  Jan.  15,  1875. 

612.  III.  Asa7,   b.   July   11,   1837;    m.   Amy   Weymouth. 

Family  101. 

613.  IV.  Martin  L.7,  b.  Feb.  22,  1843  ;  m,  Emma  L.  Noble. 

Family  102. 

Family  55. 

614.  Samuel  Seneca6  Stiles  [258]  (Samuel5,  Stephen4,  Na- 
than,3 Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Canton,  N.  Y.,  June  26, 
1811 ;  m.  Charlotte  Sternberg  in  1835.  He  died  at  Canton, 
Feb.  11,  1880. 

Children : 
615.        I.  Ezra7,  b.  Sept.  19, 1836  ;  m.  Janette  Clark.   Family 

Massachusetts  jFamifo/.  247 

616.  II.  Niles7,  b.  June  15,  1838 ;  grad.  at  St.  Lawrence 

University,  also  from  the  Law  School.     He  d.  at 
Russell,  N.  Y.,  in  the  spring  of  1861. 

617.  III.  Ann7,  b.  May  22,  1841 ;  m.  John  Inly,  1863 ;  res. 

(1885)  at  Saratoga,  N.  Y.     Issue  : 

618.  i.  Viva  L.8,  b.   March   15,    1864 ;    m.   1882, 

Thos.  Kirkland;  resided  at  Canton,  N". 
Y. ;  Mrs.  Yiva  Kirkland  d.  Dec.  1,  1855. 
Issue:  Maud9  (Kirkland),  b.  April  25, 

619.  ii.  Cora  A.8,  b.  Nov.  3,  1869. 

620.  IY.  Henry7,    b.    Jan.    23,    1844;  m.    Kittie  Cotter. 

Family  104. 

Family  56. 

621.  George?  Stiles  [260]  (George5,  Benjamin4,  Lt.  Amos3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  South  Coventry,  Conn.,  1808  ; 
married  Caroline  Price. 
Children  : 

622.  I.  Laura7. 

623.  II.  Ida7. 

Family  57. 

624.  Jasper6  Stiles  [268]  (George5,  Benjamin4,  Lt.  Amos3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  South  Coventry,  Conn.,  in 
1815;  married  Sophronia  Walworth ;  resided  1885,  at  Gibson, 
Susquehanna  Co.,  Penn. 

Children : 

625.  I.  Clementina7. 

626.  II.  Jasper  Gilbert7.     [A  traveling  correspondent  of  the 

Christian  Leader  (Universalist)  sends  to  that 
paper,  for  its  issue  of  Aug.  6, 1885,  the  following 
denominational  information  from  Gibson,  Penn. : 
"  Mr.  J.  G.  Stiles,  the  foremost  worker  here,  is 
still  suffering  greatly  from  his  old  complaint, 
rheumatism,  which  has  incapacitated  him  for  our 
labor  for  several  years,  and  deprived  him  of  the 
use  of  his  limbs."] 

248  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  58. 

627.  Ezra6  Stiles  [269]  (George5,  Benjamin4,  Lt.  Amos3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  South  Coventry,  Conn., 
March  4,  1817;  married,  March  24,  1839,  his  cousin,  Cynthia 
Ann,  dau.  of  Edmund  and  Wealthy  (Loomis)  Stiles.  She 
was  born  at  Herkimer,  Herkimer  Co.,  N.  ¥.,  Jan.  22,  1812. 
She  died  at  Willimantic,  Conn.,  Jan.  4, 1886,  of  typhoid  fever. 
Ezra  Stiles  was  a  dentist  by  profession,  and  was  generally 
called  "  Dr.  Stiles."  "  While  in  his  infancy  his  parents  re- 
moved to  Pennsylvania,  where  he  remained  until  he  was 
twenty  years  of  age,  when  he  returned  to  Conn,  and  took  up 
the  profession  of  dentistry  and  opened  an  office  in  Danielson- 
ville.  He  resided  there  some  eight  or  nine  years  and  then  re- 
moved to  Norwich,  a  larger  field  for  the  practice  of  his  pro- 
fession, in  which  he  had  become  quite  skilled,  and  had  achieved 
a  fine  reputation.  During  his  residence  in  Norwich  he  became 
connected  with  the  Central  Baptist  Church,  and  was  one  of  its 
most  valued  members.  He  took  a  deep  interest  in  the  welfare 
of  this  church,  and  served  as  a  member  of  the  society's  com- 
mittee, and  filled  also  the  office  of  treasurer.  In  1865,  he  gave 
up  the  practice  of  his  profession  and  removed  to  South  Wind- 
ham, and  engaged  in  the  grocery  business  with  his  son  George 
E.  Stiles.  In  1870  they  came  to  Willimantic  and  opened  a 
wholesale  and  retail  grocery,  flour  and  provision  store  in  the 
building  now  occupied  by  Durkee,  Stiles  &  Co.  The  firm 
transacted  a  large  and  successful  business  until  Jan.,  1879, 
when  they  sold  out  to  Buck  &  Durkee.  Since  that  time  Dr. 
Stiles  has  not  been  an  idler,  his  real  estate  interests  in  Willi- 
mantic, Norwich  and  elsewhere  requiring  a  good  share  of  his 
time  and  attention.  He  united  with  the  Baptist  Church  in 
Willimantic,  in  March,  1876,  and  since  that  time  he  has  been 
an  active,  useful  and  highly-respected  member,  willing  at  any 
and  all  times  with  counsel  and  purse  to  aid  in  any  department 
of  church  work,  and  ever  on  the  alert  to  promote  the  interests 
of  the  church  and  society. 

"  The  Baptist  denomination  in  the  State  has  probably  no 
firmer  adherent  to  its  tenets  than  was  Dr.  Stiles,  and  no  one  who 
would  uphold  its  creed  with  more  resoluteness  of  purpose. 
Morally  he  was  above  reproach.  He  professed  to  be  a  Christian, 
and  so  far  as  he  was  able  he  lived  up  to  his  profession.     A 

Massachusetts  Family.  249 

man  of  intelligence  and  well-balanced  mind,  he  was  slow  in 
forming  an  opinion,  but  when  once  formed  he  held  to  it  with 
tenacity.  As  a  business  man  he  was  the  soul  of  honor  and  in- 
tegrity, and  combining  with  these  good  judgment  and  shrewd 
business  tact,  he  achieved  success  and  accumulated  a  handsome 
property.  Politically  he  was  a  Whig,  in  the  days  of  that 
party,  and  naturally  became  a  Republican  when  the  party  was 
organized,  and  has  since  remained  a  firm  supporter  of  its  prin- 
ciples. He  was  not,  however,  a  seeker  of  political  preferment, 
and  while  never  hesitating  to  express  his  sentiments  through 
the  ballot,  shrank  from  the  turmoil,  strife  and  annoyance  inci- 
dent to  public  office.  Dr.  Stiles  was  pre-eminently  a  home 
man,  pnd  spent  all  his  leisure  hours  with  his  family.  Home 
was  the  most  attractive  spot  for  him,  and  here  is  where  his  loss 
will  be  most  keenly  felt.  Truly  in  this  family  circle  a  chain 
of  love  whose  links  have  been  steadily  growing  stronger  and 
stronger  as  the  years  rolled  by,  has  been  suddenly  broken,  and 
a  light  which  grew  brighter  and  brighter  with  the  lapse  of 
time,  has  gone  out  forever.  On  Sunday,  Feb.  22,  he  attended 
church  as  usual,  but  complained  during  the  day  of  feeling 
chilly.  On  Monday  he  was  about  the  house,  but  was  hoarse, 
and  retired  at  an  early  hour  in  the  evening  apparently  suffering 
from  a  bad  cold.  Tuesday  morning  there  being  no  improve- 
ment manifest  in  his  condition,  a  physician  was  called,  and  in 
this  connection  it  is  worthy  of  note,  that  so  far  as  is  known  this 
was  the  first  time  a  physician  had  ever  been  called  in  his  behalf. 

"  His  disease  speedily  developed  into  bronchial  pneumonia, 
and  resisted  all  efforts  for  its  removal.  The  insidious  malady 
slowly  but  surely  sapped  the  vital  energies  of  the  naturally 
vigorous  constitution,  but  the  change  came  so  gradually  that  his 
family  and  friends  had  no  fear  for  his  ultimate  recovery  until 
within  two  or  three  days  of  his  death.  Dr.  Stiles,  however, 
evidently  realized  his  critical  condition,  and  on  Friday  morning, 
ten  days  from  the  time  the  physician  was  summoned,  he  called 
the  several  members  of  the  family  to  his  bedside  and  talked 
with  each  one  separately  and  for  the  last  time.  A  few  hours 
later  the  beating  pulse  was  hushed,  and  the  eyes  were  closed  in 
the  long  dreamless  sleep  of  death. 

"  His  mind  remained  clear  up  to  the  hour  of  his  dissolution, 
and  death  came  to  him  peaceful  and  painless,  on  Friday,  Jan. 
6,  1885.— From  The  Willimantic  Chronicle,  Jan.  13,1885. 

250  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children : 

628.  I.  George  Edmund7,  b.  June  24,  1843 ;  m.  Helen  E. 

Hatch.    Family  105. 

629.  II.  Wealthia  Elizabeth7,  b.  at  Danielsonville,  Conn., 

July  22,  1848;  m.  (1)  Jan.  1,  1876,  Geo.  K 
McFarland  ;  (2)  Dec.  17,  1880,  Dr.  F.  S.  Blood ; 
res.  (1885)  at  Willimantic,  Conn. 

Family  59. 

630.  Edmund  Alonzo6  Stiles  [293]  (Edmund5,  Benjamin4, 
Lt.  Amos3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Guilford,  Conn., 
Jan.  12,  1818;  m.  Sophia  Sweet,  daughter  of  Dr.  Charles 
Sweot,  the  famous  "  bonesetter."  Edmund  A.  Stiles  is  a. 
farmer;  res.  (1885)  at  Lebanon,  Conn. 

Children : 

631.  I.  Ella  M.7;  m.  1876,  William  Blanchard ;  no  issue. 

632.  II.  Eliza7;  m.  1880,  Irwin  Hewitt. 

Family  60. 

633.  Edward  Lorenzo6  Stiles  [294]  (Edmund5,  Benjamin4, 
Lt.  Amos3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Guilford,  Conn., 
Feb.  1,  1820;  m.  1844,  Amelia  Maynard,  of  Lebanon,  Conn. 
He  was  a  farmer.     He  died  at  Lebanon,  Conn.,  Jan.  19,  1884. 

Children : 

634.  I.  Edward  Alonzo7,  b.  Sept.  30,  1845;  m.  Edna  Cran- 


635.  II.  Charles  L.7;  d.  Nov.  25,  1883. 

Family  61. 

636.  Charles  Phelps6  Stiles  [297]  (Job  Phelps5,  Job4  Jr., 
Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  July  12,  1797,  according 
to  the  record  furnished  by  his  daughter,  Mrs.  Henrietta  Hunt, 
of  Montpelier,  Yt.;  but  this  conflicts  with  the  various  historical 
accounts  which  state  that  the  first  white  child  born  in  what  is 
now  Cleveland,  Ohio,  was  born  during  the  winter,  and  as  there 
is  no  question  about  Charles  P.  Stiles  being  that  child,  we  will 

Massachusetts  Family.  251 

leave  the  matter  of  dates  to  be  settled  by  the  descendants  of 
Charles  P.  Stiles  and  the  historians.  He  m.  at  Castleton,  Vt., 
Mrs.  Susan  (Irish)  Wetmore  (or  Whitmore,  as  spelt  on  the 
Castleton  Records).  She  was  born  in  1804,  in  Ira,  Vt.,  and 
m.  (1)  Samuel  Wetmore,  who  died  in  a  little  over  a  year  after 
their  marriage,  and  by  whom  she  had  one  son.  She  died  at 
Beaver,  Iroquois  Co.,  111.,  Apr.,  1862.  Mr.  Stiles  died  at  the 
same  place,  Julv,  1882. 

Children   (from   records  furnished   by   Mrs.    L.   Henrietta 
[Stiles]  Hunt) : 

637.  I.  Wesley7,  born  and  died  1824.    (Probably  this  child 

was  by  Mrs.  Stiles'  first  marriage,  although  the 
fact  was  not  mentioned  by  the  sender  of  the  rec- 

638.  II.  Lydia  Henrietta7,  b.   Jan.  3,  1826;   m.  Wm.  H. 

Hunt,  July  25,  1847;  res.  (1885)  at  Montpelier, 
Yt.     Issue : 

639.  i.  Adeline  Elizabeth8. 

640.  ii.  Charles  William8. 

641.  iii.  Franklin  Augustus8. 

642.  iv.  Hattie  Louisa8. 

643.  III.  Frederick  Augustus7,  b.  1828;  d.  1858. 

644.  IV.  Julia  Elizabeth7,  b.  1831;  d.  1848. 

645.  V.  Mary  Adeline7,  b.  1833;  d.  1855. 

646.  VI.  Harriet  Maria7,  b.  1836;  d.  1859. 

647.  VII.  John  Edward7,  b.  1839;  m.  Jane  Hodnut.     Family 


Family  62. 

648.  Rev.  William  Melvin6  Stiles  [307]  (Bliss5,  Jobj  Jr., 
Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Chester,  Warren  Co., 
N.  Y.,  July  4,  1815.  He  was  left  an  orphan  at  the  age  of  8 
years,  his  father's  death  occurring  at  this  time,  his  mother 
having  died  when  he  was  but  2  years  old.  After  the  death  of 
his  father,  he  was  taken  into  the  family  of  his  grandfather  Mills, 
where  he  remained  and  worked  on  the  farm  until  he  was  18, 
when  he  went  to  learn  the  tanner's  trade  of  a  Mr.  Robinson, 
who,  with  his  wife,  were  very  devoted  members  of  the  Metho- 
dist Church.     While  with  them  young  Stiles  experienced  re- 

252  Stiles  Genealogy. 

ligion  and  united  with  the  Methodists.  In  the  spring  of  1834 
(this  date  probably  should  be  1837)  he  left  JS".  Y.,  and  went  to 
Ohio,  and  hired  himself  to  a  man  named  Boland,  working  at 
his  trade  for  a  short  time;  but  feeling  that  his  heavenly  Father 
had  other  work  for  him  to  do,  and  being  urged  by  his  breth- 
ren, he  decided  to  enter  the  ministry. 

In  Ohio  he  became  acquainted  with  a  very  humble  and  de- 
voted people  called  "  United  Brethren  in  Christ,"  and  feeling 
that  with  these  people  he  could  do  the  most  good  for  the  cause 
of  his  Master,  he  united  with  them,  and,  receiving  a  license  to 
preach,  entered  the  itiner,acy.  For  sixteen  years  he  labored  as 
a  circuit  preacher.  On  Dec.  23,  1841,  he  was  married  to  Han- 
nah M.  Stauffer.  In  1851  he  removed  from  Ohio  to  a  small 
village  in  Iowa,  named  Vinton,  the  county  seat  of  Benton 
county.  At  the  time  there  were  no  churches,  and  meetings 
were  held  in  cabins  and  small  school-houses,  people  coming 
eight  and  ten  miles  through  the  mud  and  snow  to  hear  the 
preaching.  Large  societies  were  soon  formed,  and  churches 
were  built,  proving  the  success  of  his  ministry.  In  1857  he 
was  elected  presiding  elder,  and  in  1864  was  chosen  delegate 
to  the  general  conference.  After  traveling-  many  years  as  pre- 
siding elder  his  health  failed,  and  in  1866  he  was  obliged  to 
locate,  since  which  time  he  has  been  unable  to  travel.  In  1885 
he  removed  to  Ainsworth,  Brown  county,  Neb.,  where  he  is  at 
present  (1886)  residing. 

Children  : 

649.  I.  William   H.7,   b.    Jan.    18,    1843 ;    m..  Maria   M. 

Squires.     Family  107. 

650.  II.  Joseph7,  b.  Aug.  5,  1846. 

651.  III.  Mary  L.7,  b.  Mch.  23, 1848 ;  m.  Samuel  T.  Coldren. 

652.  IY.  Emma  J.7,  b.  Apr.  2,  1850  ;  in.  Joseph  Legare  in 

1859 ;  she  d.  Jan.  9,  1870. 

653.  Y.  Anna  M.7,  b.  Oct.  23, 1852  ;  m.,  as  2d  wife,  Joseph 

Legare,  widower  of  her  sister  Emma  J. ;  she  d. 
Aug.  1,  1885.     Issue : 

654.  i.  8 ;  died  young. 

655.  ii.  8 ;  died  young. 

656.  iii.   8 ;  died  young. 

657.  iv.  Dan.8,  who  was  past  2  years  old  at  the  time 

of  her  mother's  death. 

Massachusetts  Family.  253 

658.  VI.  George  Edwin7,  b.  Dec.  15,  1862  ;  is  fitted  for  any 
sort  of  business  ;  is  now  (1885)  engaged  in  teach- 
ing school ;  resides  at  Jefferson,  Green  Co.,  Iowa. 

Family  63. 

659.  Jeremiali6  Stiles  [316]  (Roger5,  John4,  Job3,  Robert2 
Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  East  Granville,  Mass.,  June  5,  1807; 
in.  Dec.  25,  1828  (by  Rev.  Timothy  M.  Cooley),  Mary  Crocker 
of  Granville.  (This  marriage  is  recorded  at  Granville.)  Jere- 
miah Stiles  died  at  Barkhampstead,  Conn.,  Nov.  1,  1831;  Mrs. 
Mary  (Crocker)  Stiles  died  afterward  at  the  same  place. 

Child  : 

660.  I.  Mary7,  b.   Mch,  7,  1831 ;  m.  Lorenzo  Phelan  of 

East  Granville,  Mass. ;  she  d.  Apr.  18,  1854,  se. 
23.     Issne : 

661.  i.  Nellie8 ;  m.  William  Pomeroy  ;  res.  at  E. 


662.  ii.  Mary8 ;  m.  ■ Knox  ;  res.  at  Blandford, 


Family  64. 

663.  Dr.  John  Alsop6  Stiles  [317]  (Roger5,  John4,  Job3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  East  Granville,  Mass.,  May 
3,  1809.  He  attended  the  Medical  College  at  Pittsfield,  Mass., 
and  possibly  one  of  the  medical  schools  of  Vermont.  He  m. 
(1)  Feb.  18,  1836,  at  Benson,  Vt.  (when  of  Springfield,  Mass.), 
Maryett  (dan.  of  Dr.  Rowland)  Cooley  of  Benson.  She  was  born 
July  16, 1807,  at  Granville,  Mass. ;  died  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.,  Mch. 
1,1839.'  Hem.  (2)  Jan.  22,  1841,  Mary  Ann  (dau.  of  Luman) 
Keyes  of  St.  Joseph  Co.,  Ind.;  she  was  born  in  Monroe  Co.,  N. 
V.,  Dec.  27,   1816  ;  died  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.,  July  3,  1850. 

Dr.  Stiles  died  at  Mishawaka,  Nov.  19,  1850,  of  organic 
disease  of  the  brain,  se.  41  yrs.  6  mos.  15  days.  "  His  funeral 
was  attended  at  the  Presbyterian  church  by  a  large  concourse 
of  his  fellow-citizens." 

The  following  sketch  was  published  in  a  local  paper  soon 
after  Dr.  Stiles'  death  : 

"  Dr.  Stiles  located  in  this  place  fourteen  years  ago  with  the 
view  of  practicing  his  profession,  which  he  has  done  with  emi- 
nent success  and  ability. 

254:  Stiles  Genealogy. 

"  It  will  be  but  paying  a  feeble  tribute  to  his  memory  to  say 
that  the  community  mourns  his  loss  as  a  worthy  citizen,  an 
esteemed  friend  and  a  faithful  and  well-tried  physician.  For 
years,  in  many  families,  Dr.  Stiles  has  been  the  mainstay  and 
hope  in  the  gloomiest  hours  of  sickness  and  suffering,  fear  and 
anxiety,  for  which  his  memory  will  long  be  cherished.  Truly 
it  may  be  said  of  him  :  Where  disease  was,  there  he  was  with 
his  science  and  his  art,  ever  ready  to  administer  to  frail  mor- 
tality the  balm  of  the  last  earthly  hope.  In  Dr.  Stiles  we  may 
recognize  one  who  loved  his  profession  as  a  high  and  honorable 
calling,  worthy  of  better  motives  than  those  of  sordid  gain.  He 
dispensed  his  remedies,  and  gave  his  counsel  alike  to  the  rich 
and  poor.  He  dispensed  them  to  do  good.  While  his  profes- 
sion was  used  as  a  means  of  obtaining  a  livelihood,  he  ever 
spurned  him  who  recklessly  practiced  medicine  as  a  trade,  but 
never  knew  it  as  a  science.  He  was  uncompromising  in  his 
hostility  to  quackery  in  medicine,  and  instead  of  pandering  to 
the  prejudices  nursed  in  the  community  by  unprincipled  pre- 
tenders in  the  healing  art,  he  ever  sought  to  correct  them  by 
an  appeal  to  reason,  and  the  light  of  science." 

Resolutions  of  respect  to  the  memory  of  Dr.  Stiles  were 
passed  by  the  physicians  of  South  Bend  and  Mishawaka. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage,  born  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.)  : 

664.  I.  Jane7,  b.  Dec.  17,  1836  ;  d.  Jan.  30,  1840. 

665.  II.  Alsop  C.7,  b.  Jan.  21,  1838  ;  m.  Augusta  W.  Wil- 

liams.    Family  108. 

(By  2d  marriage,  b.  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.) : 

666.  III.  Chester  Lee7,  b.  Dec.  20,  1842;  m.  Hannah  Mil- 

burn.     Family  109. 

667.  IV.  Mary  Ardella7 ;  d.  Apr.  5,  1844,  ae.  1  yr.  5  mos.  2 


668.  Y.  Fannie7,  b.  Mch.  5,  1845  ;  m.  May  13,  1868,  at  the 

First  Christian  Church,  Chicago,  111.,  by  Rev. 
Ira  J.  Chase,  to  Dr.  Byron  R.  (son  of  Washing- 
ton)   O'Connor.*     Dr.    O'Connor   was  born  at 

*  Washington  O'Connor  was  cousin  to  the  late  Charles  O'Connor,  Esq.,  of 
New  York  city.  According  to  an  article  in  the  Boston  Sunday  Globe,  of  Mch. 
21,  1886  [which  contained  a  partial  list  of  New  England  descendants  of 
Kings]  Chas.  O'Connor  [and,  of  course,  his  cousin]  was  a  descendant  of 
Cathol  Croagh  Deary  O'Connor,  the  fifty-first  king  of  Connaught,  himself 
a  brother  of  the  last  king  of  Ireland,  who  died  in  1198. 

Massachusetts  Family.  255 

East  Cleveland,  Ohio,  Aug.  12,  1838  ;  removed 
with  his  parents  to  Mishawaka,  Ind.,  grad.  at  the 
Penn.  University  of  Medicine  and  Surgery,  at 
Philadelphia,  after  which  he  practiced  his  pro- 
fession, at  Mishawaka,  for  several  years  very 
successfully.  *  Mrs.  Fannie  (Stiles)  O'Connor, 
before  her  marriage,  was  for  3  years  a  student  at 
Hillsdale  Coll.,  but  preferring  to  fit  herself  for 
a  music  teacher,  she  left  college  and  entered  the 
music  school  in  Boston,  of  which  Prof.  B.  F. 
Baker  was  president.  In  1881,  Dr.  O'Connor 
and  family  removed  to  Cloverdale,  Chautauqua 
Co.,  Kans.,  where  they  are  at  present  (1885) 
engaged  in  stock  raising.     Issue : 

669.  i.  May8,  b.  Sept.  5,  1870  ;  d.  Feb.  11, 1871. 

670.  ii.  Eugenie8,  b.  June  29,  1872. 

671.  iii.  Armon8,  b.  June  29,  1876. 

672.  Y.  Jay7,  b.  May  28,  1847;  d.  Nov.  10,  1853. 

673.  YL  John  K.7,  b.  June  24,  1850 ;  d.  Oct.  4,  1851. 

Family  65. 

674.  Charles  Spelman6  Stiles  [335J  (Eoger5,  John4,  Job3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  East  Granville,  Hampden 
Co.,  Mch.  22,  1823.  In  1832  his  family  removed  to  Chicopee 
Falls,  Mass.,  where  he  afterward  lived ;  m.  (1)  Nov.  14, 
1847,  Henrietta  O.  (dau.  of  Wranslow)  Holton  of  Duinmers- 
ton,  Yt.,  she  d.  at  Chicopee  Falls,  Mass.,  July  19,  1856,  aged 
29  yrs.;  m.  (2)  Nov.  14,  1856,  Ann  (dau.  of  Rodolphus)  Dewey 
of  South  Royalton,  Yt.,  who  d.  Dec.  25,  1864,  aged  30  years; 
m.  (3)  Sept.  23,  1866,  Sarah  Abigail  (dau.  of  Jonathan)  Clark 
of  Minot,  Me.  Mr.  Stiles  resides  at  Chicopee,  Mass.,  where  he 
follows  the  occupation  of  market  gardener. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage)  : 

675.  I.  Charles  Spelman7  Jr.,  born  Dec.  4,  1848 ;  grad.  at 

Amherst  College,  class  of  1871 ;  admitted  to  the 
New  York  bar  May  16,  1878  ;  res.  at  Chicopee, 
Mass. ;  unm. 

676.  II.  George  Millard7,  b.  Feb.  14, 1850 ;  d.  May  10, 1856, 

se.  6  yrs. 

256  Stiles  Genealogy. 

677.  III.  Alice  Elizabeth7,  b.  Mch.  29,  1854;  m.  (1)  at  Chi- 

copee  Falls,  Mass.,  May  23,  1873,  Col.  (son  of 
Joseph)  Bullock  of  Kattleville,  N.  Y.,  who  died 
at  Chicopee  Falls,  May  2,  1877,  aged  27  years. 
She  m.  (2)  at  Manchester,  N.  H.,  Dec.  26,  'l 883, 
George  Thomas,  son  of  Edward  Thomas  of 
County  Essex,  England.    Issue  (by  1st  marriage)  : 

678.  i.  Delia  Louisa8,  b.  June  5,  1874;  d.  Apr.  9, 

1877,  se.  2  yrs.  10  mos. 
(By  2d  marriage) : 

679.  1Y.   Arthur  Henry7,  b.  Aug.  17, 1862  ;  grad.  at  the  New 

York  College  of  Pharmacy,  class  of  1885. 

Family  66. 
680.  Col.  John  Wesley6  Stiles  [345]  (Oratha5,  Samuel4,  Job3, 
Robert2  Jr.,   Robert1),   was  born  in  Kew  York  city,  Jan.  31, 
1811 ;  m.  Aug.  20,  1836,  Elizabeth  F.  Taylor,  who  died  on  her 

60th  birthday,  Aug.  2,  1879. 

Col.  Stiles  was  educated  iu  New  York,  and  entered  the  ship- 
ping business  there.  He  soon  formed  a  partnership  with  the 
late  Marshall  O.  Roberts,  but  later  engaged  in  business  for  him- 
self. An  account  of  him  in  1856  states  that  he  was  then  a 
dealer  in  dye  woods.  At  the  outbreak  of  the  war  he  closed  up 
all  business  affairs,  and  set  out  for  Washington  May  27,  1861, 
at  the  head  of  the  9th  Regt.  of  the  State  National  Guard. 
Their  first  duty  was  to  relieve  the  7th  Regt.,  then  stationed  at 
the  Capitol,  in  order  that  the  latter  might  return  to  protect  New 
York.  Shortly  afterward  the  9th,  then  the  83d  New  York 
Vols.,  went  into  active  service.  While  under  the  command  of 
Col.  Stiles  the  regiment  participated  in  the  following  battles  : 
Harper's  Ferry,  July  4,  1861 ;  Cedar  Mountain,  Aug.  9,  1862; 
Rappahannock  Station,  Aug.  20,  1862 ;  Thoroughfare  Gap, 
Aug.  28,  1862;  Bull  Run,  Va.,  Aug.  30,  1862;  Chantilly, 
Sept.  1,  1862  ;  South  Mountain,  Md.,'  Sept.  14,  1862  ;  Anti'e- 
tam,  Sept.  17,  1862;  Fredericksburg,  Dec.  13,  1862.  (From 
a  printed  memorial  sheet  of  Co.  G,  9th  N.  Y.  Regt.)  Col. 
Stiles  retired  from  the  command  of  the  regiment  Jan.  18,  1863, 
and  returned  to  New  York  with  his  health  entirely  shattered. 

He  was  unable,  in  this  condition,  to  re-enter  business ;  but 
having  a  natural  taste  for  mechanics  he  turned  his  attention  in 

Massachusetts  Family.  257 

that  direction,  and  became  an  inventor.  His  hydrostatic  gauge 
won  the  gold  medal  in  1884  at  the  American  Institute.  His 
daughter  says :  "  If  my  father  had  made  science  the  business 
of  his  life,  there  would  have  been  more  heard  of  him  than  will 
now  be  the  case;  he  wasareal  student  all  his  life."  Col.  Stiles 
died  at  No.  281  Fourth  avenue,  New  York  city,  Sept.  16,  1885. 
Children : 

681.  I.  Maria  Louisa7,  b.  Oct.  15,  1837;  m.  Horace  Jones 

Fairchild,  Oct.  19,  1853 ;  res.  (1891)  in  New 
York.     Issue: 

682.  i.  Constance  Louisa8,  b.  Feb.  19,  1857,  in  Man- 

chester, Lancashire,  Eng. ;  d.  se.  2  yrs.  10 

683.  ii.  Edith  Hope8,  b.  Sept.  21, 1859,  in  New  York 


684.  iii.  Horace  Jones8,  b.  Nov.  11,  1861 ;  d.  Oct.  3, 


685.  iv.  Henry  Martyn8,  b.  in  New  York  city,  Dec. 

28,  1862. 

686.  v.  Arthur  Stiles8,  b.  Jan.  31,  1867,  in  South- 

port,  Lancashire,  Eng. 

687.  •     vi.  Helen   Marguerite8,   b.    Feb.    18,  1872,  in 

Bowden,  Cheshire,  Eng. 

688.  vii.  Christine  Marie8,  b.  Jan.  30, 1876,  in  Altrin- 

cham,  Cheshire,  Eng. 

689.  II.  Andrew  Bennett7,  b.  July  10,  1841 ;  m.  Frederica 

Augusta     Nystrom    and    Augusta    Whiternan. 
Family  110. 

690.  III.  Thomas  Edwin7,  b.  Oct.  27, 1843  ;  d.  Dec.  24, 1879. 

Family  67. 

691.  Hiram  Anson6  Stiles  [387]  (Anson  Rose5,  Samuel4, 
Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  near  Canandaigua,  On- 
tario Co.,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,'  1826 ;  m.  March  27,  1855,  at 
Belvidere,  Boone  Co..  111.,  by  Elder  Roe,  Mary  A.  (dau.  of 
Harvey  C.  and  Clarissa)  Hovey  of  Lower  Salem,  Washington 
Co.,  Ohio ;  moved,  the  same  year,  to  Clear  Lake,  Iowa,  and  to 
Kansas  in  1866  ;  res.  (1885),  at  Pavilion,  Wabaunsee  Co.,  Kan., 
where  he  is  extensively  engaged  in  the  business  of  horticulture, 
possessing  an  apple  orchard  of  30  acres,  besides  several  \acres 

258  Stiles  Genealogy. 

of  small  fruits  of  those  varieties  that  are  adapted  to  that  section 
of  country.     He  is  also  largely  engaged  in  stock  raising. 

Mr.  Stiles  has  held  the  position  of  secretary  of  the  Wa- 
baunsee Co.  Horticultural  Society  ever  since  its  organization, 
over  10  years  ago  (written  1885).  This  entitles  him  to  a  life 
membership  in  the  State  Society. 

Children  : 

692.  I.  Albert    H.7,   b.    May  16,    1856;    m. . 

Family  111. 

693.  II.  Charles  H.7,   b.   Oct.  1,  1859,  at  Elk  Grove  (now 

Ellington),  Hancock  Co.,  Iowa;  res.  at  Pavilion, 
Kansas,  owning  a  farm  adjoining  that  of  his 

694.  III.  Benjamin  B.\  b.  at  Elk  Grove,  Dec.  6,  1862. 

695.  IY.  Harvey  C.7,  b.  at  Pavilion,  Kan.,  June  19,  1869. 

696.  Y.  Herbert  M.7,  b.  P.,  Dec.  11,  1871. 

Family  68. 

697.  George  W.6  Stiles  [390]  (Anson  Rose5,  Samuel4,  Job8, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Cheshire,  Ontario  Co.,  N. 
Y.,  March  6,  1831  ;  m.  at  Wellsville,  Allegany  Co.,  N. 
Y.,  March  18,  1855,  Martha  A.  (dau.  of  Jesse  and  Dorothy) 
Davis.  They  located  at  Ellington,  Hancock  Co.,  Iowa.  Mr. 
Stiles  enlisted  Dec.  12,  1861,  in  Co.  C,  12th  U.  S.  (Iowa?) 
Regt.,  for  3  years.  His  death,  which  occurred  Sept.  10,  1862, 
was  caused  by  the  shock  of  an  exploding  shell.  He  died  and 
is  buried  near  Georgetown,  D.  C.  "  He  served  his  country 
faithfully."  His  widow  m.  (2)  a  Mr.  Young  of  JBelvidere, 
Boone  Co.,  111. 

Children  : 

698.  I.  Willie7,  b.  July  18,  1859,  at  Canandaigua,  Ontario 

Co.,  N.  Y.;'d.  at  C,  Sept.  27,  1859. 

699.  II.  Moses  Elmer7,  b.  Aug.  24,  1861,  at  Ellington,  Han- 

cock  Co.,  Iowa;  res.  (1890)   at  Belvidere,  111., 
where  he  is  engaged  in  mercantile  business. 

M.  E.  Stiles  m.  April  3,  1889,  Carrie  May  (dau. 
of  August  and  Frederica)  Rubeck,  all  of  Belvi- 
dere, 111. 

Massachusetts  Family.  259 

Family  69. 

'  TOO.  Henry  Lincoln  Roland6  Stiles  [397]  (Roland5, 
Samuel4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Spring  water, 
Livingston  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  11,  1830;  married  (1)  April  10, 
1859,  at  Cumberland,  Guernsey  Co.,  Ohio,  Margaret  S.  Har- 
rah,  who  was  born  at  Cumberland,  Sept.  H,  1813.  She  died  at 
Joplin,  Jasper  Co.,  Mo.,  Feb.  26,  1875  ;  m.  (2)  Clara  Gertrude 
Perley  of  Boston,  Mass.  After  his  first  marriage  he  settled 
at  Sharon,  Noble  Co.,  Ohio.  In  1881,  was  living  at  Los  Angeles, 
Cal.,  where  he  was  engaged  in  the  stationery  business;  rem. 
in  1885  to  JSTorwalk,  Los  Angeles  Co.,  Cal.,  where  he  still  (1891) 

Biographical  Sketch. 

Henry  Lincoln  Roland  Stiles,  born  at  Springwater,  Livings- 
ton Co.,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  11,  1830,  enjoyed  the  educational  advan- 
tages usually  attainable  in  a  rural  district,  and  improved  them 
well,  being  a  boy  of  good  parts  and  active  intelligence. 

When  he  was  about  14  years  of  age  his  father  met  with  re- 
verses in  the  lumber  business,  so  that  the  boy  was  obliged  to 
commence  his  own  life-work.  In  the  following  May  he  ac- 
companied two  families  of  friends  in  emigrating  to  Wisconsin, 
then  only  to  be  reached  by  a  tedious  journey  by  canal  and  lake 
boats.  A  year  was  spent  at  Milwaukee,  mostly  in  enjoying 
"  the  shakes "  (i.  e.,  fever  and  ague),  and  at  Elkhorn,  Wis. 
He  then  went  to  Concord,  Mich.,  where,  for  eighteen  months, 
he  occupied  himself  in  learning  the  trade  of  cabinet-making, 
and  in  attending  school.  He  next  accepted  a  clerkship  in  the 
store  of  his  cousin,  Otis  Lincoln,  of  Jackson,  Mich.,  with  whom 
he  remained  until  the  discovery  (in  1849)  of  the  California 
gold  mines.  Fired  with  the  excitement  which  then  pervaded 
the  country,  and  under  an  arrangement  with  his  cousin,  Mr. 
Lincoln,  by  which  the  latter  was  to  furnish  his  outfit,  young 
Stiles  started  for  the  "  Land  of  Gold."  Meeting  in  New  York 
city  with  his  cousins,  Hiram  (son  of  Anson)  Stiles  and  Samuel 
H.  (son  of  Epaphroditus)  Stiles,  who  were  bound  on  the  same 
errand,  they  joined  what  was  known,  and  extensively  adver- 
tised, as  "  French's  Overland  California  Express,"  which  held 
out  the  delusive  hope  of  putting  its  passengers  "  Through  in 
Sixty  Days."     This  expedition,  the  proposed  route  of  which 

260  Stiles  Genealogy. 

was  from  New  York  to  New  Orleans  by  steamer,  thence  by 
mule  and  horse-train  to  Galveston,  Indianola,  Port  Lavaca, 
San  Antonio  de  Bexar,  De  Castro ville,  El  Paso,  Relief  and 
Comanche  Springs  to  the  Rio  Grande  at  Franklin,  was  devised 
and  managed  with  a  degree  of  crookedness  which  disclosed  it- 
self before  the  steamer  (which  carried  the  "  first  division ") 
fairly  left  the  harbor  of  New  York,  on  the  4th  of  March,  1850. 
At  New  Orleans  this  division*,  to  which  the  three  Stiles'  boys 
belonged,  was  joined  by  the  "  second  division,"  under  com- 
mand of  Capt.  French  himself.  From  that  point,  as  the  "  true 
inwardness"  of  Capt.  French's  intentions  gradually  disclosed 
themselves  to  the  already  suspicious  emigrants,  their  confidence 
gradually  waned,  until,  at  Franklin,  on  the  Rio  Grande,  and 
on  the  verge  of  the  Mexican  border,  they  appointed  a  commit- 
tee to  confer  with  the  captain;  and,  if  the  conference  was  not 
satisfactory,  to  seize,  hold  and  sell  the  property  of  the  expedi- 
tion for  the  behoof  of  the  emigrants  themselves.  As  Capt. 
French  would  not  yield,  this  was  done,  and  the  expedition 
broke  up  into  several  companies,  or  trains,  each  of  which  took 
its  own  share  of  the  property,  as  arranged  by  the  committee, 
and  each  took  measures  to  find  its  way  across  Mexican  terri- 
tory to  California. 

The  party  to  which  Henry  L.  R.  Stiles  and  his  cousins  attached 
themselves  numbered  about  40,  under  command  of  A.  F. 
Corse  as  captain,  and  selected  a  route  via  Carolitas,  Lower 
Gila  river,  to  strike  the  California  coast  about  seventy -five  miles 
above  the  Gulf  of  California.  When  fairly  entered  upon  the 
Great  Dry  lake  (a  desert  of  forty  miles  in  width)  their  supply 
of  water  gave  out  and,  though  they  pushed  bravely  on,  the 
sufferings  of  the  men  and  beasts  became  terrible.  In  the 
midst  of  this  trouble  they  found  themselves  under  the  lead  of 
a  guide  who  was  a  pretender,  and  who  did  not  know  the  route. 
They  now  became  thoroughly  demoralized  and  sought  to  re- 
trace their  steps.  The  sufferings  caused  by  the  lack  of  water 
were  now  intense.  One  man  found  a  land  turtle  which  he  ate 
alive;  others  cut  the  throat  of  a  half-famished  mule  and  eagerly 
drank  his  blood;  medicines,  and  even  urine,  was  drank  by 
others,  and  thus,  under  a  scorching  snn  and  in  deep  sand,  they 
struggled  on  in  desperate  haste,  but  with  enfeebled  frames. 
They  finally  reached  the  mountain  of  El  Paso,  and  there  found 
the  springs  which  to  them  was  salvation  from  the  most  horrible 

Massachusetts  Family.  261 

of  deaths.  Reorganizing  here,  they  again  took  up  the  route  to 
California,  via  Chihuahua  and  Durango  to  Mazatlan,  on  the 
Pacific  coast,  said  to  be  a  distance  of  1200  miles.  Shortly  after 
this,  Henry  L.  R.  Stiles'  horse  was  taken  from  him,  on  some 
pretext,  by  Mexican  officials,  and  those  belonging  to  Hiram  and 
Samuel  Stiles  were  stolen.  Being  horseless,  they  took  passage 
with  an  empty  train  going  south,  and  after  a  fatiguing  journey 
of  150  miles,  on  foot  and  in  Mexican  carts  (the  most  diabolical 
vehicles  ever  invented),  they  reached  Durango.  Here  the 
three  Stiles  and  a  companion  purchased  a  horse,  for  $400, 
which  ultimately  turned  out  to  be  blind,  though  of  great  sa- 
gacity and  sure  of  foot.  Upon  him  they  packed  their  bedding 
and  traps,  and  all  went  tolerably  well,  until,  in  crossing  the 
mountains,  the  animal  lost  his  footing  and  fell  over  a  precipice, 
after  which  they  had  to  convey  their  luggage  on  poles  —  a  la 
palanquin.  They  reached  Mazatlan,  Dec.  4,  1850,  eight 
months'  time  from  Jackson,  Mich.,  and  forty-eight  hours  too 
late  to  catch  the  transient  steamer  touching  at  this  point. 
January  8,  1851,  after  many  vexations  and  delays,  they  em- 
barked on  an  Italian  brig  chartered  for  San  Francisco.  She 
was  filthy  beyond  endurance,  and  proved  to  be  rotten;  being 
caught  in  a  gale,  she  sprung  a  leak  and  was  with  difficulty 
kept  from  foundering.  February  16,  they  reached  San 
Francisco,  Cal.,  after  eleven  and  a  half  months  of  terrible  ex- 

When  Henry  L.  R.  Stiles  landed  he  had  but  two  Mexican 
dollars  in  his  pocket,  one  of  which  he  incontinently  expended 
in  the  purchase  of  a  very  poor  dried-apple  pie  !  The  first  night  he 
camped  in  a  sand-bank ;  the  next  day  got  work  as  dishwasher  in 
a  restaurant  at  $50  per  month,  from  which  in  three  weeks'  time  he 
was  promoted  to  be  waiter  at  $75  per  month.  His  cousins, 
Hiram  and  Samuel  Stiles,  went  up  the  Feather  river  to  the 
mines,  where  in  about  three  months  Henry  joined  them.  In 
the  following  October,  Hiram  and  Samuel  returned  to  the  east. 
Henry  afterward  spent  three  months  traveling  in  the  interest 
of  The  Golden  Era,  a  literary  paper,  as  correspondent,  and 
in  extending  its  circulation ;  and  his  subsequent  California  ex- 
periences comprise  an  attack  of  small-pox  and  one  of  measles 
(both  of  which  he  passed  through  without  a  nurse),  one  large 
fire  at  Sonora,  another  at  Nevada,  involving  losses  to  him,  and 
a  mining  enterprise  failure  to  the  tune  of  $13,000. 

262  Stiles  Genealogy. 

May  10,  1856,  he  left  California,  via  the  Nicaragua  route, 
and  arrived  at  New  York  on  the  22nd.  He  shortly  after  went 
into  business  in  Ohio,  married,  and  settled  at  Sharon,  Noble  Co., 
in  that  State.  In  June,  1S62,  he  sold  out  and  on  the  11th  of 
the  following  August  volunteered  for  three  years  in  Co.  F,  82d 
Regt.  Indiana  Vols.  Inf.,  Col.  Morton  C.  Hunter,  at  Louis- 
ville, Ky.  Here  he  was  detailed  to  act  as  clerk  to  the  A.  Adj. 
Gen.  of  Gen.  S.  G.  Burbridge's  command  at  Headquarters. 
After  that  general  was  relieved  from  duty,  Oct.  2d,  Henry  L. 
R.  Stiles  was  (in  fact)  A.  A.  G.  until  Nov.  6, 1862.  In  all  the 
movements  preliminary  to  and  leading  to  the  capture  of  Yicks- 
burg,  the  command  to  which  Stiles  was  attached,  he  was  con- 
cerned, and,  though  much  of  his  daily  duty  was  of  a  clerical 
nature  he  enjoyed  some  active  participation  in  those  scenes 
(especially  at  the  terrible,  but  disastrous  charge  of  the  Union 
forces  on  the  enemy's  lire  of  March  22,  1863),  terminating  in 
the  final  surrender  of  the  city,  July  4, 1863.  Mr.  Stiles,  during 
the  siege,  was  twice  slightly  wounded,  once  by  a  fragment  of 
shell,  and  again  by  a  conical  ball  which  struck  a  tree,  glanced, 
and  fell  close  at  his  side,  and  he  still  retains  both  the  fragment 
of  shell  and  the  bullet  as  mementoes.  He  was  furloughed 
July  5,  1863,  and  afterward  was  obliged  to  go  to  hospital  at 
Columbus,  Ohio,  from  thence  was  transferred  to  hospital  at 
Camp  Denison,  where  he  was  honorably  discharged  from  ser- 
vice Mar.  25,  1864. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage)  : 
'701.         I.  Orion  Alphonso  Seward7,  b.  at  Sharon,  Noble  Co., 
Ohio,  Mch.  6,  1860;  m.  Apr.  16,  1885,  at  River- 
side, San  Bernardino  Co.,  Cal.,  Miss  Sally  La  Rue 
of  Riverside. 
(By  2d  marriage) : 

702.  II.  Leo  Bertrand7,  b.  at  Los  Angeles,  Cal.,  May  4, 1885. 

703.  III.  Claude  Perley7,  b.   at  Norwalk,  Los  Angeles  Co., 

Cal.,  May  31,  1886. 

704.  IY.  Elton  Ray7,  b.  at  Los  Angeles,  Sept.  30,  1888. 

Family  70. 

705.  Loren  Clark6  Stiles  [398]  (Roland5,   Samuel4,   Job3, 
Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born    at  Springwater,  Livingston 

Massachusetts  Family.  263 

Co.,  K  Y.,  Apr.  21,  1832.  By  the  time  he  was  12  years  old 
the  boy  had  come  to  the  conclusion  that  a  farmer's  life  was  not 
to  his  taste,  so  one  day  (election  day,  Nov.,  1811)  he  took  a 
sudden  resolution  to  forsake  farming  then  and  there.  He  left 
home  on  foot  and  alone,  and  without  a  single  penny  in  his 
pocket.  His  intention  was  to  go  to  an  uncle's,  in  Potter  Co., 
Penn.,  75  miles  distant  from  Springwater,  and  by  nightfall  of 
the  first  day  he  had  accomplished  one-third  of  the  distance  (25 
miles).     It  was  6  years  before  he  saw  home  again. 

In  1815  he  went  to  his  grandfather  Cheesebro's,  in  Michi- 
gan. After  this  he  attended  school  two  winters  at  Pulaski, 
Mich.,  and  in  1817  he  commenced  his  career  as  a  printer.  He 
thus  describes  his  experience  :  "  In  June,  1817,  1  went  to 
Jonesville,  Hillsdale  Co.,  and  while  standing  on   the  street  in 

that  place  I  heard  a  gentleman,  Mr. ,  inquiring  for  a  boy 

to  learn  the  printer's  trade.  As  soon  as  he  had  left  the  person 
with  whom  he  had  been  conversing,  I  approached  him  and 
asked  how  he  thought  I  would  answer.  He  had  me  read  and 
spell,  and  then  said  I  would  do,  and  engaged  me  on  the  spot 
to  go  to  Adrian,  Lenawee  Co.,  Mich.,  42  miles  distant.  He 
had  a  cow  he  wished  me  to  drive  over,  and  I  agreed  to  the 
arrangement.  He  gave  me  two  Spanish  quarters  to  pay  my 
expenses.  I  started  on  Saturday  morning,  June  1,  expecting 
my  employer  to  overtake  me  on  Sunday  and  let  me  ride  a  part 
of  the  way  in  his  buggy,  but  I  saw  nothing  of  him  until  I 
reached  Adrian.  By  pinching  and  scrimping  my  own  rations 
I  managed  to  save  one  of  my  quarters.  I  arrived  at  Adrian 
with  the  cow,  about  8  o'clock,  p.  m.,  on  Sunday,  and  the  next 
morning  vay  employer  asked  me  if  I  had  had  money  enough  to 
meet  my  expenses,  and  when  I  showed  him  the  quarter  I  had 
saved  he  reached  and  took  it  from  me.  My  first  impulse  was 
to  return  the  way  I  had  come,  but  I  finally  concluded  to  stay 
and  go  to  work.  At  the  end  of  six  months  I  left,  being  unable 
to  stand  it  any  longer,  for,  in  addition  to  my  office  duties,  at 
which  I  was  kept  every  day  until  dark,  I  had  to  take  care  of  a 
horse  and  cow,  plant  and  take  care  of  half  an  acre  of  garden, 
besides  doing  various  house  chores  which  kept  me  busy  until 
9  o'clock  at  night. 

"  My  second  place  was  also  in  Adrian,  and  somewhat  easier. 
Here  I  remained  until  1850,  when  I  went  to  Jackson,  Mich., 
where  I  worked  for  seven  years." 









264  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Mr.  Stiles  resides  (1885)  at  Plattsmouth,  Cass  Co.,  Neb.,  is 
employed  as  compositor  on  the  Plattsmouth  Daily  Herald. 
He  says  :  "  The  proprietors  depend  upon  me  to  set  from  60,000 
to  65,000  ems  per  week,  which  task  I  rarely  fail  to  accomplish." 

He  was  married  Apr.  24,  1865,  to  Miss  Lelia  S.  Summers, 
who  was  born  at  Maiden,  Kanawha  Co.,  W\  Va.,  Sept.  8, 1845. 

Children  (all  excepting  the  first,  born  at  Plattsmouth,  Neb.) : 
706.         I.  Henry  A.7,  b.  at  Maiden,  W.  Va.,  Jan.  4, 1866  ;  d. 
Nov.  28,  1869,  of  memb.  croup. 
Mary  E.7,  b.  Jan.  18,  1870. 
Lelia  Frances7,  b.  Sept.  23,  1871. 
Loren  Clark  Edwin7,  b.  June  18,  1873. 
Frederick  Roland7,  b.  July  3,   1875;  d.  Dec.  18, 
1876,  of  cerebro  spinal  meningitis. 
711.     VI.  Genevieve  Augusta7,  b.  Dec.  3,  1884. 

Family  71. 

712.  Reuben7  Stiles  [413]  (Ezra6,  Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr., 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Hopewell,  Albert 
Co.,  New  Brunswick,  Mch.  9,  1805 ;  m.  Mary  Ann  (b.  May  5, 
1810)  (dau.  of  Thomas)  (son  of  Abial  and  Anne  [Brewster]), 
Peck,  of  Hopewell  {Peck  Geneal.,  p.  l->3). 

Mr.  Stiles  was  a  farmer  and  land  surveyor.  He  was  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Provincial  Parliament  for  a  number  of  years.  He 
died  Dec.  23,  1883. 


713.  I.  Mary   Ann8,   m.  Capt.   James  Wood.      She   died 

some  years  ago.     Issue : 

714.  i.  Son9. 

715.  ii.  Son9. 

716.  iii.  Son9. 

717.  iv.  Dau.9;  dead. 

Family  72. 

718.  Solomon7  Stiles  [422]  (Ezra6,  Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr., 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Hopewell,  Albert 
Co.,  New  Brunswick,  Mch.  5,  1809;  m.  Ann  (dau.  of  Ezra  and 

Massachusetts  Family.  265 

Jerusha  Newcouib),  Bishop  of  Chepody  (now  Harvey),  N.  B. 
{Neweomb  GeneaL,  p.  107).     Solomon  Stiles  was  a  farmer;  he 
died  May  1,  1859. 
Children : 

719.  I.  Emeline8;m.  Capt.  Alfred  Wood. 

720.  II.  Henry8. 

721.  III.  Alonzo8. 

722.  IV.  Sarah8 ;  she  d.  unm. 

723.  Y.  John8. 

724.  VI.  Ezra8,  res.  at  Albert,  Albert  Co.,  N.  B. 

725.  VII.  Ann8,'  m.  Job  Steeves. 

726.  VIII.  William8. 

727.  IX.  Rebecca8 ;  nnm. ;  res.  at  Kiverside,  Albert  Co.,  N.  B. 

Family  73. 

728.  George7  Stiles  [429]  (Ezra6,  Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr., 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Albert  Co.,  New 
Brunswick,  Feb.  13,  1817;  m.  (1)  Mary  Steeves  of  Salisbury, 
N.  B. ;  (2)  Mary  J.  (dau.  of  Capt.  David  and  Mary  Ann 
[Wright]),  Stiles,  of  Hopewell,  N.  B.  He  was  a  tanner,  and 
also  owned  a  fine  farm.  He  died  Sept.  16, 1880.  [His  record 
was  furnished  by  Capt.  David  Stiles.] 

Children  (by  1st  marriage) : 

729.  I.  Melissa8,  b.  Dec.  25,  1844;  d.  Mch.,  1860. 

730.  II.  Eliza8,  b.  Mch.  20,  1846;  d.  Apr.,  1866. 

731.  III.  Job8,  b.  July  3,  1848;  m.  Miss  Smith  of  Harvey, 

Albert  Co.,  N.  B.     He   owns  a  large  farm  at 
Hopewell,  N.  B.     No  children. 

732.  IV.  Mary  C.8,  b.  Sept.  29,  1883;  m.  Joseph  Kiever,  a 

farmer  at  Harvey,  N.  B.     They  have  sons  and 

733.  V.  Emerson8,    b.    Oct.    6,    1858;    m.    Susan  Wright. 

Family  112. 
(By  2d  marriage) : 

734.  VI.  Bertha  O.8,  b.  Feb.  16,  1862;  m.  D.  N.  Baldwin, 

of  Chatham,  N.  B.;  res.  (1885)  at  Hopewell,  N. 
B.,  where  Mr.  B.  runs  a  tannery. 

735.  VII.  Henrietta8,  b.  Dec.  28,  1863;  unm. 

736.  VIII.  Ella  S.8,  b.  July  2.  1868. 


266  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  74. 

737.  Capt.  David7  Stiles  [434]  (Elisha6,  Oliver5,  Nathan4 
Jr.,  Nathan3,  Kobert2  Jr.,  Eobert1),  was  born  in  Albert  Co., 
New  Brunswick,  Jan.  13,  1812;  in.  Mary  Ann  Wright.  He 
was  master  mariner  for  43  years.  He  was  in  1885  a 
Justice  of  the  Peace  at  Hopewell,  N.  B.,  where  he  resided. 
[We  are  indebted  to  Capt.  Stiles  for  much  of  the  knowledge 
we  have  obtained  of  the  New  Brunswick  branch  of  the  Mass. 
Stiles  family.— M.  S.  P.  G]     Capt.  Stiles  died ,  1886. 

Children : 

738.  I.  Mary  J.8,  b.  Mch.   1,  1836;  m.  as  2d  wife  George 

Stiles  of  Hopewell,  N.  B.  (See  Family  73.) 

739.  II.  J.  Harvey8,  b.  Sept.  5,  1837;    m.  Leonora   Hoar. 

Family  113. 

740.  III.  Lucy  E>,  b.  Oct.  25,  1839;    m.  Aug.  16,  1876, 

Gaius  S.  Turner  of  Harvey,  N.  B.  Mr.  Turner 
is  a  merchant  and  shipbuilder,  has  been  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Provincial  Parliament  for  a  number 
of  years.  He  was  in  1885  a  member  of  the 
Executive  Council.     Issue : 

741.  i.  Howard  Abbot9,  b.  May  12,  1877. 

742.  IV.  Isabell  R.8,  b.  Apr.  17,  1842;  m.  Mch.  9,  1870,  Je- 

hiel   E.  Peck,  a  farmer  of  Hopewell-,  N.    B. 

Tggrio  • 

743.  i.  Sophia  M.9,  b.  March  11,  1871. 

744.  ii.  Amy  C.9,  b.  July  2,  1875. 

745.  iii.  Alden  H.9,  b.  Sept.  17,  1877. 

746.  Y.  Henrietta8,  b.  July  13, 1844  ;  m.  Henry  J.  Bennett 

of  Hopewell  Cape,  N.  B.  He  is  a  pilot.  Issue  : 
3  sons  and  1  dau. 

747.  VI.  Ernest8,  b.  Aug.  30,  1846  ;  d.  March,  1847. 

748.  VII.  Sarah  A.8,  b.  Aug.  23, 1850 ;  m.  James  S.  Atkinson, 

merchant  of  Albert,  jj  Albert  Co.,  N.  B.;  has 
2  daus. 

Family  75. 

749.  John  Newton7  Stiles  [435]  (Elisha6,  Oliver6,  Nathan4 
Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert8  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Albert  Co., 

Massachusetts  Family.  267 

New    Brunswick,    January   30,   1814;   m.    (1)    Clarissa  Mc- 
Almon  ;  (2)  Mrs.  Margaret  Lee.     He  is  a  farmer. 
Children : 

750.  I.  Clark8,  b.  Nov.,  1835  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

751.  II.  Elisha8,  b.  March,  1836  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

752.  III.  Mary   Jane8,  b.  Jan.,   1838;   m.  James  Bishop,  a 

farmer ;  has  sons  and  daus. 

753.  TV.  Naomi8,   b.    Dec,  1840;    m.   Ephraim  Steves,   a 

farmer  of  Hillsboro,  N.  B. ;  d.  1886 ;  had  1  son 
and  2  daus. 

754.  Y.  Clarinda  M.8,  b.  June,  1842 ;  m.  James  Robertson, 


755.  YI.  Marilla8,  b.  Aug.,  1844;  m.  John  McCurdy,  M.  D., 

of  Truro,  Nova  Scotia;  had  sons  and  daus. 

756.  YII.  Finetta8,  b.  May,  1846  ;  m.  John  Collins  of  Digby, 

Nova  Scotia  ;  had  sons  and  daus. 

757.  VIII.  Caroline  S.8,  b.  June,  1848  ;  m.  Milton  McLeod,  a 

merchant  of    Kings  Co.,  N.  B. ;  had  sons  and 

758.  IX.  Cordelia  H.8,  b.  May,  1849;  m.  Martin  Simmons 

of  Boston,  Mass.,  a  merchant ;  has  a  son  and  dau. 

759.  X.  Ellen  S.8,  b.  July,  1850 ;  d.  Oct.  26,  1864. 

760.  XI.  Harriett  A.8,  b.  June,  1856 ;  unm. 

761.  XII.  Albert8,  b.  Sept.,  1858;  unm. 

Family  76. 

762.  Elisha7  Stiles  [445]  (Oliver6  Jr.,  Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr., 
Nathan3,  Kobert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Albert  Co.,  New 
Brunswick,  Dee.  1,  1822;  m.  Miss  Seeley  of  Machias,  Me. 
He  died  in  1882,  at  Grand  Forks,  Dakota  Ter.,  U.  S.  A.,  aged 
60  years. 

Children  : 

763.  I.  Dau.8;  m.  and  living  in  Dak.  Ter. 

764.  II.  Dau.8 ;  m .  and  living  in  Dak.  Ter. 

Family  77. 

765.  Fletcher7  Stiles  [451]  (Oliver6  Jr.,  Oliver5,  Nathan* 
Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Albert  Co., 

268  Stiles  Genealogy. 

ISTew  Brunswick,  January  2,  1835  [one  authority  gives  1836]  ; 
m.  Margaret  (dau.  of  Frederick  and  Sarah  [Stevens])  Stiles  of 
Harvey,  Albert  Co.,  N.  B.  Fletcher  Stiles  now  [1886]  resides 
at  Laconner,  Washington  Ter.,  U.  S.  A.  Mrs.  Margaret  Stiles 
died  about  1878. 
Children : 

766.  I.  Henry8,  b.  Dec,  1871;  d.  Aug.,  1875. 

767.  II.  Edna8,  b.  Sept.,  1873. 

Family  78. 

768.  Silas7  Stiles  [453]  (Stephen6,  Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr., 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Albert  Co.,  New 
Brunswick,  March  30,  1830;  m.  Sarah  Rogers.  He  was  a 
farmer ;  he  died  March  18,  1868. 

Children : 

769.  I.  Aurelia8,  b.  Aug.  1,  1850;  m.  at  Boston,  Mass.,  by 

Rev.  J.  W.  Hamilton  of  the  People's  Church," 
Jan.  1,  1883,  to  Ralph  Colpitts,  B.  A.     Mr.  C. 
is  a  graduate  of  Mt.  Allison  Coll.;  is  engaged  in 
teaching,  at  Salisbury,  N.  B.     Issue  : 

770.  i.  Lawrie9,  b.  1884. 

771.  II.  William8,  b.  Sept.  21,  1853;  unm. 

772.  III.  Mary8,  b.  Oct.  21,  1857;   m.  1879  (?),  John  Ting- 

ley,  farmer,  of  Hopewell,  N.  B.     Issue : 

773.  i.  Linda9,  b.  1880. 

774.  ii.  Aurelia9,  b.  1882. 

775.  iii.  Paul9,  b.  about  1884. 

776.  iv.  Laura9. 

Familt  79. 

777.  John  R,7  Stiles  [472]  (Stephen6,  Oliver5,  Nathan4  Jr., 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Albert  Co.,  N.  B., 
Apr.  7,  1835 ;  m.  Eliza  Hoar.  He  was  a  light-house  keeper 
for  a  number  of  years;  is  still  living  in  Albert  Co. 

Children : 

778.  I.  Ada  J.8,  b.  June  10,  1862. 

779.  II.  Stephen8;  d.  at  the  age  of  4  years. 

780.  III.  Silas8,  b.  Aug.  8,  1868. 

Massachusetts  Family.  269 

781.  IV.  Iva  E.8,  b.  Jan.  25,  1874. 

782.  V.  Infant8;  d.  unnamed. 

783.  VI.  Infant8;  d.  unnamed. 

Family  80. 

784.  Frederick7  Stiles  [480]  (Bobert6,  Keuben5,  Nathan4 
Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Albert  Co., 
N.  B.,  Dec.  7,  1815;  m.  Sarah  Stevens;  lived  in  Harvey,  Al- 
bert Co.,  N.  B.;  is  not  now  living. 

Children : 

785.  I.  Rachel8;  unm. 

786.  II.  Enoch8;  d.  unm. 

787.  III.  Margaret8;  m.  Fletcher  Stiles.     (See  Family  77.) 

788.  IV.   Alice8;  m.  Newton  Reid,  as  2d  wife. 

789.  V.  Elizabeth8;  d.  unm. 

790.  VI.  Hattie8;  m.  Mr.  Steward. 

Family  81. 

791.  William  Bamford7  Stiles  [485]  (Robert6,  Reuben*, 
Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Al- 
bert Co.,  N.  B.,  Dec.  13,  1825;  m.  (1)  Susan  Friars;  (2)  Ade- 
line V.  McKeen;  res.  (1886)  in  Centreville,  Westmoreland  Co., 
N.  B.;  is  a  mechanic. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage) : 

792.  I.  Charlotte  Jane8,  b.  July  20,  1857. 

793.  II.  John  Beverly8,  b.  Apr.  21,  1859. 

794.  III.  George  William8,  b.  Dec.  5,  1863. 

795.  IV.  Ella  Victoria8,  b.  Aug.  29,  1866. 

796.  V.  Susan  Elizabeth8,  b.  Mch.  25,  1869. 

797.  VI.  James  Wesley8,  b.  Feb.  8,  1871. 
(By  2d  marriage): 

798.  VII.  Ethel  Dove8,  b.  May  6,  1884. 

Family  82. 

799.  George  Chandler7  Stiles  [486]  (Robert6,  Reuben5, 
Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Al- 

270  Stiles  Genealogy. 

bert  Co.,  N.  B.,  Sept.  7,  1828;  m.  Anna  (b.  May  10,  1836 
[dau.  of  William  (son  of  Thomas)  and  Elizabeth  (Stevens)]), 
Peck,  of  Hopewell,  N.  B.  (Peck  Geneal,  p.  176).  Mr.  Stiles 
was  a  professor  of  music;  res.  at  Elgin,  Albert  Co.,  N.  B.;  is 
now  (1886)  dec'd. 

Children  (all  born  at  Elgin,  N.  B.) : 

800.  I.  Amanda  Jane8,  b.  1856;  res.  Boston,  Mass.;  unin. 

80 1 .  II.  Albert  Watson8;  d.  in  infancy. 

802.  III.  William  Beverly8;  when  last  heard  from,  was  in  the 

Western  States,  U.  S.  A. 

Family  83. 

803.  Stephen  Milledge7  Stiles  [489]  (Robert6,  Reuben6, 
Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Al- 
bert Co.,  N.  B.,  May  21,  1838 ;  in.  Kate  Bourne,  of  Carlton 
Co.,  N.  B.  After  living  for  some  time  in  North- West  Terri- 
tory, Can.,  they  removed  to  Ridgeton,  Ont.,  where  they  were 
living  at  the  last  accounts. 

Children : 

804.  I.  Alice8. 

805.  II.  Charlie8. 

Family  84. 

806.  Capt.  Daniel  Frazer7  Stiles  [492]  (John6,  Israel5,  Na- 
than4 Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Pictou, 
N.  S.,  June  5,  1841 ;  m.  at  Austin,  Tex.,  Nov.  4, 1875,  by  Rev. 
Edward  B.  Wright  of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church,  Maggie 
(born  at  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  Dec.  18,.  1852),  youngest  dau.  of 
Thomas  Bell  and  Margaret  (Andrews)  Webb  of  Cincinnati. 

At  the  age  of  2  years  Daniel  F.  Stiles  came  with  his 
parents  to  Boston,  Mass.,  where  he  attended  the  public  schools. 
In  1859  he  entered  the  office  of  the  Boston  Daily  Ledger. 
Upcn  the  firing  on  Fort  Sumter  in  1861  he  went  to  Washing- 
ton, and*was  present  at  the  first  battle  of  Bull  Run,  July  21, 
with  the  1st  Mass.  Yols.  On  Aug.  5,  1861,  he  was  mustered 
into  the  1st  Regt.  Dist.  Columbia  Yols.,  and  was  appointed 
Quartermaster  Sergeant.  Dec.  1,  1863,  he  was  commissioned 
a  Lieutenant,  and  in  1863,  when  21  years  of  age,  he  organized 

Massachusetts  Family.  271 

and  commanded  the  1st  Regt.  U.  S.  Colored  Troops,  being  the 
first  regiment  of  colored  soldiers  raised  by  direct  orders  from 
the  War  Department.  He  served  in  the  volunteers  during  the 
entire  War  of  the  Rebellion,  and  was  mustered  out  Sept.  12, 
1865.  On  the  recommendation  of  Gen.  Grant  he  entered  the 
regular  army  as  a  2d  Lieut,  in  the  26th  Regt.  of  Infy.,  and 
joined  his  regiment  in  Texas,  May,  1867,  where  he  served  for 
12  years,  and  was  then  ordered  north,  in  May,  1879,  and  sta- 
tioned at  Fort  Porter,  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  for  5  years  as  Quarter- 
master. In  June,  1884,  he  was  ordered  to  Fort  Leavenworth, 
Kans.,  and  afterward  to  Uncompahgre,  Col.,  in  the  Ute  coun- 
try, where  he  was  in  1885,  stationed  in  command  of  his  com- 
pany, G,  10th  Infy. 

He  was  promoted  1st  Lieut.,  Nov.  2,  1875,  while  in  Texas, 
and  when  stationed  at  Fort  Porter,  N.  Y.,  President  Cleveland, 
then  Governor  of  the  State  of  New  York,  appointed  him  Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel and  Inspector  in  the  National  Guard  of  the  State 
of  New  York. 

After  the  close  of  the  war  he  studied  law,  and  was  admitted 
to  practice  in  State  and  United  States  courts. 

The  following  is  from  the  Kansas  City  (Mo.)  Times  of  July 
15,  1889 : 

"  Captain  D.  F.  Stiles. 

"  Of  the  officers  of  the  army  stationed  in  Oklahoma,  to  whom 
has  been  confided  the  duty  of  preserving  peace  and  order  in  the 
new  territory  without  laws  to  govern  the  people,  Captain  Daniel 
F.  Stiles,  10th  Infantry,  Provost  Marshal  at  Oklahoma  City, 
deserves  special  mention.  The  performance  of  the  duties  re- 
quired of  this  civil-military  position  has  always  been  marked, 
on  his  part,  by  the  most  prudent  action.  He  always  recognized 
the  civil  law  as  superior  to  the  military,  and  the  fact  that  in  no 
instance  has  he  overstepped  the  boundaries  of  either,  thus  pre- 
venting a  clash  between  the  two,  is  deserving  of  the  highest 
commendation.  Whenever  aid  or  assistance  was  needed  by  the 
new  settlers  he  was  always  at  the  front  doing  that  which  would 
meet  with  the  approval  of  the  people.  The  day  following  the 
accident  at  Oklahoma  City,  when  a  number  of  people  were 
killed  and  injured  by  the  falling  of  a  grand  stand,  the  Times' 
dispatches  said  :  '  Almost  as  soon  as  the  accident  occurred  the 
militia,  under  command  of  Captain  Stiles,  were  ordered  to  the 

272  Stiles  Genealogy. 

scene,  and  rendered  valuable  services  in  preventing  unnecessary 
confusion."  Again,  last  week,  he  comes  to  the  front  by  taking 
determined  action  against  the  turbulent  element  in  that  city, 
threatening  them  with  arrest  and  confinement  if  their  illegal 
actions  would  not  cease.  This  had  the  desired  effect,  and  trou- 
ble ceased. 

"  The  performance  of  such  duties  on  the  part  of  the  army 
officers  are  not  only  difficult,  but  fraught  with  the  greatest 
danger.  Common  sense  and  sound  judgment  are  the  qualities 
required  for  such  a  task,  and  of  these  Captain  Stiles  has  his 
full  share. 

"  Captain  Stiles  is  a  native  of  Massachusetts,  and  entered  the 
army  in  August,  1861,  as  Quartermaster  and  Commissary  Ser- 
geant of  the  First  District  of  Columbia  Infantry.  In  1862  he 
was  promoted  2d  Lieut.,  and  in  1865  1st  Lieut.,  being  hon- 
orably mustered  out  in  September  of  that  year.  In  1867  he 
was  appointed  2d  Lieut,  of  the  26th  Infantry,  and  trans- 
ferred to  the  10th  in  1869,  where  he  has  since  served,  being 
promoted  Captain  in  March,  1888." 

Children : 

807.  I.  Charles  Webb8,  b.   Aug.   5,  1878,  at  Fort  Clark, 

Kinney  Co.,  Tex. 

808.  II.  George  Leslie8,  b.    Dec.  18,  1879,  at  Fort  Porter, 

Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

Family  85. 

809.  Talentine  Nelson7  Stiles  [493]  (John6,  Israel5,  Na- 
than4 Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Pictou, 
Nova  Scotia,  Sept.  25,  1843  ;  m.  at  Washington,  D.  C,  Mch. 
4,  1872,  by  Rev.  I.  B.  Jutten,  Marcia  V.,  only  dau.  of  Samuel 
Wrae,  Esq.  Valentine  N.  Stiles  was  8  mos.  old  when  his 
parents  removed  to  Boston,  Mass.  He  attended  the  public 
schools  in  Chelsea,  Mass.,  until  1861,  when  his  family  rem.  to 
Washington,  D.  C,  and  he  accompanied  them.  During  the 
Civil  War  he  served  with  the  army  in  Virginia  and  the  Caro- 
linas,  and  after  the  war  closed,  studied  law  and  graduated  at 
Columbia  Coll.,  Dist.  of  Columbia,  went  to  New  York,  and 
finally  settled  in  Washington,  D.  C. 

Children  : 
810.        I.  Charles  Valentine8,  b.  Mch.  23,  1873. 

Massachusetts  Family.  273 

811.  II.  Marcella  Tan  Luden8,  b.  Dec.  1,  1874. 

812.  III.  Samuel  Frazer8,  b.  Sept.  20,  1876. 

Family  86. 

813.  Charles  Callender7  Stiles  [494]  (John6,  Israel5,  Na- 
than4 Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  East 
Boston,  Mass.,  June  9,  1846  ;  m.  Emma  Wiggins,  at  Broad- 
way, N.  J.,  Dec.  30,  1871.  He  served  in  the  Union  Army 
during  the  Rebellion,  and  afterward  in  Texas.  He  visited 
Mexico,  and  returned  north  and  settled  in  Washington,  D.  0., 
where  he  engaged  in  the  "  auction  and  commission  "  business. 
He  died  Jan.  8,  1875.  >8.'  '\ 

Children  :  k    , 

814.  I.  Harry  Callender8,  b.  Dec.   8,  1872,  at  Broadway, 

N.  J. 

815.  II.  Florence  Frazer8,  b.  Oct.  25,  1874,  at  Washington, 

D.  C. 

Family  87. 

816.  John  Howard7  Stiles  [506]  (Daniel6,  Israel5,  Nathan4 
Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1)  was  born  at -Chelsea,  Mass., 
Dec.  25,  1851  ;  m.  Barbara  Lillian  Roddick,  Sept.  8,  1875. 
She  was  born  June  20,  1856.     They  reside  (1885)  at  Boston, 


Children  : 

817.  I.  Albert  H.8,  b.  Sept.  15,  1877. 

818.  II.  Jessie  Emma8,  b.  Jan.  21,  1880. 

Family  88. 

819.  John  William7  Stiles  [512]  (Nathan6,  Israel5,  Na- 
than4 Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  Dec.  25, 
1856;  m.  Addie  McDonald,  June  24,  1880;  res.  (1885)  in 
Boston,  Mass. 

Children : 

820.  I.  Charlotte  Jane8,  b.  Jan.  24,  1882. 

821.  II.  Adriance  Parker8,  b.  Dec.  20,  1883. 


274  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  89. 

822.  Charles  Somerville7  Stiles  [525]  (George  Johnston6, 
Israel5,  Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born 
at  Somerville,  Mass.;  m.  Sadie  A.  White,  res.  (1885)  at  New- 
ton Highlands,  Mass. 

Children  : 

823.  I.  Charles  White8. 

824.  II.  Kate  Huntington8. 

825.  III.  Helen  Dudley8. 

826.  IV.  Mary  Hanover8. 

827.  Y.  Harold  Rowe8. 

Family  90. 

828.  George  Andover7  Stiles  [530]  (George  Johnston6,  Is- 
rael5, Nathan*  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Andover,  Mass.;  m.  Maria  Victoria  Murray;  res.  (1885)  in 
New  Jersey. 

829.        I.  Marion  Fuller8. 

Family  91. 

830.  SylYamis  H,7  Styles*  [535]  (Dan.6,  Stephen6,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Chazy,  Clinton 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  May  24,  1808  ;  m.  in  Chesterfield,  Essex  Co.,  N. 
Y.,  in  1839,  by  Norman  Page,  Esq.,  to  Esther  J.  Brown,  who 
was  born  in  Granville,  Washington  Co.,  N.  Y.,  May  24,  1814. 
They  resided  for  two  years  after  their  marriage  at  Chesterfield, 
N.  Y.,  rem.  in  1842  to  Troy,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa.,  from  thence 
in  1845,  to  Granville,  N.  Y.,  where  Mrs.  Esther  J.  (Brown) 
Styles  died  Aug.  19, 1848.  Mr.  Styles  then  returned  to  Troy, 
Pa.,  taking  with  him  his  eldest  daughter,  the  younger  ones 
being  left  in  care  of  their  mother's  family  at  Granville,  N.  Y. 
Mr.  S.  remained  in  Pennsylvania,  until  1878,  when  he  returned 
to  Granville,  and  died  there  Sept.  5,  1880. 

*  From  the  records  sent  us  it  appears  that  this  family  spelled  their  sur- 
name "Styles."— M.  S.  P.  G. 

Massachusetts  Family.  275 

Children : 

831.  I.  Emily  B.8,  b.  at  Chesterfield,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  6,  1841; 

in .  Mch.  29,  1863,  by  Eev.  Wm.  Jones  (Baptist) 
of  Springfield,  Pa.,  Darius  E.  Brown  (b.  May 
25,  1842);  res.  (1885)  at  Columbia,  Bradford 
Co.,  Fa.     Issue : 

832.  i.  Milton  S.9,  b.  at  Troy,  Pa.,  Mch.  22, 1864 ;  m. 

June  17,  1885,  Mrs.  Maria  Cowen  of  Troy. 

833.  ii.  Edward  D.9,  b.  at  Springfield,  Pa.,  Feb.  15, 


834.  iii.  Julius  M.9,  b.  at  S.,  Sept.  3,  1870. 

835.  iv.  Arthur  Styles9,  b.  at  Columbia,  Pa.,  July 


836.  II.  Annette8,  b.  at  East  Troy,  Pa.,  Jan.  26,  1844;  m. 

Dec.  13,  1868,  by  Eev.  Hiram  Meeker  of  North 
Granville,  N.  T.,  Julius  M.  Griffin  (b.  Jan.  23, 
1843).    Issue: 

837.  i.  Charles  Edwin9,  b.  May  28,  1871 ;  d.  Aug. 

17  1871 

838.  ii.  FredE.9  Griffin,  b.  Feb.  5,  1873. 

839.  iii.  Julius  Elmer9 )  ,    c     ,    oft  ~Qt7A 

840.  iv.  Julia  Elvira9  [  b'  **&'  29>  1874 

841.  v.  Herbert  Edward9,  b.  May  18,  1881. 

842.  III.  Lucy  J.8,  b.  Sept.  15,  1845,  at  Troy,  Pa.;  m.  Silas 

W.  Ingalls  (b.  Oct.  23,  1846),  Aug.  5,  1871,  at 
South  Hartford,  Washington  Co.,  N.  Y.,  by 
Rev.  A.  B.  Lambert,  D.  D.     Issue: 

843.  i.  Frank  D.9,  b.  July  24,  1872. 

844.  ii.  Charles  H.9,  b.  June  12,  1875. 

Family  92. 

845.  Leonard  M.7  Stiles  [536]  (Dan8,  Stephen6,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Shoreham,  Vt., 
Mch.  21,  1810;  m.  May  15,  1845,  at  the  residence  of  Henry 
Sherman,  by  Rev.  Mr.  Meeker,  Miss  Mary  Sherman.  [The 
marriage  notice  contains  this  clause,  "all  of  Reesville,  N.  Y."] 
They  reside  (1885)  at  Troy,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa. 

Children : 
846.         I.  Jane  L.8,  b.  Mch.  25,  1846;  m.  July  9,  1868,  at  the 
parsonage   at  E.  Canton,  by  Rev.  S.  P.  Gates, 

276  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Mr.   Thomas  Dunbar,    all  of  East  Troy,  Pa. 
Xssiip  * 

847.  i.  Henry9,  b.  May  8,  1869;  d.  July  15,  1869. 

848.  ii.  Mary9,  b.  July  17,  1870. 

849.  iii.  Berton  L.9,  b.  Sept.  25,  1872. 

850.  iv.  George  F.9,  b.  Mch.  3,  1874. 

851.  v.  Willie  G.9,  b.  Jan.  2,  1876. 

852.  vi.  Frank  E.9,  b.  Nov.  11,  1878. 

853.  vii.  Gracie  B.9,  b.  Oct.  5,  1880. 

854.  viii.  Johnnie  M.9,  b.  Apr.  20,  1882. 

855.  II.  Libbie8,  b.  Feb.  11,  1847;  d.  Mch.  9,  1853. 

Family  93. 

856.  Lucius7  Stiles  [539]  (Dana,  Stephen6,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1)  was  born  at  Shoreham,  Yt., 
Mch.  26,  1816;  m.  Permelia  Parks  at  Troy,  Pa.,  in  1845;  is  a 
retired  farmer;  res.  (1885)  at  Troy,  Pa. 

Children : 

857.  I.  Alice  D.8,  b.  Sept.  7,  1847;  m.  Sept.  17,  1873,  Je- 

rome I.  Stanton^  lumberman  at  Painted  Post, 
N.  Y.     Issue: 

858.  i.  John  M.9,  b.  Oct.  5,  1874. 

859.  II.  Milton  D.8  (M.  D.),  b.   at    Troy,   Pa.,  Feb.   12, 

1849;  grad.  1869,  State  Normal  School,  Mans- 
field, Pa. ;  also  from  Mich.  University  in  Phar- 
macy, 1871;  Medicine,  1872;  present  occupation 
(1885)  traveling  salesman;  res.  Elmira,  N.  Y. 

Family  94. 

860.  Reuben7  Stiles  [541]  (Dan.6,  Stephen5,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Cornwall,  Yt.,  Aug. 
26,  1818  ;  m.  Phebe  Ann  Hickok  in  Troy,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa., 
Apr.  10,  1855.  They  reside  at  East  Troy,  Bradford  Co.,  Pa. 
Mr.  Stiles  is  a  farmer.  He  also  deals  extensively  in  agricul- 
tural implements. 

Children : 
861.         I.  Robert  Emmett8,  b.  Feb.  19,  1856  ;  m.  Ida  A.  La- 
mont.     Family  114. 

Massachusetts  Family.  277 

862.  II.  Franc   E.8,  b.  Mch.  13, 1859  ;   m.  Aug.   8,  1883, 

Henry  F.  Weigand,  of  Elmira,  N.  Y.,  where 
they  reside.     Issue : 

863.  i.  Henry  Stiles9,  b.  May  10,  1885. 

864.  III.  Bert  E.8,  b.  June  5,  1865. 

Family  95. 

865.  Stephen  J.7  Stiles  [561]  (Stephen6,  Asa5,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  West  Chazy,  Clinton 
Co.,  N.  T.,  Nov.  14,  1826;  m.  S.  Jane  Hay,  at  Chazy,  N.  T., 
Apr.  1,  1849.  He  died  of  cholera  at  Chicago,  111.,  Sept.  6, 
1852.     His  widow  still  (1886)  survives  him. 

Children  : 

866.  I.  Electa  D.8,  b.  Sept.  10,  1849 ;  m.  L.  Belong,  May 

1,  1872.     She  d.  Nov.  3,  1881.     Issue  : 

867.  i.  Homer  S.9,  age  13  (1886). 

868.  ii.  Herbert  B.9,  age  11  (18S6). 

869.  II.  Stephen  C.8,  b.  Feb.  29,  1852 ;    m.  Ada   Pickett. 

Family  115. 

Family  96. 

870.  Ezra  W.7  Stiles  [568]  (Col.  Ezra6,  Asa5,  Stephen4, 
Nathan8,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Chateaugay,  N.  Y., 
May  27,  1827;  m.  Mary  Amina  McLaughlin  (b.  Sept.'l,  1829), 
of  Edwardsburgh,  Canada,  Sept.  19,  1849;  resides  (1886)  at 
West  Chazy,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

871.  I.  I.  Elizabeth8,  b.  at  Fort  Covington,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  7, 


872.  II.  William  Ezra8,  b.  at  Freeport,  Pa.,  Nov.  4,  1853. 

873.  III.  Asa8,   b.    Sept.   6,    1856  ;    m.    Jennie    A.    Clark. 

Family  116. 

874.  IY.  Amina8,  b.  at  W.  Chazy,  Sept.  19,  1858. 

875.  Y.  Anna  Laura8,  b.  at  W.  C,  May  19,  1863  ;  d.  Dec. 

27,  1868. 

278  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  97. 

876.  Sabinus7  Stiles  [581]  (Warren6,  Asa5,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  T., 
July  7,  1825 ;  m.  Mary  Ann  Hoffman.  He  died  at  Solon, 
Iowa,  April  15,  1868;  aged  42  years.  His  widow  m.  (2)  F. 
S.  Kepler,  of  Solon,  Iowa. 

Children : 

877.  I.  Laura8;  m.  Joseph  Taylor;  res.  (1886)  at  Daven- 

port, Iowa  ;  has  5  children. 

878.  II.  Lizzie8;  m.   George  D.  Carrigan ;  res.  at  Solon, 

Iowa ;  has  3  sons. 

879.  III.  Emma8;  m.  Frank  Kepler;  res.  at  Dunlap,  Iowa; 

has  1  dau. 

880.  IV.  George8 ;  res.  Solon,  Iowa. 

881.  Y.  Cora  I.8 ;  res.  Solon,  Iowa. 

Family  98. 

882.  Franklin7  Stiles  [593]  (Warren6,  Asa5,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  b.  Dec.  27,  183-,  in  N.  Y.; 
m.  Delila  Elseandra ;  resides  (1885)  at  Chamberlain,  Dak.  Ter. 
Mr.  Stiles  has  held  the  offices  of  postmaster  and  sheriff;  is  at 
present  keeper  of  the  Commercial  House,  "  an  immense  struc- 
ture, finely  furnished  throughout — a  very  popular  house." 
Mr.  Stiles  is  said  to  be  a  very  fine  looking  man. 

Children : 

883.  I.  Clara8. 

884.  II.  Nellie8. 

885.  III.  Dau.8 ;  name  not  given. 

Family  99. 

886.  Frederick7  Stiles  [594]  (Warren8,  Asa6,  Stephen4,  Na- 
than', Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Cedar  Co.,  Iowa,  May 
12,  1839 ;  m.  1864,  at  Solon,  Johnson  Co.,  Iowa,  Susan  A. 
Doty,  who  was  born  in  Westfield,  Tioga  Co.,  Pa.,  Oct.  27, 
1840.  [The  grandfather  of  Miss  Doty,  a  descendant  of  Ed- 
ward Doty,  one  of  the  passengers  in  the  Mayflower ',  removed 
to  Iowa  from  the  Black  River  country,  N.  T . ,  in  company 

Massachusetts  Family.  279 

with  Warren  Stiles,  her  husband's  father;  Mr.  Doty  was  a 
farmer.]  Mrs.  Stiles  was  a  school-teacher  before  her  marriage, 
and  has  followed  the  same  occupation  more  or  less  since.  After 
a  short  residence  in  Solon,  Iowa,  they  removed  to  Cherokee, 
Cherokee  county,  Iowa,  where  Mr.  S.  carried  on  a  small  farm, 
and  also  built  a  flour-mill ;  but  finding  the  dust  from  the  mill 
injurious  to  his  lungs,  he  sold  his  place  at  Cherokee  after  living 
there  about  eight  years,  and  removed  to  Webster  Co.,  Neb., 
where  he  purchased  a  handsome  farm;  but  the  northern  cli- 
mate proving  unfavorable  to  his  health,  he  finally  removed  to 
Texas,  and  now  resides  at  BlnfEton,  Llano  Co.,  where  he  has 
turned  his  attention  to  the  raising  of  swine  of  the  best  grade, 
taking  San  Antonio  for  a  market. 

While  this  business  has  proved  a  financial  success,  he  has 
found  the  sunny  climate  of  Texas  beneficial  to  his  health. 

Children : 

887.  I.  Alice  A.8,  b.  at  Solon,  Johnson  Co.,  Iowa,  Oct.  13, 

1865.     She  has  been  engaged  in  school-teaching 
most  of  the  time  since  she  was  14  years  old. 

888.  II.  Susie  M.8,  b.  at  Cherokee,  Cherokee  Co.,  Iowa,  Jan. 

4,  1873. 

889.  III.  Freddie  T.8,  b.  at  Iowa  City,  Iowa,  Feb.  8, 1874. 

Family  100. 

890.  Levi7  Stiles  [609]  (Sylvanus6,  Samuel5,  Stephen*,  Na- 
than3, Robert'  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  De  Kalb,  St.  Lawrence 
Co.,  K  T.,  July  1,  1833;  m.  Emma  L.  Eastman,  Oct.  15, 
1865.  Mr.  Stiles  and  Miss  Eastman  were  teachers  in  the  same 
school,  and  there  formed  an  acquaintance  which  resulted  in 
their  marriage.  Mr.  Stiles  says :  "  My  wife  and  I  being  of  a  rural 
turn  of  mind,  I  purchased  a  small  farm  of  about  100  acres  in 
sight  of  my  birthplace,  and  the  most  of  my  time  has  been 
spent  in  trying  ( to  make  two  blades  of  grass  grow  where  one 
grew  before.'  "  They  reside  at  De  Kalb,  N.  Y. ;  P.  O.  address 
Hermon,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

891.  I.  Son8;  d.  in  infancy. 

892.  II.  Jessie  V.  R.8,  b.  Sept.  17,  1869  ;  grad.  Jan.,  1886, 

at  the  Canton  Academy,  receiving  a  "  Latin  Sci- 
entific "  diploma ;  took  a  competitive  examina- 

280  Stiles  Genealogy. 

tion  July  22-3,  and  won  (and  received)  a  free 
scholarship  for  a  four  years'  course  at  the  St. 
Lawrence  University.  She  entered  the  class  of 
'90,  which  commenced  Aug.  21,  1886.  She  takes 
the  scientific  course,  including  French  and  Ger- 
man, with  the  exception  of  Latin,  which  she  re- 
cites with  the  classical  course.  The  Freshman 
class  to  which  she  belongs  numbers  19.  (Letter 
of  Levi  Stiles  Sept.,  1886.) 
893.  III.  Corly  Pierre8,  b.  Oct.  15,  1875;  inherits  a  great 
memory  from  his  great-grandfather  Stiles ;  also 
possesses  a  great  aptitude  for  mathematics.  ["The 
next  genealogist  of  the  Stiles  family  will  doubt- 
less have  something  wonderful  to  chronicle  con- 
cerning this  promising  young  "  laddie."] 

Family  101. 

894.  Asa7  Stiles  [612]  (Sylvan us6,  Samuel5,  Stephen4,  Na- 
than3, Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  DeKalb,  St.  Lawrence 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  July  11,  1837;  m.  Dec.  11,  1868,  Amy  Wey- 
mouth ;  res.  (1885)  at  De  Kalb  ;  P.  O.  address  Hermon,  1ST.  Y. 

895.        I.  Alta  May8,  b.  Sept.  21,  1869. 

Family  102. 

896.  Martin  L.7  Stiles,  W.  D.  [613]  (Sylvanus6,  Samuel8, 
Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  De  Kalb, 
St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  22,  1843;  m.  Feb.  11,  1869, 
Emma  M.  Noble  of  Canton,  N.  Y.  Martin  L.  Stiles  grad.  at 
the  Geneva  Med.  Coll.  Jan.,  1869;  also  received  the  degree  of 
B.  A.  from  Hobart  Coll.  at  the  same  time.  He  immediately  lo- 
cated at  Hermon,  N.  Y.,  and  commenced  the  practice  of  his  pro- 
fession. Success  seemed  assured  to  him,  but  after  5  years  he  was 
stricken  with  typhoid  fever,  of  which  he  died,  July  13,  1874. 

Children : 

897.  I.  Son8;  d,  in  infancy. 

898.  II.  Edith  E.8,  b,  July  7,  1874. 

Massachusetts  Family.  281 

Family  103. 

899.  Ezra7  Stiles  [615]  (Samuel6,  Samuel6,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Kobert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Canton,  N.  Y.(?), 
Sept.  19,  1836;  m.  1861,  Janette  Clark  of  Russell,  N.  Y.  He 
is  a  farmer;  res.  (1885)  at  Russell. 

Children : 

900.  I.  Bert8,  b.  May  23,  1862  ,  m.  in  Canton,  N.  Y.,  Jan. 

12,   1888,  by  Rev.  J.  S.  Lee,  D.  D.,  to.Bertha 
M.  Farmer  of  C,  he  of  Russell. 

901.  II.  Frank8,  b.  Sept.  9,  1864. 

902.  III.  Ada  M.8,  b.  Oct.  1,  1878. 

Family  104. 

903.  Henry7  Stiles  [620]  (Samuel6,  Samuel5,  Stephen4, 
Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Canton,  N.  Y.(?), 
Jan.  23,  1844;  m.  1870,  Kittie  Cotter  of  Canton;  is  a  farmer 
and  resides  (1885)  at  Russell,  N.  Y. 

Children : 

904.  I.  Charlotte  M.8,  b.  Sept.  24,  1872. 

905.  II.  Miner  H.8,  b.  May  23,  1879. 

906.  III.  Jessie8,  b.  Sept.  6,  1883. 

Family  105. 

907.  George  Edmund7  Stiles  [628]  (Ezra6,  George5,  Ben- 
jamin4, Lt.  Amos3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lebanon, 
Conn.,  June  24,  1843;  m.  Sept.  30,  1869,  Helen  L^dau.  of 
Jonathan  and  Alma)  Hatch,  who  was  born  May  4,  1848,  at 
Franklin,  Conn. 

Mr.  Stiles  is  a  member  of  the  firm  of  Durkee,  Stiles  &  Co., 
groceries  and  provisions,  Wilhmantic,  Conn. 

Children  (all  born  at  "Willimantic,  Conn.) : 

908.  I.  Clarissa  Augusta8,  b.  Aug.  11,  1870. 

909.  II.  George  Frederick8,  b.  June  25,  1873. 

910.  III.  Arthur  Edmund8,  b.  March  3,  1876. 

911.  IV.  Mary  Elizabeth8,  b.  Dec.  7,  1882. 


282  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  106. 

912.  John  Edward7  Stiles  [647]  (Charles  Phelps6,  Job 
Phelps5,  Job4  Jr.,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  1839; 
m.  Jane  Hodnnt  of  Beaver,  Iroquois  Co.,  111.,  at  which  place 
Mrs.  Stiles  died  in  1882.  Mr.  Stiles  is  at  present  (1885)  some- 
where in  Dakota  Ter. 

Children  (residing  with  an  aunt  at  St.  Mary's,  Iroquois  Co., 

913.  I.  Mabel8,  b.  1878. 

914.  II.  Ora  Anna8,  b.  1882. 

Family  107. 

915.  William  H.7  Stiles  [649]  (Rev.  William  M.6,  Bliss5, 
Job4  Jr.,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Tuscarawas 
Co.,  Ohio,  Jan.  18,  1843;  m.  Maria  M.  Squiers,  a  native  of  Il- 
linois, July  22,  1868. 

In  the  year  1853,  the  parents  of  Mr.  Stiles  removed,  with 
their  family,  from  Ohio  to  Vmton,  Iowa,  where  his  father,  who 
was  a  minister  in  the  United  Brethren  Church,  had  a  charge. 
Here  they  remained  until  1857,  when  they  removed  to  Western 
College,  Linn  Co.,  Iowa,  where  Wm.  H.  entered  and  remained 
in  college  until  the  breaking  out  of  the  late  war.  On  Aug.  5, 
1862,  he  enlisted  in  Company  H,  22d  Regt.  Iowa  Yol.  In- 
fantry, and  served  under  Grant  at  Vicksburg,  and  Phil  Sher- 
idan in  Virginia.  He  was  mustered  out  July,  1865,  at  Savan- 
nah, Ga.,  and  discharged  at  Davenport,  Iowa,  Aug.  5,  1865. 
He  then  returned  to  Linn  Co.,  where  for  six  months  he  taught 
school.  He  then  located  in  Iowa  City,  where  he  began  medi- 
cal studies,  and,  after  six  months'  study  of  the  mysteries  of  that 
profession,  he  became  dissatisfied  with  it  and  turned  his  atten- 
tion to  the  law,  which  he  studied  under  Russell  &  Tolliver, 
of  Jefferson  Co.,  Iowa.  He  was  admitted  to  the  bar  in  1878, 
and  immediately  removed  to  Guthrie  Centre,  Guthrie  Co., 
Iowa,  where  he  began  the  practice  of  his  profession  and  has 
ever  since  then  resided.  He  is  now  the  oldest  attorney  in  the 
city  of  Guthrie  Centre,  and  one  of  the  best  at  the  bar.  He 
was  elected  justice  of  the  peace  in  1877,  which  office  he  held 
four  years.     He  was  elected  mayor  in  1885.     He  is  a  member 

Massachusetts  Family.  283 

of  the  Masonic  fraternity,  and  the  family  are  members  of  the 
M.  E.  church  {Hist.  Guthrie  County,  Iowa). 
Children  (living  in  1885) : 

916.  I.  Charles  W.8 

917.  II.  Anna  M.8 

918.  III.  Hattie8. 

Family  108. 

919.  Alsop  C.7  Stiles  [665]  (Dr.  John  Alsop6,  Roger6,  John4, 
Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.,  Jan. 
21,  1838 ;  m.  Augusta  M.  Williams,  of  Mishawaka,  Mch.  14, 
1859.  She  was  born  May  16,  1837.  They  reside  (1885)  at 
Newton,  Kans. 

Children  (all  born  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.) : 

920.  I.  Debba  Jane8,  b.  May  27,  1860;  d.  July  20,  1860. 

921.  II.  Emma  Dora8,  b.  Dec.  7,  1862. 

922.  III.  Etta  Adella8,  b.  Jan.  11,  186-. 

923.  IV.  William  Layton8,  b.   Oct.  10,  1870;  d.  Mch.  28, 


924.  Y.  Fanny  Rebecca8,  b.  Oct.  5,  1876. 

Family  109. 

925.  Chester  Lee7  Stiles  [666]  (Dr.  John  Alsop6,  Roger6, 
John4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Mishawaka,  Ind., 
Dec.  20,  1841;  m.  Oct.  17,  1865,  Hannah  (dau.  of  William 
and  Sarah)  Milburn,  who  was  born  at  Mishawaka,  Mch.  19, 
1849.     Mr.  Stiles  is  a  farmer;  res.  (1885)  at  Mishawaka,  Ind. 

Children  (born  at  Mishawaka,  Ind.) : 

926.  I.  May  M.8,  b.  Apr.  13,  1872. 

927.  II.  Edi'th  Dickinson8  «  Dick,"  b.  Feb.  15,  1879. 

Family  110. 

928.  Lieut.  Andrew  Bennett7  Stiles  [689]  (Col.  John  Wes- 
ley6, Oratha5,  Samuel4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in 
New  York  (?),  July  10,  1841;  m.  (1)  Frederica  Augusta  Ny- 
strom,  July,  1862;  (2)  Augusta  Whiteman.  He  died  Jan.  17, 

284:  Stiles  Genealogy. 

"After  receiving  a  fair  education  he  became  engaged  in 
financial  operations  as  a  clerk  with  Hallgarten  &  Co.,  bankers 
and  brokers.  At  the  breaking  out  of  the  Rebellion  Mr.  Stiles 
entered  the  army  with  his  father,  J.  W.  Stiles,  Col.  of  the 
83d  Regt.  K  Y.  Yols.,  serving  as  1st  Lieut,  from  May,  1861, 
to  Dec.  28,  1862;  resigned.  He  then  returned  to  Wall  street, 
becoming  a  member  of  the  Gold  Board,  remaining  with  it 
until  its  dissolution.  In  1871  he  was  admitted  to  the  Stock 
Exchange,  where  he  retained  his  seat  until  his  death,  and  was 
known  among  his  colleagues  as  one  of  the  most  prudent  and 
conservative  men  in  the  Exchange.  For  several  years  he  was 
alone  in  business,  as  a  broker,  but  in  1880,  he  founded  the 
firm  of  Stiles  &  Foster,  of  which  he  was  the  senior  partner. 
Mr.  Stiles  had  been  in  ill-health  for  four  or  five  years,  but  it  is 
only  recently  that  his  sickness  assumed  a  serious  turn.  He 
leaves  a  widow  and  one  son." — New  York  Herald,  Jan.  19, 

Andrew  B.  Stiles,  1st  Lieut.  83d  Regt.  N".  Y.  Yol.  Infy, 
from  May,  1861,  to  Dec.  28,  1862;  resigned.  (From  a  "  List 
of  members  of  the  Stiles  Family  who  held  commissions  as  offi- 
cers in  the  Army  of  the  United  States  [regular  and  volunteer] 
during  the  war  of  the  Rebellion"  furnished  for  this  work  by 
Lt.  D.  F.  Stiles,  of  Fort  Umcompahgre,  Col.) 

Children  (by  1st  marriage) : 

929.  I.  Edwin  Nystrom8,  b.  July  3,  1863. 
Children  (by  2d  marriage) : 

930.  II.  Son8,  b.  Nov.  25.  1871;  d.  Feb.  14,  1875. 

Family  111. 

931.  Albert  H.7  Stiles  [692]  (Hiram  Anson6,  Anson  Rose5, 
Samuel4,  Job3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Clear  Lake, 
Cerro  Gordo  Co.,  Iowa,  May  16,  1856;  m.  May  6,  1881,  at 
Pavilion,  Wabaunsee  Co.,  Kans.,  Aurelia  Noyes;  res.  (1885) 
at  Pavilion,  where  he  owns  a  farm  adjoining  that  of  his 

Children  : 

932.  I.  Anna  May8,  b.  Jan.,  1883  ;  d.  Aug.,  1884. 

933.  II.  Hermon  Archer8,  b.  July,  1884. 

Massachusetts  Family.  285 

Family  112. 

934.  Emerson8  Stiles  [733]  (George7,  Ezra",  Oliver5,  Na- 
than4 Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  in  Hope- 
well, Albert  Co.,  New  Brunswick,  Oct.  6,  1858;  m.  Susan 
Wright;  res.  (1885)  at  Chicago,  111.,  U.  S.  A. 

Child : 
935.         I.  Gertrude9. 

Family  113. 

936.  J.  Harvey8  Stiles  [739]  (Capt.  David7,  Elisha6,  Oli- 
ver5, Nathan4  Jr.,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Hopewell,  Albert  Co.,  New  Brunswick,  Sept.  15,  1837 ;  m. 
Leonora  Hoar  of  Hopewell.     He  was  a  farmer.     He  d.  April 

28,  1874. 

Children : 


I.  Mabel9. 


II*.  Parker9. 


III.  David9. 


IY.  Leonard9. 


Y.  Gertrude9. 

Family  114. 

942.  Robert  Emmett8  Stiles  [861]  (Reuben7,  Dan.6,  Ste- 
phen5. Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Troy,' Bradford  Co.,  Pa.,  Feb.  19,  1856  ;  m.  in  Troy,Mch.  10, 
1878,  Ida  A.  Lamont.  His  occupation  is  milling;  res.  (1885) 
at  Troy,  Pa. 

Children : 

943.  I.  John9,  b.  Dec.  30,  1878. 

944.  II.  Louie9,  b.  June  30,  1885. 

Family  115. 

945.  Stephen   C.8   Stiles    [869]    (Stephen  J.7,   Stephen6, 
Asa5,  Stephen4,  Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  born  Feb. 

286  Stiles  Genealogy. 

29,   1852  ;  m.   Ada  Pickett,  Apr.  23,   1873 ;   res.  (1886)  at 
Chazy,  N!  Y. 

Child : 
946.         I.  Harry  Blaine9,  b.  Feb.  2,  1886. 

Family  116. 

947.  Asa8  Stiles  [873]  (Ezra  W.r,  Col.  Ezra6,  Asa5,  Ste- 
phen4, Nathan3,  Robert2  Jr.,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  West  Chazy, 
Clinton  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  6,  1856  ;  m.  Dec.  12,  1883,  Jennie 
(dan.  of  S.  S.)  Clark,  of  Chateaugay,  N.  Y.  In  1885  Mr. 
Stiles  was  appointed  postmaster  at  West  Chazy,  by  President 

Child : 
948.        I.  Edna  E.9,  b.  1885. 


Family  2. 

17.  Timothy  Stiles  [15]  (Robert),  was  born  at  Boxford, 
Mass.,  Oct.  1,  1678;  m.  Mch.  5,  1701-2,  Hannah  (b.  May  15, 
1684),  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Hannah  (Eames)  Foster,*  of  And- 

*Pedigree  of  Mrs.  Hannah.4  (Foster)  Stiles  (Ephraim3,  Abraham2,  Regi- 

"  Reginald  Foster  (the  great  grandfather  of  Hannah  [Foster]  Stiles),  as  is 
generally  accredited,  was  born  in  Exeter,  County  of  Devon,  England,  and  a 
descendant  of  an  ancient  and  respectable  family  of  that  city,  which  was 
identified  with  those  families  in  the  northern  counties  of  England  who  are 
known  by  the  name  of  Forster,  and  had  distinguished  themselves  in  their 
successful  achievements  against  their  Scottish  foes,  and  are  mentioned  in 
'  The  Lay  of  the  Last  Minstrel'  and  '  Marmion.' 

' '  He  (Reginald)  came  to  America  in  one  of  the  vessels  embargoed  by  King 
Charles  I,  accompanied  by  his  wife  Judith,  five  sons  and  two  daughters,  and 
settled  in  Ipswich,  Mass.,  about  1638,  and  was  one  of  the  earliest  inhabi- 
tants of  that  town  "  {from  a  partial  Foster  Genealogy  by  Perley  Derby  of 
Salem,  Mass.). 

Mary  Foster,  the  eldest  child  of  Reginald,  married  Lieut.  Francis  Pea- 
body,  an  English  emigrant,  who  settled  in  Topsfield,  Mass.     They  were  the 

Massachusetts  Family.  287 

over,  Mass.  {N.  E.  Gen.  Beg.  L.,  353,  354).  June  27,  1703, 
Timothy  Stiles  and  his  wife  were  both  admitted  to  fall  corn- 
ancestors  of  the  New  England  Peabodys,  who  include  in  their  ranks  many 
distinguished  persons. 

Sarah  Foster,  the  other  dau.  of  Reginald,  married  as  her  2d  husband  Wil- 
liam Story,  and  we  find  among  her  descendants  Rev.  Mr.  Story,  of  Marble- 
head,  Mass.,  Dr.  Story  (who  was  of  Boston  at  the  time  of  the  outbreaking 
of  the  Revolution),  and  the  late  Chief  Justice  Joseph  Story  of  the  Supreme 
Court  of  the  United  States. 

Abraham  Foster,  the  eldest  son  of  Reginald,  was  b.  in  Eng.  in  1622,  and 
d.  at  Ipswich,  Mass.,  Jan.  15,  1711;  was  a  yeoman.  He  m.  Lydia  (dau.  of 
Caleb  aud  Martha)  Burbank,  of  Rowley,  Mass.;  had  9  childreu,  of  whom 
Ephraim  (the  2d  child)  was  born  Oct.  9,  1657,  lived  in  Andover,  Mass.,  and 
died  there  Sept.  21,  1746.  He  m.  abt.  1678  Hannah  (dau.  of  Robert  and 
Rebecca  [Blake]  Eames).  Robert  Eames  [this  surname  is  now  spelled 
Ames]  was  one  of  the  early  settlers  of  Boxford.  In  the  witchcraft  excite- 
ment of  1692  Mrs.  Rebecca  Eames  was  accused,  tried  and  condemned  to 
death,  but  after  being  imprisoned  for  7  months  in  Salem  jail  she  was  re- 
leased and  lived  some  20  years  thereafter. 

Mr.  Sidney  Perley,  in  a  late  work  entitled  "Dwellings  in  Boxford," 
makes  the  following  allusion:  "Across  the  street,  south-west  from  the 
residence  of  the  late  Enoch  Wood,  is  the  Ames  cellar.  This  was  the  orig- 
inal Ames  settlement  in  the  town,  being  occupied  as  early  as  1661  by  Rob- 
ert Ames.  His  wife  was  Rebecca,  the  witch  of  1692.  Robert  died  in  1693 
(during  his  wife's  imprisonment),  but  his  widow  survived  all  her  persecu- 
tions and  died  in  1721  at  the  age  of  more  than  80  years.  The  family 
were  in  those  times  poor,  but  in  the  course  of  three-quarters  of  a  century 
had  become  affluent." 

Of  Ephraim  Foster,  Miss  Bailey,  in  "Historical  Sketches  of  Andover," 
tells  us:  "  He  seemed,  judging  from  the  numerous  documents  in  his  hand- 
writing [he  held  the  office  of  town  clerk],  to  have  excelled  as  a  scribe  and 
to  have  been  versed  in  the  art  of  punctuation,  then  little  known  to  the  ma- 
jority of  our  town  officials."  She  again  says  :  "  His  favorite  point  was  the 
color  with  which  his  papers  are  plentifully  besprinkled  without  regard  to 
the  grammatical  or  rhetorical  construction  "  [judged  by  this  sign  Ephraim 
Foster  must  have  recorded  the  proceedings  at  the  trial  of  his  mother-in- 
law,  Mrs.  Rebecca  Eames,  a  copy  of  which  is  given  in  Perley's  History  of 

Ephraim  Foster  had  12  children.  Of  these, 'Hannah  m.  Timothy  Stiles; 
and  Ephraim,  Jr.,  m.  Abigail  Poor,  of  Newbury,  Mass.,  by  whom  he  had 
6  children,  of  whom  only  one  lived  to  maturity,  Jedediah,  b.  Oct.  10,  1726; 
grad.  at  Harvard  College,  1744;  established  himself  as  a  lawyer  at  Brook- 
field,  Mass.;  m.  Dorothy  (dau.  of  Brig-Gen.  Joseph)  Dwight  of  B.  "His 
talents  and  integrity  gained  him  the  esteem  and  confidence  of  the  people, 
and  procured  for  him  several  offices,  military  and  civil."  He  was  Judge  of 
Probate  and  C.  C.  P.;  was  also  counsellor  previous  to  the  Revolution.  In 
1776  he  was  appointed  Justice  of  the  Superior  Court,  retaining  the  office 
until  his  death.  He  was  an  active  member  of  the  convention  for  framing 
the  Constitution  of  the  Commonwealth.  He  engaged  with  ardor  in  the  de- 
fense of  the  liberty  and  rights  of  his  country,  and  contributed  much  by  his 
influence  and  efforts  to  their  establishment.  He  was  early  a  professor  of 
religion,  and  adorned  his  profession  by  a  uniformly  virtuous  and  exem- 

288  Stiles  Genealogy. 

munion  in  the  church  of  Boxf  ord  {Boxford  Records).     He  was 
selectman  of  Boxford  in  1724,  1728,  1734  and  1735  {Hist. 
Boxford,  pp.  376-7).     He  died  Dec.  7,  1751. 
Children  (from  Boxford  Records) : 

18.  I.  Jacob3,  b.   Feb.   6,   1702-3;   m.   Sarah  Hartwell. 

Family  3. 

19.  II.  Hannah3,  b.  Apr.  12,  1704 ;  bapt.  July  2,  1704 ; 

adm.  to  1st  church,  Feb.  18,  1727-8;  m.  Abial 
Barker,  of  Andover,  Mass.,  Sept.  28,  1732 
(Boxford  Records).  Abial3  Barker  (William2, 
Kichard1),  was  b.  at  Andover,  Mass.,  July  15, 
1697;  d.  before  1768.  Mrs.  Hannah  (Stiles) 
Barker  died  previous  to  1748,  as  Abial  married 
a  2d  wife,  Jane  Lunegar,  July  2, 1748,  by  whom 
he  had  no  children.  (Abial  Barker's  record  is 
copied  from  Morrison's  Hist,  of  Windham, 
N.  H.,  pp.  329-330.) 
Children  (by  Hannah) : 

20.  i.  Hannah4,  b.  Oct.  5,  1733. 

21.  ii.  Abial4,   b.  May   14,  1736;    pnb.   to   Sarah 

Hovey,  of  Boxford,  Mass.,  Nov.  16,  1759; 
Oct.  15, 1-770,  he  bought  126  acres  of  land 
of  Jeremiah  Parsons,  now  the  Carlton 
farm,  near  the  stone  quarry,  one  mile 
south  of  Pelham  church.  He  was  suc- 
ceeded by  his  son  Solomon.  Issue,  see 

plary  life "  (Abbott's  Hist.  Andover).  He  d.  Oct.  17,  1779,  se.  53  years. 
His  sons  were  conspicuous  in  the  government  of  the  country.  Theodore, 
the  elder,  was  Member  of  Congress,  and  U.  S.  Senator  from  Rhode  Island 
for  13  years.  He  d.  at  Providence,  R.  I.,  Jan.,  1828,  se.  76  years.  Dwight, 
the  younger  son,  was  Chief  Justice  of  C.  C.  P.  of  Worcester  Co.,  Mass.; 
counsellor,  aad  Rep.  in  Congress  8  years;  also  IT.  S.  Senator.  He  d.  Apr. 
29,  1823,  as.  65  years.  His  son,  Alfred  Dwight  (who  m.  Lydia  Stiles,  a 
descendant  of  Timothy  and  Hannah  [Foster]  Stiles),  kept  alive  the  honor 
and  integrity  of  the  Foster  name,  and  transmitted  it  untarnished  to  his 
only  son,  the  late  Judge  Dwight  Foster  of  Boston. 

It  will  be  seen  that  the  Foster  and  Stiles  families,  who  were  first  linked 
together  by  the  marriage  of  Timothy  Stiles  and  Hannah  Foster,  were  again 
united  in  the  persons  of  Alfred  Dwight  Foster  and  Lydia  Stiles,  both  of 
whom  were  descendants  of  Ephraim  Foster,  of  Andover. 

*  Descendants  of  Abial4  Barker  (son  of  Abial  and  Hannah*  [Stiles]  Barker): 
I.  Hannah5,  b.  Jan.  5,  1762. 

II.  John6,  b.  Dec.  21,  1764;  res.  at  Pelham,  N.  H. 

Massachusetts  Family.  289 

22.  iii.  John4,  b.  Nov.  4,  1743. 

23.  iv.  Phebe4,  b.  Aug.  21,  1746;  d.  Sept.  23, 1746. 

24.  III.  Keziah3,  b.  Mch.  30,  1707;  bapt.  Apr.  6,  1707;  m. 

Moses  Walton,  of  Boston,  Dee.  27,  1734  {Box- 
ford  Records). 

25.  IY.  Ephraim3,  b.  Dec.  27,  1708 ;  bapt.  Oct.  30,  1709 ; 

m.  Elizabeth  Lanksford.     Family  4. 

26.  Y.  Gideon3,  b.  Feb.  26,  1711-12;  bapt.  Apr.  13,  1712  ; 

m.  Sally  Faulkner.     Family  5. 

III.  Solomon5,  b.  May  6,  1767;  res.  at  Windhain,  N.  H.     Issue: 

i.   Sophia6  (Barker),  m.  Dudley  Harvey;  res.  at  Pelham,  N.  H. 
ii.  Betsey6  (Barker),  d.  unm.  in  Londonderry,  N.  H. 

iii.  Laura6  (Barker),  m.  James  Riddle;  res.  at  Merrimack,  N.  H. 

iv.  Solomon6  (Barker),  res.  at  Pelkam,  N.  H. 
v.  Jacob  B.6  (Barker),  b.  Aug.  14,  1804;  m.  Annie  Marden,  b.  Jan. 
8,  1807.  Issue:  (1)  Mary  C.1  (Barker),  b.  at  Windham,  N.  H., 
Mch.  15,  1827;  m.  Edwin  R.  Ashby  (b.  at  Salem,  Mass.,  Sept., 
1827),  who  d.  at  Brookfield,  Mass.,  Mch.  10,  1857;  res.  Wind- 
ham. Issue:  (a)  Emma  Josephine  (Ashby),  b.  June  1,  1851; 
d.  Aug.  29,  1880:  (b)  Ella  Maria8  (Ashby),  b.  July  9,  1854;  d. 
Apr.  17,  1857;  (c)  Frank  Herbert8  (Ashby),  b.  Feb.  23,  1856,  d. 
Apr.  11,  1857;  (2)  James7  (Barker),  b.  May  24,  1829;  m.  Oct.  24, 
1855,  Agnes  (dau.  of  Alexander)  Park.  "  He  bought  his  farm 
of  Enoch  Johnson  in  1854  and  erected  the  buildings,  where  he 
lives  quietly,  happily  and  prosperously."  Issue:  (a)  James 
Herbert8  (Barker),  b.  Aug.  21,  1857,  a  printer  in  Nashua,  N.  H., 
(b)  Ella  Agnez8  (Barker),  b.  Apr.  24,  1859;  (3)  Harriet  N.7 
(Barker),  b.  May  29,  1832;  m.  July,  1855,  Frank  RobMns;  res. 
at  Waltham,  Mass.  Issue:  (a)  Hattie  Estella8  (Robbins),  b.  Oct.. 
1858.  (4)  Angeline7  (Barker),  b.  July  15,  1835;  m.  Charles  R; 
Barker,  of  Londonderry,  N.  H.,  Apr.  4,  1861.  Issue:  (a) 
George  K.8  (Barker),  b.  at  L.  Jan.  20,  1863;  (b)  Charles 
A.8  (Barker),  b.  at  Windham,  N.  H.,  Dec.  25,  1870;  (5)  Charles 

•  H.7  (Barker),  b.  Feb.  9,  1838;  m.  Dec.  29,  1875,  Amelia  J.  (dau. 

of  Daniel)  Kelley  (b.  June  27,  1845);  res.  on  the  home  farm  at 
Windham.  (6)  Charlotte  M.7  (Barker),  b.  Apr.  13,  1841;  m. 
June  17,  1875,  Ambrose  RichardsoaT  She  d.  Apr.  29,  1876. 

(7)  Ann   Maria7  (Barker),   b.  Sept.  2,  1843;  d.  Aug.  28,  1844. 

(8)  Augustus  Leroy7  (Barker),  b.  Apr.  9,  1847;  m.  Jan.  1, 
1873,  Marv  A.  (dau.  of  James)  Cochran.  Child:  (a)  Walter 
Cliff  ords  (Barker),  b.  Oct.  1,  1874;  res.  Nashua,  N.  H. 

vi.  Julia  Ann6  (Barker),  d.  unm.  at  Pelham,  N.  H. 
vii.  Clarissa6  (Barker),  d.  unm.  at  Windham,  N.  H. 
viii.  Sarah6  (Barker),  m.  William  Brown;  res.  Pelham. 
ix.  Mary6  (Barker),  m.  Benjamin  Ames;  res.  Pelham. 
x.  Hannah6  (Barker),  m.  (1)  John  Gillis;  (2)  James  Cutter;  res.  at 

xi.  Angeline6  (Barker),  m.  and  res.  in  Ohio. 

IV.  Isaac5,  b.  Aug.  24,  1769;  res.  in  Dracut,  Mass. 
V.  Sarah6,  b.  Feb.  4,  1772. 


290  Stiles  Genealogy. 

27.  VI.  Mary3,  b.  Feb.  11,  1713 ;  bapt.  Mch.  1,  1713  ;  m. 

Thomas  Clark  Mch.  30, 1736  {Boxford  Records). 

28.  VII.  Ezra3,  b.  July  2,  1715  ;  bapt.  1st  Sab.  July,  1715  ; 

m.   Mary  Warren   and   widow  Sarah  Johnson. 
Family  6. 

29.  VIII.  Jeremiah3,  b.  Oct.  5,  1722  ;  bapt.  Oct.  — ,  1722 ;  d. 

Dec.  17,  1727. 

30.  IX.  David3,  b.  Julv  1, 1724 ;  bapt.  1st  Sab.  July,  1724 ; 

d.  Apr.  13,  1725. 

Family  3. 

31.  Jacob3  Stiles  [18]  \ (Timothy2,  Eobert1),  was  born  at 
Boxford,  Mass.,  Feb.  6,' 1702-3;  bapt.  Feb.  28,  1702-3, 
{Boxford  Records);  m.  May  14,  1728,  Sarah  (b.  June, 
1712),  dau.  of  Judge  Edward  and  Sarah  (dau.  of  Thomas 
and  Mary  [Houghton]  Wilder)  Hartwell*  of  Lunenburg, 
Mass.  Jacob  Stiles  was  among  the  early  settlers  of 
Lunenburg;  was  evidently  a  modest  sort  of  person,  for 
we   find   him   mentioned  only  once  in  connection  with  the 

*Edward  Hartwell  (John  William)  was  b.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  in  1688;  was 
of  Lancaster,  Mass.,  previous  to  1724,  at  which  time  he  is  said  to  have 
owned  the  second  house  that  was  built  at  Lunenburg,  Mass,  and  was  after 
that  date  identified  with  that  town.  He  m.  Sarah  (dau.  of  Thomas  Jr.) 
Wilder,  of  Lancaster,  and  Mary  (dau.  of  Ralph  and  Jane)  Houghton.  (Ralph 
Houghton  was  an  emigrant,  and  first  of  Watertown,  Mass.,  but  afterward 
rem.  to  Lancaster,  where  he  was  town  clerk  for  many  years.) 

The  following  account  of  Edward  Hartwell  is  a  condensed  extract  from 
Young's  Hist,  of  Lunenburg,  pub.  in  1836. 

"  Edward  Hartwell  exercised  a  great  influence  on  the  rising  fortunes  of 
the  new  township.  For  a  long  period  he  was  deservedly  one  of  the  most 
influential  persons  of  the  place.  He  possessed  a  strong  mind,  and  an  edu- 
cation superior  to  that  of  most  of  his  fellow  citizens.  His  sound  judgment 
and  energy  qualified  him  to  take  the  lead  in  the  affairs  of  the  new  settle- 
ment; therefore,  whenever  any  important  or  extraordinary  business  was  to 
be  accomplished,  Edward  Hartwell  was  called  upon  to  take  charge  of  it. 
After  passing  through  several  grades  of  office  in  the  militia,  he  attained  the 
dignity  of  Major,  a  position  at  that  time  of  more  importance  than  that  of 
Major-General  at  the  present  day.  He  was  Justice  of  the  Peace,  and  in 
1750  was  appointed  Judge  of  the  Court  of  Common  Pleas,  holding  the  office 
for  some  years;  was  Rep.  to  the  Gen.  Court  for  a  great  number  of  years, 
even  until  he  was  upwards  of  80  years  of  age,  and  finally  died,  as  Whit- 
ney's Hist,  says,  '  in  the  97th  year  of  his  age,  as  full  of  piety  as  of  years.' 
His  death  occurred  Feb.  17,  1785;  that  of  his  wife,  Sarah,  Aug.  7,  1764,  at 
the  age  of  80  years. 

"  It  is  said  that  the  Hartwell  family  used  to  be  remarkable  for  its  tall 
men,  Judge  Edward  H.  being  an  immense  man,  weighing  about  300  lbs." 

Massachusetts  Family.  291 

affairs  of  the  town.  This  was  when  he  petitioned  with  others, 
Dec.  31,  1746,  for  protection  of  "  Township  No.  4,"  as  Lunen- 
burg was  then  called.  Note. — In  his  1st  edition  of  the 
"  Genealogy  of  the  Massachusetts  Family  of  Stiles  (p.  28),  Dr. 
Stiles  mentions  having  received  from  his  friend  Royal  Paine, 
Esq.,  of  Brooklyn,  is.  Y.,  a  memoranda  of  the  will  of  one 
Joseph  Stiles,  of  Lunenburg,  Worcester  Co.,  Mass.,  which  he 
casually  found  in  the  3d  vol.  Worcester  Probate  Records." 
This  will,  dated  Apr.  1,  1750,  recites  the  names  of  the  family, 
viz.:  Wife,  Sarah ;  sons,  Levi,  Joel,  Nahum,  Jeremiah,  John ; 
daus.,  Lucy  (Foster),  Sarah,  Hannah,  Prudence.  Asahel  Hart- 
well,  Administrator."  Now,  as  this  family  is  identical  with 
that  of  Jacob  Stiles  (with  the  exception  of  the  second  son, 
which  should  be  Jacob  instead  of  Joel),  we  must  consider  that 
Joseph  was  put  in  by  mistake  of  some  one  for  Jacob. — M.  S. 
P.  G. 

Jacob  Stiles  died  at  Lunenburg,  Apr.  21,  1750  {Lunenburg 
Jiec.).  A.  copy  of  his  will  was  once  owned  by  a  great  great 
grandson,  the  late  Judge  Dwight  Foster,  of  Boston.  Wid. 
Sarah  (Hart well)  Stiles  m.  (2)  Nov.  9,  1772,  Stephen  Boyn- 

Children  (born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Lunenburg  Rec- 
ords) : 

32.  I.  Lucy4,  b.  May  6,  1729  ;  m.  (1)  Mch.  24, 1748-9  (by 

Rev.  David  Stearns)  Benjamin  Foster  Jr.,  who 
d.  Sept.  8,  1755,  Ee.  27  (Lunenburg  Records). 
[We  have  been  unable  to  learn  who  she  married 
as  second  husband.] 

33.  II.  Levi4,   b.    Feb.    18,    1732;    m.   Patience   Smith. 

Family  7. 

34.  III.  Sarah4,*  b.  May  24,  1735  ;  m.  Moses  (son  of  Isaac) 

Child  (b.  on  shipboard,  in  Casco  Bay,  his  parents 
being  on  the  way  to  America,  from  England). 
They  resided  at  Groton,  Mass.  Moses  Child 
held  a  commission  as  Ensign  in  the  French  war, 
dated  Mch.  6,  1760,  and  signed  by  Thomas  Pow- 
nal,  Gov.  of  the  Province  of  Massachusetts  Bay. 
[This  com.  has  been  placed  in  the  possession  of  the 
Maine  Hist.  Soc]    He  also  received,  Nov.,  1775, 

*  Mrs.  Sarah   Stiles  Child  was  blind  for  many  years  before  her  death. 
She  res.  for  a  long  time  with  her  son  Elisha, 


Stiles  Genealogy. 

an  important  commission  from  Gen.  Washington, 
Commander-in-Chief  of  the  army,  "to  repair 
with  one  other  person,  to  Nova  Scotia,  to  inquire 
into  the  condition  of  that  colony,  the  disposition 
of  the  inhabitants  toward  the  American  cause, 
the  condition  of  the  fortifications  and  dock-yards, 
the  quantity  of  artillery  and  warlike  stores,  and 
the  number  of  soldiers,  sailors  and  ships  of  war 
there,  and  transmit  the  earliest  intelligence  to 
General  Washington."  The  above  is  from  the 
History  of  Temple,  JST.  EL,  and  the  writer  adds  : 
"  This  was  about  the  same  as  a  spy's  commission, 
the  very  giving  of  which  implied  the  utmost  con- 
fidence on  the  part  of  Gen.  Washington  in  the 
patriotism  and  fidelity  of  the  recipient  thereof." 
Children  (all  born  at  Groton,  Mass.) : 

35.  i.  Asa5,  b.Apr.  8,  1759;  d.  June  16,  same  year 

36.  ii.  Sally5,  b.  Mch.  26, 1760;  d.  May  25,  same  year 

37.  iii.  James5,    b.  Apr.  4,  1762;   m.  1781,  Han- 

nah Cushing,  of  Abington,  Mass.;  rem 
1786,  to  Hallowell  (now  Augusta),  Me 
He  d.  Mch.  23,  1840.     Issue :   (1)  Anna' 
(Child);  (2^)  Greenwood  Cushing6  (Child); 
(3)  James  Loring6  (Child),  a  distinguished 
lawyer  of  Augusta;  (4)  Hannah6  (Child) 
(5)!Elisha6    (Child);    (6)    John6  (Child) 
(7)  Sarah6  (Child). 

38.  iv.  Sarah5,  b.  June  26,  1763 ;  d.  Feb.  28,  1838 

39.  v.  Susannah5,  b.  Feb.  9, 1766;  m.  Judge  EbCn 

ezer  Champney,  of  JNew  Ipswich,  N.  H. 
she  d.  Sept.,  1796. 

40.  vi.  Elisha5,  b.  Oct.  23,  1767;  m.  Martha  Abbott, 


*Elisha5  Child  m.  Martha  Abbott,  of  Wilton,  N.  H.,  Feb.,  1795;  she  was 
born  Dec.  11, 1772.  They  resided  at  Temple,  N.  H.  Mr.  C.  was  appointed 
County  Coroner  in  1800;  d.  Apr.  1,  1853. 

Children:  * 

I.  Moses6,  b.  Jan.  30,  1796;  d.  June  25,  1796. 
II.  Patty6;  unm. 
III.  Sarah6,  b.  Mch.  22,.  1799;   m.  James  Killain,  of  Temple,  N.  H., 
Nov.,  1825.     Issue: 
i.  Rodney1  (Killam),  b.  July  11,  1828. 

Massachusetts  Family.  293 

41.  vii.  Prudence5,  b.  Aug.  30,  1769 ;  m.  Ebenezer 

Stiles,  of  Temple,  N.  H.  (see  Family  27, 
Line  of  Ebenezer).  Issue:  (1)  Timothy6 
(Stiles),  b.  1797 ;  m.  Nancy  Parkman,  of 
New  Bedford,  Mass.;  served  in  the  War 
of  1812;  had  a  son,  James7,  living  (1857) 
near  New  Bedford,  who  was  then  over 
30  years  of  age ;  (2)  Susannah6  (Stiles) ; 
m.  Ira  Hadley ;  left  one  dau.,  who  m. 
Sylvester  Fitch;  has  2  children  (from 
1st  ed.  Mass.  Stiles  Family,  p.  21). 

ii.  James  O.7  (Killam),  b.  June  27, 1830;  m.  May  3,  1855,  Sarah  J. 

Jewett,  of  Temple,  N.  EL,  who  d.  Nov.  11,  1855. 
iii.  Elizabeth  M.7,  b.  Nov.  28,  1840. 
IV.  Polly6,    b.  Mch.  23,  1801;    m.  May  17,    1825,  Nathaniel  Laws,    of 
Peterboro,  N.  H.     Issue: 

i.  Martha  C.7  (Laws),  b.  July  25,  1827;  m.  Wm.  C.  Tuttle,  Nov. 
5,  1846  or  '47  (for  both  are  given);  res.  Amherst,  N.  H.     She  d. 
Oct.  11,  1852. 
ii.  Almira  F.7  (Laws),  b.  May  16,  1832;  m.  Wm.  C.  Dadmun,  of 

Concord,  N.  H. 
iii.  Albert  D.7,  b.  Feb.  3  or  4  (both  given),  1836. 
V.  James6,  b.  Sept.  20,  1802;  m.  May  10,  1827,  Mary  Laws,  of  Peterboro, 
N.  H.  (b.  Jan.  19,  1799);  lived  on  the  old  homested  at  Temple,  N.  H. 
i.  Nahum  A.7  (Child),  b.  Nov.  9,  1828;  living  (1884)  at  Temple, 
N.  H.;  m.  Apr.  11,  1860,  Ellen  Sargent  (b.  Nov.  26,  1836);  res. 
Wilton,  N.  H.     Issue:  (1)  James  Edward8  (Child),  b.  Feb.  13, 
1861;  grad.  Pbillips  Exeter  Academy,  1885;  is  studying  (1888) 
med.  at  Mich.  State  University,  Ann  Arbor;  (2)  Samuel  Mitch- 
ell8 (Child),   b.   Sept.   10,   1862;  grad.  Phillips  Exeter  Acad- 
emy, 1885;  Harvard  Coll.,  1886;  in  1887  he  entered  Harvard 
Law  School,  Cambridge,  Mass.;  (3)  Martha  Jane8  (Child),  b. 
Apr.  18,  1865;  studied  stenography  at  French's  Business  Coll., 
Boston;  is  now  (1888)  stenographer  and  clerk  for  the  pres.  of 
the  Fitchburg  R.  B,.,  Boston,  Mass. 
VI.  Nahum6,  b.  July,  1805;  m.  Betsey  Wright,  of  Westford,  Mass.;  rem. 
to  Wilton,  N.  H.     Issue: 
i.  Mary  E.7  (Child),  b.  May  17,  1838. 
VII.  Harriet6,  b.  July  9,  1807;  m.  (1)  March  5,  1829,  Samuel  Mitchell,  of 
Hancock,    N.  H.,  who    d.    Aug.    22,    1850;   m.    (2)   Dea.    Francis 
Patten,  of  Candia,  N.  H.,  Dec.  25,  1855.     Issue  (by  2d  marriage): 

i.  Martha  J.7  (Patten),  b.  May, ;  d.  Aug.  7,  1857. 

VIII.  Betsey6,  b.  Apr.  8,  1809;  m.  Sept.  29,  1829,  Francis  Killam,  of  Tem- 
ple, N.  H.     Issue: 

i.  George  F.7  (Killam),  b.  May  19,  1835;  m.  Dec.  14,  1854,  Mary  A. 
Chesley,  of  Barnstead,  N.  H. ;  rem.  with  his  father  to  Law- 
rence, Kans. 
Francis  Killam  d.  May  26,  1857. 

294  Stiles  Genealogy. 

42.  viii.  Betsey5,  b.  Nov.  2,  1771 ;  m.   Aug.,  1810, 

John  Spalter.     Issue.* 

43.  ix.  Isaac5,  b.  July  27,    1774;  m.  Sarah  Kock- 

wood.  Issue:  (1)  Ruf  us6  (Child),  b.  Dec. 
9,  1809;  in  1860,  was  supt.  gas-works, 
Lawrence,  Mass.;  (2)  Sarah6  (Child),  b. 
Apr.  3, 1811 ;  m.  1827,  John  A.  Haskell ; 
she  d.  Feb.,  1843. 

44.  x.  Anna5,  b.  Sept.  23,  1777;  d.  Oct.  17,  same 


45.  IV.  Jacob4,  b.  Sept.  2,  1737 ;  m.  Abigail . 

46.  V.  Nashua4,  b.  Apr.  21,  1740. 

47.  YL  Hannah4,  b.  Jan.  19,    1742  [the  Stickney  Geneal. 

says  she  was  b.  1743] ;  m.  May  26,  1767  (by 
Rev.  Zabdiel  Adams)  Oliver  Stickney  (b.  at 
Newbury,  Mass.,  Feb.  22,  bapt.  Feb.  25,  1739) 
(son  of  Stephen  and  Mehitable  [Goodridge] 
Stickney,  who  rem.  to  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  in 
1743)  {Stickney' 's  Gen.,  pp.  80,  140). 
Oliver  Stickney,  served  a  short  time  in  1777,  in 
the  company  of  Capt.  Nathaniel  Carter,  Col.  Job 
Cushing's  regiment.  His  widow,  Hannah,  d. 
1779,  and  he  m.  (2)  Sarah  Frost ;  no  child  by  her. 

*Children  of  John  and  Betsey5  (Child)  Spalter,  who  were  m.   Aug., 

I.  John  H.6  (Spalter),  b.  Oct.  28,  1811;  m.  July  15,  1841,  Martha  A. 
Hildreth;  resided  at  Keene,  N.  H.     Issue. 
i.  Walter1  (Spalter),  b.  Oct.  5,  1842. 
ii.  Francis  B.7  (Spalter),  b.  Sept.  3,  1845. 
iii.  Clara  M.7  (Spalter),  b.  Oct.  22, 1848;  d.  1851. 
iv.  Ad  die  C.7  (Spalter),  b.  Aug.  20,  1852. 
v.  Charles  J.7  (Spalter). 
vi.  Mary  G.7  (Spalter),  b.  Mch.  9,  1855. 

[Descendants  of  John  and  Betsey  (Child)   Spalter,  still  (1886) 

res.  at  Keene,  N.  H.] 

II.  Elizabeth  D.6  (Spalter). 

III.  Albert  D.6  (Spalter),  was  an  Episcopal  clegyman  at  Wilkinson ville, 

Mass.;  m.  (1)  Abigail  E.  Shattuck,  Nov.,  1838;  (2)  Mrs.  L.  A.  R. 

Field  (dau.  of  Dr.  Rawson)  from  whom  he  was   divorced;  m.  (3) 

;  was  living  at  last  accounts  in  N.  EL 

Issue  (by  1st  marriage): 
i.  Son7,  dec'd. 
ii.  Maria7, 
iii.  Dau.1 

Massachusetts  Family.  295 

He  d.  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  Apr.  24,  1811.  Chil. 
(by  Hannah) : 

48.  i.  Joshua5,  b.  June  8,  1768  ;  in.  Alice  Shedd 

of  Billerica,  Mass.,  Sept.,  1799.  He  d. 
Oct,  18, 1*25.  Issue  :  (1)  Oliver6  (Stick- 
ney);  b.  Nov.  20, 1800;  d.  Sept.  21, 1816  ; 
(2)  John6  (Stickney);  b.  Oct.  20,  1802; 
m.  Sophronia  Gates,  Jan.  8,  1829 ;  res. 
(1868)  in  Fitchburg.  Issue  :  (a)  Lyman7 
(Stickney) ;  b.  Nov.  10,  1834  ;  m.  Helen 
A.  Johnson  ;  res.  (1868)  at  Charlestown, 
Mass. ;  a  grocer ;  child :  Lilla  Florence8 
(Stickney);  b.  Aug.  30,  1868;  (b)  Alvan 
O.7  (Stickney);  b.  Feb.  13,  1838;  res. 
(1868)  in  Fitchburg;  served  in  53d  Eegt. 
(Co.  A.)  Mass.  Vols.  ;  unm. ;  (3)  Joseph 
Philander6  (Stickney);  b.  Mch.  26,  1811; 
res.  (1868)  unm.  at  Saratoga,  N.  T. 

49  ii.  Jacob5,  b.  Feb.  8,  1770  ;  m.  Sarah  Stimpson, 

of  Ashburnham,  Mass.,  Dec.  12,  1822  ; 
res.  at  Fitchburg,  and  d.  there  Apr.  18, 
1857.  Issue:  (1)  George  O.6  (Stickney), 
b.  Nov.  25,  1823 ;  m.  Eliza  Amanda 
Tufts  (b.  Sept.,  1826),  Sept.  23,  1844. 
He  was  a  farmer  ;  res.  (1868)  at  Fitch- 
burg. Issue  :  (a)  George  H.7  (Stickney), 
b.  Feb.  7,  1846  ;  (b)  Edward  A.7  (Stick- 
ney), b.  Jan.  17,  1850;  (c)  Clara  A.7 
(Stickney);  b.  Feb.  12,  1853;  (d)  Lizzie 
L.7  (Stickney),  b.  Oct.  6,  1855;  (e)  Ar- 
thur W.7  (Stickney),  b.  Aug.  15,  1857; 
(f)  Anna  B.7  (Stickney),  b.  Sept.  10, 

50.  TIL  Jeremiah4,    b.  Feb.  23,    1744;  m.   Mary   Sanger. 

Family  9. 

51.  VIII.  Prudence4,  b.  Apr.  3,  1747;  m.  Peter  Swallow, 

Feb.  8,  1770.  [Feier  Swallow  was  probably  the 
son  of  John  Swallow  and  2d  w.  Sarah.  If  so 
was  b.  at  Groton,  Mass.,  Oct.  9,  1743.]  Mrs. 
Prudence  (Stiles)  Swallow  d.  at  Dunstable, 
Mass.,  Mch.  20,  1780,  as.  33.     Peter  Swallow, 

296  Stiles  Genealogy. 

m.  (2)  Sybil  Blood,  by  whom  he  had  several 

children.     Issue  (by  Prudence) : 
52.  i.  Nahum5,  b.  June  23,   1771,.  at  Dunstable, 

Mass. ;  m.  Diadamia  Wood,  at  D.,  Dec. 
22,  1796  ;  she  b.  at  Groton,  Mass.,  Oct. 
28,  1778  ;  res.  at  Windsor,  Yt.  He  d.  at 
W.,  Jan.  15,  1851.  She  d.  at  Whitehall, 
111.,  Sept.  5,  1858.     Issue* 

*  Descendants  of  Nahum5  and  Diadamia  (Wood)  Swallow  : 
Children  : 
I.  Diadamia6,  b.  Nov.  20,  1797;  m.  Tim.  Ladd,  Aug.  26,  1819;  rem.  to 
Whitehall,  111.;  d.  there  May  15,  1862.     Issue: 
i.  Olivia1  (Ladd);  m.  Hiram  Ellis.     Child:  Lina8  (Ellis);  unm. 
ii.  Luthera5  (Ladd);  m.  (1)  Geo.  Smith;  (2)  Linus  Worcester;  res. 
at  Whitehall,  111.     Issue  (by  1st  marriage):  (1)  Tim8  (Smith); 
res.  (1863)  at  Whitehall;  by  2d  marriage:  (2)  Emma8  (Worces- 
ter); (3)  Fred8  (Worcester);  (4)  Dick8  (Worcester). 
iii.  Lora7  (Ladd);  m.   S.  Post ;  dec'd.     Issue:  (1)  Lora8  (Post);  m. 

Beardsley;  res.  Jerseyville,  111. 

iv.  Augusta7  (Ladd);  m.  Edward  Giller;  res.  on  the  homestead  at 
Whitehall,  111.  Issue:  (1)  George8  (Giller);  m.  and  living  in 
Missouri;  (2)  Sophronia8  (Giller);  m  Joseph  Rickhart;  res.  in 
Kansas;  (3)  Charley8  (Giller);  (4)  Will8  (Giller);  (5)  Ella8  (Gil- 
ler); (6)  Lora8  (Giller);  (7)  Edward8  (Giller). 

v.  Tim7  (Ladd);  m. ;  res.  Whitehall,  111.     Issue:  Frank8  (Ladd). 

II.  Prudence6,    b.    Sept.   10,   1799;   m.  Aug.  26,  1819,   Asahel   North; 
started  immediately  in  company  with  her  sister  Diadamia  and  her 
husband —  who  were  m.  the  same  day  —  for  Whitehall,  111.,  where 
both  families  settled;  she  d.  there  July  2,  1874.     Issue: 
i.  Lucy7  (North);  m.  Edgar  Grl'iswold;  res.  at  Whitehall.     Issue: 
(1)  Perry8  (Griswold);  m.  and  res.  in  Kanzas;  (2)  Seth8  (Gris- 
wold);  m.  and  res.  at  W. ;  (3)  Ellen8  (Griswold);  m.  Bol- 
ton; res.  Greenfield;  (4)  Sylvia8  (Griswold);  (5)  Damon8  (Gris- 
wold); (6)  Carrie8  (Griswold);  (7)  Eddie8  (Griswold). 
ii.  Mary7  (North):  m.  Mr.  Stuart;  res.  Hyde  Park,  111.     Issue:  (1) 

Arthur8  (Stuart);  (2)  Mary8  (Stuarti;  (3)  Clinton8  (Stuart). 
iii.  John7  (North):  res.  (1883)  at  Whitehall,  111.;  a  widower;  nochil. 

III.  Nahum6,  b.  Dec.  5,  1800;  m.  Clarissa  Hubbard,  of  West  Windsor, 

Vt.,  Aug.  15,  1824.     He  d.  at  W.  W.,  Feb.  (or  Jan.)  15,  1862. 

i.  Amasa7;  m. ;    living  (1884)  at  W.  Windsor,  Vt. ;   has  one 

ii.  George7;  res.  W.  W.;  unm. 

IV.  Nancy6,  b.  Mch.  20,  1802;  m.  Aug.  16,  1827  (at  Windsor,  Vt),  Albert 

Langdon;  she  d.  at  Eoodhouse,  111.,  Oct.  30,  1869.     Issue: 

i.  Aleus7  (Langdon);    m.   ;    living  (1883)  at   Manchester,  111. 

Issue:  (1)  John8  (Langdon);  (2)  Nellie8  (Langdon). 
V.  Kansom6,  b.  Aug.  29,  1803;  m.  Sept.  14,  1834,  Sophia  Griswold,  at 
Jacksonville,  111.;  lie  d.  at  Manchester,  111.,  Feb.  22, 1845.     Issue: 
i.  George7  (Swallow);  m.  and  res.  at  Trinidad,  Col. 
ii.  Albert7  (Swallow);  m.  and  res.  at  Manchester,  111. 

Massachusetts  Family.  297 

53.  ii.  Prudence5,  b.  July   26,   1773  ;  d.    Jan.    6, 

1868;    ra.    Temple    Kendall,    Nov.    22, 

iii.   Lydia1;  m.  Mr,  Stuart;  res.  Fairmount,  Nebraska. 
VI.  Eliza6,  b.  Men.  28,  1805;  m.  Mighill  Nutting,  Jan.  13,  1825;  she  re- 
sides with  her  dau.     Issue: 
i.  Mattie1  (Nutting);   m.   Mr.   Conrad,  of  Greenfield,  111.     Issue: 

(1)  Curtis8  (Conrad);  (2)  Willie8  (Conrad);  (3)  Lucy8  (Conrad), 
ii.  George1  (Nutting);  res.  at  Newton,  Mass.;  son  (1)  Eddie8  (Nut- 
ting); m.  and  res.  at  Springfield,  Mass. 
VII.  Gardner6,  b.  July  15,  1807;  m.  Sarah  Moore  at  Whitehall,  111.,  Jan. 
17,  1837;  he  d.  at  W.     Issue: 
i.  Nahum7;  m.  and  res.  in  Kansas.  a 

ii.  Jane1;  m.  and  res.  in  New  Douglass,  111.-  ■  ,. 
VIII.  Guy6,  b.  Oct.  4,  1808;  m.  Catharine  Bannister  at  Windsor,  Vt.,  Apr. 
19,  1832;    res.  at  Roodhouse,  111.:    d.  there  Nov.  13,    1850. 
i.  Mary1;   m.  George  Clement;  res.  at  Manchester,  111.;  had  one 

ii.  Nancy1;  m.  Loyal  Grriswold;  res.  at  Whitehall,  111.     Issue:  (1) 
Allen8  (Griswold);    (2)   Hattie8   (Griswold);   (8)   Harry8  (Gris- 
wold);  (4)  Lucian8  (Griswold);  (5)  Frank8  (Griswold). 
IX.  Mary6,  b.  Jan.  15,  1810;  m.  (1)  at  Windsor,  Vt.,  May,  1834,  George 
Ellis,   who  d.   July,   1842;    no  chil.;    m.  (2)  Jan.,  1844,  Dr. 
Northrop,  of  Castleton,  Vt.,  where  she  d.  Sept.,  1882.  Issue: 
i.  Walter7  (Northrop);  m.  and  res.  Plattville,  Wis. 
ii.  Mary1,  res.  (1884)  at  Castleton,  Vt. 
X.  Chester6,  b.  Feb.  20,  1812;  m.  Oct.  31,  1838,  Mary  Robley  of  White- 
hall, 111.,  where  he  d.  July  18,  1843;  no  children  living. 
XI.  Franklin6,  b.  May  12,  1813;  m.  Emily  Kimbro;  res.  at  Cedar  Rapids, 
Iowa;  d.  July,  1858,  on  a  boat  on  the  Ohio  river.    Child: 
i.  John1;  living  Cedar  Rapids,  Iowa. 
XII.  Olivia6,  b.  May  17,   1815;  m.  May  11,   1840,  at  Windsor,  Vt. ,  V.  T. 
Uiniuan;  res.  atBelleview,  Mich.;  d.  there  Mch.  27,  1846.     Issue: 
i.  Mary1  (Hinman);   m.  Carlton  Grandine;    res.  Battle  Creek, 
Mich.     Issue:  (1)  Nellie8  (Grandine);  (2)  Louisa8  (Grandine); 
(3)  Annie8  (Grandine);  (4)  Frank8  (Grandine). 
ii.   Olivia1  (Hinman);  is  housekeeper  for  her  father. 

XIII.  Luthera6,  b.  Nov.   18,  1817;  m.  (1)  Dec.  11,  1834,  Damon  Griswold 

of  Whitehall,  111.     Mr.  G.  d. .    Issue: 

i.  Alice1  (Griswold);  m.  Wm.  C.  Baker;  res.  on  the  old  home- 
stead. Issue:  (1)  Mabel8  (Baker);  (2)  Fred8  (Baker);  (3)  Ed- 
gar8 (Baker);  (4)  Nellie8  (Baker);  (5)  Frank8  (Baker).  Mrs. 
Luthera  Griswold  m.  (2)  Wm.  B.  Thaxton  j  res.  at  White- 
hall, 111. 

XIV.  John6,  b.  Aug.  4,  1819;  m.  Nov.  28,  1841,  Ellen  Chamberlain;  lived 

on  the  homestead  at  West  Windsor,  Vt.     He  died  there  Sept.  30, 
1844.     Issue: 
i.  Annie1,  m.  George  R.  Sherman;  res.  at  Weathersfield,  Vt. 
No  children, 
XV.  Sarah  Jane6,  b.  Apr.  21,  1821;  m.  at  Windsor,  Vt.,  Aug.  14,  1843,  J. 
F.  Carrington.     They  res.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  31  years.     Mr.  C.  d. 
May,   1862.     She  d.  of  pyemia,  Nov.  8,  1884,  at  the  residence  of 

298  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1792.  He  was  bom  May  28,  1768 ;  d. 
Aug.  20,  1850.  They  res.  at  Dunstable, 
Mass.     Issue.* 

her  niece,  Mrs.  Wm.  C.  Baker,  on  Apple  Creek  Prairie,  Greene  Co., 
111.     [  We  are  indebted  to  Mrs.  Carrington  for  the  record  of  Nahum 
Swallow's  (her  father)  family.]     Issue: 
i.   Child7,  d.  young. 
ii.  Child1,  d.  young. 

iii.  Jennie1  (Carrington);  m.  Ceo.  W.  Robinson,  May  23,  1871; 
lived  in  Boston.     She  d.  there  Nov.  13, 1877.    Child,  Lester8. 

*  Descendants  of  Temple  and  Prudence  (Swallow)  Kendall. 
Children  (b.  at  Dunstable,  Mass.): 
I.  Peter6,  b.  Oct  14,  1793;  m.  Apr.  5, 1827,  Elizabeth  (dau.  of  Cyrus  and 
Mary)  Messer.  She  b.  in  Methuen,  Mass.,  Nov.  28,  1806,  a  des. 
of  the  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Webster  family.  Peter  Kendall  was  a  til- 
ler of  the  soil  in  summer,  and  a  school-master  in  winter;  res.  at 
Dunstable,  Mass.,  of  which  town  he  was  Selectman  and  Town  Clerk 
for  many  years;  was  a  member  of  the  Legislature  in  1842.  He  d. 
Sept.  5,  1861.     Issue: 

[Mrs.  Elizabeth  (Messer)  Kendall  communicates  the  fact  that 
about  half  of  her  10  children  were  born  with  extra  fingers  or  toes, 
this  peculiarity  belonging  to  the  Kendalls  of  this  branch.     She 
adds,  "  It  is  now  the  custom  to  have  the  supernumerary  member 
removed  soon  after  birth."] 
.i.  Andrew  Temple1,  b.  Sept.  2,  1828;  res.  (1885)  at  Nashua,  N.  H. 
ii.  James  Madison1,  b.  Aug.  25,  1830;  was  employed  as  a  machinist 
in  Hartford,  Conn.,  at  the  time  of  his  death,  Dec.  12,  1854. 
iii.   Sarah  Elizabeth1,   b.   Oct.   10,    1832;    m.   Edwin   D.  Wilder. 
carpenter,  of  Nashua,  N.  H.,  Jan.  11,  1854.    Issue:  (1)  Alfred 
E.8  (Wilder);  (2)  Chas.  F.8  (Wilder);  (3)  Arthur  W.8  (Wilder); 
(4)  William8  (Wilder);  res.  No.  Lyndeboro,  N.  Y. 
iv.  Josiah  Alonzo1,  b.  Dec.  5,  1834;  m.  Mary  J.  Simonds  of  Alex- 
andria, N.  H. ;  is  a  machinist  at  So.  Boston;  res.  at  Atlantic, 
Mass.     Issue:  (1)  Winnie  F.8  (Kendall);  employed  (1885)  in 
a  telephone  office,  Boston;  (2)  Nellie  W.8  (Kendall);  school- 
v.  Almond  Messer1,  b.  Mch.  16, 1836;  m.  Mrs.  Laura  A.  Marshall, 
Aug.  30,  1877;  is  a  farmer;  res.  on  the  farm  at  Dunstable 
with  his  mother.     Issue:  Son8,  b.  June  18,  1885. 
vi.  Hannah  Jane1,  b.  Apr.  19,  1838;  d.  Jan.  22,  1839. 
vii.  Hiram  Romanzo1,  b.  May  6,  1839;    was  a  member  of  Co.  G. 
8th  N.  H.  Vol's.;  "was  drafted  in  Hollis,  N.  H.;  the  only 
one  of  32  who  put  on  the  uniform  and  bade  farewell  to 
friends  and  home  to  fight  and  die  for  his  country."     He  was 
with  Gen.  Banks  on  his  last  trip  up  the  Red  river.    He  d.  at 
Natchez,  Miss.,  Nov.  3,  1864. 
viii.  Charles  Lavender1,  b.  Feb.  17,  1842;  is  a  farmer  at  Milford,  N. 
H.;  m.  Sarah  A.  Loud  of  Nashua,  N.  H.     Issue:  (1)  Orville 
R.8  (Kendall);  (2)  Eva  Mary8  (Kendall). 
ix.  George  Edwin1,  b.  Oct.  15,  1845;  m.  Mary  Topping  of  South 
Framingham,  Mass.;  is  gardener  for  James  Kendall  of  Dun- 

Massachusetts  Family.  299 

54.  iii.  Larned5,  b.  July  30,  1775,  d.  1776. 

55.  iv.  Larned5,  b.  June  18, 1777 ;  m.  Olive  Fletcher 

stable,  Mass.     Issue:  (1)  Mabel  E.8  (Kendall);  (2)  Gertie8  (Ken- 
dall); (3)  George  Manly8  (Kendall). 
x.  Horace  Manly1,  b.  June  6,   1848;  is  a  machinist;  m.  Emogene 
Butler  of  Manchester,  N.  H.;  res.  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.     Issue: 

(1)  Vernon  U.8  (Kendall);  (2)  and  (3)  daus.8;  (4)  Elmer8  (Ken- 
dall), deceased. 

II.  Rebekah6,  b.  Dec.  10, 1795;  m.  John  Bennett,  May  22,  1814;  she  d. 
Apr.  15,  1865. 

III.  Charles6,  b.  Dec.  11,  1797 ;  d.  Jan.  5,  1838  (one  authority  says  1836). 

IV.  Abigail6,  b.  Mch.  31,  1800;  m.  Luther  Taylor,  Nov.  10,  1825;  she  d. 

March  3,  1838. 
V.  Prudence6,  b.  May  26, 1802;  m.  Zebulon  Blodgett,  Dec.  18,  1823-  she 
d.  May  30,  1882.     Issue: 
i.  Mary  R.1  (Blodgett),  b.  Nov.  25,  1824;  m.  Walter  Parkhurst, 

April  16,  1851;  res.  (1885)  in  Lowell,  Mass. 
ii.  George  Z.1  (Blodgett),  b.  July  31, 1826  ;  m.  Mary  E.  Pierce,  Jan. 
29,   1861.     Issue:  (1)  Marys  (Blodgett),  b.  Mch.  4,  1862;  grad. 
at  Normal   School,  South  Framingham,  Mass.,  July  1,  1885 ; 

(2)  John  Z.8  (Blodgett),  b.  June  30,  1863;  (3)  Willie  F.8  (Blodg- 
ett), b.  Feb.  2,  1867';  (4)  Erwin  W.8  (Blodgett),  b.  Feb.  22, 

iii.  Prudence  E.1  (Blodgett),  b.  Aug.  13,  1828;  m.  James  S.  Roby, 
Sept.  6,  1857;  she  d.  Sept.  24,  1859;  he  d.  1865.  Issue:  (1) 
Emeline  H.8  (Roby),  b.  May  19,  1859;  m.  Arthur  D.  Butter- 
field;  res.  in  Lowell,  Mass. 
iv.  Sarah  A.1  (Blodgett);  m.  Alfred  J.  Bennett;  res.  in  Lowell, 
Mass.  * 

VI.  Isaac6,  b.  Sept.  22,  1804;  m.  Mary  Page,  May  22,  1831;  he  died  May 

3,  1875. 
VII.  James6,  b.  Oct.  2,  1806;  m.  Betsey  Page,  Oct.  30,  1831;  res.  (1883)  in 

Dunstable,  Mass. 
VIII.  Sarah6,  b.  Aug.  16,  1808;  m.  Oct.  20,  1853,  as  2d  wife,  Charles  Stott 
of  Lowell,  Mass.,   agent  and  part  owner  of  the  Flannel  Mills  in 
Lowell.     He  died  June,  1881,  aged  upward  of  80  years.     His  only 
son  (by  1st  mar.)  has  been  mayor  of  Lowell;  no  children  by  2d  mar. 
Mrs.  Sarah  (Kendall)  Stott,  who  died  Jan.  18,  1890,  was  a  mem- 
ber of  the  First  Universalist  Church  at  Lowell.     She  was  in  her 
maidenhood,  one  of  the  famous  class  of  mill  girls,  of  whom  Lucy 
Larcom  and  Charles  Dickens  have  written  so  eulogistically,  and 
whose  intelligence  and  ability  won  for  them  extended  celebrity  and 
admiration.     *    *    *     She  was  a  woman  of  retiring  manners,  and 
did  not  appear  actively  in  benevolent,  social  or  religious  affairs, 
though  her  interest  in  them  was  deep  and  unabating  (Lowell  paper). 
IX.  Madison6,  b.  July  30,  1810;  m.  Armenia  Phillips,  Oct.  3, 1833;  res.  at 

Springfield,  Mass. 
X.  Cummings6,  b.  Sept.  21,  1812;  m.  WelthaA.  Cummings,  Apr.  4,  1844; 

res.  at  Tvngsboro,  Mass. 
XI.  Stiles6,  b.   Sept.  21,  1812;  m.  (1)  Sarah  H.  Lund,  Nov.  16,  1884;  (2) 
Frances  E.  Whittemore,  Apr.  1,  1843;  (3)  Susan  Vanne.var;  (4)  Han- 
nah Durgan;  res.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  where  he  died  Nov.  20,  1884. 

300  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Proctor.  Settled  in  Buckfield,  Me.  ; 
had  15  children.  A  son  of  theirs,  named 
Clark  Swallow,  res.  at  Bridgewater,  Mass.; 
another  son  was  State  geologist  of  Miss- 
ouri before  the  late  war,  and  a  third  was 
a  traveling  preacher  in  Illinois. 

56.  v.  Sarah5,  b.  Feb.  17,  1780;  m.  East- 

mail,  of  Dunstable,  Mass.;  soon  died. 

57.  IX.  John4,  b.  July  27,  1749 ;  m.  Keziah  Divoll.     Fam- 

ily 10. 

Family  4. 

58.  Ephraim3  Stiles  [25]  [Timothy2,  Bobert1),  was  born  at 
Boxford,  Mass.,  Dec.  27,  1708  ;  bapt.  Oct.  30,  1709  {Boxford 
Records) ;  m .  Elizabeth  Lanksford,  Nov.  26,  1741  {Andover 
Records),  and  she  was  admitted  to  the  1st  Ch.  of  Boxford 
Jan.,  1742-3. 

[We  think  Ephraim  Stiles  must  have  lived  in  Boxford,  al- 
though it  is  hard  to  decide  from  the  records  of  these  towns 
which  one  was  entitled  to  the  honor.  We  suspect,  however, 
that  his  place  was  in  Boxford  near  the  Andover  line. — M.  S.  P.  G.] 

Children  (from  Boxford  Records) : 
59.  I.  Hannah4 ;  bapt.  Apr.  17,  1743.     She  was  probably 

the  one  who  was  published  to  Elijah  Hutchinson 
at  Andover,  May  17,  1765. 

Issue  (by  1st  marriage): 

i.  Stiles7 ;  now  (1884)  in  South  America. 
Issue  (by  2d  marriage): 
ii.  Charles7. 
XII.  Rhoda6,  b.  March  10,  1814;  res.  in  Lowell,  Mass.;  unm. 

XIII.  Lavinia6,  b.  Nov.  6,  1815;  m.  Sept.  4,  1845,  Aretos  Blood  (b.  at  Wind- 

sor, Vt.,  Oct.  8,  1816).     Mr.  Blood  is  (1883)  agent  of  the  Manchester 
(N.  H. )  Locomotive  and  Steam  Fire  Engine  Co. ;  a  man  of  wealth 
and  influence.     Issue: 
i.  Child7;  died  young. 
ii.  Child7 ;  died  young. 

iii.  Nora  R.7  (Blood),  b.  at  Lawrence,  Mass.,  Mch.  14, 1849;  m.  Sept., 
1871,  F.  B.  Carpenter  of  Concord,  N.  EL,  now  (1883)  whole- 
sale flour  and  grain  dealer  at  Manchester,  N.  H.  Issue:  (1) 
Aretos8  (Carpenter),  b.  Feb.  14,  1879;  (2)  Mary8 (Carpenter),  b. 
May  11,  1882. 
iv.  Emma7  (Blood),  b.  at  Manchester,  N.  H.,  Oct.  15,  1853. 

XIV.  Andrew  Temple6,  b.  July  21,  1818;  d.  Dec.  21,  1818. 

Massachusetts  Family.  301 

60.  II.  Enoch4;  bapt.  Mar.  10,  1745  ;  m.  Abigail  Kimball. 

Family  11. 

61.  III.  Noah4;    bapt.    Mch.    10,    1745  ;  m.    Lydia   Curtis. 

Family  12. 

62.  IV.  Mary4;  bapt.  Oct.  18,  1747. 

63.  V.  Ephraim4 ;  bapt.  Nov.  12,  1749.     [Ephraim  Stiles 

was  adm'd  to  the  1st  Ch.  of  Boxford,  June  10, 
1764  —  whether  it  was  the  father  or  son,  we 
have  no  means  of  knowing.  ] 

64.  VI.  Thomas4;  bapt.  (of  Andover)  July  26,  1752. 

65.  VII.  Martha4 ;  bapt.  Aug.  18,  1754  (was  prob.  the  one 

m.  to  John  Towne,  May  15,    1771,   ace.  to  the 

m.    VIII.  Mercy4;  bapt.  "of  ye'old  parish,"  Nov.  14,  1756. 

67.  IX.  Jeremy4;  bapt.   "of  Andover,"  July  8,  1759. 

68.  X.  Elizabeth4;  bapt.  "  of  Andover  "  Aug.  23, 1761. 

Family  5. 

69.  Gideon3  Stiles  [26]  (Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Box- 
ford,  Mass.,  Feb.  26,  1711-12;  bapt.  Apr.  13,  1712;  m.  Sarah 
Falkner,  of  Andover,  Mass.,  Nov.  30,  1736  (pub.  Sept.  12, 
1736).  Boxford  Records,  which  give  the  dates  of  his  birth, 
baptism  and  publishment,  also  say  that  Sarah  Falkner  Stiles 
was  adm'd  to  the  1st  Ch.,  Mch.,  1737-8.  They  resided  at 
Boxford,  and  the  spot  on  which  their  house  (which  also  appears 
to  have  been  the  same  occupied  by  his  father  before  him) 
stood,  is  described  in  Perley's  "Dwellings  in  Boxford"  as 
follows :  "About  a  quarter  of  a  mile  northwest  of  the  old 
Foster  house,  near  the  match  factory,  is  an  old  cellar.  The 
house  that  stood  over  it  has  probably  been  gone  more  than 
seventy-five  years.  It  was  the  house  of  Gideon  Stiles,  an  uncle 
of  Mrs.  Nathaniel  Long.  Gideon  was  a  son  of  Timothy 
Stiles,  and  was  born  here,  probably,  at  this  place,  in  1711." 
He  d.  Nov.  15,  1799,  se.  88.  (1st  ed.,  Mass.  Stiles  Fam., 
p.  29). 

Children  (from  Boxford  Records) : 

70.  I.  David4;  bapt.  Apr.  2,  1738  ;  m.   Hannah  Norton, 

and  Tabitha  Oak.     Family  13. 

71.  II.  Jesse4 ;  bapt.  April  2,  1738. 

302  Stiles  Genealogy. 

72.  III.  Sarah4;  bapt.  Aug.  12,  1744;  m.  Benjamin  Ed- 
wards. Their  descendants  were  living  (1857) 
near  Lebanon,  1ST.  JEL  (1st  ed.,  Mass.  Stiles 
Fam.,  p.  29). 

Family  6. 

73.  Ezra3  Stiles  [28]  (Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  born  at 
Boxford,  Mass.,  July  2,  1715 ;  bapt.  1st  Sab.,  July,  1715  ;  m. 
(1)  Mary  Warren,  Nov.  20,  1740  ;  adm'd  to  1st  Ch.,  May  1, 
1743.  She  Sept.,  1744.  He  was  pnb.  Mch.  22,  1760,  to 
widow  Sarah  Johnson,*  of  Andover  {Boxford  Records).  He 
was  m.  to  Mrs.  Sarah  Johnson,  Apr.  29,  1760,  by  Rev. 
William  Symmes  {Andover  Records).  He  lived  in  Boxford 
"  Near  where  Jere.  Holmes  built  his  diminutive  residence,  near 
the  match  factory,  is  an  old  cellar,  over  which,  in  1765,  lived 
Ezra  Stiles — thus  old  plans  tell  us,  but  people  living  know 
nothing  about  it "  {Dwellings  in  Boxford,  No.  cxlvii). 
Ezra  Stiles  must  have  died  in  1768,  according  to  an  item  found 
in  the  MSS.  of  Pres.  Stiles,  of  Yale  Coll.,  which  reads  as  fol- 
lows :  "  I  find  in  the  Prints  an  Advertisement  Dated  at  Box- 
ford, Dec.  8,  1768,  by  Sarah  Stiles,  Admin,  on  the  Estate  of 
'  Ezra  Stiles,  late  of  Boxford,  deceased.'  "  Mrs.  Sarah  Stiles, 
d.  July  3,  1790,  se.  60. 

Children  (from  Boxford  Records)'. 
74.  I.  Elizabeth4,  b.  May  19,  1742;  bapt.  May  9,  1743 

[evidently  d.  young]. 

*Wido w  Sarah  Johnson  was  a  dau.  of  Nathan  Bowen,  Esq. ,  of  Marblehead, 
and  we  find  in  Eoads'  "  History  and  Traditions  of  Marblehead  "  (p.  346)  some 
interesting  facts  about  Nathan  Bowen's  house,  and  himself,  and  we  have 
ourselves  seen  in  one  of  the  old  graveyards  at  Marblehead,  a  row  of  tomb- 
stones erected  to  the  memory  of  different  members  of  the  Bowen  family, 
and  among  them  is  that  of  Sarah  Stiles,  widow  of  Ezra. — M.  S.  P.  Gr. 

"  North  of  the  town  house,  situated  on  the  corner  of  Mugford  St.,  is  the 
quaint  old  homestead  of  the  Bowen  Family.  Nathan  Bowen,  and  three  of 
his  descendants,  placed  their  signs  over  the  door  of  this  house  and  the 
store  adjoining,  as  Justice  of  the  Peace,  and  Notary  Public.  Each  of  these 
dignitaries  in  turn  held  important  local  offices,  and  all  were  men  of  marked 
intelligence  and  ability." 

"  In  Nathan  Bowen's  time  a  Justice  of  the  Peace  had  all  the  authority 
now  vested  in  a  Trial  Justice.  There  are  many  traditions  related  of  the 
severity  of  his  sentences.  He  was  the  dread  of  evil-doers,  and  since  few 
escaped  punishment  who  were  brought  before  him  for  trial,  he  was  called 
'  the  condemner  of  all  flesh.'"    He  died  at  Marblehead,  Dec.  23, 1776,  se.  79. 

Massachusetts  Family.  303 

75.  II.  Timothy4,  b.  July  24, 1743;  m.  Phebe  Kimball  and 

Naomi  McMillion.     Family  14. 

76.  III.  Lucy4,    b.    1745;    bapt.  Dec.    15,  1745;  m.  Peter 

Loyis  of  Marblehead,  Nov.  1, 1764. 

77.  IY.  Jemina4,  b.  Nov.  7,  1747;  bapt.  Nov.  22,  1747. 

78.  V.  Ezra4,  b.  Dec.  18,  1749;  bapt.  Dec.  31,  1749  ;  m. 

Hannah  Cutter.     Family  15. 

79.  VI.  Mary4,  b.  March  3,  1752  ;  bapt.  "  of  ye  old  parish,'3 

March  15, 1752 ;  m.  Amos  Kimball  of  Andover, 
Nov.   23,  1779  (pub.  Oct.  27,  1779)  {Andover 

80.  i.  Elizabeth5,  b.  March  21, 1781 ;  d.  Oct.  1, 1821. 

81.  ii.  Amos5,  b.  Sept.  27,  1784;  d.  Nov.  13,  1845. 

Issue:  (1)  Dau.8,  who  m.  and  d.  without  is- 
sue ;  (2)  John  F.6  (Kimball) ;  m.  Dec.  25, 
1867,  Elizabeth  Foster,  a  des.  of  John 
Foster,  who  was  bro.  to  Mr.  K's  gr.  gr. 
grandmother,  Hannah  (Foster)  Stiles  ;  res. 
(1885)  at  Andover,  Mass. 

82.  iii.  Mary5,  b.  Feb.  26,  1787;  m.  Jeremiah  Spof- 

ford  of  Boxford,  Mass. ;  she  d.  Feb.  26, 

83.  iv.  Charles  H.5,  b.    July  12,  1789;  m.  Mary 

Foster  of  Boxford.  Issue :  (1)  Charles6 
(Kimball),  b.  Sept.  3,  1818 ;  d.  Julv  4, 
1833 ;  (2)  Mary  E.6  (Kimball),  b.  April 

27,  1822 ;  m. Kendall ;  res.  (1885) 

at  Georgetown,  Mass.;  (3)  Newton  I.6 
(Kimball),  b.  June  15,  1824 ;  d.  Aug.  20, 
1853;  (4)  Alfred  W.6  (Kimball),  b.  March 
5,  1827 ;  d.  Aug.  20,  1828 ;  (5)  Cynthia6 
(Kimball),  b.  Oct.  14,  1830;  d.  May  20, 
1879.     (All  b.  at  Newburyport,  Mass.) 

84.  v.  Lucy5,  b.  Oct.  21,  1791 ;  d.  April  14,  1808. 

85.  VII.  Anna4,  b.  Feb.  17,  1755  ;  bapt.  "  of  ye  old  parish," 

Feb.  16,  1755. 

86.  VIII.  Jacob4,  b.  June  14, 1757 ;  bapt.  "  of  ye  old  parish," 

June  19,  1757. 
Jacob  Stiles  was  a  soldier  of  the  Revolution,  and  we  are  in- 
debted to  the  Pension   Office  Reports  at  Washington,  D.  C, 
for  his  war  record,  and  all  we  know  of  his  personal  history. 

304  Stiles  Genealogy. 

On  presenting  his  claim  for  a  pension,  Jacob  Stiles,  cooper, 
made  the  following  statement  in  June,  1837,  being  then  of 
Portsmouth,  N.  EL:  "Was  born  in  Boxford,  Essex  Co., 
Mass.,  June  14,  1757  [Bedford  is  the  name  given  in  the  copy 
from  the  Pension  Office  Reports,  but  there  is  no  such  town  as 
Bedford  in  Essex  Co.,  Mass.,  besides  it  is  known  that  the 
birth  of  Jacob  Stiles  is  recorded  at  Boxford. —  M.S.  P.  G.], 
and  turned  out  with  others  on  the  alarm  that  British  troops  were 
marching  from  Boston  to  Concord ;  arrived  in  Lexington  im- 
mediately after  the  fight  and  joined  in  the  pursuit  of  the  re- 
treating army  to  Cambridge,  when  he  returned  home.  He 
enlisted  in  May,  1775,  at  Boxford,  with  Cap't.  Prince,  in  Col. 
Mansfield's  Regt.,  which  inarched  to  Boston,  and  he  was  in  the 
battle  of  Bunker  Hill  (June  17,  1775),  being  stationed  to  cover 
the  cannon  of  Gridley,  on  Cobble  Hill,  which  were  on  the  ex- 
treme left  wing  of  the  Americans;  discharged  in  Dec,  1775, 
and  the  same  month  he  engaged  for  3  months  with  Capt. 
Varnum  [Farnuin],  in  Col.  Herrick's  Regt.,  going  to  Boston, 
which  was  evacuated  March  17,  1776,  and  he  returned  home. 
About  July  1,  1776,  he  enlisted  with  Capt.  Johnson,  Col. 
Wigglesworth's  Regt.  for  5  months,  going  to  Ticonderoga,  N. 
T.  Early  in  March,  1777,  he  engaged  for  3  years  as  an  ar- 
tificer in  the  Co.  of  Capt.  Parker  (who  was  at  the  time  an  en- 
sign, but  afterward  promoted  to  Capt.),  in  Col.  Baldwin's 
Regt.,  remaining  as  foreman  of  the  coopers  until  discharged  at 
Morristown,  1ST.  J.  In  the  spring  of  1780  he  shipped  at  Bev- 
erly, Mass.,  on  board  the  private  armed  ship  Pilgrim,  Capt. 
Robinson,  for  a  cruise  which  lasted  eleven  months,  besides  en- 
gaging for  a  year's  cruise,  in  the  same  vessel,  with  the  same 

In  1784  he  went  to  Hudson,  N.  Y.,  where  he  shipped  as  a 
cooper  on  the  brigantine  Industry,  Capt.  Clark,  for  a  whaling 
voyage  off  the  coast  of  Brazil,  which  lasted  a  year,  getting  8 
cargoes  of  oil  into  Halifax,  Nova  Scotia.  In  1786  he  went 
from  Halifax  on  another  whaling  voyage,  to  Table  Bay  and 
Good  Hope,  on  the  coast  of  Africa,  returning  to  Halifax  in 
1787;  and  the  same  year  he  went  to  Guysboro,  on  Chedebucto 
Bay,  in  said  Province  of  N.  S.,  where  he  married  and  resided 
until  June  10,  1837,  when  he  arrived  in  Portsmouth,  N.  H., 
for  the  purpose  of  spending  his  remaining  days.  He  was  ap- 
prenticed to  Jedediah  Holt  to  learn  the  trade  of  cooper,  in 

Massachusetts  Family.  305 

Andover,  Mass.,  a  town  adjoining  Boxford,  and  was  identified 
after  50  years  of  unbroken  absence.  The  town  clerk  of  Box- 
ford  certifies  that  Jac-ob  Stiles  is  on  record  as  one  of  the  eleven 
children  of  Ezra  Stiles  by  his  first  wife  Mary  Warren."  [We 
have  the  names  of  but  10  children  of  Ezra  Stiles  and  first 
wife,  Alary  Warren.  Was  there  another,  named  Richard? — 
M.  S.  P.  G.] 

87.  IX.  Keziah4,  b.  Mch.   12,  1759 ;  bapt.  Mch.  18,  1759 ; 

m.  Abraham  Smith,  Dec.  18,  1777. 
Children  (by  2d  wife)  : 

88.  X.  Elizabeth4,  b.  Jan.  23,  1761;  bapt.  Jan.  25,  1761; 

m.  Nathaniel  Long,  of  Boxford,  June  20,  1776 ; 
"  A  house  that  Mr.  Long  built  [in  Boxford]  and 
owned  is  still  standing  "  (Perley's  "  Dwellings  in 
Boxford").  He  died  1819,  se.  58.  Widow 
"Betty"  Long  died  1849,  se.  88.     Issue: 

89.  i.  Dau.5,  who  m. Hay  ward;  had  (1)  Augus- 

tus6 (Hayward),  who  owned  and  worked 

a  saw-mill  in  Boxford;.jn. ;  d. 

1872,  without  issue;  (2)  Hannah6  (Hay- 
ward);  in.    Albert   Perley,  of  Boxford. 
«  Issue:    (a)   Catherine7  (Perley),  b.  1840; 

in. Buckley;  (b)  Mary  E.7  (Perley), 

b.  1842;  m.  Asahel  Todd;  (c)  Josephine7 
(Perley),  b.  1843;  m.  Austin  Lake;  (d) 
Albert7  (Perley),  b.  1845;  (e)  Jennie7 
(Perley),  b.  184-;  m.  George  A.  Wilkins; 
(f)  Samuel7  (Perley),  b.  1851;  in.  Lucy 
Gurley;  (g)  Charles7  (Perley)  and  (h) 
Henry7  (Perley),  b.  1854. 

90.  XL  Nathan4,  b.  July  17,  1763;  d.  young. 

91.  XII.  Hannah4,  b.  Mch.  15,  1765;  bapt.  Mch.   31,  1765. 

(Hannah  Stiles  and  Joseph  Martin  were  mar- 
ried [by  Mr.  Hubbard]  at  Marblehead,  Oct.  7, 
1784)  [Marblehead  Records'].  This  was  doubt- 
less the  same  Hannah  Stiles.) 

92.  XIII.  Nathan4,  b.  Mch.  15,  1767;  bapt.  Mch.  22,  1767. 


306  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  7. 

93.  Lieut.  Levi*  Stiles  [33]  (Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1), 
was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass ,  Feb.  18,  1732-3;  m.  Dec.  16, 
1755  (by  Rev.  David  Stearns,  of  L.),  Patience  Smith,  of  L. 

In  the  record  of  his  death,  which,  with  his  birth  and  mar- 
riage, are  found  at  Lunenburg,  he  is  referred  to  as  Lieut.  Levi 
Stiles.  He  died  Dec.  21, 1810,  se.  77.  Mrs.  Patience  (Smith) 
Stiles  died  Mch.  21,  1828,  se.  92  years. 

Children  (all  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.) : 

94.  I.  Jonathan5,  b.  Oct.   5,  1756;  m.  Hannah  Taylor. 

Family  16. 

95.  II.  Susannah5,  b.  Oct.  4,  1758. 

96.  III.  Nahum5,  b.  May  14,  1761;  m.  Betsey  Davis.  Fam- 

ily 17. 

97.  IV.  Patience5,  b.  Sept.  16,  1763;  m.  Joseph  Priest  (b. 

at  Poylston,  Mass.);  res.  at  Gardner,  Mass. 
"Joseph  Priest  from  Winchendou,  located  as 
a  farmer  in  the  west  part  of  the  town  where  now 
resides  Nathan  Wallace"  {Glazier's  Hist.  Gard- 
ner, Mass.,  p.  46).  Mrs.  Patience  (Stiles)  Priest 
d.  1814.     Issue: 

98.  i.  Lucy6;  m.  Ezra  Baker.    Issue :  (1)   Fanny7 

(Baker);  (2)  Joel7  (Baker);  (3)  Betsey7 
(Baker);  (4)  Joseph7  (Baker);  (5)  Charles7 

99.  ii.  Levi6;  m.  Hannah  Woodbury,  of  Winchen- 

don,  Mass.  Issue :  (1)  Levi  W.7  (Priest); 
(2)  Francis  D.7  (Priest) ;  (3)  Joseph  D.7 
(Priest);  res.  in  Hinsdale,  N.  H. ;  (4) 
Milo7  (Priest);  (5)  Nancy7  (Priest). 

100.  iii.  Jacob6;    m.    Patty  Clark  of  Gardner,   Mass., 

May  1, 1814.     Issue* 

*  Descendants  of  Jacob6  and  Patty  (Clark)  Priest. 
I.  Joseph1,  b.  Jan.  28,  1815;  d.  1822. 
II.  Jacob  W.\  b.  Apr.  2,  1817;  d.  1823. 

III.  Mary1,  b.  Feb.  24,  1819;  res.  (1884)  at  Sioux  City,  Iowa. 

IV.  Martha  E.\  b.  Jan.  9,  1822;  m.  (1)  Jan.  1,  1844,  Orville  C.  (son  of 

Samuel)  Stiles  of  Rindge,  N.  H.  [his  record  will  be  found  in 
line  of  Ebenezer2,  Fain.  62,  p.  139,  Mass.  Stiles  Family];  m.  (2) 
David  Barkers  (3)  Mr.  Holt.    During  the  life  of  Mr.  Stiles  she 

Massachusetts  Family.  307 

101.  iv.  Joseph6;  d.  iram. 

102.  v.  Caleb8;  m.  (1)  Louisa  Gage.     Issue:  (1)  Lor- 

enzo7 (Priest);  (2)  Caleb  A.7  (Priest);  (3) 
George7  (Priest);  '(4)  William7  (Priest);  (5) 
Calvin7  (Priest);  (6)  Francis7  (Priest);  (7) 
Nancy7  (Priest). 

103.  vi.   Betsey6! 

104.  V.  Peleg  Stearns5,  b.  Mch.  25,  1766;  m.  Kebecca  Wy- 

man  and  Mrs.  Sally  (Buck)  McElroy.    Family  18. 

105.  YI.  Levi5,    b.  Mch.  4, '  1769;    m.  Dinia  Martendale. 

Family  19. 

106.  YII.  Lucy5,  b.  Sept.  3,  1770;  m. Upton. 

107.  YIII.  Jacob5,  b.  July  9,  1772;  m. .     Family  20. 

10S.      IX. -Caleb5,  b.    Aug.  20,    1774;    m.   Betsey   Willard. 

Family  21. 

109.  X.  Mary5,  b.  Aug.  14,  1776;  m.  Dr.  Lyman  Lewis  of 

Norwich,  Yt.,  Feb.  18,  1798;  res.  at  N.  Dr. 
Lewis  was  a  person  of  great  influence  in  Norwich 
during  his  long  residence  there.  He  was  one  of  the 
trustees  of  Norwich  University  while  it  was  lo- 
cated in  the  town.  He  d.  May  14,  1849.  Mrs. 
Mary  (Stiles)  Lewis  d.  Dec.  27,  1844.     Issue : 

110.  i.  Joel6  (Lewis),  b.  Dec.  17,  1798;  d.  Dec.  27, 


111.  ii.  Experience6  (Lewis),  b.  Oct.  6,  1800;  m.  John 

D.  Hilton.  Issue:  (1)  Mary7  (Hilton);  (2) 
Jane7  (Hilton),  b.  June  6,  1830.  Jane  Hil- 
ton m.  Carlton  B.  Nott,  Feb.  20, 1856  ;  had 
H.  L.8  (Nott)   and    Frank   S.8   (Nott) ;    (3) 

res.  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.;  afterward  lived  at  Peterborough,  N.  H. ; 
present  add.  (1884)  Sioux  Falls,  Iowa.     Issue  (by  1st  marriage): 
i.  Charles  J.8  (Stiles),  b.  at    Fitchburg,  July  7,  1846;  d.  June  7, 

ii.  Mary  R.8  (Stiles),  b.  June  28,  1852;  d.  Feb.  12,  1853. 
V.  Betsey1,  b.  June  15,  1826;  m.  Austin  Kneeland  Gould  (b.  Nov.  21, 
1825).     Issue: 

i.  Emmons  Oliver8  (Gould),  b.  May  23,  1853;  m.  Fanny  L.  Thorpe 
(b.  Sept.  17,  1853).     Issue:  (1)  Harry  Edward9  (Gould),  b.  July 
23,  1877;  (2)  Jessie  Rose9  (Gould),  b.  July  23,  1880;  (8)  Lulu 
May9  (Gould),  b.  Sept.  9,  1882. 
ii.  Lillie  May  Belle8  (Gould),  b.  May  30,  1867. 
VI.  Lucy1,  b.  Dec.  8,  1828;  d.  Dec,  1856. 
VII.  Eliza  Patience1,  b.  Aug.  16, 1832;  d.  Jan.  21,  1855. 
VIII.  Harriet  M.1,  b.  Sept.  16,  1837;  d.  July  29,  1871. 

308  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Joseph7  (Hilton);  (4)  Joseph  L.7  (Hilton); 
(5)  Caroline7  (Hilton).  Mrs.  Experience 
Hilton  d.  Jan.  2,  1873. 

112.  iii.  Hollister6  (Lewis),  b.  Feb.  3,  1803;  d.  Feb.  8, 


113.  iv.  Noah6  (Lewis),  b.  Feb.  5, 1805;  d.  Feb.  8, 1825. 

114.  v.  Lyman  Hollister6  (Lewis),  b.  May  6,  1813;  d. 

'  May  14,  1825. 

115.  vi.  Edward  Morton6  (Lewis),  b.  Sept.  6,  1818;  m. 

Dec.  9,  1843,  Louisa  Tilden ;  always  res.  at 
Norwich,  Yt.  Mr.  Lewis  was  Agent  of 
the  U.  S.  and  Can.  Exp.  Com.  He  d.  at 
Norwich,  Vt,,  Apr.  22,  1887.  Issue:  (1) 
Lyman7  (Lewis),  b.  Nov.  20,  1844;  m.  Clara 
Tracy  Worth  (b.  at  Hanover,  N.  H.,  July 
11, 1849),  Apr.  19, 1869 .  Issue :  (a)  Gracie 
Alburta8  (Lewis),  b.  at  Chicago,  111.,  May  11, 
1873;  (b)  Edward  Morton8  (Lewis),  b.  Aug. 
18,  1879;  d.  Feb.  9,  1880;  (2)  George  Ed- 
ward7 (Lewis),  b.  Aug.  10, 1846;  m.  Mch.  8, 
1875,  Anna  H.  Dudley.  Issue  :  (a)  Franklin 
Edward8  (Lewis),  b.  May  23,  1879;  (3)  Kan- 
som  Tilden7  (Lewis),  b.  Aug.  7, 1848;  m.  Dec. 
25, 1873,  Martha  A.  Howard  (b.  at  Province- 
town,  Mass.,  Aug.  7,  1846).  Issue :  (a)  Leon 
Kansom8  (Lewis),  b.  Apr.  29,  1875;  (b)  Ed- 
ward Howard8  (Lewis),  b.  Sept.  25,  1881;' 
(4)  Frank  Stiles7  (Lewis),  b.  Oct.  27,  1852; 
d.  Mch.  1,  1854;  (5)  Mary  Louisa7  (Lewis), 
b.  Feb.  16,  1857. 

116.  XL  Hannah5,   b.    Aug.  31,  1780.     « She   lived  single 

and  possessed  remarkable  strength.  Her  nephew 
relates  that  she  could  lift  a  barrel  of  cider  and 
set  it  on  a  table  as  easily  as  he  could  a  ten  gallon 
jug."     (Mass.  Stiles  Fam.,  1st  ed.,  p.  29.) 

117.  XII.  Sarah5;  m.  Kev.  Mr.  Wetherby  ;    rem.  to  College 

Hill,  Ohio. 

Massachusetts  Family.  309 

Family  8. 

118.  Capt.  Jacob4  Stiles  [45]  (Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Bobert1), 
was  born  at  Lunenburg,   Mass.,   Sept.   26,   1737 ;  m.  Abigail 

,  who  d.  at  Cavendish,  Yt.,  Dec.  25,  1819,  se.  77  yrs.  4= 

mos.  18  days.  He  d.  at  the  same  place,  about  1828  or  '9,  ee.  abt. 
92  yrs.  He  lived  at  Leominster,  Mass.,  Keene,  1ST.  H.,  Lunen- 
burg, Mass.,  and  finally  at  Cavendish,  Yt.  His  commissions 
as  2d  and  1st  Lient.,*  are  preserved  as  precious  relics  by  his 
great  grandson,  A.  J.  Stiles,  of  Moriah,  Essex  Co.,  N.  Y.,  who 
kindly  loaned  one  of  them  in  order  that  a  copy  might  be  made 
for  this  history  .f 

*"InOct.,  1828,  Jacob  Stiles  of  Cavendish,  Windsor  Co.,  Vt.,  states 
|  .   ]  that  he  was  a  Capt.  in  Colo.  Putnam's  Mass..  Regt.,  and  served 

to  the  end  of  the  war."    (From  Pension  Office  Records). 

\  Copy  of  the  Lieut.  Commission  of  Jacob  Stiles : 
"  Province  of  Massachusetts  Bay, 

Thomas  Pownal,  Esq.,  Captain  General  and  Governor  in  Chief  in  and 
over  His  Majesty's  Province  of  the  Massachusetts  Bay,  in  New  England, 
and  Vice  Admiral  of  the  same,  &c, 

To  Jacob  Stiles,  Gent.,  Greeting. 

By  virtue  of  the  Power  and  Authority  in  and  by  His  Majesty's  Royal 
Commission  to  me  granted  to  be  Captain-General,  &c,  over  this  His  Ma- 
jesty's Province  of  the  Massachusetts  Bay  aforesaid,  I  do  by  these  Presents 
(reposing  especial  Trust  and  Confidence  in  your  Loyalty,  Courage,  and  good 
Conduct)  constitute  and  appoint  you,  the  said  Jacob  Stiles  to  be  first 
Lieutenant  of  a  Company  of  Foot  whereof  Aaron  Willard,  Esq.,  is 

You  are,  therefore,  carefully  and  diligently  to  discharge  the  Duty  of  a 
first  Lieutenant  in  leading,  ordering  and  exercising  said  Company  &&  in 
Arms,  both  inferior  Officers  and  Soldiers,  and  to  keep  them  in  good  Order 
and  Discipline,  and  they  are  hereby  commanded  to  obey  you  as  their  first 
Lieutenant,  and  you  are  yourself  to  observe  and  follow  such  Orders  and  In- 
structions as  you  shall  from  time  to  time  receive  from  the  General  Com- 
mander-in-Chief of  His  Majesty's  Forces  in  North  America,  your  Colonel 
or  other  your  Superior  Officers  according  to  the  Rules  and  Discipline  of  War 
in  pursuance  of  the  Trust  hereby  reposed  in  you.& 

Given  under  my  Hand  and  Seal  at  Arms  at  Boston,  the  Twentieth  Lay  of 
February,  in  the  thirty-third  Tear  of  the  Reign  of  His  Majesty  King  George 
the  Second.     Anno  Domini  1760. 


By  His  Excellency's  command, 

A.  Oliver,  Sec'y. 











310  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children  (first  four  b.  at  Keene,  N.  H. ;  last  five  at  Lunen- 
burg, Mass.)  : 

119.  I.  Charlotte5,  b.  Sept.  26,  1763;  m.  Elijah  Hutchin- 

son, of  Cavendish,  Yt.  She  d.  Apr.  9,  1811. 
Issue : 

120.  i.  Luther6;  m.  his  cousin,  Polly  Stiles;  rem. 

to  Arcadia,  N.  Y.,  and  d.  at  Rochester, 
NT.  Y.;  left  six  children.  [Charlotte  and 
Elijah  Hutchinson  may  have  had  other 

121.  II.  Lincoln5,  b.  Aug.  17,  1765  ;  m.  Patience  Johnson. 
Family  22.  ,         0  h      .   % 

Asenath5,  b.  Jan.  27, 1768. 

Abigail5,  b.  Nov.  25,  1769. 

Sarah5,  b.  Nov.  2,  1774.  V 

Content5,  b.  Jan.  10,  1777. 

James5,  b.  July  13,  1779.  We  think  there  can 
be  no  doubt  that  an  account  of  one  Alonzo  B. 
Stiles,  given  in  "  Memorials  of  a  Century,"  (p. 
124),  published  1863,  by  Jennings,  at  Benning- 
ton, Yt.,  refers  to  a  son  of  this  James  Stiles. 
We  give  the  account  entire :  "  In  the  fall  of 
1830  came  the  news  that  Alonzo  B.  Stiles  was 
dead.  Men  stood  appalled  at  the  suddenness  of 
such  an  event ;  and  one  would  say  to  another: 
'  Is  Stiles  dead  ?  it  is  impossible.'  He  was  a 
young  man  of  singular  beauty,  very  much  ad- 
mired, and  had  many  friends.  The  grave  of 
Stiles  is  in  the  church-yard.  On  the  slab  is  this 
inscription  :  '  In  memory  of  Alonzo  B.  Stiles, 
son  of  James  and  Abigail  Stiles.  Born  at  Caven- 
dish, Yermont,  Sept.  9,  1805  ;  d.  in  this  town 
(in  consequence  of  being  thrown  from  a  wagon), 
Oct.  14,  1830,  ae.  25  yrs.  1  month  and  5  days.'  " 

127.  VIII.  Tirzah5;  b.  June  28,  1782. 

128.  IX.  Sophia  Caroline5,  b.    Aug.   26,  1784;  m.  Medad 

Kellogg,  who  d.  abt.  1826.  She  d.  at  Clare- 
mont,  N.  H.,  Aug.  20,  1872,  aged  88  years,  lack- 
ing one  week.     Issue : 

129.  i.  Harriet8,  b.  abt.  1814;  m.  John  Brown,  who 

d.  1822.     Mrs.  K.  res.  at  Bellows'  Falls, 

Massachusetts  Family.  311 

Vt.     Her  mother  lived  with  her  for  40 
years.     Issue  :  (1)  Harriet7  (Brown) ;  (2) 
William7  (Brown). 
130.  ii.   Roswell    D.6,    b.    Apr.    13,    1823.      When 

nearly  6  years  old  he  was  given  by  his 
mother  to  Mr.  David  Ordway  of  Caven- 
dish, Vt.,  in  whose  family  he  lived  until 
he  became  of  age.  Mr.  K.  res.  (1884)  at 
Claremont,  !N.  H.  ;  unm. ;  he  d.  at 
C.  soon  after  the  above  record  was 

Family  9. 

131.  Capt.  Jeremiah4  Stiles  [50]  (Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Feb.  23,  1744  ;  m.  Mary 
(born  at  Lambstown,  afterward  called  Hardwick,  Mass.,  May  3, 
1741),  dau.  of  Eleazer3  (Nathaniel2,  Richard1)  and  Mary  (Jack- 
son) Sanger  of  Keene,  N.  H.*  Mrs.  Mary  (Sanger)  Stiles  died 
at  Keene,  March  22,  1810,  se.  68  yrs.  9  mos.  8  days. 

Jererniab  Stiles  was  a  land  surveyor.  "  In  1771  Jeremiah 
Stiles,  surveyor,  was  employed  to  measure  the  town  of  Gilsum 

*  It  was  erroneously  stated  in  the  first  edition  of  "The  Massachusetts 
Family  of  Stiles,"  that  Mary  Sanger,  who  married  Jeremiah  Stiles,  was  the 
dau.  of  Abner  Sanger.  Mrs.  Stiles  had  a  brother  named  Abner,  but  her 
father's  name  was  Eleazer.  Some  30  years  ago  (about  1854)  a  monument 
was  erected  in  one  of  the  old  cemeteries  of  Keene,  N.  H.,  to  the  memory 
of  Abner  Sanger  and  his  maiden  sister  Rhoda,  both  of  whom  had  been  dead 
for  many  years,  and  it  would  seem  that,  from  the  wording  of  the  inscrip- 
tions on  this  monument,  no  hint  can  be  gathered  that  Abner  and  Rhoda 
Sanger  were  not  husband  and  wife,  instead  of  brother  and  sister.  This  strange 
oversight  on  the  part  of  the  persons  who  erected  the  monument  doubtless 
occasioned  the  mistake  printed  in  the  first  edition  of  "  The  Massachusetts 
Stiles  Family." 

Eleazer  Sanger  was  the  youngest  child  of  Nathaniel2,  the  eldest  child  of 
Richard1  Sanger,  an  English  emigrant,  who,  in  1636,  had  land  granted  to 
him  in  Hingham,  Mass.,  and  in  1638  sailed  from  Southampton,  Eng.,  for 
America.  Richard  S.  was  a  blacksmith.  In  1649  was  living  in  Sudbury, 
Mass. ;  soon  removed  to  Watertown,  and  died  there  Aug.  20,  1691.,  During 
King  Philip's  War  he  and  his  two  adult  sons  (one  of  whom  was  Nathaniel2), 
held  important  trusts.  His  wife  was  Mary,  dau.  of  Robert  Reynolds  (also 
spelled  Rannals),  an  English  emigrant  of  Watertown,  then  of  Weathers- 
field,  Conn.,  and  finally  of  Boston,  where  he  died  April  27,  1659.  Eleazer 
Sanger  died  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  March  24,  1765,  in  his  67th  year.  His  widow, 
Mrs.  Mary  (Jackson)  Sanger,  also  died  at  Keene,  March  31,  1783,  in  her  81st 

312  Stiles  Genealogy. 

exclusive  of  what  Westmoreland  takes  off"  {Hay ward's  Hist. 
Gilsum,  JSf.  H.,  p.  26). 

Family  tradition  says  "  he  was  skillful  at  drawing  and  paint- 
ing." A  descendant  (Wm,  S.  Briggs,  Esq.,  of  Keene,  N.  H.), 
says :  "  I  used  to  see  in  my  father's  house  a  portrait  that  was 
said  to  have  been  painted  by  our  great-grand  fat  her,  Jeremiah 
Stiles."  "  He  painted  a  portrait  of  David  Nims,  the  first  town 
clerk  of  Keene.  This  portrait  is  still  in  existence  "  (Letter  of 
W.  S.  Briggs  to  Boston  Journal,  1887). 

Samuel  Jennison,  Esq.,  president  and  cashier  of  the  Worces- 
ter (Mass.)  Institution  for  Savings,  asserts  that  Jeremiah  Stiles 
commanded  a  company  of  1ST.  H.  militia  at  Bunker  Hill  and 
wrote  the  only  official  report  to  the  Continental  Congress,  then 
sitting  at  New  York,  of  the  death  of  Gen.  Warren.  (From 
an  address  delivered  Dec.  23,  1884,  before  the  Worcester  So- 
ciety of  Antiquity  by  Major  F.  G.  Stiles  of  W.,  on  the 
occasion  of  the  presentation  to  the  Soc.  of  a  portrait  painted, 
by  him  of  his  grandfather  Jeremiah  Stiles,  Jr.) 

The  late  Judge  Dwight  Foster  of  Boston,  a  great  grandson 
of  Capt.  Stiles,  wrote  in  1883  :  "I  have  seen  his  original  dis- 
charge signed  by  Gen.  Stark,  a  few  days  after  the  battle,  recom- 
mending him  and  his  company  to  any  corps  they  might  join." 

In  June,  1889,  on  the  anniversary  of  the  battle  of  Bunker 
Hill,  four  tablets  commemorating  the  soldiers  who  fell  in  the 
battle,  were  erected  in  Winthrop  Square,  Boston.  Among 
those  thus  commemorated  is  found  the  name  of  Asahel  Nirns 
of  Keene,  N.  H.,  who  was  a  member  of  Stiles'  company,  which 
was  of  Gen.  Stark's  Regt.— M.  S.  P.  G. 

In  Hale's  "Annals  of  Keene  "  (pub.  1826)  the  name  of  Jere- 
miah Stiles  is  given  as  one  of  a  foot  company  in  1773. 

He  was  chosen,  Dec,  1776,  member  of  the  Committee  of 
Safety  in  place  of  Eliphalet  Briggs,  deceased,  and  his  name  with 
some  two  hundred  others  is  signed  to  the  following  declaration  : 
"  We,  the  subscribers,  do  hereby  solemnly  engage  and  promise 
that  we  will,  to  the  utmost  of  our  power,  at  the  risque  of  our 
lives  and  fortunes,  with  arms,  oppose  the  hostile  proceedings  of 
the  British  Fleets  and  Armies  against  the  American  Colonies." 

Jan.  14,  1777,  he  was  nominated  by  the  town  as  a  justice  of 
the  peace,  and  in  Dec.  of  the  same  year,  in  town  meeting,  Capt. 
Stiles,  Capt.  Howlet  and  Jabez  Fisher,  were  successively 
chosen  representaives,  but  each  declined. 

Massachusetts  Family.  313 

At  a  meeting  held  Jan.  17, 1778,  the  people  of  Keene,  after 
reading  and  conferring  upon  the  articles  of  confederation  of 
the  Continental  Congress,  voted  "  that  it  is  the  mind  of  the 
town  that  they  be  established  by  this  State."  Capt.  Stiles, 
Maj.  Ellis,  and  Capt.  Griswold,  were  chosen  delegates  to.  meet 
at  Surry,  to  consult  with  the  delegates  of  other  towns. 

April  27,  1778,  Jeremiah  Stiles  was  chosen  a  delegate  to  the 
convention  at  Concord,  held  for  the  purpose  of  forming  a  con- 
stitution and  Plan  of  Agreement  for  the  State. 

In  Sept.,  1779,  the  town  passed  the  following  preamble  and 
vote  :  "  Whereas  the  Selectmen  of  Portsmouth  sent  an  address 
to  this  and  the  rest  of  the  towns  of  this  State,  desiring  their 
presence,  and  assistance,  by  their  delegates,  to  meet  at  Concord 
in  Convention,  to  see  if  they  can  come  into  some  agreement  to 
state  the  price  of  several  articles  bought  and  sold  in  this  State; 
therefore,  voted  that  Capt.  Jeremiah  Stiles  attend  said  Con- 
vention as  a  delegate  from  this  town." 

He  was  subsequently  much  engaged  in  town  business,  hold- 
ing from  1786  to  1791,  the  office  of  Town  Clerk,  a  position  of 
more  importance  then  than  now. 

It  is  said  that  he  was  the  first  Grand  Juryman  chosen 
from  Keene. 

He  died  Dec.  6,  1800,  aged  56  years ;  "  a  large  concourse  of 
fellow-townsmen  attended  his  funeral  at  which  a  discourse  was 
delivered  by  the  Rev.  Laban  Ainsworth." 

(The  foregoing  extracts  are  from  Hale's  Annals  of  Keene, 
pub.  1826,  with  an  Appendix,  pub.  1851.) 

Children  (all  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.;  from  Keene  Records): 
132.  I.  Elizabeth5,  b.  July  13,  1769;  m.  1787,Eliphalet  Jr., 
son  of  Eliphalet  and  Mary  (Cobb)  Briggs  of 
Keene.  Mr.  JBriggs  was  one  of  the  prominent 
men  of  the  place.  He  d.  at  Keene,  March  23, 
1827,  se.  62.  Tradition  has  it  that  Elizabeth 
Stiles  was  called  in  her  girlhood,  "the  belle 
of  Keene."  She  d.  March  23,  1819.  Her 
gravestone  in  one  of  the  old  cemeteries  at  Keene, 
bears  this  inscription:  "Virtue  alone  is  happi- 
ness below."     Issue : 

[The  six  sons  of  this  family  all   learned   the 
cabinet-maker's  trade;  in  which  they  all  excelled 
as  ingenious  and  skilled  workmen.] 

314:  Stiles  Genealogy. 

133.  i.  Eliphalet6  (Briggs),  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1788 ; 

m.  Dec.  24,  1810,  Lucy  Brown,  who  d.  at 
Keene,  Dec.  19,  1845,  se.  57.  He  always 
res.  at  Keene,  where  he  was  constantly 
concerned  with  the  interests  of  his  native 
town.     He  d.  June  13, 1853.     Issue.* 

*Descendants  of   Eliphalet6  Jr.  (son  of  Eliphalet  and  Elizabeth5  [Stiles] 
Briggs  and  his  wife,  Lucy  [Brown]  Briggs),  who  had  children: 

1.  Lucius  Hamilton7  (Briggs),  b.  Nov.  4,  1811;  m.  Elizabeth  Hayden  of 

Fitz  william,    N.    H.,    Apr.   2,    1836;   she   d.    .     He   res.   at 

Boston   Highlands,    Mass.,  where  lie  d.  Apr.  17,  1889.     Issue: 
i.  Frederick  Milton8  (Briggs),  b.  at  Keene,  N.  H„  Mch.  18,  1837; 

m.  ;  res.  Boston,  Mass. 

ii.  Ellen  Elizabeth8  (Briggs),  b.  Jan.  17,  1839;  d.  Mch.  2,  1840. 
II.  Ellen  Sophia7  (Briggs),  b.  Sept.  2,  1813;  m.  Amos  Holbrook  (b.  May 
25,  1809),  Oct.  31,  1833;  res.  until  recently  at  Lockport,  N.  Y.,  now 
(1883)  at  Niagara  Falls.     Issue: 

i.  Lucius  M.8  (Holbrook),  b.  Oct.  25,  1835;  m.  (1)  Jan.,  1859,  at 
Chicago,  111.,  Adeline  Wadsworth  of  Bath,  Me.,  who  d.  May 
14,  1862;  m.  (2)  Esther  Attwood  of  Lockport,  N.  T„  Dec.  12, 
1866.  Issue  (by  1st  mar.):  (1)  Carrie  W.9  (Holbrook),  b.  Nov. 
16,  1860;  d.  Dec.  20,  1861;  (2)  Annie  B.9  (Holbrook),  b.  May, 
1862,  at  Lockport;  m.  Jan.  13,  1883,  Melbourne  Thompson; 
res.  at  Minneapolis,  Minn.  (By  2d  mar.):  (3)  Grace9  (Holbrook), 
b.  Nov.  16,  1867;  (4)  Ellen9  (Holbrook),  b.  1876. 
ii.  William  B.8  (Holbrook),  b.  Nov.  17,  1837,  at  Whitesboro,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  Dec,  1862,  Eliza  Ransom  of  Chicago.  In  1861  he  raised,  at 
Chicago,  a  company  of  vols. ,  with  which  as  Capt.,  he  proceeded 
to  Vicksburg.  His  company  was  the  first  to  enter  the  city 
after  the  surrender.  In  the  engagement  he  was  slightly 
wounded.  He  was  prom,  to  Col.,  then  to  Brig.-Gen.  He  was 
a  merchant,  and  at  the  close  of  the  war  settled  at  Memphis, 
Tenn.,  but  failing  health  obliged  him  to  seek  a  different 
climate.  He  removed  to  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  and  there  died 
Mch.,  1873.  Issue:  (1)  William  B.9  (Holbrook);  (2)  Nellie  B.9 
(Holbrook);  (3)  Rufus  A.9  (Holbrook). 
iii.  Edmund  Blake8  (Holbrook),  b.  Dec.  4,  1841;  entered  the  army  in 
1862  as  Lieut. ;  received  an  honorable  discharge  at  the  close  of 
the  war;  then  settled  at  New  Gascony,  Ark. ;  m.  Mary  E.  Dar- 
deene.  He  died  of  "  swamp  fever,"  Sept.,  1875;  hiswid.  died 
1877;  4  children, 
iv.  Sarah  Briggs8  (Holbrook),  b.  Dec.  4, 1841;  d.  at  Milwaukee,  Wis., 

Dec.  10,  1850. 
v.  Anna  Green8  (Holbrook),  b.  Feb.  1, 1844;  d.  at  Milwaukee,  WTis., 

Feb.  7,  1852. 
vi.  Ellen  Mary8  (Holbrook),  b.  Nov.  16,  1846;  m.  Dec.  25,  1868,  Ed- 
ward M.  Moody,  an  extensive  dealer  in  nursery  stock  at  Lock- 
port,  N.  Y.  Issue:  (1)  Ralph9  (Moody),  b.  April  18,  1875;  d. 
May,  1876;  (2)  Edward  Earle9  (Moody),  b.  May  6,  1877. 
vii.  Bartlett8  (Holbrook),  b.  Nov.  16,  1846;  m.  May,  1878,  at  Minne- 
apolis, Minn.,  Carilla  Champeau  of  Salem,  Mass. 

Massachusetts  Family.  315 

134.  ii.  Betsey6    (Briggs),    b.    Apr.    19,  1790;    m. 

James  Nutt;   res.  for  years  at  Amster- 

III.  Juliette1  (Briggs),  b.  Aug.,  1815;  m.  Oct.  2,  1838,  Seth  Hunt  (born  at 

Northampton,  Mass.,  July  28,  1814)  of  Nortbarnpton;  res.  (1886)  at 

Spriugfield,   Mass.     Mr.    H.   bas  beld  for  many  years  tbe  office  of 

treasurer  of  tbe  Conn.  River  R.  R.  Co.     Issue: 

i.  Frances  Ann8  (Hunt),  b.  Oct.  25,  1839;  m.  Jan.  9,  1861,  Henry 
M.  Burt  (b.  in  N.  Y.,  Sept.,  1831);  res.  (1886)  at  Newton,  Mass. 
Issue:  (1)  Frank  Hunt9  (Burt),  b.  Nov.  9,  1861,  at  Nortbarnp- 
ton; res.  (1885)  at  Newton;  was  tben  editor  of  tbe  Newton 
Graphic;  m.  Oct.  27,  1884,  Susie  F.  Allen  of  Newton;  (2) 
George  M.9  (Burt),  b.  Nov.  23,  1865,  at  Brattleboro,  Vt.;  d. 
Feb.  11,  1868;  (3)  Grace  Martyn9  (Burt);  b.  at  Springfield, 
Mass.,  April  20,  1870;  (4)  Henry  M.9  (Burt),  b.  Sept.  7,  1874; 
died  at  Nortbampton,  Aug.  19,  1879. 
ii.  George8  (Hunt),  b.  at  Deerfield,  Mass.,  Dec.  31,  1841;  m.  Oct.  25, 
1870,  Eleanor  Prince.  He  died  May  29,  1881.  Issue:  (1)  Ar- 
tbur  P.9  (Hunt),  b.  Aug.  5,  1874;  (2)  George  E.9  (Hunt),  b.  Aug. 
23,  1876;  (3)  Clara  G.9  (Hunt),  b.  Dec.  2,  1880;  (4)  Cbild9,  dec'd. 
iii.  Lucy  Brown8  (Hunt),  b.  June  5,  1844,  at  Deerfield,  Mass.,  was  for 
a  time  a  teacber  of  gymnastics  at  Smitb  College;  is  also  tbe 
author  of  a  small  work  on  gymnastics;  rn.  Jan.  27,  1885,  as 
2d  wife,  Lieut.  James  M.  Smith. 
iv.  David  Briggs8  (Hunt),  b.  Feb.  13,  1847;  m.  Oct.  14,  1874,  Grace 
Deane.  He  was  appointed  in  the  spring  of  1882  as  auditor  of 
the  Mexican  Central  railway,  and  stationed  at  the  City  of 
Mexico;  had  previously  been  with  his  father  in  the  employ  of 
the  Conn.  River  R.  R.  Co.  Issue:  (1)  James  Russell9  (Hunt), 
b.  Nov.,  1876;  (2)  Helen9  (Hunt),  b.  Aug.  14,  1880. 
v.  Mary  Woodbury8  (Hunt),  b.  Oct.  9,  1849;  m.  Luther  J.  Warner 
of  Northampton.  Issue:  (1)  Lucy  Hunt9  (Warner),  b.  Aug.  3, 
1876;  (2)  Joseph9  (Warner),  b.  Sept.  12,  1879. 
vi.  Elizabeth  Stiles8  (Hunt),  b.  Feb.  26,  1852;  d.  Oct.  4,  1854. 

IV.  William  Sheldon1  (Briggs),  born  Sept.  17,  1817;  m.  (1)  May  18,  1841, 

Nancy  Ann  (dau.  of  Dr.  Daniel  Adams,  author  of  "Adams'  Arith- 
metic") of  Mount  Vernon,  N.  H.  She  d.  Feb.  14,  1868,  as.  46;  m. 
(2)  Feb.  22,  1869,  Mrs.  Harriet  Pond  of  Keene,  N.  H.;  res.  (1886) 
at  Keene.  Mr.  B.  is  almost  the  only  representative  in  Keene  of  a 
family,  which,  for  considerably  more  than  a  century,  has  been 
closely  identified  with  the  interests  of  the  town.  He  has  a  good 
deal  of  literary  ability;  has  represented  Keene  in  the  State  Legis- 
lature, and  bas  held  manv  town  offices.  Issue  (by  1st  marriage): 
(1)  Daniel  Adams8  (Briggs)'  b.  Feb.  21,  1847;  d.  May  26,  1847;  (2) 
William  Adams8  (Briggs),  b.  July  31,  1848;  received  a  musical  edu- 
cation in  Germany;  is  now  (1884)  prof,  of  music  at  Montpelier,  Vt.; 
m.  Amelia  Whitney,  an  accomplished  public  singer. 
V.  Elizabeth  Stiles1  (Briggs),  b.  Aug. ,  1819;  m.  1857,  Rev.  Darius  Jones; 

she  died  at  Lincoln,  Neb.,  Nov.  14,  1872;  no  children. 

VI.  Mary  L.1  (Briggs),  b.  Dec.  13,  1821;  d.  at  Antrim,  N.  H.,  Oct.  29,  1886. 

VII.  Joseph   Warren1  (Briggs),   b.   July  13,   1823;  m.  (1)  Mary  Colony  of 

Keene;  m.  (2)  Mary  Berry;  res.  (1885)  at  Chicago,  111.;  no  children. 

VIII.  Sarah  Woods1  (Briggs),  b.  Oct.  4, 1825;  d.  at  Boston,  Mass.,  July  10,1873. 

316  Stiles  Genealogy. 

dam,  JS".  Y.,  where   she  d.  "about   1854. 

135.  iii.  Polly6  (Briggs),  b.   Apr.  22,  1792;  d.  July, 


136.  iv.  Sally6  (Briggs),  b.  Oct.  27,  1794;  d.  July, 


137.  v.  Mary6   (Briggs),   b.    July   6,    1796;   m.    at 

Keene,  N.  H.,  Nov.  20,  1817  (by  Kev. 
Mr.  Oliphant),  Bela6  Paul  (b.  at  Taunton, 
Mass.,  Aug.  21,  1792),  son  of  Jeremiah6 
(Seth4,  Benjamin3,  Benjamin2,  William1) 
and  Jane  (Strobridge)  Paul,  of  Taunton. 
He  d.  at  Windsor,  Yt.,  Apr.  7,  1863. 
Mrs.  Mary  (Briggs)  Paul  d.  at  Barnard, 
Vt.,  May  3,  184L.     Issue.f 

*  Descendants  of  James  and  Betsey6  (Briggs)  Nutt  of  Amsterdam,  N.  Y. 

I.  Elizabeth  Ann7  (Nutt),  b.  Nov.  13,  1809;  deceased. 
IT.  Mary  Jane1  (Nutt),  b.  Feb.  7,  1813;  deceased. 

III.  William  Henry1  (Nutt),  b.  Nov.  15,  1815;  d.  March  24,  1877;  m. 

.     Issue: 

i.  Mary  F.8  (Nutt);  m.  Mr.  Orenduff;  res.  (1885)  at  Amsterdam, 
N.  Y. ;  has  7  children,  of  whom  the  eldest  is  22  yrs.  old. 

iv.  °. 

v.  Jessie8  (Nutt);  m.  Jacob  Frohlich;  res.  Amsterdam,  N.  Y.     Issue 
(1)  Charles9  (Frohlich) ;  11  yrs.  old (1885);  (2)' Jacob9  (Frohlich) ; 
6  yrs.  old  (1885). 
IV.  James  Eliphalet1  (Nutt),  b.  March  9,  1819;  deceased. 
V.  Francis  Lafayette1  (Nutt),  b.  Oct.  12,  1825. 

f  Descendants  of  Bela  and  Mary6  (Briggs)  Paul,  who  were  married  at  Keene, 

N.  H.,  Nov.  20,  1817.     Children: 

I.  Julius  Barton1  (Paul),  b.  at  Keene,  N.  EL,  Aug.  15,  1818.  He  enlisted 
Oct.  12,  1861,  in  Co.  (i,  5th  Regt.  N.  H.  Vols.  At  the  battle  of 
Fredericksburg,  Va. ,  he  received  a  wound  in  the  leg  which  pre- 
vented further  active  service,  and  from  the  effects  of  which  he 
suffered  to  the  end  of  his  life.  He  was  transferred  to  the  Veteran 
Reserve  Corps  July  1,  1863,  where  he  served  to  the  end  of  the 
war.  He  was  in  11  battles.  His  superior  officer  said  of  him,  "  He 
was  a  brave  and  faithful  soldier."  He  d.  at  Windsor,  Vt.,  July  3, 
1875;  was  unm. 
II.  William  Patterson1  (Paul),  b.  Dec.  18,  1824,  at  Hanover,  N.  H. ;  grad. 
1848,  at  Norwich  University,  and  soon  after  went  south.  He  spent 
several  years  in  Ky.,  where  he  was  successively  engaged  in  teach- 
ing, farming,  clerking,  etc.  In  1849  he  went  to  Nashville,  Tenn., 
and  there  m.  Mch.   2,   1854,  Lucy  H.  (dau.  of  John)  Mcintosh,  a 

,  'I  cotton-planter  of  Nashville.     She  d.  at  Memphis,  Tenn.,  May  2, 

Massachusetts  Family.  317 

138.  vi.  John   W.6  (Briggs),  b.  Feb.   3,  1799;   m. 

Sally  (b.  Aug.,  1799),  dau.  of  Silas  and 

1857.  In  June,  1861,  he  entered  the  Confederate  army.  After  the 
battle  of  Shiloli  he  was  promoted  from  1st  Lieut,  to  Regimental 
Quartermaster,  "  which  position  he  filled  with  distinguished  credit 
to  himself,"  until  the  close  of  the  war.  He  d.  of  yellow  fever  at 
Memphis,  Tenn.,  Sept.  8,  1878.  Issue: 
i.  Sallie  Taylor8  (Paul),   b.   May  7,   1855;  d.  at  Nashville,  Tenn., 

May  20,  1865. 
ii.  William  Bela*  (Paul),  b.  Apr.,  1857;  m.  1878  or  '79,  India  (dau.  of 

John)  Sturdivant;  res.   Nashville,  Tenn.     Issue:  (1)  William9 

(Paul),  b.  Feb.  7,  1882;  d.  Oct.  25,  1883;  (2)  d.9  young;  (3)  John 

Mcintosh9  (Paul),  b.  Nov.  22,  1888. 
III.  Mary  Stiles1  (Paul),  wasb.  at  Hanover,  N.  H.,  Jan.  26,  1830,  her  parents 
having  shortly  before  removed  to  H.  from  xsorwich,  Vt.  (on  the 
opposite  bank  of  the  Conn,  river),  after  having  lost  by  fire  all  their 
worldly  possessions.  In  1831  they  removed  to  Woodstock  Green, 
Vt.,  and  remained  there  until  1840,  when  they  went  to  Barnard, 
Vt.,  where  in  May,  1841,  the  mother  died.  Up  to  this  time  Mary 
had  attended  school  constantly,  her  parents  feeling  that  a  good 
education  was  all  that  they  could  hope  to  bestow  on  their  chil- 
dren; but  on  her  mother's  death  the  home  was  broken  up,  the 
state  of  her  father's  health  making  it  impossible  for  him  to  keep 
his  family  together,  and  the  two  younger  children,  Mary  and  her 
brother  Henry,  were  "  put  out  "  to  earn  their  board.  During  the 
next  four  years  Mary  received  more  or  less  schooling,  but  in  the 
fall  of  1845  she  was  sent  to  Lowell  to  work  in  a  cotton  mill. 
She  remained  there  about  three  years,  when  she  went  to  Clare- 
mont,  N.  H.,  and  attended  a  private  school  for  three  terms. 
After  this  she  learned  the  trade  of  vest-maker  at  Claremont,  hav- 
ing found  factory  life  too  hard  and  confining.  She  worked  at 
vest-making  several  years,  but  was  finally  obliged  to  give  up 
sewing  altogether  on  account  of  failing  health.  In  the  spring  of 
1854  she  was  persuaded  to  join  some  friends  who  were  about  to  try 
the  experiment  of  living  at  the  North  American  Phalanx,  a  joint- 
stock  association  in  Monmouth  Co.,  N.  J.,  then  in  a  prosperous 
condition.  She  remained  there  until  Oct.,  1855,  when  the  asso- 
ciation was  dissolved,  after  13  years  or  more  of  successful  exist- 

Miss  P.  was  in  full  sympathy  with  the  objects  of  the  associa- 
tion, and  shared  the  regret  and  disappointment  of  the  members  and 
friends  at  its  extinction.  She  will  ever  look  back  on  the  18  months 
spent  at  the  "  N.  A.  P."  as  one  of  the  most  delightful  periods  of  her 
life.  In  Oct.,  1855,  she  returned  to  New  Eng. ;  was  m.  Oct.  7,  1857, 
to  Isaac  Orr  (b.  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  June  19,  1831),  son  of  Isaac 
and  Betsey  (Tracy)  Guild  of  Lowell,  Mass.  Mr.  Guild  was  then  and 
for  many  years  subsequently,  a  manufacturer  of  monuments  and 
gravestones  at  Lynn,  Mass.,  where  they  have  since  resided;  he  is 
now  (1890)  in  the  employ  of  the  Tiffany  Glass  Co.,  No.  8  Beacon 
st.,  Boston,  Mass. 

Mrs.  Guild  has  always  been  warmly  interested  in  the  various  re- 
forms of  the  day.     She  was  an  abolitionist  when  the  name  was  con- 

318  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Priscilla  Angier,  of  Alstead,  1ST.  H.  She 
d.  at  Nunda,  N.  Y.,  June  30,  1861.  He 
d.  at  Delavan,  Wis.,  May  9, 1 874.     Issue* 

sidered  a  reproach ;  a  believer  in  Theodore  Parker  and  his  doctrines 
when  both  were  unpopular;  and  is  now  as  she  has  always  been,  a 
firm  advocate  of  the  equality  of  the  sexes.  She  has  never  aspired 
to  literary  fame,  although  for  a  good  many  years  writing  has  been 
about  the  only  employment  she  has  been  able  to  pursue.  Be- 
sides preparing  the  genealogies  of  the  Mass.  and  Dover,  N.  H., 
Stiles  Families,  she  is  publishing  a  genealogy  of  the  Stro- 
bridge  and  Strawbridge  Families;  also  one  of  a  small  branch  of 
the  Morrison  Family,  never  before  traced.  Through  her  re- 
searches she  has  determined  her  own  descent  from  the  following 
early  emigrants  to  this  country.  Maternal  line:  Reginald  Foster, 
George  Blake,  Robert  Eames,  Robert  Stiles,  John  Frye,  John 
Burbank,  William  Hartwell,  Ralph  Houghton,  Thomas  Wilder, 
Richard  Sanger,  Richard  Cutter,  Robert  Reynolds  and  Richard 
Briggs.  Paternal  line :  John  Richmond,  William  Paul,  John 
French,  John  Andrews,  Edmund  Jackson,  William  Strobridge, 
Sarah  Montgomery.     Issue: 

i.  Irving  Tracy8  (Guild),  b.  at  Lynn,  Mass.,  Dec.  30,  1860;  was  for 
several  years  clerk  of  the  School  of  Drawing  and  Painting  at 
the  Museum  of  Fine  Arts,  Boston,  Mass. ;  is  now  (1890)  associate 
editor  and  publisher  of  the  Technology  Architectural  Review, 
Boston,  Mass. ;  unm. ;  res.  with  his  parents, 
ii.  Sydney  Paul8  (Guild),  b.  at  Lynn,  Aug.  31,  1862,   "recruiting 
Sunday;"  artist  in  stained  glass  for   the  Tiffany  Glass  Co., 
Boston,  Mass.;  resides  with  his  parents;  unm. 
IV.  Henry  Strobridge1  (Paul),  b.  at  Woodstock,  Vt.,  Nov.  26,  1831;  m. 
Jan.  12,  1859,  Mercy  Maroa  (dau.  of  Charles  and  Mary  [Fletcher]). 
Wakefield  of  Unity,  N.  H.     He  is  a  machinest;  res.  Windsor,  Vt 

i.  Mary  Briggs8  (Paul),  b.  at  Windsor,  Vt.,  Oct.   8,  1861;  is  an  en- 
thusiastic genealogist, 
ii.  Charles  Wakefield8  (Paul),  b.   at  W.  Oct.   19,  1863;  is  a  book- 
keeper at  Windsor. 

*Descendants  of  John  Wm.6  and  Sally  (Angier)  Briggs.    Children: 
I.  John  Gilman1  (Briggs),  b.  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  Apr.  19,  1825;  d.  at 

Nunda,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  4,  1843. 
II.  George  Herrick7  (Briggs),  b.  at  K.,  June  3,  1827;  m.  Sept.,  1856,  He- 
lena Chamberlain.  He  graduated  at  Union  Med.  Coll.,  Buffalo, 
N.  Y.,  in  1862;  the  same  year  was  commissioned  Asst.  Surgeon  in 
the  18th  Regt.  Wis.  Vols.  At  the  end  of  the  2d  year  was  obliged 
to  resign  on  account  of  ill  health.  For  9  years  he  was  physician  to 
the  Institution  for  the  Education  of  the  Deaf  and  Dumb,  located  at 
Delevan,  Wis.  Is  now  (1883)  a  practicing  physician  and  druggist 
at  Delevan.     Issue: 

i.  Charles  A.8  (Briggs),  b.  Mch  11,  1859. 
ii.   Helen  E.8  (Briggs),  b.  May  9,  1861. 
iii.  George  L.8  (Briggs),  b.  Jan.  23,  1866. 
iv.  Mary  L.8  (Briggs;,  b.  May,  1871. 

Massachusetts  Family.  319 

139.  vii.  Warren  Stiles6  (Briggs),   b.  June  23,  1801; 

m.  Eliza  Barnett,  b.  at  Walpole,  ]ST.  EL, 
Aug.  2, 1802;  d.  at  Keene,  Sept.  13, 1881. 
He  d.  at  K.,  Mch.  17,  1848.     Issue* 

140.  viii.  Lyman6  (Briggs),  b.  May  15,  1803;  m.  Nov. 

11,  1829,  Ann  Mary  Stebbins,  b.  at  Wil- 
liamstowu,  Yt.,  Mch.  31,  1809;  d.  at 
Cambridgeport,  Mass.,  Jan.  20,  1877. 
They  resided  for  many  years  at  Mont- 
pelier,  Vt.,  where  Mr.  B.  held  the  offices 
of  town  clerk  and  register  for  a  long 
period.  He  d.  at  Detroit,  Mich.,  Apr.  11, 
1868.     Issue.f 

v.  Edward  C.8  (Briggs),  b.  Nov.,  1872. 

III.  Sarah  Priscilla7  (Briggs),  b.  Dec.  2,  1829;  res.  with  her  bro.  at  Dele- 

van,  Wis.;  unm, 

IV.  Mary'  (Briggs)    ),     „,     .„   1835    (  d.  Apr.,  1835. 
V.  Martha' (Briggs)  \  b"  *eb-  1J>  lbd0'   {  d.  July  3,  1849. 

VI.  Edward  Angier7  (Briggs),   b.  at  Portage,  N.  Y.,  Sept.,  1840;  m.  Dec. 
15,  1863,  Mary  E.  Hale  (b.  Aug.  2,  1847)  of  Norwich,  N.  T. ;  is  a 
furniture  dealer;  res.  at  Bath,  N.  Y.     Issue: 
i.  John  W.8  (Briggs),  b.  at  Delevan,  Wis.,  Dec.  5,  1875. 

*Warren  Stiles6  (Briggs),  and  Eliza  (Barnett)  Briggs,  his  wife,  had  chil- 

I.  Frances  Eliza7  (Briggs),  b.  June  19,  1834;  m.  Alexander  Grimes,  mer- 
chant, of  Keene,  N.  H.     Issue  : 
i.  Sophronia  Eliza8  (Grimes),  b.  July  9,  1863;  m.  in  Keene,  N.  H., 

Oct.  30,  1889,  Wm.  H.  Cross,  of  K. 
ii.  Mary8  (Grimes),   b.  Feb.  26,  1867;  d.  1870. 
II.  Lewis  Lindall7  (Briggs),  b.  Mch.  6,  1836;  d.  Apr.  28,  1862. 

III.  Sophronia  Jane7  (Briggs),  b.  Mch.  28,  1838;  d.  Aug.  15,  1863. 

IV.  George  Warren7  (Briggs),  b.  Mch.  7,  1841;  d.  Dec.  10,  1869. 

V.  Charles  Henry7  (Briggs),  b.  June  20,  1843;  res.   (1883)  at  Walpole, 
N.  H. ;  unm. 

f  Descendants  of  Lyman6  and  Ann  Mary  (Stebbins)  Briggs.  Children: 
I.  Lyman  Carroll7  (Briggs),  b.  Sept.  14,  1880;  m.  (1)  Sept.  28,  1855,  at 
Portland,  Me. ,  Harriet  Messer  (b.  at  Colebrook,  N.  H . ,  Feb.  24, 
1839;  d.  at  Roxbury,  Mass.,  Aug.  31,  1881);  m.  (2)1884,  Miss  S.E. 
(dau.  of  D.  W.)  Foster.  He  was  a  merchant  in  Boston;  d.  at  Hotel 
Oxford,  Boston,  Mch.  30,  1886.  Issue: 
i.  Mary  Grace8  (Briggs),  b.  June  25,  1857;  m.  June  5,  1883,  William 

H.  Millikin,  of  Roxbury,  Mass. 
ii.  Annie  Messer8  (Briggs),  b.  Oct.   19,  1859;  m.  Dec.  10,   1884;  J. 

Howard  Hasbrouck,  of  Boston, 
iii.  Fred.  Messer8  (Briggs),  b.  Dec.  30,  1861;  was  drowned  June  29, 

1878,  at  Topsham,  Me.,  where  he  was  attending  school, 
iv.  Susie  Chamberlain8  (Briggs),  b.  May  21,  1865;  d.   at  Portland, 
Me.,  June  26,  1868. 

320  Stiles  Genealogy. 

141.  ix.  Joseph  Gilraan"  (Briggs),  b.  June  10,  1805  ; 

m.  Feb.  1,  1827,  Abigail  (dau.  of  Elijah 
and  Sally  [Brown]  Woods,  b.  June  24, 
1803;  she  is  living  (1885)  with  a  dau.  at 
Adrian,  Mich.  Mr.  B.  d.  at  Olaremont, 
N.  H.,  Dec.  12,  1876.     Issue.* 

v.  Arthur  Carroll8  (Briggs),  b.  July  19,  1870. 
II.  Ellen  Mary1  (Briggs),  b.  Feb.  22,  1833;  m.  Haven  N.  Cook,  farmer,  of 
Wakefield,  N.  H. ;  no  children. 

III.  Lauretta  Willard1  (Briggs),    b.  Mch.  9,   1838;  d.  at  Montpelier,  Vt., 

Jan.  4,  1841. 

IV.  Harlan  Page7  (Briggs),  b.  Oct.  29,  1840;  m.  Clara  Miller,    at  Bliss- 

field,  Mich.     Issue  : 

i.  Paul  Harlan8,  b.  Aug.  17,  1879. 

V.  Infant  son1,   b.  and  d.  Dec.  29,  1844. 

VI.  Cortland  Bliss7  (Briggs),  b.  Nov.  11,  1847;  d.  Aug.  17,  1848. 
*Descendants  of  Joseph  Oilman6  and  Abigail  (Woods)  Briggs: 


I.  William  Henry1  (Briggs),  b.  at  Montpelier,  Vt.,  Sept.  22,  1827;  m. 
Augusta  Anderson  of  Boston;  res.  (1884)  at  Cambridgeport,  Mass. 

i.  Charles  Oilman8  (Briggs),  b.  May  31, 1854;  was  killed  by  a  fall- 
ing tree  at  Charlestown,  N.  H.,Nov.  19,  1867. 
ii.  Anna  Pearl8  (Briggs),  a  twin,  b.  at  Boston,  Jan.  10,  1856;   d.  at 

Claremont,  N.  H.,  Aug.  25,  1857. 
iii.  Ida  Augusta8  (Briggs),  a  twin,  b.  at  Boston,  Jan.  10,  1856;  d.  at 

Cambridgeport,  Mass.,  Sept.  30,  1877. 
iv.  Guy  Langdon8  (Briggs),  b.  at  Boston,  March  31,  1860;  d.  at  Clare- 
mont, N.  H.,  July  23,  1861. 

II.  Joseph  Oilman1  (Briggs),  b.  March  26,  1830;  m.  Oct.  12,  1852;  Ellen 

(dau.  of  Euoch  H.  and  Lydia  [Fitch])  West  of  Charlestown,  N.  H.; 
she  b.  July  27,  1831.  Mr.  B.  has  been  for  years  quite  noted  as 
a  hotel  manager,  in  Washington,  D.  O,  New  York  city,  and  other 
places;  res.  (1884)  at  Charlestown,  N.  H. ;  no  children. 

III.  Juliette  E.1  (Briggs),  b.  Nov.  13,  1831;  d.  April  13,  1832. 

IV.  Sarah  Louisa1  (Briggs),  b.  Feb.  25,  1833;  m.  Oct.  24,  1853,  Francis  R. 

Stebbins,   furniture   dealer,    of  Adrian,    Mich.,  where  they  still 

reside.     Issue  (b.  at  Adrian,  Mich.): 

i.  Lilla  L.8  (Stebbins)  b.  Nov.  1,  1854;  m.  Edwin  J.  Pierce;  res. 

(1884)  at  Cambridgeport,  Mass.    Issue  (1)  Thomas*  (Pierce),  b. 

May  11,  1882;  (2) 9,  b.  1883;  (3) 9,  b. ;  Mrs.  Lilla 

L.  (Stebbins)  Pierce,  d.  at  her  home  in  Hingham,  Mass.,  Sept. 

27,  1890;  deeply  mourned  by  a  large  circle  of  loving  friends. 
ii.  Fred.   Briggs8  (Stebbins),  b.  Oct.  5,  1856;  is  a  student  of  nat. 

history  and  archaeology,  with  a  strong  genealogical  bent;   res. 

(1884)  with  his  parents  at  Adrian,  Mich, 
iii.  Edwin  Joseph8  (Stebbins),  b.  Sept.  24,  1868. 

V.  Charles  Lyman1  (Briggs),    b.   Jan.  13,  1835;  m.  Maria  Hall  Tripler; 

res.  at  New  York  city. 
VI.  Samuel  Edgar1  (Briggs),  b.  Oct.  9,  1836;  m.  (1)  Dec.  15,  1865,  at  Los 
Angeles,  Cal.,  Mary  Hoover;  m.  (2) ;  2  child. 

Massachusetts  Family.  321 

142.  x.  Charles  Henry8  (Briggs),  b.  Jan.  8, 1809 ;  d. 

unm.  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  in  1868. 

143.  II.  Jeremiah5   Jr.,   b.    May   21,    1771;     m.    Abigail 

Bridge.     Family  23. 

144.  III.  Joseph5,  b.  July  5,  1773 ;  m.  Sarah  Jane  Pierce 

and  Nancy  Datton.     Family  24. 

145.  IY.  John  William5,  b.  Feb.  22,  1777 ;  m.  Mary  Mac- 

carty.     Family  25. 

146.  V.  Mary5,  b.  Apr.  16  ;  d.  Apr.  17,  1781,  sd.  1  day. 

Family  10. 

147.  John4  Stiles  [57]  (Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Kobert1),  was  born 
at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  July  27,  1749;  m.  July  5,  1770,  at  Lu- 
nenburg, by  Edward  Hartwell,  Esq.  [his  grandfather],  Keziah 
Divoll  of  L.     He  was  a  carpenter  by  trade. 

It  has  been  found  that  this  John  Stiles  was  living  in  Temple,* 
N.  H.  (in  the  north  part  of  the  town),  in  1775,  '76  and  '77,  and 
we  copy  his  military  record  from  Blood's  Hist,  of  Ternple,  as 
follows : 

"  John  Stiles  was  one  of  a  company  of  56  men  who  marched 
from  Temple  on  the  '  Lexington  Alarm,'  April  19,  1775.  [Only 
46  of  the  men  went  to  Cambridge — John  Stiles  of  the  number  ; 

VII.  Frederick  Augustus1  (Briggs),  b.  Sept.  9,  1838,  at  Charlestown,  N. 
H.;  m.   Sept.    15,   1862,  Juliette  K.  Cowles,  of  Claremont,   N.  H.; 
res.  at  Claremont.     Mr.   B.  is  engaged  in  writing  a  history  of  the 
town  of  Claremont.     Issue  (all,  excepting  one,  born  at  Claremont): 
i.  Abbie  Louisa8  (Briggs),  b.  April  16,  1863. 
ii.  Fred.  A.8  (Briggs),  b.  Aug.  8,  1864. 
iii.  Mary  Eebecca8  (Briggs),  b.  March  27,  1866. 
iv.  Joseph  Albert8  (Briggs),  b.  Dec.  24,  1867. 
v.  Juliette  Augusta8  (Briggs),  b.  Oct.  29,  1869. 
vi.   Sarah  Eunice8  (Briggs),  b.  Aug.  30,  1872. 
vii.  Kobert  Percival8  (Briggs),  b.  Oct.  2,  1875,  at  New  York  city, 
viii.  Lilla  Stebbins8  (Briggs),  b.  June  19,  1877. 
ix.  Justina  Adeline8  (Briggs),  b.  Feb.  26,  1879. 
x.  Emily  Victoria8  (Briggs),  b.  May  23,  1884. 
VIII.  Abba7  (Briggs),  b.  April  10,  1841;    m.  Sept.  3,  1859;  Stephen  Batch- 
elder,  merchant,  and  Town  Clerk  of  Fitzwilliam,  N.  H.     Issue: 
i.  Fanny8  (Batchelder). 
IX.  Mary  Elizabeth'1  (Briggs),   b.  Nov.  24,  1844;  m.  May  2,  1870,  George 
W.  Merrifleld  of  Claremont,  N.   H.;  she  d.   at  Cambridgeport, 
Mass.,  May  9,  1876;  no  children. 

*This  is  not  the  John  Stiles  who  d.  at  Brandon,  Vt.,  July  27,  1812, 
although  it  was  thought  at  one  time  that  he  was  the  same  man. 


322  Stiles  Genealogy. 

the  other  10  men  went  part  of  the  way  and  turned  back.]     His 
party  was  absent  11  days  (p.  97). 

"  At  a  special  census  of  the  Town  of  Temple  taken  Oct.  28, 
1775,  John  Stiles  had  in  his  family  :  One  male  under  16  years 
of  age  ;  one  male  between  the  ages  of  16  and  50,  and  4  females. 
He  was  also  the  owner  of  a  gun  and  half  a  pound  of  powder 

(p.  ioi)- 

"  In  1776  John  Stiles  signed  the  '  Association  Test,'  which 
contained  the  following  clause  :  '  We,  the  subscribers,  do  hereby 
solemnly  profess  our  entire  willingness  at  the  Bisque  of  our 
Lives  and  Fortunes,  with  Arms,  to  oppose  the  Hostile  Attempts 
of  the  British  Fleets  and  Armies  against  the  United  American 
Colonies  whenever  and  to  such  a  degree  as  such  attempts  of 
Britain  may  require '  (p.  105). 

"  March  3,  1777,  John  Stiles  was  chosen  one  of  a  committee 
(consisting  of  nine  persons)  of  inspection,  correspondence  and 
safety  (p.  111). 

"June  30,  1777,  he  was  one  of  37  men  in  Capt.  Drury's 
Company  who  marched  to  Ticonderoga  (p.  114)." 

He  was  living  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  in  1785,  according  to  the 
following  from  Salma  Hale's  "  Annals  of  Keene"  (p.  69) : 

"  At  a  Town  meeting  held  by  adjournment  on  the  1st  Feb. 
(1785),  at  the  house  of  Mr.  Balston,  the  pews  in  the  meeting- 
house about  to  be  erected  were  sold  at  auction  to  persons,  &c, 
&c. : 

"  John  Stiles,  £4  10.  10. 

"     "      "5  10.      ." 

It  is  said  that  he  moved  about  1800  [probably  1802  is  nearer 
the  real  date]  from  Rindge,  N.  H.,  to  Waterford,  Yt.,  where 
he  died  April  25,  1818,  se.  69. 

Children  : 

148.  I.  Prudence5,   b.   1771 ;  m.  Marvin  (b.  1770),  son  of 

Jonathan  and  Sarah  (Marvin)  Roy ce,  'who  died 
at  Walpole,  N.  H.,  July  22,  1841.  They  res. 
at  Walpole.  Mrs.  Prudence  (Stiles)  Royce  died 
June  15,  1843.     Issue  : 

149.  i.  Betsey6,  b.  Feb.  28,   1796  ;  d.  1868 ;  unm. 

150.  ii.  John  S.6,  b.  July  16,  1798  ;  m.  Mary  Brooks 

(born  1805),  of  Chester,  Yt.  Issue:  (1) 
Marian7  (Royce)  ;  m.  Almarian  Griggs ; 
4  children;  (2)  John  J.7  (Royce),  b.  1826  ; 

Massachusetts  Family.  323 

is  a  cattle-dealer  at  the  west  (1884); 
(3)  Benjamin  Brooks7  (Royce);  m.  Nov. 
9,  1854,  Jane  Bixby  ;  res.  Walpole,  N. 
JEL;  (4)  Jasper7  (Royce),  b.  182S ;  em- 
ployed in  a  factory;  unm. 

151.  iii.  Jonathan6,  b.  May  3,  1800;  dec'd. 

152.  iv.  George6,  b.  May  22,  1802;  dec'd. 

153.  v.  Hiram6,  b.  June  17,  1804;  d.  Aug.  8,  1831. 

154.  vi.  Jeremiah6,  b.  Sept.  9,  1806;  m.  Harriet  Simp- 

son of  Boston,  Mass.;  one  child  living  (1884) 
who  m.  Mr.  Lawton,  liquor  agt.,  So.  Boston, 

155.  vii.  Isaiah6,  b.  May  22,  1809;  m. ;  had  2  chil. 

156.  viii.  Susan  R.6,  b.  Oct.  11,  1811;  m.  William  Wat- 

kins  (b.  Feb.  6,  1813),  of  Walpole,  K  H., 
who  d.  Feb.  11,  1881.  Issue:  (1)  Mary 
Ann7  (Watkins),  b.  Aug.  13,  1834;  m. 
Lucius  B.  Wright,  machinist;  res.  Everett, 
Mass.  Child:  (a)  Ella8  (Wright),  b.  1874; 
(2)  Wallace7  (Watkins),  b.  Feb.  16,  1838;  d. 
Apr.  15,  1839;  (3)  Frederick7  (Watkins),  b. 
July  6,  1841;  m.  Mary  Ball,  of  Alstead,  K 
H.  He  is  an  operative  in  a  cotton  mill. 
Children:  (a^i  Bell8  (Watkins),  b.  ab't  1868; 
(b)  Alice8  (Watkins),  b.  ab't  1870;  (4)  War- 
ren F.7  (Watkins),  b.  Sept.  21,  1843;  is  a 
locomotive  engineer;  m.  Nellie  Davis;  res. 
Walpole,  N.  H.;  (5)  William7  (Watkins)  Jr., 
b.  Aug.  18,  1846;  d.  Dec.  2,  1866;  (6)  Jen- 
nie A.7  (Watkins),  b.  June  15,  1849;  m. 
Charles  Ohickering ;  farmer  of  Westmore- 
land, 1ST.  H.  Issue:  (a)  Ethel  J.8  (dicker- 
ing), b.  1874;  (b)  Leon8  C.  (Chickering),  b. 
1880;  (7)Elbridge  S.7  (Watkins),  b.'July 
9,  1852;  d.  Mch.  11,  1853. 

157.  II.  Hannah5,  b.  Apr.  8,  1773;  d.  unm.  at  Swanzey,  K 

H.  since  1857. 

158.  III.  John5,  b.  Dec.  11,  1774;  m.  Annie  Hill.     Family 


159.  IV.  Nahum5,  b.  Jan.  18,  1777;  m.  Lois  Pierce.     Fam- 

ily 27. 

324:  Stiles.  Genealogy. 

160.  V.  Keziah5,  b.  Jan.  6,  1779;  d.  unm.  at  Keene,  K  H. 

161.  VI.  Phebe5,  b.  May  20,  1780;  m.  Cyrus  Haryey  of 

Surry,  N.  H.  It  is  said  that  descendants  of  theirs 
were  living  not  many  years  ago  at  Colosse,  ~N.  V. 

162.  VII.  Lewis5,   b.    Sept.    7,    1783;    m.    Hannah   Wilder. 

Family  28. 

163.  VIII.  Betsey5,  b.  June  11,  1786;  m.  in  Keene,  K  H., 

Thomas  (b.  Jan.  4, 1777),  son  of  Joshua  Cheever 
and  Lydia  (Stearns)  Fowler  of  Lunenburg, 
Mass.,  Jan.  29,  1801,  he  being  then  of  Surry,  N. 
H.  They  res.  at  Grantham,  N.  H.,  where  Mrs. 
Betsey  (Stiles)  Fowler  d.  Aug.  16,  1863  (Fow- 
ler Geneal.,  pp.  101,  146).     Issue: 

164.  i.  Harriet  Elizabeth6,  b.    Apr.    9,    1802,  at  St. 

Johnsbury,  Vt.;  m.  (1)  Daniel  Abbott ;  (2) 
Mr.  Gree'ly.  She  d.  in  New  London,  N.  H., 
Apr.  8,  1868;  had  5  chil.  by  her  1st  marriage. 

165.  ii.  Henry  Stiles6,  b.  Oct.  4,  1803,  at  St.  J.;  m. 

May  10,  1838,  Mariah  (dan.  of  Aaron  and 
Hannah  [Heath] )  Quimby,  of  Springfield,  N. 
H.;  sheb.  Aug.  6,1813  ;  they  res.  in  Lowell, 
Mass.,  where  "Mr.  F.  d.  July  3,  1862.  His 
widow  was  living  in  1883  at  Dracut,  Mass. 

166.  iii.  Lewis6,  b.  Jan.  1,  1805,  at  St.  J.;  m.  Oct.  15, 

1829,  Fanny  Howard  (b.  Dec.  20,  1807,  at 
Warwick,  Mass).     They  res.  for  many  years 

*Descendants  of  Henry  Stiles6  Fowler,  and  his  wife,  Mariah  (Quimby) 
Children  (b.  in  Lowell,  Mass.): 
I.  Lizette  Stiles1  (Fowler),  b.  July  28,  1839;  m.  (1)  Daniel  V.  Webster 

of  Dracut,  Mass. ;  2  chil. ;  res.  (1878)  Dracut,  Mass. 
II.  Henry  C.7  (Fowler),   b.    Sept.   22,   1840;  m.   (1)  Lottie  Nichols,  of 
Derby,  Vt. ;  m.  (2)  Jenny  Curby,  of  Alton,  Me. ;  res.  Dracut,  Mass. 

III.  Rosette  Mariah7  (Fowler),  b.  Nov.  11,  1841;  m.  Charles  Q.  Merrill, 

of  Lawrence,  Mass.;  2  chil.;  res.  (1880)  at  Lawrence,  Mass. 

IV.  Frances  Adelaide7  (Fowler),  b.  Apr.  24,  1843;  m.  Dec.  25,  1865,  Benj. 

Franklin  Sanborn,  of  Laconia,  N.  H.  She  d.  at  Lowell,  Mass., 
Feb.  11,  1872. 
V.  George  Lewis7  (Fowler),  b.  July  1,  1845;  in.  Apr.  30  1868,  Artie  M. 
(dau.  of  Hugh  and  Caroline)  Baker  of  Lowell,  Mass.  (b.  in  Wood- 
stock, N.  B.,  June  8,  1848);  4  chil. 
VI.  James  Polk7  (Fowler),  b.  Apr.  18,  1847;  m.  Dec.  23,  1867,  Emma 
Martena,  dau.  of  Alonzo  B.  and  Caroline  (Hubbard)  Wells  (b.  at 
Port  Kent,  Essex  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Mch.  24,  1853). 

Massachusetts  Family.  325 

at  Norwich,  Yt.  At  the  time  of  his  death, 
1879,  the  family  res.  at  North  Yernon,  Ind., 
and  there  in  1883  his  widow  was  living  with 
a  dau.     Issue  (all  b.  at  Norwich,  Yt.).* 

167.  iv.  Phebe  Stearns6,   b.  Nov.   27,  1806;  m.  Aug. 

12,  1834,  Mr.  Jameson.  She  d.  Aug.  30, 
1855,  at  Claremont,  N.  H.;  3  chil. 

168.  v.  Ira6,  b.  Aug.  27,  1809;  d.  Mch.  25,  1838;  unm. 

169.  vi.  Lydia  Stiles6,  b.  Feb.  6,  1813,  at  Thetford,  Yt.; 

m.  Oct.  24,  1837,  George  W.  Emerson. 
she  d.  at  Claremont,  N.  H.,  Nov.  5,  1860. 
Mr.  E.  served  3  years  in  Co.  F,  3rd  Keg't. 
N.  H.  Yols.,  during  the  late  war.  They 
had  6  chil.,  one  of  whom,  Geo.  EL.  served  3 
years  as  a  soldier  in  Co.  B,  4th  Reg't.  N.  H. 
Yols.,  part  of  the  time  as  Corp.  He  d.  at 
Cohoes,  N.  Y.,  Mch.  18,  1865. 

170.  vii.  Horatio6,  b.  Jan.  29,  1815;  d.  Feb.  22,  1820. 

171.  viii.  John   Chever6,  b.  Dec.  25,  1816,  at  Fairlee, 

Yt.;  m.  Oct.  5,  1847,  Martha  Jane  (dau.  of 
John  and  Patty  [Cheney])  Morse  (b.  in 
Newbury,  N.  H.,  Aug.  i5,  1827).  He  d. 
at  Newbury,  Feb.  7,  1881.     Issue.f 

*Descendants  of  Lewis6  and  Fanny  (Howard)  Fowler. 
Children   (all  b.  in  Norwich,  Vt.): 

I.  Elvira  H.7  (Fowler),  b.  Aug.  5,  1830;  m.  Dec.  15,  1848,  N.  A.  Piper. 

II.  Frances  E.7  (Fowler),  b.  Sept.  20,  1832;  d.  Dec.  29,  1853. 

III.  Eunice  L.7  (Fowler),  b.  Dec.  8, 1834;  m.  Sept.  28,  1856,  D.  T.  Corbin. 

Shed.  Mch.  9,  1857. 

IV.  John  Greenleaf7  (Fowler),  b.  Mch.  28,  1837;  m.  Nov.  24,  1867,  Sarah 

V.  Laura  A.1  (Fowler),  b.  Dec.  31,  1840;  d.  Feb.  15,  1842. 
VI.  Caroline  A.7  (Fowler),  b.  May  1,  1842;  m.   Sept.   18,  1861,  W.  Scott 

Hazen;  1  child. 
VII.  Lewis  H.7  (Fowler),  b.  July  24,  1844;  m.  Mary  Sawyer,  of  Vincennes, 
VIII.  Celia7  (Fowler),  b.  July  10,  1847;  d.  Sept.  18,  1849. 
IX.  Alice  L.7  (Fowler),  b.  May  17,  1850;  m.  Oct.  4,  1863,  David  T.  Dun- 

X.  Florence  Pearl7  (Fowler),  b.  May  27,  1853;  m.  ;  res.  with  her 

mother,  at  North  Vernon,  Ind. 
f Descendants  of  John  Chever6  Fowler  and  his  wife,  Martha  Jane  (Morse) 

Children  (b.  in  South  Newbury,  N.  H.): 
I.  John  Willis7  (Fowler),  b.  Apr.  30,  1849  ;  m.  (1)  July  4,  1876,  Saloma 
B.  Leach  (b.  Feb.  14,  1852,),  who  d.  Aug.  26,  1876;  m.  (2)  at  Hen- 

326  -  Stiles  Genealogy. 

172.  ix.  Keziah  D.6,  b.  Feb.  3,  1819;  d.  at  Claremont, 

N.  H.,  Aug.  6,  1857;  iram. 

173.  x.  Joshua  Horatio6,  b.  Oct.  11,  1820;  m.  Almedia 

A.  Worthen  of  Palermo,  Waldo  Co.,  Me. 
She  d.  187-,  at  St.  Cloud,  Minn.     Issue.* 

174.  xi.  Nahum6,  b.  Jan.  8;  d.  June  5,  1822,  at  Nor- 

wich, Yt. 

175.  xii.  Hannah  T.6,  b.  Mch.  12, 1823;  m.  June  28, 1842, 

Levi  Adams.     She  d.  at  Swanzey,  N.  H., 
Aug.  25, 1850;  bnr.  at  Keene,  N.  H.;  2  chil. 

176.  xiii.  Charlotte6,    b.    Oct.  5,   1824;    m.    Jan.  11, 

1846  ;  John  Dunbar.  She  d.  at  Con- 
cord, N.  H.,  Apr.  15,  1856;  3  children. 

177.  xiv.  George  Franklin6,  b.  Oct.  1,  1826,  at  Hart- 

ford, Vt.;  in.  Aug.  9,  1848,  Mahala  Jane, 
dau.  of  George  and  Polly  (Morse)  Mes- 
ser(b.  at  Newbury,  N.  H.,  Nov.  7, 1831); 
he  d.  Apr.  24,  1882,  at  Washington,  N. 
H.,  where  his  widow  still  (1883)  res. 

niker,  N.  H.,  Feb.  12,  1879,  Laura  Etta  Huntington  (b.  in  Hen- 
niker,  May  22,  1854).     Issue: 
i.  Dau.8,  b.  Dec.  12;  d.  Dec.  14,  1880. 
ii.  Herbert  E.8  (Fowler),  b.  Jan.  1,  1882. 
II.  Martha  Amariah1  (Fowler),  b.   Jan.  29,  1852;  m.  in  Concord,  N.  H., 
Jan.  9,  1874,  Benj.  F.  Gillingham;  2  chil. 

III.  Charles   Lawson1  (Fowler),  b.  April  11,  1855;  m.  Aug.  13,  1878,  Inez 

D.  Nelson  (b.  in  Sutton,  N.  H.,  Sept.  30,  1854).     Issue: 
i.  Carrie  May8  (Fowler),  b.  Jan.  30,  1880. 

IV.  Arthur  Horatio1  (Fowler),  b.  Dec.  21,  1857;  m.  Sept.  21,  1881,  Nettie 

J.  Nelson. 
V.  Elmer  Orlando7  (Fowler),  b.  Jan.  15,  1863. 
VI.  Mary  Jane1  (Fowler),  b.  Dec.  3,  1864;  d.  Aug.  27,  1865. 

*Descendants  of  Joshua  Horatio6  Fowler  and  his  wife,  Almedia  A  (Worthin) 
I.  George  Franklin1  (Fowler),  b.  and  d.  1850. 
II.  Georgiana1  (Fowler),  b.  Feb.  1851;  m.  ;  has  3  children. 

III.  Willard  C.1  (Fowler),  b.  1853. 

IV.  Helen  Mariah1  (Fowler),  b.  and  d.  1865. 
V.  George  S.1  (Fowler),  b. 

fDescendants  of  George  Franklin6  Fowler  and  his  wife,  Mahala  Jane 
(Messer)  Fowler: 
I.  Frank  Alpheus1  (Fowler),  b.  July  13,  1850,  in  Grantham,  N.  H. ;  m. 
June  23,  1873,  Mary  Alice  Hurd  of  Washington,  N.  H. 

Massachusetts  Family.  327 

178.  xv.  David  Gilman9,  b.  Dec.  30,  1828,  in  Hart- 

ford, Yt. ;  m.  (1)  Lucinda  R.  Ronger,  of 
Hollis,  K  H. ;  m.  (2)  May  2,  1852,  at 
Burlington,  Yt.,  Lucy  Fatten  (b.  Dec.  10, 
1831,  at  Croyden,  K  H.).     Issue.* 

179.  xvi.  Joseph  Pierce6,  b.  Feb.  22,  1832,  at  Hart- 

ford, Yt. ;  m.  (1)  Sept.  13,  1854,  Rosilla, 
dau.  of  Thomas  and  Eliza  S.  (Colby) 
Pillsbury  (b.  Mch.  23,  1833,  at  Croyden, 
N.  H.) ;  m.  (2)  Apr.  15,  1873,  at  Fella, 
Marion  Co.,  Iowa,  Betsey  Hale.  Issue 
(by  1st  mar.):  (1)  Joseph  Elwin7  (Fowler), 
b.  at  Grantham,  N.  H.,  Apr.  7,  1867. 

Family  11. 

180.  Enoch4  Stiles  [60]  (Ephraim3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was 
b.  March  4,  1745,  either  at  Boxford  or  Andover,  Mass.;  bapt. 
March  10, 1745  {Boxford  Records).  He,  and  his  twin  brother, 
.Noah,  removed  from  Andover,  Mass.,  to  Bridgeton,  Me.,  in 
1771.  He  m.  Abigail  Kimball  of  Bridgeton,  who  d.  about 
1800.     He  d.  at  B.,  Aug.  14,  1831,  aged  87  years. 

II.  Edwin  Horatio1  (Fowler),  b.  Oct.  20,  1856,  in  Newbury,  N.  H.,  grad. 

at  Dartmouth  Coll.,  1878;  m.  Nov.  2,  1882,  Mattie  J.  Crockett. 
III.  George  Pierce1  (Fowler),  b.  Nov.  15,  1860,  in  Bradford,  N.  H.;  m. 
1881,  Carrie  Bell  Trow  of  Washington,  N.  H. 

*Descendants  of  David  Gilman6  Fowler  and  his  2d  wife,  Lucy  (Patten) 
I.  Horace  Stiles1  (Fowler),  b.  June  7,  1853. 
II.  Nancy  Maria1  (Fowler),  b.  Sept.  11,  1855;  m.  Edson  Melvin  of  War- 
ren, N.  H. ;  2  chil. 

III.  Calista  Jane1  (Fowler),  b.  Oct.  28,  1857. 

IV.  John  Cbever1  (Fowler),  b.  Jan.  4,  1860. 

V.  Nellie  Etta1  (Fowler),  b.  Feb.  10,  1862;  d.  June  4,  1864. 
VI.  George  Henry1  (Fowler),   b.   Jan.   18,  1865;  m.  Ida  B.  Johnson;  res. 
Newport,  N.  H.     Issue: 
i.  Arthur  G.8,  b.  Feb.  8,  1887. 
ii.  Leon8,  b.  May  27,  1888. 
iii.  Celia  Emma8,  b.  Oct.  29,  1889. 
VII.  Martha  Emma1  (Fowler),  b.  April  19,  1867. 
VIII.  Clara  Belle1  (Fowler),  b.  July  25,  1869. 
IX.  Charles  Edwin1  (Fowler),  b.  Sept.  5.  1871. 
X.  Lucy  Pearl1  (Fowler),  b.  March  8,  1874. 
XI.  Henrietta  Alice1  (Fowler),  b.  Nov.  2,  1876. 

328  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children  (it  is  said  there  were  13  children,  but  only  12  are 

181.  I.  Huldah5 ;  m.  Joseph  Barker  and  settled  in  Water- 

ford,  Me.     Issue : 

182.  i.  Osro6;  d.  at  sea. 

183.  ii.  Evelina6 ;  m.  Stephen  Rowe  of  New  Glou- 

cester, Me. 

184.  iii.  Amander6;  m.  Jane  Clark  of  Burlington, 


185.  iv.  Almasa6 ;  m.  Ephraim  Hilton  of  New  Glou- 


186.  v.  Joseph6;  unm. 

187.  vi.  Eollin6;    unm.;  is   a   lawyer  and  editor  at 

Colebrook,  N.  H. 

188.  vii.  Albert6;  m.  Miss  Irish  of  Stowe,  Me. 

189.  viii.  Lorinda6;  d.  in  infancy. 

190.  II.  Davis5,  b.  abt.    1776 ;  m.  Anna  Phillips.     Family 


191.  III.  Nabby5;  m.  Mr.  Ingalls  and  moved  east ;  a  dau.  of 

theirs  m.  Daniel  (jrcutt,  and  res.  at  Fort  Fair- 
field, Me. 

192.  IY.  Polly5;  m.  Ahira  Sampson  of  Harrison,  Me.  Issue : 

193.  i.  Asenath6;  res.  at  Worcester,  Mass.  ;  unm. 

194.  ii.  Euth6;  d.  young. 

195.  iii.  Susan6;  res.  Worcester,  Mass.;  unm. 

196.  iv.  Christopher  C.  W.6 

197.  v.  6. 

198.  vi.  6. 

199.  vii.  6. 

200.  Y.  Christopher  C.  W.5  (Capt.) ;  m.  Mary  A.  Brown. 

Family  30. 

201.  YI.  Maria5  ;  unm. 

202.  YII.  Emeline5 ;  m.  Daniel  Wells,  of  Mercer,  Me. 

203.  YIII.  Charles  L.5 ;  d.  young. 

204.  IX.  Ruth5;  m..  James  Sampson ;  settled  in  Parkman, 

Me.,  and  Mr.  S.  was  eventually  elected  to  the 
State  Legislature.     They  had  several  children. 

205.  X.  Lorinda5 ;  m.  Mr.  Seaver  and  settled  in  Bridgeton, 

Me.     Issue : 

206.  i.  Abigail6 ;  m.  Joshua  Stone  ;  res.  (1886)  at 

Bridgeton,  Me. 

Massachusetts  Family.  329 

207.  ii.  Amasa6 ;  m.  and  lived  in  Lawrence,  Mass.; 

had  a  son,  R.  A.7  (Seaver). 

208.  iii.  Lucinda6;  m.  Henry  Daniels;  res.  (1886) 

in  Boston,  Mass. 

209.  iv.  Mary6;  unm. 

210.  XI.  Enoch5 ;    b.  Oct.  26,  1796  ;  m.  Edna  Dolloff  and 

Mrs.  Maria  Needham.     Family  31. 

211.  XII.  Eunice5;  b.  Aug.  25,  1798;  m.  (by  Rev.  Nathan 

Church)  at  Bridgeton,  Dec.  23,  1816,  John  Dol- 
loff, of  Ruinford,  Me.  She  d.  Sept.  10,  1864. 
Issue : 

212.  i.  James  M.6 ;  b.  Sept.  25,  1817;  m.  July  25, 

1840,  Sarah  L.  Gleason,  of  Mexico,  Me.* 
Issue:  (1)  Oscar  F.7  (Dolloff),  a  farmer ; 
res.  (1886)  No.  Yarmouth,  Me.;  m.  Abby 
Curtis,  of  Rumford  ;  6  chil.;  (2)  Cuvier  A.7 
(Dolloff) ;  d.  sd.  19  ;  (3)  Lucetta  M.7  (Dol- 
loff) ;  m.  W.  Brackett,  of  Dixfield,  Me.; 
1  son  ;  (4)  Ronello  C.7  (Dolloff) ;  m.  Su- 
sanna Glover,  of  Rumford  Centre,  Me.; 
is  a  blacksmith  and  postmaster;  9  chil.; 
(5)  Quincy  EL7  (Dolloff) ;  d.  young ;  (6) 
Francella  F.7  (Dolloff)  ;  m.  Orison  Gam- 
mon, of  Canton,  Me.;  she  d.  Oct.  22, 
1871;  (7)  Sarah  F.'  (Dolloff) ;  unm.; 
(8)  Georgia  E.7  (Dolloff)  ;  d.  Sept.  30, 
1874 ;  (9)  Frank  M.7  (Dolloff) ;  m.  Cora 
Boston,  of  North  Yarmouth,  Me. 

213.  ii.  Roxanna6;    b.  Mch.  11,  1819;    m.  Oct.  3, 

1852,    John    C.    French,    the    Pioneer 

*  James  M.  Dolloff  commenced,  business  in  1839  at  Mexico,  Me.,  as  a 
trader  and  hotel-keeper;  was  selectman  in  1842.  In  May,  1843,  lie  was  one 
of  a  party  formed  for  the  joint  survey  of  Maine  and  Mass.,  locating  a  road, 
from  Presque  Isle,  Me.,  to  St.  John,  N.  B.,  under  Road  Agent  John  Rol- 
lins. The  party  got  short  of  provisions  and  were  put  on  an  allowance.  It 
is  related  that  one  of  the  company  was  very  sick  at  the  time,  but  when  the 
man  with  the  provisions  appeared,  in  sight  he  was  as  well  as  any  one.  Mr. 
D.  rem.  to  Rumford,  Me.,  in  1844,  and  remained  there  in  the  hotel  busi- 
ness until  May,  1875,  when  he  was  burnt  out.  He  was  postmaster  at  Rum- 
ford Centre,  under  Polk,  Pierce  and  Buchanan,  also  deputy  sheriff  for  sev- 
eral years,  and  was  treasurer  and  collector  several  years  in  succession.  His 
w.  d.  Jan.  18,  1873;  he  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Sarah  (Small)  Webster,  of  Gray,  Me. 
They  res.  (1886)  at  No.  Yarmouth,  Me.,  where  Mr.  D.  is  mail  carrier. 


330  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Farmer  of  Galesville,  Trempeleau  Co., 
Wis.  Issue  :  (1)  Ella  L.7  (French),  who 
filled  the  chair  of  mathematics  at  the  uni- 
versity at  Galesville  for  several  years ; 
(2)  George7  (French),  who  is  in  the  hard- 
ware business  at  Hammond,  St.  Croix  Co., 
Wis.;  (3) 7;  d.  young. 

214.  iii.  Laura  A.6 ;  b.  July  21, 1823.     In  Oct.,  1844, 

she  went  to  Lowell,  Mass.,  to  work  in  a 
cotton  factory.  She  was  employed  over 
3  yrs.  on  the  Merrimac  and  8  yrs.  on  the 
Hamilton  Corporation  at  "  dressing,"  with 
the  exception  of  about  a  year  at  the 
Female  Seminary  at  Newburg,  N.  Y., 
where  she  received  lessons  upon  the  piano 
and.  taught  embroidery.  She  was  m.  in 
Lawrence,  Mass.,  July  3,  1851,  to  Luther 
R.  Dresser,  of  Georgetown,  Mass.,  who 
d.  Sept.  10,  1860.  After  Mr.  D.'s  death 
she  kept  house  for  her  mother  until  the 
latter's  death  (Sept.  10,  1864),  when  she 
became  housekeeper  for  B.  F.  Kidder, 
Esq.,  of  North  Gray,  Me.,  which  position 
she  has  held  until  the  present  time  (1886). 
[Mrs.  Dresser,  who  was  in  feeble  health 
at  the  time,  took  great  pains  to  obtain  and 
forward  the  records  of  her  mother's 

215.  iv.  Miriam  H.6,  b.  Oct.  15,  1828 ;  m.  July  16, 

1849,  Guy  C.  Mills,  a  machinist;  res. 
(1886)  at  Nashua,  N.  H.  Issue:  (1) 
Charles  M.7  (Mills);  m.  and  res.  at  Worces- 
ter, Mass. ;  a  machinist  and  supt.  of  fire 
alarms ;  (2)  Ellen  A.7  (Mills) ;  unm. ;  (3) 
Emma  J.7  (Mills);  m.  Benj.  Otis  of 
Nashua,  N.  H.  ;  (4)  Jennie7  (Mills) ;  died 
young  ;  (5)  Bell7  (Mills) ;  died  young. 

216.  v.  Eunice  L.6,  b.  Sept.  13,  1834 ;  was  a  school- 

teacher before  her  mar.  to  Hon.  George 
Blake  of  Upper  Gloucester,  Me. ;  she  d. 
at  New  Gloucester,  Me.,  Feb.  14, 1877,  of 

Massachusetts  Family.  331 

pneumonia.  Issue :  Eva  E.7  (Blake) ;  in. 
Dr.  .Nathaniel  Marshall  of  Hebron,  Me. ; 
res.  (1886)  in  Gorham,  Me. ;  (2)  Herbert 
E.7  (Blake);  m.  Lou  Holmes  of  Upper 
Gloucester,  where  they  now  (1886)  reside. 
Mr.  B.  is  of  the  firm  "  Blake  &  Son  ; "  (3) 
Roscoe  J.7  (Blake) ;  d.  young ;  (4)  Orra 
Y.7  (Blake).  Hon.  Geo.  Blake  m.  (2) 
Mrs.  Ann  (Stiles)  Hill  of  Gray,  Me.,  dau. 
of  Stephen  C.  Stiles  (Fam.  76)  of  Gray. 
217.  vi.  Estelle  Y.6,  b.  Dec.  14,  1839  ;  m.  Freedom 

S.  Stinchfield  of  New  Gloucester,  Me., 
where  they  now  (1886)  reside.  Issue : 
(1)  Oscar  C.7  (Stinchfield);  (2)  Clarence 
E.'7  (Stinchfield). 

Family  12. 

218.  Noah4  Stiles  [61]  (Ephraim3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was 
probably  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  March  4,  1745 ;  bapt.  March 
10,  1745 ;  m.  "  when  of  Andover "  Lydia  Curtis,  June  16, 
1772;  they  received  the  church  covenant  July  18,  1773  (Box- 
ford  Records). 

In  Ridlon's  "Early  Settlers  of  Harrison,  Me.,"  page  117,  we 
find  the  following  :  "  Enoch  and  Noah  Stiles  came  from  And- 
over, Mass.,  and  settled  in  Bridgeton  in  1771.  [This  was  be- 
fore his  marriage,  and  it  is  hardly  probable  that  he  settled  at 
B.  permanently  until  after  1773.]  Noah  sold  his  farm  in 
Bridgeton  in  1800,  and  moved  to  that  part  of  Otisfield  that  is 
now  Harrison.  His  farm  was  on  No.  12,  in  Range  8,  in  the 
north  end  of  the  town.  His  son  Stephen  settled  on  lot  No.  11 
adjoining  his  father's  land.  Noah  had  5  children  —  3  sons 
and  2  daus.  in  1794.  *  *  *  Descendants  live  on  the  home- 
stead farm  in  Harrison." 

Children  : 

219.  I.  Stephen5,  b.  Dec.  28,  1772  [at  Boxford,  so  say  his 

descendants]  ;    bapt.    July    18,    1773   (Boxford 
Records).     Family  32. 

220.  II.  Jeremiah5,  b.  at  Bridgeton,  Me.  ;  m.  Mary  Sawyer. 

Family  33. 

332  Stiles  Genealogy. 

221.  III.  Jacob5,  b .  March  31,  1786 ;  m.  Betsey  Harmon  and 

Olive  W.  Bryant.     Family  34. 

222.  IV.  Betsey6 ;  m.  Samuel  Baker ;  no  children. 

223.  V.  Lydia  B.5 ;  m.  Ephraim  Packard.     Issue  : 

224.  i.  Almond6,  and  other  children. 

Family  13. 

225.  Dayid4  Stiles  [TO]  (Gideon3,  Timothy?,  Kobert1),  was 
bapt.  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  April  16,  1738 ;  m.  (1)  Hannah  Nor- 
ton of  Andover,  Mass.,  Aug.  7,  1760;  m.  (2)  Tabitha  Oak, 
who  died  March  22,  1811,  aged  80.  He  removed  in  1784  from 
Bolton,  Mass.,  to  Putney,  Yt. ;  thence,  after  a  short  stay,  to 
Westminster,  Yt. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage,  from  1st  edition  Mass.  Stiles 
Family,  p.  31) : 

226.  I.  Hannah5,  b.  about  1760 ;  m.  Coffin  Chapin ;  had  a 

family,  and  formerly  lived  in  Bolton,  Mass. 

227.  II.  Judith5,  b.  about  1765  ;  was  a  cripple ;  never  mar- 

Children  (by  2d  marriage) : 

228.  III.  Minda5,  b.  1767;  m.  Nathaniel  Briggs  in  1787; 

had  6  children,  of  whom  3  were  living,  in  1857, 
at  Yernon,  Yt. 

229.  IY.  Rhoda6;  m.  Ephraim  Smith  1S04  ;  res.  at  Norwich, 

Yt. ;  had  2  daus. 

230.  Y.  Eunice5;  single. 

231.  YI.  David5,  b.  1770  or '71 ;  m.  widow  Wyman  (accord- 

ing to  one  account,  but  another  says  Elizabeth 
Lippenwell;  the  latter  name  may,  perhaps,  have 
been  the  maiden  name  of  the  widow  Wyman), 
of  Westminster,  Yt.     Family  35. 

232.  YII.  Gideon5,    b.   1773    (prob.) ;     m.   Lydia    Wyman. 

Family  36. 

233.  VIII.  Keziah5,  b.    1775 ;  m.   (1)   Oct.   28,   1798,   Wm. 

Brooks  {History  of  Charlestown,  N.  H.)\  2 
chil.;  m.  (2)  in  1804,  David  Bemis ;  had  5  chil- 

234.  IX.  Nathaniel5,   b.  abt.    1777;  m.   Lucy   Crosby,  and 

Mary  Taft.     Family  37. 

Massachusetts  Family.  333 

Family  14. 

235.  Timothy4  Stiles  [75]  (Ezra3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was 
bapt.  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  July  24,  1743  ;  m.  (1)  Phebe  Kimball, 
of  Andover,  to  whom  he  was  published,  July  27,  1764.  He 
received  the  1st  Church  covenant,  Apr.  20,  1766 ;  m.  (2) 
Naomi  McMillion,  Dec.  22,  1774  {Boxford  Records). 

He  was  a  soldier  of  the  Revolution,  and  his  name  is  on  several 
lists  of  soldiers  who  went  from  the  neighborhood  of  Boxford. 
He  was  a  citizen  of  B.  as  late  as  1791,  his  name  being  among 
those  who  are  mentioned  as  "  heads  of  families "  that  year 
(Hist.  Boxford)  p.  256),  but  he  subsequently  removed  to 
Greenfield,  1ST.  H.  When  or  where  he  died  has  not  been  as- 
certained. A  grandson  —  Mr.  Mark  Saunders  Stiles,  of  Jack- 
son, Me.,  now  (1886)  nearly  89  years  old  — remembers  seeing 
Timothy  Stiles,  whom  he  describes  as  "  a  large,  stout  man,  and 
very  hard  of  hearing,"  having  been  rendered  deaf  by  the  burst- 
ing of  a  cannon  near  him,  while  in  the  army.  His  business, 
when  living  at  Boxford,  was  smelting  iron,  and  it  is  said  that 
his  eldest  son,  Phineas,  took  his  father's  place  at  the  smelting 
works,  while  the  latter  was  absent  in  the  army,  there  being  at 
that  time  a  great  demand  for  iron  for  making  arms  for  the 

Children  (by  1st  marriage  —  from  Boxford  Records) : 

236.  I.  Phineas5,  b.  Oct.  21, 1764 ;  bapt.  May  4,  1766  ;  m. 

Betsey  Saunders.     Family  38. 

237.  II.  Jacob5,  b.  Dec.  10,  1773 ;  bapt.  Dec.  12,  1773 ;  m. 

Polly  Butler.     Family  39. 
(By  2d  marriage)  : 

238.  III.  Nahum5,  b.  Nov.  7,  1775 ;  bapt.  Nov.  12,  1775 ; 

must  have  d.  young. 

239.  IV.  Phebe5,  b.  Apr.  9,  1779;  bapt.  Apr.  11,  1779; 

m.  Abel  Butler,  bro.  to  her  bro.  Jacob's  wife ; 
lived  at  Topsham,  Vt.,  where  some  of  her  de- 
scendants now  reside.     Issue  : 

240.  i.  Giles6. 

241.  ii.  Apphia6;  d.  unm. 

242.  iii.  Mahala6 ;  m.  Mr.  Avery,  of  Topsham,  Vt. 

243.  iv.  Amy6 ;  m.  Mr.  Libbey,  of  Lowell,  Mass. 

244.  Y.  Affa5  (Apphia  ?),  b.  May  3,  1781;  bapt.  May  13, 


334  Stiles  Genealogy. 

245.  YI.  Oliver5,  b.  Jan.  25,  1784;  bapt.  Feb.  1,  1784.    The 

name  of  Oliver  Stiles  is  found  on  the  tax-list  of 
Francestown,  N.  H.  (adjoining  Greenfield,  N.  H.), 
for  1 812.  This  was  probably  the  son  of  Timothy.* 

246.  YII.  Jedediah5,  b.  Feb.  15,  1786 ;  bapt.  Feb.  26,  1786. 

247.  YIII.  Jeremiah5,  b.  Apr.  5,  1788 ;  bapt.  Apr.  9,  1788. 

248.  IX.  Naomi6,  bapt.  June  13,  1790. 

249.  X.  Nahum5,  bapt.  May  18,   1794 ;  m. .     Family 


250.  XL  Charles5,  bapt.  Sept.  30,  1798  ;  m.  Lucinda  Tenney, 

Susan  P.  Kendall,  and  Beulah  Keyes.  Family 

Fajvolt  15. 

251.  Ezra4  Stiles  Jr.  [78]  (Ezra3,  Timothy2,  Robert1), 
was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Dec.  18,  1749  ;  bapt.  Dec.  31, 
1749  {Boxford  Records) ;  m.  Hannah  Cutter,  who  was  prob- 
ably born  at  Watertown,  Mass.,  about  1756  (see  allusion  to 
her  age  in  her  husband's  statement  at  the  time  of  his  applica- 
tion for  a  pension).  "  The  name  of  Ezra  Stiles  appears  on  the 
muster-roll  of  the  '  minute-men  '  under  the  command  of  Capt. 
William  Pearly  in  Col.  James  Fry's  Regiment  from  the  19th 
of  April,  1775,  to  the  25th  of  said  April "  (Mass.  Archives, 
Lexington  Alarm,  vol.  xiii,  p.  44). 

"  When  his  term  [above  referred  to]  expired,  he  engaged  for 
4  months  additional  service,  and  was  employed  in  building 
forts.  At  the  end  of  the  last  service  he  re-enlisted  for  one  year 
with  Capt.  Craft,  in  Col.  Greaton's  Mass.  Regt.,  which 
marched  to  Northern  New  York  and  Canada.  In  June,  1820, 
his  wife,  Hannah,  was  living,  aged  64  years,  and  a  Richard 
Stiles,  aged  15,  was  living  in  his  family,  but  [Mr.  Stiles]  does 
not  call  him  a  son  or  a  relative  "  (Pension  Office  Reports). 

It  is  recorded  that  the  town  of  Denmark,  Me.,  had  among 
the  first  proprietors,  a  number  of  families  from  Boxford,  Mid- 
dleton  and  Andover,  Mass.,  and  the  name  of  Ezra  Stiles  is 
mentioned  among  others,  but  we  do  not  find  any  reference  to 

*  Sophia,  wife  of  Oliver  C.  Stiles,  and  dau.  of  James  and  Mary  Stevens, 
d.  Aug.  13,  1803  or  1863  (date  undecipherable),  se.  41  yrs.  and  lOmos. ;  b.  in 
Sandwich,  N.  H.  It  is  quite  probable  that  she  was  the  wife  of  Oliver  (son 
of  Timothy). 

Massachusetts  Family.  335 

him  in  the  Records  of  Denmark,  and  so  it  is  likely  that  he 
soon  removed  from  Denmark — if  he  ever  lived  there — to  the 
neighboring  town  of  Gilead,  remaining  there  until  his  death, 
which  probably  occurred  about  1826,  although  no  positive  in- 
formation as  to  the  date  can  be  obtained. 

Children    (from  a  record  furnished   by  a  descendant;   the 
order  as  here  given  of  births  is  probably  incorrect) : 

252.  I.  Luther6,  b.  Dec,  1790;    m.  Sally  Woodbury  and 

Mrs.  Abigail  Millet.     Family  42. 

253.  II.  Nathan5,    b.    July,   1794;    m.    Betsey   S.    Mason. 

Family  43. 

254.  III.  Betsey6;  in.  Philbrook  Henry. 

255.  IV.  Hannah6;     m.   John   Mason,    brother  to  Nathan 

Stiles'  wife. 

256.  V.  Esther6;  d.  young.    [One  des.  says  this  child's  name 

was  Rhoda.] 

257.  YI.  Polly5;  ra.  Otis  Dalyrymple,  now  dead.     Mrs.  D. 

was  living  in  1884  at  Shelburne,  N.  H.,  aged  87. 

258.  i.  Mary  M.6;  m.  Mr.  Green ;  she  is  now  (1884) 

a  widow;  res.  with  her  mother. 

259.  VII.  Rachel   R.5,  b.  at  Gilead,  Me.,  May  9,  1805;  m. 

Sept.  22,  1827,  Gardner  W.  Wight  (b.  at  Gilead, 
May  26,  1803),  who  d.  at  Bethel,  Me.,  Aug.  4, 
1875.  Mrs.  Rachel  R.  (Stiles)  Wight  was  living 
(1885)  with  her  youngest  son  at  West  Bethel, 
Me.     Issue  (all  b.  Gilead,  Me.): 

260.  i.  Rhoda  E.6,  b.  Apr.  17,   1828;  m. , 

Feb.  14,  1849. 

261.  ii.  Susannah  P.6,  b.  Aug.  8,  1831;  m. , 

Sept.  5,  1873. 

262.  iii.  Antoinette6,  b.  Dec.  3,  1834;  m. , 

July  7,  1853. 

263.  iv.  Levi  G.6,  b.  May  10,  1843. 

264.  v.  Rachel  E.6,  b.  Nov.  21,  1845. 

265.  vi.  Albert  W.  S.6,  b.  Apr.  9,  1848;    res.  West 

Bethel,  Me.;  unm. 

336  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  16. 

266.  Jonathan5  Stiles  [94]  (Lieut.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2, 
Eobert1),  was  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Mass,  Oct.  5, 1756;  m.  Hannah 
Taylor;  lived  at  Lunenburg,  and  there  died  at  a  great  age. 
(It  is  on  record  that  he  was  living  in  Oct.,  1838,  at  the  age  of 

Children  (from  Lunenburg  Records) : 

267.  I.  Peter6,  b.  Aug.  20,  1783;  m.  Lucy  Johnson.     Fam- 

ily 44. 

268.  II.  Isaac6,  b.  Oct.  3, 1785;  m.  Miriam  Baker.  Family  45. 

269.  III.  Eunice6,  b.  June  27,  1788;  d.  Dec.  19,  1794. 

270.  IY.  Theodore  Lyman6,  b.  Oct.   24,  1790;  m.  Hannah 

Adams.     Family  46. 

271.  Y.  Sally6,  b.  Mch.  14,  1793;  was  made  deaf  and  dumb 

by  scarlet  fever;  never  m. 

272.  VI.  Ziba6,  b.  Sept.  6,  1795;  m.   Sally  Tyler.     Family 


273.  VII.  Asa6,  b.  June  4,  1798;  was  living  at  last  accounts 

at  Bangor,  Me. 

274.  VIII.  Levi6,  b.  July  2,  1800. 

275.  IX.  Eunice6,  b.  July  28,  1804;  m.  Wm.  Marshall;  d. 

some  time  ago,  leaving  a  dau.  who  was  said  to  be 
living  in  1883  in  Lynn,  Mass. 

Family  17. 

276.  Nahum5  Stiles  [96]  (Lieut.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  May  14,  1761;  m.  Jan. 
8, 1789,  Betsey  Davis  of  L.  He  was  a  soldier  of  the  Revolution. 
His  widow  was  granted  a  pension  for  his  services.  He  d.  at 
Lunenburg,  Mch.  27,  1818.  His  widow  d.  at  the  same  place, 
Nov.  11, 1847,  aged  82. 

Children  (from  Lunenburg  Records) : 

277.  I.  Joseph6.,    b.    June    1,    1789;  m.    Jemima   Sawyer. 

Family  48. 

278.  II.  Peleg6,  b.  Mch.  8,  1791;  d.  Nov.  18,  1794. 

279.  III.  Josiah  D.6,  b.  June  11,  1793;  m.  Hannah  Bowers. 

Family  49. 

280.  IV.  Lewis6,   b.  Aug.  18,   1795;    m.  Betsey  Hartwell. 

__.  Family  50. 

Massachusetts  Family.  337 

281.  Y.  Hannah6,  b.  Oct.  30,  1797;  d.  Nov.  18,  1798. 

282.  YL  Betsey6,  b.  Sept.  22,  1799;    m.  Mr.  Erwin ;    d.  at 

Charlestown,  Mass. 

283.  YII.  Daniel6,  b.  May  22,  1802;  m. 

2S4.  YI1I.  Asahel  Z.6,  b."  June   11,   1804;    ra.  Farrar; 

lived  and  died  at  Charlestown,  Mass. 

Family  18. 

285.  Peleg   Stearns5   Stiles    [104]    (Lieut.  Levi4,  Jacob3, 

Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Mch.  25, 
1766;  m.  (1)  Rebecca  Wyman  (b.  Apr.  21,  1767),  of  L.,  Dec. 
15,  1787,  who  d.  Mch.  8,  1806;  m.  (2)  Sept.  3,  1806,  Mrs. 
Sally  (Buck)  McElroy  of  Sutton,  Mass.;  she  b.  Aug.  17,  1784. 
Mrs.  McElroy  had  2  children  by  her  first  marriage. 

Peleg  S.  Stiles  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Moretown, 
Yt.  His  son  says:  "My  father  cleared  some  200  acres  of 
primeval  forest  at  Moretown.  He  raised  wheat,  corn,  potatoes 
and  apples  in  great  abundance.  He  gathered  hundreds  of 
bushels  of  apples  every  year,  and  made  from  20  to  30  barrels 
of  cider  in  a  season.  On  the  hill  large  flocks  of  sheep  and 
many  cattle  found  pasture.  He  became  quite  famous  for  rais- 
ing fine  horses  (Morgan). 

"  Of  his  large  family  of  19  children  (besides  2  which  my 
mother  had  by  her  1st  marriage),  11  grew  up. 

"  Once  more,  by  memory's  light,  I  see  the  forms  and  faces 
of  those  who  were  wont  to  gather  about  my  father's  plentifully- 
spread  table. 

"  My  mother,  with  the  help  of  my  sisters,  spun  and  wove 
the  clothing  for  our  large  family.     All  had  plenty  to  do." 

Mr.  Stiles  held  the  office  of  justice  of  the  peace,  and  was  a 
man  of  considerable  importance  in  Moretown. 

He  died  at  M.,  Dec.  6,  1834.  Mrs.  Sally  (McElroy)  Stiles 
died  Jan.  1,  1858. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage  —  It  is  said  that  Peleg  Stiles' 
children  were  all  born  at  Moretown,  but  this  is  improbable,  as 
the  town  was  first  settled  in  1790,  and  not  incorporated  for  3 
or  4  years  afterward. — M.  S.  P.  G.) : 

286.         I.  Betsey6,   b.  May  4,  1788  ;  m.   Reuben  Hawkes  ; 
lived  and  died  at  Moretown,  Yt. ;  is  buried  on 
the  Hawkes  farm  at  M.     Issue : 

338  Stiles  Genealogy. 

287.  i.  Loren7. 

288.  ii.  Lucy7. 

289.  iii.  Louise7. 

290.  II^Levi6,   b.    March   9,    1790;    m.    Belief    Heaton. 

Family  51. 

291.  III.  Lucy6,  b.  March  6, 1792  ;  m.  in  Norwich,  Vt.,  Jona- 

than Wyeth  of  Moretown,  Yt.     Issue : 

292.  i.  Martha  Ann7;  m.  Mr.  Bliss  ;  res.  (1883)  at 

Maplewood,  Mass. 

293.  ii.  Sarah  Jane7. 

294.  IY.  Danforth   Wetherby6,  b.  July  4,  1794;  m.  Emily 

Houghton.     Family  52. 

295.  Y.  Peleg6  Jr.,  b.  Oct.  24,  1796  ;  d.  Feb.  20,  1800. 

296.  VI.  Keuben6,   b.    Jan.    30,  1799  ;  m.    Adeline   Cobb. 

Family  53. 

297.  VII.  Eunice6,  b.  July  14,  1800;  d.  Oct.  27,  1801. 

298.  VIII.  Patience6,  b.  Nov.  20,  1802  ;  m.  Joseph  Daniels 

of  Middlesex,  Vt.  ;  resided  at  Montpelier,  Vt., 
where  she  died  1872.     Issue  : 

299.  i.  Eliza  Ann7. 

300.  ii.  Archibald7. 

301.  •  iii.  Semira  Shepard7. 

302.  iv.  Annette7. 

303.  v.  Charles  Williams7. 
Children  (by  2d  marriage) : 

304.  IX.  Enos6,  b.  March  24,  1808 ;  m.  Matilda  McElroy  and 

Betsey  White.     Family  54. 

305.  X.  Peleg6,  b.  Jan.  3,  1810;  d.  1833  (or  1835),  at  La- 

grange, 111. 

306.  XL  Thomas6,   b.   Aug.  7,  1811  ;  m.  April   11,   1838, 

Anna  W.  Reed.  They  resided  at  Bedford,  Mass., 
where  Mr.  S.  was  a  merchant  and  town  clerk. 
He  died  1861 ;  Mrs.  Anna  W.  (Reed)  Stiles  died 
at  Bedford,  Sept.  11,  1885  ;  she  was  born  March 
2,  1820  ;  no  chil. 

307.  XII.  Adeline6,  b.   Aug.  11,   1813;  m.  Abel  Stone  of 

Montpelier,  Vt. ;  both  died  at  Springfield,  111. ; 
she  died  Nov.  2,  1850.     Issue  : 

308.  i.  Arlette  Silliman7. 

309.  ii.  Ann  Maria7. 

310.  iii.  George7. 

Massachusetts  Family.  339 

311.  XIII.  Caroline6,   b.    Oct.    14,   1815 ;    m.   (1)  Leonard 

Elder  of  Winowski,  Yt. ;  m.  (2)  Charles 
Blood  of  Groton,  Mass.  ;  she  d.  March,  1865  ; 
2  chil. 

312.  XIV.  Nancy6,  b.  Oct.  14,  1817;  m.  A.  Lean der  Cham- 

berlain ;  resided  at  Middlesex,  Vt. ;  both 
deceased ;  4  chil. 

313.  XV.  Lucius6,  b.  Oct.  5,1819;  in.  La vinia  Lawrence. 

Family  55. 

314.  XYI.  Cassius6,  b.  July  30,  1821 ;  m.  Annie  Christie 

and  Emma  Waterman.     Family  56. 

315.  XYII.  Newell6,  b.  March  18,  1823  ;  m.  Lizzie  Emerson. 

Family  57. 

316.  XVIII.  Mary  Jane6,  b.  July  22,  1825  ;  m.  Hollis  Wyeth 

of  Stoneham,  Mass.,  where  she  died  Nov.  9, 
1848;  2  chil. 

317.  XIX.  Austin6,  b.   Feb.   8,   1828  ;  m.  Marcia  Corbin  ; 

res.  (1883)  at  Middlesex,  Vt. ;  5  chil, 

Family  19. 

318.  Dr.  Levi5  Stiles  [105]  (Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  March  14,  1768  [ace. 
to  Lunenburg  Records,  but  his  grand -daughter  gives  March 
4,  1769,  as  the  date  of  his  birth]  ;  m.  Dinia  Marten  dale,  May  24, 
1792;  res.  at  Greenfield,  where  he  d.  Jan.  31,  lh64,  se.  95 
years.  Mrs.  Dinia  (Martendale)  Stiles  d.  at  G.  Feb.  1,  1854, 
se.  83  years. 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Mrs.  Semira  [Stiles] 
Streeter  of  Greenfield  ;  all  born  at  G.) : 

319.  I.  Roxana6,  b.  Sept.  21,  1793 ;  m.  Enoch  Dole,  Sept. 

14,  1814;  shed,  at  Coventry,  N.  Y.,  May  1, 
1869.  Mr.  D.  d.  at  the  same  piace,  Feb.  10, 1863. 
Issue  (first  3  b.  at  Greenfield,  Mass.,  the  last  4 
at  Coventry,  K  Y.) : 

320.  i.  Ludolfus7,  b.   April  5,   1815;    d.  in  Mata- 

moras,  Texas,  Nov.  12,  1848;  unm. 

321.  ii.  Albinas7,  b.  Jan.  30,  1817;  m.  Agnes  Sager, 

Jan.  14,  1839.      He  d.  at  Albany,  N.  Y., 
May  27,  1865.    Issue :  (1)  Aurelia8  (Dole), 

340  /Stiles  Genealogy. 

b.  in  Coventry,  N.  T.,  Sept.  26,  1843 ; 
m.  Jan.  13,  1869,  Edward  R.  Willerton. 

Issue:  (a)  Florence9  (Willerton),  b.  at 
Albany,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  25, 1875 ;  (b)  Edna9 
(Willerton).  b.  in  Adamsville,  N.  Y.,  Dec. 
5,  1876;  (c)  Fred.9  (Willerton),  b.  in 
Adamsville,  March  15,  1878. 

322.  iii.  Dinia  L.7,  b.  Sept.  9,  1818;  m.  Enoch  Moore 

of  Bernardston,  Mass.,  March  2,  1865  ; 
Mr.  M.  d.  Aug.  12,  1883 ;  no  chil. 

323.  iv.  Polly7,   b.   at  Coventry,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Jan.- 4, 

1842,  Fletcher  Moon  (b.  at  Coventry,  N. 
Y.,  Jan.  14,  1821);  she  d.  April  29,  ±875; 
he  d.  March  6,  1880.  Issue :  (1)  Marietta8 
(Moon),  b.  Jan.  31,  1844;  m.  Edgar  A. 
(son  of  Reuben  and  Mary)  Pearsall  (b. 
at  Guilford,  Chemung  Co.,  N.  Y.),  Oct. 
11,  1865.  Issue:  (a)  Ernest  R.9  (Pear- 
sall), b.  June  22,  1869;  (b)  Mary  Lena9 
(Pearsall),  b.  June  27,  1871;  (c)  Annie 
May9  (Pearsall),  b.  March  29,  1879;  (d) 
Harry  E.9  (Pearsall),  b.  March  13,  1882 ; 
(2)  Charles8  (Moon),  b.  1845;  d.  1864,  in 
"  Salisbury  Prison ; "  (3)  Ora  Anna8 
(Moon),  b.  1850;  d.  Feb.  11,  1853;  (4) 
Adelben8  (Moon),  b.  Sept.  20,  l!^53;  m. 
Edith  Redfield,  June  30,  1878;  (5) 
James  B.8  (Moon),  b.  May  20,  1857;  m. 
Mary  E.  Shaw,  Feb.  18,1876.  Issue: 
(a)  Carrie  M.9  (Moon),  b.  March  8, 

324  v.  Semira7,  b.  Aug.  3,  1822;  m.  Sept.  8,  1846, 

Michael  Frizzell,  who  d.  at  Leyden,  Mass., 
Nov.  5, 1849;  she  d.  at  Springfield,  Mass., 
Oct.  7,  1859.  Issue:  (1)  Maria  Louisa8 
(Frizzell),  b.  at  Greenfield,  Mass.,  Oct.  7, 
1847;  d.  there  Oct.  31,  1853;  (2)  Adeline 
Roxana8  (Frizzell),  b.  at  Leyden,  Nov.  5, 
1849;  d.  there  Jan.  9,  1853. 

325.  vi.  Adeline  P.7,  b.  Oct.  21,  1824;  d.  at  Spring- 

field, Mass.,  Oct.  3,  1849;  unm. 

Massachusetts  Family.  341 

326.  vii.  Amelia7,  b.  March  2,  1837;  m.  Aug.  6,  1857, 

Job  Hind  of  Newfield,  N.  Y.,  April  29, 

327.  II.  Ludolfus6,  b.  May  2,  1795;  m.  Hannah  Packard. 

Family  58. 

328.  III.  Levi6,  b.  Dec.  4,  1796 ;  d.  May  21,  1806. 

329.  IV.  Sumner6,  b.  Feb.  25,  1798;  d.  Aug.  31,  1851. 

330.  V.  Cadwell  L.6,  b.  Nov.  5,  1800;  d.  Feb.  9,  1850. 

331.  VI.  Lucy6,  b.  Dec.  2,  1802;   m.  Nov.  6,  1834,   Nahum 

Adams ;  she  d.  at  Montague,  Mass.,  March  20, 
1854.     Issue  (b.  at  Greenfield,  Mass.): 

332.  i.  Sarah7;  m.  Seth  E.  Jones,  March  9,  1852 ; 

child  :  (1)  Frank8  (Jones),  b.  Jan.  5,  1853  ; 
m.  (1)  Harriet  Giles;  had  (a)  Frank9  (Jones) 
Jr.,  b.  Oct.  21,  1876;  m.  (2)  Clara  S.  Tyr- 
rell, had  (b)  Alma  O.9  (Jones),  b.  Nov.  23, 
187-.  Frank8  Jones  Sen.,  d.  May  31, 1880. 

333.  ii.  Nancy7,  b.  Sept.  30,  1839;  m.  David  Burn- 

ham  of  Montague,  Mass.,  May  29,  1858; 
she  d.  at  Greenfield,  Mass.,  June  15, 1875. 
Issue:  (1)  Clarence8  (Burnham),  b.  Jan. 
9,  1859;  d.  June  20,  1875;  (2)  Frederick8 
(Burnham),  b.  Sept.  20,  1861;  d.  June 
11,  1875;  (3)  Leon8  (Burnham),  b.  Oct. 
29,  187-;  d.  April  29,  1876.  [Mother 
and  children  all  d.  of  diphtheria.]. 

334.  iii.  Mary7,  b.  Jan.  15,  1845;  m.  Henry  Gaylord, 

Sept.  28, 1867 ;  child  :  (1)  Rayrnond8  (Gay- 
lord),  b.  Oct.  21,  1875. 

335.  VII.  Semira6,  b.  Aug.  19,  1808;  m.  Joel  M.  Shepard, 

April   15,    1835    (pub.     March    13,    1835);  res. 
(1883)  at  Montague,  Mass.     Issue  : 

336.  i.  Adeliza7,  b.  March  16,  1832;  m.  March  14, 

1855,  Elijah  Marsh  of  Montague;  she  d. 
at  M.  Aug.  28,  1861.  Issue  :  (1)  George8 
(Marsh)  b.  March  4,  1855;  d.  Dec.  26, 
1864;  (2)  Lucy8  (Marsh),  b.  July  28, 
1863;  m.  Norman  Shaw  of  Montague, 
June  8,  1880. 
337,. VIII.  Levi  S.6,  b.  July  1,  1810;  m.  Hepsibath  A.  Fisk. 
Family  59. 

34:2  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  20. 

338.  Jacob5  Stiles  [1071  (Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  July  9,  1772 ;  m. . 

He  is  said  to  have  lived  and  died  at  Boston,  Mass. 

Children : 

339.  I.  Willard6,  b.  in  Boston,  Feb.  15,  1805  {Lunenburg 


340.  II.  James  Madison6;  was  living  in  1883  at  Fayville, 

Mass. ;  has  a  large  family. 

Family  21. 

341.  Caleb5  Stiles  [108]  (It.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Aug.  20,  1774;  m.  (by 
Rev.  Zabdiel  Adams),  Dec.  22,  1796,  Betsey  (or  Elizabeth,  as 
given  in  one  place  in  the  Lunenburg  Records)  Willard  (b.  at 
L.,  Nov.  11,  1774).  Mrs.  Betsey  (Willard)  Stiles  d.  at  Mai- 
den, Mass.,  Sept.  13,  1841. 

Children  (from  Lunenburg  Records) : 

342.  I.  Joshua  WillardCb.  Dec.  11,  1797 ;  m.  Susan  Mar- 

shall.    Family  60. 

343.  II.  Mary  B.6,  b.  Aug.  23, 1799  ;  d.  unm,  July  14, 1880. 

344.  III.  Patience  Smith6,  b.  Feb.  25,  1801 ;    m.  1822,  Wil- 

liam Pitman  (b.  at  Ossipee,  ~N.  H.),  of  Maiden, 
Mass.  They  res.  at  Concord,  Mass.,  for  about 
14  years ;  then  removed  to  Maiden,  Mass.,  where 
they  remained  until  1844,  when  they  removed  to 
Ossipee.  In  1855  they  returned  to  Maiden, 
where  Mrs.  Patience  S.  (Stiles)  Pitman  died 
July,  1856.     Issne: 

345.  i.  Elizabeth   Willard7,    b.  July  7,  1823;   m. 

Cheever  Newhall,  in  Maiden,  Mass.,  Apr. 
28,  1843.  They  were  living  in  1883  at 
Chelsea,  Mass ;  no  children ;  Mr.  New- 
hall  d.  at  Chelsea,  Mass.,  Sept.  19,  1887, 
se  69 

346.  ii.  William  F.7,  b.   July    28,    1825;    d.  unm. 

1861.  He  served  in  the  Mexican  War; 
belonged  to  Co.  E,  Mass.  Yols . 

Massachusetts  Family.  343 

347.  iii.  Joshua   W.  S.7,  b.  Apr.    29,   1827;  was  a 

printer  at  Concord,  Mass. ;  d.  imm.  Dec, 
1849,  at  Ossipee,  N.  H. 

348.  iv,  Lucy  Aim7,  b.  Feb.  13,  1830  ;  m.  Daniel  E. 

Bowen,  of  Chelsea,  Mass.  She  died  at 
Ossipee,  K  H.,  Mch.,  1853,  se.  23,  leav- 
ing a  son,  who  d.  in  1870. 

349.  v.  John  T.\  b.  July  10,  1837;  m.  at  Chelsea, 

Mass.,  Sept.,  1862,  Mary  E.  Sinclair,  of 
Ossipee,  N".  H. ;  res.  at  C .  for  10  years 
succeeding  their  marriage,  then  rem.  to 
Canton,  Mass.,  where  they  were  living  in 
1883.  Mr.  P.  served  as  a  private  in  Co. 
M,  1st  Mass.  Cav.,  also  as  Corp.  in  Co. 
H,  43d  Regt.  Mass.  Infy,  in  the  War 
of  the  Rebellion.  Issue :  (1)  Fannie  S.8 
(Pitman),  b.  at  Chelsea,  Mass.,  1866;  d. 
July,  1872  ;  (2)  Marion  Elliott8  (Pitman); 
b.  at  Canton,  June  22,  1874. 

350.  IY.  Jewett6,  b.  July  30,  1802 ;  went  away  from 

home  when  a  young  man,  and  nothing 
,  definite  was  ever  known    of  him  after- 


351.  V.  Aaron6,  b.  Oct.  31,  1804;  m.  MaryE.  Child. 

Family  61. 

352.  YI.  Joseph  L.6,  b.  Apr.  14,   1810  (ace.  to  Lun- 

enburg Records),  or  1809  (ace.  to  Family 
Bible) ;  d.  unm.  July,  1851. 

353.  VII.  Thomas  C.6,  b.  Aug.  15,  1816;  d.  unm.  at 

Maiden,  Mass.,  Oct.  27, 1847. 

Family  22. 

354.  Lincoln5  Stiles  [121]  (Capt.  Jacob4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  bora  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  1765  ;  m.  (1)  Patience 
Johnson  (b.  at  Leominster,  Mass.,  Jan.  5,  1768),  who  d.  at 
Cavendish,  Vt.,  Apr.  10,  1820,  se.  48  yrs.  3  mos.  5  days.  He 
was  a  carpenter  by  occupation.  He  received  a  pension  for  his 
services  in  the  Revolutionary  War,  and  we  learn  from  the  Pen- 
sion Office  Reports,  that  in  June,  1831,  he  was  living  at  Hart- 
ford, Windsor  Co.,  Yt. ;  had  wife  named  Ruth,  aged  59  years. 

344:  Stiles  Genealogy. 

He  served  as  waiter  to  his  father,  Capt.  Jacob  Stiles  ;  was  at 
the  battle  at  Hubbardton  (Jul}7  7,  1777),  and  was  present  at 
the  surrender  of  Burgoyne  (Oct.  17,  1777).  It  will  be  noticed 
that  Lincoln  Stiles  was  under  thirteen  years  of  age  at  this 
time.  The  Pension  Office  Report  says  he  died  Oct.  31,  1857, 
but  his  grandson,  J.  F.  Stiles,  of  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  says  he 
died  (at  Londonderry,  Yt.),  Oct.  27,  1857. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage): 

355.  I.  Polly6,  b.  at  Westminster,  Yt.,  July  13,  1790  ;  m. 

her  cousin,  Luther  Hutchinson,  and  rem.  to 
Arcadia,  N.  Y.  ;  she  d.  at  Rochester,  N.  Y. ;  6 

356.  II.  James8,  b.  Dec.  16,  1791,  at  Chesterfield,  K  H. 

It  is  said  that  he  was  killed  Oct.  10,  1818,  at 
Granville,  1ST.  Y.,  by  being  thrown  from  a  wagon. 

357.  III.  Nathan  J.6,  b.  July  1,  1794;  m.  Miss  Proctor. 

Family  62. 

358.  IY.  Beulah6,  b.  at  Chesterfield,  K  H  ,  Apr.  23,  1796; 

went  west  to  Chicago  or  vicinity. 

359.  Y.  Ephraim6,  b.  May  9,  1799;  m.  Sophia  Lee.     Fam- 

ily 63. 

360.  YI.  Patience6,    b.  at  Westminster,  Yt.,  May  2,  1803; 

d.  at  Cavendish,  Yt.,  May  25,  1821. 

361.  VII.  Lincoln6,  b.  at  Westminster,   Yt.,   May  2,  1803; 

went  to  the  Black  River  country,  N.  Y.,  nearly 
50  years  ago  (1883);  has  not  been  heard  from 

Family  23. 

362.  Jeremiah5  Stiles  Jr.  [~143]  (Capt.  Jeremiah4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  May  21,  1771;  m. 
at  Keene,  Sept.  20,  1793,  Abigail  Bridge  of  Gilsum,  N.  H., 
who  d.  at  Worcester,  Mass.,  Sept.  24,  1869,  at  the  advanced 
age  of  95  years.  "  She  always  enjoyed  remarkably  good  health, 
and  was  never  bent  by  age.  A  few  years  before  her  death  she 
'  received  second  sight,'  so  that  she  could  see  to  read  without 
spectacles,  and  to  do  beautiful  hemming.  In  her  dress  she  was 
a  model  of  neatness;  the  immaculate  white  cap  which  she  in- 
variably wore,  was  made  after  the  '  Martha  Washington  '  pat- 


Massachusetts  Family.  345 

tern."  (Extract  from  a  letter  of  her  granddau.,  Mrs.  Lvdia 
[Stiles]  Taft.) 

At  the  age  of  18,  Jeremiah  Stiles  Jr.,  was  teaching  school  in 
his  native  town.  About  three  years  later  (or  about  1791)  he 
took  up  his  residence,  as  a  surveyor,  at  Worcester,  Mass.  Here 
his  first  place  of  business  was  in  one  of  the  chambers  of  the  old 
Centre  school-house  on  Main  st.  Many  years  afterward,  his 
dau.  Sarah  [Mrs.  Wood,  who  is  now  (1884)  living  at  the  age  of 
81,  his  only  surviving  child]  taught  school  in  the  same  room, 
and  found  many  traces  of  her  father's  " handwriting  on  the 
wall."  He  afterward  removed  to  the  building  which  occupied 
the  site  of  the  present  city  hall,  and  remained  there  until  that 
structure  was  removed  to  give  place  to  the  town  hall  built  in 
1825.  At  this  time  he  established  himself  in  a  room  of  the 
house  in  which  he  was  then  living,  on  Mechanic  st. 

Mr.  Stiles  was  a  man  of  varied  acquirements;  besides  being 
a  practical  surveyor,  he  was  a  civil  engineer;  a  conveyancer, 
making  and  recording  deeds.  He  made  drawings  of  machinery, 
and  procured  letters-patent  from  Washington ;  was  an  excellent 
sign  painter  and  a  skillful  engraver.  Among  other  work  of 
his  in  the  engraving  line  was  the  heading  to  the  Massachusetts 
Spy,  used  from  1822  to  1825.  He  made  clocks  which  were 
put  into  tall  cases  that  reached  nearly  to  the  ceiling,  and  were 
finished  as  beautifully  as  sewing  machines  are  now-a-days. 
Some  of  these  clocks  had  an  ingenious  arrangement  of  the 
music-box  order,  by  which  a  bird  was  made  to  fly  out  each 
morning,  and  at  the  same  time  a  tune  would  be  played,  that 
for  Sunday  being  "  Old  Hundred." 

He  was  an  adept  at  cutting  the  old-fashioned  "  profile  like- 
nesses." He  painted  portraits  on  canvas,  and  miniatures  on 
ivory.  [The  foregoing  has  been  gleaned  in  part  from  a  letter 
of  Mr.  Stiles'  granddau.,  Mrs.  Lydia  (Stiles)  Taft,  and  in  part 
from  a  biographical  sketch  prepared  by  his  grandson,  Major  F. 
Gr.  Stiles  of  Worcester,  and  read  before  the  Worcester  Society 
of  Antiquity,  at  the  presentation  (Dec,  1884)  of  a  portrait 
painted  by  him  of  his  grandfather.] 

Jeremiah  Stiles  Jr.,  seems  to  have  refuted  in  his  own  case 
the  old  adage,  "  Jack  at  all  trades,  good  at  none,"  for  we  hear 
that  he  did  well  whatever  he  undertook.  His  educational  ad- 
vantages must  have  been  rather  limited,  and  yet  he  ap- 
pears to  have  been  an  excellent  scholar.  Taken  all  in  all, 

346  Stiles  Genealogy. 

the  Mass.  Stiles  family  may  well  be  proud  of  its  most 
gifted  son. 

The  Worcester  Daily  Times  (issue  of  Aug.  13,  1884)  refers 
to  Jeremiah  Stiles  Jr.,  in  the  following  words:  "It  may  not 
be  amiss  amid  our  pride  in  the  success  of  one  branch  of  instruc- 
tion in  our  Worcester  schools  —  the  art  department  —  to 
glance  back  to  the  first,  and  perhaps  the  only  genuine  artist  who 
ever  took  up  his  residence  in  Worcester.  This  was  one  Jere- 
miah Stiles.  He  came  here  nearly  a  century  ago  from  Keene, 
!N\  H.,  to  follow  the  modest  occupation  of  surveyor,  in  which 
he  had  had  some  experience  in  his  native  town.  He  found 
enough  to  do,  but  it  was  not  in  his  line.  He  was  an  artist  and 
a  genius."  [His  inherited  talent — his  father  was  "  skillful  at 
drawing  and  painting,"  so  tradition  says — was  developed  at  an 
early  age.  The  story  runs,  that  when  he  was  18  years  of  age 
he  painted  a  picture  of  a  tiger  which  was  "  so  natural  it  fright- 
ened the  neighbors."] 

"  At  one  time  he  made  arrangements  to  go  to  England  to  study 
art,  but  the  French  War  of  1798  compelled  him  to  give  up  the 
project ;  but  he  painted,  not  because  he  had  been  taught,  but 
because  he  had  the  genuine  artist  eye  and  touch ;  there  was  no 
alternative  ;  he  must  so  express  himself.  One  of  his  pictures 
is  preserved  at  Antiquarian  Hall,  and  another,  a  portrait  of  a 
noted  colored  genius,  is  in  the  possession  of  the  Worcester  So- 
ciety of  Antiquity." 

[Other  specimens  of  his  work  are  still  to  be  found  in  neigh- 
boring towns,proving  that  his  fame  extended  beyond  Worcester. 
One  of  his  paintings,  still  to  be  seen,  was  made  for  a  Masonic 
society  at  Sutton,  Mass.,  and  is  referred  to  in  the  History  of 
Sutton  (p.  192)  in  the  following  words  :  "  Those  beautiful  fig- 
ures of  Faith,  Hope  and  Charity  were  painted  by  the  noted 
artist,  Jeremiah  Styles."] 

"  With  his  unequaled,  though  untaught,  enthusiasm  for  art, 
he  possessed,  in  no  inferior  degree,  the  sister  gift  of  poetry. 
['  He  was  a  man  of  varied  talents  ;  a  portrait  painter  of  more 
than  ordinary  ability,  and  a  poet  of  no  mean  pretensions.  His 
familiarity  with  the  English  classics  was  wonderful.'  — Worces- 
ter Book,  p.  75.]  His  epigrams  thrown  off,  always  pat  and  to 
the  point,  when  in  congenial  society,  were  among  the  'rich 
things '  of  old  Worcester.  A  friend  might  open  Shakespeare 
or  Milton  at  random,  and  read  a  line,  he  would  take  it  up  and 

Massachusetts  Family.  347 

recite,  with  unerring  accuracy,  on  and  on  —  perhaps  whole 

"  His  death  by  drowning,  at  Lake  Quinsigamond,  occurred 
July  2,  1826,  when  in  company  with  Alexander  Yottier,  a 
Frenchman  who  served  under  Napoleon  I,  and  several  others 
bathing,  he  going  down  while  trying  to  pass  under  the  floating 

"After  three  days'  fruitless  searching  for  his  body  —  a  large 
bounty  having  been  offered  by  his  brother,  John  W.  Stiles  — 
as  a  last  resort  a  cannon  belonging  to  the  Worcester  Artillery 
Company  was  taken  down  and  fired  on  the  bridge  near  where 
the  fatal  plunge  was  made ;  the  surface  of  the  water  was  watched 
closely  ;  some  bubbles  were  seen  to  rise,  and  a  man  named  Ar- 
thur Adlington  lowered  the  grappling-irons  at  that  spot,  and 
the  body  was  brought  to  the  surface.  He  was  buried  at  Me- 
chanic Street  Cemetery,  but  his  remains  were  afterward  re- 
moved to  Rural  Cemetery "  (from  Biographical  Sketch  by 
Maj.  F.  G.  Stiles). 

In  his  religious  belief  Mr.  Stiles  was  a  Unitarian. 

Children  (all  born  at  Worcester,  Mass.) : 

363.  I.  Tristram6,  b.  Oct.  6, 1794.     He  shipped  in  1812  on 

the  U.  S.  ship  of  war  Essex,  Capt.  Porter  com- 
manding, and  during  that  cruise  the  British  ship 
Alert  was  captured,  the  first  prize  taken  in  the 
war.  For  his  services  he  was  offered  a  midship- 
man's commission,  but  refused  to  accept  it. 

It  is  related  of  him  that  after  his  return  from 
this  cruise,  while  one  day  sitting  reading,  he  fell 
asleep  and  dreamed  : 

"  Twenty-seven  years  shalt  thou  live  and  no 
more.  The  dream  awakened  him.  He  after- 
ward dreamed  the  same  thing,  and  mentioned  it 
to  some  of  his  friends,  who  paid  no  especial  at- 
tention to  it  at  the  time,  but  recalled  it  vividly 
when  the  dream  was  verified  "  (from  Address 
of  Major  F.  G.  Stiles).  He  was  drowned  at  sea 
'Nov.  6,  1821,  on  a  voyage  from  Falmouth  to  Sa- 
vannah, at  the  age  of  27. 

364.  II.  Charles6,  b.  Jan.  16,  1798  ;  m.  Lucy  M.  Williams. 

Family  64. 

348  Stiles  Genealogy. 

365.  III.  Henry6,  b.  Nov.  12,  1800  ;  m.  Avis  Williams  and 

Betsey  Read.     Family  65. 

366.  IV.  Sarah  Bridge6,  b.  Nov.  3,  1803  ;  m.  1831,  Jonathan 

Wood  of  Lunenburg,  Mass.  ;  res.  at  Worcester, 
Mass.,  until  the  death  of  Mr.  Wood  in  1881 ; 
after  that  time  she  lived  until  her  death  with  her 
daughter,  Mrs.  Derby,  in  Chicago.  Mrs.  Wood 
"was  quite  remarkable  in  her  way.  The  closing 
sentence  of  the  article  on  her  father,  published 
in  the  Worcester  Daily  Times  ^  the  most  of  which 
we  have  already  quoted,  relates  to  Mrs.  Wood. 
It  reads  as  follows  :  "  His  dainty  gift  of  repro- 
ducing form,  and  his  instinct  of  symmetry,  live 
in  his  daughter  now  (1883)  a  woman  of  80. 
Every  thing  she  does  is  marked  by  the  same  un- 
studied habit  of  elegance." 

"  The  handwriting  is  a  marvel  to  every  one  who 
sees  it.  Look  through  whole  quires  of  her  manu- 
script, and  you  never  see  a  blot  or  an  erasure." 
A  specimen  of  her  artistic  skill  in  penmanship 
executed  at  the  age  of  eighty-one,  was  presented 
Dec,  1884,  by  Maj.  F.  G.  Stiles,  a  nephew 
of  Mrs.  Wood,  to  the  Worcester  Society  of 
Antiquity.  It  is  a  copy  of  a  speech  made  by 
her  in  1821,  at  the  presentation  of  a  banner 
painted  by  her  father  —  to  a  military  company 
at  W.  Mrs.  Wood  taught  a  select  school  for 
young  ladies,  in  Worcester,  for  more  than  20 
years.  She  was  a  favorite  and  successful  teacher. 
In  her  religious  belief  she  was  an  old  school  Uni- 
tarian. She  died  Mch.  31,  1890,  at  the  home  of 
her  daughter,  who  wrrites  of  her  mother  :  "  She 
lived  for  others.  Of  all  that  I  remember,  hers 
was  the  loveliest  life,  and  the  calmest  death." 
Her  remains  were  brought  to  Worcester,  where 
funeral  services  were  held  in  the  First  Unitarian 
Church,  Apr.  4,  Rev.  Mr.  Garver  officiating. 
She  was  buried  by  the  side  of  her  husband,  in 
the  family  lot  in  Rural  Cemetery.      Issue  : 

367.  i.  Frances  Mary7,  b.  1832  ;  m.  Win.  M.  Derby, 

a  prosperous  architect ;  res.  Chicago,  111. 

Mrs.  Sarah  B.  (Stiles)  Wood, 


Massachusetts  Family.  349 

Issue:  (1)  Gertrude  Stiles8  (Derby),  b. 
1858  ;  m.  Jan.  22,  18S5,  Robert  Powell 
Walker  ;  res.  Chicago.  Issue :  (a)  Ger- 
trude Roberta9  (Walker);  (2)  Wm.  M.8 
(Derby)  Jr.;  b.  1860;  grad.  Yale  Coll., 
1885;  in  business  with  his  father;  (3) 
Fanny  W.8  (Derby) ;  b.  1862  ;  m.  Oliver 
Cromwell  Cleave,  of  Chicago.  Issue  (a) 
Helen  Newcomb9  (Cleave) ;  (b)  Frances 
Gertrude9  (Cleave),  b.  1890. 

368.  Y.  Mary  Sanger8,  b.  Jan.  12,  1806;  d.  Nov.  3,  1869  ; 

unm . 

369.  VI.  Charlotte6,  b.  Aug.  6,  1808;  d.  Jan.  28,  1830. 

370.  VII.  Elizabeth8,  b.  July  12,  1811 ;  d.  June  18,  1844 ; 


371.  VIII.  Raphael6,  b.  Nov.  2,  1815;  d.  Nov.  28,  1819. 

Family  24. 

372.  Joseph6  Stiles  [144]  (Capt.  Jeremiah4,  Jacob3,  Tim- 
othy2, Robert1),  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  EL,  July  5,  1773.  He 
is  believed  to  have  been  twice  married,  (1)  to  Sarah  Jane 
Pierce,*  who  probably  died  soon  after  the  birth  of  a  sou  ;  (2) 
to  Nancy  Dutton,  of  Hebron,  Conn.  He  was  doubtless  the 
same  Joseph  Stiles  who  was  living  at  Northiield,  Mass.,  in 
1793  {Temple  &  Sheldon's  Hist.  Northfidd,  Mass.,  p.  545). 

His  children  by  Nancy  Dutton  were  all  born  at  Keene,  N. 
H.,  between  1798  and  1807.  In  1800  he  was- the  owner  of  a 
house  at  Keene.  He  lived  for  a  short  time  at  Dnmmerstown, 
Vt.,  after  1807.  In  1809,  he  emigrated  to  Cazenovia,  N.  Y., 
where  he  spent  the  remainder  of  his  life.  Mr.  Stiles  was  a 
wood-turner  by  trade.     He  was  exceedingly  fond  of  music, 

*  Mrs.  Sarah  Pierce  (Stiles)  Ridlon  of  Norwood,  Ohio,  states  that  she  was 
named  for  her  grandmother  Stiles  (whose  maiden  name  was  Sarah  Jane 
Pierce).  Mrs.  Ridlon  is  a  sister  of  the  late  Francis  Stiles  Jr.,  of  Rochdale, 
Mass.,  who  claimed,  as  we  learn  from  Major  F.  G.  Stiles,  of  Worcester,  Mass., 
that  his  grandfather,  Joseph  Stiles,  was  a  brother  of  Jeremiah  Stiles  Jr., 
formerly  of  Worcester,  Mass. 

These  statements  of  Mrs.  Ridlon,  and  her  brother,  Francis  Stiles  Jr., 
leave  us  no  choice  except  to  give  Sarah  Jane  Pierce  as  the  maiden  name  of 
Joseph  Stiles'  first  wife. 

We  shall  be  glad  of  any  additional  information  on  the  subject. — M.  S. 
P.  Q. 

350         ,  Stiles  Genealogy. 

and  played  the  violin.  In  figure  he  was  large  and  stout. 
He  and  his  wife  both  died  at  Cazenovia,  about  1843, 

Child  (by  1st  marriage) : 

373.  I.  Francis6,  b.   at  Northfield,  Mass.,  June  29,  1794; 

m.  Maria  Antoinette  Russell  and  Eliza  Stevens. 
Family  66. 

Children  (by  2d  marriage,  all  born  at  Keene,  N".  EL): 

374.  II.  Joseph  D Litton6,  b.  abt.   1798;  m.  Emily  Dunbar 

and  Desdainona  Wadsworth.     Family  67. 

375.  III.  Tench    Coxe8,   b.    Jan.   21,  1801 ;  m.  Lydia  Jones 

and  Mrs.  C.  E.  Young.     Family  68. 

376.  IY.  Nancy6,  b.  1803;  m.  Fhilo  Faircliild.     Issue: 

377.  i'.  Harrison7;  res.  (1885)  at  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

378.  ii.  Tench  Coxe7;  went  to  Cal.,  and  there  died 

not  far  from  40  years  ago  ;  he  was  buried 
in  a  cemetery  at  Sacramento  City.  He 
was  an  actor. 

379.  Y.  Mary6,    b.   1807;  m.  Sept.   5,  1849,   as   2d   wife, 

Oliver  Jewell,  Esq.,  of  Cazenovia,  N.  Y.     Be- 
fore her  marriage  she  kept  a  millinery  establish- 
ment.    She  died  at  Cazenovia,   Feb.   29,  1872, 
aged  65  years;  no  children.     Mr.  Jewell  sur- 
vived his  wife  2  years. 
The  following  is  an  extract  from  an  obituary,  which  appeared 
in  the  Cazenovia  Republican :     "  We  are  unwilling  to  publish 
this  sad  notice  without  saying  a  few  words  in  behalf  of  this 
whole  community,  concerning  the  high  esteem  and  affectionate 
admiration  with  which  Mrs.  Jewell's  excellent  character  is  uni- 
versally regarded   here.     She   has  been  for   more  than  forty 
years  an  active  and  useful  woman  in  this  place,  and  every  year 
has  seemed  to  add  to  the  high  estimation  in  which  she  has  been 
held  by  all  who  have  known  her.     She  exhibited  a  rare  com- 
bination and  balancing  of  such  qualities  as  kindness  and  dis- 
cretion, gentleness  and  energy,  delicacy  and  efficiency,  prompt- 
ness and  patience,  generosity  and  prudence,  charity  and  judi- 
ciousness, familiarity  and    refinement.     In  her  home,  in  the 
church,  in  the  social  circles  in  which  she  moved,  in  the  whole 
community,  and  among  the  '  strangers  within  the  gates '  she 
exercised  these  qualities  for  the  good  of  all  she  could  reach.     It 

Massachusetts  Family.  351 

was  the  law  of  her  life  to  live  for  others  rather  than   for 

"  Especially  was  she  remarkable  for  the  delicate  kindness,  com- 
bined with  active  and  thorough  efficiency  with  which  she  min- 
istered to  the  sick,  the  distressed  and  the  sorrowing,  whether 
in  homes  of  poverty  or  affluence,  as  willingly  in  the  one  as  in 
the  other,  making  herself  equally  useful  and  welcome  in  both. 

"  Many  who  have  had  experience  of  her  Christian  charity  in 
years  past,  and  who  are  now  scattered  to  distant  parts  of  the 
land,  will  unite  with  us  in  honoring  and  blessing  her  memory, 
and  we  will  rejoice  in  the  confidence  that  she  will  hear  the 
Saviour  in  whom  she  believed,  and  in  whose  spirit  she  aimed  to 
live  —  say  to  her,  '  Inasmuch  as  you  have  done  it  to  the  least 
of  these,  you  have  done  it  unto  Me.' 

"  She  whom  we  love  has  passed  away 
As  sinks  a  lovely  day  to  rest;  — 
The  brightest  when  the  golden  clouds 
Of  evening  gem  the  west. 

"As  calm  as  midnight's  jewelled  dome, 
The  dreary  vale  she  fear] ess  trod, 
Trusting  in  Him  who  sweetly  said, 
'  Be  not  dismayed,  I  am  thy  God. ' 

"  Passed  is  the  tide,  the  surging  tide, 
Gained  is  the  mansion  up  on  high; 
Where  all  is  rest  and  joy  supreme, 
She  lives!  the  good  can  never  die. 

"  Oh  ye  bereaved  ones  look  up;  — 

The  while  ye  bow  beneath  the  rod, 
Hear  now  a  voice  divine,  which  says  — 
'  Be  still,  and  know  that  I  am  God.' " 

Family  25. 

380.  John  William5  Stiles  [145]  (Capt.  Jeremiah4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  Feb.  22,  1777 ; 
m.  Nov.,  1801,  Mary  (only  dau.  of  Dr.  Thaddeus  and  Experi- 
ence  [dau.   of  Capt.   Thomas  Cowdin])  Maccarty*  of  Keene. 

*Dr.  Thaddeus  Maccarty  was  the  son  of  Eev.  Thaddeus  Maccarty,  a 
clergyman  of  some  note  in  his  day.  In  the  Mass.  Hist.  Colls.,  2nd  Series, 
Vol.  3,  pp.  207-8,  we  find  the  following  notice  of  him:  "Rev.  Thaddeus 

352  Stiles  Genealogy. 

She  was  b.  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  Aug.  8,  1775,  and  d.  at  Wor- 
cester, Mass.,  Aug.  1,  1838. 

In  the  year  1809,  Mr.  Stiles  was  living  at  Templeton,  Mass., 
according  to  the  following  advertisements  from  the  Worcester 
Spy :  "  May  1,  1809,  John  W.  Stiles  and  Ripley  of  Templeton, 
Worcester  Co.,  Mass.,  dissolved  partnership."  "June  1,  1801, 
John  W.  Stiles  and  Lyman  dissolved  partnership." 

In  the  appendix  to  "An  Historical  Discourse  on  the  com- 
memoration of  the  one  hundredth  anniversary  of  the  formation 
of  the  First  Cong.  Church,  at  Templeton,  Mass.,"  we  find  that 
John  W.  Stiles  was  Town  Treas.,  1808-12  ;  Representative 
to  the  Gen.  Court,  1810-13;  Selectman  and  Town  Clerk, 
1814-15.  In  1811,  the  town,  at  the  request  of  Rev.  Mr. 
Wellington,  chose  a  committee  to  assist  him  in  examining  school- 

Maccarty  was  b.  in  Boston;  grad.  at  Cambridge,  1739.  He  was  a  follower 
and  admirer  of  Whitefield.  He  was  tall  of  stature,  slender  of  habit,  had  a 
black  and  piercing  eye,  loud,  sonorous  voice,  solemn  and  rousing  in  manner 
of  address,  Calvinistic  in  opinion  and  doctrine.  He  d.  at  Worcester,  where 
he  had  long  been  settled,  July  18,  1785." 

His  son,  Dr.  Thaddeus,  was  the  first  resident  physician  of  Fitchburg, 
Mass.,  settling  there  in  1772  or  '73.  He  was  a  man  of  good  education,  and  re- 
ported to  have  been  skillful  in  his  profession.  In  1776,  during  the  prevalence 
of  the  small-pox  at  Fitchburg,  Dr.  Maccarty,  in  connection  with  Dr.  Israel 
Atherton,  a  distinguished  physician  of  Lancaster,  Mass.,  established  a  hos- 
pital for  those  who  had  been  inoculated  for  the  small-pox,  then  the  only 
means  known  of  checking  the  terrible  ravages  of  the  dread  disease.  It  ap- 
pears that  he  labored  incessantly  to  alleviate  the  pains  of  those  who  were 
suffering  under  the  loathsome  disorder,  and  to  allay  the  fears  of  those  who 
were  well. 

For  his  exertions  in  this  praiseworthy  cause,  the  good  people  of  the  town 
showed  their  gratitude  by  propagating  a  report  that  either  he  or  his  friends 
introduced  the  disease  into  the  place  for  the  purpose  of  giving  him  a  good 

He  removed  to  Worcester  in  1781;  after  remaining  there  a  short  time, 
went  to  Kane,  N.  H.,  and  commenced  business  as  a  trader,  and  in  a  few 
years  died.  He  m.  Experience,  dau.  of  Captain  Thomas  Cowdin,  who  was 
b.  at  Stow,  Mass.,  in  1720.  Learned  the  blacksmith's  trade  at  Marlborough, 
Mass.,  and  set  up  in  business  at  Worcester,  Mass.  He  removed  to  Fitch- 
burg in  1764.  Torrey,  in  his  History  of  Fitchburg,  represents  Capt.  Cow- 
din  as  a  remarkably  brave  and  fearless  man,  who  was  often  intrusted 
with  military  commissions  of  great  importance.  Torrey  says  :  "He  appears 
to  have  been  one  of  those  persons  who,  without  the  advantages  of  birth, 
education  or  fortune,  unaided  by  the  influence  of  patronage  or  favor, 
but  relying  solely  on  the  energies  of  a  sound  intellect  and  an  active  mind, 
frequently  elevate  themselves  to  a  rank  above  their  neighbors."  "  From  the 
time  when  he  first  made  Fitchburg  his  home  until  his  death  in  1792,  he  took 
the  lead  in  public  affairs  "  (Torrey).  [Accounts  of  several  of  his  daring  ex- 
ploits during  the  years  immediately  preceding  the  Eevolution  are  given  in 
Toney's  Hist,  of  Fitchburg.]    Mrs.  John  William  Stiles  wKs  his  only  child. 

Massachusetts  Family.  353 

teachers;  John  W.  Stiles  and  Josiah  Howe  were  chosen.  "  When 
the  war  was  declared  in  1812,  the  town  voted  to  present  a  me- 
morial to  the  President  against  the  war,  and  for  the  restoration 
of  peace.  A  committee  consisting  of  Rev.  Elisha  Andrews, 
Rev.  Charles  Wellington,  Lovell  Walker  Esq.,  Samuel  Cutting 
Esq.,  John  W.  Stiles,  Leonard  Stone  and  Deacon  Paul  Ken- 
dall, reported  a  very  elaborate  memorial,  entering  largely  into 
argument  on  the  subject.  It  covers  twelve  pages  of  the  Town 
Records,  and  was  adopted  by  a  vote  of  eighty-six  to  twenty- 
two.  The  memorial  was  the  composition  of  Mr.  Stiles,  who 
was  a  merchant  in  this  town;  "  a  man  of  great  vigor  and  men- 
tal activity." 

He  removed  from  Templeton  to  Worcester,  where  he  con- 
tinued business  as  a  trader.  He  d.  at  Worcester,  Sept.  14,  1836, 
having  been  an  invalid  for  several  years.  A  relative  who  visited 
him  after  he  was  confined  to  his  house,  writes  concerning  him: 
"  He  was  very  fond  of  music,  had  formerly  played  the  violin. 
One  day  he  roused  himself  and  ordered  his  man  to  go  for  some 
one  who  could  put  his  violin  in  order.  Aunt  remonstrated, 
telling  him  he  would  not  be  able  to  use  it  if  it  were  in  order, 
but  no,  he  was  not  to  be  denied.  The  man  came  and  the  in- 
strument was  put  in  order.  He  took  it  in  his  hand,  and  drew 
the  bow  across  the  strings  a  few  times,  and  then  laid  it  back 
upon  the  sideboard,  and  never  touched  it  again.  He  was  fond 
of  hearing  me  sing  to  him,  which  I  did  whenever  the  fit  came 
over  him,  as  it  often  did  many  times  a  day.  He  greatly  en- 
joyed hearing  about  his  native  town  ;  I  believe  he  remembered 
every  street,  house  and  tree  in  the  place.  He  once  had  his 
niece  write  to  us  to  know  if  a  certain  tree  on  West  st.  had  been 
cut  down.  He  would  often  send  his  man  in  the  night  to  ascer- 
tain some  fact,  being  unwilling  to  wait  until  morning  for  the 

"  He  was  a  very  generous  and  kind-hearted  man.  Uncle  John 
Briggs  very  nearly  resembled  him."  [Extract  from  a  letter  of 
Mrs.  Juliette  (Briggs)  Hunt.] 

Children  (b.  at  Templeton,  Mass.): 
381.  I.  Lydia6,  b.  Jan.  27,  1806;  m.  Feb.,  1828,  Alfred 
Dwight  Foster  (Hon.  Dwight6,  Hon.  Jedediah5, 
Ephraim4  Jr.,  Ephraim3,  Abraham2,  Reginald1),  of 
Worcester,  who  was  b.  at  Brooklield,  Mass.,  in 
1800.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Foster  were  distantly  re- 

354  Stiles  Genealogy. 

lated,  both  being  descendants  of  Reginald  Foster, 
the  emigrant,  through  his  grandson,  Ephraira 
Foster  of  Ipswich,  Mass.  They  res.  at  Worces- 
ter, where  Mr.  Foster  d.,  Aug.,  1852.  He  grad. 
at  Harvard  Coll.,  class  of  1819;  he  was  by  pro- 
fession a  lawyer,  and  occupied  a  leading  place  as 
such.  One  who  knew  him  well,  says  of  him: 
"He  was  the  best  man  I  ever  knew."  Mrs. 
Lydia  (Stiles)  Foster  d.  at  Worcester,  Aug.  2, 
1887.  Issue  (b.  at  Worcester,  Mass.): 
382.  i.  Dwight7,  b.  Dec.  13,  1828 ;  m.  at  New  Ha- 

ven, Conn.,  Aug.  20,  1850,  Henrietta 
Perkins  Baldwin,  dau.  of  Hon.  Roger 
Sherman  Baldwin,  State  and  United 
States  Senator,  Governor  of  Connecticut, 
etc.  Mrs.  Foster  survives  her  hus- 
band, together  with  7  of  their  8  chil- 
dren—  4  sons  and  3  daus.  One  of  the 
latter  is  the  wife  of  Prof.  Thacher  of 
Yale  College  (d.  1886).  One  of  the  sons 
is  a  member  (1884)  of  the  Boston  city 
government ;  was  his  father's  business 
associate  ;  another  son,  Roger,  is  a  promi- 
nent lawyer  in  New  York  city. 

"  Dwight  Foster  was  fitted  for  college 
at  Newport,  R.  I.,  by  Rev.  Dr.  Thayer, 
entering  Yale  University  in  Sept.,  1844, 
and  graduating  Aug.,  1848.  In  1851  he 
entered  the  Harvard  Law  School.  In 
1858  went  into  the  office  of  Hon.  Peter 
Bacon  at  Worcester  ;  was  admitted  to  the 
bar  in  1859,  and  for  many  years  enjoyed 
a  large  and  lucrative  practice  in  the 
county.  He  was  elected  Attorney-General 
of  Massachusetts  in  1861.  After  serving 
four  years,  resumed  his  general  practice. 
During  his  incumbency  of  the  above 
office,  he  greatly  distinguished  himself  in 
the  management  of  the  government's  case 
in  the  trial  of  George  C.  Hersey,  at  Ded- 
ham,  in  April,  1861,  for  the  murder  of 

Massachusetts  Family.  355 

Betsey  Frances  Tirrell.  Aug.  31,  1866, 
Mr.  Foster  was  appointed  by  Gov.  Bui 
lock  Associate  Justice  of  the  Supreme 
Judicial  Court,  which  position  he  resigned 
Jan.  12,  1869,  to  again  resume  practice, 
and  became  counsel  of  the  New  England 
Mutual  Life  Insurance  Company  "  {Bos- 
ton paper).  Judge  Foster  died  at  his  resi- 
dence 18  Chestnut  street,  Boston,  Mass., 
April  18,  1884,  of  valvular  disease  of  the 

From  "  Tributes  of  the  Bench  and 
Bar  "  we  copy  a  few  extracts  :  "  By  this 
event  the  Commonwealth  has  lost  a  dis- 
tinguished citizen,  the  bar  an  accomplished 
leader  and  associate,  and  the  community 
an  adviser  of  eminent  learning  and  ability. 
Called  to  the  Supreme  Bench  at  an  early 
age,  he  exhibited  the  highest  qualities  as 
a  jurist.  He  gave  clear  expressions  to  the 
doctrines  of  the  law  with  a  terseness  and 
facility  which  showed  his  perfect  compre- 
hension of  the  principles  of  the  science, 
especially  in  the  great  department  of 
equity  and  commercial  law  ;  his  thorough 
knowledge  of  men  and  affairs,  gained  by 
extensive  practice ;  his  sound  legal  instinct 
and  strong  sense  of  justice  enabled  him  to 
give  direction  to  the  course  of  jurispru- 
dence, and  to  form  the  law  in  those 
branches  in  which  it  is  the  most  suscepti- 
ble of  growth,  and  therein  to  do  the  high- 
est work  and  best  service  of  a  good  judge. 
By  his  early  retirement  from  the  bench, 
this  court  lost  a  most  valuable  associate 
and  distinguished  ornament.  In  personal 
character  he  was  remarkable  for  indepen- 
dence and  courage.  He  was  above  the 
reach  of  prejudice,  and  his  opinions, 
broadly  formed  and  strongly  held,  were 
forcibly  and  fearlessly  expressed.    *    *    * 

356  Stiles  Genealogy. 

His  originality  of  view  and  independence 
of  the  social  or  provincial  bias  by  which 
we  are  surrounded,  made  his  conversation 
always  instructing  and  interesting.  He 
lived  almost  entirely  in  his  family,  and  I 
need  not  say  how  much  he  was  idolized 
there,  or  how  much  he  deserved  it  "  {Res- 
olutions and  Remarks  of  Mr.  Rooert  D. 

Attorney- General  Sherman  closed  his 
remarks  by  saying : 

"  Judge  Foster  had  no  struggles  with 
poverty  while  climbing  the  rugged  path 
of  learning,  but  in  home,  ancestry,  wealth 
and  social  position  he  had  all  that  heart 
could  desire,  and  he  appreciated  and  im- 
proved these  advantages,  graduating  with 
the  highest  honors  of  his  class.  He  was 
thoroughly  equipped  and  qualified  for  the 
duties  of  his  chosen  profession.     *     *     * 

"  He  has  left  an  example  worthy  of  imi- 
tation, and  we  may  be  consoled  by  his 
peaceful  death.  At  night  he  closed  his 
eyes  and  went  quietly  to  sleep. 

"'And  then  the  dark-browed  mother, 
Death,  bent  down  her  face  to  his,  and  he 
was  borne  to  Him.'  " 

Mr.  George  Shattuck  said:  "Judge 
Foster  brought  to  Boston  a  splen- 
did civil  courage  and  self-reliance.  He 
maintained  a  sturdy  independence,  and 
formed  and  expressed  his  opinions  without 
regard  to  those  around  him." 

Chief  Justice  Morton  said  in  conclusion  : 
"  It  is  not  necessary  that  we  should  mul- 
tiply words  of  praise ;  the  achievements 
of  his  life  are  his  highest  praise;  the 
record  which  he  left  is  his  highest  monu- 

"He  died  in  the  full  maturity  of  his 
powers,  before  age  had  dimmed  his  men- 

Massachusetts  Family.  357 

tal  faculties,  transmitting  to  his  children, 
with  added  lustre,  a  name  which  has  been 
held  in  high  honor  since  the  birth  of  our 
Commonwealth.  The  death  of  such  a 
man,  upright,  able,  learned,  independent, 
fearless,  hospitable  and  generous,  is  a 
public  calamity."     *     *     * 

383.  ii.  Mary7,  b.  May  23,   1830 ;  m.   Rev.  Robin- 

son  P.  Dunn,  D.  D.  (now  deceased),  for- 
merly Prof,  at  Yale  Coll.  Mrs.  Dunn 
resides  (1885)  at  "Worcester,  Mass. ;  has 

384.  iii.  Rebecca    Faulkner7,  b.    April   1,  1832  ;  m. 

(1)  1854,  Henry  Clarke,  M.  D. ;  (2)  Prof. 
Whitney,  the  noted  linguist  of  Yale  Coll.; 
•  has  children  by  1st  mar. 

385.  II.  Mary  Maccarty6,*    b.    Sept.   4,    1807;  m.    Henry 

Knox  (son  of  Hon.  Richard  English  and  Phebe 
Cusbman)  Newcomb,  of  Greenfield,  Mass.  Mr. 
Newcomb  was  b.  Oct.  20,  1796  ;  d.  at  Worces- 
ter, Mass.,  Sept.  15,  1 868.  He  was  for  many 
years  an  officer  in  the  Boston  Custom  House, 
was  crier  of  courts  in  Worcester  Co.,  and  sec'y 
of  the  Worcester  Mutual  Insurance  Co.  He 
served  in  the  War  of  1812,  under  Capt.  Strick- 
land, in  the  Regt.  commanded  by  Col.  Longley, 
.  at  Dorchester  [Newcomb  Gen.,  p.  310).  Mrs. 
Mary  M.  (Stiles)  Newcomb,  d.  at  Worcester, 
Feb.  21,  1872.     No  children. 

Family  26. 

386.  Capt.  John5  Stiles  [155]    (John4,  Jacob3,   Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  born  Dec.  11,  1774,  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  it  is  sup- 

*  Mary  Maccarty  Stiles  was  No.  3  of  the  ''trio  of  Marys,"  daughters 
of  the  brothers  Jeremiah,  Joseph  and  John  W.  Stiles.  They  were  desig- 
nated as  follews:  "  Mary  Jerry,"  "  Mary  Joe,"  and  "  Mary  John  "  {Let- 
ter of  Mrs.  Juliette  [Briggs]  Hunt).  Note. — There  was  still  another  Mary 
who  might  have  been  added  to  the  list,  to  form  a  "quartette  of  Marys," 
with  the  sobriquet  "  Mary  Lizzie,"  namely,  the  author's  mother,  Mary,  dau. 
of  Elizabeth  (Stiles)  Briggs,  the  only  sister  of  the  three  brothers  referred 
to.— M.  S.  P.  G. 

358  Stiles  Genealogy. 

posed,  or  possibly,  at  Kindge,  N.  H. ;  m.  Annie  Hill,  April, 

About  the  year  1800  lie  removed  from  Keene,  IN".  H.,  to  the 
western  part  of  Vermont,  thence  in  1801,  to  Waterford,  Vt. 
He  was  a  carpenter  by  trade  and  built,  the  year  he  removed  to 
W.,  a  sawmill,  for  a  man  named  Lord.  The  following  year  he 
bought  the  mill,  and  160  acres  of  pine  land,  built  himself  a 
frame  house,  and  married  Annie  Hill.  The  same  year  he 
commenced  clearing  his  land  ;  converting  his  pine  lumber  into 
boards,  with  which,  in  a  short  time,  at  six  and  eight  dollars 
per  thousand,  he  paid  for  his  land. 

He  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Waterford,  and  his  farm 
has  continued  in  the  possession  of  his  descendants,  being  occu- 
pied at  the  present  time  (1884)  by  his  grandson,  George  W. 
Stiles,  and  the  latter's  son,  Wallace  G.  Stiles.  John  Stiles  was 
a  captain  of  a  militia  company.  He  d.  Dec.  23,  1862,  se.  88 

Children : 

387.  I.  Roswell6,   b.   Dec.    19,    1802;    m.   Sarah   Porter. 

Family  69. 

388.  II.  Irene6,  b.  Apr.,  1804;  d.  Jan.  30,  1829  ;  unm. 

389.  III.  John  W.6,  b.  Jan.  23,  1806  ;  m.  Sally  Gage.    Fam- 

ily 70. 

390.  IV.  Keren6,  b.  June  8,  1814;  m.  Madison  G.  Harring- 

ton, law  partner  of  Mr.  Stoughton,  ex  Minister 
to  Russia.     She  d.  without  issue,  June  30,  1839. 

Family  27. 

391.  Nahum6  Stiles  [159]  (John4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  1777;  m.  Lois  Pierce  (b.  July  16,  1785;  d. 
Jan.  31,  1868).  He  was  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  St.  Johns- 
bury,  Yt.  Being  a  carpenter,  he  worked  much  of  the  time  at 
his  trade,  leaving  the  care  of  the  farm  to  his  two  sons.  He 
was  a  man  of  great  practical  sense  and  moral  excellence,  and  a 
deacon  in  the  Baptist  church.     He  d.  Feb.  23,  1840. 

Children  : 
392.        I.  Sally6,  b.  Aug.  13,   1803 ;  m.  David  W.  Lee,  Oct. 
15,  1828.     He  d.  Sept.    11,    1883.     Mrs.  Sally 
(Stiles)  Lee  d.  Dec.  3,  1880.     Issue : 

Massachusetts  Family.  359 

393.  i.  Ann  Maria7,  b.  Mch.  13,  1836  ;  in.  Willard 

Chase,  Jan.  1,  1868. 

394.  ii.  Richard  Henry7,  b.  Jan.  9, 1839  ;  m.  (1)  La- 

vina  P.  Richardson,  Dec,  1862,  who  d. 
Jan.  16,  1867  ;  m.  (2)  Martha  E.  Carpen- 
ter, Dec.  22,  1869.  Child:  Charles  C.8 
(Lee),  b.  Nov.  6,  1870. 

395.  iii.  Horace7,  b.  Oct.  11,  1840;  in.  Ellen  Bay  ley, 

Oct.  2,  1859.  Children  :  (1)  Rosa  E.8 
(Lee),  b.  June  3,  1861;  d.  June  8,  1884; 
(2)  Lois  S.8  (Lee),  b.  June  29,  1864 ;  m. 
William  Sloan,  Nov.  30,  1882. 

396.  iv.  Edward  Everett7,  b.  and  d.  July,  1843. 

397.  II.  Nahum6,  b.  May  3,  1805;  m.  Lucinda  Wheeler. 

Family  71. 

398.  III.  Lois6,  b.'  May  29,  1807;  m.  Oct.  16,  1825,  Hiram 

Pierce  ;  she  d.  Sept.  15,  1833 ;  he  d.  Feb.  28, 
1875.     Issue: 

399.  i.  Lavinia  M.7,  b.  June  1,  1827. 

400.  ii.  Hollis  S.7,  b.  March   19,   1829;  is  a  farmer; 

res.  (1884)  at  St.  Johnsbury  Centre,  Yt. 

401.  IY.  Hollis6,  b.  April   12,  1809;  m.  Arniinda  Sprague. 

Family  72. 

402.  Y.  Daniel6,  b.  Dec.  27,  1811 ;  d.  Sept.  1,  1814. 

403.  YI.  Orpha6,  b.  March  7,  1814;  m.  Asa  C.  Lee,  Jan.  1, 

1833  ;  she  d.  Oct.  4,  1857.     Issue  : 

404.  i.  Lois  S.7,  b.  July  9,   1834;   m.  Edwin  W. 

Parker,  March  2,  1856;  living  (1884)  in 
India,  as  missionaries. 

405.  ii.  Arthur  W.7,  b.  Dec.  4,  1836;  m.  Pesconia 

Works,  April,  1859;  res.  (1884)  at  Plain- 
field,  Bremer  Co.,  Iowa. 

406.  iii.  Daniel  S.7,  b.  Nov.  27,  1839;  d.  in  the  U. 

S.  Army,  Jan.  15,  1864. 

407.  iv.  Phebe   R>,  b.  July  4,  1842  ;  m.  William 

Cass,  March  2,  1862;  res.  (1884)  at  Beloit, 

408.  v.  Ira7,    b.   March  18,  1846;  m.  Clara  Under- 

wood, Dec.  24,  1868  ;  res.  (1884)  at  West 
Concord,  Yt. 

409.  vi.  Nahmn  S.7,  b.  July  24, 1850;  d.  Feb.  16, 1882. 

360  Stiles  Genealogy. 

410.  vii.  Almira  W.7,  b.  March  21,  1853;  m.  George 

Fisher  ;  res.  (1884)  at  Thomaston,  Minn. 

411.  viii.  Orpha  E.7,  b.   Sept.   18,  1855  ;  d.  Nov.  4, 


412.  YII.  Calista6,  b.    Sept.  2,   1816;    m.  March    21,  1838, 

Darius  Bradley;  she  d.  March  9,  1842.     Issue  : 

413.  i.  Nahum7,  b.  Dec,  1838;  d.  1843. 

4L4.  ii.  Ellon  D.7,   b.   March  4,  1842;  a  farmer  at 

St.  Johnsbury  Centre,  Yt. 

415.  Till.  Lucy6,  b.  May  5,  1819;  d.  June  20,  1821. 

416.  IX.  Infant  son6,  b.  Feb.  10;  d.  Feb.  22,' 1825. 

417.  X.  Phebe6,    b.  June  1,  1826;    m.  Dana  Wheeler  of 

Littleton,  N.  H.,  Sept.  15,  1846;  he  d.  May  31, 
1857.     Issue: 

418.  i.  W.  Holland7,  b.  June  24,  1848. 

419.  ii.  Lucia  C.7,  b.  Aug.  3,  1850. 

420.  iii.  Matilda  L.7,  b.  Oct.  30,  1852. 

[The  above  family  res.  (1884)  at  St.  Johns- 
bury  Centre,  Yt.] 

421.  XL  Mianda6,  b.  July  29,  1830;  m.  Jan.  1,  1851,  Eph- 

raim  H.  Stone  (b.  Oct.  15,  1828);  res.  at  St.  J. 
Centre,  where  she  d.  Aug.  18,  1891.     Issue  : 

422.  i.  George  W.7,  b.  March  23,  1853  ;  m.  Anna 

Glover  at  Santa  Cruz,  Cal.,  Jan.  23,  1883; 
res.  at  St.  Johnsbury  Centre,  Yt.;  child: 
(1)  Charley  W.8  (Stone),  b.  Nov.  16,  1883. 

423.  ii.  Edward  J.7,  b.  Sept.  23,  1854 ;  m.  at  St.  J. 

Centre,  June  15,  1880,  Mary  M.  Brooks ; 
res.  St.  J.;  child:  (1)  Chester  F.8 (Stone), 
b.  Jan.  2,  1 883;  d.  March  20,  1883. 

424.  iii.  Fred.  F.7,  b.  Sept.  29,  1857. 

425.  iv.  Francis   G.7,  b.  April  21,  1860;  d.  Sept.  7, 


426.  v.  Ella  M.7,  b.  May  19,  1865. 

Family  28. 

427.  Lewis5  Stiles  [162]  (John4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Eobert1), 
was  b.  Sept.  7,  1783  [where  has  not  been  ascertained,  perhaps 
it  may  have  been  at  Keene,  N.  H. — M.  S.  P.  G.].  He  m.  1812, 
Hannah  (dau.  of  Abel)  Wilder  of  Dublin,  1ST.  H.;  she  was  b. 

Massachusetts  Family.  361 

May  12,  1785.  They  were  living  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  in  1813, 
as  is  proved  by  the  following  extract  from  a  letter  written  by 
a  gentleman  named  Sanger,  who  was  visiting  Keene  at  the 
time :  • "  Lewis  Stiles  keeps  a  good  tavern."  He  afterward  re- 
moved to  Coburg,  C.  W.,  where  he  d.  about  1860.  It  is  said 
that  he  was  at  one  time  a  member  of  the  Canadian  Parliament. 
Children : 

428.  I.  Charles6,   b.   Feb.   3,   1823;     m.   Elizabeth  Day. 

Family  73. 

429.  II.  Lizette6. 

Family  29. 

430.  Davis5  Stiles  [190]  (Enoch4,  Ephraim3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  b.  at  Bridgeton,  Me.,  about  1776;  m.  Anna 
Philips  of  Naples,  Me.  He  was  a  farmer  and  lived  in  Bridge- 
ton  with  his  father,  on  the  place  where  the  latter  first  settled. 

Children : 

431.  I.  Isaac6,  b.  ;  m.  .     Family  74. 

432.  II.  Arvilla6;  unm. 

433.  III.  William6;  m.  and  settled  in  Naples,  Me. 

434.  IY.  Mary6;  m.  David  RiggS,     Issue: 

435.  i.  Louise7;  m.  Wm.  Morton, 

436.  ii.  Charles7. 

437.  iii.  Herbert7;  unm. 
438.'       V.  Eunice6;  unm. 

439.  YI.  Enoch6. 

440.  YII.  Albert6;  m.  and  settled  at  Lawrence,  Mass. 

441.  VIII.  Ruth6;  unm. 

442.  IX.  Silas6;  m.  Mary  Caswell  of  Harrison,  Me. 

443.  X.  Julia6:  unm. 

Family  30. 

444.  Capt.  Christopher  C.  W.5  Stiles  [200]  (Enoch4, 
Ephraim3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Bridgeton,  Me.;  m. 
Mary  A.  Brown  of  Waterford,  Me.,  and  settled  in  Harrison, 
Me.  He  was  capt.  of  the  "Fawn,"  the  first  steamboat  that 
navigated  Sebago  Lake. 

362  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children : 

445.  I.  Sophia6;  m.  Charles  D.  Whitmore  of  Worcester, 


446.  II.  Mary  A.6;    m.    Capt.   William  H.  Talentine  of 

Worcester,  Mass. 

447.  ITI.  Charles  L.6;  unm. 

448.  IV.  Christopher  H.6;  d.  in  infancy. 

449.  V.  Asenath  E.6;  unm. 

450.  YI.  S.  Nellie6;  d.  in  infancy. 

451.  Y1L  George  B.6;  m.  Mary  J.  King  of  N.  H.;  res.  (1886) 

in  Worcester,  Mass. 

452.  VIII.  Abbie  C.6 

453.  IX.  Alice  J.6 

454.  X.  Frank  H.6 

Family  31. 

455.  Enoch5  Stiles  [210]  (Enoch4,  Ephraim3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  b.  at  Bridgeton,  Me.,  Oct.  26,  1796;  m.  (1)  Dec. 
17,  1816,  Edna  D.  Dolloff  of  Rumford,  Me.  She  was  b.  June 
6,  1789,  and  d.  at  Bethel,  Me.,  May,  1861;  m.  (2)  in  Bethel, 
Sept.  9,  1861,  Mrs.  Maria  Needham  (widow  of  Evi  Needham 
of  Bethel,  who  d.  at  B.  in  1859) . 

Mr.  Stiles  was  a  farmer  by  occupation.  He  served  in  the 
War  of  1812,  under  Capt.  Ingalls  of  the  Maine  militia,  and  was 
stationed  at,  and  in  the  vicinity  of  Portland;  was  then  living 
at  Bridgeton,  Me.  He  also  served  a  short  term  in  the  Aroos- 
took War  in  1839.  For  his  services  his  widow  received  a  pen- 
sion [Pension  Records,  Washington,  D.  C).  He  d.  at  Bethel, 
Me.,  June  11,  1867.  His  widow  was  living  in  1885,  at  East 
Bethel,  Me. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage,  from  a  record  furnished  by  his 
son,  Enoch  D.  Stiles  of  Caribou,  Me.): 

456.  I.  Miriam6,  b.  Dec.  5,   1817;   m.  ;    res.  at  Dor- 

chester, Mass.;  she  d.  about  1866  in  Illinois. 

457.  II.  Almira6,  b.  Nov.  26,  1830;  m.  John  Colby;  res.  in 

Bethel,  Me.;  she  d.  in  1878. 

458.  III.  Enoch  D.6,  b.  Oct.  3,  i825;  m.  Mary  J.  Colby  and 

Adelaide  K.  Lufkin.     Family  75. 

Massachusetts  Family.  363 

459.  IV.  Richard  D.6,  b.  July  29,  1830;  went  south,  and  it 
is  supposed  that  he  was  killed  during  the  late 

Family  32. 

460.  Stephen5  Stiles  [219]  (Noah4,  Ephraim3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  b.  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Dec.  28,  1772;  bapt.  July 
18,  1773;  rn.  Rachel  How  (b.  in  Tpswich,  Mass ,  May  1,  1770), 
Oct.  12,  179—.  He  lived  at  Otisfield,  Harrison  and  Gray  (all 
in  Maine).  At  Gray,  in  1815,  he  was  surveyor  of  highways. 
He  was  one  of  the  principal  supporters  of  Universalisra  in 
Gray,  and  died,  as  he  had  lived  (for  50  years  probably),  in  that 
faith.  His  gravestone  says  his  death  occurred  Nov.  27,  1849, 
but  another  authority  gives  Nov.  2,  1849.  Mrs.  Rachel  (How) 
Stiles  died  June  5,  1855,  ge.  85  yrs. 

Children  (from  records  furnished  by  Rev.  J.  L.  Scoboria) : 

461.  I.  Sally6,  b.  at  Bridgeton,  Me.,  Aug.  21,  1796  ;  d.  Oct. 

18,  same  year. 

462.  II.  Stephen  Curtis6,  b.  Aug.  9, 1797  ;  m.  Annie  Libbey. 

Family  76. 

463.  III.  Clarissa6,  b.  at  Otisfield,  Me.,  Aug.  21,  1800  ;  died 

at  Gray,  Aug.  17,  1846. 

464.  IV.  Sallv6,  b.  Jan.  5,  1804,  at  Otisfield ;  d.  Apr.  10, 

1867,  at  Gray. 

465.  V.  Eliza6,  b.  Jan.  5,  1804,  at  Otisfield. 

466.  YI.  Mary6,  b.  at  Harrison,  Me.,  Apr.  24,  1806  ;  d.  July 

19,  1828. 

467.  VII.  Jacob  H.6,  b.  at  H.,  Sept.  18,  1808 ;  m.  Emily  G. 

Nash.     Family  77. 

468.  VIII.  Huldah6,  b.  at  H.,  July  28,  1810  ;  m.  Mr.  Libbey. 

469.  IX.  Asa6,  b.  at  Gray,  Me.,  Nov.  15,  1812  ;  d.  April  11, 

1869 ;  unm. 

470.  X.  Betsey6,  b.  at  G.,  Jan.  9,  1817 ;  m.  Mr.  Lamb ; 

lived  at  Harrison,  Me.,  where  their  2  sons  may 
be  living  at  the  present  time.  Mrs.  Betsey 
(Stiles)  Lamb  died  April  11,  1867. 

364  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  33. 

471.  Jeremiah5  Stiles  [220]  (Noah4,  Ephraim3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  bora  at  Bridgeton,  Me. ;  m.  Mary  Sawyer.  He 
was  a  farmer. 

Children  : 

472.  I.  Jonathan6 ;  m.  Sally  Noble.     Family  78. 

473.  II.  Martha6;  died  young. 

474.  III.  Mary6 ;  m.  Charles  Parsons ;  res.  (1884)  at  Norway 

Lake,  Me.     Issue : 

475.  i.  Son7. 

476.  ii.  Son7. 

477.  iii.  Dau.7 

478.  iv.  Dau.7 

Three  of  these  children  are  deceased. 

479.  IV.  David6,   b.   about   1815 ;   m.    Yiannah   G.   Hunt. 

Family  79. 

Family  34. 

480.  Jacob5  Stiles  [221]  (Noah4,  Ephraim3,  Timothy2,  Rob- 
ert1), was  born  at  Bridgeton,  Me.,  March  31,  1786  ;  m.  (1) 
Betsey  Harmon  ;  (2)  Olive  W.  Bryant,  of  Saco,  Me.,  who  was 
born  at  Saco,  Feb.  26,  1797,  and  died  at  Stoneham,  Me.,  Aug. 
5,  1847. 

Before  the  death  of  his  1st  wife,  while  living  at  Harrison, 
Me.,  Mr.  Stiles  made  a  journey  to  Ohio,  walking  nearly  the 
whole  distance  from  Harrison,  Me.,  and  back  again.  Being 
favorably  impressed  with  the  western  country,  he  resolved  to 
remove  his  family  to  Ohio,  and  there  make  his  home.  He 
accordingly  prepared  a  wagon  suitable  for  the  long  journey, 
and  secured  a  pair  of  horses ;  but  he  was  obliged  at  the  last  to 
give  up  the  undertaking  in  consequence  of  the  failing  health  of 
his  wife,  who  soon  died.  After  his  second  marriage,  he  found 
a  place  nearer  home,  at  Bacheller's  Grant  (now  Stoneham),  Me., 
and  in  March,  1821,  removed  to  that  place,  of  which  he  was 
one  of  the  earliest  settlers. 

By  summer  he  had  made  an  opening  in  the  deep  forest,  and 
had  built  a  log-house.  While  their  new  home  was  being  pre- 
pared, he  and  his  family  had  found  a  temporary  home  with  a 

Massachusetts  Family.  365 

neighbor,  Mr.  John  McAllister.  The  log-house  was  occupied 
for  11  years;  at  the  end  of  which  time  Mr.  Stiles  put  up  a 
small  frame  house,  in  which  the  family  lived  for  a  short  time. 
In  1834  he  built  a  more  commodious  dwelling.  He  encoun- 
tered the  usual  hardships  of  pioneer  life.  He  was  obliged  for 
several  years  to  take  his  grist  to  mill  —  in  winter  on  a  hand- 
sled,  and  in  summer  on  the  back  of  a  horse.  His  daughter, 
Mrs.  H.  P.  Walker,  who  sends  the  account,  says : 

"  My  sister  Elizabeth  used  to  go  with  it  (the  grist)  when  she 
was  quite  a  little  girl.  She  had  to  be  put  into  the  saddle  or 
climb  upon  the  fence,  in  order  to  reach  the  back  of  the  horse." 

The  nearest  store  was  at  Harrison,  18  miles  away,  and  the 
shopping  expeditions  were  performed  by  Mrs.  Stiles  on  horse- 
back. Besides  performing  the  labor  devolving  on  the  mother 
of  a  large  family  (the  latter  included  the  spinning  and  weaving 
of  wool  and  flax  into  cloth  for  garments  and  various  other  pur- 
poses), Mrs.  Stiles  was  a  professional  midwife,  and,  as  such,  was 
obliged  to  take  many  a  perilous  ride  in  the  darkness  of  night 
through  the  lonely  forest,  over  rough  ways  (for  roads  they 
could  not  be  called),  urging  her  faithful  horse  to  his  utmost 
speed,  while  all  about  her  could  be  heard  the  cries  of  the  wild 
beasts  that  inhabited  the  forest. 

She  practiced  her  profession  as  long  as  she  lived,  many  peo- 
ple preferring  her  to  any  doctor  that  could  be  obtained.  She 
appears  to  have  been  equal  to  any  emergency.  This  is  illus- 
trated by  the  following  anecdote :  One  day  she  wanted  a  leg 
of  mutton  for  dinner,  and  called  on  her  husband  to  have  a 
sheep  killed.  She  was  told  that  she  must  wait  until  the  next 
day,  as  the  men  were  all  too  busy  to  do  the  butchering.  She 
replied  :  "  I  can't  wait  —  I  must  have  it  to-day.  If  no  one 
else  can  do  it,  I  can  do  it  myself."  And  she  did,  and  was  able 
to  place  on  her  dinner  table  that  day,  a  huge  quarter  of  roast 

About  1854,  Mr.  Stiles  disposed  of  his  place  at  Stoneham, 
Me.,  and  removed  with  his  sons,  Kimball  H.  and  Luther,  to 
Penn.,  to  engage  in  the  shook  and  cooperage  business.  They 
located  at  Ebensburg,  Cambria  Co.,  Penn.,  in  the  neighbor- 
hood of  Bethel  Church,  and  there  Jacob  Stiles  d.  Sept  23, 

Children  (by  1st  marriage  —  born  at  Harrison,  Me.) : 
481.        I.  Nancy6,  d.  at  Stoneham,  Me.,  May  14,  1834. 

366  Stiles  Genealogy. 

482.  II.  William  H.6,  b.  Dec.  28, 1812 ;  m.  Martha  P.  Han- 

cock.    Family  80. 

483.  III.  Samuel6,  b.  Dec,   1815  ;    m.  Sarah  Ann  Sawyer 

and  Elizabeth  Simmons.     Family  82. 

Children  (by  2d  wife  —  all  except  one  born  at  Stoneham, 

484.  IV.  Elizabeth  H.6,  b.  July  1,  1819,  at  Harrison,  Me.; 

m.  as  3d  wife,  at  Acton,  Mass.,  Mch.  26,  1853, 
Franklin  Hosmer,  of  A.  [who  m.  as  his  2d  wife 
Eliza  A.  Stiles,  a  sister  of  his  3d  wife].  Mr. 
Hosmer  d.  Dec,  1883.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  (Stiles) 
Hosmer,  res.  (1885)  at  Haverhill,  Mass.     Issue  : 

485.  i.  Ada  Eugenia7,  b.  at  Sweden,   Me.,  May  3, 

1855;  m.  at  Dover,  N.  H.,  July  29, 
1880  (by  Rev.  A.  H.  Quint,  D.  1).),  Her- 
bert D.  Foss. 

486.  ii.  Fred.  D.7,  b.  Dec.  15,  1859. 

487.  Y.  Eliza  A.6,   b.  Apr.  20,  1821;  m.  at  Sweden,  Me., 

Nov.  17,  1844,  Franklin  Hosmer,  as  2d  wife. 
She  d.  at  S.,  Jnne  9,  1852.     Issue : 

488.  i.   Georgiana   L.7,    b.  Nov.    18,    1845;    m.  at 

Portland,  Me.,  Nov.,  1866,  George  D. 
Perry  (b.  July  17,  1843),  son  of  John  and 
Boxana  (Kneeland)  Perry.  Children :  (1) 
Austin  H.8  (Perry),  b.  at  Portland,  Me., 
Sept.  17,  1867;  (2)  Clara  B.8  (Perry),  b. 
at  P.,  Mch.  20,  1872. 

489.  ii.  Cyrus   W.7,   b.  Apr.  24,  1847;    m.   Alice 

Grey,  of  No.  Conway,  N.  H.,  Nov.  19, 

490.  iii.  George  Franklin7,  b.   Mch.  19,    1849  ;    m. 

Feb.  7,  1874,  Laura  C.  (b.  Jan.  21,  1850) 
dau.  of  Cyrus  M.  and  Carrie  (Needham) 
Tracy,  of  Lynn,  Mass.;  res.  (1890)  atWo- 
burn,  Mass.  Mr.  H.  is  in  business  in  Bos- 
ton. Issue :  (1)  George  Leonard8  (Hosmer), 
b.  Dec.  31,  1874;  (2)  Edith  Tracy8  (Hos- 
mer), b.  Nov.  10,  1876;  (3)  Louise8 
(Hosmer),  b.  May  10,  1880 ;  (4)  Laura8 
(Hosmer),  b.  Nov.  3,  1884. 

Massachusetts  Family.  367 

491.  iv.  Asahel  Eustace7,  b.  Mar.  25,  1851 ;  d.  June 

15,  1873. 

492.  VI.  Stephen  A.6,  b.  Apr.  9,  1826 ;  m.  Ann  McKeen. 

Family  82. 

493.  VII.  Catharine6,  b.  July  14,  1827;  m.  Caleb  Eastman 

(b.  Oct.  9,  182o)  of  Lovell,  Me.,  Sept.  9,  1855. 
Issue  : 

494.  i.  Charles  F.7,  b.  at  L.,  Oct.  9,  1856  ;  m.  June 

15,  1881,  Mary  Ella  Welt  of  Cape  Eliza- 
beth, Me.  Child  :  (1)  Ida  May8  (Eastman), 
b   Oct    12    1882 

495.  VIII.  Kimball   H.6,  b.  Apr.    16,  1830;   m.    Aurelia  F. 

Harris  and  Ann  Maria  Hamlin.     Family  83. 

496.  IX.  Calvin6,    b.   Mch.    11,    1833;    m.    Lucie    Clyde. 

Family  84. 

497.  X.  Nancy  S.6,  b.  Jan.  4,  1835  ;  m.  (1)  July  11,  1852. 

Benjamin  McAllister  (b.  at  Stoneham,  Me., 
1827  ;  d.  June  24,  1858) ;  m.  (2)  Aug.  9,  1863, 
Uriah  Dresser,  of  Lovell,  Me.,  who  d.  Jan.  2, 
1870;  m.  (3)  Oct.  9,  1876,  George  W.  Thomas, 
of  Oxford,  Me. ;  res.  at  So.  Paris,  Me.  Issue  (by 
1st  marriage) : 

498.  i.  Benjamin    G.7   (McAllister),    b.   July    22, 

1»53  ;  d.  July  17,  1877. 
599.  ii.  Willis  L.7  (McAllister),  b.  July  4, 1855. 

500.  iii.  Olive7  (McAllister),  b.  May  29,    1858  ;  m. 

June  17,  1882,  Herbert  Bichardson,  of 
Norway,  Me. 

Children  (by  3d  marriage) : 

501.  iv.  Abbie7  (Thomas),  b.  Jan.  4,  1878. 

502.  XL  Luther6,  b.  Sept.   25,  1836;  m.  Maria  Jane  Crum 

and  Mary  Davis.     Family  85. 

503.  XII.  Henrietta  P.6,  b.  Dec.  25,  1840 ;  m.  at  Stowe,  Me., 

May  25,  1862,  Charles  Walker  of  Fryeburg, 
Me.;  res.  (1885)  at  Norway  Lake,  Me.;  Mr. 
Walker  d.  July  10,  1890,  of  typhoid  fever. 
Issue : 

504.  i.  Dean7,  b.  April  7,  1863,  at  Stowe,  Me.;  m. 

at  Norway,  Me.,  Jan.  7,  1888,  by  Rev.  B. 
S.  Rideout,  Cong,  minister  of  Norway, 
Me.,  to  Lelia  G.  (b.  at  IN  orway,  Me.,  Feb. 

368  Stiles  Genealogy. 

4,  1863),  dau.  of  Charles  J.  and  Vianna 
Ed^ecomb  of  Norway.  Issue :  (1)  Burnis8 
(Walker),  b.  at  N.,  Aug.  18,  1890. 

505.  ii.  Olive  S.7,  b.  at  Fryeburg,  Me.,  July  3, 1865; 

m.  at  Paris  Hill,  Me.,  Nov.  13,  1887,  by 
Rev.  Gideon  Mayor,  Baptist  minister  at 
So.  Paris,  Me.,  to  Frank  E.  Porter,  who 
was  b.  at  West  Paris,  Me.,  Oct.  5,  1861. 
Issue :  (1)  Helen  M.8  (Porter),  b.  at  Nor- 
way, Me.,  Jan.  8,  1889. 

506.  iii.  James  L.7,  b.  April  23,  1869 ;  m.  April  30, 

1886,  at  Shelburne,  N.  H.,  by  A.  S.  Phil- 
brook,  Esq.,  to  Hester  R.  (dau.  of  David 
R.)  Edwards.  Issue :  (1)  Claude  R.8 
(Walker),  b.  Sept.  15,  1887 ;  d.  May  25, 
1888;  (2)  Pausie  A.8  (Walker),  b.  at 
Gilead,  Me.,  July  25,  1889. 

Family  35. 

507.  David5  Stiles  [231]  (David4,  Gideon3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  b.  1770  or  '71;  m.  1792,  widow  Elizabeth  (Lip- 
penwell)  Wyman  of  Fitzwilliam,  N.  H.  (one  account  says  of 
Westminster,  Vt.);  where  he  lived  is  not  known. 

Children : 

508.  I.  David6;  m. .     Family  85$. 

509.  II.  Joseph6,  b.  Feb.  15, 1795;  m.  Lucy  Smith.    Family 


510.  III.  Ephraim6;  d.  unm.  at  the  home  of  his  bro.  Elhanan 


511.  IV.  Mark6;  m.    Powers   and    wid.    Betsey   . 

Family  86$. 

512.  Y.  Oren6,    b.    July     16,    1801  ;     m.    Lydia    Hollis 

and  Mrs.  Lucy  (Wakefield)  Goodnow.     Family 

513.  YI.  Elhanan    Winchester6;    m.    Mary  ■.      Family 


514.  VII.  Hosea  Ballon6,  b.  Jan.  29,  1805;  m.  Sarah  Myric. 

Family  88. 

515.  VIII.  Harriet6! 

Massachusetts  Family.  369 

516.  IX.  Philinda6,  b.  May  12,  1808  ;  m.  Edward  Aiken  of 

Duinmerston,  Yt.  (b.  June  4, 1808);  she  d.  Nov. 
3,  1874.     Mr.  A.  d.  March,  lb75.     Issue: 

517.  i.  William  David7;  served  in  the  Union  Army 

during  the  late  war;  is  m.   and  has  one 
dau.;  res.  (1884)  at  W.  Dummerston, Yt. 

518.  ii.  Edward  Dorr7;  m.  and  res.  in  Montana  Ter.; 

no  children. 

519.  iii.  Nancie  Ann7;  m.  H.    A.  Stockwell,   pro- 

prietor (18*4)  of  the  "  Jamaica  House," 
Jamaica,  Yt.;  2  children. 

520.  X.  Miranda6. 

Family  36. 

521.  Gideon5  Stiles  [232]  (David4,  Gideon3,  Timothy2, 
.Robert1),  was  b.  (at  Bolton,  Mass.,  perhaps)  about  1773;  m. 
Lydia  Wyman,  Nov.,  1819;  he  d.  April  22,  1829,  aged  56 

Children  : 

522.  I.  Gideon6  Jr.,  b.  Aug.  21,  1820;  m.  Fanny  E.  Davis. 

Family  89. 

523.  II.  Lydia6,    b.    March  15,    1822;  m.  James  Burgess, 

April,    1845;  res.   in   1857,    at   Chester,  Yt.;  4 

524.  III.  Minerva6,  b.  Nov.   17,  1823;  m.   Sam.  W.  Bent, 

Feb.,  1845;  res.  in  1857,  at  Cavendish, Yt.    Issue : 

525.  i.  Walker  M.7;  m.  Cornelia  E.  Wallis,  April 

13,  1869.  Issue:  (1)  Esther8  (Bent);  (2) 
Georgia  Ada8  (Bent);  (3)  Mary  Stiles8 
(Bent).  Walker  M.  Bent  res.  at  Caven- 
dish, Yt;  he  d.  May  27,  1872. 

526.  ii.  7. 



527.  iii. 

528.  iv. 

Family  37. 

529.  Nathaniel5   Stiles  [234]  (David4,  Gideon3,  Timothy2, 
Eobert1)  was  b.  (at  Bolton,  Mass.,  perhaps)  about  1777;  m.  (1) 

370  Stiles  Genealogy. 

about  1805,  Lucy  Crosby,  from  the  vicinity  of  Boston,  Mass.; 
(2)  Mary  Taft  of  Townsend,  Yt.  She  was  b.  July  12,  1783; 
was  a  descendant  of  Sec'y  Kawson  {New  Eng.  Hist.  Gen.  Rec, 
vol.  3,  p.  322).  Nathaniel  Stiles  was  a  farmer,  and  lived  at 
Kockingham,  Yt.     He  d.  1829. 

Children : 

530.  I.  Caroline6;  m.  George  DaTis;  res.  (1883)  at  Kock- 

ingham, Yt. 

531.  II.  Henry6;  m.  Abigail  Chaffee  of  Athens,  Yt.;  rem. 

to  Batavia,  111.;  3  chil. 

532.  III.  Adeline6;  m.  Jonathan  Kirkland;  res.  in  1857  near 

Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

533.  1Y.  Catherine6;  single. 

534.  Y.  Cromwell6;  m.  and  had  a  family. 

Family  38. 

535.  Phineas5  Stiles  [236]  (Timothy4,  Ezra**,  Timothy2, 
Eobert1),  was  b.  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Oct.  21,  1764;  bapt.  May 
4,  1766  {Boxford  Records) ;  m.  Nov.,  1791,  Betsey  (dau.  of 
Capt.  John)  Saunders  of  Gloucester,  Mass. 

When  a  young  man  he  was  left  in  charge  of  the  smelt- 
ing works  (at  Boxford)  belonging  to  his  father,  during  the 
latter's  absence  in  the  country's  service,  at  the  time  of  the 
Revolutionary  War,  as  it  was  necessary  that  the  works  should 
be  kept  in  operation,  in  order  to  supply  iron  for  the  manufac- 
ture of  arms  for  the  soldiers.  It  is  said  that  young  Phineas 
was  himself  obliged  to  furnish  a  substitute  to  serve  in  the  army, 
while  he  was  engaged  in  smelting  iron. 

At  a  later  period  he  rented  a  farm  of  the  Kitfield  heirs  at 
Manchester,  Mass.,  where  he  lived  until  1809,  when  he  took 
up  a  wild  lot  in  the  town  of  Jackson,  Me.,  being  one  of  the 
earliest  settlers  of  that  place.  During  the  early  years  of  his 
residence  in  Maine  he  suffered  much  from  poverty  and  depriva- 
tion. He  d.  at  Jackon,  Dec.  16,  1843.  [The  foregoing 
account  was  furnished  by  Mark  Saunders  Stiles  Esq.,  of  Jack- 
son, a  son  of  Phineas  Stiles,  now  (1884)  nearly  86  years 

Massachusetts  Family.  371 

Children*  (from  records  furnished  by  M.  S.  Stiles  Esq.,  of 
Jackson,  Me.): 

Note. —  We  have  received  a  transcript  of  Phineas  Stiles' 
family  record  from  the  Manchester,  Mass.,  town  records,  and 
find,  on  comparing  it  with  the  record  sent  by  M.  S.  Stiles,  that 
none  of  the  dates  correspond  with  those  given  by  him  (see  foot- 
note* for  a  copy  of  the  Manchester  record).  Mr.  Stiles  gives 
Elizabeth  as  the  name  of  his  eldest  sister,  while  the  Manchester 
record  has  Betsey;  but  this  variation  is  of  no  importance,  as 
Betsey  and  Elizabeth  were  in  early  days  considered  to  be  the 
same  name. 

536.  I.  Nahum6,  b.   1793  or  '4,  at  Gloucester,  Mass.;  d. 

1799,  at  Manchester. 

537.  II.  Elizabeth6,  b.  Mch.   18,  1795,  at  Manchester;  m. 

Eeuben  Ferguson  of  Dixmont,  Me.  She  d.  at 
D.,  Apr.  17,  1849.  Mr.  F.  was  living  in  1883. 
Issue : 

538.  i.  Eliza  A.7 

539.  ii.  Mark  A.7 

540.  iii.  Willard  B.7 

541.  III.  Mark   Saunders6,  b.    Sept.    18,    1797;  m.    Betsey 

Goodhue,  and  Lydia  Kingsbury.     Family  90. 

542.  TV.  Clarissa6,  b.  Aug.  4,   1800,  at  M.;  m.  in  Jackson, 

Me.,  Dec.  12,  1826,  Andrew  M.  Buzzell  (b.  at 
Parsonsfield,  Me.,  June  3, 1804), of  Munroe,  Me. 
Mr.  Buzzell  d.  in  the  spring  of  1884.  Mrs.  B. 
still  survives.     Issue  : 

543.  i.  Margaret7,   b.   Nov.    25,    1827;  m.   Uriah 

Evans,  a  farmer  of  Milan,  K  H.   Mr.  E. 
is  not  living. 

544.  ii.  Albert   S.7,    b.    Sept.    18,    1829;    m.   Octa 

*  Children  of  Pheneis  Stiles  and  of  Betsey,  Ms  wife: 

Betsev  Stiles,   dau.   of  Pheneis  Stiles  and  of  Betsey,  his  wife,  was  b.  in 
Manchester,  Mch.  20,  1794. 

Marke  Stiles,  son  of  Pheneis  and  of  Betsey,  his  wife,  was  b.  in  Manches- 
ter, Sept.  22,  1797. 

Clarry  Stiles,  dau.  of  Phenius  Stiles  and  of  Betsey,  his  wife,  was  b.  in 
Manchester,  Aug.  4,  1799. 

John  Sanders  Stiles,  son  of  Pheneus  Stiles  and  of  Betsey,  his  wife,  was 
b.  in  Manchester,  Jan.  8,  1802. 

' '  The  foregoing  is  a  true  copy  of  record. " 

"  W.  A.  S."  [Town  Clerk  of  Manchester,  Mass.] 

372  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Schoff  of  North  Stratford,  JS".  H.  He  is 
a  farmer  ;  has  1  son  and  2  daus. 

545.  iii.  John  W.\  b.  Mch.  12, 1831 ;  m.  Emily  Pet- 

tee.     He  d.  Oct.  19,  1883  ;  no  children. 

546.  iv.  Sally    F.7,  b.    Apr.    6,  1833;  d.   Apr.  18, 


547.  v.  Sarah  E.'7,  b.  June  28,  1835 ;  m.  June  12, 

1852,  Charles  W.  Walker,  of  Winslow, 
Me. ;  had  2  sons  and  2  daus.  The  eldest 
dau.  m.  Thomas  Hawks;  res.  (1884)  in 
Belfast,  Me. ;  the  other  dau.  m.  and  res. 
at  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

548.  vi.  Charles  N.7,   b.  July  12,   1837;    m.  Mary 

Davis,  of  Berlin,  N.  H. ;  is  a  millman  by 
occupation  ;  is  also  an  Advent  preacher  ; 
has  2  daus.  and  1  son. 

549.  vii.  J ane  E.7,  b.  July  1, 1831 ;  m.  T.  D.  Jettison, 

of  Munroe,  Me.;  farmer;  res.  (1884)  at 
Brooks,  Me. ;  2  sons  and  3  daus. 

550.  viii.  Harriet  M.7,  b.  Apr.  17,  1843. 

551.  V.  John  Saunders6,  b.  June  8,  1802,  at  M.     He  pur- 

chased a  farm  near  Bangor,  Me,  and  had  nearly 
paid  for  it  when  he  was  taken  sick,  and  d.  Nov. 
6,  1833.  He  was  a  sober,  industrious  young  man 
and  much  beloved.     He  was  unmarried. 

552.  VI.  Clementina6,  b.  Apr.  24, 1807,  at  M.;  m.  (1)  Nathan 

Page,  of  Brooks,   Me. ;  (2)  James  P.  Moody, 

also  of  B.,  who  d. .     She  d.  Sept.  25,  1870. 

Child  (by  1st  marriage.)  : 

553.  i.  John  S.7  (Page) ;  d.  when   abt.    38  yrs.  of 

of  age  —  "a  fine  young  man." 
Child  (by  2d  marriage) : 

554.  ii.  Dau.7 (Moody),  who  m.  W.  C.  Howe, 

of  Brooks,  Me. 

555.  VII.  Phebe  Ann  Kimball6,   b.  at  M.,  May  3,   1809  ;  m. 

David6  Porter,  of  Dixmont,   Me.,  who  is  now 
(1884)  dec'd.     Child  : 

556.  i.  Charles  S.7,  is  an  enterprising  young  farmer, 

and  a  deacon  of  the  Christian  Soc.  at  E. 
Dixmont,  Me.;  has  been  twice  married. 
His  mother  res.  with  him. 

Massachusetts  Family.  373 

557.  YIII.  Augustus  Caiphas6,  b.  Sept.  28,  1813  ;  m.  Julia 
Edwards,  Mrs.  Georgie  Norman,  Jane  E.  "Wil- 
coxson  and  Ardelle  Butterfield.     Family  91. 

Family  39. 

558.  Jacob5 Stiles  [237]  (Timothy4, Ezra3,  Timothy2,  Eobert1), 
was  born  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Dec.  10,  1773;  bapt.  Dec.  12, 
1773  {Boxford  Records) ;  m.  Polly  Butler,  of  Pelham,  N.  H. 

Children : 

559.  I.  Fanny6 ;  m.  Kenney  Gray.    She  d.  at  Bennington, 

N.  H.,  Aug.,  1883. 

560.  II.  Mary6;  m.  Mr.  Woodward. 

561.  III.  Moody6;  d.  num. 

562.  IY.  Harriet6 ;  m.  Sylvester  Wyinan,  of  Woburn,  Mass.; 

living  1884,  at  Manchester,  N.  H. 

563.  Y.  Sabra6 ;  m.  Nehemiah  Low,  of  Lowell,  Mass.,  and 

d.  within  a  short  time,  leaving  a  son  : 

564.  i.  Frederick  N.7,  who  m.  Annie  Messenger. 

Issue:  (1)  Edward  Everett8  (Low);  (2) 
Frederick  N.8  (Low)  Jr.;  (3)  Adelbert 
Ellsworth8  (Low)  ;  (4)  George  Frank8 
(Low);  all  num.  in  1883. 

565.  YI.  Amanda6 ;  m.  Eppes  Wyman,  of  Woburn,  Mass., 

brother  of    Sylvester,   who  m.  her  sister  Har- 

566.  YTI.  Ambrose6 ;  d.  unm. 

Family  40. 

567.  Nahnm5  Stiles  [249]  (Timothy4,  Ezra3,  Timothy2, 
Eobert1),  was  bapt.  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  May  18, 1794  {Boxford 
Records)',  m. ;  lived  in  Greenfield,  N.  H. 

Children  : 

568.  I.  Nahum  Hodges6;  m.  Susannah  Cudworth.    Family 


569.  II.  Jeremiah6;  m. Holley;  lived  at  Felton,  N.  H. 

570.  III.  Sarah6;   m.  Harvey  Mann;    res.  at  New  Boston, 

N.  H. 

374  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Family  41. 

571.  Dea.  Charles5  Stiles  [250]  (Timothy4,  Ezra3,  Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  bapt.  at  Boxford,  Mass.,  Sept.  30, 1798  {Boxford 
Records) ;  m.  (1)  Lucinda  Tenney,  who  d.  1851;  m.  (2)  Susan 
P.  Kendall,  who  d.  Oct.  10,  1866^  se.  53;  m.  (3)  June  18, 1867, 
Beulah  (b.  May  12,  1812),  dau.  of  Jonas  and  Sarah  P.  (Reed) 
Keyes  of  Westford,  Mass.;  be  res.  at  Pelham,  N.  H.,  where  for 
nearly  30  years  he  was  deacon  of  the  Cong.  Church.  Mr. 
Stiles  served  in  the  War  of  1812,  for  which  he  received  a  pen- 
sion; he  d.  at  Pelham,  May  28,  1882.  [His  exact  age  was  not 
known  by  his  family,  but  was  supposed  to  be  about  85  years, 
which  was  doubtless  correct,  judging  from  the  date  of  his  bap- 
tism, given  in  the  Boxford  Records.]  His  widow  was  living 
at  Pelham,  in  1883. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage): 

572.  I.  Mary  L.6,  b.  Nov.,  1819;  d.  Oct.  17,  1856. 

573.  II.  Charles  F.6,  b.  1823  ;  m.  Sarah  (b.  1824,  in  Epping, 

K  H.),  dan.  of  Samuel  and  Sally  (Prescott)  Hill. 
They  res.  at  Lowell,  Mass.,  where  Mr.  S.  d.  in 
1884;  no  children. 
Children  (by  2d  marriage): 

574.  III.  Susan  Harriet6,  b.  1845;  m.  Mr.  Jackson ;  was  liv- 

ing at  Lowell,  Mass.,  in  1884. 

575.  IY.  Justin   K.6,  b.   1856;  was   drowned   at  Lowell,  in 


Family  42. 

576.  Luther5  Stiles  [252]  (Ezra4,  Ezra3,  Timothy2,  Robert1), 
was  b.  Dec.  17,  1790,  where  has  not  been  ascertained;  m.  (1) 
Sally  Woodbury,  who  was  born  in  Sutton,  Mass.,  Oct.  19, 
1790,  and  d.  at  Fryeburg  Academy,  Grant,  Me.,  Feb.  26, 
1861  (?).  According  to  the  Pension  Office  Reports,  Luther 
Stiles  m.  (2)  in  Oxford  Co.,  Me.,  Dec.  27,  1660  [possibly  the 
date  of  first  wife's  death  may  be  wrong],  Mrs.  Abigail  (wid. 
of  Nathaniel)  Millet,  who  obtained  a  pension  on  account  of 
his  (Mr.  Stiles')  military  services.  He  enlisted  at  Portland,  Me., 
Feb.,  1818,  for  one  year  in  an  U.  S.  Artillery  Co.,  under  Capt. 
Pitts,  to  serve  on  the  northern  frontier.     He  d.  March,  1868, 

Massachusetts  Family.  375 

at  Fryeburg  Academy,  Grant,  Me.    His  widow  was  living  June, 
1880,  at  North  Woodstock,  Me.,  aged  77  years. 

Children   (from    records  furnished   by  his  son,  Luther   D. 
Stiles) : 

577.  I.  Mary  Ann6,  b.  May  28,  1815. 

578.  II.  Julia  Ann6,  b.  Dec.  23,  1817. 

579.  III.  Arvilla6,  b.  Aug.  25,  1818. 

580.  IV.  Augustus  Woodbury6,  b.  Aug.  25,  1819;  m.  Sarah 

Graham.     Family  93. 

581.  Y.  Luther   Davis6,  b.  Oct.  24,  1824;  m.   July,  1854, 

Carrie  M.  Bugbee,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Jerusha 
(Blackmer)  Bngbee  of  Roxbury,  Mass.;  she  b. 
May  11,  1828  {Glover  Mem.  and  Gen.  pp. 
382-1227).  Mr.  Stiles  res.  in  Boston,  Mass.,  and 
d.  there  Mch.  29,  1888  ;  no  children. 

582.  VI.  Charles  Dexter6,  b.  May  1,  1826. 

583.  VII.  Asa   Chandler6,    b.  July  19,  1827;   m.  Mary  Jane 

Whittier.     Family  94. 

584.  VIII.  Lafayette6,  b.  April  22,  1830.     "Lafayette  Stiles 

of  Gilead,  Me.,  age  31,  mustered  into  17th 
Begt.,  Co.  D,  Mass.  Infantry,  Feb.  10,  1862, 
discharged  for  disability  April  25,  1862 " 
{Record  of  Mass.  Volunteers,  vol.  2,  p.  26). 

585.  IX.  America  Alexander6,  b.  May  20,  1831. 

586.  X.  Ehoda  Columbia6,  b.  May  30,  1834. 

Family  43. 

587.  Nathan5  Stiles  [253]  (Ezra4,  Ezra3,  Timothy2,  Robert1), 
was  b.  July,  1794;  m.  July  14,  1817,  Betsey  S.  Mason  (dau.  of 
John).  He  served  in  the  War  of  1812,  as  private  at  Sacketts 
Harbor,  where  he  contracted  deafness.  He  res.  in  Gilead,  Me.; 
was  a  farmer ;  died  Oct.,  1878  ;  Mrs.  Betsey  I.  (Mason)  Stiles 
d.  1866. 

Children  (born  at  Gilead,  Me.) : 

588.  I.  Valentine  L.6,  b.  Aug.  21,  1818;  m.  Betsey  A. 

Burnham.     Family  95. 

589.  II.  Albert  D.6,  b.  May  31,  1820 ;  m.  Beulah  Foster. 

Family  96. 

376  Stiles  Genealogy. 

590.  III.  Angeline6,  b.  Nov.  26,  1822  ;  m.  Feb.  7,  1846,  as 

2d  wife,  Leonard  Whitman,  farmer,  of  Bethel, 
Me.,  who  was  born  Feb.  26,  1808.  Mr.  W.  has 
been  an  invalid  upward  of  20  years  (1886).  Mrs. 
Angeline  (Stiles)  Whitman  died  May,  1888,  at 
her  home  in  Bethel,  Me.     Issue  : 

591.  i.  Angeline  D.7,  b.  Oct.  10,  1846;  m.  (1)  Geo. 

N.  Allen,  Dec.  13,  1864;  (2)  Leonard 
Sullivan,  Feb.  27,  1877;  res.  at  Man- 
chester, N.  H.  Issue  (by  1st  marriage) : 
(1)  Erminie  M.8  (Allen),  born  about 
1866 ;  (2)  Frank  L.8  (Allen),  born  about 
1868  ;  (3)  Morton  W.8  (Allen),  born  about 

592.  ii.  Dora  V.7,  b.  July  25, 1848 ;  m.  Dec.  6, 1 870, 

Eugene  Z.  Whitman,  a  Free  Baptist 
preacher ;  res.  (1884)  at  North  Sydney, 
Me.  Issue:  (1)  Erving  L.8  (Whitman), 
born  about  1872 ;  (2)  Frank8  (Whitman), 
born  about  1875;  (3)  Dora  M.8  (Whit- 
man), born  about  1881. 

593.  iii.  Albert  L.7,  born  Nov.  16,  1849  ;  m.  May  12, 

1883,  Frances  M.  Blake.  He  manages 
the  home  farm  at  Bethel,  Me. 

594.  iv.  Alvernon  D.7,   b.   May  31,  1851 ;  is  a  ma- 

chinist, and  employed  at  Worcester, 

595.  v.  Herbert  M.7,  b.  March  18, 1853  ;  is  a  farmer 

at  Bethel,  Me. 

596.  vi.  Oscar  F.7,  b.  March  21,  1855  ;  is  a  farmer 

at  Bethel. 

597.  vii.  Kowena  M.7,  b.  March  1,  1857;  m.  May  27, 

1875,  Levi  N.  Bartlett;  res.  (1884),  at 
Bethel.  Issue  :  (1)  Grace  L.8  (Bartlett), 
b.  about  1877 ;  (2)  Maud  A.8  (Bartlett), 
b.  about  1879. 

598.  viii.  Eldon  E.7,  b.  Jan.  7,  1860;  was  formerly 

employed  in  a  file  factory  at  Worcester, 
Mass.  In  1885  he  took  a  situation  as  con- 
ductor on  the  cars  of  the  Metropolitan 
Horse  railroad,  Boston. 

Massachusetts  Family.  377 

599.  ix.  Mellen  M.7,  b.  June  28,  1861 ;  m.  July  27, 

1884,  Lottie  E.  Scribner ;  res.  (1884)  at 
Worcester,  Mass. ;  employed  in  a  file  fac- 

600.  IY.  Mary  O.6,   b.   May  21,  1826 ;  m.  Orrin  Foster  of 

Newry,  Me.  Mr.  F.  is  a  farmer  and  cattle- 
drover  ;  has  been  thrice  elected  to  the  State  Leg- 
islature. In  1883  was  town  clerk  and  justice  of 
the  peace  at  Newry. 

601.  Y.  Andrew  J.6,  b.   Aug.   7,  1828  ;  m.  Eliza . 

Family  97. 

602.  YI.  Laura  J.6,  b.   Oct.  28,   1830;  m.   1850,  William 

Smith  of  Halifax,  K  S. ;  res.  (1884)  in  New 
York  city. 

603.  YIL  Amanda  P.6,  b.  Feb.  22,  1832;  m.  James  Easton; 

res.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. ;  has  a  large  family. 

604.  YIII.  Betsey  M.6,  b.  April  14,  1835 ;  m.  June,  1856,  Or- 

lando J.  Cross  of  Bethel,  Me.,  who,  at  the  time, 
had  charge  of  a  "  section  "  of  the  railroad.  He 
soon  after  lost  his  right  arm  by  the  accidental 
discharge  of  a  gun,  and  has  been  in  poor  health 
ever  since  ;  is  now  a  farmer.     Issue  : 

605.  i.  Ernest7 ;  m. ,  who  died  Aug.,  1884, 

leaving  2  young  daughters. 

606.  ii.  Lena7 ;  m.  Charles  F.  Shaw  of  Bethel,  Me. ; 

2  daus. 

607.  iii.  Arthur7. 

608.  iv.  Elmer7. 

609.  v.  Inez7,  b.  about  1870. 

610.  IX.  Eowena  Wight6,   b.    March    25,    1844;  m.   1860, 

Lyman  Parkman  (b.  1838),  of  E.  Corinth,  Me. ; 
is  a  farmer.     Issue  : 

611.  i.  Alice  May7,  b.  Aug.  3,  1865  ;  is  a  talented 


Family  44. 

612.  Capt  Peter6  Stiles  [267]  (Jonathan5,  Lieut.  Levi4,  Ja- 
cob3, Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Aug. 
20,  1783  ;  m.  Jan.  27,  1805,  Lucy  (dau.  of  Jones  and  Damaris) 
Johnson  of  Sterling,  Mass.  (b.  March  23,   1799).     They  re- 

378  Stiles  Genealogy. 

moved  to  Kirby,  Caledonia  county,  Yt.,  where  both  died ;  he 
Oct.  17,  1835  ;  she  March  12, 1858.  He  was  a  farmer  by  occu- 
pation, and  in  the  last  years  of  his  life  was  also  a  Methodist 

Children  (from  record  furnished  by  Mrs.  Lucy  E.  [Stiles] 

613.  I.  Ebenezer  J.7,  b.  July  21,  1806;   m.   Arvilla  Milli- 

ken.     Family  98. 

614.  II.  Dau.7;  d.  soon. 

615.  III.  Jonathan7,  b.  Apr.  1,  1812;  d.  at  Kirby,  Yt.,  Nov. 

29,  1831. 

616.  IY.  Jonas  G.7,   b.  Feb.  2,  1815;    m.   Lorana  Brown. 

Family  99. 

617.  Y.  Joel7,  b.  Sept.  18,  1817;  d.  Apr.  22,  1818. 

618.  YI.  Lucy  Eunice7,,  b.  at  Kirby,  Yt.,  June  3,  1820;  m. 

Asa  Carpenter  (b.  at  Sharon,  Yt.,  Oct.  10, 1804); 
res.  (1888)  at  Lyndon,  Yt.     Issue: 

*  Obituary  of  Eev.  Peter  Stiles.  [It  will  be  seen  that  he  is  here  mentioned 
as  both  Capt.  and  Rev.] 

"Died  in  Kirby,  Vt.,  Oct.  17,  1835,  Capt.  Peter  Stiles,  aged  52  years. 
Mr.  Stiles  emigrated  from  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  to  this  State  about  30  years 
since,  and  resided  in  Kirby  that  length  of  time. 

"  Few  of  the  early  settlers  of  this  section  have  been  more  generally  re- 
spected and  beloved.  For  26  years  he  has  been  a  member  of  the  Methodist 
Episcopal  church;  a  large  share  of  the  time  he  held  an  official  station  in 
the  church,  and  for  several  of  the  last  years  had  been  a  local  preacher. 

"In  the  town  of  which  he  was  so  long  an  inhabitant,  where  he  also  held 
different  offices — he  lived  respected  not  only  for  the  liberal  and  generous 
feeling  he  uniformly  exhibited  to  those  who  may  have  differed  from  him 
in  sentiment,  but  for  his  strict  integrity  of  Christian  walk.  He  died  sin- 
cerely lamented. 

' '  For  two  years  prior  to  his  death  he  had  gradually  declined  with  a  can- 
cerous tumor,  and  for  the  last  four  months  his  sufferings  were  such  as  seldom 
have  a  parallel,  but  his  patience  and  submission  bespoke  clearly  his  con- 
fidence in  the  providence  of  God,  and  showed  with  brightest  evidence  that 

"  '  The  chamber  where  a  good  man  meets  his  fate, 
Is  privileged  beyond  the  common  walks  of  life.' 

'  'After  he  had  arranged  his  temporal  interests,  a  few  days  before  his  de- 
cease, expressing  the  utmost  confidence  in  the  goodness  of  God,  and  the 
correctness  of  the  religious  sentiments  he  had  so  long  maintained,  he  ar- 
ranged the  exercises  for  his  funeral  services,  and  composed  himself  for  the 
solemn  moment  of  his  departure,  exclaiming,  '  I  long  to  be  gone  ! '  and 
when  the  cold  grasp  was  fixed  upon  him  he  affectionately  bade  his  com- 
panion and  children  farewell,  and  sweetly  fell  asleep." 

K.  H.  Denning. 

Massachusetts  Family.  379 

619.  i.  Hattie  O.8,  b.  May  21,  1846;  m.  1871,  Mar- 

cus L.  Hovey  of  East  St.  Johnsbury,  Yt. 
Issue:  (1)  Elmer9  (Hovey),  b.  Mch.,  1872; 
(2)  Harry  C.9  (Hovey),  b.  Jan.  1878;  (3) 
Leonard  W.9  (Hovey),  b.  Aug.,  1880. 

620.  ii.  Mary  A.8,  b.  Jan.  26,  1852;  m.  William  H. 

Bowker;  res.  (1883)  at  Lyndon,  Yt. 
No  children. 

Mrs.  Lucy  (Johnson)  Stiles  d.  at  Kirby, 
Yt.,  Mch.  12,  1838,  aged  76  years* 

Family  45. 

621.  Isaac6  Stiles  [268]  (Jonathan5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Tim- 
othy2, Robert1),  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Oct.  3,  1785  ; 
m.  Oct.  6, 1816,  Miriam  (b.  at  Shrewsbury,  Mass.,  Feb.  3, 1791), 
dau.  of  Reuben  and  Betsey  Baker,  of  Shrewsbury.  They  res. 
at  Maiden,  Mass.,  where  Mr.  Stiles  d.  Feb.  6, 1833.  Mrs.  Miriam 
(Baker)  Stiles  d.  at  Winchester,  Mass.,  Sept.  26,  1872,  aged  81 
yrs.  7  mos.  and  23  days. 

Children : 

622.  I.  Harriet  Woodbury7,  b.  Aug.  10,  1817  ;  m.  Philan- 

der Barney  (b.  in  Rehoboth,  Mass.,  June  24, 
1815),  of  Providence,  R.  I.  He  d.  Mch.  10, 
1882.     Issue : 

623.  i.  Charles   Philander8,   b.   Dec.   13,  1844;  d. 

Sept.  4,  1845. 

624.  ii.  Henry  Augustus8,  b.  Oct.  29,  1847. 

*  Obituary  of  Mrs.  Lucy  (Johnson)  Stiles: 

"  Sister  Stiles  embraced  the  Saviour  when  25  years  of  age,  and  joined  the 
Cong,  church,  but  subsequently  joined  the  Methodist  Episcopal  church, 
in  which  she  remained  a  worthy  spiritual  member  until  summoned  to  join 
the  church  triumphant.  She  and  her  departed  husband  were  emphatically 
laborers  in  the  vineyard  of  their  Divine  Master.  They  early  shared  the 
toils  and  deprivations  of  the  first  settlers  of  this  section  of  our  country,  but 
while  preparing  the  solitary  wilderness  for  culture,  they  were  also  zealous 
in  preparing  the  hearts  of  neighbors  and  friends  to  receive  the  good  seed 
of  the  kingdom.  Their  united  efforts  were  not  in  vain,  the  Lord  was  with 
them.  As  might  have  expected,  this  mother  in  Israel  left  the  world  in 
triumph,  thereby  evidencing  the  reality  of  our  holy  religion.  Peace  to  her 
memory  !     Blessed  are  the  dead  which  die  in  the  Lord  ! " 

(D.  Baker.) 

380  Stiles  Genealogy. 

625.  iii.  Frederick   Walter8,    b.    Dec.    3,    1849;    m. 

Emma  Burr  Jenks,  Dec.  17, 1883.  Issue : 
(1)  Marion  Har^raves9,  b.  May  12,  1890, 
at  Providence,  K.  L;  (2)  Ruth  Stiles9,  b. 
May  12,  1890,  at  Providence,  "R.  I. 

626.  II.  Emeline  Baker7,  b.  Jan.  8,  1821  ;  m.  William  Ful- 

ler Ayer,  of  Charlestown,  Mass.,  who  was  b. 
Apr.  5,  1815  ;  d.  Jan.  18,  1870.  Mrs.  Ayer  res. 
(1891)  with  her  dau.  at  Providence.     Issue  : 

627.  i.  William  Henry8,  b.  Nov.  29,  1839  ;  m.  Jan. 

18,  1875,  Alvira  A.  Leach,  of  Providence. 
He  d.  May  4,  1879  * 

628.  ii.  Emma  Josephine8,  b.  Jan.  15, 1846  ;  m.  Jan. 

15,  1868,  Dr.  Oliver  Henry  Arnold,  who 
was  afterward  in  practice  at  Pawtucket, 
R.  I.,  for  several  years.  In  Aug.,  1883, 
Dr.  and  Mrs.  Arnold  sailed  for  Europe  — 
he  to  attend  lectures  and  take  up  hospital 
work  at  Vienna  for  a  while,  his  wife  in 
the   meantime   to  improve  the  opportu- 

*  William  Henry  Ayer  enlisted  May,  1862,  as  a  private  in  the  10th  R.  I. 
Regt.  (3  mos).  After  his  return  in  Sept.,  '62,  he  re-enlisted  in  the  11th  R. 
I.  Regt.  (9  mos.);  was  app'd  Lieut.,  and  soon  promoted  to  Capt.  of  Co.  A. 
They  were  associated  with  the  14th  N.  Y.,  22d  Conn.,  and  40th  Mass. 
Regts.,  afterward  with  the  16th  Virginia,  and  1st  Virginia  Battery,  under 
Gen.  Robert  Cowdin.  For  the  first  three  mos.  they  did  picket  duty  on  the 
front,  which  lay  between  Lewinsville  and  Falls  Church.  The  middle  of 
April,  1863,  they  were  ordered  to  Suffolk  to  join  Gen.  Terry's  Brigade. 
Here  they  were  engaged  in  building  earthworks,  supporting  batteries,  and 
in  the  trenches;  performed  their  part  in  two  expeditions  to  the  Blackwater, 
and  in  one  of  these  made  a  march  of  six  days  in  the  intensest  heat  of  a 
summer's  sun,  with  the  fortitude  of  soldier's  long  in  servioe.  They  showed 
their  fighting  qualities  in  their  skirmishing  with  the  enemy  in  the  Black- 
water  raids.  At  the  close  of  their  last  march  to  Williamsburg,  William 
was  taken  with  typhoid  malarial  fever,  and  for  eight  days  was  delirious. 
When  reason  returned  there  was  no  hope  of  his  recovery,  and  orders  were 
given  that  he  should  be  carried  to  the  hospital  at  Fortress  Monroe,  as  his 
regiment  was  to  start  immediately  for  home;  but  the  men  of  his  company 
begged  for  the  privilege  of  carrying  him  on  a  stretcher  to  the  transport  in 
which  they  were  to  leave.  The  request  was  granted,  and  on  a  hot  July 
day  they  carried  him  two  miles,  and  laid  him  in  his  berth,  where  he  re- 
mained until  they  landed  in  Providence.  The  hope  of  reaching  home  kept 
him  alive,  but  for  weeks  after  his  return  we  had  no  hope  of  his  recovery, 
and  it  was  more  than  a  year  before  he  was  able  to  do  any  thing.  The  seeds 
of  malaria  laid  the  foundation  for  the  disease  which  finally  cost  him  his 
life,  though  many  years  afterward,  as  he  d.  in  '77.  {From  a  letter  of  Ms 

Massachusetts  Family.  381 

nity  to  perfect  her  musical  education  at 
the  Conservatory  of  Music,  at  Yienna. 
They  returned  home  in  1885,  and  located 
at  Providence,  R.  I . 
629..  III.  Isaac  Augustus7,  b.  Oct.  11,  1825;  m.  Emeline 
Estes  Cox.     Family  100. 

630.  IY.  Caroline    Miriam7,  b.  March  19,  1829;  m.  Albert 

Ayer  (cousin  to  Wm.  Fuller  Ayer),  of  Charles- 
town,  Mass.     Issue: 

631.  i.  Adelaide  Frances8,  b.  April,  1849;  d.  Aug. 

3,  1851. 

632.  ii.  Infant8  dau. 

633.  iii.  Eugene    Albert8,    b.    Oct.    18,    1852;    m. 

Adelaide  Maria  Whitney  of  Winchester, 
Mass.  Issue :  (1)  Luther  Symmes9  (Ayer), 
b.  Oct.  7.  1876;  (2)  Evelyn  Whitney9 
(Ayer),  b.  Nov.  14,  1879;  (3)  Miriam 
Baker9  (Aver),  b.  Aug.  30,  1883;  (4)  Ra- 
chel Whiter9  (Ayer),  b.  May  15,  1887 ; 
'5)  Helen  Gertrude9  (Ayer),  b.  Nov.  23, 
1888;  (6)  Dorothy9  (Ayer),  b.  July  22, 

634.  iv.  Fannie8,    b.    Sept.     1,    1857 ;    m.    George 

Weld  of  Winchester,  Mass.  Issue:  (1) 
Alfred  Ollis9  (Weld),  b.  June  11,  1881; 
(2)  Stanley  Burnham9  (Weld),  b.  July  17, 

635.  v.  Edwin8,  b.  1860;  d.  young. 

636.  Y.  Henry  Martyn7,  b.  July   31,    1833;  d.  April   15, 


Family  46. 

637.  Col.  Theodore  Lyman6  Stiles  [270]  (Jonathan5,  Lt. 
Levi4,  Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Mass., 
Oct.  24,  1790.  He  at  first  received  the  name  of  Jonathan 
which  he  had  changed  by  an  act  of  Legislature  to  Theodore 
Lyman;  m.  May  12,  1812,  Hannah  Adams  (b.  at  Rutland, 
Mass.,  May  12,  1792),  who  d.  at  Maiden,  Mass.,  Oct.  10,  1876. 
Mr.  Stiles  removed  from  Leominster,  Mass.,  to  Maiden,  about 
the  year  1815.     He  was  much  interested  in  Masonic  and  mili- 

382  Stiles  Genealogy. 

tary  matters;   was    Col.  of  the  5th  Kegt.  Mass.  Militia  for 
several  years ;  he  also  represented  his  town  in  the  State  Legis- 
lature at  different  times;  he  d.  Aug.  13, 1848. 
Children : 

638.  I.  William  Lewis7,  b.  Oct.  15,   1812;    m.  Eliza  E. 

Johnson.     Family  101. 

639.  II.  Lucinda  Adams7,  b.  July  23,  181- ;  m.  Nov.  28, 

1833,  Charles  H.  Brown  (b.  Dec.  17, 1813);  res. 
at  Maiden,  Mass.  Mrs.  B.  d.  Jan.  30,  1890,  of 
apoplexy.     Issue : 

640.  i.  Charles  William8,  b.  March  29,  1835  ;   m. 

Ellen  F.  Johnson,  Jan.  1,  1856 ;  child : 
William  Francis9  (Brown),  b.  May  19, 1890. 
Mrs.  Ellen  (Johnson)  Brown  d.  Feb.,  1869. 

641.  ii.  Lucinda  Marion8,  b.  Dec.  25, 1838 ;  d.  voung. 

642.  iii.  Henry  Bacon8,  b.  Dec.  23,  1839;  m."  Laura 

A.  Morse,  of  Ballardvale,  Mass.,  July, 
1857;  child:  Edwin  Stiles9  (Brown),  b. 
April  19,  1859. 

643.  iv.  George    Barney8,    b.    July    28,    1845 ;   m. 

Martha  G.  Davis,  of  Saugus,  Mass.,  Jan. 
5,  1868;  child:  Ida  Lizzie9  (Brown),  b. 
July  31,  1869. 

644.  III.  Lauriston7,  b.  March  21,  1820 ;  m.  Lucinda  Maria 

Gilson.     Family  102. 

645.  IV.  Theodore7 ;  d.  young. 

646.  V.  Infant7. 

647.  VI.  Lucy7 ;  d.  at  the  age  of  4  years. 

648.  VII.  Oris'sa7  ("Orra"),   b.  Sept.  17,  1826;  m.  Bobert 

Newhall,  in  1847.  He  d.  Nov.  12,  1876,  ae.  62. 
Issue  : 

649.  i.   Abby  Florence8,  b.  Jan.  17,  1851 ;  d.  Aug. 

29,  1851. 

650.  ii.  Edwin  Florene8,  b.  Aug.  24,  1852  ;  m.  Ella 

Frances  Jordan,  Feb.  22,  1877  ;  no  chil. 

651.  VIII.  Edwin  Brown7,  b.  at  Maiden,  Mass.,  Sept.  10, 1827. 

Mr.  Stiles  went  to  California  in  1849 ;  now 
(1884)  res.  at  Santa  Barbara,  Cal.;  has  held 
several  offices  under  Government;  has  been 
Judge  of  some  Court  in  Cal.;  is  m.  and  has  2 

Massachusetts  lamily.  383 

652.  IX.  Theodore  Levi7,  b.  April  23, 1841;  he  served  in  the 

War  of  the  Rebellion,  and  d.  in  camp  at  Carroll- 
ton,  Louisiana,  in  1862,  at  the  age  of  21  years. 

653.  X.  Son7;  d.  in  infancy. 

Family  47. 

!F  654.  Ziba"  Stiles  [272]  (Jonathan5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Tim- 
othy2, Eobert1),  was  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Sept.  6,  1795;  m. 
March  21,  1822,  Sally  Tyler  of  Leominster,  Mass.  He  d. 
Oct.  11,  1822. 

Child : 
655.         I.  Mary  Elizabeth7,   b.  April  1,  1823  ;  m.  Augustus 
P.  Burdett  of  Clinton,  Mass.    She  died  Aug.  14, 
1849,  se.  26. 

Family  48. 

656.  Joseph6  Stiles  [277]  (Nahum5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Tim- 
othy2, Robert1),  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  June  1,  1789  ; 
m.  May  5,  1811,  at  Norwich,  Vt.,  Jemima  Sawyer  of  N. 
They  resided  for  many  years  at  Windsor,  Yt.  He  served  in 
the  War  of  1812,  for  which  his  widow  received  a  pension 
{Pension  Office  Reports,  Washington,  D.  C).  He  died  at 
Windsor,  May  23,  1882.  Mrs.  Jemima  (Sawyer)  Stiles  died  at 
Windsor,  May  4,  1872,  se.  86  yrs. 

Children : 

657.  I.  Loraine  B.7,  b.  Sept.  21,  1811,  in  Norwich,  Yt. ; 

m.  George  Simpson,  a  Scotchman,  of  Tariffville, 
Conn.     Issue : 

658.  i.  James8,  b.  in  Conn. 

659.  ii.  Joseph8,  b.  in  Conn. ;  m. ;  no  chil. ; 

died  in  the  late  war  with  the  South. 

660.  iii.  George8,  b.  in  Conn. 

661.  iv.  Robert8,    b.    in   Pleasant  Yalley,    Ind.,   to 

which  place  his  parents  had  removed,  after 
the  birth  of  their  3d  child. 

662.  II.  Joseph  Nathan7  (Dr.),  b.  Aug.  13, 1813;  m.  Aurora 

Savage  and  Mrs.  Diantha  Durkee.     Family  103. 

384  Stiles  Genealogy. 

663.  III.  Mary  Ann7,  b.  Sept.  8,  1815 ;  d.  unm.  at  the  home 

of  her  sister,  Mrs.  Jane  Bixby,  at  Ludlow,  Yt., 
of  heart  disease,  Sunday,  Jan.  8,  1888,  age  72 
yrs.  4  mos.  For  the  past  3  yrs.  she  has  lived 
with  her  sister.  The  larger  part  of  her  life  was 
spent  in  Windsor,  Yt.  She  was  a  good  woman 
(Local  paper). 

664.  IY.  Sarah7,  b.  Sept.  26,  1817,  at  White  Eiver  Yillage, 

Yt.  ;  m.  April  2,  1837,  William  H.  Butman  of 
Enfield,  N.  H.  They  resided  at  Windsor,  where 
Mr.  B.  kept  a  store  and  tin-shop.  He  was  a 
prominent  Mason,  and  at  some  time  held  some 
town  office.  Mrs.  Sarah  (Stiles)  Butman  died 
Feb.  5, 1878  ;  Mr.  B.  died  Nov.  9, 1881.     Issue  : 

665.  i.  William  Alonzo8,  b.  at  Ac  worth,  N.  H.,  Feb. 

22,  1838;  res.  (1883)  at  Miller's  Falls, 
Mass.  ;  m.  Eveline  C.  Paul,  who  d.  May 
9,  1878,  £e.  33.  Issue:  (1)  Elmer  E.9 
(Butman)  ;  (2)  Clara9  (Butman) ;  m.  Ed. 
Wether  by ;  res.  at  Waltham,  Mass. 
QQ6.  ii.  Charles  Franklin8,  b.  at  Cornish,  N.  H. ;  m. 

twice ;  res.  (1883)  at  Waltham,  Mass. 
Children  :  (1)  Lou.9  (Butman)  ;  m.  Mr. 
Paul.  Issue :  (a)  Elmer10  (Paul) ;  res. 
Waltham  ;  (2)  Charlie9  (Butman) ;  m.  Miss 
Paul ;  res.  Waltham. 

667.  iii.  Sarah  Jane8,  b.  Aug.  27,  18 — ,  at  Windsor, 

Yt. ;  m.  Solon  Buckman  of  Windsor, 
Yt. ;  res.  (1883)  at  Miller's  Falls,  Mass. 
Issue :  (1)  Addie  A.9  (Buckman) ;  m. 
Charles  Darling ;  res.  (1883)  at  Leyden, 
Mass.  ;  have  children. 

668.  iv.  Ella   Frances8,    b.    Jan.  4,  1846,  at  Wind- 

sor, Yt.  ;  m.  Oct.  28,  1867,  James 
Norris  (son  of  Stephen  M.  and  Elizabeth) 
Oilman  of  Danville,  P.  Q.  Issue:  (1) 
James  Nat.9  (Gilman),  b.  March  27, 1875  ; 
(2)  Amelia  ("  Millie")  Frances9  (Gilman), 
b.  July  14,  1878  ;  d.  Aug.  22,  1882. 

669.  Y.  Frances  Eveline7,  b.   Sept.  28,  1819,  at  Hartford, 

Yt. ;  m.  Oct.  22,  1839,  Carlton  Dothan  (son  of 

Massachusetts  Family.  385 

Solomon  and  Deborah)  Hazen*  (b.  at  Hartford, 
Vt.,  June  1, 1816).  They  resided  for  many  years 
at  Windsor,  Yt.,  where  for  a  time,  Mr.  H.  was 
in  the  dairy  business.  He  was  justice  of  the 
peace  at  W.,  and  also  deacon  of  the  Congrega- 
tional church.  In  1881  they  removed  to 
Greeley,  Col.,  where  they  still  (1883)  reside. 

670.  i.  Frances  Jane8,  b.  May  4,  1847 ;  d.  Sept.  8, 


671.  ii.  Norman  Fuller8,  b.  at  Hartford,  Yt.,  Sept. 

5,  1840;  m.  at  Memphis,  Term.,  Nov.  7, 
1865,  Anna  Aiken,  born  April  11,  1846. 
He  enlisted  in  the  51st  Regt.  111.  Yols., 
and  served  3  years  during  the  War  of  the 
Kebellion.  Issue:  (1)  Carrie  Frances9 
(Hazen),  b.  Oct  30,  1868,  at  Hartford,  Yt.; 
(2)  Ida  Louisa9  (Hazen),  b.  Feb.,  1872  ; 

(3) 9. 

Mr.  H.  res.  (1884)  at  Gunnison,  Col. 

672.  iii.  Emma  Jane8,  b.  at  H.,  March  6,  1849 ;  m. 

June  30, 1 870,  Koland  B.  Harrington  of 
Quechee,  Yt. ;  res.  (1884)  at  Greeley, 
Col.  Child  :  (1)  Francis  Kay9  (Harring- 
ton), b.  Nov.  5,  1875 ;  (2) 9. 

673.  iv.  Theodora  Slaughter8,  b.  May  5, 1863,  at  West 

Hartford,  Yt. ;  m.  Oct.  20, 1883,  Edward 
E.  (son  of  Kev.  Mr.)  Packard  of  Greeley, 

674.  YI.  James  Frank7,  b.  Aug.  19, 182 1 ;  m.  Philena  Moore. 

Family  104. 

675.  VII.  Horace  Tilden7,  b.  Sept.  14,  1823;   m.  Charlotte 

Vincent.     Family  105. 

676.  VIII.  John  Standish7,  b.  May  14,  1825;  m.  Mrs.  Emily 

Blossom.     Family  106. 

677.  IX.  Jane  Sawyer1,  b.  May  14,  1825;  m.  July  22,  1850, 

Amos  Bixoy  (b.  at  Mt.  Holly,  Vt.,  Sept.  24, 
1828),  formerly  a  dentist,  at  present  (1884)  a 
photographer;  res.  at  Ludlow,  Vt.     Issue: 

Carlton'  D.   Hazen  (Solomon6,   Solomon6,   Thomas4,  Thomas3,  Thomas2, 
Edward1  of  Rowley,  Mass.). 


386  Stiles  Genealogy. 

678.  i.  Mary  Ada8,  b.  at  Claremont,  N.  H.,  Oct.  11, 

1851;  m.  at  Manchester,  N.  H.,  Aug.  18, 
1887,  Rev.  John  Eastman  of  W.  Concord, 
"Vt.  Mr.  E.  grad.  at  Tufts  Coll.;  was  or- 
dained a  Universalist  minister  in  1882. 

679.  ii.  Wilbur  Fiske8,  b.  at  Hartford,  Vt.,  Mch.  12, 

1853;  m.  Nellie  Miller  of  Bolton,  N.  Y. 
Issue:  (1)  Franklin  Stoddard9  (Bixby); 
(2)  Fred9  (Bixby). 

680.  iii.  Katherine   Salome8,   b.  July  7,  1855;    m. 

Feb.  18,  1875,  Frank  P.  White  of  Lud- 
low, Yt.     She  d.  May  18,  1883.     Issue: 

(1)  Maude  C.9  (White),  b.  Mch.  29, 1876; 

(2)  Glen  Willie9  (White),  b.  Mch.  23, 
1878;  (3)  Nellie  May9  (White),  b.  May  1, 

681.  iv.  Wentworth  Marble8,  b.  Feb.  5,  1858;  grad. 

at  Middlebury  Coll.,  Yt.,  1880. 

682.  X.  Daniel7,  b.  June  20,   1827;    m.    Phebe  Yincent. 

Family  107. 

683.  XI.  Alonzo  Whipple7,  b.  at  Hartford,  Yt.;  d.  aged  21 


Family  49. 

684.  Josiah  D.6  Stiles  [279]  (Nahum5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  June  11, 1792 
(ace.  to  Lunenburg  records,  although  his  son  gives  June  18, 
1792,  as  the  date);  m.  Mch.  11,  1$16  (when  of  Leominster, 
Mass.),  Hannah  Bowers,  who  was  b.  Mch.  16,  1787,  and  d. 
1859.     He  d.  1875. 

Children  (from  a  record  furnished  by  Henry  Bowers  Stiles 

685/       I.  Henry  Bowers7,  b.  June  28,  1816;   m.  Betsey  A. 
Smith  and  Hattie  L.  Seaver.     Family  108. 

686.  II.  Mary  Ann7,  b.  July  27,  1818;  d.  1819. 

687.  III.  Mary7,  b.  Feb.  12,  1820,  at  Littleton,  Mass.;  m.  (1) 

May  11,  1837,  Joel  (son  of  Josiah  and  Bethiah 
Eeed)  Spaulding  (b.  Aug.  19,  1809),  who  d. 
Aug.  10,  1869.     Mrs.  S.  res.  at  Townsend,  Mass., 

Massachusetts  Family.  387 

until  1870,  when  she  rem.  to  Sterling,  Mass. 
She  m.  (2)  Luther  M.  Hapgood,  Feb.  26,  1884; 
res.  at  Sterling.     Issue  (by  1st  marriage): 

688.  i.  Albert8,    b.   at  Townsend,    Mass.,   May  18, 

1839;  d.  in  hospital  at  Hilton  Head,  Oct. 
16,  1863. 

689.  ii.  Stephen  Augustus8,  b.  Dec.  16,  1841;    d. 

Nov.  12,  1863. 

690.  iii.  Henry   A.8,    b.  June  10,  1844;    m.  Maria 

Tupper  of  N.  Y.;  d.  Oct.,  1863,  within  a 
few  days  of  his  brother.  Both  served  in 
the  War  of  the  Rebellion.  They  enlisted 
in  1862,  in  the  4th  Regt.  ft.  H.Yols. 

691.  iv.  Everett8,  b.  June  19,  1846;  d.  Dec.  3,  1851. 

692.  v.  Asenath8,  b.  July  15,  1848;  m.  George  Bat)- 

COck  of  Bolton,  Mass. 

693.  vi.  Mary  Elizabeth8,  b.  July  22,  1851;  m.  (1) 

Henry  H.  DaTis  of  Sterling,  Mass.;  m. 
(2)  - —  Nelson. 

694.  vii.  Loren  Everett8,  b.  Oct.  3,  1859. 

695.  IV.  John  H.7,  b.  Apr.  4,  1822;   m.  Julia  E.  Prentice. 

Family  109. 

696.  Y.  Josiah  D.7,  b.  Dec.  3,  1824;  d.  at  sea. 

Family  50. 

697.  Lewis6  Stiles  [280]  (Nalxum5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3, Timothy2, 
Robert1),  was  b.  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Aug.  18,  1795;  m.  Betsey 
Hartwell*  at  Townsend,  Mass.  (by  Rev.  David  Palmer  of  T.), 
June  29,  1815.  Mr.  Stiles  was  a  cordwainer  by  trade.  His 
last  place  of  residence  was  Amherst,  N.  H.,  where  he  d.  Mch. 
23,  1875.  [Mrs.  Stiles,  during  her  later  years,  was  called  Eliza 
instead  of  Betsey.]  She  d.  at  Amherst,  Jan.  28,  1879,  aged 
91  years. 

Children  (from  1st  edition  of  "  The  Mass.  Stiles  Family  "): 

698.         I.  Walter  Lewis7,  b.  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  May  10, 1816; 

m.  Fanny  Squiers  and .     Family  110 

*The  History  of  Shirley,  Mass.,  states  that  Betsey,  the  10th  child  of 
Leonard  and  Abigail  (Pierce)  Hartwell,  of  Berlin,  Mass.,  m.  Lewis  Stiles; 
but  this  is  an  error,  for  the  marriage  of  Lewis  Stiles  and  Betsey  Hartwell 
took  place  nearly  3  years  before  that  of  Leonard  Hartwell  and  Abigail  Pierce. 
—  M.  S.  P.  Q. 

388  Stiles  Genealogy. 

699.  II.  Dorinda7,  b.  at  Boston,  Mass.,  May  30,  1818;  d. 

Oct.  20,  1819. 

700.  III.  Dorinda  A.7,  b.  at  Acton,  Mass.,  Feb.  4,  1820  ;  m. 

Sept.,  1851,  Willard  L.  Fisher  (b.  Dec.  3,  1830, 
at  Woodstock,  Vt.),  machinist,  at  Nashua,  N. 
H.  ;  later,  in  W  altham,  Mass.,  watch  factory ; 
now  (1886)  keeps  a  fancy  goods  and  periodical 
store  in  W. 

701.  IV.  Roxanna  H.7,  b.  at  Concord,  Mass.,  Dec.  23, 1822  ; 

m.  Jan.  24,  1853,  Lorenzo  Cutter,  mill-overseer 
of  Manchester,  N.  H.,  since  divorced;  res.  (1886), 
at  Amherst,  N.  H. 

702.  V.  Clarissa  Melinda7,   b.  at  Nashua,  N.  H.,  Apr.  13, 

1827;  m.  at  Amherst,  N.  H.,  Apr.  11,  1848, 
Solomon  Kirby,  of  New  Haven,  Vt.,  a  farmer ; 
res.  for  a  time  in  N.  H.,  afterward  at  Princeton, 
111.  Mr.  K.  d.  at  Amherst  in  1882.  They  had 
12  children  : 

703.  i.  Leroy8,  b.  in  N.  H. 

704.  ii.  Melvina8,  b.  in  N.  H. 

705.  iii.  Dan.8 ;  m. 

706.  iv.  Dan.8;  m. 

707.  v.  Son8,  d.  infant  in  Nashua. 

708.  vi.  Son8,  d.  infant,  in  Nashua. 

709.  vii.  Dau.8,  d.  infant,  in  Nashua. 

710.  VI.  William  A.7,  b.  Jan.  24,  1829  ;  d.  Feb.  29,  1829. 

711.  VII.  George  Hartwell7,  b.  Apr.  15,  1830;  d.   Sept.  24, 


712.  VIII.  Eliza  Jane7,  b.  June  2,  1832  ;  d.  June  24,  1833. 

713.  IX.  Martha  Ann7,  b.  June  2, 1832;  m.,  2d,  wife,  Nov. 

18,  1853,  Rodney  S.  (son  of  Simeon  and  Betsey 
[Dennis])  Lakin,  b.  June  13,  1819  ;  merchant 
at  Hancock,  N.  H.   Issue  : 

714.  i.  Uertrude  Hartwell8,  b.  Oct.  19,  1869. 

Family  51. 

715.  Levi6  Stiles  [290]  (Peleg  S.5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Tim- 
othy2, Robert1),  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Mch.  4,  1789  ; 
according  to  the  town  record  in  the  old  Family  Bible,  now 

Massachusetts  Family.  389 

owned  by  his  daughter,  Mrs.  M.  A.  Cook,  married  Relief  Hea- 
ton  (b.  in  Charlemont,  Mass.,  May  29,  1788,  according  to  the 
Family  Bible),  Dec.  8,  1811,  at  Duxbury,  Yt.  "  They  settled 
at  first  at  Moretown,  Yt.  In  1814  they  rem.  to  Pittsford, 
Yt.,  where  they  occupied  the  place  now  owned  by  David 
Charles  in  the  easterly  part  of  the  town.  He  was  a  soldier  and 
pensioner  of  the  War  of  1812"  (Caverly's  Hist,  of  Pittsford, 
Vt.,  p.  455).  "Levi  Stiles  volunteered  at  Moretown,  Yt., 
abt.  Sept.  1,  1812,  under  Capt.  Robertson,  Col.  Smalley's 
Regt.,  Yt.  Militia,  for  three  months,  also  volunteered  Sept., 
1814,  on  the  alarm  of  the  British  advance  towards  Plattsburgh, 
N.  Y.  Was  in  the  battle  at  that  place,  Sept.  6,  1814"  (Pen- 
sion Office  Reports}.  In  March,  1874,  Mr.  Levi  Stiles  was 
living  at  Weathersfield,  Yt.  He  died  at  Pittsford  in  1874, 
and  his  widow  not  long  afterward  : 
Children  (born  at  Moretown,  Yt.) : 

716.  *I.  Azro  B.7,  b.  Aug.  4,  1812;  m.  Hannah  Woodbury 

and  Sarah  Wells.     Family  111. 

717.  II.  Orrin7,    b.    May   4,    1814;    m.    Tryphenia    Holt. 

Family  122. 

718.  III.  Edmund  K.7,  b.  July  12, 1817;  m.  Susan  E.  Green- 

leaf.     Familv  113. 

719.  TV.  Sophronia7,  b.  Dec.  25,  1819 ;  m.   David  Thayer, 

1850  ;  went  to  res.  at  Quincy,  Mass.  ;  now  (1884) 
dec'd  ;  2  chil. 

720.  Y.  Mary  Ann7,  b.  Aug.  29,  1823  ;  m.  (1)  1851,  George 

Sutherland  of  Pictou,  N.  S.,  and  settled  in 
Quincv,  Mass.  Mr.  S.  d.  of  consumption  in 
Middlesex,  Yt.,  in  1865.  She  m.  (2)  in  1867, 
Ebenezer  Cook,  of  Perkinsville,  Yt.,  a  soldier  in 
the  late  war.  Mr.  C.  d.  1872,  and  his  widow 
receives  a  pension  as  such.  She  resides  at  Spring- 
field, Yt.     Children  (by  1st  marriage) : 

721.  i.  Frederick  A.8  (Sutherland),  b.  abt.   1853; 

res.  (1884)  at  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

722.  ii.  Arietta8   (Sutherland),    b.    abt.   1856;    res. 

(1884)  with  her  mother,  at  Springfield, 

723.  iii.  Dora  R.8    (Sutherland),    b.  abt.    1859  ;  m. 

Fred.  T.  Warfield;  res.  (1884),  at  Gard- 
ner, Mass. 

390  Stiles  Genealogy. 

724.  iv.  Child8 ;  d.  1863. 

725.  V.  Jane7  ;  m.  Warren  Wells.     She  is  now  (1884)  a 

widow,   and  living  at  Concord,  N.  H. ;  has  5 

726.  YI.  Wyman  D.7 ;  m.  (1) ,  of  Waipio,  Hamakua, 

Hawaii ;    (2)    Ha-wa-he,   of    Hawaii.      Family 

727.  VII.  Julia7 ;  m.  as  2d  wife,  David  Thayer,  of  Quincy, 

Mass.,  whose  former  wife  was   her   sister   So- 
phronia.     She  died  without  children . 

728.  VIII.  Charles  A.7,  b.  June  3,  1833;  m.  Mary  F.  Jackson. 

Family  115. 

Family  52. 

729.  Danforth  Wetherby6  Stiles  [294J  (Peleg  S.5,  Lt.  Levi4, 
Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  in  Norwich,  Vt.,  July  4, 
1794;  m.  at  Middlesex,  Vt,  Dec.  30,  1816,  Emily  (b.  in  Spring- 
field, Vt.,  June  15,  1802),  dau.  of  Daniel  Houghton  of  Middle- 
sex, Vt.  "  They  resided  for  30  years  at  Middlesex,  and  2  years 
at  Worcester,  both  in  Vt.;  rem.  to  Wisconsin  about  1848,  where 
he  died  of  cholera,  July  23,  1849,  at  Columbus.  When  about 
18  years  of  age  he  volunteered  in  the  War  of  1812,  serving 
under  Capt.  Putnam  in  the  16th  Yt.  Regt,  Col.  Peck,  at 
Moretown,  Vt.  Mrs.  Emily  Stiles  d.  at  Fall  River,  Wis., 
May  25,  1879  "     [Pension  Office  -Records]. 

Children : 

730.  I.  Frederick  W.7,  b.  June  29, 1822;  m.  Lydia  Kinson. 

Family  116. 

731.  II.  Belinda  A.7,  b.  Sept.  12,  1831;  res.  (1883)  at  Fall 

River,  Wis.;  unm. 

732.  III.  Harriet  R.7,  b.  July  4,  1834;  m.  (1)  Franklin  In- 

galls  in  Fall  River,  Wis.,  Feb.  13,  1856;  was 
soon  left  a  widow  (1st  edition,  Mass.  Stiles 
Family,  p.  34);  m.  (2)  in  1858,  John  Smith; 
res.  at  Fall  River,  Wis.  Issue  (by  2nd  mar- 
riage) : 

733.  i.  Fred  L.8,  b.  Sept.,  1860. 

734.  ii.  Clara  E.8,  b.  Apr.,  1862. 

735.  iii.  Thomas  S.8,  b.  Mch.,  1864. 

Massachusetts  Family.  391 

736.  IV.  Mary  R.7,  b.   Sept.  13,  1837;  m.  Jan.  1,  1856,  H. 

R.   Hancock ;    res.    (1883)  at  Columbus,  Wis. 

J  Ggllp  ■ 

737.  i.  Nellie  D.8,  b.  Mch.  26,  1859. 

738.  ii.  Lydia  Florence8,  b.  Mch.  21,  1861. 

739.  iii.  Edwin  E.8,  b.  Dec.  22,  1862. 

740.  iv.  Cora  Inez8,  b.  Mch.  12,  1865. 

741.  v.  Millie  S.8,  b.  May  8,  1867. 

742.  vi.  Herbert  J.8,  b.  Sept.  5,  1870. 

743.  vii.  Willis  J.8,  b.  Apr.  26,  1873. 

744.  viii.  Laura  Emily8,  b.  'Nov.  29,  1878. 

745.  ix.  Walter  H.8,  b.  Feb.  17,  1881. 

Family  53. 

746.  Reuben6  Stiles  [296]  (Peleg  S.*,  Lt.  Levi|,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Moretown,"  Vt.,  Jan.  31,  1799; 
m.  at  M.,  Dec.  19,  1822,  Adeline  Cobb;  rem.  to  Wisconsin  in 
1844,  and  settled  on  a  farm  in  Columbus,  Columbia  Co.,  where 
he  is  still  (1883)  living.  His  sons  are  all  farmers,  and  res.  in 
Columbus  and  adjoining  towns. 

Children  (all,  with  one  exception,  have  the  same  P.  O.  ad- 
dress, Columbus,  Wis.): 

747.  I.  Orpha  M.7,  b.  Mch.   30,   1825;    m.    Jan.  1,  1843, 

James  Montgomery.     Issue: 

748.  i.  Cyrus8,  b.  Dec.  2, 1844;  m.  (1)  Jan.  1,  1868, 

Mary  Weber,  who  d.  Aug.,  1880;  m.  (2) 
Nov.  29,  1882,  Jennie  Inglis. 

749.  ii.  Mary8,   b.   Sept.    12,    1846;    m.   Archibald 

Sanderson,  Nov.  19,  1863. 

750.  iii.  Sarah8,  b.  Aug.  22,  1848;  m.  Sept.  8,  1867, 

William  McBurnie. 

751.  iv.  Ella  J.8,  b.  Aug.  2,  1850;  m.  Sept,  13,  1873, 

Albert  Wilton ;  res.  Piano,  111. 

752.  v.  Emma   J.8,  b.  May  5,  1852;  m.  Feb.  26, 

1869,  Henry  Curtis. 

753.  vi.  Hannah   B.8,  b.  Mch.   9,  1854;    m.   Milan 

Brewer,  Mch.  11,  1880. 

754.  vii.  Adelia  M.8,  b.  June  9,  1856;    m.  Cheney 

Lucy,  Dec.  22,  1880. 

392  Stiles  Genealogy. 

755.  viii.  Amelia  M.8,  b.  June  9,  1856;  d.  Sept.  23, 


756.  ix.  Henry  W.8,  b.  June  16,  1858. 

757.  x.  William8,  b.  Jan.  27,  1860. 

758.  xi.  Adeline8,  b.  Aug.  6,  1862. 

759.  xii.  James  W.8,  b.  Dec.  6,  1863. 

760.  II.  George  W.7,  b.  June  19,  1829;  m.  Harriet  Redfield 

and  Mrs.  Katherine  JBlanchard.     Family  117. 

761.  III.  Charles  D.7,  b.  Aug.  19,  1834;  in.  Margaret  Baker. 

Family  118. 

762.  IY.  William  H.7,  b.  Nov.  14,  1836;  m.  Julia  Moore. 

Family  119. 

Family  54. 

763.  Enos6  Stiles  [304]  (Peleg  S.5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Tim- 
othy2, Robert1),  was  b.  at  Moretown,  Yt.,  March  24, 1808;  m. 
(1)  his  cousin  Matilda  McElroy;  m.  (2)  Betsey  White;  res.  at 
Middlesex,  Yt.;  is  a  manufacturer  of  linseed  oil. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage): 

764.  I.   Matilda  Ann7. 
Children  (by  2d  marriage): 

765.  II.  Son7  (perhaps  other  children). 

Family  55. 

766.  Lucius6  Stiles  [313]  Peleg  S.5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Tim- 
othy2, Robert1),  was  b.  at  Moretown,  Yt.,  Oct.  5,  1819;  m.  La- 
vinia  (dau  of  Elijah)  Lawrence,  who  was  b.  at  Waltham,  Mass., 
in  1818.  Mr.  Stiles  is  in  the  clothing  business;  is  associated 
with  the  firm  of  Rhodes,  Ripley  &  Co.,  99  Summer  st.,  Bos- 
ton, Mass.;  res.  (1882)  at  Cambridgeport,  Mass.  Mrs.  Stiles 
d.  at  Cambridge,  June  11,  1889,  "  aged  71  yrs.  4  mos.  6  days." 

Children : 

767.  I.  Son7,  b.  1854;  d.  young. 

768.  II.  Dau.7,  b.  1857;  d.  young. 

Massachusetts  Family.  393 

Family  56. 

769.  Cassius6  Stiles  [314]  (Peleg  S.5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Eobert1),  was  b.  at  Moretown,  Vt.,  July  30,  1821 ; 
m.  (1)  April  10,  1854,  Anna  M.  Christie  (b.  1821),  who  d. 
1865;  m.  (2)  Nov.  27,  1865,  Emma  E.  Waterman,  who  was 
b.  in  New  York  city  June  1,  1840. 

Cassius  Stiles  left  Yermont  at  the  age  of  19,  and  went  to 
the  State  of  N.  Y.,  where  he  hired  to  a  man  named  Lakey  and 
drove  stock  hogs  for  4  years,  on  the  road  from  Ohio.  In  1852 
he  went  to  New  York  city  and  became  a  live  stock  broker. 
He  rem.  to  Chicago  in  1869,  and  to  Berwick,  Warren  Co.,  111., 
in  1875,  which  was  his  address  in  1883. 

Children  (by  2d  wife): 

770.  I.  Charles  A.7,  b.  Oct.  14, 1866,  in  New  York  city  ;  re- 

sides Avon,  111. 

771.  II.  Aline7,  b.  May  11,  1868,  in  New  York. 

772.  III.  Laura7,  b.  May  22,  1870,  at  Chicago,  111. 

773.  IV.  Benjamin  Adams7,  b.  Sept.  18, 1872,  in  C;  d.  Jan. 

17,  1881. 

774.  Y.  Cassius7  Jr.,  b.  July  24,  1873;  d.  Aug.  24,  1877. 

Family  57. 

775.  Newell6  Stiles  [315]  (Peleg  S.5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Eobert1),  was  b.  at  Moretown,  Yt.,  March  18,  1823; 
m.  Lizzie  Emerson,  at  Worcester,  Mass.,  March,  1865 ;  res. 
at  Marshalltown,  Marshall  Co.,  Iowa,  where  he  d.  July  27, 

Child : 
776.        I.  George  W.  E.7,  b.  July  12,  1870,  at  Marshalltown, 

Family  58. 

777.  Ludolphus6  Stiles  [327]  (Dr.  Levi5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Greenfield,  Mass.,  May  2,  1795; 
m.  May  1,  1830,  Mrs.  Hannah  (Packard)  Gilmore.     Mr.  Stiles 

394  Stiles  Genealogy. 

was  a  painter  by  trade.  He  resided  at  Coventry,  Chenango 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  lie  d.  March  18,  1842,  of  pleurisy.  Mrs. 
Hannah  (Packard)  Stiles,  d.  at  Coventry,  Oct.  3,  1882,  of  old 

Children  (b.  at  Coventry,  N.  Y.)  : 

778.  I.  Mercy   D.7,    b.   April   6,   1830;  m.  May  16,  1850, 

John  S.  Miller  of  Colesville,  N.  Y.;  he  b.  Jan. 
26,  1821;  Mr.  M.  was  a  carpenter  by  trade.  He 
d.  March  13,  1873.     Issue  : 

779.  i.  Ella  E.8,  b.  March  6,  1851;  d.  of  consump- 

tion, April  13, 1872. 

780.  ii.  Ida   Jane8,    b.   July  27,  1855;  m.    July  3, 

1876,  Chas.  T.  Cooper  (b.  June  9,  lt>52), 
dealer  in  eggs,  butter,  poultry,  etc.,  at 
Coventry,  N.  Y.  Issue  :  (1)  John  Guy6 
(Cooper),  b.  May  20,  1878;  (2)  Burr 
Darius9  (Cooper),  'b.  Nov.  7,  1880. 

781.  iii.  Clara  Maria8,  b.   Nov.  2,  1861;  m.  Jan.  8, 

1882,  Reuben  Weymouth.,  farmer  of 
Greene,  K  Y.  Child :  (1)  Ida  Pearl9 
(Weymouth),  b.  May  2,  1885. 

782.  II.  Larkin  Packard7,  b.  July  16,  1832 ;  m.  Mary  A. 

Crandall.     Family  120. 

783.  III.  Jane  Ann7,  b.  Nov.  27, 1835  ;  m.  Jared  Yale,  Jan., 

1862 ;  res.  (1886)  at  Angelica,  Allegany  Co., 
N.  Y.  ;  no  children. 

784.  IV.  Elizabeth  Hannah7,  b.  April  17,  1837 ;  m.  Jan.  3, 

1855,  William  A.  Johnson  (b.  at  Otego,  Otsego 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  18,  1819);  a  farmer;  res. 
Smithville  Flats,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.     Issue : 

785.  i.  Bessie   Algerose8,   b.    March   27,    1856,   at 

Greene, 'N.  Y.  ;  m.  Oct.  7, 1884,  Walter  F. 
Booth,  meat-dealer  at  Roxbury,  Conn. 
Issue:  (1)  William  J.9  (Booth),  b.  March 
6, 1886  ;  (2)  George  Washington9  (Booth), 
b.  at  R.,  Apr.  30,  1889. 

786.  ii.  William  Eugene8,  b.  in  Coventry,  March  25, 

1862;  m.  Dec.  25,  1886,  Lillian  Trevett 
of  Washington,  D.  C.  Mr.  J.  is  a  "jour- 
nalist by  profession  ;  res.  Lincoln,  Neb., 
where  he  was  for  a  time  connected  with 

Massachusetts  Family.  395 

the  Daily  and  Weekly  News  of  that  place; 
is  now  (1890)  connected  with  the  New 
York  Voice  (Prohib.),  being  engaged  for 
that  paper  in  the  Nebraska  campaign  for 
the  prohibitory  amendment.  [Mr.  John- 
son has  furnished  most  of  the  records  re- 
lating to  the  family  to  which  he  belongs.] 
Child  :  (1)  Frank  Lee9  (Johnson),  b.  Dec. 
31,  1889. 

787.  iii.  Franklin  Ralph8,  b.  April  17, 1865  ;  m.  July 

22,  1886,  Mary  Emma  Davenport  of  Mc- 
Donough,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Johnson  d.  at 
Fremont,  Neb.,  May  31, 1891,  of  la  grippe. 
Child :  (1)  Murray  Albert9  (Johnson),  b. 
Nov.  1,  1889,  at  McDonongh,  N.  Y. 

788.  iv.  Lillian  Hannah8,  b.  Aug.  28,  1 866,  at  Smith- 

ville ;  was  a  school-teacher ;  m.  Sept.  9, 
1885,  Prentice  A.  Purdy  of  McDonough, 
N.  Y.  Children:  (1)  Orley  Johnson9 
(Purdy),  b.  at  German,  N.  Y.,  June  26, 
1886  ;  (2)  Clara  Birdell9  (Purdy),  b.  in 
German,  March  6,  1889. 

789.  v.  Clara  Maria8,  b.  at  S.,  July  23,  1868 ;  is  a 


790.  vi.  Albert  Ray8,  b.  at  S.,.Sept.  4,  1871 ;  d.  Aug. 

26   1 872 

791.  vii.  Bert'Ray8,  b.  at  S.,  May  15,  1875. 

792.  Y.  Laura  M.T,  b.  Feb.  19,  1840;  m.  John  Kelly,  mer- 

chant,  Oct.   12,   1 868  ;  res.  in  Coventry,  N.  Y. 
Issue  (born  in  Coventry)  : 

793.  i.  Frank  Adelbert8,  b.  June  8,  1870. 

794.  ii.  Bertha  Eola8,  b.  March  27,  1873. 

Family  59. 

795.  Levi  S.6  Stiles  [337]  (Dr.  Levi5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Timo- 
thy1, Robert1),  was  born  at  Greenfield,  Mass.,  July  1,  1810  ;  m. 
Hepsibath  A.  Fisk,  April  12,1837.  They  lived  and  died  in 
Greenfield,  Mass.  Mrs.  Stiles  d.  July  2,  1852 ;  Mr.  Stiles  d. 
Nov.  16,  1880. 

396  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Children  (born  at  Greenfield,  Mass.) : 

796.  I.  Harriet  Dinia7,  b.  March  2,  1838  ;  m.  Sumner  F. 

Streeter  of  Vernon,  Vt,  Sept.  23,  1854 ;  res. 
at  Greenfield.  [Through  the  efforts  of  Mrs. 
Streeter,  we  have  received  a  very  excellent  record 
of  the  descendants  of  Dr.  Levi  Stiles.]  Issue 
(born  at  G.) : 

797.  i.  Eva  Hepsibath8.  b.  Dec.  18, 1855  ;  m.  Aaron 

Blake  of  Greenfield,  Sept.  27,  1876. 
Child:  John  Albert9  (Blake),  b.  at  G., 
Aug.  4,  1878. 

798.  ii.  Harriet  Jennett8,  b.  Oct.  8,  1857  ;  m.  Her- 

bert Jones  of  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  April 
11,  1881. 

799.  iii.  Herbert  Sumner8,  b.  April  30,  1872. 

800.  II.  Lewis  Henry7,   b.   July  3,  1844 ;  d.  in  the  Carver 

Hospital,  D.  C,  Feb.  27,  1864. 

Family  60. 

801.  Joshua  Willard6  Stiles  [342]  (Caleb5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy3,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Dec.  11, 
1797;  m.  Susan  Marshall,  who  was  living  Nov.,  1884,  in  her 
S5th  year,  with  her  son  at  Bath,  Me.  Mr.  Stiles  died  July  13, 

Children : 

802.  I.  Nathan7,  b.  at  Concord,  Mass.,  Dec.  1, 1823  ;  m. 

Oct.  7,  1849,  Susan  P.  (b.  Dec.  17,  1823),  dau. 
of  Joel  and  Sally  (Smith)  Viles  of  Lexington, 
Mass.  Mr.  Stiles  was  a  locomotive  engineer  for 
10  or  12  years  ;  was  of  Waterville,  Me.,  in  1868, 
now  (1885)  has  a  position  as  railroad  station  agent 
at  Bath,  Me.;  has  no  children. 

803.  II.  Elvira  P.7,  b.  at  Concord,  Mass.,  1826  ;  d.  at  Mere- 

dith Village,  N.  H.,  in  1847,  of  consumption. 

Family  61. 

804.  Aaron6  Stiles  [351]  (Caleb5,  Lt.  Levi4,  Jacob3,  Tim- 
othyS,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Mass.,  Oct.  31,  1804 ; 

Massachusetts  Family.  397 

m.  Sept.  16,  1827,  Mary  E.  Child,  of  Cambridge,  Mass.  (b. 
Sept.  2,  1808).  He  d.  at  Maiden,  Mass.,  Mch.  21,  1860. 
Mrs.  Mary  E.  (Child)  Stiles  d.  in  Boston,  Aug.  1,  1874. 

Children  (from  records  furnished   by   Mrs.   Isabella  J.  M. 
Allen,  of  Boston) : 

805.  I.  Wendell  P.r,  b.   Mch.  10,    1829;  d.  abt.  Nov.  3, 


806.  II.  Isabella  J.  M.7,  b.  July  29,  1830,  at  Concord,  Mass.; 

m.  1850,  at  Maiden,  Mass.,    Henry  A.  Allen,  of 
Boston  ;  res.  (18^3)  in  Boston.     Issue  : 

807.  i.  Florence  E.8,  b.  Nov.  23,   1850;  d.  Feb.  2, 


808.  ii.  Edgar  H.8,    b.   May   13,    1852;    m.   Annie 

Tate,  of  Boston  ;  is  a  machinist,  res.  with 
his  mother.  Issue :  (1)  Frederick  E.9 
(Allen);  (2)  Sarah  Isabella9  (Allen);  (3) 
Willie  H.9  (Allen). 

809.  iii.  Evaretta  E.8,  b.  Nov.  29,  1854 ;  m.  Harry 

E.  Clifford,  a  last  finisher,  of  Milford, 
Mass.;  res.  (1883)  at  525  Rutherford  st., 
Charlestovvnj  Mass.  Issue  :  (1)  Henrietta 
F.9  (Clifford);  (2)  Charles  S.9  (Clifford); 
(3)  Alden  F.9  (Clifford),  dec'd;  (4) 
Annie  E.9  (Clifford) ;  (5)  Mary  Isabella9 
(Clifford),  dec'd  ;  (6)  Josephine  H.9  (Clif- 
ford) ;  (7)  Minnie  E.9  (Clifford),  dec'd  ;  (8) 
Lillie  May9  (Clifford). 

810.  iv.  Henry  A.8,   b.  Feb.  2,  1856  ;  had  his  name 

changed  to  Frank  H.  Dexter ;  m.  Laura 
Thurlow,  of  Cumberland,  Me.,  res.  (1883) 
at  Springvale,  Me.  ;  is  editor  of  the 
Springvale  Advocate ;  1  child. 

811.  v.  Frederick  E.8,  b.  Dec.  10,  1858  ;  served  5 

years  in  the  2d  Cavalry  Regt.,  IT.  S. 
Militia,  at  Fort  Ellis,  Montana  ;  returned 
home  in  1880,  and  is  now  (1883)  janitor 
of  Hotel  Copely,  Boston,  Mass. 

812.  vi.  Lizzie  M.8,  b.  July  11,  1860. 

813.  vii.  Jessie  Gertrude8,  b.  Feb.  2,  1872. 

814.  III.  Aaron  Jewett7,  b.  in  Concord,  Mass.,  Oct.  18,  1831. 

He   served   through  the  late  war,  in  the  12th 

398  Stiles  Genealogy. 

Regt.  Mass.  Yols.     He  enlisted  under  the  name 
of  "  John  "  Stiles,  and  was  afterward  known  by 
that  name.     He  d.  Apr.  1,  1883,  imm. 
815.      IV.  Andrew  O.7,  b.  at  0.,  Nov.  25,  1833 ;  res.  (1883)  in 
Boston,  Mass. 

Family  62. 

816.  Nathan  J.6  Stiles  [357]  (Lincoln5,  Capt.  Jacob4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Chesterfield,  N.  H.,  July  1, 
1794;  m.  Miss  Proctor.  He  d.  at  Cavendish,  Yt,  Nov.  11, 
1829,  of  consumption,  induced  by  overwork. 

Children  : 

817.  I.  James  Franklin7,  b.  Feb.  18,  1824;  m.  Ann  Maria 

Works.     Familv  121. 

818.  II.  Sarah  Elizabeth7,  "b.   Aug.   24,    1825;  res.  (1886) 

with  her  brother,  at  Fitchburg,  Mass.;  unm. 

Family  63. 

819.-  Ephraim6  Stiles  [359]  (Lincoln5,  Capt.  Jacob4,  Jacob3, 
Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Chesterfield,   N.   H.,  May  9, 

1799;  m.  Sophia  (dau.  of  Washington  and [Willard])  Lee 

of  Mass.  He  went  to  the  State  of  Mew  York,  and  after  living 
in  various  places  finally  settled  at  Moriah,  Essex  Co.,  N.  Y., 
near  Lake  Cham  plain.     He  died  at  M.,  July  10,  1863. 

Children  : 
820.         I.  Alonzo  E.7,  served  three  years  in  the  War   of  the 
Rebellion  ;  d.  soon  after  its  close ;  unm. 
Anson  L.7 ;  res.  in  Colorado. 
Nathan  J.T ;  res.  in  New  York. 
Andrew  J.7 ;  res.  at  Moriah  Centre,  N.  Y. 
George  Washington7 ;  res.  at  Chicago,  111. 

Family  64. 

825.  Charles6  Stiles  [364J  (Jeremiah5  Jr.,  Capt.  Jeremiah4, 
Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Worcester,  Mass.,  Jan. 
16,  1798;  m.  June  12,  1823,  Lucy  M.  Williams.  He  spent  his 
life  at  Worcester.     From  his  daughter,  Mrs.  Lydia  Taft,  we 









Massachusetts  Family.  399 

have  the  following  account  of  him  :  "  He  had  the  misfortune, 
when  a  little  child,  to  be  pushed  into  the  '  fire-place'  by  some 
playmates,  in  consequence  of  which  his  eyes  were  disfigured 
and  the  sight  impaired,  rendering  vision  very  imperfect.  No 
spectacles  that  he  could  use  could  ever  be  found  for  him,  and  he 
could  read  only  coarse  print,  and  that  with  great  difficulty. 

"He  was  always  eager  to  know  the  news  of  the  day,  both 
foreign  and  domestic,  and  it  was  read  to  him  either  by  his  good 
wife  or  some  other  member  of  the  family.  Of  course  he  had 
no  trade,  yet  he  was  very  industrious,  busying  himself  with 
small  jobs,  such  as  tending  gardens  and  the  like. 

"  He  was  blessed  with  excellent  health,  never  having  been 
confined  to  his  bed  by  sickness  until  a  short  time  before  his 
death.  He  possessed  a  very  retentive  memory,  and  would  re- 
peat a  large  portion  of  a  speech  or  discourse  to  which  he  had 
listened,  imitating  precisely  the  tones  and  manner  of  the 

"  He  was  a  constant  attendant  at,  though  not  a  member  of  the 
Unitarian  church,  missing  in  thirty  years  but  one  Sunday,  and 
that  only  because  —  on  account  of  the  burning  of  the  church, 
no  place  for  service  could  be  had."  He  d.  may  21,  1879,  se. 
81.  Mrs.  Lucy  A.  (Williams;  Stiles  d.  Sept,  5,  1880,  as.  81. 
"  In  sickness  she  was  a  kind  and  willing  nurse,  and  was  much 
beloved  by  her  many  friends  and  neighbors." 

Children  (all  b.  at  Worcester,  Mass.): 

826.  I.  Frederick  Gr.7,  b.  June   19,  1825;    m.  Ann  Louise 

Croome  and  Melinda  Andrews.     Family  122. 

827.  II.  Charlotte7,  b.  Sept.  28,  1828;  d.  Jan.  28,  1833. 

828.  III.  Caroline  F.7,  b.  Aug.  16,  1830;  d.  Jan.  30,  1833. 

829.  IV.  John    W.7,    b.  Jan.   6,  1833;  m.  Lizzie  Gardner. 

Family  123. 

830.  Y.  Charles  Augustus7,  b.  Nov.   10,  1835;  m.  Martha 

Johnson.     Family  124. 

831.  YL  Lydia  F.7,  b.  July'30,  1839;  m.  Wallace  W.  Taft 

of  Swanzey,  JNL  H.  They  res.  for  17  years  at 
Clifton,  111.,  where  Mr.  T.  was  engaged  in  the 
drug  business.  He  was  also  Postmaster.  Their 
present  (1883)  residence  is  Sugar  Valley,  Kansas.. 
[Mrs.  Taft,  who  furnished  the  interesting  bio- 
graphical sketch  of  her  father  which  we  have 
just  given,  also  contributed  some  valuable  items 

400  Stiles  Genealogy. 

of  the  account  of  her  grandfather,  Jeremiah 
Stiles  Jr.].  Issue  :  (6  out  of  8  chil.  b.  at  Clifton, 

832.  i.  Emily  Louise8;  m.  William  T.  Walden  of 

Mound  City,  Kansas.  Issue  :  (1)  William 
Howard9  (Walden). 

833.  ii.  Lacy  Jane8;  drowned  while  bathing  at  Mid- 

dle Creek,  Kansas,  ae.  17.  She  was  a 
superior  musical  scholar,  and  a  fine  per- 
former on  the  piano ;  was  a  teacher  of 
music  at  the  time  of  her  death. 

834.  iii.  Charles  Wallace8. 

835.  iv.   Frederick   William8. 

836.  v.  Frances  Mary8;  d.  of  scarlet  fever. 

837.  vi.  Sarah  Frances8. 

838.  vii.  John  Whitcomb8. 

839.  viii.  Alice  Gertrude8,  b.  at  Sugar  Yalley,  Kansas. 

Family   65. 

840.  Henry6  S files  [365]  (Jeremiah5  Jr.,  Capt.  Jeremiah4, 
Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b .  at  Worcester,  Mass.,  Nov. 
12,  1800;  m.  (1)  Avis  Williams,  a  niece  of  the  wife  of  his 
brother  Charles.  She  d.  in  the  2nd  year  of  their  marriage. 
He  m.  (2)  Betsey  (dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Abiah)  Reed  (b.  in 
Cornish,  N.  H.,  Aug.  8,  1795).  She  d.  of  pneumonia  at 
Sturbridge,  Mass.,  July  12,  1874.  Mr.  Stiles  was  a  painter 
by  occupation.  He  d.  at  Northbridge,  Mass.,  Aug.  27, 1859, 
of  paralysis. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage): 

841.  I.  Joseph7;  was  adopted  when  an  infant  by  his  mother's 

family,  who  are  said  to  have  lived  either  at  Wen- 
dell, Mass.,  or  at  Keene,   N.  H.     He  d.  a  few 
years  ago,  leaving  a  widow  and  daughter,  possi- 
bly other  children. 
By  2nd  marriage : 

842.  II.  Levi7,  b.  Nov.  8,  1828,  at  Worcester,  Mass.;  d.  of 

paralysis,  Aug.  10,  1869;  unm. 

843.  III.  Abbie7,'  b.  May  23,  1830,  at  W.;  m.  Oct.  14,  1864, 

Lieut.  Brown  P.   Stowell  (b.  in  Worcester)  of 

Massachusetts  Family.  401 

Boston,  Mass.  He  was  instantly  killed  at  the 
great  fire  in  Boston,  Feb.  27,  1873.  Mrs.  Abbie 
(Stiles)  Stowell  d.  at  confinement,  Jan.  13,  1867. 

844.  i.  Alice8,  b.  Jan.  11,  1867;  d.  1869. 

815.     IY.  Lucy  M.7,  b.  May  11,   1832,  at  W.;  res.  (1883)  at 
Brookfield,  Mass.;  unm. 

846.  V.  Emory7,    b.    Nov.    20,    1834;    m.  Mrs.  Louise  S. 

Marsh.     Family  125. 

847.  YL  Charles  T.7,  b.  at  Sutton,  Mass.,  Aug.  1,  1837;  d. 

at  Northbridge,  Mass.,  Mch.  25,  1840. 

848.  VII.  Charlotte7,  b.  at  Sutton,  Mass.,  Aug.  1.  1837;  d.  at 

Northbridge,  Mass.,  Mch.  12,  1840. ' 

Family  66. 

849.  Francis6  Stiles  [373]  (Joseph5,  Capt.  Jeremiah4, 
Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  b.  at  Northfield,  Mass.,  May 
29,  1794;  m.  (i)  Nov.  1,  1817,  in  Boston,  Mass.,  Maria  An- 
toinette Russell  (b.  at  Portland,  Me.,  June  10,  1797),  who  d. 
at  Newton,  Mass.,  Apr.  14,  1835;  m.  (2)  in  Boston,  Dec.  27, 
1841,  Mrs.  Eliza  Stevens  (b.  in  Boscawen,  N.  H.,  Sept.  3,  1812), 
who  is  now  (1884)  living  at  35  Polk  st.,  Charlestown,  Mass. 
Francis  Stiles  died  at  Charlestown  in  1882. 

Children  (by  1st  marriage,  from  the  family  record,  now  in 
possession  of  Francis  Stiles  3rd,  grandson  of  Francis6) : 

850.  I.  Francis7  Jr.,  b.  at  Charlestown,  Mass.,  May  7,  1819; 

m.  Mary  Elizabeth  Young  and  Caroline  P. 
Hart  well.     Family  126. 

851.  II.  Joseph7,  b.  at  C,  Oct.  8,  1820;  d.  there  Dec.  27, 


852.  III.  Maria  Russell7,  b.  at  C,  Aug.  12,  1822;  d.  at  Gor- 

ham,  Me.,  Sept.  17,  1S36. 

853.  IV.  Sarah  Pierce7,  b.  at  C;    m.   Alpheus  G.  Ridlon 

(b.  Jan.  8,  1822),  railroad  engineer  at  Gorham, 
Me.,  Jan.  17,  1852;  res.  (1885)  at  Norwood, 
Hamilton  Co.,  Ohio.     Issue: 

854.  i.  Emma   F.8,   b.    at   Salem,  Mass,  Mch.  17, 

1852;    d.   at    Marietta,   Ohio,    Feb.  28, 

4:02  Stiles  Genealogy. 

855.  ii.  Helen8,   b.    at   Harmon,    Washington   Co., 

Ohio,  Aug.  1,  1858;  m.  Jerome  H. 
Smith,  Mch.  1,  1882;  res.  at  Avondale 
(Cincinnati),  Ohio;  has  dau.  and  son. 

856.  iii.  Mary  N.8,  b.  at  Harmon,  Mch.  8,  1861;  m. 

Willis  W.  Russell,  Aug.  11,  1884. 

857.  V.  Joseph  Warren7,  b.  Nov.  29,  1827,  at  Cambridge, 

Mass.;  d.  in  Belmont,  K  H.,  Apr.  9,  1884. 

858.  YI.  George  Washington7,  b.  at  Lowell,  Mass.,  Dec.  3, 

1831;  d.  atL.,  Feb.  7,  1832. 

859.  VII.  George  Washington7,   b.  Oct.  8,  1834,  at  Water- 

town,  Mass.;  d.  at  Newton,  Mass.,  Mch.  3,  1835. 
(By  2nd  marriage) : 

860.  VIII.  Charles  Frederick7,  b.  July  24,  1842,  at  Bedford, 


861.  IX.  Mary  Elizabeth7,  b.  June  27,  1843,  at  Bedford;  m. 

Solomon    Story   of    E.   Pepperell,   Mass.;    res. 
(1884)  at  St.  Albans,  Vt. 

862.  X.  Mary  Eliza7,   b.  Aug.  2,  1844,  at  B.;  m.  Thomas 

Leighton  of  E.  Cambridge,  Mass.     Issue: 

863.  i.  John8. 

864.  ii.  Henry8. 

865.  iii.  Thomas8. 

866.  iv.  Charles8. 

867.  XI.  Lewis  Cass7,  b.  Dec.  29,  1845,  at  Bedford,  Mass. ; 

res.  with  his  mother  in  Charlestown,  Mass. ;  unm. 

868.  XII.  Almira  Ann7,  b.   at  Charlestown,  Mass.,  Jan.  1, 

1 848 ;  m.  William  Reid  of  Bridgewater,  Mass. 
Issue : 

2  sons  and  1  dau. 

869.  XIII.  Edwin  Day7,  b.  at  Bedford,  July  10,  1854 ;  died 

1860  at  Charlestown,  Mass. 

Family  67. 

870.  Joseph  Dalton6  Stiles  [374]  (Joseph6,  Capt.  Jeremiah4, 
Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  about 
1798  ;  m.  (1)  Emily  Dunbar,  who  died  at  the  age  of  27  years ; 
m.  (2)  Desdemona  Wadsworth.  They  lived  at  Cazenovia, 
1ST.  Y.,  where  Mr.  Stiles  died  in  1853.  Mrs.  Desdemona 
(Wadsworth)  Stiles  d.  at  C.  in  1867. 

Massachusetts  Family.  403 

Children  (by  1st  marriage — born  at  Cazenovia) : 

871.  I.  Ralph7;    d.   of    consumption    about   1829,    se.   14 


872.  II.  Lammon   Harkness7,   b.   about  1820 ;  m.  . 

Family  127. 

873.  III.  Charles  Wood7 ;  d.  of  consumption  about  1871  at 

Palisades,  Nev.,  aged  about  47  years. 

874.  IV.  Nancy  Eliza7,  b.  1824 ;  m.  (1)  Elijah  Darling  of 

Cazenovia,  N.  Y.,  who  died  previous  to  1856,  at 
which  time  Mrs.  Darling,  then  a  widow,  with  her 
2  sons,  removed  to  California.  In  1861  she  m. 
(2)  Eben  Bruce  Cooper,  book-keeper.  They  res. 
at  San  Francisco,  Cal.     Issue  (by  1st  marriage) : 

875.  i.  Wilkie8  (Darling) ;  res.  (1883)  in  New  York 


876.  ii.  Frank  H.8  (Darling),  teacher  in  the  public 

schools  at  San  Francisco ;  is  also  an  artist. 
(By  2d  marriage) : 

877.  iii.  Son8,  age  21  (1883),  clerk  in  Pacific  Bank  at 

San  Francisco. 

878.  iv.  Emma8,  aged  16  (1883). 

879.  Y.  Emily7 ;  m.  in  Cazenovia,  Henry  Allen,  a  young 

lawyer.  They  went  west,  and  finally  to  Califor- 
nia. Mr.  A.  died  at  Panama  while  they  were  on 
the  way  home.  Mrs.  Allen  died  Aug.  8,  1872, 
in  New  York  city,  of  paralysis.     Issue : 

880.  i.  Lizzie8  ;  a  fine   contralto   singer ;  m.   

Pearl ;  she  died  1881,  in  New  York. 
By  2d  marriage : 

881.  VI.  Mary  E.7 ;  m. Partello  ;  was  living  (1883)  in 

Cortland,  N.  Y.  Mr.  P.  at  that  time  was  nearly 

882.  VII.  Son7 ;  died  in  infancy. 

Family  68. 

883.  Tench  Coxe6  Stiles  [375]  (Joseph6,  Capt.  Jeremiah4, 
Jacob3,  Timothy2,  Robert1),  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  Jan.  21, 
1801  ;  m.  (1)  July  3,  1827,  Lydia  W.  Jones  (b.  July  26,  1804), 
of  Schuyler,  N.  Y.,  who  died  at  Cleveland,  Ohio,  Aug.  7, 

4:04  Stiles  Genealogy. 

1875.*  He  m.  (2)  Nov.  30,  1880,  Mrs.  C.  E.  Youngf  (dau. 
of  Samuel  Davis),  formerly  of  Cincinnati.  Mr.  Stiles  re- 
sided for  many  years  at  Cleveland,  Ohio,  where  he  was  engaged